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tv   [untitled]    February 27, 2014 11:00am-11:31am EST

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ukraine's ousted president dismisses the country's interim leadership as illegitimate and asks moscow for protection from extremists. the prime minister of ukraine solvent republic of crimea resigns and pro russian activists occupy a parliament building there thousands of supporters outside protesting against the rise of ultra nationalists in kiev. also the amnesty international accuses israel of using excessive force against palestinian protesters in the occupied land saying some killings could be tantamount to war crimes.
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from a studio in moscow this is r.t. international with the twenty four hours a day ukraine's ousted president viktor. fist with a public statement which suggests he is in no mood to give up the fight to hold on to power. has the latest. story of victory on the court which has turned into a genuine hollywood thriller he fled ukraine's capital of five days ago leaving the power it in the capital to what was then the political opposition which was quite hastily putting him on the wanted list branding him a criminal responsible for mass murder of ukrainians it has been speculation for some time that you may still be in ukraine now he may be in russia it's not confirmed by any official source as of yet but we do know that president bush sent a statement to the russians a news agency that us which said that he is still considering himself the
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legitimate president of ukraine elected in a constitutional manner everything according to mr gonna call which which is happening now in the ukrainian parliament is illegitimate he said he will continue fighting for the restoring the constitutional order in the country but at the same time he stated that he and his compatriots are receiving death threats from those running the show right now in kiev that's why you had to ask russia for help and providing security for him in the times when according to extremists are running the show in his country he also says that. the events which are now happening in the east and the south of the country a clear indication that not everyone is happy with the way things are going in and he will spare no effort in restoring the legitimate constitutional order in the country but as i've said not a single official has yet confirmed that he is in russia although the entire to us agency quote a certain source within the russian government that plea for help and for political
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asylum has been granted by russia and with a country more polarized than ever there's no better time for the ousted president to speak out that's according to international relations expert mark sloboda. while technically still the having rights as the president of the ukraine after being driven out by this putsch in kiev he's released a rather powerful statement we have seen a complete deterioration of the situation in kiev this putsch has shown that they really have no power. to control what is going on certainly not in the entirety of the ukraine but even more locally the ultra nationalist mobs which which they cynically made an attempt to ride the tiger of their violence into power are now in control of the streets so. i guess at this point must feel he has
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no alternative except to try to restore order to the country. and it's the rise of ultra nationalists that's leading to trouble in ukraine itself with the forefront of now in the capital of the autonomous region and that's where the local parliament has accepted the resignation of the region's prime minister and delivered a vote of no confidence to the cabinet the group already entered the parliament building as you go to now reports. over the night a group of pro russian activists got inside the local pollen here and raise that russian flag on top of it and now scores of their supporters have gathered in front of the parliament as well and they're saying that they're gravely concerned about what's been happening in kiev especially about more and more nationalist coming to power and they're saying the stand here to protect their national identity since just explain the east and southeast of ukraine where we are now are heavily populated by ethnic russians all of this is happening after clashes erupted between pro russian supporters and pro ukrainian ones who are mainly crimean tatars and
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that happened on wednesday and it started as a political rally but then the tensions quickly turned into ethnic was. allowed bar more into ukraine cheer in the crimea nationalist slogans are being shouted alongside pro russian ones they share the same lens but definitely not the same political views i. was. with we all came out today to show that without our approval no decisions will be maint we see the crimea is a part of the series the majority of people here support russia in the u.s.s.r. the crimea belong to the russian soviet republic until nine hundred fifty four when the then soviet leadership decided to transfer it to the administration off so he did crane and when the u.s.s.r. collapsed in one thousand nine hundred one the crimea was left as
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a part of independent ukraine but for the last few centuries mainly ethnic russians have been living on these lands alongside minorities including the muslim crimean tatars but. the crimea always used to be russian and was passed over to the crane and lawfully it's time for justice to prevail the square in front of the a local administration building here in secret all we have. division was survived. it was a political changes didn't want to bring you and roll russian with the russian flags for you right here and the tension was reaching the boiling point. even though i knew several lesser extent of the crimean tartars have been siding with the ukrainian nationalists but they were never able to agree on the march i was opposing tartars one of their own crimean tartar government as it was but the idea is too far fetched this point however nationalism is far more important than logic and the majority here are expecting the local authorities to exercise the
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political will in. ethnic conflict in europe to break out oz you go to the school of reporting from the grey me. and in a bid to gain ground the local muslim tart our community has been holding rallies for the new king of leadership in the region however the group is a minority most of the area is populated by ethnic russians and over seventy percent of the people count russian as their native language well meanwhile a video has surfaced online of alexander music he's a former mercenary who fought in chechnya and the current leader of the ultra nationalist group known as the right sector it shows his method of dealing with the remaining authorities. ok we're going to go look at what. sort of.
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this. research could barge into a prosecutor's office in central ukraine and attacked an employee while demanding to see the prosecutor who was not there he then began to terrorize staff members assaulting one of them and threaten to time up and drag him out quote like an animal. with a man of radical views music joined ukraine's ultra nationalist party in one thousand nine hundred one in the chechen war he fought alongside the militants and prides himself on personally hitting three tanks and killing a number of russian soldiers previously been accused of organizing an assassination attempt on a fellow party member and was convicted of kidnapping a businessman and causing him grievous bodily harm despite all that he ran for ukrainian parliament in twenty twelve and now stands at the helm of the country's nationalist movement what would be bring you more on those developments in ukraine after this short break this is r.t. international live in moscow.
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technology innovation. developments around russia we. have heard. stories others who refuse to notice. things is changing the world. picture.
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from around the globe. and that's the international is accusing israeli forces of using reckless violence in the occupied palestinian territories a new report from the human rights group goes as far as to suggest some killings may actually be war crimes. as the details. this amnesty international report that is some eighty seven pages reviews the behavior of the israeli army in the occupied west bank of a period of three years from two thousand and eleven to two thousand and thirteen and what it found is that the israeli soldiers behaved in an excessive and reckless way resulting in the death of multiple palestinians in what some might say is war crimes as you can well imagine the i.d.f.
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has dismissed the report it says that amnesty international has a complete lack of understanding of the situation on the ground and that in fact during the same time period there was a marked increase in palestinian violence on the israeli army nonetheless the report documents the death of some forty five palestinians in this time period it talks about a pattern of unlawful killings it also says that in addition to these there were at least two hundred and sixty one people were seriously injured by live ammunition and an additional eight thousand who were seriously injured by other means including rubber coated bullets in the same time period there was only one israeli soldier who was brought to book he was sentenced to one year in prison with five months suspended and allowed to remain in the army albeit at a lower rank well let's discuss this more with you all of them go he's director of amnesty international israel so what exactly is the alleging in this report
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give us the details. well we're looking at the total number of civilians that have been killed or wounded by israeli military by israeli police thing in the occupied palestinian territories and the numbers themselves are not new these are numbers that have been accumulated from from the u.n. and other sources and are not disputed what would we do in this report is we go in depth into them and try to find the stories behind these numbers and what we see is a continuous pattern. disregard for. human life disregard for international law we see a series of situations in which peaceful demonstrations are dispersed are met with unnecessary violence excessive use of force we see killings that there are unwarranted and most importantly in these this is the call of our report
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we don't see a proper investigation we don't see accountability when you are talking about lead to some but it's killing you're talking about killings here can you be a bit more specific what is your evidence what are you talking about exactly. but let me give you an example one of the cases that we document in the report is the dog story of samir awad he is sixteen from the village. near ramallah he was demonstrating together with with two friends peacefully against the separation wall that divides his village into two and he was shot by israeli soldiers in the leg he tried to flee and then was shot two more times in the head and in the back to death. that is one example of running so we see excessive use of force unnecessary and yet the israeli army is claiming its soldiers are seeing an increase in violence from the palestinians an amnesty
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doesn't know what it's talking about so what's your response to them. well. what we see is a situation where again these are these are civilians that are that are demonstrating in many cases peace within many in some cases you have for example children who are throwing stones that cannot be equated with a soldier with full armor for weaponry. this is not a balanced situation the response suggests that these were two sides which were competence but this is not these are not the cases that we are discussing we are discussing the interaction between occupying military force and civilian population nevertheless right dispersal right control measures do need to be used in some circumstances and they and they have been having a surely the military does have to maintain control let me give you an example
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i myself of a five year old son we live in tel aviv if he were to throw a rock at a car he would be severely punished by his father for one perhaps a police car would come and you know be very concerned that could have hurt somebody that does not warrant. shooting a child that does not warrant arresting children for prolonged amounts of time without their parents these are patterns that we see serially in the occupied territories this is the way that the israeli military so this is a very detailed report what do you want to see now as a result of this report being published what sort of response do you expect from israeli government. first of all from israel we expect to create mechanisms of accountability we want these cases that we have documented and the other cases to be to be investigated independently in the unbiased way in
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a transparent way we want people who committed. illegal actions being brought to justice this is what international law requires is what to do these are israel's international obligations this is what we expect at the same time we also expect the international community to use the tools at its disposal. to help move israel in that direction thank you very much indeed for joining us here live in our international director of amnesty international israel thanks. britain has only greeted the leader of the e.u.'s most powerful nation sharing the german chancellor with all the trappings of a head of state remaining in angela merkel's good books is seen as essential for prime minister david cameron if he has any chance of renegotiating the ukase relationship with the european union although it remains extremely unclear whether she will be what over is. now reports. for german chancellor angela merkel's visit
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to london it's a red carpet welcome fit for queen dubbed by foreign secretary william hague as britain's most important partner on seeking e.u. reform and the first german chancellor to address both houses of parliament starkly different to british prime minister david cameron's low key pub lunch with his french counterpart last month all that seemed to be placed on getting the backing of europe's economic powerhouse redrawing loves his relationship with brussels after all. it's not of course in this europe but incentives on both sides to find a suitable agreement so what exactly does cameron want for the u.k. curbing immigration by possibly putting a cap on workers from europe entering the u.k. at restrictions of benefits claims for migrants casts are in protections for financial regulations on britain and repatriation of certain powers back to
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westminster to name a few but the question is what he wants in return but would be some wins for the u.k. but you could imagine it's a tit for tat. they would have to accept something in return amid all the fuss lowering the excitement of the british foreign office has repeatedly advised ten downing street to bear in mind that any reform will require the agreement of all other states that naturally germany won't do anything against its own interests weak. financial transactions tax once again which could cost. three point five billion pounds you have. it's actually been long term strategy seems to be very different the u.k. has many more friends around the world should really be focusing on.
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the world. and in the end it still boils down to this one who wants a little less europe while the other wants a whole lot more of it. yes or sylvia r.t. . when it's discussing america's visit to london further now with conservative m.e.p. david campbell bannerman. she began her address to parliament by saying she will in no way pave the way for a fundamental reform of the e.u. to satisfy british wishes so where does that actually leave david cameron now who of course is set on we negotiating relations with the e.u. well i think she's no in the chances known to be very cautious and you'd expect bad but i think there was quite a lot more positive spin actually in her speech of your channel eyes that she mentioned the budget the multi framework review and the fact that's the first time the e.u. budget has been cast in fifty six years and she was surprised at that actually
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happening so she mentioned that and she mentioned the fact that wealth. wealth freedom movement was quite similar to birth so i think those are actually a lot more room for maneuver been might be apparent but of course all e.u. countries got to agree to any serina gauche asian with any country so just how much influence does she really have over any negotiations between the u.k. and brussels where obviously germany is the great paymaster of the european union as we know from the bailouts and supporting greece and the euro zone and i think that really underlies a lot of this also the germany is the only economy in the u. that's actually doing reasonably well that even it is quite stagnant so germany is a huge force i think is a big player politically and talking about the politics there's your party there is david cameron obviously very cynical and and concerned about the future relations with the you what does that do with relations between germany and britain i mean
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obviously she's there and relations look pretty good at the moment but there must be some underlying tensions surely. well i mean you always get underlying tensions between nations believe in the european parliament that happens all the time i think it's a very strong relationship i think there's a lot of potential to it and she was pains today to talk about the british ship and she wants change in europe i think again that's another positive aspects of what she was saying you know she's looking for more competitive and better economic growth from europe as well as britain is going as a lot of common ground and what about the way that she's being treated there in britain very different to four to orlando i think you went out to the pub for the luncheon here she is having tea with the queen it seems that the british ship putting a lot on this visit well yes it is a very impressive visit she addressed both houses of parliament she's going to tea
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with majesty the queen so yes but she is a very important person and she's achieved a lot of life chance of a girl so i think that's appropriate mind you know for a good part of the whole that well. you know i don't think we don't care about the french or i just had the feelings the anti europe sentiments now in the u.k. what do you make of the future what is going to happen that referendum perhaps one in twenty seventeen but still a lot of cynicism there in the u.k. . well i was so first of all we're not on to europe in the u.k. it's important to differentiate we are critical of european union real change in european union but we love europe we want to be part of europe and about won't change we renegotiate a new deal with the e.u. that won't change. i think is right but i think the conservative party is in
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a strong position because we're the only party to offer a referendum a real public choice between and basically choices either you stay in the european union with a renegotiated package or you leave and you negotiate a deal and i put forward and it's just a light device between norway and switzerland but kind of deal but that's outside the european union but i think i well said when it works for norway and sweden and so many people say why can't we have that relationship the same as no one in sweden it works very well. well i mean i personally speaking do believe in that kind of arrangements i think that could be negotiated i mean whether you talk of renegotiation from within the you or negotiation from without i mean it's the same sort of thing you're basically traders at the heart of this are having a good working friendly relationship of the heart of it there's lots of ways of doing that i mean the fact that you have the euro zone getting more and more close . and the new treaty being good that means actually our relationship in the u.k.
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will change with the u. whatever happens whether we stay in or leave they've agreed to talk to you thank you very much your time there in london david campbell live from our london studios thank you. unrest in venezuela is now spreading beyond the capital caracas there have been street battles between anti-government protesters and police in the northern city of events over crime levels and the struggling economy security forces were attacked with rocks and homemade explosives responded with rubber bullets and tear gas protests there's also looted a large supermarket in medicare a city near the capital that had been two weeks of rotting there in a country involving thousands of people angry at living conditions and soaring crime sixteen have died in the violence which some suspect is being fueled from outside. but. the major force driving the opposition is really u.s. support venezuela is crucial to a block of countries in latin america that have broken free of total u.s.
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domination venezuela is key to this us is making an all out effort through creating the artificial shortages hoarding speculation and it's used in popular ways in the media to try to connect it to the occupy wall street movement but these are occupiers who are fighting for wall street at every at every single point they want to connect rico novels and control a whole number of countries that have broken free and that's really what is going on in in country after country but in venezuela in a very sharp way right now. more news for me in the team including those developments in crime in about half an hour from now in the meantime aaron eight breaks down the financial headlines in boom bust.
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minnesota vikings football player jared allen and like many pro athlete stereotypes is actually doing something for society with us and f.l. fame and fortune he is providing homes for turning wounded u.s. veterans good job mr allan generally for some reason wealthy people don't do much to help other people besides giving money to charity to get some sort of tax break kickback the thing they don't realize that helping other people out is actually in the best interest of rich guys too if they would ever just stop to think about it a little more so mega wealthy that you could live in total isolation you're going to have to deal with the rest of the people in your country and the better off that average guy is the less likely he is going to need to steal from you to get by ellen's work is fantastic because it gets veterans out of a desperate situation returning home wounded trying to struggle to find work in a bad economy and treat their wounds in
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a massively over expensive medical system here ellis plant is a drop in the bucket for the over twenty million american servicemen who have come back home but it shows that a wounded veteran with a place to live as a much better chance at a good life and the fewer vets there are living under a bridge the better society will be but that's just my opinion. and over there i marinate this is boom bust and these are the stories that we're tracking for you today. first up credit suisse is facing fire today after the justice department alleged that the swiss banking but he meant he was clandestine
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methods to help americans hide billions of dollars from the i.r.s. that story coming right up once we have part one of my interview with the host of artie's kaiser max kaiser on today's show he'll tell us all about his personal venture into the world of cryptocurrency with maps going you won't want to miss my interview with him also we have american macro economist and co-founder of the center for economic and policy research dean baker is live and is studio today we're talking to dean about the u.s. economy both house and president you won't want to miss a moment and it all starts right now.
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credit suisse is under investigation by the u.s. justice department for allegedly helping its rich clients paying their taxes now a senate investigative report released on tuesday claims that bankers at credit suisse used cloak and dagger tactics to help wealthy american clients stash billions of dollars in assets out of sight from the i.r.s. that is now senate investigators say the bank went so far as to open a special zurich airport branch was amiss in the airport and this was so that customers could fly in meet their private bankers and then quickly hit the slopes right after not too bad if you're one of those v.i.p.'s. now according to the report the v.i.p.'s would use a secret elevator to be whisked to a private banking suite while bankers used peltry meeting rooms to avoid sending account statements or leaving a paper trail now credit suisse held more than twenty two thousand accounts for u.s. customers that's a lot of accounts and with assets valued between ten and twelve billion dollars it
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adds up to quite a pretty penny executives from credit suisse are set to testify to the justice department in a hearing on wednesday chief executive brady dougan will hit back saying only a small group of private bankers were involved with helping americans conceal their wealth however here's the quandary we know that there are politicians who have offshore bank accounts mitt romney comes to mind for example i think he's got a couple and why do people have offshore bank accounts well there are a variety of reasons but a lot of the time it's to avoid paying taxes however the current colossal colossal tax code here in the u.s. permits these a base of accounting gimmicks and there are billions more lost in accounting gimmicks right here in the u.s. gimmicks like for example the ability for people to earn wages that much lower tax rates thanks to long term capital gains i'm talking carried interest here horse what else have a job and carried interest now are.


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