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tv   [untitled]    February 20, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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your best way to the heart of moscow. dozens of people reportedly killed in ukraine's capital today after his break a truce with the authorities a move to stall the government buildings. the crisis starts to resemble. arming themselves and taking hostages the police are now with rise to use live ammunition crew has been stranded in a hotel caught in the crossfire between the. police. barely. making sure. it's dealing with peaceful protesters in an appropriate way rejoices that you set up an embargo targeting ukrainian police banning the sale of any law enforcement gear and equipment to. position he does admit they have no control over the radicals in the streets.
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with the twenty four hours a day studio center here in moscow which just turned eleven pm and nine pm in kiev from where we bring you breaking news this is in the capital a trying to force their way towards the president's administration gunfire and explosions are being heard in the city center. demanding the militants hand in their weapons and return to protesting peacefully as a team of reporters and cameraman in the city. the frontline of the fighting has now moved further away from our hotel which is in the very center of the city and right next to independence square rioters are now aiming to control the government of buildings here in kiev they have this hotel under full control and there's a makeshift hospital downstairs where the injured are being treated by medics and
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now we also know that ukrainian authorities have given the green light for police to use. rounds in order to protect themselves from of the riders who also allegedly are now heavily armed with different types of weapons and well a similar situation is happening in other parts of the country where rioters are storming of various types of government buildings for more about what was happening here in specialty of just a few hours ago when the intense fighting between the writers and the police took place. he went downstairs and managed to film basically the start of the today's violence this does not look like a truce at all last night the opposition and the president of managed to agree on a cease fire but in the morning the right wing sect the core of the protest the hardcore radicals decided to go on the offensive from the independence square which generally looks like a battle zone right now almost seventy two hours of fighting burning everything in
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its boss now right now we saw that the police have been pushed away from this barricade they have been occupying for the last forty eight hours last night i took a walk here it was all covered with the police now you can see for yourself the right wing's are again reinforcing their barricades we literally had to dodge bullets during several of our attempted live broadcasts because it was very very unsafe here right now the police are pushed back we can still hear flash bangs exploded we can still see molotov cocktails being thrown the situation is very very tense we do know that the government of ukraine has. implemented the so-called counterterrorism operation mode which would mean tougher security across the country but right now this is pure mayhem it is unclear where it's going to go the right wing sector the core of the protests their leaders said last night that they knew nothing about the truth that they would not listen to anyone not the
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opposition not the politicians on the government they said that the revolution must continue until the very end we also saw already saw several wounded being carried from this this stand off point here at the barricade at the institute's street. what i saw i think it was a gunshot wound the man was bleeding heavily but it's really unclear whether this was caused by by a live round or anything else maybe it was a flash bang or anything of the kind so the situation remains still very tense and it's definitely far from being a truce well health officials now say more than sixty have been killed since the start of the week however activists claim many more than that have died within their ranks today alone and witnesses say bodies are strewn around the area the bloodshed erupted when rogers broke a shaky truce with the government which could only been established hours before when our video agency ruptly sent this footage of two police officers trying to help an injured colleague now here you can see them being caught in an explosion of
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some sort more than ten policemen been killed since the clashes broke out a couple of days ago several hundred offices have been injured. and also score policemen have been taken captive by the riot is this scene being lined up here taken to the militants camp some of them will wounded we've changed footage said to show one man leading an ambulance but the right is apparently refusing when they realized he's from the special forces are former u.k. officers shared his thoughts with me on the police response there in kiev. what we're seeing is a situation that's moved from from protests and conflict into what is really have was turned on a local commentator into a revolution so i think it's gone beyond that you know if the place were armed in this situation now then i think we would be coming militarized any why so we are not talking about the usual policing of protests but we are talking of something at
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a much higher level so i think it's probably unavoidable it's gone beyond that point on both sides this is because i struggle between greater forces and minorities are on the street there are great political issues here there are wider implications concerning the democracy in the finance etc. but you can see for yourself how the crisis has changed the very landscape of the capital on our website right now at r.t. dot com the once picturesque independent square and flourishing is contrasted with what has become a wasteland with rubble as people pick their way between raging fire all that to the tune of screaming in clashes a battle with security forces. report some footage from the scene suggest they now have the right is now have access to pistols assault rifles and grenades she said looking for ways to prevent the opposition from becoming a fully armed force but the rajah's and police aren't the only ones in danger of being hit by bullets. his part of the crew that got caught in the crossfire today.
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we really couldn't even exit the building because firing was going on all around this area and. basically bullets were flying in from the windows to show you we found this bullet in one of the rooms one of our rooms basically inside this hole holes in windows could be seen pretty much. all the floors one of our cameraman was trying to film what was happening outside and a bullet hit just below the camera ricocheting off the wall so thankfully he wasn't hit and wasn't injured but shots were fired just dropped to the ground. a live report just right here in the same is that shortly after they were finished another just flew. into the window cracking it and the camera of the newsagency another bullet. ricocheted off the wall.
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thankfully he was uninjured everyone is ok now we're just waiting to see what's going to happen next how it's going to develop lots of. international law. it's fighting here. the opposition and. the thing is the leadership of. active. fighting they have been saying that they haven't been taking part in any negotiation. they say until. step down. trying to gain control. gained control of.
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the president's responsibility. but this is exactly what the radical opposition wanted. truce is not what they're looking for they are looking for the national revolution as the leader of the extreme. right wing right sector says they they have been dreaming about this moment for a long time they have been giving forces and actually part of the responsibility lies also on president from shit he couldn't not know about this danger grown in ukraine and still until now he hasn't been using that they can stick you tional means to preserve the constitutional order and. the president of the country has
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the duty to defend the citizen to preserve the constitutional order until now president you know polish has been evading giving all this to what we have foreseen has not given them or all the necessary means to protect themselves and to protect victories for. citizens of ukraine so part of the responsibility is on him as well . well martin sci fi's chief global analyst at the globalist research center says that the rioters at the heart of the unrest or a stretch across europe. the forces that are breaking up ukraine are seeking to break up ukraine are the same forces that are seeking to destabilize western european nations there are major secessionist movements within western european nations we see scotland very peacefully about to become independent with its referendum vote scheduled for later this year spain has acted very successfully
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to prevent the disintegration of his country especially the barcelona catalonia region the northern league is a very powerful force in a very relatively moderate responsible for its its constitutional but if rioting was taking place on the streets in the city nations of spain france italy. britain with the express purpose of toppling the government and splitting the states europe would not be founding those forces of destruction on they would be reigning live in. washington national life here moscow will be back in a minute with more reaction from europe on the violence there ongoing in ukraine. it's the last contact go in london but no butter is being is this time even if investor lives two hundred frickin years will never discover the vampire squibs
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true nature investor may be able to understand the secrets of the fibonacci analysis but he or she will never understand the truth about goldman sachs tentacles of fraud and deception. with economic ups and downs in the final months day belong to the deal and the rest until you meet a few will be a briefly a. good. news
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diplomats in brussels have agreed on sanctions for ukraine in a bid to put an end to the only growing mayhem that when auntie's to sicily has more on the reaction from europe now she's there in brussels so what exactly are we talking about with these sanctions tosser. yes well in this emergency meeting here in brussels the e.u. did decide to impose targeted sanctions they say on individuals that they deem responsibly for the violence happening in ukraine now these sanctions will come in the form of asset freezes of travel or visa bans as well as a ban on exports of all materials that they could be used for internal repression and that could be riot gear or some military hardware as well however no names were mentioned the details were scarce on the actual implementation of these sanctions
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so ashton catherine ashton the e.u. foreign policy chief did put the responsibility of starting the a process of trying to end the conflicts squarely on the ukrainian government shoulders that prior to coming up with this decision there was a lot of talk in the streets here on who exactly a should be sanctions if this is a decision not the dutch foreign minister for instance said some protest leaders should also be included in that sanctions list and that's what we're hearing in the corridors here however that list does not exist yet they have to come up with it they said would come up with it quickly but we also know that the e.u. is in consultation with the united states and as far as the u.s. ascensions this is concerned the names on that is belonging to members of the government of ukraine now it also seems that the e.u. is waiting to see if there will be any developments on the ground in ukraine where the german the french and the polish foreign ministers have been talking with the government and opposition members as well and they say that there is
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a possibility that there will be a compromise possibly a transitional government or perhaps the president of ukraine stepping down by the end of the year now if you remember. said that he is open to the idea of holding a snap election if this is the only diplomatic a democratic way of resolving the conflict in this country briefly apart from those sanctions what are the reactions are we getting from european leaders now. but we know that the reaction first of all from russia has been very strong on this foreign minister sergey lavrov has likened the sanctions to blackmail and he said this is a form of bullying and the foreign ministry had said this is a way of the e.u. trying to get ukraine back into its into its fall and here's what else the foreign minister sergey lavrov had to say and that's. just what the ukrainian government has repeatedly shown its goodwill they offered compromises in deals like when they agreed to free those detained during the riots if the protesters vacated the administrative buildings they captured the government filled it so big ations all
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the opposition eventually disrupted the process. on the other hand british foreign minister william hague said that it is wrong to call the protesters terrorists because they are simply people who are seeking a better future for themselves however he said all sides should turn away from violence but again like catherine ashton he had put the blame and the leader squarely on the a shoulders of the ukrainian government. thanks very much indeed for that live there in brussels well let's get more on the situation in around kiev and in the entire country now live with gerald celente he's trends forecast from publisher of the trends journal gerald is it fair then to hold the government soley responsible for breaking the truce punishing them with sanctions and accusing them of actually escalation the violence there and here. well you know as an american you know i'm not naive is that our country has been involved in
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overthrowing a number of governments around the world a rock afghanistan libya keep going on i've never seen such overt action in destabilizing another country or putting america's two cents into it and now this isn't speculation these are facts because if you go back to december of the big december at the national press club in washington assistant secretary of state victoria nuland giving a speech sponsored by the way by chevron about what was going on in ukraine and how basically demanded. that ukraine join the european union and sign the association of. these efforts by the united states or the european powers to incorporate all of these in europe and to isolate russia so when i say this this isn't speculation anybody could go online and listen to her and she's
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also demanding that ukraine obey the dictum set out by the i.m.f. and to use her words here is quote no war the path so we're seeing americans going to ukraine and putting themselves in the center of this it's like i've never seen before i would like to read you a quote by senator john mccain. mid december so we put this all into perspective this has nothing to do about democracy as they keep talking about this is only business and he makes it very clear here this is this is about the future you deserve a future in europe a future of peace with all of your neighbors the free world is with you america is with you i'm with you oh so you're talking about business deals here and that's all
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this is about such with the foreign pressure the domestic pressure on a cave which is he going to survive what's the future no you know i don't know and it depends on on how russia plays into this is well and if we heard obama say that you know you can't cross the line and put put the people down or is is putin going to say hold on so i don't know but i think it's very important to put this all into perspective united space states according to ms nuland has spent five billion dollars in ukraine. over the past few years so this is about pushing ukraine and saying that that ukraine's our european when the polls are showing that irene coming out of there that most people are in favor of a ukraine russia deals with other eastern european countries rather than
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association with the european union carol thank you very much his thoughts jerusalem should live here or not international from the united states well we'll be following the turmoil in ukraine and bring you the latest from kiev as we get it here. three years ago france banned fracking saying the environmental risks were simply too high but the french gas an energy giant to tell is now getting down to business in the u.k. apparently brushing off the concerns of locals and he fracking activist george brown is with me now from london. so george tell has committed at least twenty one million dollars to fracking there in the u.k. this is going to be a serious setback for the anti fracking movement. the
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figure i've heard it's fifty million i mean various different sources of suggested different amounts but they are coming in on fracking in this country and that suggests unfortunately that the what we already know namely the political class in this country is heavily behind it is just as true now as it was before. the major protests we've been seeing up in manchester in lancaster. protesting i guess that's the company that totalising like the best thing in the u.k. and so totally really coming in the shop is kind of the ante for commitment and so what's worrying you and what's worrying you because well what's worrying about this fracking because a top manager at the teller's told r.t. that this could give the u.k. greater energy independence create jobs it's a strong argument isn't it for a country which is now just emerging from the economic doldrums. i think it's a disaster and we need to remember that you know somebody dying of thirst in the
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desert will take pretty much whatever works of a given over contaminating that on this time about how many of the regions in the u.k. have been increasingly of investment of the last thirty forty years this is the political way it is going more mobile high in the city so of course when people are desperate and they hear that this is going to bring jobs to some people that live for them but what we've actually seen is that despite this massive propaganda push from the government to frame fracking is the economic solution going forward we've seen increased resistance to fracking in the polls and that's because people understand the arguments given by government are simply false but what are your argument just briefly what are the problems you that you're talking about short term profit money here but what about what about the short yeah and that what what what is the problem with fracking itself or you say against it. it's disasters that every single level i mean what we've seen in the u.k. recently climate change really coming coming down to our doorstep as every single government in the world claims to recognize this is
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a massive problem and needs to be dealt with we saw last year droughts in the u.s. russia and china massive flooding in asia just the climate argument means that it's insanity for us to be pursuing a major new carbon frontier at this point what we need to also understand is in terms of how global power works countries like the u.k. making decisions to keep fossil fuels in the ground is the only basis on which we can make the argument to the rest of the world that they need to pursue a renewable energy cost so that's the climate and go there's been a huge amount of propaganda to the point where a lot of people are still a bit confused about whether climate change is happening despite the fact that ninety eight percent of relevant scientists across the world are convinced it's happening so that's the climate angle but every single other angle to turns out to be disastrous as well ok contamination of water that we've seen across the united states the contamination in the air at every level it's about the water the water resources that are used for fracking on millions of millions of liters per well you're talking about vast amounts of water coming out of the ground again and being
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for ever polluted essentially a lot of the rest the water stays in the ground and it's polluted and it's likely to pollute the water table water which we think in terms of house prices in places where they're trying to push fracking is that they're going down by up to forty percent or right and so you look at this in unless you're a gas company or an m.p. invested in gas companies of whom there are many places a disastrous thing for us to be doing all right thanks so much for explaining you will your arguments there so clearly and quickly that's it for the moment thank you and you fracking activist george lives in london now to talk to catch up all the very latest in the winter olympics now where russia's just won gold in the ladies' free skating program paul scott now he's been watching all the action he's there in sochi pulled up been told there was a record breaking here and then just very recently. yes well adelina sotnikova has claimed russia's first ever gold medal in figure skating in the women's individual competition she put in a foolish display in the free program to move from second place at the halfway
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stage after the short program now it was an emotional moment inside. the moment that many russians had been hoping for but perhaps in some ways not expecting because before the competition all eyes were on fifteen year old. who put in that wonderful display to help russia win team gold in the figure skating but she stumbled fell to the ice in both the short and the free programs which really damaged her chances of competing for a medal she ended up finishing in fifth place but there is no doubt her time will come again as for tonight the moment really belongs to seventeen year old russian adelina sotnikova who claimed the gold well let's see how that gold medal and all of today's medals affect the very latest medals table overnight and you can see that it is norway who still lead the way they have ten gold medals to their name it's the usa who have now moved into second place germany eight gold medals well russia in fourth place with seven. thanks very much indeed. more from
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him a little later today stay with us for the updates here on our international news in just over half an hour from now. transit route to vnukovo report your best way to the hearts of most. recently swiss voters nearly passed a referendum to put
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a strict quota back on immigration switzerland is a relatively small country and some estimate that almost a quarter of the population is made up of immigrants from e.u. countries that is a lot of people and the swiss are worried that the increased foreigners will also mean increased crime rent prices burd the state and erode traditional local culture as modern immigration almost always does the swiss population's democratic choice to restrict immigration is no actually being blasted by the e.u. brass what threats to cancel bilateral agreements how dare you have a different version of democracy than we in the you have switzerland how dare you i don't think this event will have much effect on the e.u. bureaucratic machine nothing could make them change their hyper liberal minds but i think the swiss anti immigration referendum will have a huge effect on local populations and countries like germany and the u.k. which are seeing horrible effects of open borders and growing anti e.u. sentiment as i speak i don't like to make predictions by i think a lot of disenfranchised people across the e.u. are going to become quite jealous of the swiss move and demand the same type of
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changes at home but that's just my opinion. of the journey. have the specific tendency of seeking out negative stories about russia and what could be more negative than the possibility of the major terror attack when it comes to the western media there is a tendency to look at the caucasus emirate from the through the prism of what the russians do that is don't look at the idiology don't look at the actions of the caucasus emirate when you have the instead look at the way the russians on occasion violate political civil and human rights in combat in.
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hello and welcome to crossfire we're all things are considered armed peter lavelle chaos on the streets of kiev after a short truce rioters are again wrecking havoc the so-called opposition appears to have no interest in the legally elected government force is being met with force where ukraine goes from here is anyone's guess. to cross-talk developments in ukraine i'm joined by my guest marcus papadopoulos in london he's the editor of politics first magazine also in london we have robert oulds he used to director of the bruges group and in washington we crossed to ariel cohen he is a senior fellow in russian and eurasian studies and international energy security at the heritage foundation or a gentleman crosstalk rules in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want and i very much encourage it marcus if i go to you first in london i've been watching
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the pictures coming out of care for the last day and a half this looks like a armed insurrection this looks like an organized coup against the government in kiev and we have we have to point out here that the government in kiev mr unico which has reached out to the opposition numerous times over the last two weeks but still the violence continues and i want to make it very clear there is violence on both sides right now markets with what is your reaction. can i just say first of all peter that ordinary people in europe and indeed the rest of the world absolutely disgusted by what they've seen on their television sets this week in ukraine and that discussed is all the more pronounced because the violence has been perpetrated by right wing extremists by neo nazi mobs that even tents all over for in the democratically elected government of ukraine and that it's an intolerable situation and we must move away from what we're hearing by western journalists and western politicians that these so-called protesters.


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