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tv   [untitled]    February 26, 2014 11:00am-11:31am EST

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supporters and opponents of ukraine's itself declare leadership clash in the southern region of crimea where local lawmakers are a lot of heads over whether to sever ties with kiev while in the capital. this is just the beginning ukraine's resurrection europe's reserve they started our my don . ultranationalist move closer to power so you can keep posting a new government to be approved or rejected by crowds in a public forum on the embattled independence square. yeah and then just leave these members of the public to be harassed part of syria patrols. vigilantes in armored vehicles patrolling the streets of a muslim neighborhood in east london sparking fears of a clash between community. and an inquiry into the work of the troika of
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international lenders to struggling eurozone states shows that deep flaws in the system is the european parliament admits the bailout hasn't gone to plan. eight pm in moscow i met president good to have you with us here on r.t. our top story the uprising in ukraine has brought months of chaos to the capital but now it's the country's south where tensions are boiling earlier today more than ten thousand people surrounded parliament in crimea has main city these are pictures from simferopol where two rival factions are demonstrating for and against the interim government in kiev scuffle scuffles have broken out leaving several wounded protesters also trying to storm the building where lawmakers were trying to decide on whether the region should break away from ukraine or he's
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a risk and of has more. tense as you can see and the. time right now god completely was what humans ranked in just one place now in the meantime in another city here in the crimea around sixty miles away in the city of save us the importance is also ukraine second largest seaport broke russian protests have been taking place there as well for the past few days including today put in front of the little pool in the situation building in the past few days the biggest growth as gathered tens of thousands of people they've also elected a new man it was known for his pro russian views and his promise to protect the city i guess the national right since. the representatives of the right wing are currently coming to power in kiev we've seen. the national here is. now you can feed back. really quickly like i said both sides are now
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washing was. quite a tense situation. now trying to miss regions home to major industrial hubs in prime target spots and the absolute majority of the population considers are russian their native language the core of the resistance and the naval hub of several sevastopol ukraine's second largest port which also houses russian and ukrainian naval fleets meanwhile in the capital the interim leadership is finalizing a list of new cabinet ministers it'll have to be approved in a couple of hours by the crowds on independence square and with right wing radicals at the forefront of the uprising there also lining up for some of the top jobs artie's alexei or chef he has more. we lead ukraine's and europe's biggest battle in a vibrantly edited clip of the right sector movement of ukraine states its mission and well something that the revolution here ended with the ousting of the president
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of the college its leader dimitri jarosz has a different view. disses just the beginning ukraine's resurrection europe's resurrection they started our my down. but does this resurrection require the storming of political party offices the torching of politician's houses and the manhunt for journalists. at the sea recently the offer of your award for the whereabouts of a russian journalist from the r.t.r. channel for what they call providing false information so you can see where we're heading now so that the jewish community in southeastern ukraine thought they had returned but on tuesday and identified the man tried to set the town synagogue ablaze with molotov cocktails the police leech before masked men started throwing explosives at our synagogue and around eleven pm our security tried to catch the perpetrators but they failed. to show that. the right sector is the core and the
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voice of the uprising but the extent of its involvement in the acts of vandalism and violence walking in ukraine now is hard to verify the attacks are often perpetrated by unidentified masked men finding who exactly they represent is difficult the word on the street is that there are several on factions operating under the my gun ban are now raising serious concerns about the rise of extremism just as the symbols of the tragic past resurface on the ukraine streets we witness right now. a very hypocritical approach to politics it's especially by the european union and by the european states they say they fight against extremism inside the european union. they fund extremists and support extremists out so i think it will play and will be. described as widely seen as a victory over the regime might done remains intact with that right sector standing
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firm some of its members may leave independence square soon though possibly. ministry one parliament forms a duty to government on thursday. from kiev ukraine. the prospect of all trashing alyson gaining some of the top jobs is something you should be concerned about according to glyn afford a member of the a former member of the european parliament clearly we have to look very carefully at this government of national unity we should be trying to bring people together that we some hard and difficult decisions have to be made to incorporate people from all parts of ukraine in the new government if it's a sectarian government of of those that in quotation marks one the recent conflict then this is just a recipe for for further problems it in the future and with the continued to burgeon of the far right this is the live video you're looking at from independence
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square in kiev where crowds are now gathering up to line up and vote on possible government ministers there the list has to be fully approved by the gathering for cabinet to be formed on thursday we'll be watching developments so stay with us here on our team or national for all the latest updates. shifting gears to some of the day's other top stories with the u.k. government struggling to contain the rise of islamophobia at home some britons are making the job easier group of activists has begun patrolling the streets of london in armored vehicles claiming they want to protect people from being harassed by radical muslims but some locals fear the campaign is only indicting tensions there are two sara for reports. i want it to be so obvious on the big groups given the christian prolific there's any patrolling town halls on the hills of the small but make toilets muslim patrols any political group calling themselves britain first have responded by forming what they've dubbed christie in patrols and this patrol comes complete with vehicles on the bullet proof the whole thing is off the tee
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joins them as they took to the streets in east london where we had improved. why the area taking. drugs in behalf of. the group has been described as far right many of the members a former b.m.p. or e.t.l. there we get to differentiate themselves from these groups and insist they don't want to be associated with violence pick tactics such as baiting when members stand with big cans to try and lure out the muslim patrols have proven controversial and some members of the creep have already faced the rest we know here during. the problems for anyone to be. sure you're trying. to confront them do you think the christian patrols intimidating.
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despite having a poorly condemned the muslim patrols at the time the east london mosque has been singled out by the christian patrol for criticism the mosques say they feel caught in the middle and are worried the patrol could inflame fragile community relations our community certainly feels threatened by his antics turning up to. any part of the country. is. putting across the street. a strong message the public me. to understand is that none of these groups represent the mainstream community or society out on london streets and well there's not much support to be found here i. first wrote the book with you shouldn't have been should love. story. yeah.
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yeah yeah thank you very much that he thinks it's all going to be completely peaceful here. obviously i think there's a potential for trouble there always will be there's nothing we can do to avoid that. yeah just leave these members of the public. to some fun but that's not what we've been told since a number of arrests last year the muslim patrols have gone to ground it's unclear if their patrols are actually still operating that will likely come as some relief to policing community relations work is in this diverse area of london that despite the christian patrol activity the muslim patrols are not taken the bait. presence. in the streets shows that authorities are sometimes failing to deal with
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social tensions that independence party m.e.p. roger helmer. we shouldn't need those patrols if we were policing the streets properly and that is the it's you we need the police to get a grip we need the streets to be safe for everyone whether they're indigenous or in the groups whether they're christians or muslims but we must also insist that people do not seek to impose their beliefs on others that is absolutely critical and we must have a situation where the same law applies to everybody we cannot have bits of sharia law incorporated into british law. coming up a climate of intolerance in the e.u. as powerhouse council of europe and racism watchdog criticizes germany first sluggish progress in wiping out discrimination more on that after a short break. please
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it was a. very. long line that. will make there's no.
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political. of the. fourteen minutes past the hour the european parliament has slammed the work of international lenders and admitted multiple flaws in the eurozone bailout program. reported mid says financial institutions have saved several euro zone members from bankruptcy but the so-called trike of lenders is accused of failing to consult with national governments merely giving them all tomatoes moreover the reports of the troika lacks accountability and transparency and applies a blanket approach to all crisis hit countries are to peter all over has more their hands on the purse strings of europe's cash strapped. with confidence in the euro
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zone's three biggest lenders known as the troika is wavering in terms of public debt in terms of potential rolph in terms of unemployment there is. worse now than before the troika intervention in the country like greece made up of the international monetary fund the e.u. and the european central bank the idea behind the troika was to get the most indebted eurozone nations back on an even keel through bailouts and at times crippling austerity measures island became the first to leave the bailout program at the end of last year not before cutting thirty billion euro from the budget and seeing salary squeeze by twenty percent in southern europe in hopes of a light at the end of the tunnel anti especially for the generation growing up under the troika unemployment is not should be able to afford so we are going to be facing a. a large number of young people in countries like greece or spain
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youth unemployment is over fifty percent and these people have little prospect of getting a job and achieving some sort of economic security this is seen european lawmakers call into question the ability of the troika to deal with the scale of the crisis and to attack its methods the troika acts like acts like a governor. and visits its colonies in the south of here and tells them what to do the measures they come up with are not they're not always very effective the credibility of its economic forecasts has caused most unease particularly concerning greece which is received two hundred forty billion euros in loans so far in twenty eleven the troika predicted economic growth in greece of one percent however the reality was a seven percent shrink just a one off you might think then in twenty twelve they predicted two percent growth which ended up as a further four percent downturn those running for election to the european
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parliament this year say that the current systems in place for trying to deal with the crippling debts in some parts of the eurozone just aren't working and that a new solution other than the troika will have to be found in the next parliament with some accusing the troika of trying to cover up its mistakes but there is quite a bit of propaganda going on right now trying to make people believe that there is an improvement in those southern european countries in fact there is no improvement that i can see because the debt situation is verse then ever the banking crisis is still not resolved. r.t. germany. also in germany a new report from the council of europe santi racism watchdog says the country is not doing enough to stamp out discrimination and homophobia it's urge authorities there to take a firmer stance on hate speech parties lucy carter has the details. germany has done a good job of luring young people away from the neo nazi sea and the report also
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praises the country for a program that lets people applying for jobs anonymously in order to make sure that no one's discriminated for or age or origin but when it comes to battling homophobia and race they simply have a lot more work to do one of the things that are recommends is tougher penalties for crimes against sexual religious or ethnic minorities as well as an overhaul of the way in which germany registers these kinds of incidents because right now there simply is a lack of confidence among victims in the german investigation process as a result many victims of racist or homophobic assaults simply don't report them to the authorities that's a major problem the council of europe also took issue with germany's penal code like the legal system here basically in many european union countries racial motivation for one example is considered as a factor in a crime when passing a sentence will not here in germany over here racial incitement as well as hate speech is only punishable when someone is found to have a disturbed the peace something which is really quite difficult to prove in
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a court of law now the council of europe issues these types of reports every five years the recommendations aren't binding and of course it's up to the individual countries to decide what if anything to do about it but the authors of the report do say that intolerance is something they see as growing all across europe not just here in germany. french lawmakers have approved an extension of the country's military operation in the central african republic powers send soldiers to stop a bloodbath between warring clans in the volatile state in december selling the campaign as a short term military deployment let's discuss this now with a history professor from the national institute of eastern languages and civilizations in paris why is it so difficult for france to end its involvement in the central african republic at this point. you know the situation in central africa is not very new in. france did intervene a lot of time in africa and especially in central africa from the very beginning of
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independence so it's very surprising that now we are speaking about the situation as it is if it was. an unprecedented as if it didn't happen already. did i mean friends knew what will happen in central africa for for a long time so i think it's just a pretext especially dark you have much bigger and much longer violence in the neighboring eastern congo where you have have millions of people who were killed in the last ten years and friends didn't intervene in congo even if earlier in the seventy's the french army also intervened in congo so the situation is just. text. appears. new situation as it was already in ivory coast and mali where french army also they didn't but in this case we have the u.n.
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saying that there needs to be someone in the area to protect this muslim minority isn't there i mean fifteen thousand people who are apparently under imminent risk of attack yes of course. yes of course but we can ask why why you and didn't do nothing for eastern congo you know u.n. is just a pretext you know it's a double standard sometimes they want to have the. u.n. some pride in the intervention without u.n. approval or. for example the case in libya and so you know it's it's very you know it's very double standard and of course. it's obvious that there are tensions and violence in central africa but we have to think why there are violence and why there was no reaction earlier and who is responsible for the violence and which where the government. in central africa before the french
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intervention of course now it can seem a logic that there is something to be done but it's a little bit late and the responsibility are partly. in france or or in western countries more and more more in the largest way in terms of this latest deployment do you think that president a line that realizes that it would be extended that there would need to be this commitment of troops when he first decided to deploy troops to the c.r. . you know central africa central africa is a country bigger than friends so i really doubt it is possible to do to give peace back just using the actual situ of the actual army that are there so i really think that the generation now is going to be long
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and it will stay very long and the solution will not be very quick it's just like ivory coast where the french intervention was done long ago we can say and nightmare of the ivorian people is not finishing it's the same case in mali it's the same thing in central africa basically i think doug the problem is does. you know there is a competition in africa between western powers and china and. local tensions are you just used as a pretext to intervene. there were no religious conflicts in central africa for a long time. what we call a way a religious conflict is not a real religious conflict. because a religious conflict is to convert people to your religion which is not the case it's just what our lord's using religious pretext to intervene and you know
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the saudis like islam is just. an islamic copy of the anglo-saxon new evangelism christian dom or the jewish is alan ism it's tribal lies ation of religion it's come from abroad it's not local it's it comes from from the from countries from abroad and especially from saudi arabia which is an ally of france. which is an ally of united states and we originally look at that. on a broader way or at a fortune we have to and that there are bernard risqué live from paris thank you for your type. well moving on to venezuela as the country continues to be plagued by nationwide protests the u.s. has expelled three of its diplomats this after president maduro ordered three u.s. diplomats to leave his country accusing them of inciting the an arrest at least fifteen people killed in a riding that started two weeks ago with demonstrators demanding maduro step down
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over high levels of crime and a stagnant economy in venezuela some experts think the roots of the dissent lead beyond the country's borders the united states has imposed. charges for a very long time and so conservative government and. governments various ways whether it was. paramilitaries going to going to sweden from colombia or also the u.s. government supporting opposition groups with some doing. it with this public statements that for example kerry recently gave your state kerry which essentially gives you a position maybe you know shot in the arm because you know there are protests even though it's pretty clear that most of the protests that are over there are. there are so you can come loose. james bond once boasted that he had a gun that could only fire when he was the person who was holding it as we report
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online such a weapon is no longer the stuff of fiction and can actually be purchased in the u.s. more details online plus. san francisco getting an unwelcome claim to fame a watchdog revealed the golden gate bridge saw a record number of ssris of suicides over the course of twenty thirteen all that and more on our team dot com. may think it's deja vu and you could be right but the torches have turned blue this time and people carrying them have to work even harder to bring the flame to sochi than their predecessors the power olympic torch relay started in style or here we need to go has more. well the only how we can have to get to the torch from the fire as far as the far east of russia to where the paralympic games are going to take place and that of course is inside and they will have to cover the length and breadth of the entire country forty five cities more than fifteen hundred people are going to be involved and still we're going to be we're going to be seeing rather impressive
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displays off emotional physical and of course human endure and so we're going to be looking at people with disabilities to perform in some of the most amazing sports in sochi but because they have such a short period of time to do this the organizers decided that torch release will be happening single tenuously in several cities at the same time so so on the wednesday it was the far eastern cities that have started but the real late and by the end of next week we're going to be seeing the paralympic torch lit out in sochi russia actually has traditionally performed rather well and paralympics in fact they came in second during the vancouver winter games and of course they are hoping that the russian athletes and paralympics will be able to perform that feat during the paralympic games in sochi as well. as arenas said the russian team is no stranger to winter paralympic achievement eight years ago inter and they topped the
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overall charley with thirteen golds and the last time in vancouver russia was one gold medal short of finishing first well now with a home soil advantage there is no doubt they'll be giving it everything they've got in their chase for a victory earlier we met some of those who've been able to overcome huge physical and psychological barriers to achieve sporting excellence you can find those stories on our website and our you tonight show. breaking the set next hour to international or for our u.k. viewers analysis on the ukrainian crisis from a senior russian lawmaker in sofia and co stay with us. the comments which we hear from the leaders or ukrainian radicals they sound like ukrainian sela face they say ok europe is not the europe which we are dreaming about because the family values on the mind of the christian values on the mind the
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gay marriages law and so on and so forth it sounds like european taliban if one can exist. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our crusted like we've been hijacked lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one still just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem the truck rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america to find
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a job ready to join the movement then walk a little bit thirty. per cent of the help to buy scheme for real estate which is a copycat of the fannie mae and freddie mac. debacle which caused the sub prime crisis two thousand and seven the british energy corporations are going to take fracking even though in america it's been proven to be completely on economical and environmental disasters but they're going to do it here anyway because why nobody in the media here except for maybe george monbiot over there to guard him will say anything about the fact that this is an ecological disaster and more importantly in economic gloom dog all that will increase britain's debt to the even higher than it is right now the highest it's been a decade. because of. the the. yen
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benito's toto's i'm not a martin and this is breaking the set you know sometimes there's a story that just different. it's hypocrisy one is how facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg bought out his neighbor in mansions so he could have some privacy never mind the millions of facebook users his personal data is sold off to vulture businesses another is a story that broke just a few days ago the exxon is the largest natural gas producer in the u.s. and if you've been following the downward spiral of u.s. energy consumption you know that the government and big energy are pushing hard for fracking all across the country but don't you dare exxon c.e.o.'s rex tillerson the yard see this million or scumbag things it's perfectly ok to poison the planet with toxic pollution at the hands of his precious business but as soon as his pristine landscape gets scarred well that's just not acceptable teller said in his rich neighbors of a loss.


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