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tv   [untitled]    February 24, 2014 4:30am-4:59am EST

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you punish switzerland for his drastic decision or should others follow suite or example. and here we are with lucy vice president of the swiss people's party of us or some it's great to have you with us so we're going to go right ahead and ask you why was this referendum on whether to limit immigration even need it. oh i think for the swiss population to so it's very important indeed because the last two years have shown that the immigration grew bigger and bigger and it is switzerland's answer to say stop somewhere we have to have a limit of the free movement of people of course euro is a pillar of the e.u. our interest of the clearing a war on that basic ideal. oh you know you have to face the fact a crucial points is switzerland is not a member of the european union i think if the european union among their borders want to have free movement of persons that's their problem but with a third country an outside country it seems to be totally normal that immigration
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is a different story sure i completely agree with you it's not part of the u. but it is heart of europe and also. many treaties with european union to facilitate trade or many other things are not very diligent germany's foreign minister has said that this vote will harm switzerland president of the european commission warrants where citizens could lose their right to live and work in the you was it worth it was it was the risk. yes i understand that these discussions are on now but free markets open markets and immigration that's two totally different stories and that's also obvious between russia and the european union you have to come to some kind of trade agreements but free immigration with an outside turn treaty that is strange and i'm confident the european union will understand that we have to renegotiate we have to rediscuss this problem this issue immigration from the
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latest measures that the european union imposed on it was scientific grants and student exchanges were frozen and in there any regrets about that i don't have any regrets at all i just have to regret within the years twenty years ago ten years ago it was totally clear to switzerland is also moving towards free movement of persons because for everybody it was clear that switzerland was on the process of joining the european union now that switzerland has changed its direction and we do not want to become member anymore it seems to be normal that you rearrange immigration which brings me to my next question you're absolutely right fourteen years ago switzerland didn't sign the treaty with european union allowing the frame movement so it was ok then and it's not ok now why. because you wanted to be part of because at that time that's no longer the case. i mean in my opinion fourteen
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years ago it was a mistake to to to negotiate this free movement of persons but it was logical in the sense that the whole swiss elite wanted to go towards brussels and join the european union to me that seems to be normal if the ukraine for instance would say to themselves it is logical that we are a member of the european union and then you can start to discuss free movement of persons but if you want to stay outside in long terms you will never agree on free movement of persons because that is that is the substance substance of every individual country to have to control over immigration like united states canada japan china of course canada every country russia has to stay independent in the sense they regulate their immigration themselves that seems to be a logical so would you accept a return to visas quotas border. we want to return
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to controlling immigration again visa has to do something with people traveling across the borders free movement of persons is similar but free movement of persons says you have to rights to install yourself permanently in a country and no other independent country would do this the americans the russians the chinese to canadians nobody would agree we just open the borders for anybody who wants to come and live here to control on the borders is a different story also important. that's controlling the borders but my main point is immigration an independent country has to control itself but when you talk about cracking down on immigration or limiting immigration you automatically fail like you're talking about eyes english isolationist policies and then you can't help the
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figure that switzerland which is you know hard country it diplomatic center of the world how can it live isolationist policies in the world of globalization. i have never heard the argument that australia singapore or whichever country is isolated of course switzerland doesn't want to be isolated we are one of the most open countries in the world if you take the percentage of foreign people who live here the percentage of swiss people who get married with people from other countries etc etc we are an extremely open minded country and this will remain life there's no question isolated that is not a discussion point we will certainly be isolated but the control about immigration yes or no that's a different story well can do anything to it is a concern no switzerland's multi-national company is that this will be bad for
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business. i think so we should we have to shown our own industry and we have to shown our friends our neighbors that we are open minded and we are good. cooperation grounds no doubt about this any other field that's transports this would be. a research this will be you name it we can have contracts with our friends and neighbors and for our own or the industry people who are really bringing support and help build up switzerland of course we let them immigrate every country does this if russia if the united states needs people to come and work here they can let them come with industry and we are an open country but everybody can come free movement of persons and we cannot control any more this the swiss population doesn't want so how can you press size there what kind of
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immigrants are you trying to limit and why. this will be the this question which we have within the next one to three years within switzerland left parties right parties etc that the answer cannot be to the question cannot be answered so easily look at the other european countries it's obvious they have to free movement of persons but nevertheless they have problems with immigration also if you talk to people from great britain if you talk to spain to italy they have a problem with the immigration from rumania from the east there is a part of the immigration which causes problems and i don't see why an outside country like switzerland should not have the rights to control this so for a year the main target emigration will target is the same as all the e.u. members are concerned they have they nearly joined members like bulgaria romania
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and all the eastern european block am i correct if this is your target group. our target is make it possible again to control and to limit we do not want all to make a difference between different countries we do not want to make a difference between portugal between as tony between greece and ireland all members of the you or of the european union or of course we want to treat them all the same but if the number of immigrants is growing as much as a. drone to last years then i think if people from the front of european union here do. and what we are talking about and i think we have to find means to limit what about highly qualified professionals are they also going to be limited. i think the percentage of highly qualified immigration is so small that there we do not ever have a problem but the quantity altogether is
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a problem usually stressed the point that if you compare switzerland to the european union as a whole and mentions it is as the european union would have year per year ten million ten million new permissions for people to move into the european union that's the dimensions because what some of this sort of small eight million european union more than five hundred million we have an immense immigration in switzerland and please understand the people who are responsible for the european union please understand we do have a tremendous problem and we have to solve it ourselves right we're going to take a short break now mr samaras is stan the vice president of space peoples party drank force behind immigration curbing move that's recently been approved on a nationwide referendum in switzerland after the break we'll talk about the waves this latest with measures will send to actually stay with us. thank you very much.
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everybody know that you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy allmers. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our crafts we've been hijacked by handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers. marked and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we
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how widespread this shit germany is having spent the last forty years and in academic lunatic asylum i assure you that. in many many quarters of american life. i was in academia for a while i found it in a straight jacket so i'm going to jump in london yeah i mean i think spending time in the lunatic asylums is kind of affected his you know thinking a little bit the point is that in the u.k. the. values have changed cultural values have changed need to become much more tolerant much more open much more liberal and even in the united states. wealthy british. writers for. that. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global
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economy is a report on r.t. . and we're back with vice president of swiss people's party the force behind the push to limit emigration to switzerland that's resulted in a referendum approval just recently so mr show we're talking about what kind of immigration you would have you would like to curb on so that when you talk about curbing the aggression the first question that arises of course is are swiss people willing to do the jobs that immigrants traditionally do you know i mean cleaning
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factory work oh yes of course the swiss people are ready to make the work which has to be done in switzerland that's like any country from the economic point of view if you open too quickly and totally you would have pressure on the salaries that's obvious so i think what some of the spitter off if they do lots of the works themselves like educating people to be doctors and not just import foreign people on lower salaries that's a mistake i believe but if they're being imported doesn't that mean that there is an economic need for them. well in a certain way of course. like let's take this famous example between california and mexico if you would open the borders totally of course many employers from california would hire mexicans to low. with a low income that is obvious same development we see in europe it's obvious study
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in germany they want to hire to a certain degree people from the eastern countries to lower salaries but the please understand if the so if switzerland is trying to resolve this problem by their own rules and limits immigration in some way i do have a question concerning your particular come paying us so one complaint or ask if there are too many muslims in switzerland i also know that your party was behind a country way minaret ban so. you get a feeling that this is just an anti muslim thing what do you say to that. i don't have the impression that it has a religious side its in this campaign and problem this initiative served did not but one problem ever but everywhere exists is an obvious problem if you have movements too quickly if from any muslim country there is too much immigration into another country they can handle this problem well. i think the
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politicians have to responsibility to control the developments like this are slowed down in a certain way because integration is possible if it doesn't go too fast so fast moving movements are always a mistake whether in religion or in politics but do you feel like rising less than culture is a threat to switzerland right now. right now no or not i saw the developments in italy i am often in italy and my children are. twenty years old and they are in italy we have interesting problem between the us from north africa also muslims we have not liking each other and i say months ability of the politicians if you admit these movements to be too quickly. to handle why what are pictured on your poster if it were campaign his chin in general.
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the mar chris anybody and talked about right now this is not our party said limits like this since coming to our decision is. your every so towards north africa of course you would have problems and this would be a tremendous mistake the politicians can make and so i strongly believe it's the politicians responsibility if problems arise now let's talk about the here appear in reaction to your referendum why do you think the so upset by the vote why switzerland like you've said isn't part of the block and isn't planning to join. european union has certain rules and the free movement of persons is one. everywhere traveling around free like united states between new york california it's one principle everywhere to say money is another pro is another principle
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everywhere to same or law the same rights and does is a next principle of like you are not you are a lock so why would they be so upset you are not part of the e.u. so why would they be so yes but they of they might be seeing ok of switzerland as a small country is successful the wealth is better than in other areas of the european union it might be a certain jealousy it might be a certain fear if switzerland proves to be a successful country then we have similar reactions in the european union i don't know you have to ask our colleagues and friends in the european union why they do not like this development in switzerland but do you feel like that in your small to culturalism policies are being and post on switzerland. it is imposed if they insist that we have to have to same immigration rule and then of
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course you can talk about impose i don't think that the european has a right towards the outside either switzerland or to you can you the ukraine or russia the european union does not have to right to impose the immigration laws to somebody else yes in that sense it is not correct if they would behave like this but if you look at the larger picture the idea that immigration is failing is also a growing one within the e.u. is this just scapegoating or something more profound happening what do you think. that's difficult to judge but again if the european union things that this principle free movement is ok for their own territory it's ok between greece and ireland they can handle this like like they want me as a swiss politician i would never tell them what to do because. i don't have the
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right and this is it this would be totally to tell anybody else how to behave but you know i'm just trying to get your perspective on the broader picture right leaning parties similar to yours are on the rise in many european states and like you said even if this isn't part of you it is part of europe so i'm sure that your victory will no doubt give them another boost why do you think this is happening why is a right wing movement on the rise right now. it is not my duty to criticize the european union but then when i read to the media the news etc i say to myself watch out responsible people in brussels you have to tendency to also make mistakes if they don't handle their problems well if you have a if you have an unemployment rate which jumps up name then i think the responsible politicians in brussels germany. i named germany and france because they're very
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powerful i think they should start thinking over where their mistakes are because radical groups and rather cool parties only start to exist when those who have the power in hand make mistakes but where do you think they're making their main mistakes as us in the immigration policy is this their main downfall. as i said before they do not want to criticize the european union and now in a certain way do it a new way. everywhere just same currency i'm talking about the euro is an obvious mistake which brought them problems. they have to handle that themselves i think free movement of persons has also a very dangerous part if you look at the problems to eastern countries have like rumania millions of people leaving the country on one hand and then on the other hand you have especially him italy spain france england all so long
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than one hundred thousand people from rainier within a short time i think they should bring up new standards and new system to handle these problems but again they have to decide that's the business of the european union but it sounds like the european ideals are failing the e.u. ideals are failing what do you think. yes we have to be careful but it is not only the european union it's also the united states if i look at the last ten or even twenty years with a lot of regret i see that the even the so-called rich countries like germany france also california i named him day are on the way down if i judge the situation correctly if i travel around in california i see poverty which i have never seen there in recent years if i travel through france paris down to mars it
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must say it is a frightening increase of poverty so that means the politicians make sure members mistakes. so do you think by curbing the immigration that would take care of the problem or at least partially. i strongly believe that if you have a control of immigration people who are responsible politicians who are responsible for a certain area for a certain area in africa for a certain area here in europe let's take switzerland you only can solve the problems in a positive good way if. these areas limited if as a politician you have to decide for the whole world if you have to decide for both garia and germany we impose the same rules that gets difficult gets difficult that gets difficult if you have if you see greece if you see friends and they have such different problems and possibilities of economy of economical possibilities the
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smaller you have the entities the easier perhaps in a certain way the european union can also learn something from switzerland in that regard. you brought up france many times and the latest polls from france say that the majority of people there are disappointed with the e.u. no doubt their results were influenced also by your referendum in switzerland do you think other countries will follow us what's on some sample. i don't see how european countries who are member of the european union can solve the problem without leaving the european union so it's obvious that countries like great britain or france you named francis specially with increasing poverty in my opinion they have a difficult they have a difficult time to solve these problems but i think at least they should rearrange the principle rules of free movement of persons and improve the system right mr john thank you very much for this interview alyssa stump from the swiss people's
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party the force behind the measure limiting immigration into switzerland has just been approved on a referendum that thank you very much for being with us today that's what far south america this time we'll see you next time. very much it was my pleasure thank you and good luck to you and your country. with the. technology innovation. developments from around russia we. covered. salary. child. rights.
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a direct question are you prepared for a change when you throw a punch be ready for a battle freedom of speech and little doubt the freedom to question. the. transit route to vnukovo report your best way to the heart of mosco. a bittersweet goodbye the sochi winter games are officially over capped by
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a spectacular and thrilling ceremony going down in history for its remarkable performance as well as some odd usual records and highlights of. ukraine's newly installed leadership issues an arrest warrant against alsa president out of college also on leashing a han's for the members of his former ruling party. and scotland's and out best friend the means britain's iconic national flag may be in for some major changes well enough he said. so many things would have to be changed we ask some great ones how they feel about their adoring want to be our country's most recognizable symbol.
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