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tv   [untitled]    February 19, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EST

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and the rest of our lives thank you for sochi twenty four take. on. scenes of chaos in kiev the number of dead rises with twenty five people killed as the rioters clash with police on the streets of the ukrainian capital. and the videos and pictures emerging of protesters attacking security forces with guns explosives. in the meantime western officials are lining up to condemn the violence threatening sanctions against the ukrainian government.
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the top headlines from around the world for you right now live on our international rule reese to show welcome to the program the last twenty four hours have been the bloodiest in ukraine's history as an independent nation health ministry has confirmed the clashes between protesters and security forces have left twenty five people dead now among that number is nine policeman killed by gunshots. the latest now from the ukrainian capital. if you want to see what hell on earth looks like you just look at kiev's independence square right now it looks like a boiling pot over there with the independence square burning time is planks and everything the protesters had in store they lit it on fire it's burning it's been burning overnight moreover behind this cloud of black smoke over there is. the building which is formally being the trade union headquarters in kiev now it was for the past two months was the revolution had quarter with the opposition parties having representation there it's almost completely burned down and now there's
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information that the stories of the building are collapsing so the building may go down any minute so obviously this is a very serious here we haven't seen any actual attempts by the police brutality violent attempts by the police to disperse the protesters although flash bangs and different sorts of project als are exploding even as i speak right now the protesters are hurling most of cocktails and rocks back at the police they are in defiant mood as unwilling to leave the square even after this speech by president yanukovych who is calling for a sort of compromise that was calling the sides to reagan silence says that there is still time to find a peaceful solution it was a quick i have made a strong appeal against resulting to radical action but i wasn't heard i repeat it once again and cool don't you it's not too late to stop the conflict is not too late to save you could win it they can but definitely it's a it's an unprecedented situation here in kiev after what seemed to be
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a compromise after what seemed to be some sort of strife towards peaceful solution the streets are again dominated by violence we certainly don't know where it's going to go because. this is the opposition the president met during the night they held more than two hours of talks and came to nothing no solution no compromise in fact an accomplished all the opposition according to some of the leaders that they need to vacate the independent. square only that some kind of talk may happen earlier during the night i went into the take off what was happening and i filed this report for you to see. this. is we're going to. get the bullies to fire mary kay they're moving the protest ok good things come to. the police this is the part of the road
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which is the process of preparing her at the police pretty much the scene we have to see of the several months to. come. so. right now you can get it because it's going up by the police coming and going is a famous my son's to much of the place this may and started to turn over this and organize the so-called peaceful march to the parliament i know that's one plan and i'm still unclear that those riots but this is been pretty much the scene of if she goes by those who may have the whole city part of town the government doesn't want the curfew that no cars can get inside the city by midnight and still far before we have seen major might come through the police force an hour when they've been to the square to report me just like right now it's a very low key thing that been. there back to me
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more than two months and not very good not subtle but there will soon be dismantled so it will be no where is going to go with much of the with the night situation he's elected a chef good at keeping all of us up to date from the very latest from kiev he's also posting video here from the center of the protest and photo doing so though on instagram page the police lines are just twenty meters. where he took this video right here on his mobile phone so you can follow alex for more first hand videos directly from the front line in the meantime there have been accusations flying at left right and center about live ammunition being used by both sides well so far we have seen pictures showing some protesters with real guns come off large men allegedly firing live ammunition there that rioters are also talking police with the showers of molotov cocktails and rocks and this is the moment right here the
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protesters rammed a truck into the police foreign affairs expert and the border mallet she says those behind the protests are deliberately ramping up the violence. just to supplant a school district a plan the bush people behind the demonstrations and behind it are just organized in order to push the government into. the demonstrators. with. yes for an answer in the matter how hard is governing trying to appease them to always push for more and they think this was a part of the push to going for broke you know difference three months no need to show some results. going to be true or johnson didn't really care dies in the process or let's look back at how the situation unfolded in kiev on choose day when violence returned to the ukrainian capital of the opposition rally the crowds and to march on parliament. i i i know the trouble began when the radical protesters actually broke through the police lines the
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situation escalated even further when rioters tried to storm the office of ukraine's ruling party setting it on fire. police then struggle to contain the thousands of protesters throwing rocks and molotov cocktails some even using trucks to break through security barriers as well three people were killed becoming the first victims of the street violence which continued to escalate and then just less than two hours later a police officer was killed when protesters at a tight security products. now western governments which have been very supportive of the ukrainian opposition are calling for an end to the unrest and putting the blame largely on the authorities u.s. vice president joe biden has phoned president code which and told him to pull back government forces and exercise restraint another statement from the white house
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urged the ukrainian leader to take steps to resolve the crisis sweden's foreign minister warned the e.u. was ready to retaliate and punish anyone they believe is responsible for the violence in ukraine and as a guy nature can reports outside involvement goes way beyond statements to keep on echoing calling for peace. from their podiums administration officials say it's up to the ukrainians to decide their future for the work that they do behind the scenes does not look like they want to leave it to the ukraine to decide moreover it seems washington isn't going one of the two the opposition decide on its future in the leaked conversation between u.s. assistant secretary of state and the u.s. ambassador to ukraine and we're talking about who of the opposition leaders should be in the government and who should not here's a bit of that conversation. pieces are usually very complicated or charger i don't think we should go into the government i don't think it's necessary i don't think it's a good idea i think he is the guy who's got the economic experience the governing
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experience he's what he needs is cleats in town a book on the outside he needs to be talking to them so that would be great i think to help blew this thing and have the u.n. help glue it and you know the e.u. the context of the conversation suggests that they're talking about managing ukraine's opposition leaders sort of handling them and moving fast before those leaders figure out on their own what to do and the opposition leaders have certainly been looking to the west for support not just washington to opposition leaders are saying we have seen you just got back from germany where they met with the german leader angle of merkel and discussed ukraine's political future these kinds of meetings of course bolster the opposition's profile and in a chaotic environment many things become possible opposition leaders know that at the moment it may not be in their interest to really try and lower the temperature of violence on the streets of kiev. meanwhile the unrest is also spread to regional
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centers in western ukraine rioters have been seizing local government buildings and police stations in the cities of off the ball in the van the front office as well in the live off the regional prosecutor's office that was torched by radicals who were earlier broke into the building and then went quickly to criminal files and around two thousand and stormed an internal ministry security with thirty members of the military being really badly hurt as well well andrew craig researches the work of u.s. government n.g.o.s in countries like ukraine he says they are continuing their long history of meddling behind the scenes. there's a longstanding effort of democracy building. and often that involves things like free press and voting reforms and things like that. and that's part of it but also part of it is more representation for those parts of the
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ukraine that want to a more independent status or even. influence over the government as ambassador nuland said but those demands those requests by the western. government have to be looked at that it's almost kind of victory to. be orchestrating changes in another sovereign country while saying we are in favor of democracy now there are also reports coming in that a local journalist was among those killed in the clashes allegedly dying from a gunshot wound and some of the footage of moshing from the street violence in kiev demonstrates the confused situation there it's difficult to work out just who the people in uniform uniforms are right that they are attacking what's presumed to be ukraine's policeman. we are across the situation and we will be keeping you up to
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date on all the developments online providing a live minute by minute timeline of the events. of. this r.t. international live from moscow thank you for joining us for the project to build a dedicated to european internet will reach the highest levels and paris later when president francois hollande will discuss the issue with german chancellor merkel she proposed a change to the current system which sees a large part of online traffic travelling via america before going to its final destination there are. reports the idea of hiding data from prying eyes may just be a grand illusion. keeping european online communications within here and it's an idea that's gained traction amid revelations of widespread u.s. buying and now the german chancellor is on board for
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a. new talk of european providers that offer security for our citizens so that one shouldn't have to send e-mails and other information across the atlantic rather one could build up a communication network inside europe because. the size and scope of american surveillance has outraged european leaders especially on glimmer of gold cell phone was allegedly tapped although germany is one of america's closest allies documents leaked by the former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden show it was treated as a third class partner spied on at levels similar to china and saudi arabia to put that in perspective the n.s.a. watched twenty million german phone connections and ten million internet data sets on an average day tapping only two million connections in france during the same time give her all the fury merkel's initiative may have want to do with anger at home her government has been seen as lax on u.s. buying and snowden revealed cooperation between countries may have been closer than
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german indignation would indicate. america doesn't really. believe a blend. it doesn't seem that the conservative party is concerned with protection of the data of citizens at all it seems to be a point of pressure. put forward to the united states. but it's unclear what the actual purpose of this idea is merkel has been pushing the us for a relationship similar to the so-called five eyes agreement reached after the second world war i deal between english speaking countries not to spy on one another but the white house isn't playing ball there's no country where we have a no spiral now it appears that germany is going on the offensive with plans for counter espionage against western allies as for merkel's internet proposal well the devil is in the details currently a message sent from one online user to another could have a long journey before it reaches its destination although the german government
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hasn't released specifics the european networks could potentially allow data to bypass that route but is that realistic well for one the internet is a global network walling it off in europe goes against the concept of a world wide web but what's more different european countries have different laws on privacy so a shared policy would need to be adopted for a europe wide scheme to work and there's a bigger issue it's not going to stop the n.s.a. let's put it that way. the n.s.a. go where the date is if the n.s.a. can pull text messages that the telecommunications networks in china they can probably manage to get facebook messages out of germany moving the data isn't fixing the problem securing the data is the problem a problem that will take more than tough talk to fix reporting in berlin for r t m d c catherine of still to come a bit later in the program when our teens and national angry with desperate
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economic plight. us. and these are farmers in a crisis plagued greece staging a motorcade protest by claiming that financial aid from european lenders has not made their lives an easy this and the rest of the world's top headlines for this hour coming up in just a few. trends in a row to vnukovo report your best way to the heart of moscow. well
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the. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. international law from moscow fugitive russell blower edward snowden may be in limbo about where is future lies but one of the u.k.'s most venerable institutions is happy to give him a position of trust students at the glasgow university have nominated him as rector
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us or australia or former u.s. national security agency edward snowden has been elected as a student rector of glasgow university one of the oldest universities in the u.k. now the role of the rector is to represent student issues to senior management at the university but previous incumbents have been elected as political statements of the group that had nominated edward snowden said that they did so because he stood for democracy and that voting for him would have shown support for his plight as a wanted man after revealing the extent of global surveillance by the n.s.a. as well as other spy agencies and they said that this would also said a message to governments their opposition to the intrusive nature of state security now as far as edward snowden is concerned this isn't his first of ward in october two thousand and thirteen he received the sam adams integrity and intelligence award and also just this week he's one of the recipients of the year two thousand
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and thirteen george polk award in journalism in new york. well reaction to snowden's latest revelations on how the n.s.a. targeted wiki leaks was quick and coming from a fellow whistleblower here it comes julian a son expressing his outrage at the leak renewing his calls for an investigation into the spying agency's activities just a few clicks away i should say details on that and why you then have a look at this story as well a huge explosion at a fracking well a five day delay is one person dead forced energy giant share of wrong to offer an apology but how in the form of free pizza. traffic could be a nightmare for motorists in athens today with farmers promising to use a protest motorcade to clog up the roads nationwide protests have been called off the negotiations between the farmers union and government over a new tax regulations reached a stalemate last week where if
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a national reports. they left their fields and abandoned their tractors again greek farmers young and old took to the streets calling for revolution for the third time in just two weeks farmers of this region that's four hundred kilometers from the capital athens go to the blog this state highway and attempted the border authorities attention and they will do it again and again they say until their voice is heard their demands are nothing new greece a country that's been hit the hardest by the economic crisis and has now been recession for six years but we want the government to reduce taxes and to cut prices for equipment and petrol we already pay too much to do not abuse or goods well the same time we have to pay for electricity water bills along with education and medical treatment that's going to pay for everything and we pay too much cost us has three grown up children and also do you think i'll go to work part of the
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twenty seven percent of greeks who are unemployed. or politicians don't care about us there is no good infrastructure we sell our products at very low prices and while the european union gives greece money it never reaches us farmers first or survived the second world war and says he can barely endure the current economic situation. because they were under the e.u. all our problems started the life of farmers was never easy now it's hell i could to a tobacco but the boy my boral young people leave this country why i was supposed to become easier but it never happened. he's not alone feeling let down and people who seem to have no doubt about what went wrong but the good is when we entered the new things changed dramatically it was stuff but now it's even worse at that time they made golden promises and told us we're gonna eat from golden spoon but they never
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kept to their word. the farmers are not optimistic they say things will only get worse killing prices are rising and we can't afford this the comments promised to reduce prices for electricity at night time but they never did the broughton call for action what else we can do will fight until the end but despite such calls this demonstration is little more than a symbolic act right police were at the scene but they never stepped in and the highway patrol simply opened old turning to roofs so that the traffic was unaffected greece faced a wave of violent protest spec'ing two thousand and ten two thousand and twelve. that left at least five dead and hundreds of others injured no one here wants a repetition of those events and not many are sure believe it will change anything . now these farmers who abandoned their tractors to make their voice heard feel that they have reaped what the politicians in athens have so race nationality from
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greece for let's get some olympic action here on the program on r.t. international russia's ice hockey team heading into the winter olympic quarter finals after claiming a crucial win over norway or the red machine that's facing a stern test against finland later today drew farmer as the school. finland to second in the world rankings one place ahead of russia and in my opinion i think russia will have to improve on their performance that they. showed against norway yesterday i know they won that for nothing but they were only two up with sixty seven seconds left and they did seem to struggle to break down that norwegian side and even the defense defenseman for russia under markoff said as much after the match but the russian fans we spoke to aren't so you can say we're hoping for a big win even if we don't get a high score and we still expect a victory the team is doing a great job i support it no matter what it will be
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a tough match but russia will win go to russia that much starting at four thirty local time at the bolshoi ice time now appear russia's hopes on the slopes lie with a very special married couple snowboarders lena's the vic wild will compete in the women's and men's parallel giant slalom is actually from america but he picked up a russian passport after the pair got married three years ago and his arrival on the russian team seems should do you see both their chances of a medal. i didn't have any good for the united states and i wasn't going to reach the goals that i want to. show as an opportunity to get the balls. to be able to do what i wanted to do to me he brought a new attitude say because he's away look he's way more aggressive than i am maybe a little more aggressive more like a more of a more robust if you if you will that. he made me engage in whatever i'm doing and
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do it one hundred percent so fingers crossed for those two and they are just two names in what is a very strong snowboarding squad for russia now hardly a day goes past when i'm not talking about russian figure skaters such is the strength and depth of them and today we will see their best and merging talent in the ladies short program fifteen year. sky takes to the ice again after helping russia win gold in the team event but also you see a girl just a couple of years older. she's making her really big debut but doesn't seem to be fazed by either. the first adult competition for me in my coach told me not to think about it as an olympic competition but just an ordinary start there will be a lot of russian fans who are very loud and energetic i'll have to focus and just do my job and she will she will she's a very confident young lady a very busy day here in sochi i've only picked out if you things there and i haven't even mentioned the team events lead by athlone and the cross-country skiing
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say keep an eye on today so. i thank you joining us here on r.t. international this news just in twin blasts in the southern suburbs of the lebanese capital beirut of killed at least four people and wounded over a dozen reports suggest the attack not far from the kuwaiti embassy and the iranian cultural center were carried out by suicide bombers and a car and a motorcycle as a stronghold of the political and militant movement hezbollah the area is often a target of attacks or i'm back in about half an hour's time with the very latest updates on the chaos in ukraine more news in half an hour's time but for now breaking the set without be mine.
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close my eyes i see people. sometimes i think that itself is a face covered by. both sides of the barricades. sometimes it feels as if all of ukraine is no.
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howdy folks i'm happy martin and this is breaking this yes i'm still a little sick so please bear with me on the heels of the chemical spill in west virginia coal ash dump in north carolina and fourteen thousand other oil spills that happened in the last year residents of bob town pennsylvania are the latest victims of america's addiction to dirty energy and last week a tanker at a fracking well owned by chevron exploded and cause an enormous fire that lasted five entire days michelle popper nack a resident half a mile from the explosion told a local c.b.s. affiliate it was very very scary you knew somebody had to be hurt somewhere with that explosion well she was right because at least one person near the accident site is presumed to be dead this latest tragedy highlights the many other dangers associated with a practice of hydraulic fracturing including artificial earthquakes and birth defects so what is chevron doing to quell the worries of the shaken up town are
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they up in their safety regulations as a corporation set up a compensation fund for those affected pocono no better free pizza actually free pizza coupons you know what chevron is throwing in a two bitter bottle of soda as well i wish i were making this up aftermath of this terrible explosion chevron sent one hundred to certificates along with a cheery note from the chevron a community outreach team to town residents a very these people are you supposed to forget about the health and environmental risk associated living next to a giant exploding fracking rig and lower themselves to sleep with cheese and bread sticks you know would be even cooler than free pizza seeing chevron actually held accountable for poisoning the planet and the charade and let's break the set. but the first said it was.


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