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tv   [untitled]    February 26, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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news source anymore except from. supporters and opponents of ukraine's self declared leadership clash in the southern region of crimea where local lawmakers are at loggerheads over whether to sever ties with. you this is just the beginning ukraine's resurrection europe's resurrection they started over my don't alter a nationalist keep post in the government with crowds again on independence square the hub of the uprising ready to approve or reject a new lineup of cabinet members. yeah and then just leave these members of the public to be harassed out of syria patrols far right vigilantes in armored vehicles patrol the streets of the muslim neighborhood in east london sparking fears of violence between communities. and encourage into the work of the troika of
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international lenders to struggling euro zone states flags flaws in the system is the european parliament admits the bailout hasn't quite gone to plan. nine pm in moscow i met president good to have you with us the uprising in ukraine has brought months of chaos to the capital but now the country's south tensions are boiling earlier today more than ten thousand people surrounded parliament in crimea has main city these are pictures from simferopol where two rival factions demonstrating for and against the interim government in kiev scuffles have broken out leaving several wounded protesters also trying to storm the building where lawmakers were trying to decide on whether the region should break away from ukraine are going up as more. the potential as you can
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see and feel. i am right now i got a completely. new round in just one place now in the meantime in another city here in the crimea around sixty miles away in the city of sevastopol which is also ukraine second or just see for pro russian protests have been taking place there as well for the past few days including today and put in front of the local administration building in the past few days the biggest protest gathered tens of thousands of people they've also elected a new mayor who is known for his pro russian views and his promise to protect the city i guess the national right. the representatives of the right wing are currently coming to power in here would seem the national here as well. now if you feel that was moving quickly like i said both sides are now are
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forcing was. quite a tense situation. yeah autonomy home to major industrial hubs and prime torah spots the majority of the population there considers russian their native language and the core of the resistance is the naval habit of sevastopol ukraine's second largest port which is home to the russian black sea fleet meanwhile in the capital the interim leadership is about to announce a list of new habit members to a crowd that's gathered by independence square the list has to be fully approved by the gathering for government to be formed on tuesday this is live video we're looking at from independence square people have been paying homage to those killed in three months of rioting that raged across the capital as you can see the red flags walter nationalists are in view and several members of the far right have wired up for top jobs or teams that alexy are chefs who report. we lead ukraine and europe's biggest battles in
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a vibrantly edited clip to the right sector movement of ukraine states its mission and well something that the revolution here ended with the ousting of the president of the college its leader to lead the jarosz has a different view. you see fortune this is just the beginning you chremes resurrection europe's was a reaction they started our my down. but does this resurrection require the storming of political party offices the torching of politicians houses and the manhunt for journalists and then you go at this recently the offer of your reward for the whereabouts of a russian journalist from the r.t.r. channel for what they call providing false information so you can see where we are heading now the jewish community in southeastern ukraine thought we had returned but on tuesday unidentified man tried to set the town synagogue ablaze with molotov cocktails the police leech for masked men started throwing explosives at our
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synagogue and around eleven pm our security tried to catch the perpetrators but they failed. the right sector is the core and the voice of the uprising but the extent of its involvement in the acts of vandalism and violence walking ukraine now is hard to verify the attacks are often perpetrated by unidentified masked men finding who exactly they represent is difficult the word on the street is that there are several armed factions operating under them i done that are now raising serious concerns about the rise of extremism just as the symbols of the tragic past resurface on ukraine streets we witness right now. a very hypocritical approach to politics it's especially by the european union and by the european states they say they fight against extremists inside the european union they fund extremists and support extremists and also i think.
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despite what is widely seen as a victory over the regime the might done remains intact with that right sector standing firm some of its members may leave independence square soon though possibly landing jumps in the interior ministry one parliament forms a unity government on thursday alexy were set ski on sea levels in from key if in ukraine. going forward a former member of the european parliament things the prospect of ultranationalist gaining some top jobs in ukraine is something the e.u. should be concerned about clearly we have to look very carefully at this government of national unity we should be bringing trying to bring people together some hard and difficult decisions have to be made to incorporate people from all parts of ukraine in the new government if it's a sectarian government of of those in quotation marks one the recent conflict and this is just a recipe for further problems in the future and with the continue to emerge in some
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of the far right. back to live video now from kiev where crowds are gathering to vote on the line up of possible government ministers list has to be fully fully approved by the gathering for the cabinet to be formed thursday we'll be keeping an eye on developments there so stay with us here in our to international for all the latest updates. turning to some of the day's other top stories with the u.k. government struggling to contain the rise of islamophobia at home some britons aren't making the job easier a group of activists now it started patrolling the streets of east london armored vehicles saying they want to protect people from being harassed by radical muslims but some locals fear the campaign is only stepping up the tensions as reports. i want it to be so hard for the vehicles given the person prolific there's any patrol in town halls only hills the small but make sure it's muslim patrols any political group calling themselves britain first have responded by filming what they've
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dubbed christie and patrols and this patrol comes complete with a vehicle proof the bullet proof the whole thing is on the t. joins them as they took to the streets in east london where we had in full. why the area particularly because that's where. the group is being described as far right many of their members a former b.m.p. or e.t.l. they really get to differentiate themselves from these grapes and insist they don't want to be associated with violence pick tactics such as baiting when members stand with empty big cans to try and lure out the muslim patrols have proven controversial and some members of the creep have already faced the rest we're not here to relieve you no. problems for anyone to be.
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carrying out they sure have drug dealing to confront them do you think the christian patrols intimidating. despite having a poorly condemned them isn't patrols at the time the east london mosque has been singled out by the christian patrol for criticism the mosques say they feel caught in the middle and are worried the patrol could inflame fragile community relations our community certainly feels threatened by his antics turning up to. any part of the country. is. putting across the street. a strong message the public me. to understand is that none of these groups represent the mainstream community or society out on london streets and well there's not much support to be found here i think first the border with you
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shouldn't have you shouldn't love the story. yeah. yeah yeah i think you're right that he thinks it's all going to be completely peaceful. there are going to be moments where obviously i think there's a potential for trouble there always will be there's nothing we can do to avoid that. yeah just leave these members of the public. patrols. patrols have been operating at the sun fine but that's not what we've been told since a number of arrests last year the muslim patrols have gone to ground it's unclear that patrols are actually still operating that will likely come as some relief to policing community relations work is in this diverse area of london that despite the christian patrol activity the muslim patrols. not taken the bait.
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we spoke with u.k. independence party roger helmer who thinks the presence of vigilantes on the london streets shows the authorities are failing to deal with social tensions. we shouldn't need those patrols if we were policing the streets properly and that is the it's you we need the police to get a grip we need the streets to be safe for everyone whether they're indigenous or in the groups whether they're christians or muslims but we must also insist that people do not seek to impose their beliefs on others that is absolutely critical and we must have a situation where the same law applies to everybody we cannot have bits of sharia law incorporated into british law. coming up a climate of intolerance in the powerhouse the council of europe. criticizes germany for progress and wiping out discrimination more on that after
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a short break. join me. in debt and financial commentary and much much. only on. revolutionary. overthrow of the democratically elected government in ukraine the country stands at the abyss politically economically and even territorially strongly supported by the e.u. and washington the new rulers of my don't perceive ideological zealots can they reach out to all ukrainians divide the country even more.
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gridlock. to build a new. mission to teach creation and. this is why you should care only. minutes past the hour the european parliament has slammed the work of international lenders and admitted to flaws in the eurozone bailout program. air reported minutes the financial institutions saved several eurozone members from maghreb c. but the troika of lenders is accused of failing to consult with national governments and merely giving them all tomatoes moreover the report says the troika lacks accountability and transparency and applies a blanket approach to all the crisis that countries are peter all over explains their hands on the purse strings of europe's cash strapped. with confidence in the
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euro zone's three biggest lenders known as the troika is wavering in terms of public debt in terms of potential rolph in terms of unemployment their results are worse now than before the troika intervention in the country by greece made up of the international monetary fund the e.u. and the european central bank the idea behind the troika was to get the most indebted eurozone nations back on an even keel through bailouts and at times crippling austerity measures island became the first to leave the bailout program at the end of last year not before cutting thirty billion euro from the budget and seeing salary squeeze by twenty percent in southern europe in hopes of a light at the end of the tunnel anti especially for the generation growing up in detroit unemployment is not should be able to afford so we are going to be facing a. a large number of young people in countries like greece or spain
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youth unemployment is over fifty percent and these people have little prospect of getting a job and achieving some sort of economic security this is seen european lawmakers call into question the ability of the troika to deal with the scale of the crisis and to attack its methods the troika acts like acts like a governor. and face its colonies in the south though here again tells you what to do the measures they come up with are not they're not always very effective the credibility of its economic forecasts has caused most unease particularly concerning greece which is received two hundred forty billion euros in loans so far in twenty eleven the troika predicted economic growth in greece of one percent however the reality was a seven percent shrink just a one off you might think then in twenty twelve they predicted two percent growth which ended up as a further four percent downturn those running for election to the european
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parliament this year say that the current systems in place for trying to deal with the crippling debts in some parts of the eurozone just aren't working and that a new solution other than the troika will have to be found in the next parliament with some accusing the troika of trying to cover up its mistakes but there is quite a bit of propaganda going on right now trying to make people believe that there is an improvement in those southern european countries in fact there's no improvement that i can see because the debt situation is verse then ever the banking crisis is still not resolved. r.t. germany. also in germany a new report from the council of europe santi racism watchdog says the country is not doing enough to stamp out discrimination and homophobia it's urge authorities to take a firmer stance on hate speech artie's losing half an hour has more. germany has done a good job of luring young people away from the neo nazi sea and the report also
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praises the country for a program that lets people applying for jobs anonymously in order to make sure that no one's discriminated for age or origin but when it comes to battling homophobia and racism the report says that germany simply has a lot more work to do one of the things that are recommends is tougher penalties for crimes against sexual religious or ethnic minorities as well as an overhaul of the way in which germany registers these kinds of incidents because right now there simply is a lack of confidence among victims in the german investigation process as a result many victims of racist or homophobic assaults simply don't report them to the authorities that's a major problem the council of europe also took issue with germany's penal code like the legal system here basically in many european union countries racial motivation for one example is considered as a factor in a crime one passing a sentence well not here in germany over here racial incitement as well as hate speech is only punishable when someone is found to have just served the peace something which is really quite difficult to prove in
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a court of law now the council of europe issues these types of reports every five years the recommendations are and binding and of course it's up to the individual countries to decide what if anything to do about it but the authors of the reporter do say that intolerance is something they see as growing all across europe not just here in germany french lawmakers over prudent extension of the country's military operation in the central african republic powers sent troops to stop a bloodbath between warring clans in the volatile state in december so when the campaign is a short term military deployment we spoke with historian bruno dress ski from the national institute of eastern languages and civilizations who things western countries are continuing to use local conflicts to further on the continent. friends knew what will happen in central africa for for a long time so i think it's just a pretext. now is going to be long and it will stay very long. it will not be very quick it's just like ivory coast where the french intervention
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was donned a longer goal we can say. nightmare of the ivorian people is not finishing it's the same case in mali it's the same thing in central africa basically i think broadly is. you know there is a competition in africa between western powers and. local tensions are you just used as a pretext really to be there is something to be done but. it's a little bit too late and the responsibility are partly. in france or or in western countries. turning now to venezuela as the country continues to be plagued by nationwide protests the u.s. has expelled three of its diplomats this after president maduro ordered three u.s. diplomats to leave his country accusing them of having a hand in the arrest at least fifteen people were killed in a rioting that started two weeks ago with demonstrators demanding media resign or
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high levels of crime and a stagnant economy that's discuss the latest developments with the rights activist and frequent guest sara flounders thank you for joining us again here on our what do you think is the major force driving this opposition in the country of these protests in the country. the major force driving the opposition is really us support and the arming and organizing right wing paramilitary and the up work and middle class who are against the popular changes and against the popularly elected government so it's not about that profit it's not about the rough it it's not about the g.d.p. in the city it's about foreign support you think. it's absolutely there is a u.s. effort venezuela is crucial to a block of countries in latin america that have broken free of total u.s.
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domination after decades of military dictatorship and impoverishment and this these popular movements in latin america have made a dramatic change for the people of so many countries venezuela is key to this and the u.s. is making an all out effort through creating what you say a dramatic change a dramatic change over the years of those chavez government now we have to endure a government that did very little apparently to curb crime or to bring up the standard of living in the country that people appear to be frustrated with you don't think that's a factor. the standard of living for poor and working people has changed dramatically the standard of health care of education of and transcend to university on so many levels that the wealth that used to be absolutely hoarded by the super rich in venezuela and go also directly to u.s. corporate power. that has changed and changed in big ways and there's been
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real opposition to this ever since in two thousand and one president chavez passed the wealth the law of the land in terms of popularizing and distributing land to peasants and the law on the gas and oil and this was followed by an effort a coup against president chavez in two thousand and two and that has continued to this day it's taken an electoral form but it again and again has taken as it is happening around the world where there is organized opposition of paramilitary forces we can see it in the in the ukraine we've seen it in the past and of course in haiti and nicaragua iran and many many many countries in ecuador in venezuela it's taken the form of really through violent means through extreme demonstrations through barricades and through shortages to attempt to change the
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popular will of an elected government and this is coming from outside at every point the u.s. in the name of human rights says that they're defending these forces and it's used in popular ways in the media in venezuela and in the u.s. to to try to connect it to the occupy wall street movement but these are occupiers who are fighting for wall street at every at every single point they want to connect recolonize and control a whole number of countries that have broken free and that's really what is going on in in country after country but in venezuela in a very sharp way right now but there's overwhelming support for the president of the world government and that was also shown on the latest round of popular and local elections that were decisively pushed back the right wing bush one more brief question that i have for you what do you think the next move will be will he make
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concessions or will he try to dig in and double down. well it's certainly seems that he's saying that these forces need to be confronted the u.s. demanded immediate concessions that he meet with this really bought and paid for opposition and make concessions to them and he refused to do that so i think he knows that there's a norma support for the policies that the the choice is will venezuela and also many countries in latin america will they return to the past when they were under the thumb of u.s. control or will they continue to assert their own development and sovereignty in a way that benefits the large majority of the population or it activists are a flounders that you're going to durango if you're on here in the u.s. thank you ok thank you or you might think it's a deja vu and you could be right but the torches have turned blue this time around
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the people carrying them have to work harder to bring the new flame to sochi than their predecessors i'm talking of course about the power olympic torch relay that started in style in the run up to the paralympic games to take place in sochi artie's arena glue show has more. well the only have we can have to get said the torch from the fire as far as the far east of russia to where the paralympic games are going to take place and that of course is inside and they will have to cover the length and breadth of the entire country forty five cities more than fifteen hundred people are going to be involved and still we're going to be we're going to be seeing our rather impressive displays off the emotional physical and of course human in durance when we're going to be looking at people with disabilities to form in some of the most amazing to us sports in sochi but because they have such a short period of time to do this the organizers decided that a torch relay will be happening single tenuously in several cities at the same time
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so so on the wednesday it was the far eastern cities that have started at the relay and by the end of next week we're going to be seeing the the paralympic torch lit out in sochi russia actually has traditionally performed rather well and paralympics in fact they came in second during the vancouver winter games and of course they are hoping that the russian athletes and paralympics will be able to perform that feat during the paralympic games in sochi as well. boom and bust with aaron aid coming up after a short break stay with us here on r.t. into. the.
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transit route to the new. you all best way to the heart of most. of god help to buy scheme for real estate which is a copycat of the fannie mae and freddie mac. debacle which caused the sub prime crisis two thousand and seven the british energy corporations are going to take fracking even though in america it's been proven to be completely on economical and environmental disasters but they're going to do it here anyway because why nobody in the media here except for maybe george monbiot over the garden will say anything about the fact that this is an ecological disaster and more importantly an economic dog that will increase britain's debt to even higher than it is right now the highest it's been a decade. the
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fifth. economic ups and downs in the final months day the deal sank and the rest. take it will be a briefly on the. technology innovation poll believes developments from around russia we've gone to the future are covered. i marinate this is boom bust and these are the stories that we're tracking for you today first up we have chris martenson live on today's show us the trend forecaster
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and founder of the prosperity dot com his thoughts on the u.s. economy then j.p. morgan is making vaccine and there are big ones but to what are they attributing the need for such cuts i'll tell you coming right up and finally edward harrison joins me in today's big deal to discuss the long believe of mt gox and what it means for the future of bitcoin now let's get the show on the road. with. j.p. morgan the largest bank in the u.s. by assets is reducing both its headcount and its target profitability for twenty
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fourteen now j.p. morgan said it expects its total headcount to fall by five thousand to two hundred sixty thousand people the bank announced the changes saying that creating a business model which can deal with new regulations is cutting into the firm's profits however j.p.n. is confident that it can win in this new environment and is up to nearly profit target from twenty four to twenty seven billion with a b billion dollars now mariana lake explained that the bank would achieve these targets by optimizing its retail banks in other words subtracting the number of humans and adding to the number of machines now check out these before and after slides are kind of interesting now the one on the left the picture that's of a traditional bank branch and the one on the right is a branch of the future you can see the obvious drop in the need for basic human skill and for rendering on the right and you know this next graph here now this depicts customer into.


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