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coming up on our team today at the sochi winter olympics hockey was a new sport to watch team usa dominates the czech republic to move on but host country russia sees their team exit the games without a medal the latest from sochi defense and today. and glasgow university students have picked the net as a whistleblower to be their records or had word snowden was elected by students that supported his controversial leagues a look at that and other stuff the honors he's received coming up. and since news broke of the target customer data being hacked there's a growing concern over credit card security and now new cards and apps are being introduced to make things more convenient for consumers but does this pose
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a security risk we'll dive into that later today show. its lens a feb nineteenth five pm here in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching r t america. we start off today in sochi where the twenty fourteen winter olympic olympics have just wrapped up day twelve let's take a look now at the latest medal count all the u.s. leads with twenty three total medals russia and the netherlands are just one medal behind followed by norway canada and germany one of the big events today was team usa taking on czech republic and hockey this was never close though as team usa pulled away early and won five to two. team usa will now face canada and the
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semifinals on friday meanwhile a major disappointment for russia the man talking team was eliminated in the quarterfinals earlier i spoke with our tees maar in anders who is in sochi about the loss for the home team. absolutely i am actually standing here in front of the glorious olympic park with the flame and my producers and camera men behind as if you could only see them they're really quite upset because russia they're out of the competition they were finally eliminated by finland at a three two one victory at the bolshoi i stadium and really the whole nation is extremely upset the hockey team has only won eight gold medals in the olympics that may sound good but actually they haven't scored a medal for the last twenty two years that said i think the overall impression and thoughts behind the olympics are still bright and positive even though they were
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defeated in the hockey getting here you know there was a lot of pressure on those hockey players so i could imagine quite a disappointment martin tell us about some of the other highlights for the day. i think one of the most interesting stories was the vic wild and. xena you might think they're just the average winner of the snowboarding slalom he won gold a great success and she won bronze with a difference with this couple is that i just mention the word couple that actually married so they'll be putting some new jewelry in the form of medals next to the wedding bands interestingly enough he stated that russia didn't want him and the states sorry the states didn't want him he did in fact that he was actually born in america originally he married his wife two years ago and here he is competing for russia so everybody's a thumbs up for them and it really is a dream come true an icing on the top of the wedding cake very nice if over here bodie miller as there is a big headliner what's the reaction to his skipping that last alpine race that's
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right he skipped his last operation really it shows the reality of this competition sport he's forty years old and really he's competing against people who are in the early twenty's and he had surgically to tweet is in the had a knee injury. he was second he was twenty six in the giant slalom his time was one minute and twenty three seconds and sixty four but he has decided to miss the last alpine race everybody is is obviously very upset but no worse than than both himself yeah that's right well you've got to rest up for that world cup season when i ask you moving forward what do we have to look forward to. what do we have to look forward to we've got the curling to look forward to the women's curling finale that will be taking place in one of the stage behind me which is a fantastic sport and it's indeed almost like a cult craze that really goes on about this curling all the time we call the ice hockey by the women i was fortunate enough to watch
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a match last week it was sweden against germany and i couldn't believe personally how violent this sport was especially for young women but a great score so we got to look forward and really the piece de resistance is the russian ice champion lipnitskaya it's all over social media that i was forwarded links on twitter and facebook you have to martin you have to watch this young skater and really she's just simply out of this world she should be taking place in the three figure skating in a few days time and i was also forced enough to watch the things skating last week in the stadium and the atmosphere is just a letter and other there's been reports from press abroad saying that the stadiums are empty there's no atmosphere well i can tell you this as a british guy here experiencing this amazing sporting event in sochi the atmosphere has been electric we've had mexican waves this chanting cheering on of course russia has to basically done so well in this and then picks because they're on the
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home turf so i'm sure that yulia lipnitskaya will do certainly very very well you're talking about some critics are there certainly some naysayers i saw on twitter people kind of complaining about the weather being on the warmer side but as i understand there is a wintry weather making a comeback over there are folks really looking forward to. well before i came on to the television with you i wasn't sure if i was going to wear my skull for that because actually just a few days ago we had pitches of people somebody on the black sea coast in fact i was doing some stories about the local water falls where you just a t. shirt but it has changed completely it was about twenty degrees almost a few days ago but now it's approaching the is zero again there were issues with fog in the mountains some of the races had to be counselled and postponed they were moved to different days yes it's certainly getting. more wintry here in sochi but of course we've only got a few days left until the end of the current lympics before the paralympics begins
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but it's the winter olympics off to also now become really complain about the culture which is here in sochi it's well stay warm as the temps dipped down over there appreciate you weighing in and letting us know the latest over there that was artie's martin anders in sochi now to ukraine where the country is seeing the most violent protests yet the latest news the ukrainian president has agreed to a truce with opposition leaders according to the presidential website the government has agreed to start negotiations with protesters of dozens of people are reported dead as demonstrators clashed with the police after officers attempted to clear out independence square the hotbed of protests in the capital city of kiev at least nine officers were killed trying according to the interior ministry well as the conflict turns deadly u.s. and european leaders are putting pressure on the ukrainian government to ease up on
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using force here's what president obama had to say about it today while on a trip to mexico. we called the green government primarily responsible for making sure that it is dealing with peaceful protesters in an appropriate way that. the ukrainian people are able to assemble and speak freely about their interests without fear of repression we expect the ukrainian government to show restraint to not resort to violence in dealing with peaceful protesters we've said that we also expect peaceful protesters to remain peaceful. president obama later said there would be consequences if the government does not back down in the form of sanctions the ukrainian says it's the protesters that are fueling the violence pointing to the death of several police officers ukraine's top
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security agency also says that it is launching a counter terror operation agency says protesters seized over fifteen hundred firearms and one hundred thousand bullets in the last twenty four hours as the country turns to chaos is there any solution incites artie's alexy or chefs he is reporting. last night we reported from the independence square from the protest aside this time we'll take you to the other side of the barricade the police lines where obviously the atmosphere is very tense i just took a stroll through the police lines and the police would seem to be very concerned of what's happening here over there as you can see the police line is here and over there the protest as they lit the tires on fire again the coal areas covered with black smoke it's hard to see to breathe and the police are pretty much everywhere across the place heavy presence right now especially after the information that reportedly protesters in the western part of the country leave on a from coast city still at least fifteen thousand bullets several hundred handguns
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and machine guns from the security services arsenals and bringing over to kiev that's why the authorities are implementing some sort of counterterrorism operation mode in ukraine i would note don't know for sure what that is but that is definitely meeting tougher security measures everywhere across the country tough a police record on civil war but you can see for yourself the movement of the police is they're all changing all the time they're moving their forces now and then it's not particularly violent at the moment although just a few minutes ago we saw from this building over there which is used to be the police of the revolution headquarters the form of the labor union building several more of cocktails were thrown right at the place where i'm standing right now as you can see it looks like a genuine war zone with all the rubble with all the rocks which were thrown at the . at least the remains of most of cocktails garbage everything so this used to be a beautiful area the central city of kiev is pretty much a telling story of what it has become over the past several days this is a true mayhem and right no you can call it a standstill you can call it pretty much
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a calm situation compared to the violence last night and the violence on tuesday but you never know what's going to happen next because everyone behind those this line of fire behind the barricades over there they're expecting another assault from the police the police who are standing calmly and doing nothing at all they're just securing the perimeter as far as we can see i spoke to some of them they were not really aggressive they're not expecting any movement and i said you can move that because it's going to be quiet but again no assurances of that because no one knows what comes through that size there is documented proof already that protesters have used life weapons live rounds against the police as well as the police using some of those against the protesters as well so we keep foraging the situation and we're hoping that no major violence will happen during the night as it happened on tuesday night into. and that was our t. is alexy your shots. and the conflict has divided the country with opposing sides blaming each other for escalating the violence sara try to better is
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a foreign affairs editor at the chronicles magazine here's his take. we have witnessed brazen hypocrisy from the european union ever since the beginning of this crisis from the phase of demonstrations early on the protests degenerated into hooliganism in mid december and into terrorism since january nineteenth and we can no longer use the term demonstrators i would rather use the term rebels because we are looking at de facto the rebellion for you know call of each to continue listening to the player calls from the west and he has also being called by biden and by kerry and for restraint would be simply self-defeating because all of these people are up to no good they want regime change they are interested in a geo political control over the key country in central eastern europe that was try vetch
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a foreign affairs editor at the chronicle's magazine. play a former cia analyst is suing the state department for putting him on a watch list ray mcgovern has filed a civil rights suit against secretary of state john kerry and the george washington university police department it's over an incident that happened three years ago at the university where mcgovern was protesting a speech from then secretary of state hillary clinton take a look at what happened so the service for. scout bicycles can access a lot here. so this is america this is our off the corner. mcgovern a u.s. military veteran says he was trying to peacefully protest when police removed him from the speech and used a brutal force leaving him battered and bruised you can see his injuries in this photo here after the ordeal mcgovern believes this incident has kept him on the
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state department's radar and there is proof this is the beyond the lookout document that mcgovern says was given to authorities alerting them to be careful if they come across him and contact diplomatic security. for more on this i spoke earlier with amar overhead in hell weird the executive director of the partnership for civil justice fund this is the organization that filed that suit i first asked her what happened to mr mcgovern after he was arrested well as you can see at least in part in some of that video but but what happened on that day is very important because all the mr mcgovern did and his you know well known peace activist a former cia analyst who used to do the president's daily briefings but he became outspoken about the whole foods that were being put together by intelligence to justify war in iraq and after the speech was then secretary clinton all he did was stand absolutely silently internees back that is all he did and then he was
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brutally grabbed he was he was roughed up you see the injuries now the be on the lookout alert we discovered was issued after that we don't believe was issued beforehand but as a result of this completely peaceful act of dissent he was put on this the on the lookout one ask this because you would think it was a secret document how did you get ahold of that how did he learn that he was on this list well what we did is we undertook an investigation of the partnership for civil justice fund trying to get documents related to the arrest and other materials and what we found were able to eventually get in and took quite some time was information that showed that the department of state actually opened an investigation into mr mcgovern into his lawful peaceful free speech activities his writings his associations the group city works with and then they issued the be on the lookout alert which is it merely to look out for him be alert explicitly direct so that he be stopped and questioned so it's a fourth amendment seizure it's for purely peaceful unlawful activities they are
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directing that law enforcement stop and seize mr mcgovern in question and i do want to mention that we contacted the state department for comment their press officer told us not too long ago we cannot comment on matters currently in litigation so they're not really saying anything at the. point but it sounds like you believe that he was targeted perilous for his political views well we can tell that he was targeted for his political views because the actual document we have states in the documents that mr mcgovern has engaged in considerable amount of political activism primarily anti-war those are their own words throughout this we were able to find that they open in this intelligence vest a geisha they kept it open for seven months even though all charges were dropped and it's completely full of descriptions of peaceful free speech first amendment protected activities and we think it's very significant when we have secretary clinton now secretary kerry president obama routinely speaking to the world to other countries about the importance of defending dissent and here in the united
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states we have the most peaceful form of protest and it ends up like this and i believe that is precisely why the then secretary of state hillary clinton was talking about during that speech which seems pretty ironic now we are we know about this tomorrow this is just one incident do you believe people like can mark targeted all the time is this just an isolated incident or do you think that this actually happened more often than we think people being targeted because they're or are put on specialist because of their political beliefs well my organization is represented thousands of demonstrators in the united states who have been subjected to mass arrest to brutality to suppression of dissent who are engaged in peaceful lawful political protest and you look at the occupy movement the united states across the united states the federal government local law enforcement authorities they were up to more than seven thousand people they shut down these peaceful encampments all around the country so we've seen over and over again even in recent years the use of law enforcement federal loan forstmann of their antiterrorism
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authority explicitly against lawful peaceful political movements in the united states now i and lastly i want to ask you about what your organization you represent a lot of people in similar positions you just mentioned what you're demanding and what you think the state department should do i would imagine that they they had. people that for some reason they are there they have suspicions on and are going to alert their their officers to keep a lookout for one reason or another do you think that they should out just stop this practice altogether it is illegal and unconstitutional to target somebody for a law enforcement seizure in the absence of suspicion of criminal activity there was no suspicion of criminal activity on the part of mr mcgovern they are directly law enforcement to stop sees and question them purely because it was political believes it's unlawful and we're demanding that the innocent be rescinded in a way interesting to see how this case plays that plays out we've had a mr mcgovern on this show plenty of time so we'll be keeping a close i appreciate you telling us all about it that was my overhead in hilliard the executive director of the partnership for civil justice fund former
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n.s.a. contractor edward snowden continues to make international headlines critics think he's a traitor for leaking documents exposing the massive n.s.a. surveillance program others praise him for his actions and bestow accolades upon him are to correspondent on a saucy target and has more. love him or hate him we all know him after mind boggling revelations on the mass surveillance conducted by the u.s. his popularity seems to be growing by the day now thirty years old former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden made history by disclosing thousands of top secret government documents is leaks forever changing the way the world looks at privacy and security while snowden is currently in temporary asylum in russia and wanted in the u.s. he has been elected the rector of glasgow university a very prominent school in scotland mostly a symbolic position that he will officially hold for three years we are not the pathetic too important issues such as democratic rights. our opposition opposition
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to prove a safe and immoral state intrusion has gone down in the record what is more we showed edward snowden and other brave whistleblowers that we stand in solidarity with them wherever they are we touched base with a spokesperson for snowden's rector election campaign to discuss the symbolism of this vote next contest which is. express or disgust this is the surveillance part says a full c n n c there you see it and sure. this is not the first time that support for edward snowden gets this kind of public recognition in january the san francisco based freedom of the press foundation aimed at supporting and defending public interest journalism co-founded by pentagon papers leaker daniel ellsberg who describes snowden as a personal hero announce that snowden is joining its board of directors the whistleblower accused of espionage and theft of government property in the us was nominated for the nobel peace prize will have to wait to find out if he wins this
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year's laureate will be announced in october the norwegian lawmakers who put him forward for the nomination said what snowden did quote lead to the reintroduction of trust and transparency as a leading principle and global security policies in october in moscow edward snowden also received the sound adams associates integrity award named after a cia whistleblower in the vietnam war the award is. annually given by a group of retired cia officers also last year snowden was nominated for the european union soffit of human rights prize and was a potential winner of the time magazine person of the year title which he lost to pope francis last but not least edward snowden's popularity has become so far reaching that he has his own action figure now with a choice of outfit styles the figurine is up for grabs for ninety nine dollars apiece with proceeds going to the freedom of the press foundation and if they see it you're going to r.t. new york. germany chancellor angela merkel is taking her project of creating an
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e.u. only internet to france merkel hopes the president of france will sign on the idea is to build an internet in europe to keep european data in europe artie's lucy cavanagh reports the task could prove far more difficult than it seems keeping european online communications within europe it's an idea that's gained traction amid revelations of widespread u.s. buying and now the german chancellor is on board. but talk of european providers that offer security for our citizens so that one shouldn't have to send e-mails and other information across the atlantic rather one could build up a communication network inside europe because that's. the size and scope of american surveillance has outraged european leaders especially on glo markel who cell phone was allegedly tapped although germany is one of america's closest allies documents leaked by the former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden show it was treated as
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a third class partner spied on at levels similar to china and saudi arabia to put that in perspective the n.s.a. watched twenty million german phone connections and ten million internet data sets on an average day tapping only two million connections in france during the same time give her all the fury merkel's initiative may have want to do with anger at home with her government has been seen as lax on u.s. spying and snowden revealed cooperation between countries may have been closer than german indignation would indicate. america doesn't really. believe a plan. it doesn't seem that the conservative party is concerned with protection of the data of citizens at all it seems to be a point of pressure. put forward to the united states. but it's unclear what the actual purpose of this idea is merkel has been pushing the u.s.
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for a relationship similar to the so-called five eyes agreement reached after the second world war a deal between english speaking countries not to spy on one another but the white house isn't playing ball there's no country where we have a no spy ring now it appears that germany is going on the offensive with plans for counter espionage against western allies as for merkel's internet proposal while the devil is in the details currently a message sent from one online user to another could have a long journey before it reaches its destination although the german government hasn't released specifics the european networks could potentially allow data to bypass that route but is that realistic well for one the internet is a global network walling it off in europe goes against the concept of a world wide web what's more different european countries have different laws on privacy so a shared policy would need to be adopted for a europe wide scheme to work and there's a bigger issue it's not going to stop the n.s.a. let's put it that way. the n.s.a.
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goes where the date is if the n.s.a. can pull text messages that the telecommunications networks in china they can probably manage to get facebook messages out of germany moving the data isn't fixing the problem securing the data is the problem a problem that will take more than tough talk to fix reporting in berlin for r t m d c catherine of. retail stores are facing a growing threat from hackers you probably recall last christmas. target servers were compromised original estimate said approximately forty million target customers had been hacked but we're learning now that the estimate is is between seventy and one hundred ten million people it's just the latest incident pointing to us credit card security becoming more and more vulnerable are these amir david reports. i called the company and asked them about the charge and who had made it
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and they told me that it had come in online through the internet and i said i had not made the charge it's a story that's becoming all too familiar miscellaneous and mysterious charges appearing on credit card bills over and over again when in november it came through a second time i thought my credit card numbers been stolen for lisa la grosse and a number of other americans this is a reality that's becoming the new normal according to the latest numbers from the bureau of justice statistics about seven point seven million people had their credit card information stolen in two thousand and twelve a fifty nine percent increase since just two thousand and eight and when measured globally the numbers are just as staggering right now the u.s. accounts for forty seven percent of credit card fraud in the world even though it process is just twenty four percent of total payments and that number is only expected to rise solidifying the u.s. as the credit card fraud capital of the world but perhaps there's no better
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indication of that than what happened just two months ago here at target where a massive hack compromised the data of over seventy million credit card users nationwide he monsoon a gammon on line security experts says that points to a problem in the way many american companies are securing their data one of the things we have to think about is what i call outside in inside around a lot of times companies are securing extremely well the outside in security don't let anybody in the front door then there's gaps in the inside around once you're in the front door you can go to every room in that house but it goes beyond just in secure servers most credit cards in the u.s. operate with magnetic strips allowing for account information to be easily read and exploited by hackers and that's why several countries are now using the technology involves a small. chip on a credit card that employs cryptography and
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a range of other security features in recent weeks lawmakers and corporations have been meeting on the hill to discuss moving the us towards microchip credit cards a costly change for shops and credit card companies but they may not be moving fast enough new consumer technology could already be making shoppers more vulnerable to take the queen for example all these cards are inside my keyboard and i can pay for stuff with any of them the technology will allow for the consumer to condense multiple credit and debit cards into one single card that will then digitally hold all of that user's sensitive data but the coin is just the latest in the game a number of phone paying apps are already sweeping up thousands of new young shoppers it's the fad allowing your phone to become your wallet and while it provides a convenience the technology connects your valuable credit card information to a world of internet hackers there is no such thing as a place in america that you can call offline the more that we have and world that
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is simply online the easier it is for hackers to find vulnerabilities because there's a larger volume of places to look for and until companies can find a way to protect users from the increase in fraudulent activity it's likely that this hackable security apparatus will only continue to grow in washington and david our team. and that's going to do it for an hour from our the stories we covered go to our you tube channel you tube dot com slash our to america and follow me on twitter at liz wahl i'll see you back here at eight.
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we welcome aaron nate and abby martin to be terrific hosts on the our team network . it's going to give you a different perspective give me one stock oh never i'll give you the information you make the decision don't worry about it i'll bring you the sub work the revolution of the mind it's a revolution of ideas and consciousness. with the system extremely problems which would be described does angry i think i'm a strong. under single. i'm. a sight. i'm. trying to. do i'm. all about money and i'm a. politician quite a lot and.


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