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tv   [untitled]    February 19, 2014 9:00am-9:31am EST

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trends are. your best way to the heart of moscow. moscow condemns ukrainian opposition leaders for failing to prevent the deadly violence in the capital as the e.u. considers launching sanctions against kiev where twenty seven people have been killed in clashes. most of the victims died from gunshot wounds wild fire arms explosives and molotov cocktails are among the wide almost an old weaponry used by the rioters. and other news the sound angle of michael is set to meet with france on along to talk him into biting her plan to create a separate european internet free from the n.s.a. spying. and in sochi there's a double podium success for the hosts made possible by a single family a native american and his russian wife by gold and bronze fourteen russia.
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you're watching all seem to national coming to you live from moscow our thanks for joining us moscow has his house had the ukrainian opposition blaming at fault failing to prevent the deadliest violence the country has seen since the beginning of the proud has last year it also held a number a western states responsible for siding with the demonstrators twenty six people were killed on the streets of kiev on tuesday with hundreds in the z. hospital treatment for injuries. he has the latest from the ukrainian capital for us. the tension is now a smoldering just as the tires and all other things which are burning at the barricades at the independence square day my dad it's not as violent as it was on
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tuesday and during the night time during the night it was pretty violent we saw flash bangs explode all the side motorcycle tell startled the police we're doing here sometimes though at the moment flashbacks are being excluded and probably the scariest scene at the independence square is the former labor union house which was why the opposition has a revolution headquarters which is almost completely burnt it's the building is old black right now and still fires coming out several windows of this building is still an unpredictable situation because the police line is literally twenty meters away from the protesters and. the police will actually sign to storm the independence square that there is information that they may attend that you know a solution is found that it doesn't seem that any solution is going to be found in the research meanwhile the ukrainian capital itself isn't complete lockdown ukraine's authorities the president held more than two hour talks with the
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opposition last night about his stories which brought no results whatsoever and it's the first time since the start of the conflict which when i heard the president in the post was using some hard boom statements like for instance there is still time left to find a solution suggesting probably that this time would run out at some point it's still cold on all the sides to find some sort of compromise a peaceful solution to end the bloodshed but at the same time he laid the blame for the latest spate of violence you know right in ukraine directly on the opposition and said that some of the opposition politicians must go on trial for what is happening here since tuesday this is definitely terrible for ukraine even compared to what was happening in january here at the government quarter things are much much worse now and we are focused in following the situation to see where it goes here in kiev but so far no. and you can get updates from the bottled ukrainian capital by following on twitter where he's
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been posting videos from the center of the protests up to date reporting and images from the front line can all be found on his twitter feed. russia has hit town to be more violence in ukraine and called on the also issues in kiev to resolve the crisis by able to have a means. russian's presidential spokesperson and me to discourse has dispelled any rumors circulating around the subject matter of conversation that took place between russian president vladimir putin and ukrainian president viktor going to close on tuesday night and said that while russia maintains the fact that ukraine is an independent country and therefore everything that's happening there should be solved by the country itself and those who are involved in the conflict it nevertheless is still outraged at the violence that's taking place there at the moment at the same time where the western officials are concerned they have already
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started talking about sanctions not necessarily against ukraine but more of personal targeted sanctions meaning probably against somebody in the ukrainian government or specter of various officials we have already heard expressions of the subject matter from. but also the european commission president and also various ever present from france and germany have already said that that indeed is something they're going to be looking at during the european union foreign ministers meeting which is going to take place on thursday. they've been accusations of the use of life munitions by both sides in the conflict protests is a well armed but it's unclear just where they source that firearms from they were also using grenades fireworks and most of cocktails against law and forces others through rocks will be baseball bats and metal rods at times were also the round transfer of police cordons let's not get so analysis from subject trip foreign
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affairs editor for the chronicles magazine list a trip which of course when the stand that the e.u. is talking about imposing sanctions on the authorities for actually to those who is responsible for violence in ukraine but can we expect them to be fagged can we expect them to single out who who is behind those protests who's behind the violence there. well absolutely not to because we have witnessed brazen hypocrisy from the european union ever since the beginning of this crisis and let us just remember. the list of various e.u. functionaries and ministers from member countries such as poland germany under between quick chile went to ukraine in december to harangue the demonstrators in kiev what we are looking at. really since you mentioned objectivity is that the phase of demonstrations early on the protests had degenerated into hooliganism in
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mid december and into terrorism since january nineteenth and any talk of sanctions against going to call beach or his ministers is overlooks the fact that a major responsibility for the behavior and we can no longer use the term demonstrators i would rather use the term rebels because we are looking at de facto armed rebellion lies with ukraine's a position. and first and foremost with the neo nazi party svoboda which has been be crude. youngman all the thuggish disposition of all of. the places and has effectively provided logistics support for the rebels in them i don't square but of course there's no doubt that the u.s. is concerned about the bonds that are going on in ukraine right now because all the
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violence all the bloodshed is happening and it's backyard of course europe should react somehow don't like. yes and an even handed reaction would have entailed not only pressure on on ukraine's authorities but also pressure on opposition figures to call on the demonstrators to seize and desist and that we haven't witnessed so far quite the contrary i think that the pressure that he finds himself under is due to all the concessions that he made in the last days of january with prime ministers out of the resignation we do we draw all of the restrictive law on public assembly and with the offer of amnesty now if you make. gestures of conciliatory nature are unfortunately tends to be interpreted as a sign of weakness ukraine has crossed the threshold of toleration and i think that
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for you to continue listening to the clarion calls from the west and he has also being called by biden and by kerry and asked for restraint would be simply self-defeating because all of these people are up to no good they want regime change they are interested in a geo political control over the key country in central eastern europe that links russia with europe's heartland and they will not stop as we know from victoria nuland stalks with her invested in kiev they will not stop by means foul or fair until that goal is achieved and finally realize that dealing with the demonstrators and dealing with their political representatives as we missed last night is simply futile the time has come to restabilize law and order and to fully and fairly but but calmly tell the west that they should start minding their
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own business they have contributed to this crisis. both propagandistic we and will just declare the rebellion which is the true story and they should now make amends for that subject of coverage foreign affairs editor for the chronicles magazine mr of courage thank you very much indeed for your time and sharing your views with it's. luke by tower the situation unfolded in kiev on tuesday when violence returns to the ukrainian capital first the opposition rounded the crowds and urged them to march on the parliament the. trouble began one radical protesters broke through police lines and this is haitian escalated even further one rioters tried to storm the office of ukraine's ruling party setting it on fire police struggled to contain the thousands of protesters throwing rocks and molotov cocktails some even using trucks to break through the
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security cordon three people were killed becoming the first victims of this street violence which continued to escalate and less than two hours later a police officer died while protesters attacked security forces. meanwhile down west has also spread to regional centers in western ukraine rioters have seized local government buildings and police stations in the cities of loose and even a fragile coughed while an evolved also of his have responded and the other night or rather. they basically reported overnight staffs of a new nation from local police officers rioters that torched a regional prosecutor's office and stormed an internal ministry security base with certain members of the military being badly hurt as a result. the latest we're hearing from kerry is that the government has decided to launch an operation to regain control of the situation that we're closely watching
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the developments in the ukrainian capital and we'll be keeping you up to date on all the latest news from that online team is providing a live a minute by minute timeline of the brands had to r.t. dot com for their update. the german chancellor angela merkel is taking her project of creating an e.u. only internet to france in the hope of getting president on down to the box idea the european communications network is designed to prevent user data from leaking across that land to but as always lucy catherine of reports the task could prove far more difficult than it seems. keeping european online communications within europe it's an idea that's gained traction amid revelations of widespread u.s. buying and now the german chancellor is on board. talk of european
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providers that offer security for our citizens so that one shouldn't have to send e-mails and other information across the atlantic rather one could build up a communication network inside europe that. the size and scope of american surveillance has outraged european leaders especially on glimmered cole who cell phone was allegedly tapped although germany is one of america's closest allies documents leaked by the former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden show it was treated as a third class partner spied on at levels similar to china and saudi arabia to put that in perspective the n.s.a. watched twenty million german phone connections and ten million internet data sets on an average day tapping only two million connections in france during the same time yet for all the fury merkel's initiative may have want to do with anger at home her government has been seen as lax on u.s. spying and snowden revealed cooperation between countries may have been closer than
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german indignation with indicate. america doesn't really. believe a plan. it doesn't seem that the conservative party is concerned with protection of the data of citizens at all it seems to be a point of pressure. put forward to the united states. but it's unclear what the actual purpose of this idea is merkel has been pushing the us for a relationship similar to the so-called five eyes agreement reached after the second world war i deal between english speaking countries not to spy on one another but the white house isn't playing ball there's no country where we have a no spiral now it appears that germany is going on the offensive with plans for counter espionage against western allies as for merkel's internet proposal while the devil is in the details currently a message sent from one online user to another could have
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a long journey before it reaches its destination although the german government hasn't released specifics the european networks could potentially allow data to bypass that route but is that realistic well for one the internet is a global network walling it off in europe goes against the concept of a world wide web what's more different european countries have different laws on privacy so a shared policy would need to be adopted for a europe wide scheme to work and there's a bigger issue it's not going to stop the n.s.a. let's put it that way. the n.s.a. goes where the date is if the n.s.a. can pull text messages that the telecommunication networks in china they can probably manage to get facebook messages out of germany moving the data isn't fixing the problem securing the data is the problem a problem that will take more than tough talk to fix reporting in berlin for r t m d c catherine of. adults not in the man responsible for leaking the n.s.a.'s
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revelations that sent shock waves around the. has a new job. has been elected and honorary rector so. i know what it means i have all the students and i'll report later this hour. the lead.
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drama is the truth be ignored. in the. stories of others the few posts and notes. the faces change the world right now the. whole picture of today's leaves long long distance from around the globe. local. t.v. . this is international welcome back to glory captain to finally russian friends a sound of racing to podium finishes and they snowball giant slalom won by husband and wife to find out more or less now has tried to sochi and talk to see. how the
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pole so to parity and finish is just minutes so they may shout at tell us we'll. yes it's very much a case of keeping it in the family in the snowboard powered giant slalom event for russia now vic wilde was actually born an american but he changed his citizenship in two thousand and eleven to russian after marrying his russian girlfriend. and today there was a cause for double celebration he secured the dold medal in the men's event while she won bronze in the female competition before the game started wild explain to why he swapped allegiances. i didn't have any good funding in the united states and i wasn't going to reach the goals that i wanted. it was an opportunity to get to. you know to be able to do what i wanted to do to me he brought in you say because he's away he's way more aggressive than i am maybe
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a little more aggressive more like a more of a more of a boss if you if you will and. he made me engage in whatever i'm doing and do it one hundred percent. well russia have also added a silver medal to that tally that came in the cross country skiing in the men's team of the end while there's a worrying news for fans of the russian ice hockey at the moment russia playing finland in the quarter final place in the last stake they're playing in the bolshoi behind me but russia actually trailed three one of the moments at the start of the third and final period. russia took the lead but finland responded with three goals russia now have less than twenty minutes to try and salvage something from the match and if they don't it means elimination from the competition warring indeed paul and what i always do the fans have to watch out for tonight. one of the stars of the game so far has been fifteen year old lipnitskaya now she
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put in a foolish display in the figure skating team event to help russia win gold this evening sees her start her campaign in the women's individual competition and she says that she's much calmer going into tonight's event than she was before the team competition. well sure i was very nervous and scared but i had of my singles event i'm more calm to be honest i've got used to it and singles is a completely different event. but also competing for russia in the fifth figure skating individual women's competition is adelina sotnikova is only actually a couple of years older than you. and she says that she's trying to ignore the size of the occasion. which is the first adult competition for me in my coach told me not to think about it as an olympic competition but just an ordinary start there will be a lot of russian fans who are very loud and energetic i'll have to focus and just do my job well elsewhere one male and female team have already enjoyed success for
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russia today another one will be looking to do likewise in the biathlon mixed relay that starts up in the biathlon center up in the mountains of. starts in a few moments time. on live from such a poll thank you very much for bringing us up to date. under let's see what a busy day twelve has done to the medals tally russia's gains on wednesday put it on false position with six golds and with more silverware in bed by the hosts are above the netherlands here norway's currently ahead of all with eight goals and four so those the germans are hot on the norway's to heel it's. wearing on our huge whistleblower edward snowden may be in limbo over where his future lies but one of the u.k.'s most venerable institutions is happy to give him
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a position of trust students at glasgow university in scotland have nominated him as rector tests and see the explain. former u.s. national security agency contractor edward snowden has been elected as a student rector of glasgow university one of the oldest universities in the u.k. the role of the rector is to represent student issues do senior management at the university but previous incumbents have been elected as political statement so the group that had nominated edward snowden said that they did so because he stood for democracy and that voted for him would have showed support for his flight as a wanted man after revealing the extent of global surveillance by the n.s.a. as well as other spy agencies and they said that this would also serve a message to governments their opposition to the intrusive nature of state security now as far as edward snowden is concerned this isn't his first award in october two thousand and thirteen you received the sam adams integrity of intelligence award
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and also just this week he's one of the recipients of the year two thousand and thirteen and george polk award in journalism in new york. so reaction just as latest revelations on how the n.s.a. targeted a week in leaks last point in coming from a fellow whistleblower at troon and a solid expressed his outrage at the leak and renewed his calls for an investigation into this spying agency's exigencies on that trust account way. also that it should have run decided the best way to compensate for future explosion after writing well and a five day fine for locals a free pizza and check out how the community welcomes that online. is fed up with their government's tox policies are attempting to bring greece to a standstill by blocking the roads years of us territory have seen constant salaries and pensions and mass rallies becoming something of an annual tradition
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that. has more. they left their fields and abandoned their tractors again greek farmers young and old took to the streets calling for revolution father third time in just two weeks farmers of this region about four hundred kilometers from the capital athens go to the blog this state highway in an attempt the broader authorities a time friend and they will do it again and again they say until their voice is heard their demands are nothing new in greece the country that's been hit the hardest by the economic crisis and has now been recession for six years but we want the government to reduce taxes and to cut prices for equipment and petrol we already pay too much to do to produce or goods well the same time we have to pay for electricity or water bills along with education and medical treatment who pay for everything and we pay too much cost us has three grown up children and all
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three of them are without work part of the twenty seven percent of greeks who are unemployed. or politicians don't care about us there is no good infrastructure we sell our products at very low prices and while the european union gives greece money it never reaches us farmers opposed to us survived the second world war and says he can barely endure the current economic situation. because they were under the e.u. all our problems started the life of farmers was never easy now it's hell i could to a tobacco but the boy in my boring young people leave this country why i was supposed to become easier but it never happened he's not alone feeling let down and people here seem to have no doubt about what went wrong but the good is when we entered the new things changed dramatically it was stuff but now it's even worse at that time they made golden promises and told us we're gonna eat from golden spoon but
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they never come to their word. the farmers are not optimistic they say things will only get worse prices are rising and we can't afford this the comments promised to reduce prices further tryst had night time but they never did the protestant call for action what else we can do will fight until then but despite such calls this demonstration is little more than a symbolic act right police were at the scene but they never stepped in and the highway patrol simply opened old turning to routes so that the traffic was unaffected greece faced a wave of violent protests back in two thousand and ten two thousand and twelve. that left at least five dead and hundreds of others injured no one here wants a repetition of those events and not many actually believe it will change anything . now these farmers who abandoned their tractors to make their voice heard feel that they have reaped what the politicians in athens have sown race nationality
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from greece. coming up next a special report on the driving force behind the mob violence in ukraine. transit through to vnukovo report your best way to the heart of moscow.
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but the pledge was terrible and they led very hard to take out a letter to get along with the club that never had sex with others make their lives let alone was. just so. listen the amount . of.
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not surprisingly bijan even to go she needs to end the civil war in syria a floundering all sides talking at each other to date there hasn't been much listening particularly since the u.s. keeps demanding the transitional government be installed to replace assad can peace be brought to syria if washington's only real goal is regime change. when i close my eyes i see people. to the people i remember best of all of it come back to us and they're all wearing masks. sometimes i think that itself is a face covered by a. good people in both sides of the barricades and. you said it feels as if all of ukraine
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is now lost. my life i have two children and a wife you know what i'm very much yeah it's interesting i want to say it because it's real history taking shape right before my eyes what's happening now will remain in history forever but only time will tell that it's a black or a white page in history. i was done in two thousand and four i remember the environment. people treated each other with. i was looking for the same people of the hoping to meet the same attitude the same wall. for some reason that the people are getting ready to fight.


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