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tv   [untitled]    February 19, 2014 12:00am-12:31am EST

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yes scenes of chaos in kiev the number of dead is rising with over twenty people reportedly killed as rioters clash with police on the streets of the ukrainian capital. and videos and pictures now emerging of protesters attacking security forces with live ammunition explosives molotov cocktails. in the meantime western officials are lining up to condemn the violence threatening sanctions but against the ukrainian government.
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it is a busy day for news from all around the world thanks for joining us here on r.t. international law. the number of dead is rising in ukraine as a new wave of unrest spirals out of control live pictures for you right now on r.t. international i reports say at least twenty two of being killed on both sides with rioters clashing with police on the streets of kiev officials have confirmed eighteen deaths seven of them policeman who died from gunshot wounds let's get more . from the ukrainian capital good morning to you alexy it has been a turbulent night and you've been right in the thick of it haven't you. yes indeed if you want to see what hell on earth looks like you just look at kiev's independence square right now it looks like a boiling pot over there with the independence square burning time is planks and everything the protesters had in store there lit it on fire it's burning it's been burning overnight moreover behind us cloud of black smoke over there is. the
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building which is formally being the trade union headquarters in kiev now it was for the past two months it was the revolution had quarter with the opposition parties having representation there it's almost completely burned down and now there's information that the stories of the building are collapsing so the building may go down any minute so obviously this is a very serious here we haven't seen any actual attempts by the police brutal and violent attempts by the police to disperse the protesters although flash bangs and different sorts of project hours are exploding even as i speak right now the protesters are hurling most of cocktails and rocks back at the police they are in defiant mood as unwilling to leave the square even after this speech by president yanukovych who is calling for a sort of compromise who is calling the sides to rican silence says that there is still time to find a peaceful solution suggesting that this time may eventually run out and the
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country may again plunge into violence so definitely it's it's an unprecedented situation here in kiev after what seemed to be a compromise after what seemed to be some sort of a strive towards peaceful solution the streets are again dominated by violence we certainly don't know where it's going to go because. this the opposition the president met during the night they held more than two hours of talks and came to nothing no solution no compromise in fact still the opposition according to some of the leaders that they need to vacate the independence square only then some kind of talk may happen earlier during the night i went into the thick of. what's happening there and i filed this report for you to see. this is. going to. get the bullies to fire mary kay their protest at. the police.
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the part of the world which is the protesters preparing her the police pretty much the scene we have been seeing over the past several months to. cut the gun so the blood right now you can get because it's bad enough by the police being kind of. famous my gun to much of the place this man started. all business in or going to the so-called peaceful march to the parliament no one planning to clear the street at those riots but this is been pretty much the scene of if you close by those who may have the homes here for you know the government to give them the curfew that no cars can get inside the city by midnight and so far before we have seen major might come through the police force that we're going. to
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the square to report just right now is very very. very i mean. they're back to the morning two months and not very good not subtle but there will soon be dismantled so it will be no way it's going to go it's a much of a key with the united states. all these elected a chef keeping us up to date from the chaos in kiev you can also check out his twitter account to get the latest information and pictures straight from the scene like the boarding house of trade unions building now this so-called revolution headquarters on tuesday rescuers had to evacuate people from that now is also posing video. from the center of the protest inferno on instagram pages well the police lines are just twenty meters from where he took this on his mobile phone and you can follow more first hand videos from the front line now in the meantime there have been accusations of the use of live ammunition on both sides although
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so far we certainly have seen pictures showing protesters in possession of real guns and he can clearly see camouflage guys who are allegedly firing live ammunition as well the rioters are also attacking police with shouts of molotov cocktails and rocks and this is when protesters rammed a truck right into the court homes let's have a look back at how the situation unfolded in kiev on tuesday when the violence returned to the ukrainian capital the opposition rally the crowds and urged them to march on parliament i heard on the trouble began when a radical protesters broke through the police lines and the situation escalated even further when rioters tried to storm the office of ukraine's ruling party sending it on fire. and police struggled to contain the thousands of protesters throwing rocks and molotov cocktails even some using trucks to break through the security cordon.
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three people were killed becoming the first victims of the street violence which continued to escalate and less than two hours later a police officer was killed when protesters attacked security forces. in the meantime western governments which are being very supportive all view creating an opposition are calling for an end to the unrest germany has said that it would not rule out sanctions while france blamed the deaths on the all thora ts excessive use of force the u.s. called the violence unacceptable and as a tease guy nature can reports outside involvement goes way beyond the statements demanding peace. from their podiums administration officials say it's up to the ukrainians to decide their future for the work that they do behind the scene does not look like they want to leave it to the ukrainians to decide moreover it seems washington doesn't want to leave it to the opposition to decide on its future in the leaked conversation between us assistant secretary of state and the us
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ambassador to ukraine we're talking about who of the opposition leaders should be in the government and who should not here's a bit of that conversation earlier approach to the preachers are you sure you get complicated or charge your i don't think we should go into the government i don't think it's necessary i don't think it's a good idea i think is the guy who's got the economic experience the governing experience he's what he needs is cleats in tony burke on the outside he needs to be talking to them so that would be great i think to help blew this thing and have the u.n. help glue it and you know the e.u. the context of the conversation suggests that they're talking about managing ukraine's opposition leaders sort of handling them and moving fast before those leaders figure out on their own what to do and the opposition leaders have certainly been looking to the west for support not just washington to opposition leaders are saying we have seen you just got back from germany where they met with german leader anglo merkel and discussed ukraine's political future these kinds of
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meetings of course bolster the opposition's profile and in a chaotic environment many things become possible opposition leaders know that at the moment it may not be in their interest to really try and lower the temperature of violence on the streets of kiev and meanwhile the unrest is also spread to regional centers in western ukraine. seized local government buildings in the cities over evolve. as well in all of them local police stations was stormed and torched. political expert from oxford university he believes the crisis flared up again only after the opposition had guaranteed support from the west. we'll seen that process. chaos is taking over there is that none of the ukrainian police forces will back home after all repeatedly when confronted by violence will fit on a small scale they factor they compromised they released hundreds of people who
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were involved in very violent acts and so that actually has helped provide a hardcore takes off and one has to say after all. mr anderson you went to berlin and they came back and then they made very radical statements quite often typically in the your peer review we hear the moderate views but they said that today was the decisive day and so i think we have to ask ourselves are we seeing really a faux time approach we're seeing a geopolitical game played out over the bodies of those more ukrainians and some of the footage emerging from the street violence in kiev demonstrates the confused situation there it's so difficult to work out just who the people are in uniforms but attacking what are presumed to be ukraine security forces right there. or it is a ten minutes past the hour here in moscow it is r t international the project to build a dedicated european internet will reach the highest levels in paris later when
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president francois hollande will discuss the issue with the german chancellor angela merkel as she proposed a change to the current system which sees a very blog part of online traffic traveling via america result as lucy careful for ports the idea of hiding data from prying eyes may just be americans. keeping european online communications within here and it's an idea that's gained traction amid revelations of widespread u.s. buying and now the german chancellor is on board. talk of european providers that offer security for our citizens so that one shouldn't have to send e-mails and other information across the atlantic rather one could build up a communication network inside europe because that's. the size and scope of american surveillance has outraged european leaders especially on glimmered cole who cell phone was allegedly tapped although germany is one of america's closest allies documents leaked by the former n.s.a.
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contractor edward snowden show it was treated as a third class partner spied on at levels similar to china and saudi arabia to put that in perspective the n.s.a. watched twenty million german phone connections and ten million internet data sets on an average day tapping only two million connections in france during the same time yet for all the fury merkel's initiative may have want to do with anger at home the government has been seen as lax on u.s. spying and snowden revealed cooperation between countries may have been closer than german indignation would indicate. america doesn't really. believe a blend. it doesn't seem that the conservative party is concerned with protection of the data of citizens at all it seems to be a point of pressure. put forward to the united states. but it's unclear what
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the actual purpose of this idea is marco has been pushing the u.s. for a relationship similar to the so-called five eyes agreement reached after the second world war i deal between english speaking countries not to spy on one another but the white house isn't playing ball there's no country where we have a no speired now it appears that germany is going on the offensive with plans for counter espionage against western allies as for merkel's internet proposal well the devil is in the details currently a message sent from one online user to another could have a long journey before it reaches its destination although the german government hasn't released specifics the european networks could potentially allow data to bypass that route but is that realistic well for one the internet is a global network walling it off in europe goes against the concept of a world wide web what's more different european countries have different laws on privacy so a shared policy would need to be adopted for a europe wide scheme to work and there's
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a bigger issue it's not going to stop the n.s.a. let's put it that way. the n.s.a. go where the data it is is the n.s.a. compiled text messages that a telecommunications networks in china they can probably manage to get facebook messages out of germany moving the data isn't fixing the problem securing the data is the problem a problem that will take more than tough talk to fix reporting in berlin for r t m d c catherine of it's good to have you with us here on the program today just a bit later to come your way angry with desperate economic plight have a look. well. you know it's farmers in crisis plagued greece staging a motorcade protest claiming financial aid from european lenders has only made their lives more complicated this and the rest of the world's top headlines for this hour just around the corner. we'll
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look back to syria christine meeting with. all the interfering heads to stop the financing and putting weapons and all sides well russia and iran are the principal suppliers to the regime the regime is much better armed and equipped and financed then the rebels are we cannot have peace in syria with the i'm slower to rebels and of course you know it's a certain stage when we see the seriousness of those who started this war this was not started by syrian people this was started an organized by cia agents dislocated in the area in all countries of the arab builds in the last two years before two thousand and eleven by companies a rise in two thousand and eight. for them.
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it's all to international the latest live update in just a few for now though fugitive n.s.a. will so blow edward snowden has received a vote of support from one of the world's oldest universities a snowden was elected to the position of record by students at scotland's glasgow university. has details. former u.s. national security agency edward snowden has been elected as a student rector of glasgow university one of the oldest universities in the u.k. now the role of the rector is to represent student issues do senior management at the university bought previous incumbents have been elected as political statements
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of the group that had nominated edward snowden said that they did so because he stood for democracy and that voting for it would have shown support for his plight as a wanted man after revealing the extent of global surveillance by the n.s.a. as well as other spy agencies and they said that this would also said a message to governments their opposition to the intrusive nature of state security now as far as edward snowden is concerned this isn't his first of ward in october two thousand and thirteen he received the sad matter of his integrity and intelligence award and also just this week he's one of the recipients of the year two thousand and thirteen george polk award in journalism in new york reaction to snowden his latest revelations on how the n.s.a. targeted we can leaks was quick and coming from a fellow whistleblower julian assange expressed his outrage at the leak and renewed his calls for an investigation into the spying agency's activities details on just a couple of clicks away for you. also a huge explosion at a fracking well
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a five day blaze and one person forces energy giant share of wrong to offer an apology to a small pennsylvania town you can find out how it's conciliatory. is accepted by the. traffic could be a nightmare for motorists in athens today with farmers promising to use a protest motorcade to clog up the roads nationwide protests have been called off the negotiations between the farmers union and government over new types regulations reached a stalemate last week. as the story. they left their fields and abandoned their tractors again greek farmers young and old took to the streets calling for revolution for the third time in just two weeks farmers of this region that's four hundred one of us from the capital athens go to blog this state highway and attempt
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to draw their thoughts into ten friends and they will do it again and again they say until their voice is heard their demands are nothing new greece the country that's been hit the hardest by the economic crisis and has now been recession for six years but we want the government to reduce taxes and to cut prices for equipment and petrol we already pay too much today to produce or goods well the same time we have to pay for electricity or water bills along with education and medical treatment who pay for everything and we pay too much cost us has three grown up children and all three of them are we go out toward part of the twenty seven percent of greig's who are unemployed. or politicians don't care about us there is no good infrastructure we sell our products at very low prices and while the european union gives greece money it never reaches us farmers opposed to us survived the second world war and says he can barely endure the current economic
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situation. because they were under the e.u. all our problems started the life of farmers was never easy now it's help i quit to eat tobacco but the boy in my boring young people leave this country why i was supposed to become easier but it never happened. he's not alone feeling let down and people who seem to have no doubt about what went wrong but the good is when we entered the new things changed dramatically it was stuff but now it's even worse at that time they made golden promises and told us we're gonna eat from golden spoon it's but they never kept to their word. the farmers are not optimistic they say things will only get worse and prices are rising and we can't afford this the comment promised to reduce prices further tryst had night time but they never did the protestant call for action what else we can do will fight until then but despite such calls this demonstration is little more than
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a symbolic act right police were at the scene but they never stepped in and the highway patrol simply opened otoh negative routes so that the traffic was unaffected greece faced a wave of violent protests back in two thousand and ten two thousand and twelve. that last at least five dead and hundreds of others injured no one here wants a repetition of those events and not many or should believe it will change anything . now these farmers who abandoned their tractors to make their voice heard feel that they have read what the politicians in athens have so race nationality from greece. for let's get some action here on the program and r.t. international russia's ice hockey team heading into the winter olympics quarter finals after claiming a crucial win over norway or the red machine facing finland later today let's cross live to roger farmer he's standing by for us right now in sochi and lucky you are to see all the action there andrew though is it fair to say you think that the
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russian hockey team it's it's carrying a lot of expectations from the nation. they are as you said they take on finland in the quarter finals of the men's ice hockey a tough prospect say because finland is second in the world rankings one place ahead of russia and in my opinion i think russia will have to improve on their performance that they. showed against norway yesterday i know they won that for nothing but they were only two up with sixty seven seconds left and they did seem to struggle to break down that norwegian side and even the defense defenseman for russia under markoff said as much. after the match but the russian fans we spoke to aren't so you can say. we're hoping for a big win even if we don't get a high score we still expect victory the team is doing a great job i support it no matter what it will be a tough match but russia will win go to russia.
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and that much just starting at four thirty local time at the bolshoi by stone now up here russia's hopes on the slopes lie with a very special married couple snowboarders leins the vic wild will compete in the women's and men's parallel giant slalom is actually from america but he picked up a russian passport after the pair got married three years ago and his arrival on the russian team seems to have boosted both their chances of a medal. i didn't have any good fighting in the united states and i wasn't going to reach the goals that i wanted. to show as an opportunity to get the balls. to be able to do what i wanted to do to me he brought the new attitude say because he's away like he's way more aggressive than i am he made me a little more aggressive more like a more more of a boss if you if you will and. he made me engage in whatever i'm doing and
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do it one hundred percent. so i think just cross those two and they are just two names in what is a very strong snowboarding squad for russia now hardly a day goes past when i'm not talking about russian figure skaters such is the strength and depth of them and today we will see that best and merging talent and the ladies short program fifteen year old unit skier takes to the ice again after helping russia win gold in the team event and will also see a girl just a couple of years older. she's making her olympic debut but does. the face by the. victim is the first adult competition for me and my coach told me not to think about it as an olympic competition but just an ordinary start there will be a lot of russian fans who are very loud and energetic i'll have to focus and just do my job. i'm sure she will she's
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a very confident young lady a very busy day here in sochi i've only picked out if you things there and i haven't even mentioned the team events need flown on a cross-country skiing say keep an eye on the days and. looking forward to that a thanks from russia for that indeed our latest life olympics update artes and you're probably thank you. for it up next here on the program i'm a check out for a bit but here we go with our financial program boom bust that's coming your way with the air and but if you're in the u.k. you're going on the ground with action retards.
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not surprisingly bijan even a go she has to end the civil war in syria the flounders all sides talk to each other today there hasn't been much with me particularly since the u.s. keeps them in. the install to replace a solid can piece be brought to syria washington's only real goal is regime change .
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though there i marinate this is boom boston these are the stories that we're tracking for you today. first up former treasury secretary larry summers marked president's day on monday with a warning that the u.s. is headed towards a turn of the century british economic policy i'll tell you all about it coming up and then we have david stockman live on today show all be asking him about the policy of debt and laissez faire capitalism you won't want to miss that and finally in today's big deal i'm joined by boom bust favorite rachel perseus will talk about a new book that's making the ways in the financial industry little prats be where soft coming up and all starts right now.
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mr crabtree this is much use to the can to succumbs. maggie smith what a wonderful way to just love that was downton abbey and i'd truly do love that show now downton depicts the lives in a room in a risk to credit family and their servants and post a warning an error in the way and before i get started i want to make it very very clear that this is a fictional television show. about the lives of upper class crawley family and the british social hierarchy that surrounds them now just yesterday former treasury secretary larry summers wrote an editorial in the financial times a british publication just warning that the u.s. is headed the way of downton abbey with the economy and social inequalities to match now some are says the solution to avoid this must involve raising incomes of the middle class and the poor and reforming tax codes tax codes that let
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a big share of the wealthy income escape taxation now summers writes quote a current tax code the current tax code is so badly designed that it is very likely to be having the effect of reducing economic growth and also allows the rich to shield a far greater portion of their income from taxation than the poor for example last year's increase in the stock market represented an increase in wealth of about six trillion dollars of which the lion's share went to the very wealthy now here's the thing if somebody anybody besides larry summers were to write this editorial it probably would have landed better now summers is the guy who pushed for the repeal of glass steagall who deregulated the derivatives market and who sheila bair wrote quote was part of the deregulatory cobol that got us into the two thousand and eight financial crisis now this is the same financial crisis that increased the gap between the haves and the have nots summers is one of the haves with a fortune estimated to be between seventeen and thirty nine million dollars amassed
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by consulting for vine and for financial firms like city now summers went on to write president barack obama is right to be concerned those who condemn him for tearing down the wealthy and engaging in un-american populism are to put it politely lacking in historical perspective now kind of like the pot calling the kettle black a little bit larry no especially when your historical perspective is based on that fictional t.v. show. they tried to give me all of this with you mean she mistook you for so. don't tell them you'll never get over the show. former hole in the director david stockman joins me now from our new york city studio to discuss yet but us budget deficit bad policy and much much more now welcome david i want to jump right in.


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