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tv   [untitled]    February 26, 2014 12:00am-12:31am EST

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was there are. demonstrators in ukraine's south defy the country's new leadership pushing for greater autonomy and protesting against the neo nazi groups that are gaining momentum they're. really looking to take a closer look at one of the main forces of the former opposition the hardline right sector which may soon become part of ukraine's new interior ministry. a diplomatic route with the us adds fuel to weeks of anti-corruption protests in venezuela with america now expelling three diplomats in retaliation for the same move by caracas. plus religious tension runs high in london with a local community organizing christian street patrols in response to
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a muslim initiative set up earlier. you're watching our teams for national live from moscow i'm lindsey france thanks for joining me. crowds in ukraine's southeastern region of crimea have rallied against the new leadership insisting it's illegitimate and condemning the power change as a coup d'etat several hundred people gathered outside the council headquarters calling on the local government to disobeyed the interim authorities they also demanded a referendum on giving greater autonomy to the crimea region but the rally follows similar protests in another crimean city where thousands took to the streets in protest against ukraine's new leadership meanwhile pro russian politician igor markov has been freed from detention in the southwestern city of odessa.
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markov was stripped of his mandate as parliamentary got pretty back in september over a legit election fraud he claimed it was due to his and take position markov was arrested a month later for his alleged involvement in the beating of a group of strikers back in two thousand and seven as a platform favors closer ties with russia and is against any government which did not come to power legitimately. meanwhile resisting the rise of neo nazi as it has become one of the main goals of protest against ukraine's new leadership that's due to right wing hardliners placing themselves at the core of the people which toppled the old administration as artie's alexy explains. we lead ukraine's and europe's biggest battle in a vibrantly edited clip of the right sector movement of ukraine states its mission and well something that the revolution here ended with the ousting of the president
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of the college its leader dmitri jarosz has a different view. this is just the beginning ukraine's resurrection europe's resurrection they started our my down. but does this resurrection require the storming of political party offices the torching of politicians' houses and the manhunt for journalists. recently the offer of your reward for the whereabouts of a russian journalist from the r.t.r. channel for what they call providing false information so you can see where we are heading now. the jewish community in southeastern ukraine thought calm had returned but on tuesday and identified man tried to set the town synagogue ablaze with molotov cocktails pushed for masked men started throwing explosives at our synagogue and around eleven pm our security tried to catch the perpetrators but
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they failed the right sector is the core and the voice of the uprising but the extent of its involvement in the acts of vandalism and violence rocking ukraine now is hard to verify the attacks are often perpetrated by unidentified masked men finding who exactly they represent is difficult the word on the street is that there are several armed factions operating under the my done banner now raising serious concerns about the rise of extremism just as the symbols of the tragic past resurface on ukraine streets we witness right now. a very hypocritical approach to politics it's especially by the european union and by the european states they say they fight against extremism in. the european union they fund extremists and support extremists and also i think it will play in the end. despite what is widely seen as a victory over the regime that might done remains intact with that right sector
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standing firm some of its members may leave independence square soon though possibly landing jobs in the revamped into real ministry one parliament forms a unity government on thursday a looksee were set ski on course in from kiev in ukraine. plagued by un rast ukraine faces the danger of financial default and is in desperate need to have help from donors the twenty billion euros the e.u. as promised can actually be mounted by greece as it struggles to get back on track brussels has so far kept absent waiting for a third bailout installment it's also about four billion more than the e.u. plans to spend on supporting growth and fighting soaring unemployment this year analyst gordon hahn says it will be very difficult for the e.u. to deliver aid for ukraine european union is going to going to going to have to come up with. twenty billion and there's some serious doubt whether they can do that given the state of some of the economies in europe. some are doing it
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everybody chip in and obviously there are some countries that have difficulty doing that greece and portugal so it's going to be a bit of a problem to reach that figure. perhaps the i.m.f. can come in to fill in the gap you know where we're at the point where basically the government the. the economy in a state of austerity basically are on the verge of one already just simply by dint of circumstances. ukraine may welcome european money but within the block the london program is facing growing criticism over the loans becoming more of a headache than a relief for debt laden countries. as the trio of international lenders known as the troika faces an e.u. probe we'll look at how confidence in the institution has waned in recent years that's coming up later in the program. as venezuela continues to be
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plunged in a wave of protests the u.s. has expelled three of the country's diplomats this comes after president maduro ordered the expulsion of three american diplomats accused of inciting this on a raft at least thirteen people have been killed in the protests that started two weeks ago with demonstrators demanding that material resign over high levels of crime and their poor economy meanwhile some experts believe there is foreign influence in what's going on in the country. the united states has opposed. charges for a very long time and so has the conservative government in colombia both governments have seen various ways whether it is by they are supporting paramilitaries going to going to sleep from colombia or also the u.s. government supporting opposition groups with funding and with this probably statements that for example kerry gave secretary of state kerry which essentially gave you a position sharper than you are because he. made it their protests even though it's
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quite clear that most of the protests that are out there are being violent and there are so you can come protections with at least. with the british government under increasing pressure to curb immigration divides and u.k. communities are reaching a breaking point in east london tensions are being stoked by vigilante patrols formed by both muslim and christian groups artists are fourth reports. i want it to be so obvious all the big groups giving out the christian prolific there's any patrolling town not only hills the small but make toilets muslim patrols any political calling themselves britain first have responded by forming what they've dubbed christie and patrols and this patrol comes complete with vehicles on the bullet proof the whole thing is all arty joins the list they took to the streets in east london where we had in full. why the area taking.
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drugs to be happy if it. was to make fun of the group is being described as far right many of their members a form of b.m.p. or e.t.l. but they really get to differentiate themselves from these groups and insist they don't want to be associated with violence but tactics such as baiting when members stand with empty beer cans to try and lure out the muslim patrols have proven controversial and some members of the creep have already faced the rest we know here during the. problems for anyone to be. carrying they sure have drug dealing to confront them do you think the. intimidating. about this point having a plea condemned them isn't patrols at the time the east london mosque has been singled out by the christian patrol for criticism the mosques say they feel caught
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in the middle and are worried the patrol could inflame fragile community relations our community certainly feels threatened by his antics turning up to. any part of the country. is. putting across the street. a strong message the public. to understand is that none of these groups represent the mainstream community or widest society l to london streets and well there's not much support to be found here i think we're close to the border with you you shouldn't have the love. story. they've returned. down below yeah yeah i mean you could not patrol yeah and then just leave these members of the public to be harassed part of shari'a patrols. have been operating in this area it's been fun but that's not what we've
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been told since a number of arrests last year the muslim patrols have gone to ground it's unclear if the patrols are actually still operating that will likely come as some relief to policing community relations work is in this diverse area of london despite the christian patrol activity the muslim patrols that's not taken the bait so. the london. you're watching are to international we have more stories coming up for you right after the break including how israel has become a weapon superpower developing some of the world's most advanced arms and testing them in its neighboring territories. frightening ukrainians. all russian intervention to create these terrible
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atmosphere. so i think the last man what a flight. because he believed. well first of all of course elmar brok i mean he doesn't represent the e.u. i mean his comments are wholly unhelpful of course i mean mr yanukovych which is the rule democracy going downhill very quickly in ukraine where you say we. mission to save democracy and in ukraine i mean let's look at it from the other way it's not the european union that there's a demand there here it's the it's the ukraine that is demanded from the european union for many years a closer relationship both politically and economically i mean the european union does not go around looking for countries to save.
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welcome back you're watching our to international live from moscow despite being a relatively small country israel is the world's sixth largest arms export are the industry is one of television's biggest sources of income but it's come under scrutiny recently with the report revealing that it's using the palestinian territory as a testing ground for new weapons party's policy player has the details. i think there is a very big elephant in the room in israel very big fact in a reality which is seldom spoken about and that's as far as most people go on israel's arms industry but how has a country the size of the american state of new jersey become the world's sixth largest exporter people don't really ask why is it why the hell this small country became such a superpower of weapons your time feldman is
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a journalist and filmmaker he recently released his award winning documentary the lab in which he argues that israel's occupation of palestine and also to have such a prosperous weapons industry what armies all over the world want are weapons which were tested on real so to say guinea pigs in a real cause we have this live course we have an availability of and availability of conflict and availability of war it starts with the drones for decades israeli drones have been hunting for palestinian militants and they had an arms caches making as well the go to country for unmanned aerial vehicles soon to become the world's largest exporter on the defense front the iron dome system proved its capabilities in the last dance the wall lining the pockets of these really military industrial complex nobody wants to talk about. because everybody. in the street is very upset it's a lot of money the politicians over here we have
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a solution the idea of his appeal we have a solution years of fighting in close combat in gaza in the west bank have also given israelis the age thirty weapons like the guy and to avoid assault rifles and now something that even hollywood is copping a gun that shoots around corners and as controversial as israel's west bank barrier is its state of the and security system is being copied along america's borders with canada and mexico i think the israelis do. most exciting in the country because they are developing something distinct immediately in the field so the engineering the four million dollars day goes directly to the army and can see if we do all day develop with good or not after three years of working on his documentary is adamant there is no weapon israel has successfully exporting which the israeli army is not using in gaza in the with bad but it leaves the country
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with a lot too on so for its doubtful the hugely influential arms industry has an interest in peace because for as long as this will hold on to the west bank and gaza it has a limbo tree for finding tasting and showcasing weapons systems and industrial military front that remain secure policia r.t. television. leaks from edward snowden keep revealing just how far government spying can go a covert british had a means to disrupt deceive and discredit enemies by planting viruses and messing with social media accounts you'll find that story on our website r.t. dot com. also there are record levels of radiation are found in mexico after a leak at a nuclear waste depository there he tells online for you. right from the scene. first for you and i would think that you're.
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on our reporters were there. and i. would be in the. i marinate joining me. for that impartial and financial reporting commentary contributor and much much. only on the bus and only on.
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the media leave us so we leave that maybe. by the same motion since you're in the play your party there's a bill. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politics only on our t.v. . some moral do's in grief now for you police in turkey's capital and car house fire tear gas and water cannons to disperse anti-government protests. the demonstrations
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were spurred after the recording of an alleged phone call between the country's prime minister and his son discussing how to dispose of hidden funds was released the country's opposition has also demanded the pm resign the prime minister denies the allegations and says they aim to undermine his party before next month's local elections. in south korea tens of thousands of workers and civic activists have staged a protest in the capital seoul they say the government is oppressing workers and unilaterally pushes to privatized public firms sporadic clashes of demonstrators with police were reported. a crowd of around three thousand people in iceland have gathered outside the parliament building in the country's capital a two day protest followed a parliament vote supporting the withdrawal from membership the decision sparked widespread criticism across the nation with twenty six thousand people signing a petition for the issue to be put to
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a public vote. the group of lenders known as the troika are back in greece to discuss the terms of yet another bailout loan harsh austerity measures imposed in the country in exchange for previous credits has failed to stabilize the economy as art has been all over reports this is cause the troika is credibility to plummet. their hands on the purse strings of europe's cash strapped. the confidence in the euro zone's three biggest lenders known as the troika is wavering in terms of public debt in terms of potential rolph in terms of unemployment there is. worse now than before the troika intervention in the country by greece made up of the international monetary fund the e.u. and the european central bank the idea behind the troika was to get the most indebted eurozone nations back on an even keel through bailouts and at times crippling austerity measures island became the first to leave the bailout program
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at the end of last year not before cutting thirty billion euro from the budget and seeing salary squeeze by twenty percent in southern europe the hopes of a light at the end of the tunnel anti especially for the generation growing up in detroit unemployment these will take you to four so we are going to be facing a. a large number of young people i mean in countries like greece or spain youth unemployment is over fifty percent and these people have little prospect of getting a job and achieving some sort of economic security this is seen european lawmakers call into question the ability of the troika to deal with the scale of the crisis and to attack its methods the troika acts like a acts like a governor. and his its colonies in the south are here and tells them what to do the measures they come up with are not they're not always very effective the credibility of its economic forecasts is cause most unease to keep concern in
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greece which as you see two hundred forty billion euros so far in twenty eleven the troika predicted economic growth in greece of one percent however the reality was a seven percent shrink just a one off you might think then in twenty twelve they predicted two percent growth which ended up as a further four percent downturn those running for election to the european parliament this year say that the current systems in place for trying to deal with the crippling debts in some parts of the eurozone just aren't working and that a new solution other than the troika will have to be found in the next parliament with some accusing the troika of trying to cover up its mistakes there is quite a bit of propaganda going on right now trying to make people believe that there is an improvement in those southern european countries in fact there's no improvement that i can see because the debt situation is verse than ever the banking crisis is
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still not resolved an inquiry into detroit his handling of the crisis could publish its findings in late april a month before europeans votes in the next e.u. parliament be drawn over r.t. germany. coming up on our to international some straight talking of the world's most troubling issues and. because. the.
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trends are zero to vnukovo report your best way to the heart of moscow. britain's took on the help to buy scheme for real estate which is a copycat of the fannie mae and freddie mac. debacle which caused a sub prime crisis two thousand and seven the british energy corporations are going to take fracking even though in america it's been proven to be completely an economical and environmental disaster but they're going to hear anyone because why nobody in the media here except for maybe george will be up over there to garden will say anything about the fact that this is an ecological disaster and more importantly an economic gloom dog all that will increase britain's debt to even higher than it is right now the highest it's been a decade. i
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. saw a. little.
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bit of a. little. pain in the young girls cam all for of a future hunter. between two and three hundred million guns united states so you can act like they're not here and keep kids away from them. the plaza sound is a large you know i mean this teaches them a lot of rope sponsibility and since the gun debate through the eyes of children if we can't do it for our children move for our future what is the country will save.
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welcome to sophie and co on sophie shevardnadze ukraine's age old split between east and west is flaring up again the french outpost revolution unity is on the balance what will it take for the people of ukraine to find a middle way and what does all this mean for russia ukraine's closest neighbor today which we have michaela the chief of foreign affairs committee of the upper house of russia's parliament. the fires in kenya's independence square has been extinguished but the barricades are still.
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following days of bloodshed the opposition is celebrating. but tell the people of ukraine they were hoping for is this the end of the struggle for power or just the beginning. become a carer for head of the four and a committee affairs committee in russian federation council it's really great to have in our program today thank you for having me so many things going on in ukraine right now talk all over the world now in your view what has taken place is it a cooler evolution. well you know as an arab just as an oriental list unfortunately i draw many parallels with what is happening in ukraine with what is called the arab spring it started as a revolution it started as a protest of people who were deceived by mr unocal the and his party the party of the regions. misty in the call that you and his party were at the ties in of the
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agreement between ukraine and the european union for almost two years they were promoting this idea explaining that it is the best way of development for ukraine and ukrainian people. and then they turned in the opposite direction overnight and did not explain anything to the people of ukraine so people were outraged they went out to the streets and again the government missed unocal which were not able to talk to the people so after that the peaceful protest was handed by the extremists like it happened in tunisia for example or like it happened in egypt when. the revolutions were made by western oriented people who were thinking about the more than a zation of our cake societies but as a result of the elections the islamist forces won here the similar picture it
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all started like a peaceful protest and then the extremists the warlords the field commanders appeared in kiev they started shooting this they started riots they started. real war in the streets of the european capital and when i saw the pictures on the t.v. screen i was really shocked it was not european capital it was oriental capsule that what now i mean at this point is going to stay together ukraine tea thing it will splayed maybe we'll see self-governing ranges like in the united states where she's risen with his constitution well last saturday i visited kharkov. the congress of the deputies of all levels of eastern southern ukraine and crimea some journalists were calling this congress the congress of separatists i would like to say that it was not true.


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