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russia breaks the record for medals at a winter olympics it's now and beatable at the games after the man's cross country team swept the entire podium in their final event the highlights in just a minute here in our national. you know other news torched and transform deadly battles in kiev lead to the worst political crisis ukraine has seen with the opposition taking control of parliament in moves the president calls it a coup also. fingerprints all over their current chaos and the. fears of who is study fleeing ukraine. and i russian rather it takes center stage in western coverage of events in ukraine despite the fact it's the e.u. and the us politicians who work the most frequent visitors to kiev during the protests. and best against the reasons behind the number of
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suicides among senior bankers to find out what could have pushed them to the edge. in moscow watching r t international with me marina joshie well there's absolutely no one to stop russia at this point in sochi winter olympics the home team have excelled and have now won the leaderboard breaking some historic records along the way. and are now to the east now in our such a studio for the very latest. it's a big day for the russian team indeed. the host nation is not only now unbeatable
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on the overall table with thirty two medals overall it's also the only country to win that many medals in winter olympics history fans can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the magic moment knowing their team will be on top at the closing ceremony tonight and farmer has more now on how this triumph came about . what a triumph for to finish to russia at these games one two three and a cross-country skiing for the men's fifty kilometer mass start a night gold medal for alexandra de cold means that russia have twelve gold medals at these games and it means they are uncatchable at the top of the medals table on the very final day for small boys the best performance of the winter olympics from a russian team since the fall of the soviet union the previous best was eleven gold medals little hammer that was back in ninety ninety four but they've gone one better what makes it even more impressive they could get another the stuff in the form on both say with alexander zuckoff leading the russian way there with just
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a couple more runs to go i am astounded by the performance of russia at these games we have to remember that just four years ago they came away from vancouver with the worst performance ever the russian team at the winter olympics then they're only came away with a paltry three gold medal somehow they've managed to quadruple that and we can still get a thirteenth the big question many people ask well how is this possible since fine cuba rushes before an overhaul of sport there was a purge of sporting personnel they brought in new coaches they built brand new facilities for athletes and they are now reaping the rewards of that these games have been staggering they've been record breaking from start to finish. the longest ever told igniting the most expensive the most compact and one of the most watched winter olympics in the. again stunning backdrops gripping stories of heartbreak enjoy emerged on
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a daily basis russia's red machine taking seconds to light up a nation's heart then deflating it days later with a quarter final exit. russian figure skaters left the world with a veteran and a youngster helping them grab the seventeen gold but hopes of move glory buckled under a bad back in media hype heat on tiny shoulders the need for another star to sparkle and shine and take her country in fans to new a limp a kite the ups and downs came thick and fast. and so did new russians an american who married a siberian sped to snowboarding gold for the hosts while the south koreans slipped to glory in short track repaying the faith this new adoptive country. these just some of the amazing hollywood like stories such as produced to keep millions chained in world wide and should be remembered long after the olympic
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flame finally goes over the black say. well the winter games have been full of unexpected victories and surprising disappointments and you get a chance to tell us what were the most memorable for you go to our g.'s facebook page to post your ideas and remember fouls and tough luck moments are all of part of the olympic history as well you can also share your opinion on twitter with the hash tag my sochi moments the best will be read out during our special coverage of the closing ceremony later tonight so here we are the final day of the olympics and we're keeping you up to date with the games right up to about closing ceremonies today with our see from sochi. the g. twenty fourteen promises the ultimate in the exhilarating winter in our team.
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joining me and you see now a make over though and the best of all of these teams for sochi twenty four taking . all the odds. and ukraine now which has seen the most turbulent week in its modern history right now you're looking at the latest pictures coming out of ukraine capital kiev where parliament has just handed presidential power to a newly elected speaker and that's as the were about it's a victory at a college who never step down remain unknown all this chaos that may refer to as a coup follows days of violent clashes that left dozens of people dead. has been the epicenter throughout the unrest. all hell was breaking loose in kiev on tuesday compromise was seemingly reached all of a sudden ukraine's capital was plunged into the worst violence is seen so far almost two hundred dead the central streets of one of europe's finest cities looking like a war zone and snipers shooting from the rooftops including our group what we have now is that we have
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a radical elements that we have ready. militant mob there which is somehow here and driven by especially as we see using snipers and so on and which is not controlled neither by the opposition either by the west directly so everything went out of control just two days later it was a totally different scene to the president make the biggest concessions yet by offering an early election and opposition led government and a return to parliamentary republic there were twenty core of the protests did not buy it was. there if the president does not resign by turning. i swear. to you. by ten o'clock on saturday they were is nothing left to store all the police were gone and the ruling party had completely lost control over the capital so this is the presidential administration building which used to be the probably the most protected governmental building in the whole of the of the
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biggest fight in the first stages of the protest happened here now as you can see we are taking on an excursion that is no longer controlled by the police or the government the protesters have occupied this building as well this means that we see a local which will never be back here as a protest the president made a hasty retreat to the east of ukraine and was stoutly defiant even after receiving news that parliament had ceased to recognize him as leader by an overwhelming majority and announced an early election this is. all that is happening now is the most part is vandalism and crimes this is my strong belief that i will do. take my country from splitting up the blood should it went from bad to worse than ever before which was parliament horrible huge machine go from prison sparking jubilation on the square. really dreamt of seeing you as a force changed everything your heroes here is the best of this country has
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protesters are in high spirits and the east and south of the country are seeing the different. of the government and constitutional power. over for their breakup in the country and. reporting from ukraine well here's a map to give you an idea of just how much of ukraine is opposed to a change of leadership in the capital south east of the country's made up of ten regions and is home to half of the country's population and the halves of those regions have gathered in hark over this weekend to express their disapproval of the course of events to in the capital. it's nothing to do you local authorities are in charge of all political decisions on the ground in these regions we have to protect our land we think that the central authorities are paranoid and that the decisions cannot be considered constitutional. but rioters taking over the capital is now the only thing people in the east of the country are angry about there is also
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a widespread feeling of betrayal following president ghana covetous concessions and he's fleeing the capital. i'm shocked and disgusted by the actions of the president i never thought he betrayed the iranian people i thought but he told them to the end and a clear example of the division in ukraine is who people in different parts of the country see as the heroes of the past days and these are pictures right now you're looking at from where rioters killed in clashes are being honored meanwhile eastern parts of ukraine are remembering those who stood to protect law and order. officers were given a hero's welcome by crowds of cheering well wishers they have been sent as reinforcements to help quell the violence in the capital now the protests itself in the capital met with little support in southeastern parts of the country with people they are fearing a rise of radical movements up to twenty policemen were reportedly killed in kiev when they went against the raging crowds armed with just shields talks.
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while my x. birds have been highlighting the role of the e.u. and the u.s. have played in ukraine's unrest but for most western media it's been the russian president's hand that's been there all along blaming russia for all the bad things happening in ukraine has become the main theme of mainstream coverage and that's despite the fact that the president distanced himself from the situation from the onset are his message you're going to explains. the blame game the western means to media play it read as if hell bent finger prints all over the current chaos and the . deadly abt i government clashes in kiev have turned into yet another reason to obsess over. their coverage of ukraine fits a larger picture of the american media having cold war attitudes about russia he doesn't represent anything except a subjugation authority authoritarian state this a drumbeat they have marched to for the deputy to blame for everything that the
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american media from the threat of terrorism in the world to global warming. the media are determined to criticize one man as if possessed the united states is looking to propagandize the population as much as possible in making russia and specifically putin into the enemy never mind the fact that putin is essentially on the outside looking in especially considering the fact they have tremendous financial investment on the line in ukraine actual facts have left the building contacts and in-depth analysis of our brushed aside it appears that putin is stifling ukraine not report. why they have to choose why can't we actually know it's time for economic need and europe that was rejected by the west instead it's headlines like these that are taking center stage then again superficial attention grabbing and hate driven media coverage is familiar
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especially when it involves events so far from the us and so close to russia most americans who are in the media don't know anything about the ukraine they don't know much of anything about former countries that were part of the soviet union i don't think the american press including me has it accurately reported the latter mare putin highly questionable as a battle of words one targets trumps accuracy in the western media just as. r t new york now as political chaos reigns in ukraine the country's economy is more fragile than ever russia is suspending its bailout payments until a new government is formed and the international monetary fund has also said it's unclear who to talk to about providing financial aid and their concerns are understandable some of the protest leaders have a disturbing record and there are fears such people could end up in power. and i will fight against you. and russians is going to be a bit and let's take the xander he's
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a leader right now shoeless party in western ukraine which played a key part in taking over key now his long been a member of ultra nationalist movements and despite being a ukrainian citizen during the chechen war he went to the caucasus to fight against russian forces alongside the terrorists and he's openly boast that he personally hit several tanks and armored vehicles russian media believes he was responsible for the slaughter of a group of marines and he's also notorious for his criminal activity and is believed to have been behind an assessor nation a tam business partner and spent several years in prison for kidnapping the spy this records ran for parliament just a couple of years ago and once again this person is now a leader of the protesters that to go were the capital well we'll be keeping you updated on the turbulence situation in ukraine throughout the day here and to international and they are on the line on our website or to comment by our twitter feed.
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more news coming your way this hour including pressure from the top. you look at their actual life they can be fired in five minutes this is a deeply dysfunctional system and a financial world is shaken by a series of suicide over recent weeks r.t. looks at why some are struggling to deal with the high stakes competition plus. as the pentagon increases america's presence in africa with hundreds of millions spent on military bases on the continent we records on what's behind the move. cholesterol pianist's depression.
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welcome back watching our team international now with the african continent increasingly in the sights of the u.s. hundreds of millions of dollars are being pumped into its military presence there why as you can see here on this map american military bases are already spread across the continent where the main outposts in the north of somalia drones and thousands of soldiers are being poured into africa with the pentagon citing its fight against rising extremist groups but as our policy in our reports there may be some other agenda behind a military boost. hundreds of millions of american dollars are flowing into africa as the pentagon upset spending on the continent there's plenty of war materials here nigeria
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a case in point the west african nation is america's fourth largest supplier of crude oil accounting for eleven percent of all u.s. oil imports we have made it has a lot of investment in that they have invested so much in the oil sector and they need to protect that and that believes rafsanjani is the real reason for u.s. troop expansion in africa not to bring democracy not to help the local populations but to protect american interests and justify the reasons for being here the governess in syria. to you know the collapse of. you know accountability. and of course you know dubai is. different is a show you kind of make up a crisis in the country. by the you know it is to me it in terms of american power and policy reasons to actually come into nigeria africa is dotted with u.s.
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bases and a growing constellation of small american drone outposts camp limo near north of somalia has been america's main facility on the continent for nearly a decade it houses about four thousand military and civilian personnel but at the end of last year it was forced to stop flying drones in the area after a string of crashes and growing anger from locals problem is u.s. forces are getting stretched very thin they're being tasked with missions will be their numerical logistics capability right now and the danger will have to go they call for actions. new conflicts expand and all the next thing you know. troops and money to stay. mischa's u.s. secretary of state john kerry says it's happening in africa so exciting overall and we are really deeply engaged and the president has
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instructed us to really try to. light our fire under our efforts throughout the crowd but what's not so exciting is the growth of jihadists and groups across the continent thousands of american soldiers are gearing up for missions as part of the pentagon's new strategy to train and advise african militaries to deal with the threat it's not impressing those who live here. the americans have failed to combat terrorism in afghanistan or anywhere else and the same will happen here in west africa it's likely that their presence even bring the terrorists to go for the president does his calculation saying well this will allow me to be a good friend of the united states maybe attract some investment or strengthen my security forces that from the point of view of the senegalese people we risk losing our norful lot is a number of african leaders have expressed concern about the potential
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militarization of the continent fearful that america's expanding presence will bode badly for africa and her people. r.t. now we spoke to journalist lawrence freeman who has written extensively on african affairs and he believes the end flux of u.s. troops to the continent is actually destabilizing the situation on the ground spurring anti-american sentiment. we spent over a billion dollars supposedly in counterterrorism security in the. west africa north africa and we've seen the mali was toppled the year ago we've seen the rise of boko we committed the absolute criminal stupidity of overthrowing president gadhafi so how is this new curia helping look at the central african republic it's being destroyed it doesn't almost it almost doesn't exist anymore look at nigeria look at south sudan look at mali and still fighting terrorism in northern mali with
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friends so all this money that is being spent could much better be spent building roads building energy power plants building water development projects and actually uplift the population around. used to do that we have a military only policy right now in africa could feed itself and could provide food for the rest of the world if we developed it but the western policy has actually been a genocidal policy that is to allow people to die from famine from war and from disease rather than developing these countries. and also look at some other stories from around the world in turkey thousands of protesters have clashed with police in the center of stamboul several people have been arrested the demonstrators were rallying against legislation which is meant to tighten government control of the internet man a fear of the move longer mind freedom of speech similar rallies were also held in ankara earlier this year. six police officers four protesters have been injured
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during a rally that turned violent in the french city of nonce some twenty five thousand people vanity or anger over the construction of a nearby airport demonstrators set fire to construction vehicles and stones at each responded with tear gas and water cannon. a string of suicides the shaken the financial world five senior banking executives have killed themselves all within one week of corresponding tests or silly investigates now what may lie behind thier deaths. there on time the deaths grabbed headlines three of which happened within the week be it the big investment banks they worked for the senior positions they held the public nature of their deaths or all three once again it raised questions. about an industry largely blamed for bringing the global economy to its knees and a two thousand and eight financial crisis michael taylor a former goldman sachs bond salesman who calls himself
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a recovering banker knew this world well it's so extraordinarily competitive and so focused profit above all in so transactional that every moment like pressure turns carbon into diamonds you know extreme pressure can both accelerate human achievement some cases break people the pressure and calling the shots the form of banking we've got the moment has no interest in the people it affects. because in a sense. responsible to invest and stockholders you make a moral decisions without thinking about the impact that it has on the people job losses people losing their home and so on and so forth pressure to rake in profits or the pressure to put in more hours than your peers after the spate of recent deaths big firms did try to ease tension by telling their junior staff to take more time off or at least to try not to work on weekends it's kind of
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a disconnect between what they have the weekend off will also make us a ton of money and ultimately making a ton of money is what's going to keep you around so now you strike me as a real solution to your sly and spent a year demystifying bankers interviewing dozens of fine us workers on the condition of anonymity the degree to which bankers are trapped. has been really a really important finding i think we keep on projecting this idea on bankers as masters of the universe they have everything we want but if you look at their actual life they can be fired in five minutes this is a deeply dysfunctional and utterly abusive system so there is this real taboo in banking like the army. to own up to one solar but it. does so sylvia r.t. london and coming out her report on the grim revelations of how big pharmaceutical companies boost their profits do stay with us here and it's an international.
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transit route to vnukovo report you'll best way to the heart of most. recently swiss voters nearly passed a referendum to put a strict quota back on immigration switzerland is a relatively small country and some estimate that almost a quarter of the population is made up of immigrants from e.u. countries that is a lot of people and the swiss are worried that the increased foreigners will also mean increased crime rent prices burd the state and erode traditional local culture
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as modern immigration almost always does the swiss population's democratic choice to restrict immigration is now actually being blasted by the e.u. brass what threats to cancel bilateral agreements how dare you have a different version of democracy than we in the you have switzerland how dare you i don't think this event will have much effect on the e.u. bureaucratic machine nothing could make them change their hyper liberal minds but i think the swiss anti immigration referendum will have a huge effect on local populations of countries like germany and the u.k. which are seeing horrible effects of open borders and growing anti e.u. sentiment as i speak i don't like to make predictions by i think a lot of disenfranchised people across the e.u. are going to be. come quite jealous of the swiss move and demand the same type of changes at home but that's just my opinion. there's a leader so we lead to be. the same person secure. your party physical
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