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tv   [untitled]    February 26, 2014 2:00am-2:31am EST

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transit routes. your best way to the heart of moscow. demonstrators and ukraine south defy the country's new leadership pushing for greater autonomy and protesting against the neo nazi groups that are getting momentum in their. right. we take a closer look at one of the main forces of the former opposition the hardline right sector which may soon become part of ukraine's new interior ministry. a diplomatic route with the u.s. adds fuel to weeks of anti-corruption protests in venezuela with america now expelling three diplomats in retaliation for the same move by caracas. plus religious tension runs high in london with a local community organizing christian street patrols in response to a muslim initiative set up earlier.
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watching r t international live from moscow and lindsey france thanks for joining me. as ukraine's new leadership struggles to form an interim government right wing hardliners are placing themselves at the core of the reforms that stoking fears of a rise in neo nazi as i'm at the synagogue big synagogue being torched in the country's west and one of the main violent incidents artie's alexi has more. course. we lead ukraine's and europe's biggest battle in a vibrantly edited clip of the right sector movement of ukraine states its mission and well something that the revolution here ended with the ousting of the president of the college its leader dmitry jarosz has a different view. this is just the beginning ukraine's resurrection
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europe's resurrection they started our my down. but does this resurrection require the storming of political party offices the torching of politicians houses and the manhunt for journalists from the new government at this recently the offer of your award for the whereabouts of a russian journalist from the r.t.r. channel for what they call providing false information so you can see where we are heading now the jewish community in southeastern ukraine thought we had returned but on tuesday and identified man tried to set the town synagogue ablaze with molotov cocktails the police leach before masked men started throwing explosives at our synagogue and around eleven pm our security tried to catch the perpetrators but they failed. to follow. the right sector is the core and the voice of the uprising but the extent of its involvement in the acts of vandalism and violence walking in ukraine now is hard to verify the attacks are often but
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a traitor if i don't want to fight masked men finding who exactly they represent is difficult the word on the street is that there are several on factions operating under the my gun ban are now raising serious concerns about the rise of extreme. just as the symbols of the tragic breast resurface on the green streets we witness right now. a very hypocritical approach to politics it's especially by the european union and by the european states they say they fight against extremists inside the european union they fund extremists and support extremists and also i think it will be in the end. despite what is widely seen as a victory over the regime might john remains intact with that right sector standing firm some of its members may leave independence square soon possibly jobs in the reverse do you really ministry one parliament forms a unity government on thursday looks you were. watching from kiev ukraine.
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meanwhile the rise of the radical right has become one of the main goals of the protests in ukraine south where crowds are rallying against the new leadership several hundred gathered outside the council headquarters calling on the local government to disobey the interim authorities people there are concerned over a ban on minority languages including russian as well as plans to ban russian t.v. and the former ruling party the rally follows similar protests in another crimean city where thousands took to the street in protest against ukraine's new leadership meanwhile pro russian politician igor markov has been freed from the detention in the southwestern city of odessa. i wish up to his parliamentary seat and arrested over the alleged involvement in the beating of a group of strikers he claimed it was due to his n.t.e.u. position while covering joyed the support of both the former ruling party and ex
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prime minister yulia timoshenko who hailed him as the new leader of pro russian ukrainians. plagued by on rast ukraine faces the danger of financial default and is in desperate need of help from donor. the twenty billion euro that the e.u. has promised us actually the amount needed by greece as it struggles to get back on track but brussels has so far kept athens waiting for a third bailout installment it's also about four billion more than the e.u. plans to spend on supporting growth and fighting soaring unemployment the share analysts gordon hahn says it will be very difficult for the e.u. to deliver aid to ukraine european union is going to going to going to have to come up with. twenty billion and there's some serious doubt whether they can do that given the state of some of the economies in europe. some urgent that everybody chip in obviously there are some countries that have difficulty doing
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that like greece and portugal so it's going to be a bit of a problem to reach that figure. perhaps the i.m.f. can come in to fill in the gap you know where we're at the point where basically the government the. economy in a state of austerity basically or the verge of one already just simply by dint of circumstances. ukraine may welcome european money but within the block the london program is facing growing concern and criticism over how the loans become more of a headache than a relief or debt laden countries as a trio of international lenders known as the troika faces an easy to probe we look at how confidence in the institution has waned in recent years that's coming up later in the problem. as venezuela continues to be plunged into a wave of protests the u.s. has expelled three of the country's diplomats this comes after president maduro ordered the expulsion of three american diplomats accused of inciting young let's
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at least thirteen people have been killed in the protests that started two weeks ago with demonstrators demanding that material resign over high levels of crime and a poor economy meanwhile some experts believe there is foreign influence in what's going on in the country. the united states has opposed. charges for a very long time and so has the conservative government in colombia both governments have various ways whether it is by the house and for being a paramilitary is going to going to sway them from colombia or also the u.s. government supporting opposition groups with funding and with the public statements that for example kerry recently gave secretary of state kerry which essentially gives you a position a shot in the arm because he. made it there are protests even though it's quite clear that most of the protests that are out there are being violent and are seeking calm protections with at least. what the british government under
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increasing pressure to curb immigration divides in the u.k. communities are reaching a breaking point and east london tensions are being stoked by vigilante patrols formed by both muslim and christian groups artists are for three parts. we saw the sound of the vehicles giving up a christian patrol equipped there's any patrol in town also on the hills the small but make sure it's muslim patrols any political group calling themselves britain first have responded by filming what they've dubbed christie and patrols and this patrol comes complete with a fake proof the bullet proof the whole thing is all of the t. joins the as they took to the streets in east london where we had in full. why the area because that's where a lot. of folks. from the group is being described as far right many of their members a former b.m.p. or e.t.l.
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that we get to differentiate themselves from these groups and insist they don't want to be associated with violence but tactics such as baiting when members stand with empty beer cans to try and lure out the muslim patrols have proven controversial and some members of the group have already faced the rest we'll hear during his. problems for any one of the. muslim extremists are carried out they sure have drawn. to try to confront them do you think the christian. thought on this point having a plea condemn the muslim patrols at the time the east london mosque has been singled out by the christian patrol for criticism the mosques say they feel caught in the middle and are worried the patrol could inflame fragile community relations
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our community certainly feels threatened by his antics turning up to. any part of the country. is. putting across the street. a strong message the public needs to understand. does none of these groups represent the mainstream community or why does society else on london streets and well there's not much support to be found here i think first to throw the book with you you shouldn't have been interviewed. i'm sorry. that. they've been shot. down below you yeah i mean you could not patrol yeah and then just leave these members of the public to be sure of patrols. but this sure patrols have to be don't break in the day it's been fun but that's not what we've been told since a number of arrests last year the muslim patrols have gone to ground it's unclear
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if the patrols are actually still operating that will likely come as some relief to policing community relations work is in this diverse area of london that despite the christian patrol activity the muslim patrols have safe not taken the bait so. the london. you're watching r t international we have more stories coming up for you right after the break including how israel has become a weapon superpower and developing some of the world's most advanced arms and testing them and its neighboring territories. i marinate join me. in that in part and. commentary
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interviews and much much. only on the bus and on. the interview.
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despite being a relatively small country israel is the world's sixth largest arms export or the industry is one of tel aviv's biggest sources of income but it's come under scrutiny recently with the report revealing that it's using the palestinian territory as a testing ground for new weapons artie's post player has the details. i think there is a very big elephant in the room in israel very big fact in a reality which is seldom spoken about and that's as far as most people go on israel's arms industry but how has a country the size of the american state of new jersey become the world's sixth largest exporter people don't really ask why is it why the hell this small country became such a superpower of weapons your time feldman is a journalist and filmmaker he recently released his award winning documentary the lab in which he argues that israel's occupation of palestine and also to have such a prosperous weapons industry what armies all over the world want are weapons which
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were tested on real so to say guinea pigs in a real car we have this live currently we have an availability of the availability of conflict and availability of war it starts with the drones for decades israeli drones have been hunting for palestinian militants and they had an arms caches making as well go to country for unmanned aerial vehicles soon to become the world's largest exporter on the defense front the iron dome system proved its capabilities in the last gaza wall lining the pockets of these really military industrial complex nobody wants to talk about. because everybody is there peter. industry is very appealing it's a lot of money the politicians we have a solution the idea of deserve to have a solution years of fighting in close combat in gaza in the west bank have also given israelis the edge first weapons like
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a gun and to avoid assault rifles and now something that even hollywood is copping a gun that shoots around corners and as controversial as israel's with bank barrier is its state of the art security system has been copied along america's borders with canada and mexico i think is really the most exciting in the country because they are developing something distinct immediately in the field so the engineering of one billion dollars a day goes directly to the army and can see if they all day develop with good or not after three years of working on his documentary is adamant there is no weapon israel has successfully exporting which the israeli army is not using in gaza in the west bound but it leaves the country with a lot to answer for it's doubtful the hugely influential arms industry has an interest in peace because for as long as israel's holds onto the west bank and gaza
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it has a tree for finding testing and showcasing weapons systems and industrial military front that remain secure policy r.t. tel aviv. makes for edward snowden keep revealing just how far government spying can go a covert british you names to disrupt deceive and discredit enemies by planning planting viruses and messing with social media accounts you'll find that story on our website r.t. dot com. also their record levels of radiation found in mexico after a week at a nuclear waste the positon are there the details online for you. right to see. first trip to mars and i think the church. on our reporters twitter. and instagram.
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should be in the. rights. to the. lives. of the young girls. all four of the future harder. between two and three hundred million guns the united states so you can act like they're not here and keep kids away from them. the positive is the law or you know i mean this teaches them a lot of for a responsibility and since the gun debate through the eyes of children if we can do it for our children for our future.
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welcome back you're watching our two international life in moscow. police in turkey's capital and car have fired tear gas and water cannon for anti-government protests the demonstrations were spurred after the recording of an alleged phone call between the country's prime minister and his son scott and how to dispose of hidden funds was released the country's opposition has also demanded that pm resign the prime minister denies the allegations and says that they aim to undermine his
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party before next month's local elections. hundreds of protesters in the u.s. state of kansas against legislation which they claim allows a legal discrimination of gay minorities a bill which would give businesses and government employees the right to deny care services and employment to homosexuals has been met with fierce opposition in the state senate has retreated from the legislation with some lawmakers claiming it opens the door to broader gay discrimination. at least twenty seven people have been killed in the latest surge of terror attacks across iraq. the deadliest in the shia district of baghdad left at least fourteen dead and dozens injured iraq is currently engulfed in the worst cycle of violence in two thousand and eight with almost eight hundred people killed in sectarian bloodshed this month alone. a crowd of around three thousand people in iceland have gathered outside the parliament building in the country's capital the two day protest followed
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a parliamentary vote supporting the withdrawal from membership the decision sparked widespread criticism across the nation with around twenty six thousand people already signing a petition for the issue to be put to a public vote. the group of lenders known as the troika are back in greece to discuss the terms of yet another bailout loan harsh austerity measures imposed in the country in exchange for previous credits has failed to stabilize the economy as artie's peter all over a ports this is concentrate his credibility plummets. their hands on the purse strings of europe's cash strapped. that confidence in the euro zone's three biggest lenders known as the troika is wavering in terms of public debt in terms of potential rolph in terms of unemployment there is. worse now than before the troika intervention in the country like greece made up of the international monetary fund the e.u. and the european central bank the idea behind the troika was to get the most
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indebted eurozone nations back on an even keel through bailouts and at times crippling austerity measures ireland became the first to leave the bailout program at the end of last year not before cutting thirty billion euro from the budget and seeing salary squeeze by twenty percent in southern europe in hopes of a light at the end of the tunnel anti especially for the generation growing up in detroit unemployment is not trivial to fall so we are going to be facing a. a large number of young people in countries like greece or spain youth unemployment is over fifty percent and these people have little prospect of getting a job and achieving some sort of economic security this is seen european lawmakers call into question the ability of the troika to deal with the scale of the crisis and to attack its methods the troika acts like a acts like
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a governor. and visits its colonies in the south though here event tells you what to do the measures they come up with are not they're not always very effective the credibility of its economic forecast has caused most unease particularly concerning greece which is receive two hundred forty billion euros in loans so far in twenty eleven the troika predicted economic growth in greece of one percent however the reality was a seven percent shrink just a one off you might think then in twenty twelve they predicted two percent growth which ended up as a further four percent downturn those running for election to the european parliament this year say that the current systems in place for trying to deal with the crippling debts in some parts of the eurozone just aren't working and that a new solution other than the troika will have to be found in the next parliament with some accusing the troika of trying to cover up its mistakes but there is quite a bit of propaganda going on right now trying to make people believe that there is
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an improvement in those southern european countries in fact there's no improvement that i can see because the debt situation is verse than ever the banking crisis is still not resolved an inquiry into detroit his handling of the crisis could publish its findings in late april a month before europeans votes in the next e.u. parliament. r.t. germany. coming up after the break on our to international the future of net neutrality and japan's hopes of an economic turnaround that's a boom bust with aaron eight if you're watching us in the u.k. the intricacies of the situation in crisis torn ukraine are up for discussion and crosstalk. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the
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constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy but all those years. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and i was crusted ago we've been hijacked why handful of friends dash on corporations they will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one still just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem to try rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america to find a job ready to join the movement then welcome to. the god of the help to buy scheme for real estate which is a copycat of the fannie mae and freddie mac. debacle which caused a sub prime crisis two thousand and seven the british energy corporations are going
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to take fracking even though in america it's been proven to be completely on economical and environmental disasters but they're going to do it here anyway because why nobody in the media here except for maybe george moby up over there to guard him will say anything about the fact that this is an ecological disaster and more importantly an economic boon doggle that will increase britain's debt to the even higher than it is right now the highest it's been a decade. i marinate this is big. these are the stories that we're tracking for you today first up we have chris martenson live on today's show us the trend forecaster and founder of the prosperity dot com his thoughts on the u.s. economy then j.p. morgan is making vaccine and there are big ones but to what are they attributing
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the need for such cuts i'll tell you coming right up and finally edward harrison joins me in today's big deal to discuss the long believe of mt gox and what it means for the future a bit clearer now let's get the show on the road. with . j.p. morgan the largest bank in the u.s. by assets is reducing both its headcount and its target profitability for twenty fourteen now j.p. morgan said it expects its total headcount to fall by five thousand to two hundred sixty thousand people the bank announced the changes saying that creating a business model which can deal with new regulations is cutting into the firm's
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profits however j.p.n. is confident that it can win in this new environment and it is up to nearly profit target from twenty four to twenty seven billion with a b billion dollars now mariana lake explained that the bank would achieve these targets by optimizing its retail banks in other words subtracting the number of humans and adding to the number of machines now check out these before and after slides are kind of interesting now the one on the left that picture that's of a traditional bank branch and the one on the right is a branch of the future you can see the obvious drop in the need for basic human skill and for rendering on the right and you know. this next crowd here now this depicts customer interaction with the bank obviously you can see there that online activity is surging while in-store and phone transactions are declining good now historically every time a machine fills a role previously held by
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a human people get freaked out now the same thing happened from seven hundred sixty to around eight hundred forty during the industrial revolution however economic historians are in agreement that the onset of the industrial revolution is the most important event in the history of humanity since the domestication of plants and animals so yeah pretty important but wait a second didn't j.p. morgan just say that they're sacking staff because of new regulation do you buy that that's the question now we don't often take the side of j.p. morgan but you can't begrudge them firm bracing technology in a developing marketplace still there are plenty of other things to be mad at them about. the u.s. economy grew by over three percent in both the third and fourth quarters of last
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year now many believe the fed's magical powers to create money are what's behind all this growth now as we started twenty fourteen expectations were high for growth however the data has been disappointing to say the least now to find out why the data has been so disappointing and exactly what is going on in the u.s. we have economic researcher and futurist chris martenson he's not here but he's going to be on the screen soon he's the father areas live beautiful hawaii to break it all down he's joining us welcome to boom bust chris now i want to start off by asking you about quantitative easing you know in june the market front ran the fed's taper causing treasury yields to spike one hundred one hundred basis points to two point six percent two point six percent but after a spike late last year when we actually got the taper yields have drop back down now i want to ask you what is going on here what does this mean. well aaron we've got a lot of mixed signals here obviously i'm not a huge fan of using treasury yields to tell us much anymore at this point because
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the fed has so distorted that market one of many markets they that they have distorted so badly but as you rightly note june nineteenth and twentieth of two thousand and thirteen with fed taper talk wasn't just bonds that sold off everything sold off we saw stocks bonds and commodities all take big hits at that point time that could be a measure of front running i think it was more a measure of the extent to which people had somehow thought the fed was always going to just continue with the free money forever even the thought of the fed stopping the free money obviously is going to have huge impacts for all sorts of markets the equity market in particular is really very much hinged at this point on the idea that the fed will print and print more. now or the rise in prices bond prices in the fall and yields is this a sign of economic weakness in your opinion. well i think there's a couple of things going on one of the first of all this is a global story now and we have to look at the flood of liquidity this.


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