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tv   [untitled]    February 21, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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and that's going to do it for now for more on the stories we cover go to youtube dot com slash r.t. america a mega. chaos on the streets of kiev after a short truce rioters are again wrecking towns because the so-called opposition appears to have no interest in a legally lifted government force is being met with force where ukraine goes from here is anyone's guess. i would rather as questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our
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t.v. question for. sublunary it was terrible they come up very hard to make out a letter to get along here the club has never had sex with the earthquake there's no lives let's play. lists and le me let's. listen.
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to the. hello and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle chaos on the streets of kiev after a short truce rioters are again wrecking havoc the so-called opposition appears to have no interest in the legally elected government force is being met with force where ukraine goes from here is anyone's guess.
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to cross-talk developments in ukraine i'm joined by my guest marcus papadopoulos in london he's the editor of politics first magazine also in london we have robert oulds he used to director of the bruges group and in washington we crossed to ariel cohen he is a senior fellow in russian and eurasian studies and international energy security at the heritage foundation or a gentleman crosstalk rules in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want and i very much encourage it marcus if i go to you first in london i've been watching the pictures coming out of care for the last day and a half this is like a armed insurrection this looks like an organized coup against the government in kiev and we have we have to point out here that the government in kiev mr unico which has reached out to the opposition numerous times over the last two weeks but still the violence continues and i want to make it very clear there is violence on both sides right now marcus what what is your reaction. can i just say first of all
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peter that ordinary people in europe and indeed the rest of the world absolutely disgusted by what they've seen on their television sets this week in ukraine and that discussed is all the more pronounced because the violence has been perpetrated by right wing extremists by neo nazi mobs that even tents all over for in the democratically elected government of ukraine and that it's an intolerable situation and we must move away from what we're hearing by western journalists and western politicians that these so-called protesters are protesters they're not protesters they're militants they're terrorists they became militants or terrorists the day they took up arms against the police force in kiev you cannot call people peaceful protesters when they take up guns when they take up molotov cocktails and they start not just injuring the police or this is actually going to lisa that wouldn't that would not that would not be accepted no that not what would well certainly
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wouldn't it certainly wasn't accepted in the end of intercepted a lot of them except in london it wasn't accepted in any kind of european capital but but ariel you know i mean you would write sectors for boulder do you like these kinds of people i mean they seem to represent this mob that you can see live pictures for a multiple sources i mean are these are jeffersonian democrats now. let's start with this the younger corporate government sent troops to kill people in november and beat students up so the ones who resorted to violence were not the right sector at all it was the younger coverture issue back in your own very and it really answer when you answer my question i ask you a different question i like the line missiles going there you know i really with the right sector go ahead. peter peter i i am the first one to denounce the anti semites and the nazi sympathizers anywhere including in russia by the way
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but the ones who resorted to violence the ones who pretended to reach out to the moderate opposition and then did not do what the problem is they did not pass the legislation that they promised to pass about changing the constitution. to the mob of people be out in the street saying change the law why don't you have an election cycle that's what normal countries do this opposition wants to change the government this government was elected president was elected the parliament was like that peter i don't care is it a question i don't know i'm making sure our viewers understand reality because i agree with what marcus had to say there's a huge distortion here robert ok let's go to our third again go to our third gas and we can. go ahead robert give me your take on what's going on here because this is
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a very serious event playing out in the in camp right now. this situation is being whipped up by the european union and the united states of america with the aim of destabilizing the ukraine and trying to play some zero sum game where they hope to eliminate russian influence within that country it is it is a political game that's being employed by western powers that are causing a great deal of havoc on the streets of ukraine and pushing the country towards a very very dangerous situation that will not end well there is serious meddling western meddling in that country and it must stop the european leaders the united states of america should respect the government of yannick over which there's an election next year if the people don't like him they can vote him out because the danger is that they probably won't talk to people and clearly don't like. ok being totally it's not it's not a popularity not. mr obama has thirty percent or thirty three percent popular popular in the united states and no one's asking him to leave the markets let's go
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back to you here i mean this is what it gets down to we know that victoria nuland has spent about five billion dollars on this investment here is she is this a good return. well the whole idea which is being spun at the moment by the west that what's happened in ukraine is a matter of freedom versus tyranny that's absolute nonsense and of course victoria nuland comments last week actually demonstrate that america and the european union are playing a game of chess and it says geostrategic game of chess their plane in ukraine and this is be going on since the since the nine hundred ninety s. they are true the west is trying to encircle russia on its western borders by bringing in states off the state into the e.u. and into nato let me just say this to anyone who argues that this is a matter of freedom versus tyranny in a tyranny people don't take to the streets let alone political police offices this wouldn't happen in saudi arabia which america is
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a staunch supporter of ok area would you like to reply to that go ahead for air time. of course i was born in ukraine i've been to a great i'm jewish i despise the nazis and the neo nazis anywhere in europe and unfortunately the lots of them everywhere these days but the majority of people who demonstrate i'm not talking about the island fringe clearly there's clearly there's a violent fringe there but the majority of younger gradients including in the south east on the you're interrupting me go ahead you're interrupting. peter pan or you can yell i said there patiently and listen ok so please the majority of people who are demonstrating against you in the coverage by young educated western oriented people who want to live in a country that doesn't have as much corruption as you covered his regime bread and
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you know coverage totally lost the support of the majority of the population ok and what he needed to do was to range political transition with the. opposition so that sometime late spring early summer they have an election including presidential election and they change the constitution that is ludicrous to the way it was i'm sorry to everyone who are doing what you're saying is ludicrous too because if he took trying to i'm going to address this to marcus now he's arranging all of this so he can be thrown out of power i don't get it ok he is elected he's going to stay i'm going to go to markets now equal time here this is what it's all about here is that the e.u. and the united states depending on which gambit you know they want to force their hand now it's a five billion dollar investment they've got to make their move now because there could be there will be an election if they could they keep their schedule and it might time turn out the way they want because eastern ukraine more populous is not for this agenda of the e.u.
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that's why eunuch over rejected the association agreement so this is the chess game you're talking about you're running out of time go ahead. presently on a covert took a decision last november to pursue closer economic relations with russia and he has every right to do that like in britain david cameron wants a reformed relationship with the european union he has a mandate from the british people and that should be accepted people in kiev have the right to protest against president yannick over its decision last year but he is the democratically elected president and let's not forget in two ten when he won that presidential election that was recognized by the recognized by the u.s. they've been negotiating with him for the last four years but because he chose to pursue closer relations with russia over sudden he becomes a tyrant he becomes a far really wicked piece of work we've seen this for the last twenty years we've seen a free single governments in the world which is in a geo strategic location and pursues an independent foreign policy we've seen that
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government demonized we saw that with the serbs we saw that since we're seeing that in syria at the moment and now we see a match in ukraine it's an intolerable situation and it's a very dangerous situation robert how do you feel about let me feel about turkey because it's time for our gas in the program how do you robert how do you feel about the european union's approach towards ukraine because when it would it rejected this association agreement because it was a bad deal by the way would push it push the country even into a deeper recession that is now so that kind of our security wasn't welcomed and now the e.u. turns around and says you're a legitimate figure to deal with but you know what they're in there in care of right now negotiating with mr unocal which why are they talking out of both sides of the mouth at the same time. well the european union has been bullying the ukraine they've been having quote a strict sions on ukrainian exports to the european union which is hurting their economy the e.u. has not been a friend to ukraine the association agreement if it were to be signed it would mean
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the exporting of e.u. regulations to ukraine it would mean the closure of many businesses because it will mean higher regulation it will mean have to businesses have to meet a use standard including environmental standards which on particularly enforced in the ukraine at the moment will mean job losses it was a very bad deal it's been estimated that exporting eve regulation so you're going hear syndrome to the standards of what you see billion pounds a year twenty billion euros a year vava that's how much it would hurt the ukrainian economy it's not a good deal. to this day and also. there's a radically alegria government of ukraine and it was a bad deal that's plain and simple for a gentleman we're going to go to a short break here set we're going to go to a short break here and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on events playing out in ukraine state party. leaders.
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i'm. citing. i don't think corporations mind. can do and they. all about money and i think that's something that for politicians right the last reference. here just to play. a. missions force led. the battle plane six nations around the finish line of the marathon. the
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birth of. the a. plane coming in the future one to smooth show we go in the toilet sometimes stun where we meet some of his sons young innovators in the night see this and we find out how the big black wings for compazine craft claim to hold a modern day viking but still managed to take some smocks to the album said none day here on r.g.p. we've done the future cover.
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welcome back across the uk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing recent developments in ukraine. ok and i think like the aerial in washington how do you frank reflect upon that leaked tape with victoria nuland because it really you know when you connect the dots right here she's made a huge investment for a regime change of one form or another or have a regime friendly to brussels and washington no matter how you want to look at it it's regime change here how do you look at that went to playing out on the streets right now i mean is this is what her investment was all about is a bring the city and i love here it's a beautiful beautiful city and you know what it looks it looks really awful right now and even dangerous i mean this is what american money is bringing bringing democracy to ukraine destroying its capital for us to all first of all victoria nuland did not make a five billion dollar investment in ukraine that's rubbish second of all let's talk
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about russia's russia's investment russia cut gas prices to support the end of coverage russia is buying ukrainian junk bonds of the ukrainian government with the normal very very dear girl hans you're the one scenario no you don't get your facts straight ok they're euro bonds russia wants are going to have to act straight are very much. ok so i don't know i'm a bitch because you're one russian can't see in your help but in a jury peter you say here is the main gate or market for you right ukrainian goods sense an agreement with the european union is trying to put your brakes and if you're going to go to the union ok keep going to arial keep going. so i'm saying is that russia is expanding billions and billions of dollars to bring your crane into the eurasian union if the majority of ukrainian people don't want to do that but this policy of russia pulling i have insight into the united states involvement may bring to the breakup of ukraine that will bolster russia breaking
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the law again that's a new one here ok ok mark let me let me go to mark pretty terribly marcus you know it's very interesting because our history from say get our history straight ok let me when i finish wasting when you made your point it's russia's fault marcus that i go to london what do you know just take things as russia so ukraine a break we're going to europe when the ukrainian said no the elected legitimate government of ukraine said no to the association agreement what happened let's remind our viewers russia stepped in and said hey why don't we have a trilateral discussion here where everyone can be a winner here let's give me i'll give you a good example canada is a nafta candidate has an association agreement with the european union why can't you can have work with the eurasian union and work with the european union but no i guess there's an exception here ukraine doesn't get that privilege marcus go ahead
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. well what's aria was said just now that russia could russia's actions could result in the breakup of ukraine is absolute utter nonsense victoria nuland comments demonstrate america's lip service to the concept of freedom and democracy and we've got after examples of that we saw late last year american politicians senator john mccain flying into ukraine an independent sovereign country and joining in the protest movement meeting opposition leaders in calling for early elections in ukraine and calling for the over for of the ukrainian government which is democratically elected i'd like to say it and i realize that your civil actions which is your blood sugar is a contributing writer in ukraine it was a challenge i know no diarrheal no area you know you made your commentary or are you made your comment that russia is acting dangerously well i don't see russian politicians flying into cave and calling for the overthrow of
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a democratically elected governments how would you how would you feel during the wall street protests if the if you credentials call sure we agree and started call and started calling for the overthrow of the american governments like like the american government you know you're just paying lip service to the concept of democracy russia has been abiding by international law in regard to ukraine it's not meddling but let me also state as well and it's important for you to realize this and people watching this program russia and ukraine have historically close relations russia is not an alien country in ukraine if it was an alien country why it's of over sixty percent of ukrainians belong to the moscow patriarchate or the ukrainian off the docks church that means most ukrainians their spiritual leader is in moscow if they hated the russians so much but they go to be volatile and. that's actually not so much of the church of england at some point did not prevent america to be independent. of that it's a nice view that it's not as nice as thick as ukraine let's be serious let's face
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it. sam let me go to robert here what do you think the european union should be doing now because they're in moscow as we are in in care as we're recording this program here should they back away or do you think they're going to continue to push here because i first of all don't understand why the european union is trying to negotiate this we've already seen what they want they want to give a raw deal to the of craniums are going to force unocal which the week we consider why does outside powers have to force a government to reconsider its own domestic policy. well many western countries have been interfering in ukraine for generations the whole history of the west is trying to take control of this area to try and limit russia to try and really restrict ukrainian soap and say ukrainian sovereignty should be respected by the european union the e.u. should back off it should not be trying to export its of a delay sions to ukraine which will damage their economy cost as much as twenty
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billion pounds a year it should be respecting self and so you should know what you're getting a militia down until the euro so you can get your number straight million twenty billion you have there is about one hundred series of you don't have as many sources in the service to you gentlemen that will be the cost of the e.u. regulations on the ukrainian economy it's already been. restricting the amount of oil that is there was a saying that it's not right and you just made it up it is understood look at the massive unemployment market in the market that exists. in the economy you're talking over each other that no one here is what you're saying all right so regular all you guys get all this i mean i know this is like again you know you're only going by the you're going to change the area on the robbery and make it more transparent leave ok now i'm going to go to market since you don't have other markets because he's listening ok markets where is this going here because i don't see i don't see any reason in the world why mr unocal what should
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blinky's democratically elected but what is the european union going to say to these really savage people now in the my dawn and you don't you know you don't watch c.n.n. and b.b.c. you're not going to see sort of the recovered surely ripping had their savage people absolutely salvage what they're slavish what they're doing to police officers and other people but the don't agree with them on the square where is it going marcus. well the ones who are sure that i'm going to mostly i think you can unfortunately actually are you i'm speaking now unfortunately ukraine is on the brink it could end up descending into a civil war the whole country could break up and i can't see how that's going to be averted it will only be averted if washington and brussels and brussels categorically condemns the terrible appalling violence that we're seeing perpetrated by neo nazi mobs on the streets of kiev and also in western money going to discover or ukraine but let's not forget let's not forget let's not forget those
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mobs in ukraine and they are stooges of the west and they are willing stooges of the west if they want to get in supported politically and logistically by the united states and the european union they probably wouldn't be out on the streets in the first very start so that in order to questions that i would buy this i reply you're very very concerned about ukraine because the west will not stop supporting these these horrendous people in the streets that are killing but are killing police officers here in the us as we have. not gotten i don't know what is the most region of the us a little smarter but you know you have general there. and we are in the way i mean on crane aerial aerial and let's connect some dots here because when there was the munich security is this likely munich security conference recently ok when they knew that these opposition figures went and met with american officials ok and european officials they go back to you can only repeat it now and then and then the tone of intolerance we have to remember you know call which said ok i'll bring you
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into the government ok then just recently an amnesty ok what else do you want we want you overthrown i have to agree with my way of saying where i were saying that five billion dollars and that's a real number here it's not vengeance the number of where this money on the american taxpayers to overthrow this government that's being asked me you know i mean. you asked me how we can stop this nonsense right so i'll tell you we can stop it first of all let's not make things up the west will never support the neo nazis the west the united states did not give five billion that because we don't have the building i wish it did it's in latvia and i wish we didn't have five billion to give to you the great the condemned yes ok rights for a year in the politics states today why doesn't american people who are talking about ukraine. that we see every given estonian latvia what's going on hang on why don't they condemn that if they if they know nothing james so the kill
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a fetus has me sick so i should not try to reconstruct and so i think he should have. said what i think we should have a round table i think we should have a route a ceasefire but round table and elections and that's how we can see. who's going to be at the gun table ariel you give me your round table go ahead with the round table will the round table will consist of the three opposition parties and i detest mr tapley bugs of the liberty party that because they have some nazi sympathizers in them i'm the first one to denounce them but they're part of the mix right now clearly the right wing sector of the right sector should not be at the round table and this should be an accepted mediator because these people do not behave as adults to my great great regret russia and the united states probably should stay out in an acceptable figure from europe should media united states the
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whoever the us it's not of both parties accept there is a reasonable solution ok go ahead mark this is a reasonable so i'll turn it is a civil war marc if you don't pay and i don't and i just don't like the general made markets jump in. i realize how can you say the united states government should stay out the united states government has been playing a role in ukraine from the very beginning and i don't mean to fouls and infer team in two thousand and fourteen i take that back to the nine hundred ninety s. let's remember nine hundred ninety two the pentagon's defense and i got there let's talk a little russian only and i'm sure that it was echoes of the greatest how far back you how long it takes no brainer to that's what. are you are you talk in the pentagon's defense planning guidance in ninety nine states stated that russia still poses the greatest threat to america's very confident in the world like the states that used to be in eastern europe and the former soviet union should be brought
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into the e.u. and should bring the euro seems a native limit i'm going to soviet rules where you can discard you can discard documents like i but that is the blueprint that is the blueprint to you that unless you want to get a seat at least brzezinski of the nine hundred ninety s. that you are right you're not intentionally and we're going to find a nation from i guess not and in washington and thanks to our viewers for watching as you see you next time remember. we've only seen.
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we welcome aaron nate and abby martin to have the two of the colts on the our team network. it's going to give you a different perspective give me one stock tip never i'll give you the information you make the decision don't worry about it i'll bring you the sun works it's a revolution of the mind it's revolution of ideas and consciousness and frustrated with the system extremely problems and would be described as angry i think in a strong. under single. i marinate join me. in that in part and financial commentary cancer news and much much. only on bombast and.
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it. was going on everyone i'm abby martin and this is breaking in. to me the feeling that a regular cup of joe just isn't enough to keep you up any more well the pentagon has a new solution that it's planning to try it on american soldiers and i know i say this a lot but the latest development is literally shocking because they're planning to zap their brains with electricity that's right the pentagon has already begun to experiment with this new shock therapy which it says could keep the u.s. military's digital warriors and drone operators more alert the air force army and darpa are all participating in five separate studies with a price tag of two hundred grand a pop this government already relies on a video game methods to kill so is it turning soldiers in electrical conductors.


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