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coming up on r t u.s. troops may soon be gone from afghanistan the pentagon is preparing a full withdrawal of all troops after the u.s. and afghanistan governments could not reach a bilateral security agreement what does this mean for the future of afghanistan find out just ahead. in the line between church and state but words in the u.s. military more american service members have complained that religion has been forced on them during training and while on duty and debt look at this coming up. a new study cast a weary eye on monsanto herbicide study claims that roundup may be linked with more americans suffering from celiac disease we'll ask if that's possible later in the
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show. it's a wednesday february twenty sixth four pm in washington d.c. i'm perry i'm boring you're watching r t america the pentagon is preparing a full withdrawal of troops from afghanistan by the end of twenty fourteen president obama phoned afghanistan president hamid karzai on tuesday to discuss of ghana stands coming elections and the bilateral security agreement since president karzai refused to sign the security agreement the white house said they will resort to the so-called zero option but options actually do remain on the table here is white house press secretary jay carney. the president has. tasked the pentagon with preparing for the contingency that there will be no troops in
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afghanistan beyond two thousand and fourteen but we are also. remaining open to the possibility of a post twenty fourteen. troop presence should a bilateral security agreement he signed or the bilateral security agreement be something later in the year. negotiations over the security agreement have been a diplomatic mess karzai says hello leave the signing of the deal to his successor there are eleven people running for his seat with an election on april fifth some of the candidates have said they would sign the agreement with the u.s. but many analysts say obama's trying to pressure karzai to approve the accord himself by moving forward with this option this decision comes just a few days after u.s. military leaders submitted their recommendation for obama to keep ten thousand troops in afghanistan after two thousand and fourteen which begs the question is a president obama more concerned with filling campaign promises of ending the war
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rather than completing the mission could the afghanistan scenario play out like the pullout of iraq in two thousand and eleven they are the president removed all u.s. troops from the country after the u.s. failed to reach a security agreement that would grant american troops immunity today al qaeda has taken back he areas in iraq and as america's longest war nears its and afghans and their neighbors are nervous about the resurgence and the regions as well pakistani officials have said they're concerned about the afghan military is ability to stand up to the taliban and other fundamentalist groups. many republicans on capitol hill say the u.s. needs to keep special forces and drone bases the end of the country to continue america's own fight against the terrorist so after billions of u.s. dollars poured into propping up afghanistan to fight the taliban what if they're
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not ready to stand up for themselves. the first amendment of the constitution clearly establishes a separation between church and state calls or shall make make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise their up but should this apply to the military to the military religious freedom foundation has collected accounts from service members who say were lived in has been forced on them and mandatory military training in some cases religious extremists in the military have even use religion as a justification for going to war artes and it's also more. the role of islam in wars the u.s. is involved in has been debated for years islamic islamic islam but any religion can be taken to an extreme and american soldiers are no exception if they did though some of the god's army in the sense of giving their wife over to jesus right
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in serving its enormous fundamentalist christianity is inextricably intertwined into the very d.n.a. of the technologically most lethal organization ever created by humankind which is our united states military this active us military officer asking for anonymity and fear for his safety says his life has been turned into a living hell by those he serves with because he's not christian. but it didn't work the officer says he has reached out to higher ups for help only to receive threats of being stripped of his rank and kicked out of the military i could no more. and. i was excluded to return. to school. the military religious freedom foundation represents over thirty six thousand active duty members of the u.s.
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military ninety six percent of whom are christians coming to there been a zeeshan feeling oppressed for not being christian enough claims its founder where we're dealing with a radical type of religiosity again not the islamic version but what's known as fundamentalists are demented christianity well religion can certainly provide solace to soldiers out on the battlefield we have a variety of denominations and faith groups. protestant catholic muslim jewish buddhist hindu chaplains who serve in our military right now again so that our military personnel can exercise their religious liberties what some experts say religious intolerance has reached unprecedented levels in the u.s. military over the last decade whether they're putting jesus those verses for example on their him six teams or painting their bradley fighting vehicles with christian crosses in the middle of a muslim country or whether they're espousing biblical worst to muslims in
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afghanistan or iraq these are dangerous people. even though a handful of attempts like providing fixit kits to wipe off bible verse references on rifles as well as addressing military courses involving jesus have been made over the years too raw to kate the spread of religious extremism insiders see significant change is unlikely. and aggressive stance towards anyone be it a fellow soldier or foreign enemy takes warfare tool full new level with religions in addition to countries clashing on the battlefield spreading not just more violence but intolerance across borders and i said sure can r r t e r. and here to discuss is either him or hooper from the council on american islamic relations thanks for joining us thanks for having me absolutely how prevalent is this issue of christian extremism in the military well i mean from a muslim perspective and as a civil rights group we tend to deal more with civil rights issues of the muslim
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military personnel whether it's wearing hijab head scarf whether it's prayer whether it's being able to go on hard as a member of the military to or to wear a beard but we do on occasion get these reports of proselytisation put forward by military personnel so it is an issue but i wouldn't say it's one of our biggest categories of work now in that video we thought u.s. soldiers wearing patches on their uniforms that could be considered offensive to. u.s. military members to where. it's a balance between the freedom of religious expression of the christian soldiers and you want them to be able to express themselves through religion that's their right just as it's the right of the muslim and the sick and jewish personnel but you
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can't have a situation where you're forcing that religion on other military personnel and you know as they say there's no atheists in the foxholes when you're in the military and you're in combat religion is an important thing to you but you shouldn't be in a muslim country pushing your particular faith on people that you're supposedly there to help you shouldn't have overt religious symbols on your weapons i mean just common sense kind of thing that's that's not something you want to do we wouldn't recommend it for muslim soldiers we wouldn't recommend it for anybody but as i said our main goal as a civil rights organization is to make sure that all military personnel whatever their face. they have the ability to express themselves to practice their faith and just recently the military has come up with a broadening of religious rights and they've come under tremendous attack from the right wing when the military said that we're broadening the right for instance to wear a headscarf as a muslim woman to wear
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a beard to pray in these kinds of things it's not total freedom but they broaden those rights we actually congratulated them on that but this issue of proselytisation and offensive religious symbols is one that we've dealt with in the past well a lot of people have expressed concerns about the crusader culture is that something we should be wary about yeah we've seen that on occasion to with certain patches there was even a weapon system that was going to be used by the military called the crusader in and that was eventually dropped they got as we say but. this is an issue and i think it's something that has to be dealt with by the officer corps in the military they just have to be able to clamp down on this kind of thing before it gets out of hand religious expression is fine but oh offensive
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religious symbols that are proselytizing or meant to insult other faiths shouldn't be allowed and if military members are doing that they have a lot on their uniforms and they're in another country could that make more radicalization upright more prevalent yeah obviously these kinds of things in a muslim country are going to cause problems we saw the situation where soldiers for instance you were unaided on corpses and videotape themselves doing that where other kinds of desecrations of this type of taken place there was a in afghanistan where they were burning korans even though that said it was accidental but it ends up on video and it's counterproductive to. american interests and image worldwide now considering the fights in the middle east have often been in muslim countries how haven't american muslims fared in these wars well there have been american muslims who have fought and died in various combat situations around the world i personally know of an american muslim who served on
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d.-day in world war two hit the beaches on d.-day so muslims have been in the military they continue to be in the military thousands estimates upwards of eleven thousand muslims in the in our military so these issues will continue to come up and again it's just the responsibility of the top officials to make sure that these things don't happen while protecting religious freedoms for all of the military personnel and has military leadership been responsive to this for the most part responsive it's a huge bureaucracy so sometimes it's hard to access that bureaucracy but usually when things are brought to their attention they handle them appropriately because they don't want internal conflicts or to damage the image of the united states around the world thank you this is need hooper from the council on american islamic relations. the u.k.
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government is struggling to contain the rise of islamophobia at home and some brits are into making the job any easier a group of activists have started to patrol the streets of london and armored vehicles saying they want to protect people being harassed by radical muslims as are teeth there for a response not everyone is on board with patrols. i want to be sorry for the vehicles given the christian prolifically there's any patrol in town halls on the hills of the small but nato it's muslim patrols a new political group calling themselves britain first have responded by forming what they've dubbed christie and patrols and this patrol comes complete with vehicle. proof. he joins the as they took to the streets in east london where we have improved. quite the area taking.
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drugs. for you. from the group has been described as far right many of them members a form of b.m.p. or e.t.l. but they really get to differentiate themselves from these grapes and insist they don't want to be associated with violence but tactics such as dating where men stand with the big cans to try and lure out the muslim patrols have proven controversial and some members of the great have already faced the rest we'll hear . problems for anyone to be. trying. to confront them do you think the christian. god despite having a purely condemned the muslim patrols at the time the east london mosque has been singled out by the christian patrol for criticism the mosques say they feel caught
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in the middle and i worry that the patrol could inflame fragile community relations our community feels threatened by. turning up to. any part of the country. putting across. a strong message the public. to understand is that none of these groups represent the mainstream community or why does society out on london streets and while there's not much support to be found here i really prefer to control the border with sort of half a century love. story. make me feel. yeah yeah i think you're right about that do you think it's all going to be completely peaceful here when i think there are going to be moments where obviously often
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there's a potential for trouble there always will be there's nothing we can do to avoid that you could not patrol yeah and then just leave these members of the public to be harassed part of shura patrols. but this sure patrols have been operating in this area to somebody but that's not what we've been told since a number of arrests last year the muslim patrols have gone to ground it's unclear if the patrols are actually still operating that will likely come as some relief to policing community relations work is in this diverse area of london that despite the christian patrol activity the muslim patrols have safe not taken the bait surf the london. still ahead here on our t.v. tensions in ukraine remain high after the removal of the nation's president now in southern ukraine protesters have clashed showing more signs of a divided nation the latest on ukraine after the break.
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starforce. felix to the finish line. on. what is. we welcome marinate and abby martin surely to a precocious on the art team that work. is going to give you the numbers might give you one star never i'll give you the information you make the decision don't worry about it i'll bring you this the revolution of the mind it's a revolution of ideas and consciousness for a story with the sense that it's very very real problems which would be described as angry i think in a strong. other single. now
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to the uprising in ukraine where protests have bought brought chaos to kiev but
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tensions are rising outside of kiev this time in southern ukraine artie's that you are going to takes us to a mass protest today that became quickly heated. detention as you can see and you're fine right now. we could lose the ranking just one place now in the meantime in another city here in the crimea around sixty miles away in the city of was supposed to open she's also ukraine second largest seaport broke russian protests have been taking place there as well for the past few days including today put it in front of the local administration building in the past few days the biggest protest gathered tens of thousands of people they've also elected a new mayor who's known for his pro russian views and his promise to protect the city against the nationalist right since he was the representatives of the right wing are really coming to power and here we've seen. over the national spirit as
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well. now you can see that warning very quickly like i said both sides are now forcing you know different. what a tense situation. that was r.t. correspondent in your piece going off to a study published in the journal of enter disciplinary toxicology so just there could be a link between month santo's herbicide cold roundup ready and the increase in celiac disease and the u.s. and europe celiac disease is an on a new disorder where the ingestion of wooden products like wheat lesa damage of the small intestine the authors of the study proposed that like a state the active ingredient and herbicide roundup is the most important causal factor in this epidemic the report states that the fate binds to the gluten and wheat and disrupts its ability to be transformed into
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a much less allergenic form this one caused long term problems such as infertility birth the facts and creased risk of non hard thins lymphoma. however the study also states that this proposal has not been proven and further studies of the significance of the fête residue in food and water need to be done monsanto the maker of the herbicide roundup tells r t the current paper strings together numerous observations many of which are controversial and correct or poorly established to assert proposed causation here to discuss is live writes the. co-founder of pharma food freedom coalition is joining thanks for having me on so can we draw a conclusion between the study here between round up and the ak well i think the study does offer some important questions that need to be looked at but as the researchers the in the study say it's not conclusive let's look into it more let's
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get some actual on the ground research going on this issue and see if we can answer some of the questions that they brought up in this. conglomeration of research well the study does point out that fish that are exposed to the fate they show symptoms that are similar to celiac disease do we have any idea of how harmful it is well we do have an idea of how harmful as if it is because of other studies that have been done on it the implication on the fish there with the fish it was much higher levels than what we're getting in our food so it's it is important to look at this look at it more and do some of the research on other animals and get some long term studies done on the faintly effect that they have this is really important the long term studies now round up is used on g.m.o. crops and the celiac disease foundation has stated that there has been no scientific evidence put forward for a g.m.o. celiac disease link however there's been no clinical human feeding trials on
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genetically engineered food either so does this study create any advances in finding out the effects of human well standing alone it does not and i don't think the authors intended it to stand alone they want to see more studies done on this and one of the important things to note in all of that though is that people have an experience when they go off including people who are gluten intolerant and they find that their bodies heal and one of the most important things that we're looking at right now is that often consumers have no way of knowing if they're in their food or not because there's no label on genetically modified ingredients and this is one tiny solution we could take to give consumers just the average consumers the information they need to empower them to make the choices that they need for their own diets now although there's been no studies on g.m.o. as and their safety for chronically ill people do you believe that they're safe for people have terminal illnesses well i can speak from experience and that is hearing
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from people who are chronically ill who get out of their diet they see an improved quality of life and. that right there it is anecdotal but it's people's real life experiences and that is something to take into consideration when looking at foods and looking at opportunities for this research now the authors of this study that we're linking to celiac disease they state that further testing needs to be done you know we're talking about this what kinds of tests and specific do we need what we need some independent research. institute for. national institutes of health for example or independent scientists who want to take this on privately funded we need this private research done the research coming out of the industry it's giving somewhat biased results in favor of the product they're selling no surprise there and we also need long term scientific research done on this we're getting short term studies we're not getting
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a lot of the long term ones done so you don't think there should be any public funds in that test and so you know if there's an opportunity for that. i think all of these studies put another piece into the puzzle and we can look at the data but i think that one of the most important things that we do need is privately funded research on this because it takes some of the bias out of the whole equation but if you also have privately funded research those private institutions hold the results from the public. well i suppose they could but it would be another piece of the puzzle have any scientist or group started these additional tests and where are we in the testing phase it's it's really tough in the testing phase because for example if we're looking at genetically modified organisms you know months and holds patents on a lot of these seeds and the technology and so it's difficult to do outside study so right now most of the studies are coming from inside the industry and again we're missing so much information because we don't know what's in our food right now so because they have patents on the seeds other organizations know how to use
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them to do studies on them and who might have access to them isn't doing it. so this is what is right said the co-founder of pharma food freedom coalition have you ever thought you might die from a broken heart turns out you were on to something according to a study at st george's the university of london you you losing a loved one doubles the risk of heart failure or stroke author of the report dr sun still saw that our study shows bereavement can have a direct effect on the health of the heart is a perfect example one new york couple married for sixty years after being hospitalized after a deadly leg and jury at hale was miles apart from his wife lori when she was hospitalized for congestive heart failure with only hours left to live when i heard the news he insisted on being by her side despite being on his deathbed he
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miraculously improved enough to be transferred to the hospital his wife was that they both passed away within hours holding hands. boom bust is coming up next here on our teen aaron age joins us for a play free vo thank you perry and that's such a sweet story too a sad but sweet so anyway coming up on boom bust co-founder of the center for economic and policy research dean baker sits down with me live in studio to talk macro economics plus we have the host of our teens kaiser report max kaiser on today's show he's talking all things cryptocurrency you know what i want to miss my interview with him and it's all coming up so please stay tuned thanks there and thanks for that does it for now for more on the shows we covered go to youtube dot com forward slash r.t. america and check out our website site r t v dot com forward slash usa you can also follow me on twitter at perry and d.c. stay tuned for a boom bust. i
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would rather as questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question for. pulls followers talk. a little writes. to the head. pain of the young
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girl's cammo for the future hunter. between two and three hundred million guns the united states so you can act like they're not here and keep kids away from them. the plaza sound is a large you know i mean this teaches them a lot of for a responsibility and since we're going to play through the eyes of children if we can't do it for our children for our future what. privilege should every cheer of with the illegal overthrow of the democratically elected government in ukraine the country stands at the abyss politically economically and even territorially strongly supported by the e.u. and washington the new rulers of my don't perceive this ideological zealots can they reach out to all ukrainians or will we divide the country even more.
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there i marinate this is boom bust and these are the stories that we're tracking for you today. first up credit suisse is facing fire today after the justice department alleged that the swiss banking but he meant he was clandestine methods to help american lives billions of dollars from the i.r.s. that story coming right up once we have part one of my interview with the host of our report max kaiser on today's show he'll tell us all about his personal venture into the world of cryptocurrency with max coin you won't want to miss my interview with him also we have american macro economist and co-founder of the center for economic and policy research dean baker is live in studio today.


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