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no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our team mcbride the country music superstar gets real i think that it's just you know it's your personal morals and values and like i said i believe in acceptance reveals a side you may not have seen i can be a bad ass when i need to be favorite curse word actually it's the f. word really more than the f. word well i love the f. word two plus right now a country radio there are a lot of male artists getting played and very few female artist in me right now but i feel like it's going to come back around all next on larry king now. welcome to larry king our guest is the great star martina mcbride the country music singer songwriter she's won every major musical award was inducted into the grand
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old opry of her new album everlasting will be out april eighth i have it right here in my hands why do i have to wait till april you can listen to it any type of the why does it come out why april why not tomorrow i know it always seems like it's it needs to be sooner you know but able to be here before you know it did you inherit those eyes your mother and your father yeah my mom i think they came from my mother blue but they're more than blue right how would you describe them. extra i don't know very bright blue very very bright blue ok you once referred to sheryl crow called you a bad ass are you a bad ass i think we did a show together and she was maybe talking about on stage but yeah i'm odds on i can be a bad ass when i need to be one of the good martina after nine eleven you sang on our show on c.n.n. just made a week or two later what was the tour where were you that day i was in nashville
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and i had just kind of was getting up and having my coffee and my husband called me and then he came home and. we just sat and watched you know everything unfold it was a terrible day unbelievable you're one of only three women to win the c.m.a. female vocalist of the year for times joined the grand ole opry in ninety five so you are able to surprise yourself with your success oh absolutely all the time yeah i grew up on a farm in kansas and a very very small town of about two hundred people and i had ten people in my graduating class i mean i was just really in ma. so but i've always known that this is what i wanted to do i've saying you know my whole life and wanted to to make records and perform and saying for people and so but it's like when i look back at what i've what all the things that i've experienced and done always you break my break came i moved to nashville and. and we always waiting tables and singing demos
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and my husband was production manager for garth brooks at the time and so i went out and sold t. shirts for garth so much and i was trying to get a record deal and got to know him that way and then when i got my record deal he gave me a spot on his tour opening as the opening act for seventy seven shows not a bad break not a bad break and it's great he liked you right away yeah actually took a huge chance on me really because he had never seen me singer or perform on stage and i think when we went the first couple of shows we did my single wasn't even out yet so he just took a leap of faith and you know i'm really it was a great break for me he said to me that he told me about the album. well there's no leslie yeah that was one of the songs no it's not one of the songs i just chose that title because you know these songs are so iconic and timeless and and these are all well known jones yeah why some of them might be new to some people but basically you know we cover to read the franklin otis redding van morrison elvis
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harold melvin in the blue notes you know why why all the material i just felt like you know i love to sing i mean i'm a country music artist but at the end of the day i'm a vocalist i love to sing everything and all kinds of music and it's fun you know sometimes to stretch a little bit and do something a little different and i just sort of listened to my creative little voice that says i think this would be a good idea and so i just had a lot of fun with it don was produced it for me and and it was really has been the sound engineer was that he did he tracked them all the band and mixed most of the songs on the record did it in the nashville what was your first hit my first hit was a song called well i had my first single is called the time has come i don't think we could really call it a hit but probably my baby loves me was and then independence day of course was on that same album and that went through for all that you know it's interesting that song only went to about i think number eleven on the chart but it was on my career
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song and you know the song i'm most known for i think when you write your own songs i have written some songs i recall was it was with the great music producer he said he was always good at picking a hipped good just he knew you know sometimes i do yeah sometimes i hear a song and think well that should be a hit you know everything that you put out that isn't always there a lot of factors involved in what makes a hit you know but. i think i've got a chosen some a few yeah what do you look for different things make a hit you know there's sometimes it's a melody it's a catchy melody it's a hook and sometimes it's more about the lyric and the emotion in the song and i was produced right in your hose were loser you're not afraid of tough subject so right you'll deal with things of the culture yeah we did you know some of my songs have dealt with. independence day was about domestic abuse and concrete angel was
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about child abuse and we had a song a couple years ago about surviving cancer and you know i don't really set out everybody asked me to set out to find those kind of songs and i don't ever i mean they really just find me but when i hear a song like that i feel like it's going to be a song that people can make their own and makes it feel like somebody knows what they're going through it it just i don't know i just have an instinct i want to sing that song all over the world is country music worldwide no. i think in some places i don't know if i would say it's worldwide but it does very well in the u.k. and australia those are two markets that country music is big like travelling i love travelling yeah you do your doggies but you're doing in i have i'm actually going back in march we're doing a big festival over there in london on march fifteenth you were very and you speak a lot about the gay issue in our magazine you spoke publicly about tolerance you
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said i have three daughters and that's what i teach them i think we should all be tolerant of each other brazen sure the strengths and differences and uniqueness incredible at the grammys they married gay couples and you get a lot of backlash from the conservatives in the country community which are many no i don't actually. i think that it's just you know it's your personal morals and values and like i said i believe in acceptance. but the country community has been late to it hasn't it would you say that fairly. i don't know that you can generalize like that you know i think yes there are people that are are very are not tolerant and accepting and there are people that are so i have fans that are probably both you know i've both but you've never side representations i haven't i i mean. i think that there are people in every kind of music in every walk of life there are probably have you know that are conservative and don't agree with it and
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people that do agree with it so i don't know about like singling out country music i think that we have an obviously we have a lot of conservative fans and country music but i try and i don't think of my fans as one way you know i think of a lot of very diverse group of fans so what did you think of the idea on the grammys of the marriage i thought it was really great it was really moving and emotional i was in the audience and just to see the happiness and joy you know and being on their faces and being part of that moment great idea yeah by the way the grammys have changed now they only gave out ten awards in three and a half hours i was always as they give the other awards against doing that there's a give a lot of awards do you like it better now you know i the musical debates or do you try to get as many performances on as possible you know i feel like i think there has to be a balance you know i think that people tune in to see performances but they also want to see who won who wins the award and here the acceptance speeches and all
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about too so yeah i was i like a war i like to see who we are you were present i was you know you were one of them the only ten presenters the whole this chair i never thought of it that. stars that much of the country music genres changing right stars crossing over to the swift right you do crossovers i have to have a spear songs have crossed over yeah to ac valentine and this is for the girls and in my daughter's eyes were three cross country music is no the most it's the most popular form of radio in america right i think format country is so you you must be played everywhere. sometimes i am yeah i mean you get a lot of airplay right yeah i do has the country scene changed a lot since you started yeah but you know it's interesting because i feel like throughout history there i've always been crossover artist and country music you know if people like johnny cash was had hits on the pop chart and i don't know eddy arnold and glen campbell and dolly parton i mean there's always there have always
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been crossover artist and country music so i don't feel like in the way it's really changed that much of the country musician and the fan that's in quote all the styles of music all they are the closest right i believe so i'll explain that i've been to fanfare yeah i interview you when you were a fan the big it's very not unusual to see tom two stars closely attached with their phone yeah well i i just feel like we were very excessive all you know i think that that family the relationship with our fans is so. important and i mean i feel like their friends you know especially with social media and social media has become such a huge way of connecting with twitter and facebook and all of that i kind of when i first was asked to do that i was a little put off or just confused by it because it you know it's so different to say connect in that way to show people and a glimpse of inside your life and what you know what you had for lunch or what you
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think you know the reason that right ends but i feel like since i've embraced it and i really enjoy it now because i do feel like it's a connection you know with my fans i feel like it's a way to to connect and to show them a little bit different side than they might just see in a ten minute interview or whatever and women have always been time of equal in the country field having them mean we've always the or minute of that no i mean i feel like yeah we've had obviously some light here jack connick women. was always open to as a change are still wide open. i think it's cyclical honestly i think we have like right now a country radio there's a huge. there are a lot of male artists getting played and very few female artist getting play right now but you think it's cyclical i do yeah because a few years ago you know there was there were a lot of women getting played we had faith hill and wynonna and reba and. lee ann womack i mean just a bunch of people that were that was really a great time for women a country radio and then not quite so much but i feel like it's going to come back
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around to make sure we come back i'll martina has managed to stay out of the tabloids you never see anything bad about it the album everlasting is coming in april don't click the way. i marinate join me on thirteen that impartial and financial reporting commentary contributes and much much. only on the bus and. i've got a quote for you. that's pretty tough. stay where it's about story. let's
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give this guy like you would smear about john stead of working for the people both missions the mainstream media are working for each other briberies digital. photos . of the dead rather. than coming in the future on the show we're going towards tons of stuff where we meet some of his sons innovators and i'd say that's what we find out how to speak black queens for companies and craft. cool clothes in a modern day planking but still money still takes some smarts to the album said no they cheer on r.g.p. we've got the future. you're watching larry king our guest is the fabulous martina mcbride all of you steve like so many other
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celebrities haven't you stayed out of the enquirer and the globe and for any and whatever it is it t m z m c volumes she quite cured. i don't know you know i i. i don't knows are just don't do anything that i guess is interesting to them. pub rosy don't follow you down the street no that's one great thing about nashville you know i don't know why is that different i don't know but i hope it never changes because it is different we don't have that issue there like like in l.a. or when you travel do you get them sometimes you know at the airport sometimes have you ever had a bad story in the enquirer no no. let's move on there is what you say i'm right here i don't want to break this out martina is just saying you're boring i think i am just the track giving what i figured i was when you were faithful to each other yeah it's not your normal yeah how do you how did you get booked. to get on the
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show oh you want me you have three thousand before you often mis read it how did that happen how did you meet we we met in wichita kansas he's a kansan a kansas as well and i was putting a band together trying to get this band together to go out and play gigs and he had a rehearsal he had a sound company concert sound company that did sound for local shows so he was always into soon yeah always in the sound and had a rehearsal space that he just built so i read about from him and we just got to be really good friends and will be married twenty six years and may it started as a friendship yes how does that change first usually romance starts with you know bang it's romance yeah i don't know i think it was bang romance for him but for me i took a little bit of time to get to know him and stuff and. but i knew it like it happened one day we were talking and i just knew it like it hit me he was talking about going on tour and i thought to myself i don't want to be with this person i would marry this guy if he asked me to marry him so i've never felt that way before and
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you said to sigmoid. well it's interesting that you say that because how he proposed to me we were we were talking outside late at night and he said well it's time to go and i said isn't there something you want to ask me because he hinted at it before and we wouldn't we really only dated for about a month and a half before we got engaged so he kept saying about you know asking me to marry him and i was like i don't i barely know you let's just give this some time right but in that moment for some reason i don't know what came over me but i knew i just knew and he and i said isn't there some you want to ask me and he said yes and then he asked me to marry him and then we waited a year to we set the date a year ahead wife. well i think we instinctively knew that it was pretty quick like when we met and january and we got engaged in may so so smart yeah we needed it yeah we do it is if you want to boy know neither one of us we will i was praying for girls really one was sitting do they saying not really my middle daughter
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wants to be an actress so she's she's that's her dream and my oldest daughter she's going to college for music business i think she'll be involved in the business in some way and i'm eight year old who knows your brothers are in a band right my brother is in my band guess my younger brother now the girl i know i went to this with but having young boys where they had to raise one girl girls a different you would know because she didn't raise a boy right they do go through some tumultuous time it's not anything. you know not anything that would get in the tabloids you know you see inevitably a child had a drug problem never had a no i've been very very fortunate just they're just really good girls and you know i mean fingers crossed it'll stay that way is that easy bringing of kids in nashville yeah nashville's a great place to raise kids it's the people are very friendly it's kind of have you
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spent much time in nashville my wife is recorded there ok but your husband was sound engineer once when she would call really food yeah wow small world but. you know i like national it's like a small it's like a city but it's really has kind of a small town mentality and i think people watch out for each other and you know it's a community so fred she sang at the grand ole opry and i introduced a really good having to well there's a lot of them is religion part of your life are you very religious and no i wouldn't i mean i need to be probably need to be more you know i think i need to feel the need that sometimes i need to. make that more of a priority but my faith is very important it was this trip to parent me definitely three girls are you kidding they have john wrapped around their little anger fathers and daughters right there look whole new girls delaney is nineteen emma is fifteen should be sixteen in march she's going to getting getting her driver's license and ava is eight she space the mobile. do they have
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a tour with you they go into with me sometimes yeah you know they've shortened they were with me all the time on the tour bus and on planes and everywhere we went until they started school and then when delaney started kindergarten we had we still had to slow down our touring schedule and then she would still come with us on the weekends but then because we just toured on the weekends but now that they're in like high school and college it's just really hard to get well first of all it's hard to get them on a bus for the weekend it's not their idea of you know how they want to spend their weekend on a bus with mom and dad but it's just hard for the newest school whole family of tour we tour we kind of tour like three three days a week usually like friday saturday sunday sometimes a thursday so it's not a heavy thing series or one sitting literally yeah all over the place the only place i haven't performed is why or alaska those are the only state every state every state other than that south dakota montana yes ma'am.
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mean yeah. but. you have to do air a lot with you when you've made it given that the buses do you know well see i'm kind of a nervous fire so i really liked it to go take the tour bus it's so comfortable and they're like you know you have everything you need and you can relax and you go to sleep and you wake up and you're in the next town what is it like going to movies flyer has to fly i used to be really really bad like i it was kind of. paralyzing for me really ever like before i would fly the three or four days before i would fly i would imagine every conversation sort of had an air of finality about it you know would be like i would imagine the news carrier just the new i was terrible and i've gotten better i realize that you know a couple glasses of red wine helps a lot to me i need to we have some social media questions you brought up social media tracy may of facebook if you had to choose which song on the new album speaks the most to you. oh my goodness i mean take
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a look. well. one song well it's you know i'm a celeb em isn't that sweet that's that i sing that i have to tell you there's a. i love wild night because it's so much fun it's like we're covering then morrison and the so i've heard the song all my life but when i you know sometimes you hear a song and you think you know a song and then when you go to sing it and you have to really emote the lyrics and figure what the lyrics are exactly because he's a little hard to understand when he sings it's just a song about having fun it's about getting ready and going out for the night and the way it's written is so visual like i can just see the whole video or the whole thing in my head i love that you were at the grammys did you order stand any of the rap lyrics no no i watched the short run of what the hell were we told that they were the same program bob's crazy you know hitler lives. patrice you more blake once you know what was the first song you ever performed on stage the first thing i
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ever performed on stage was oh holy night i was in kindergarten about five years old six years old and i they made it with scaffolding and stuff and sort of a huge human christmas tree and i was at the very top and i sing a solo on a holy night and you knew them i loved it yeah john five hundred tweets what do you have in store for your music career bashir the album is coming in april what all that we're going to tour we started tour at the end of april first to make we still book and dates but we're definitely gone. well i don't know yet because we're actually we're doing greeley colorado on july fourth i know that much and i'm going to be on the fourth of july but it's a big job yeah right before they're exactly you got to come now agree we had or abusing our doors a lot yeah have you done a big. night of fire in utah no war that's a world july fourth well you know next year which they'll get i'll get you booked
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ok jahrling what's a facebook when will she do a duet with carrie underwood r o r i there are no plans to do a duet with carrie underwood but that would be found have you like do wedding i do male and female yeah i have two duets on this album on the new album we did a duet with gavin de graw on an old sam cooke song called bring it on home to me and we did a duet with i did do it with kelly clarkson who really yeah and etta james sugar pie fan toast on call in the basement it's really fun it when you sing duets to do one have to harmonize with the other sometimes yeah i mean i think you know the best duets are where you can kind of trade lines or trade verses and then come together on the chorus and countries and doing a forever right yeah improv sinatra really did the first really major pop where he be wedded with other people i didn't know that and do what but other than that you know tony bennett didn't sing with steve lawrence why rock what country music was done yeah there's been some big duets i mean i don't think there are as many as as
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we should have you know i think the fans really enjoy when you know i've been able to do some amazing to us i've been able to do it with bob seger jimmy buffett about garth brooks i haven't sang with garth brooks i think i know why. he won't sing with his wife are well that's yet you get you never seem see you do it right up that's ok we like to play a game called if you only knew you ready martina first boy you ever kissed. first boy i ever kissed was a guy george boyfriend george george all you martina probably i was a junior in high school senior in high that took that long yeah the i'm not in the tabloids i'm going i'm boring school martini would you kissed george. cough a long time ago. was kansas what a hay ride and it might have been in a van actually in the van you even know what happened to george yeah i think he lives in nebraska i think he's married and has maybe one or two kids emotionally
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told everyone the biggest regret you know i don't have a lottery gretz dream do it that's a hard one while garth would be good i have to marry him first and i think that's been music style people would be surprised that you listen to. i listen to well i think that some people are probably surprised by this record you know that i love soul music i love ray charles and i read the franklin and otis redding and so that's where this the idea for the song came was my love for that music if you weren't a singer what would you be i think i'd be a party planner i loathe yeah they were food if i had to pick one kind. o. last meal if i be something italian i think if you had the one kind of food for the rest of your life it would probably be italian for me oh there is southern food we know about southern food as is that of kansas food yeah a lot of the casseroles that castle's person you're most looked up to my husband
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honestly he's just very. compassionate generous he's very generous of spirit and i suppose in age he didn't have years older than me best advice you ever got situated yourself they would curse words are like. you know it's actually it's the s word really more than the f. word well like i love the f. or two i get for not a great word it is a great word right absolutely that anything more my daughter was saying to me the other day she's like they're hot there needs to be a word that's more intense than that now is there a word that's more the best word is because there's let me to say you can use it in anger. yeah it's colloquial for him to course so he says when he gets mad at so he says. oh. that's a larry as you're a doll thank you ok and i think it martina mcbride we thank her very much remember
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you can get her album in april it's called everlasting you can find me on twitter at kings things. chance our forces. in the finish line up. on. the. line. for. wealthy british style. it's not on.
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the. market so why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my next concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines june. kinds a report on r.g.p. .
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over there i marinated this is boom bust and these are the stories that we're tracking for you today. happy friday first and foremost now first up we will look at money laundering and age of crypto currencies and how the laws have clearly not yet caught up with the alleged crimes. then we have absalom work for president and c.e.o. of merck investments on today's show he's talking all things macro economic you won't want to miss my interview with him finally in today's big deal i'm joined by the one the only i'm as abigail martin the breaking the sad whoa sit down with want to discuss the disturbing trend is actually pretty sad in banker suicides had to get serious there for a second it's rocking the financial world and we're taking a closer look at it it won't want to miss a moment and it all starts right now. with .
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our lead story today money laundering more specifically money laundering in the age of bitcoin now many would argue that hiding or failing to report where money comes from. is in and of itself a victimless crime yes yes yes yes h.s.b.c. helped to fund tens of thousands of murders and launder money for al qaeda and hezbollah which is unanimously considered a bad thing no one is debating that especially not me however when the hong kong shanghai banking corporation was found guilty in two thousand and twelve all along billions not millions billions for these terrorist organizations no one spent time in jail in fact no arrests were even made what ended up happening was that h.s.b.c. was paid in fines that's all they had to do to pay a fine of one point nine.


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