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tv   [untitled]    February 25, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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transit route. you'll best way to the heart of most. crowds rally in the ukrainian city of sevastopol in a show defiance against the self declared government in kiev and voiced support for a newly appointed pro russian mayor. the real path into the e.u. it's not going to be the german path it'll be the greek path worn out financial aid from brussels and the i.m.f. may prove a slippery slope for ukraine. the u.s. considers whether to leave three thousand troops in afghanistan beyond two thousand and fourteen as a bilateral security agreement with kabul hangs in the balance. and british muslims
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cry foul over their government's campaign against radicalism and say they're being turned into scapegoats. ten pm in moscow i met president good to have you with us our top story the political upheavals in ukraine's capital are sparking a backlash in the south and east of the country where many are making it clear they don't recognize the new self-proclaimed leadership the movement's gathering pace in crimea an autonomous region home to major industrial hubs and prime target spots it's also mainly populated by ethnic russians the largest rallies have been held in the naval hub city of sevastopol where a program mayor has just been appointed riding a wave of popular support. reports. for the past few days in the city of
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sevastopol which is also the country's second largest seaport and home to russia's black sea navy fleet scores of people have been taking to the streets protesting everything that's been happening here in fact they haven't recognized the new of shorty's and moreover they've taken down ukrainian the flags from government buildings and put up russian once moscow has been saying that it will not intervene into the situation here and has been calling on western partners to follow its examples. but it has also voted for a new mayor who's gained his supporters by promising to protect the city from the ultra right what they're referring to the nationalists more of whom have been taking a new government post here in kiev so clearly the already existing gap between the east and the west is now growing and so while we do want to see it what with our own eyes and were actually planning to go to see us stop it later on to report about the events there from the ground. russia's foreign minister lavrov again
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warned western powers against encouraging the new regime including its nationalist and extremist elements. radicals are now threatening to move on those parts of ukraine the disagree with the methods being used by the opposition so our goal is to help the ukrainian people are brotherly nation we want to understand who will form ukraine's new government including how is twins to stabilize the economy we do not want ukraine to be influenced by radicals and nationalists who are now clearly trying to play a leading role on the wave of this revolution they're also taking decisions that could harm a significant part of the country's population and echoing russia's stance luxembourg has become the first european state so far to voice concerns over the rise of radicalism in ukraine since the turmoil started details from artie's arena the live show. firstly i have seen at least five european officials parading
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through the independence square in its early stages and making statements about the fact how everything is fine and dandy and it's absolutely a show of democracy in its best form but now we are hearing from the foreign minister of luxembourg who actually is the first person only an official level from the west to indicate that in fact there is something sinister going on on the my done also known as the independence square in the of. the european union has no right to support extremists who using violence as you call them europe is familiar with we have to fight. including those in ukraine this is very important. to hate violence and extremism need to find a compromise and restore peace. now about those who are russian foreign ministry is calling extremist and it refers to as nazis well let's have a look at some of the leaders of ukraine so-called revolution for example alexander he is
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a man of radical views he's actually participated in the chechen war he went to the caucasus was fought almost side all the terrorist prided himself on the fact that he personally had several tanks and armored vehicles and despite that he still managed to run for the ukrainian parliament a couple of years ago again he's one of the leaders of alter nationalist movement and then there's also a leg who is essentially one of the three leaders of the of the my don of the independence square movement and he is openly not just to simple but also to submit it making numerous statements to in that regard that have actually gotten him into quite a lot of hot water with the jewish population of ukraine one of the most active in propagating armed resistance against the authorities has been the right sector and ultra nationalist group that has been becoming more and more active in kiev over the past couple of month. and these are the words of its leader but the more big.
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which is nice if you could you know you would you like. so this is what we're looking at this is the type of people like the west has been until now is openly supporting and if you look at the fact that just on tuesday we have heard a synagogue that has had its passive one off a friend in sounds oh all this illicitly us somewhat worried and apprehensive as to what exactly is going to happen and. we're keeping up with the situation in ukraine on air and online as extremist sentiment simmers within the ranks of the opposition our crew in kiev has been posting some footage of ultra nationalist and even fascist symbols appearing around the embattled independence square find out more by clicking on our instagram account and with ukraine sliding toward bankruptcy the
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new leadership is welcoming western diplomats in hope of getting urgent financial aid your foreign policy chief catherine ashton has pledged support in washington said it's ready to pitch in in addition to an i.m.f. loan artie's likes airshows your imports though that many europeans are reluctant to see their money go east. e.u. member state greece we don't have any jobs and at the same time we have debts to pay they should support us now that we're in great need e.u. member states brain. i'm unemployed i have two children we don't get any government help and it's hard to survive each month but if we don't have money for us how can we give it to ukraine. and revolting ukraine a country without even an association with the e.u. . is as plain with carrots and sticks the there's economic integration which was going to mean a big part of the ukrainian working population will see a deterioration in their living style the fantasy about entering your of the
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streets be in line with gold that's a fantasy because the real project is it is an i.m.f. based austerity program with questions about who will lead ukraine into the future and whether the country will stay together one thing's clear it's the rubicon to be that needs to be revamped first even before the euro my down protest kicked off there was a talk of a possible default in ukraine in november its external debt three hundred sixty billion euro it was one of the main reasons why kenya refused to sign the trade pact with the e.u. fearing it could aggravate the situation even the more you november last year europe offered only several hundred million euro to ukraine but with the opposition now taking the reins the e.u. is ready to give a whole lot more luxury maybe even members such as greece and spain hardly afford. that spain can't help now. i'm just speechless this idea is worse than anything.
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first greece. and then they all for ukraine all the money. was in from kiev ukraine twenty billion euros the e.u. promised kiev is actually the amount that greece needs as it struggles to get back on. track but brussels has so far kept athens waiting for its third bailout installment it's also about four billion more than the e.u. plans to spend on supporting growth and fighting unemployment this year earlier we asked patrick ewing of global global markets analyst for d.v. advisors whether europe is capable of following through on its promises to ukraine the situation house not changed months ago the free trade agreement collapsed eight because it was skewed in favor of the european union secondly because the european union offered a derisory eight hundred million euros knowing the european union's financial situation has not changed we've got all manner of people the governing party in the
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u.k. all sorts of politicians across europe even mr to neighboring poland is saying that effectively it's going to be impossible to manage to be very loud which with phones at the same time frankly the new ukrainian government is is effectively in la la la and that mean they're already asking for thirty five billion dollars that's up from the fifteen billion dollars that had been agreed to by the by the president mr young the cove it's just a few months ago with with russia and therefore it's really a mess the european union does not have the political capital to spend on rescuing ukraine from twenty years of economic mismanagement given the problems in the backyard of the euro zone stay with us as we bring you updates and analysis on the ukraine uprising. nato defense ministers meeting wednesday to discuss the military presence in afghanistan as the white house weighs whether to start
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preparations for a total withdrawal of troops by the years and the signing of a bilateral security deal may look on likely at the moment but artie's guy age kion says washington may be or locked in to ease off its regional influence. it's not easy for the obama administration to communicate reasons why the u.s. should stay you know ghana's them past twenty four teen the administration hasn't been able to sell those reasons to president karzai has taken a toll truce presence his country's worse but washington definitely does not want to leave afghanistan for good and one of the reported options is that those three thousand troops would be deployed to bases in kabul and bob graham and would not do much traveling across the country now the other option which the pentagon reportedly favors more is leaving ten thousand troops behind and also leaving more bases open the pentagon argues the closing of some of the bases would hamper drone operations in pakistan washington's main argument now remains that afghan forces cannot stand alone against the resurgent taliban to increase the pressure congress
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has recently slashed plans development and military aid to afghanistan to roughly half two by half to one point one billion dollars there is also an understanding here in washington that you know order to not lose of ghana's them completely they may have to make a now to the taliban force they'd been fighting for more than a day kate. so many of the recent developments show how far we have come from initial declarations like the u.s. saying that he would leave afghanistan by the end of twenty fourteen in washington i'm going to check on our team. let's take a look at how the war played out by the numbers intervention in afghanistan cost the u.s. taxpayers more than five hundred fifty billion dollars that's equal to the average annual salary of about ten million teachers throwing a portion is the metaphor used by troops referring to the jabal an antitank missiles that cost about eighty thousand dollars a pop dozens of nations committed their forces to the nato led campaign while austria and ireland sent three and seven troops respectively the u.s.
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still has almost forty thousand on the ground moreover recent polls show about sixty six percent of americans don't think the war was worth fighting one afghan activist told us that the us nation building project there has been ineffective. they haven't done much incidentally done the thing they have provided to the afghan military forces uniform and a few outdated weapons of millions of dollars to spend enough going to cost the lives of more than a million afghans they have not invested effectively into this large agenda of nation building that they had simply we intended to help build institutions in steel fuchsias building is good but if the student building can be done in cannot continue to maintain itself and it's not sustainable and institution building is of no use and so they're going to military they have trained them but they have not provided timid anything. coming up later this hour a village goes up against a massive industry. my family my fellow villagers here face
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a terrible prospect our homes could soon be raised and our businesses destroyed we had to a small community in eastern germany who stand to lose their homes and livelihoods because of expanding coal mining in the region stay with us for that after this short break. the agenda here is clear banks don't want the competition they don't want the coin to succeed the central banks that deal of money don't want to complain they don't want to cryptocurrency they are going to report the news in a way that reflects their interests unfortunately there are objective news source anymore except. from the.
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economic ups and downs in the final. day. and the rest because it's a neat little bit every week. sixteen minutes past the hour faced with rising is almost at home the urgent need to tackle the threat posed by combatants returning from the syrian conflict the u.k. government is stepping up a campaign against extremism there but some members of the multimillion strong british muslim community say they're feeling victimized parties laura smith reports
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. preventing terrorism a powerful phrase used to excuse all manner of abuses from government spying on their own citizens to foreign wars now muslims in the u.k. are accusing the government of scapegoating them in the fight against terror and created what they're calling a cradle to grave police state they say the police strategy known as prevent monitor's muslims and tries to change ideologies in every area of their life so it's an all encompassing policy that touching on every aspect of muslim life in a negative negative way which encourages discrimination you've got to remember that . when one person has been affected in this way the whole family as they tell their family or friends tell others so this is becoming a shared experience among the muslim community the whole community is now experiencing what's happening in prevent despite the fact that human rights
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organizations have branded the strategy unexpectedly intrusive into the lives of ordinary muslims and based not on preventing terrorism but on changing ideology beliefs and values it appears set to be enshrined into law and it's not the only example of politicians seeking to make capital out of apparently discriminating against muslims general patton is immigration spokesman for the u.k. independence party he wants british muslims to sign a code of conduct that affirms the equality of all people equal rights for women rejects violence and promote tolerance but i can't see how anybody could object to it i mean if you say to anybody anywhere in the world do you think that people should be treated equally men and women should be treated equally you know there should be no violence there should be no compulsion in religion everybody should be free to follow their own religion who would not sign it only people who don't believe those things back to. the document would help moderate muslims to
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distinguish themselves from extremists but muslims themselves say it's just another way of singling them out and it doesn't lead anywhere it is what leads to. you know fascism against all the communities this is what it's about what will happen as more and more people think it's perfectly all right women who were born will get them to sign a code of conduct to worry that as policies like these become policy of every day life because she will be a fully pitied community against community and to fighting society. also in britain a media report says all homeless people across the european union could potentially be given a roof over their heads in the blink of an eye with a shocking number of homes across the continent standing uninhabited dot com for more of those details plus. evidence comes to light in australia suggesting our
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planet may have become habitable much earlier than previously thought all there for you on our website. right. and i would think that your. instrument. the. time for locals in sochi to take a break as the excitement of the winter games calms down and the city gets ready for the paralympics now meanwhile russian media has been hearing from the man without whom the sporting event would never have happened of course we're talking about president vladimir putin or he's under farmer has more from sochi. two days after these olympics have ended mr putin has been singing the praises of russia's athletes to the nation's media he said that before the games at best many people
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had said russia would finish third in the medals table of course they finished top with a record haul of medals including thirteen gold and he went on to give a lovely little anecdotes about one of the biggest stars of these games the figure skater adelina sotnikova he told the media that he'd actually met when she was only twelve years old they had their photo taken with each other and then at that time she predicted that one day she would be an olympic champion how true that was mr putin then also addressed the criticism that russia had faced in the run up to these games and said that basically it had come from two areas all these years we have been working in conditions of criticism but it was constructive criticism in the first place very friendly and helpful on the part of the international olympic committee i am sure that without such friendly criticism and support we would have still managed to do everything but i doubt whether we would have done it with such
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quality because we lack the enormous experience from our friends from the i.o.c. this was their gift to us however there was and i'm sure there still is another group of critics who have little to do with sport and their main concern is competition in international politics their job is different and they use the olympic project to achieve their own goals in their anti russian propaganda efforts whenever a strong competitor appears russia in this case there is always someone who doesn't like this who starts working against it however they fail to understand how deep the changes are and watch and society changes that have affected its very nature and mr putin ended by saying you hope these olympics it shown russia's soul to the world and shown a new russia which the rest of the world should not be afraid of and. full interview with the russian leader focusing on the sochi olympics is of course
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available a click away on our t.v. dot com. finally in the news block despite attempts to switch to greener energy last year germany produced its highest level of brown coal power since one thousand nine hundred but as one a village in eastern germany that risks losing everything over the country's hunger for fossil fuels are those who coughing off reports. welcome to outer wash population two hundred forty one it's a place that steeped in history the bell in this church was forged before columbus sailed for america and locals here have centuries old claim to the land it's we're all rick schultz was born and it's where he intends to die his family has owned this farm since fifteen sixty she learned a trade from his father and plans to hand the business down to his son. this has been our homeland for centuries it means everything to us but my family and my fellow villagers here face a terrible prospect our homes could soon be raised and our businesses destroyed.
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it's what's beneath the land an estimated two hundred fifty million tonnes of brown coal that threatens to wipe out a wash and two nearby villages off the map they have machines or strip mining the ground or brown coal and you can see above vast size of this operation a coal mine behind me is already the size of several small towns but the company. wants to grow this we dish energy giant wants to double the size of the open cast mine and fall needs more lignite for its power plant one of the dirtiest in europe the local children call it the cloud making factory it's one of the most polluting fossil fuels and it's supposed to be a thing of the past germany gets nearly twenty five percent of its electricity from solar and wind with a goal of eighty percent renewables by twenty fifty at the country burned more brown coal last year than at any time since the one nine hundred ninety s. the dirty downside of chancellor merkel's nuclear phaseout more than nine hundred
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villagers are at risk of being displaced and for some there's a feeling of history repeating itself in this region thousands had been resettled after the second world war when the communist government depended on brown coal to power its cities and factories. it makes me furious just furious first the government comes in starts developing alternative sources of energy and now we've come back to brown coal i feel very disillusioned we simply can't go back to old practices. residents have launched their own campaign to keep the diggers at bay but it's questionable if they can keep up the fight these are tiny villages with aging populations facing an energy giant with deep pockets a definitive decision has yet to be made on the fate of the villages in fall does move in it likely won't be for many more years and approval by state authorities is still pending although local activists aren't optimistic so these three villages
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will basically be gone if the plans of the prince. go through the parliament. to be moved their books of our laws protect the interests of the coal mining industry and the industry managed to convince politicians that if the country abandons cold l.b. major problems with electricity supply quite honestly. the company has said that it will recreate outer wash elsewhere at church for church it promises house for a house but for residents like all rick schultz giving up is simply not an option and of course by the here you and my ancestors fought in the thirty year war with sweden in the seventeenth century and they defended this land and i will also stand firm and fight for my land i cannot imagine what happens if i lose this bottle. reporting in outer wash germany and they see catherine of. stay with us after this
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short break breaking the set with abby martin coming up on r.t. internet. judy cox a utah mother out of spite but an entire line of t. shirts at a popular chain store at her local mall the reason that she bought them was because she feels that the images of nearly naked women on them violate her local towns decency code she wants to make it clear though that she feels the store has the right to sell this type of shirt just not displayed in an exterior window ultimately her plan is to return the shirts on day fifty nine of the store's sixty limit let's hope for her sake they don't have a no return policy i bring this up because this is a great example of
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a nonviolent form of protest that actually works it caused a scandal and more importantly it will make the company lose a few dollars technically the girls on the shirts are even fully exposed believe me i checked thoroughly and i would even call them r. rated by. local communities have the right to be more conservative than the rest of the nation if they want to be and it's good that judy cox actually did something rather than just sitting at home on the air complaining about moral decay across the country hey if a housewife from a small mormon community can stand up to the man what's stopping you but that's just my opinion. follow some. rules rights. the. paying for the young girls cammo for the future hunter. between two and three
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hundred million guns united states so you can act like they're not here and keep kids away from them. the causes that if they learn you know i mean this teaches them a lot of rope sponsibility and see the candidate through the eyes of children if we can do it for our children for our future. dramas the truth be ignored. stories others refuse
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to notice. faces change the world rights now. full picture of today's. from around the globe. brooklyn. the the. happy monday all i'm abby martin and this is a great game does it just today secretary of defense chuck hagel announce that the u.s. army will be reduced to its smallest size since before the second world war and it only took us seven years to do it now that's progress the size of the army will drop to somewhere between four hundred forty and four hundred fifty thousand by two thousand and fifteen but before we all pop the champagne bottles keep in mind that
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less of ground troops are needed as this country continues to outsource its military to private mercenary forces and the spending cap for new military spending in two thousand in two thousand and fifteen excuse me is still four hundred ninety six billion dollars and that's not even including the wars that will be paying off for decades to come for perspective consider that the two thousand and fourteen budget provides only seventy seven billion for transportation infrastructure development and a mere seventy one billion for education so if you think that this tokenistic reduction doesn't do nearly enough to really address the out of control military budget then join me and let's break this. was a. very hard to take. that back with that right there though.


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