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best way to the heart of. a bittersweet goodbye the sochi winter games are officially over kept by a spectacular and thrilling ceremony and going down in history for its remarkable performances as well as some on new school records and highlights. also ukraine's newly installed leadership by a ban on the former ruling party unleashing the huns for its members with many among them hiding in fear of retaliation. and scotland's an ounce referendum means brits and so iconic a national flag may be in for some major changes. he said. so many things would have to be changed we ask some brits how they feel about their redrawing of one of their country's most recognizable symbols.
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live on air and online this is artsy international with me marina call survival welcome to the program of the twenty fourth scene of winter games have bid farewell capping sixteen days of tough competition with a dazzling closing ceremony our very own they said now is an artsy song lucky enough so what is the games and we can talk to her live high there and these us so it's a sad moment the games are now officially over. well it is and it's overwhelming we've seen so many big breaks and heartfelt losses cheers and tears here in sochi over the past weeks a lot of mail biting competitions nerve wrecking races and great performances all of those are going to go down in the olympic history and this great celebration of
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sport certainly was sealed with a finale to remember you were taken further on a journey. the russian culture picking up from the opening ceremony it was a tribute to the russian greats in the arts music and literature and the organizers didn't miss the opportunity to poke a little fun of themselves over the infamous the limbic ring that would open at the start of the games of course the biggest excitement came from russian fans after the host nation searched at the top of the medal count with a total of thirteen goals and a spectacular moment of course to the farewell show was the magnificent fireworks display. now a dozen ceremony there of course plenty of olympic moments to remember we put together our top five sensations from sochi for you we begin with the day they managed to grab eight goals all of them in speed skating and actually twenty three out of the
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twenty four medals they want in sochi were in speed skating and number four a rising star of figure skating seventeen year old the nina certainly covers she became the first russian ever to take individual gold in women's figure skating i'm very proud to have won a gold medal at the age of seventeen it's such a great feeling it's a boss who with everything including myself. well here's our number three the new russians korean born speed skater victor on he won three golds for his new home one and an american snowboarder vic wild who married a siberian and joined russia as a limbic team to become one of the gold medalist i didn't have any good for doing it with red states and that wasn't going to reach the goals that i wanted. it was an opportunity to get to both. person station number two is norwegian by athlete only and our board and then he became the most decorated winter olympians
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of all time a great performance for his six and last winter games here in sochi and of course the top star goes to team russia the overall performance of the host nation's team making a victorious comeback from the vancouver games four years ago to the top of the medal table at home with thirteen gold medals thirty three overall the olympics have been tough and tiring for the metal hungry athletes and also an emotional roller coaster ride for the fans andrews has more now about the lucky ones who made it to sochi to support their national teams. stand out from the crowd wigs schemes flags as passionate diehard fans will do anything to support that chosen country this month's olympics is brutally interesting to read characters from russia and around the world the brighter the better patriotically standard for their sporting heroes to some it's taken lots of preparation.
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as soon as it was announced that the two thousand and fourteen winter olympics would take place and i started getting ready for there are a lot of things are prepared for it helmet clubs posters flags for others it's the first time in russia and face painting extreme outfits so the only accepted form of attire spread the love and lead. it has been great like. great. fun. good. everybody's friendly. the russian team found this house located inside the olympic park is a central point as an interactive museum more than ten thousand families come here every day sharing emotions pression discuss. and watch the competitions life russian far enough. everyone is part of the pic team well as the russia
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two man bobsled team school gold better to have your photograph taken in here in the russian final house there are also various other locations where you can pretend to participate in various winter olympic sports. fans are invited to participate in physical competitions over courses on the computer and they can try to hound some olympic sports equipment it's also. from lympics display at over one hundred fifty sporting champions from previous games and my guest appearances so far. the fun house is open for interested unlike the games themselves people from different countries together extreme family included meaning it's less about medals i'm willing. to take embracing spools uniting people even if you all dressed.
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in such olympics have broken lots of records and it's not just sports we're talking about almost half the planet was watching it at some point three billion viewers turning in from all around the globe and talking about fans they said a surprising sound record during one of the. cheers reaching as loud as a hundred. times for this enormous support was a huge. for him to grab the gold and there's another record quite an unexpected one thirty four babies were born in sochi on the day of the opening ceremony that's the city's highest single total ever sochi games will also be remembered for the weather becoming the warmest winter olympics in history so the olympic flame is out as you can see there behind my back at the olympic park and the games are officially over but we also have the paralympic games ahead here in sochi starting in less than two weeks and we're really looking forward to that for now back to you in moscow thank you and they said that was our tease and they say now with all the
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olympic highlights from our very own softies studio and i should say will be following the paralympics as well well bob we're betting a heartfelt goodbye to the winter olympics we actually asked you to submit your highlights and feel good moments on our facebook page so let's take a look at what you had to say thank you very much for sharing those moments with us well no surprise you picked russian gold in the ladies a figure skating there and some were also impressed by the national team's parade while other selected the sublime performance by russian figure skater ricky and the olympic darling yulia lipnitskaya. and oh i know our team has more on the winter games its heroes and most touching moments so you can head over to artsy dot com for more on that. right. first street. and i think that you're.
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on the record with. the. and you consider now with other stories after it's taken the reins of the ukrainian capital of the former opposition is now busy a stablish in its own order in the latest measures against the all that ministration the country's parliaments has suggested banning the once ruling party of regions and the communist party from any political activity seventy four delegates have already withdrawn from the ruling party saying they fear of reprisals the names of some members wanted for questioning have reportedly been circulated airports while vehicles are also being searched on the roads around the capital those on the streets that are trying to make their voice heard are being.
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seen with. all of us. here he was earlier down with antiseptic liquid as he tried to speak out the pricing victory on the college that was in the western ukraine in the city of course is you've got this kind of takes a look now at how the political crisis is continuing so on. freedom democracy independence as mind on the downing of the dictator and mourns those killed in kiev a city or street battles and perhaps the way certain groups of the opposition have been acting can hardly be called democratic around five hundred offices of the now ex ruling party have been burned down those with a different political stance or physically attacked inside the parliament. right now it's more about emotions rather than political rivalry the most important thing right now is to prevent all parties from being banned completely because then the situation would lose all legitimacy. the president has fled the capital saying a coup has been carried out while the parliament passes new laws as fast as
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a printing press. taking down officials and appointing their political rivals including putting the right wing hardliners in government posts. from the national party taking charge of the process. general's office. that was just for me was a new regime is taking shape really quickly and with the use of strong measures it has nothing to do with democracy because those coming to power will go on with pursuing tough policies and they will conduct massive expansion of the eastern territories among the first laws adopted the banning of russian as the second official state language despite nearly fifty percent of those living in the east of ukraine being ethnic russians the public is stalled from now on the right wing is going to be heavily present in ukraine's law enforcement at the moment the situation in kiev is basically controlled by radical people with with us
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who are pursuing a very very militant agenda which is a political call i think he is an utterly discredited man he cut deals with opposition leaders who were quite obviously since the nineteenth of january no longer in control of the crowds and here there are reports that foreign journalists have been promoting different values from the rebels have now been put onto a wanted list as well as trying to temporarily ban russian t.v. channels many are now raising the question if this is the type of democracy so many ukrainians put their lives on the line for. key if they use foreign policy chief catherine ashton is visiting kiev to meet the new ends from leadership to discuss measures to shore up the country's crippled economy meanwhile the e.u. said it's right it's a provide the crane with a twenty billion euro once a new government is formed that's after the international monetary fund confirmed
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that's commitment to provide financial support that much of the former president of the soviet union thinks that the west should let the people of ukraine decide their own political future. no you don't really have you seen what's going on there it's outrageous you need a bulldozer to push all the consultants from the us and the e.u. ounce of they should let the people decide for themselves issuing recommendations to nations is unacceptable shouldn't sunburned. all sides need to head to the negotiating table and talk one month or six months if needed they will come to an agreement eventually. so i had for you this hour a potential in your boycott of a good sparks concern and as for oil after the break. up process on the settlement program in the west bank.
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transit arrow to vnukovo airport your best way to the heart of moscow. going to extremes all across europe right now and the e.u. parties and groups are gaining strength and in some cases respectability what accounts for these hard economic times are the growing alienation and frustration with the euro project could it be said the new right is really the old right so we're in a nice suit. low.
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technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got this huge area covered. this is artsy ensor national would continue though with other news the union jack has long been an inspiration for artists fashion designers and then ends or in symbol and pop culture but with scotland's independence referendum just months away there's going to talk about whether the flag will need a make over there already several designs around an artist or smith went out to find out what people in london think about them. campaigns on both sides of the scottish independence debate a hostage in opp the factions have until september to sell their idea of how the union should look going forwards westminster says an independent scotland would
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lose the pound but hardly anyone seems to be talking about something even more simple legs at the rest of the u.k. could lose if scotland declared independence the union jack scotland's represented on the flag by the blue background and diagonal white cross but if scotland left the u.k. might have to give that back old these flags would become obsolete and replaced with balls the u.k. charity the flag institute has most tops and suggestions so let's see what people think that's the nicest looking want to see. who's got the kingdom so the current state sure king. no is too faint she got one. some of these are my favorite british one ok and what what you think of the idea what you think of the concept in general i would have to try to do what is going to more. and everything so i don't want to change i suppose it makes more sense i mean this
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i'm going to having a show in america and i'm partial if you can more that's quite attractive at the site she shook educational old flag that you know be difficult for people to have any change really yeah i mean of he said. so many things would have to be changed. it really was that do you think maybe. you know the union jacks enjoyed a resurgence in recent years becoming an iconic brand again apparently everything from high fashion to soft furnishings it would be holds for britain to discard it and indeed there are no firm plans to change it even if scotland does declare independence but david cameron and alex salmond might do well. lots of bet the flag in mind as this war of words even scotland gets just here and. separatist movements have been gaining momentum in the e.u. casting more doubts on the european project the free movement of people is also
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another major concern for your skeptics and calls for tougher measures are getting stronger this month switzerland backwaters on migrants from the e.u. and later today selfish about another said down with the vice president of the swiss people's party to discuss that move. burma or it minister has said that this vote will harm switzerland president of the european commission warned swiss citizens could lose their right to live and work in the u. was it worth it was it was the risk free immigration with an outside country that is strange and i'm confident the european union will understand that we have to renegotiate we have to rediscuss this problem this issue immigration i don't have any regrets at all twenty years ago ten years ago switzerland was in the process of joining the european union now that's what sort of has changed its direction and we do not want to become a member anymore it seems to be normal that you rearrange immigration.
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and we have more stories for you on line such as not in my backyard and argy giants may claim fracking is safe but their bosses clearly don't want to put knology anywhere near their homes but more on the controversial statement from exxon c.e.o. had to artsy dot com. also their internet giant google claims robots will be able to understand us better so we understand ourselves more details on the future as the forecasts are just a click away. winter is when the sahara comes to life. away says palm trees are being harvested.
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people are waiting for the biggest event of the yeah. the desert festival. this is through a video out of this race leading camel races have spent the last year preparing for the grueling marathon. the day before the race there's a heavy sandstone overcoming the power of nature is a never ending challenge. on a desert winter. told me my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports and like the players the know i will leave them to the states to comment on your latter point someone to say to secure a car is on the docket. thank you no more weasel words. when you need a direct question the prepared for a change when you throw
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a punch be ready for. freedom of speech means little to freedom to. german chancellor angela merkel travels to israel on monday to meets with the country's prime minister binyamin that's on yahoo he describes struck me as a good friend but his country's relations with the european union haven't been particularly warm recently artie's policy player has more. when european parliament president martin shorts touched down in jerusalem recently he experienced the cold shoulder of israel's right he was heckled while dressing the parliament and accused of telling lies surely more i fairly was among those who walked out on the poor and the beam plenty of world leaders spoke here just recently french president hollande
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said very harsh things on the need for at least union station and we need to work out. shultz later acknowledged he was mistaken about some of the figures of palestinian versus israeli access to water although the figures are far from equal now it is fellow countrywoman angela merkel's chance to face the firing line. day in my mind and in my party's mind this illusion is not to have two states rather this solution should be that in the land of israel they will be only one country and i hope that under merkel is coming to talk and not to pressure us this is the most divisive issue israeli settlements in the west bank and jordan valley because of it according to recent polls only fourteen percent of germans view israel positively the european union already bans all products grown in settlements as israel's number one trading partner accounting for about a third of its total trade it hurts the pockets of farmers like your seed deeply your seed grows organic vegetables in the disputed jordan valley and the family
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that we used to sew tons per month today are barely export two hundred to three hundred kilograms when i asked these companies while they tell me it's because the stores they sell to tell them they don't want to buy any more from the settlements all mother guti who spearheads the anti israel boycotted disinvestment and sanctions movement believes the e.u. stand is making inroads europe no checks they ask for the place of origin if it's coming from a settlement they want israel to declare that increasingly and they know their new thing the settlements are losing the european market. he has always had a special relationship with israel because of its nazi past but merkel's visit comes amid reports that germany is really ties of the would in a decade no don't put pressure on the israeli government especially as the german public feels it needs to apologize lisa lives. on t.v. jerusalem. let's take a quick look now at some other world news in bahrain
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a funeral procession for an ounce of government campaign has turned violent activists through molotov cocktails at police who reportedly interrupted the funeral and that's when the orders the uprising about where i am has been ongoing since two thousand and eleven with thousands protesting against the sunni monarchy . three people were killed including two children when a grenade exploded at an opposition rally and. leaders of the protest movement blamed the government for the attack while the prime minister has condemned that as an act of terror more than twenty people have died in thailand and the last four months in on go an answer government that once rachel's. determined far right group has marked the anniversary of the bombing of the city of forts by the british air force during the second world war the corporation sparked angry opposition from the left wing groups and more than a thousand people showed up to protest against neo nazi organizations over twenty
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people were injured when police used pepper spray to keep their groups apart. and when those who allowed one of prize the majoris critics has engaged in an armed standoff with army officers who came to arrest them so i know i have a good ass who's accused of masterminding a trap kill the government supporter armed himself with an assault rifle. and wonder if the officers were then chased away by vivus supporters and so government rallies across the country have left ten dead in violent clashes over the past. ex . and we have news just in about the interim ukrainian minister i should say there was a warrant out for the rest of the prizes the end of the president in the college that is the last scene in crimea and we'll have more details on that at the top of the
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hour and also of course this is just developing would just hurt the president a young college there is a warrant for his arrest we'll bring you all the latest as soon as we get it and the main time you can stay tuned for our sports bullets in with kate partridge so stay tuned for more on the triumphant saussure lympics and other sports highlights . judy cox a utah mother out of spite but an entire line of t. shirts at a popular chain store after a local mall the reason that she bought them was because she feels that the images of nearly naked women on them violate her local towns decency code she wants to make it clear though that she feels the store has the right to sell this type of shirt just not displayed in an exterior window ultimately her plan is to return the shirts on day fifty nine of the store's sixty limit let's hope for her sake they
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don't have a no return policy i bring this up because this is a great example of a nonviolent form of protest that actually works because the scandal and more importantly it will make the company lose a few dollars technically the girls on the shirts are even fully exposed believe me i checked thoroughly and i would even call them r. rated by local communities have the right to be more conservative than the rest of the nation if they want to be and it's good that judy cox actually did something rather than just sitting at home on the air complaining about moral decay across the country hey if a housewife from a small mormon community can stand up to the man what's stopping you but that's just my opinion. i don't see how european countries who are member of the european union can solve the problem without leaving the european union so it's obvious that countries like great britain or france you named friends especially with increasing poverty in my opinion they have a difficult they have
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a difficult time to solve these problems but i think at least they should rearrange the principle rules of free movement of persons and improve the system. this is the media so we lead the. motions your. party is the. issues that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. politic. hello and thank you for joining me kate broadridge for the first of two days all
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t.v. sports specials all the news from a thrilling final day of the twenty second winter olympics in salt three plus all the rest of the week's top sports here are the headlines. good bye to sochi russia making the winter olympics close with a lavish ceremony as the host country celebrates finishing top of the medal table the record hall of thirty three. blasts capello's a swedish test rusher are set to pace of laps on abraham of h. and sweden as the group called for euro twenty sixteen takes place at a star studded ceremony in france. while. munich go nineteen points clear at the top of the buddhist league and the seven games on beaten with a four nil tries time. top gear will mean a long start right now growing talks testing rule changes and next season while so
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she prepares to turn from the olympic venue to russia's first f one track. well all of football for we go on fighting to come but first to richard where russia said goodbye to their maiden winter olympics with a spectacular closing ceremony and with all the round up of us running by games his rhythm played. the twenty second olympic winter games in two thousand and fourteen are war the two the city of sochi get five seven years of planning and finally the big day and riot as russia has to bat first the winter olympics the twenty second games got off to a spectacular start insult she with a memorable opening ceremony and for a free time a limb picked on.


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