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talks testing rule changes and next season while searching for pairs to turn the olympic venue to russia's first f one track. well all of football for we go on and fighting to come but first to richard where russia said goodbye to their maiden winter olympics with a spectacular closing ceremony and with all the around the other three games is richer. the twenty second olympic winter games in two thousand and fourteen i wore to the city of. seven years of planning and finally the big day arrived as russia host of the first ever winter olympics the twenty second games got off to a spectacular start inside she with a memorable opening ceremony and for a free time a limb pick ice hockey champion legendary soviet goaltender vladislav tretiak
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lighting the flame was one of the greatest achievements of his life. those who ignite the olympic flame go down in history for many years to come because it's a task that is only given to the most popular in the most worthy sportsman it means the world to me because i'm representing the team of my youth the hockey team that is an eight time limpy champion i feel honored out of all the players they chose me . when the competition got under way the pressure was firmly on the russians especially to improve upon the poultry free gold medals they had won in vancouver four years ago and they were given a boost by their figure skaters who won three golds on the home ice of a team competition and then pairs with maksim trunk often tatyana velocity helping seal bow and in the women's individual competition after a surprise package adelina sotnikova bridges for performance of our life to beat
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retiring south korean superstar yuna kim and claimed russia's first ever gold in battle then since i was just as well as i'm very proud to have won a gold medal at the age of seventeen it's such a great feeling it's about who with everything including myself sometimes i said to my mom i can't do this anymore i'm tired and she says ok give it up i'll still love you anyway but then i realize that i won't give up and will take my gold ten years ago russia didn't even have a sliding center very roughly which makes for feats of gold medalists alexander tried to call them the skeleton of a two man bobsled team of alexanders of cough and alex a boy order even more remarkable. it always helps when you're competing at home because of the support you get from friends and relatives we felt we couldn't let them down and we did our best we used to performing well on any track but winning at the home olympics is twice as sweet. much has been made of after leeds not
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competing for the country but berth at these games and russia have lost as much as favor gained by affluence star daddy was brought up in siberia but switched to bella reuss and won three golds on the bare flank while on a city equipment won the sprint gold for adopted country survive however the free time a limbic short track champion victor on fell out with his native south korea boss is after being overlooked for the vancouver olympics and switched his allegiance to russia a decision which paid off as the twenty eight year old won three golds and a bronze to give russia a bit first at the medals in this sports. i wanted to win a medal right away and taking the fifteen hundred meter bronze helped me set the tone and take gold in the following events and you have a winning in sochi was much tougher than and touring because i was performing after a difficult recovery from injury this time around. unlike anvik wild wasn't the start of the men's parallel slalom when he married snowboarder. yet the twenty
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seven year old american turned russian has gone from strength to strength winning two golds at his home games with the first of his two top of the podium finishes coming just minutes after his wife had won bronze in the women's parallel giant slalom i didn't have any good for i think it had states that i wasn't going to reach the goals that i wanted and pressure was an opportunity to get the goals. you know to be able to do what i wanted to do to me she brought a new attitude say because he's away like he's way more aggressive than i am maybe a little more aggressive more like a more of a more of a boss if you if you will and. he made me engage in whatever i'm doing in life to do it one hundred percent it's been a record breaking games for russia have broken the records of twenty three medals and eleven gold space one in lillehammer in one nine hundred ninety four. the hoose nation also has one of the youngest squads with an average age of just twenty two
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and a half and with the facilities barely inherit from the sochi games the seven years of planning for the country's first ever winter olympics look like they'll leave a long legacy and a bright future for winter sports in russia richard byrne paul fleet r.t. . well we can now hear from our correspondent richard fleet in such a site how richard well let's begin at the end it was a memorable i'm quite a touching final day at the olympics. it was fantastic to really what has been a fantastic. two weeks of olympic sports here in sochi very touching closing ceremony as well be. the russian arts russian music votes of the countries given to the world over the last two years bringing a lot about balance into the closing ceremony but also looking at other things for inspiring fun of everyone remember during the opening ceremony the fifth ring
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failed to open and russia poked a bit of fun themselves during that closing ceremony but also there was a bit of a career where the next winter olympics will be going to be honest and sharing is going to have a lot to live up to pull off the games even close to what song she's managed to pull off the last sixteen days of competition. and what a way for russia to sign off what a final day it was in sporting action. it was a fabulous day sixteen on sunday for the russians to claim gold i was a clean sweep in the men's fifty kilometer cross country skiing to be honest i was probably one of my favorite moments solve the. cough. and general cross the line almost i'm just a second between and came back clean to even go on the podium i really was going. it's a move for russia's cross-country skis a come in for
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a lot of criticism. for not getting the medals that was explained to those of the big series on she but they proved their critics wrong by putting in a fantastic final race so again it's the twelve gold for the russians thirteenth gold just came about. in the men's four man bobsled again alexander because of claiming his second gold all the olympics salty claim gold in the two mumbled sleigh was great man alex a boy of order and a great olympics also for the thirty nine year old who came out of retirement. with the words of order in which a man or men before mine and it was russia's flag bearers while i gave russia one of britain's thirteenth limb pick a gold medal which let them out of the standings here in sochi. thank you for that richard there in sochi and russia went the only country breaking records over the seventeen days competition there in sochi at the bolshoi arena canada broke their
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own tally to win then nothing for ice hockey gold and retain their title with a three nothing victory over the swedes in the final event of the olympics mike babcock's men never trial throughout the tournament and finished their campaign unbeaten they smothered the much fancied sweden right from the start scoring a goal in each period when never seriously threatened canada also became the first back to back a limbic champion since the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred eighty four and one nine hundred eighty eight. while all they are not beyond olen became the most decorated ever winter olympians with thirteen medals by helping norway win gold in the mixed biathlon relay ahead of the czech republic and italy it was the forty year old second gold at sochi following his triumph in the ten kilometer sprint and his eighth overall from six olympic games his total takes him above competitive beyond daly he won twelve in the medals in cross-country skiing. while cross-country skiing at my garden became the most decorated woman in winter
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games history the norwegian won the women's thirty kilometer mass start to claim her third gold in sochi and six gold of ten olympics medals overall the thirty three year old led norway to a sweep of the podium with that is a yellow in silver and christine sturm at stade are taking bronze we are going to also won gold in the fifteen kilometers long and team classic sprint. and the netherlands finished fifth in the medal table thanks to their dominance in speed skating winning twenty three of the thirty six medals available including eight golds and four clean sweeps of the podium getting divorced one of five medals in sochi two gold and three silver to become the most decorated athlete in dutch olympic history at the age of just twenty seven and a final look at the medal table sees host russia top with thirty three overall thirteen of them gold the country's best performances lahoma in one thousand nine
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hundred ninety four where eleven goals and twenty three medals were won norway finished second in sochi followed by canada the usa and their speed skating dutch. and all that brings us to the half time whistle but we'll soon be back with the draw for euro twenty sixteen plus m.m.a. motor sport and much more don't go away. tim's mission to teach me. i think that in all of these areas where you have the right. right there were.
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sure you. i was in academia for a while. so. yeah i mean i think spending time in. effect. you know i think. changed. much more. state.
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stories a few. pictures . from around. welcome back to part two of the r.t.e. sports special the draw for euro twenty six team to come but first let's turn to mixed martial arts and three russians were on the fight card of the world's biggest m.m.a. arena the u.f.c. with two of them claiming victory and robert for the neon brought down the action
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with russian promoter. see essentially the ultimate test and theory of piano go for every professional mixed martial artist blues champions belt around the waist making it fly or the undisputed best on the planet when it comes to russians flyweight. he's probably the closest one to the top his latest win over brazil and john legere improve his record to three victories out of three ballots in the world's toughest competition although the poor interest promoter and you see corner man kamil good j.s. is sure but good enough still has much more to offer. while he worked out the game plan perfectly don't give your opponent a channels that's the way ollie did it against linear he fought the fight where he wanted to be bold stand up and on the ground as well ali still has a lot to show was overseas he doesn't reveal all the tools he possessed wrestling
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is underestimating when he could have shown much more against linacre but he chose to save that i'm sure finds the stats it's great that ali was a totally different fighter in all of his three you have c. bouts in this deb you fight he proved his nickname the puncher in the second one he looked good as a striker out and in the third he unveiled his awesome ground game so any of his potential opponents still don't know what he's really capable of. you have see one six and nine saw another russian making his dad well to wait on the lot of overcame busy issues but failed to beat american neil magni on a decision. frankly speaking i was sure got sonam a lot of woodwind despite all the delays with his visa which didn't allow him to prepare properly but he failed it's appearing i believe he is simply a better fighter let them fight ten more times and a lot of would beat neil magni ten times in a row magni showed even more than his best and all my lot of i think there was some
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mental pressure that. couldn't handle plus he wasn't fit enough for the balance and he lacked experience as he tried to save his energy for the final round but then he was just too exhausted to change anything but i'm sure in his next fight he'll be different you have nothing to lose and will unveil his real potential and you'll show a great fight for us. and in the third light weight match up or see the highlander mcgann made of prove he's the russian to watch against tony martin. without doubt it was one of you have seen one hundred sixty nine highlight reels the way rashid mug a man of escape from that submission stole the show. i think he was always in control he got caught but he has plenty of experience after the fight he told me that a look much more painful than it really was for him he's a very flexible fighter and that expression on his face it wasn't pain but his efforts to escape from the submission so he got through this terrible first round
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and then shoulders much better striking skills and clearly won the fight. after these three fires two more russian steps into the of c. cage as the peak of the country's warriors came for more deadly victories and that debbie belt. a bit but in our city. now let's move on to football and russia have been drawn with sweden in the group stage for euro twenty sixteen in france fabio capello's men were among the top seed so avoided defending champions spain germany the dutch and england and were drawn in the relatively comfortable group chase along with sweden captained by p.s.g. stars like at last thank you for him a bitch as well as weeks and while dive out montenegro and austria euro twenty sixteen is hosted by france you qualify automatically and has been placed from sixteen to twenty goals ations it's up to you from the line groups going through to the finals along with the best third place finish out the remaining said place teams going into the playoffs and capello was happy with control. montenegro also
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in this way then he said it is good to davis they play well they've got to be confidence and these are two of them and. they didn't qualify for a walk up but they did everything goes to qualify for tourism and you do expect that that these. in the world will be difficult every game every game will be very important. well meanwhile in germany thomas merely scored in the charges by really quite nineteen points clear and forty seven games on beaten with a four nil triumph it had over really opened with a bullet header in the twenty fifth minute bastian schweinsteiger set up thiago alcantara to make it two nil and only out my when you get teed up mueller second. way she started headed home to rack up the four nil rump of the sixty first goal put on the other side have scored this season and with favorable results by and could steal the title we just remove the trees. while second base by l.a.
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because i'm lost for the ground on the leaders with a three one loss act in full force but that's just open for the hosts up to thirteen minutes though we got sydney sound level this time. we start out restored evolves both lead on the our. i don't know do you guys made it three one on the rebound that len had saved his penalty attempt to give this place host a full straight victory. under new coach marcos one coach saw how much again their seven game losing streak and rise one spot to so bottom with a stunning female debut that three turned to their place percy dormant you have a shot most of that set up for you to take just before the break and their supporters out in the second half. i can challenge how you wrapped up victory in injury time with a stunning range three kicks one to replace but the mavic who was sacked last week
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dorman the now twenty points a trip with a top spot to shop that was. bought in england wayne rooney crowned an extraordinary week scoring a stunning a second goal imagine tonight is to know when to crystal palace after signing a record breaking new contract the twenty eight year old england striker is five and a half year deal is worth up to half a million dollars a week will see him stay at old trafford until he's thirty three rooney has won five premier league titles and the champions league in ten years at united scoring two hundred eight goals in four hundred thirty games forty two goals behind so bobby charlton club record two hundred forty nine. now let's turn to your league basketball where tesco went join top of group back after a one hundred points to sixty five hundred three rushing of injury hit maccabi tel aviv coached by have many to face this concert in but reports. returning to moscow is always special for former russian national had coach david block before today's
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guy hosted his mcabee team to decide who to go top of your league group after the israeli coach was owned by the russian government with the order of friendship award for leaving russia to braun's at the twenty twelve london olympics it's something to stay with me for the rest of my life and it was very very emotional for me going to before the game to to receive the award because it's speaks more to . even to sport which is which is sometimes more but this was the only reward blot in his my cardiology it earned it says god that night manger a he the israeli side cap the army man and main the opening quarter three missing his man piled on the pressure forging it fifteen point gap me the way through the second. and after the main intermission the game turned into a completely one way traffic with taste got dominating at both ends the only
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question was whether the hosts would reach a century of points and they did me wish to add to it each board in a game high twenty two and sony whims added sixteen to complete the route one hundred to sixty five coming out the second half we picked up the defensive attention a little bit later on in third quarter and as you see resulted in the when we may we not done a few shots you know to kind of put away the game and we played defense down the stretch so we played big a lot to go to say regardless of. the set of circumstances that we played under missing so many players without a doubt just you know it was the better team than any of that and we won't use that . as an excuse my cabbie have known one more securely defeat and one hundred in twenty five points to santi a drubbing at the hands are free all madrid back in one thousand nine hundred to six yet despite this latest moaning let's man remain in contention third in group
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after while the russian champions keep a share of first place with a six and one record at the midway point in the campaign constantly r.t. . and next week says go will host fellow russian side of the mighty nothing to team a seventy nine fine manic they visit has dominated the i think quarter and that's thirty nine twenty in the second however in the. good mouth and let me let the german side come back and biden went on to correct a three point win of the joint forth with la code never lose that playoff hopes. while in women's tennis veteran venus williams won her forty fifth career title breezing cross alleys courtenay of france six three six love to claim victory at the dubai championships final the thirty three year old place courtesy of a wild card and last won the title in luxemburg in two thousand and twelve but has now at one hundred fifteen matches in dubai the american will also move up from
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forty fourth to number twenty nine in the world rankings. and finally the olympic flame i took moved away from century but the black sea resort is set to become the home of russia's first ever forward a one race this autumn and michael graf janko caught up with lotus driver roman groeschel for his thoughts at moscow's annual race of stars. the twenty fourteen formula one season will get underway in melbourne on march sixteenth and some of the top teams have been testing their new cars in the balmy temperatures of bahrain . but last weekend one f one driver took a brief trip from the middle east to moscow so instead of staying in a warmer weather conditions to continue with pre-season training for a mongrel journalist instead opted to come to a chilly and wet moscow to take part in the annual race of stars events and test his skills on the ice in moscow's oldest hippodrome to come here. like to
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drive a nice to. yeah melting ice conditions i've been racing in which is. drive on ice in the winter with the no clue you. in a bust. here. driving lotus driver garage is noted for his attacking style and finished twenty thirteen seventh overall managing four podium finishes in the final six races as red bull and sebastian vettel again dominated the campaign however this year radical rule changes have been introduced engines have been altered from eight to six cylinders with a turbo injection producing mixed results so far during winter testing with missy it is currently showing the fastest times and making the twenty fourteen championship harder to predict it's a very unknown season and. we had only. eight days of testing for everyone knows four more next week and then we go to melbourne and i'm sure we're going to have
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some surprises and engine revs is clearly the biggest change of. up time was going away from the position of last year in bahrain so going as quick as they were before there is even more poor in the past and while the twenty seven year old braved the moscow weiss russia was on route to topping the medal table at the home olympics in sochi after the games but then you will host russia's first grand prix in a century and the first ever formula one race development in russian motor sport that's involved along with the black sea resort itself. two years ago and yet. so could we have such it coming just after the olympic games thing is we have these you know involvement of russian from no one we are going everywhere in the world and i think it's good that we come here so i'm looking forward to discover the truck the cities and so on and i'm sure we're going to get
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a good race for time champion vettel has already tested the sochi track designed by german supreme him until the new rules new circuit and new drivers the first russian f one race could play a pivotal role in deciding next year's champion in a venue that's already seen many sporting records broken. moscow. and that's all the sport for now we're back in five hours to see that. technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. salo song. titles our legal rights. to the.
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lives. of the young girls. all for the future harder. between two and three hundred million guns the united states so you can act like they're not here and keep kids away from them for. the causes that is the law or you know i mean this teaches them a lot of for a responsibility to simply come to pay through the eyes of children if we can do it for our children love for our future what is the country the same. it was terrible a moment very hard to make out. once again there is
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a plan that we never had sex with that hurt me they're not. going to want. to. play a. little bit of a political. going to extremes all across europe right wing and the e.u. parties in groups are gaining strength and in some cases respectability what accounts for this hard economic times are the growing alienation and frustration
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with the euro project could it be said the new right is really the old right so wearing a nice suit. trends
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arrow to vnukovo report your best way to the heart of moscow. a bittersweet goodbye that saw two winter games are officially over capped by a spectacular and grinning ceremony and going down in history for its remarkable performances as well as some on usual records and highlights. also ukraine's newly installed leadership issues in the rice warrants against the prize than the other also unleashing the hands for the members of this form of ruling party. and scotland's an ounce referendum means britain's like conic national flag may be in for some major changes. so many things would have to be changed we asked some brits how they feel about the redrawing of one of their country's most recognizable symbols.


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