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sixteen presidential race but now joining me from washington the five time candidate for president ralph nader we go back a hundred years he was a green bloody nominee in nineteen ninety six in two thousand and independent candidate in two thousand and four and two thousand and eight is the most recent book is told us so the big book of weekly columns and his next book is unstoppable the emerging left right alliance to dismantle the corporate state ralph first you actually see a left right alliance here we see it all the time now in washington it was government tour we saw it for example on the pacific trade agreement left right now saying we're not going to go for fastrack we saw it on the syria issue we saw it on the n.s.a. surveillance recently and you see it in a lot of other ways outside of congress where on issues like corporate welfare the
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military industrial complex a vampire the patriot acts saw on civil liberties and cracking down on wall street that's ripping up main street you see that i everywhere now and this book is coming out really takes it to a new level of possible reality i mean i read everything you've written i'm anxious to read it rob every american president elect this is a team fifty two when lincoln was elected is either been a republican or democrat what do you think will ever break that pattern. well i think you know surprises it may seem there's going to be a couple two or three billionaires who have a modestly enlightened background i really thought out with the the gridlock and the perilous is of the two parties and their increasing similarity campaign contributions and all that i think they can do it we saw what perot did you interviewed perot more than once in one thousand million votes after he dropped out
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what came back in one thousand nine hundred two bloomberg could have done it what happens when you got that kind of money you will get on the fifty state ballots you will get media you will get polls and you'll immediately have a thirty three way race so the other way to do it is if for example if baner and and cantor stand up to the tea party they may actually split off in two thousand and sixteen i don't see much i mean will be a green party in libertarian party candidate but there are there always marginalized by the media they can't get on any debates and it's very hard for them to raise the money although they have some pretty interesting so and so would have to be like. the perot a knight in shining armor or someone who comes along either a billionaire or a john doe gary cooper type who captures the public's imagination right. yeah in
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fact i just today couple hours ago i released a list of twenty possible billionaires or mega billionaires who could turn it into a three way race shake up the two party paralysis give voters more choices and in fact have a more competitive democracy will it be hampered ralph by the they supreme court ruling the citizens united versus the f.e.c. is that going to hamper third party chances. yeah but not not down much more than it before i mean there is a pile of corporate cash before susi united now there are you know five piles of corporate cash and it doesn't really matter to a third party a small third party robbing you of you since you wrote that historical gears ago and things gotten better. gotten better in some ways the cars are much safer for example we have more disclosure for food but on in other ways no they've
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gotten worse since we were midnight radio buddies years ago in washington larry the power of corporations over our entire society not just politics or elections they're even commercializing childhood there is no one to control our genetic inheritance patent our genetic inheritance on and on they can threaten to leave and go to some third third country dictatorship and leave the jobs in factories empty here the power is i don't think he's ever been more concentrated in a few giant global corporate hands who have no allegiance to the usa other than to control it and ship his jobs and industries to fascists and communist regimes abroad who know how to keep workers with in their place there what do you make deal with or to be discussed you know a little while what do you make of the tea party. so there are more than one tea
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party original tea party we have only small business professional libertarians and they could have been part of this left right coalition they were critical of the patriot act critical of nafta critical of bloated military budget critical of corporate welfare and bailouts of wall street but the republican right especially in congress sort of hijacked it some think tanks here in washington sort of hijacked it took the label and put it on. extreme corporatist politicians here in washington and i think there's quite a bit of resentment back home among some of the purer tea party people who had more of a of a ron paul libertarian approach is ted cruz the kind of guys who is he's going to do you think he'd be in the blazing he believes the revote what do you make of the
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. well i mean ted cruz you know he's he is a train wreck i mean is willing to shut down government well in that tie of the senate he doesn't seem to be able to have a two way conversation i don't think he's really all that libertarian i think he has corporatist tendencies big business tendencies regardless of his rhetoric but he's not accomplishing much if he was if he was really serious. but to get all government contracts on line all the souls of the natural lens on line so that people can see where their money is going full text on line senator coburn is for senator obama then was for the senator but senator cruz e's not h. even in a thing there's no left wing equivalent of the tea party is there. no no i don't think there are crazed. what are the key never says
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a tween democrats or republicans other some people who say they were in as is there really isn't. on corporate power very little although the rhetoric is better on the democrat side on foreign and military policy very little i mean generally see my hillary ad miller's arised did say to vajra never saw a weapon system or a war an incursion or a drone attack she didn't like she even dragged obama into libya against the advice of the secretary of defense at that time mr gates they are different on social security they are different on health insurers the two parties are different. things like access to the law by the poor's legal services there are democrats are a little better and regulation although they talk a big deal they're not that much better but they're all dialing for the same commercial dollars and they're all selling our precious us government do you ever
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grab thinking that had you not run al gore would have been president. well because i don't think that would have happened i think first of all you know buchanan ran against bush but al gore himself when asked why he lost he doesn't blame the green party he blames the first the supreme court political decision that elected george bush imagine a court electing george bush instead of letting the total recount continue that was ordered by the florida court and then of course he didn't get his home state of tennessee that alone would have put him in the a no why does he didn't get arkansas with clay and that alone would have put him in but i think if we all have a right and equal right to run for election larry then were either we're all spoilers of one another trying to get each other's votes or none of us are spoilers third parties are not third class citizens do you remain
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a strong critic of hillary yes i think she hasn't accomplished much she won't even come out for a higher minimum wage which even right wingers know have come out for phyllis schlafly has come out but bill o'reilly has come out run ons run ons this point a california initiative for twelve dollars minimum wage we've read and then other people have asked the clintons in new york city come out for a minimum wage for thirty million people at least equal to the minimum wage in one nine hundred sixty eight adjusted for inflation and as no big deal thirty million people are making less today than workers in wal-mart and elsewhere made thirty forty six years ago just they were saying that they won't come out for if the law about rhetoric grabs if he runs against a large conservative republican nominee in two thousand and sixteen which is ralph nader go. you vote your conviction you vote for the person who stands for
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justice freedom and peace that's that's you go for it everybody did that a lot of these snarky politicians who basically say to you you go vote for me because i'm the least worst that's the you know that's the vibration would be around i've always believe in voting for your convictions and for the principled candidate of your choice which is why we want to get more candidates on the better of you would vote for a principled conservatives over a hypocritical. left wing progressive. well it's not just principle it's also what the principle is about i mean a principled warmonger. or so they have been so much yes someone who's principles on progressive issues you know of a government of by and for the people what year is he feels that he was says we haven't spoken about this in
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a long while what's your assessment of president obama with three years to go i think he's been very disappointing i don't think he's feels it's potential it took him a long time to even call all the millions of people a low income poor was all middle class middle class and you know he should have turned his back on the poor i think he's turned his back a lot on african-americans i mean the the black caucus in the congress they just see that privately and how little attention he's paid to them and you know they have a lot of seniority in the house john conyers and others so but on the military and foreign policy he's been on he's extended bush he's been more aggressive than bush in what i consider outlaw ways illegal unconstitutional outlaw ways you know breaking all the national sovereignty that saying that they can take care take out anybody in the world who they the white house the prosecutor the judge the jury the executioner thinks is
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a threat not even an imminent threat to our security six thousand miles away with a kalashnikov wire rifle and two pairs of sandals. doesn't work that's not our system he said grab later for joining us coming up one talented again we're going to take a look at what's happening inside the republican party with a leader in the team party movement in the stablish one conservative you all want to miss this don't go away. if you don't know if you don't pay a car north plans to. everyone in my life that i cared about their government and. i came to scan well. i was so national champion in track and field and also i was able to go and qualify for the olympic
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games. you know nine hundred eighty eight i started to experiment with that the drugs i had lost all the financial means that i. was really on the street. black market can't. break. through to keep. right on the same. first street. and i predict picture. on our reporters twitter. instagram.
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me and the. mom. this is what you adjust your mental training fellow children of the industrial revolution we come face to nominate seems to be running out of steam as well as spoil coal gas water don't treat. this energy crisis like this yes we america obama is wise and more such he's talked about if i just futuristic like sticky stuff next life like to be precise. let's go back to politicking can the republican party heal the rift with its tea party loyalists and can they do it in time for the twenty sixteen elections and what effect will the g.o.p. inviting have on upcoming midterms let's talk to find out. with this rather find out rather with the republican congressman steve la tourette who joins me from washington d.c.
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and the chairman of the tea party express amy kremer who joins us from atlanta georgia stephen you said we want our party back who is we. are we the republican party that has been around since the sixty's and stands for individual responsibility individual liberty fiscal responsibility and then not some of the strange issues that have crept into our politics today what's your reaction to that amy well i certainly don't agree that the republican party stands for fiscal responsibility because they've contributed to the seventeen trillion dollars debt that we have right now the tea party movement is focused solely on the economic issues on a national level you may have groups that get down into the social issues on a local level but we are focused on the economy and that's why we've been so successful is because even democrats and moderates agree with us that washington
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needs to live within their means it's simply not acceptable and that's why we are where we are today coming up on the five year anniversary of the tea party was the split in the body though i mean frankly. no absolutely not listen i mean the republicans wouldn't control the house right now were it not for the tea party movement we took back the house and took the gavel out and he has he close these hands we just want these republicans to stand up and do something about the spending and they don't do it they go along to get along and they have these you know procedural votes for cloture and then they vote no when they go home and then they tell their constituents oh i voted no for the debt ceiling well no you knew it was going to pass and you you agreed to let it come to the floor and it's not acceptable anymore larry i mean who was going to pay this debt stephen. well i listen i give me the party all the credit in the world for the two thousand and
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ten election their energy and their enthusiasm and they're getting people to the polls was a great turning point in two thousand and ten the difficulty that i have isn't with the tea party for say it's with these groups that have since become things in washington d.c. like dick armey group freedom works club for growth heritage action that really they are now in the business of perpetuating themselves and they're not interested in governing they're not interested in finding the way forward their interests and blowing the place up and the republican party does not stand for blow on the place amy ralph nader with as early as the with the dean party started they had standards that a lot of people agree with but the as well as stephen points of they've had a lot of off shoot people but border on the weird how do you respond to that. larry you know what you have that on both sides of the aisle you have the french and the democratic party have it on the right as well you know that is why we have stayed
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focus on the economy on obama care about creating a pro growth environment so businesses and companies will have confidence in washington again and will start investing in the companies and put people back to work create jobs it's not washington's place to create jobs and this administration has shoved obamacare down our throats and the republicans were just complacent and we're going to take it because they did we don't control washington is their answer well no it's not acceptable that is why ted cruz and mike lee and ram paul and justin amash and mark meadows in the house have the platform they have because somebody is finally standing up and fighting for the american people that's why they have the platform they have given you. good bread and so will use to buy the. well i didn't call him reprehensible i called what he said a mark levin program reprehensible and that is words to the effect that this thing
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that republican politicians in washington fear the most is telling the truth to their constituents that i find that to be reprehensible by somebody or if you go to the government shutdown you go to the default thing i'm all for standing up i'm all for making an issue out of obamacare the affordable care act i didn't vote for it i don't like it but at the end of the day he had no plan b. so you're shut down the government you take the country to the edge of the fault for what for what you think obama down and six hundred pounds i have in a new is going to go you're right this is a horrible law let's get rid of it in politics and in governing which is the job of the government you have to figure out how to work within the system to achieve your goals so just blow it up that's easy to vote no and go on that's easy it's harder to go but the congressman i just want to respond to that we were going to have a shutdown regardless because the president and harry reid had already talked about
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and threatened to shut down if the sequester cuts weren't rolled back and so that shutdown was coming and the one time that the republicans actually got cut through the sequester what did they do they turn around and they give them all back and i mean they're so afraid of being called out by the mainstream media or the dems that they can't stand on their principles instead it's just go along to get along and won't kick the can down the road you cannot continue to pass budgets that balance in fifteen or twenty years because the next congress and this congress can hold the next congress accountable i mean they can go and spend and do whatever they want when it is somebody's got to understand in washington that the american people are tired of this i mean even a reason as the government can create jobs didn't the stimulus program. create jobs didn't work well. i really think that's the five year anniversary too and i would
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disagree with that i don't think it really worked because the emphasis was misplaced the part of the stimulus that worked was on the on the job creation occurred on infrastructure spending but that was only eight percent of the bill the other ninety two percent was spent on on stuff but then you know did that jamie's point i mean i was here in one nine hundred ninety seven with john newt gingrich we balanced the budget and we did it in a republican way by slowing growth and to say that we are facing a government shutdown regardless that's that's just not so i voted for sequester but the failure is it was a document in the washington post from the white house flying in to tell us and i don't use the washington post amy as my gospel so i really don't know that i'm going to go there but i'm going to tell you right now that that the sequester cuts were the unfortunate consequence of the deadlock in washington you've got the democrats that won't touch one fairhair on the entitlement programs and you've got republicans that won't even put any revenue on the table i'm not talking buzzword
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for taxes i'm talking tax simplification that needs to revenue so the super committee couldn't come up with this little itty bitty savings and as a result you got sequester and i don't think you know you don't get to call the crazy on the president for saying i'm not going to negotiate when you're crazier than he is from a republican to forgive who has bad sinus conditions they said if this keeps you never going to do a presidential candidate again within memory i agree with that and the reason i agree with that and then amy and i don't think we disagree that that much the difference is that the whole thing about elections as you've got to win elections and so senator cruz is great down in texas senator cruz could not be elected in ohio he could not be elected new hampshire he could not be elected in maine and if the republican party is going to elect the president tonight in states we have to compete in all. fifty states and sadly the groups that have taken over amy's vision of the tea party have these litmus tests as to who is a good republican who is
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a bad republican they call me or i know what you know what now we've armed the riaa know it and we're not going to take it anymore we want the next president united states in two thousand and sixteen to be a republican. leaders will be good give me a me give me a good example who would you like to see. in twenty sixteen give me if you may larry i don't know what i mean i honestly i'm not even focused on twenty sixteen right now i we have a number of good rising stars in the republican party conservatives and my concern really about twenty sixteen as we can't afford to lose them all in the senate but right now i'm focused on taking back the senate and taken that gavel away from harry reid. that's what we're focused on and what we're working towards and you know this is the thing is that there is a huge disconnect from between washington d.c.
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and real america the people that are mad at ted cruz and angry at ted cruz are all in washington when ted cruz leaves washington and goes to these other places and speaks in sarasota florida eighteen hundred people standing room only i mean standing ovations everywhere he goes and it's because he's finally stand up and fighting and these are events put on by those state parties our county parties republic i'm through so there's a big disconnect and what if the republican party continues to shove moderates down our throat i mean you're going to have the same thing happened that happened in twenty five loaves and people are just going to sit home stephen. well i got to tell you i'm focused on capturing the majority in the senate as well but amy and her allies and not amy because she's a lovely person but these groups should nominate. who wants to talk about legitimate rape mr murdo in in india and then the ones to talk about going to
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impregnate pregnancy being a gift from god i never thought i'd live to see the opening commercial that i saw from christine o'donnell in delaware i'm not a witch for republican candidate for senator until we stop nominating these manchurian candidates by trashing people in the republican party by some litmus test or not taken back the senate and we're not capturing the white house and while we continue this circular firing squad there's only one party that's prospering it's the democratic party amy how do you or let me just say let me just say first of all we did not support todd akin and we supported sarah stillman in that race but you know when you have republicans that are voting with democrats it doesn't matter if you hold the majority or not if you have republicans that are voting with democrats i mean you're deluding the brand you're just as bad as they are and this is the thing we cannot continue to go down this road we need to set ourselves apart
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we need to stand for something and stand on principles and i know you're focused on tarty congressman but we're focused on the issues that are affecting americans americans don't care what party does that americans just want washington to live within their means and that's what this whole movement is about it's about educating voters and that's why you saw what happened in two thousand and ten in the untold story of two thousand and ten was the state houses and the gubernatorial races that we want as well but there is a huge disconnect between washington and real america and they need to wake up because we're hurting out here and when you have a senator senator dick lugar who had. not lived in the state of indiana for twenty nine years why should he represent those people why should he represent people that he doesn't even live in the state we have the same thing going on with senator pat roberts right now in kansas has not lived in the state i believe for twenty years
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has voted absentee ballot he's got a vanity license plates on his car and he's running for reelection in kansas do you think that that's really what our founding fathers wanted do you think that that's what we want across this country i want to know my congressman in my senator live in my state and brother that maybe there are cozying up to washington d.c. to lobby and even i you know i was saying well listen i'm glad you brought up senator pat roberts who i served with in the house because the story i just read over the weekend then this brings makes my point of manchurian candidates the candidate that i guess you're backing posted autopsy photographs some website or internet news making jokes about wounds and dead people now that is not funny first of all and one day what we want that person to be the republican standard bearer going into the fall no matter where pat roberts lives. there are a number here and there are no wait larry the saying is a does matter where pat roberts lives he should live in his state he absolutely
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should listen as neighbors to this business they know they leave things amy kramer and stephen love to read a fascinating discussion that will not and they will keep covering it thanks to my views of the two and a half stages of both the i want to hear from you to join the conversation on my facebook page share your thoughts on twitter by tweeting me at king's things and using the public to this day that's all for this week's politics i. in two thousand and seven one of the first things piece by wiki leaks was a secret video recording that actually moved. video showing two americans actually political just opening fire on a dozen people in iraq this is going to means to live in a society images of violence become normal this is what the sense of isolation and lack of empathy look like. when we try and experienced in places that only
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disassociate. and by action from activity we also have seen from certain kinds of moral and i absolutely am frightened of the potential games desensitize people we know they can because the military uses games . as. old as war it is not simply put it is chilling and chilling exacts a penalty a killer. people for whom. it is defined by the popular media. says.
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dozens of men such a major airport in crimea looking for troops from kiev while local leaders are forced from power by a group claiming a lot of self-defense appointing new pro russian authorities in their place. and in the ukrainian capital spreads as right wing radicals get their hands on guns refuse to disarm and use scare tactics to get their way. death in detention briards. after a gunman dies in police custody family saying that he was tortured. and left in the cold the millions in europe who are struggling without a home as the house is that could accommodate them left open to stand up to.


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