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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  June 11, 2014 4:01am-5:01am EDT

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local officials to. ukraine's army faces within its ranks as dozens of soldiers refused to take part in a deadly crackdown against proton in the regions in the east of the country. it is now just off the twelve o'clock noon here in moscow thanks for joining the program. crew welcome. now. suddenly well peace between the syrian government and the opposition they could take place as early as this week and this comes off of the rebels were forced out of their last stronghold of homes left by years of war from reports. these a new sounds the tango over the city of holies the place in the shallow
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a bomb have to dialogue with the government the rebels left what they considered their capital and clashes stopped holmes's old town the militants last stronghold it's from here that they were following they groom and with their sources and this is what's left after months of fierce clashes after months of their resistance and more sc shops someone's home everything is destroyed everything in ruins but those who were forced to flee and no slowly returning for the first time in years is relatively safe here and people want to be in the place they still class as their find here i just came back from the market where good thing god does become possible after high ranking military and civil figures accepted the advances from the very people who have been targeting them. desperate is the best word to describe the situation in which the rebels initiated talks the syrian police major
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was among the negotiators but just a year ago he was hit by a bullet fired from the rebel side it left him disabled and doctors say he may never fully recover but he still calls for forgiveness most of them are young people who get influenced by fanatic shakes and islamic clerics who have the extremist ideology that is alien to syrian society they motivated them by money that came from the gulf countries mostly and all this was supported by western and israeli intelligence we need to help our guys who became victims of all this we speak with a major in what's become a kind of rehab center for x. militants around twelve hundred of them were brought to the school after they surrendered university teachers and religious leaders whose families suffered in war now talk to former militants helping them reintegrate. most of them saying they were forced to take up arms all of them deny ever killing anyone but their words
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are impossible to verify. they used to give us lessons to explain to us that the regime is in for jobs that the regime is attacking muslims and we have to fight them. we visit homes just days after syria's first presidential elections in decades this man tells us he voted for son the person who he was fighting against just weeks ago. syrian reconciliation is assets initiative he wants to rebuild peace and have the city of homs or who may have once targeted people in syrian army uniform could soon be wearing it himself as part of the rehab program the twenty two year old could be sent to serve in the country's army and there is no way that i will kill any of my brothers by religion and i won't kill my former brothers in arms of i do not want to kill or hurt anybody it's. those behind this reconsideration initiative say the important thing is to encourage other militants
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still resisting and there are many of them to lay down their arms and what remains the only district in the city of holmes is still held by the rebels there fishel say they are not less than three thousand and the army is here nearby and also surrounding the area and they are ready for an operation any moment but the rest of violence there are two. in three villages around homes and in some other syrian provinces the situation is similar to how it was a long way to go before peace is returned here but hope to high today that syria is a pleased had you down the right track. from homs in syria. islamic extremists have seized a second major city in northern iraq home to the country's largest oil refinery in recent days you had as fighters have been stepping up the insurgency are now in control of the entire northern province of nineveh along with iraq's second largest city of mosul the population of over two million hundreds of thousands of people
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have already fled their homes and soldiers were quick to drop their guns and abandon their posts to the radicals have reportedly overrun a local airfield seizing military helicopters and several humvee vehicles it also produced prisoners from local jails now here in r.t. international we spoke to the u.s. congress antiterrorism advisor who says the takeover of more sule is a serious game changer. this battle is an important one before that dive short of the islamic state in iraq and the levant would be engaged in getting the warfare attacking convoys suicide bombing and now if it can control the city and the government within the next days weeks cannot take it back this is a very serious matter not only this organization will seize the resources of the city but will recruit more and will conduct attacks from the city into other areas of iraq so the moment is very dramatic in iraq at this point in time and the
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international community should have a stand at least if not politically but even more on the ground with the iraqi government at this point in time but also given advice of the iraqi government this is not the time for sectarian reaction this is the time for national unity in iraq or to ukraine where the city of slovyansk in the east of the main hub of pro autonomy forces has been utterly devastated by the ongoing army assault at least two children have now died from shrapnel wounds during the weeks long shelling residential areas of the city center are severely damaged and locals are suffering from water and power outages. it struck in the morning always hit by the blast wave i ran away to call it to. get out. there shooting but i can't leave i have nowhere to go ukraine's newly elected president petro poroshenko has given orders for humanitarian corridors to be set up to get civilians to safety the self-proclaimed leaders of the rest of region say
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they doubt the government will follow through with this plan meanwhile around fifteen national guard soldiers who did take part in the attacks on sloviansk of now refuse to fight or sing their anger over the way the operation has been run by a growing number of soldiers are laying down their weapons as artie's forest near before it's. six weeks on and with more than forty soldiers did here this military operation continues the army is in a pitched battle with anti-government activists but it's also struggling to keep itself together. that's a tough call but now they're sending me to war calling on me to kill people in just like me more and more soldiers are refusing to obey orders and despite cuba's full military mobilization in march and has all but dried up whereas once they used to before drafting officers in lugansk today only one and it's quiet they want
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inside with the cameras i spoke with a clock and he said there hasn't been any kind of recruitment here for weeks i asked to speak with a person in charge but was told that he's taken early retirement. last month then acting president turchynov signed a decree calling on all main aged eighteen to twenty five to enroll those who did not list in jail but this young man is prepared to risk even more he's not only ignored his call up he's now fighting against the very army in which he's meant to serve a lot of. i got a draft lesser on the third of march that said i should go to the army i refused i didn't even go to the drafting center i'm not going to fight against my own people we have spirit ideals patriotism they don't have that they're going to go orders and money but others did on said the call to serve a decision they now have a great son is twenty years old he was drafted
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a year ago and disserving in western ukraine she's what we thought because he comes from the east he himself will be seen as the enemy and here is the horde i want him home a soon as possible we are missing him we are really missing him. the army is food and ammunition and a sense of purpose and the casualty count climbs it will become harder than honda to convince young men they should put their lives on the line for a cause many don't believe in. eastern ukraine and you. get all the very latest updates coming straight out of eastern ukraine also reporting on the situation. one of the main flashpoints in the conflict between. should we. be in the cold.
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so to come on the program. on the table. at the u.s. . them selves to offset the growing influence in the asia pacific region. and many more to the. interview.
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join. and. terry and much. only. if you're just joining us welcome to the program when i see international japan and australia are looking to forge a military alliance with a multi-billion dollar submarine deal but the first major transfer of tokyo's military technology to australia is seen as a step towards countering china's growing dominance in the region it also comes as
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prime minister pushes for greater japanese involvement in settling international disputes now since coming to power in two thousand and twelve the japanese prime minister has taken moves to change his country's post-war pacifist stance step by step in early twenty thirteen for the first time in over a decade japan raised its defense budget this during a dispute over islands with china then in april of that year tokyo relaxed its self-imposed ban on exports saying it needs to expand the domestic defense industry and then the following month in a televised address the prime minister said article nine of the constitution which outlaws war to settle disputes should be revised and then in late twenty thirteen a five year defense plan was adopted including the purchase of drones and assault vehicles. now taking a much closer look at the regional shifts in military power. after japan together
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with the nazi germany lost in the second world war it adopted a constitution which says the japanese people for every now swore as a sovereign right of the nation in the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph lend see it air forces as well as other war potential will never be maintained throughout these years though japan has maintained armed forces but strictly for the purpose of self-defense well japan's current prime minister. wants to rewrite that constitution and expend japan's military power in the region laying out a vision of tokyo as a counterweight to china but without naming any country prime minister be offered japan's help to regional allies quote to ensure security of the seas and skies the japanese government has already relaxed arms export rules in april china is in the
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center of a number of territorial disputes in south china sea with the philippines vietnam and. the east china sea with japan over same cockle and do all you islands the u.s. is very much in broiled in all of this claiming that the disputes demand a larger u.s. military presence in asia pacific sixty percent of the u.s. is fleet is there for us as a large military presence in australia japan and the philippines and guam and the u.s. doesn't mind its ally japan becoming more militarized the united states welcomes japan's efforts to play a more proactive role into triggering to global and regional peace and stability including reexamining future protection for which constitution. chuck hagel has lashed out at china for what he called destabilizing unilateral actions asserting its claims in the south china sea china hit back on personally think the speech by
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mr hague was full of hate germany full of threats and intimidation china is accusing the due west of using the disputes and exacerbating them to gain a strategic advantage in the region if you are in beijing is you're looking at this and what you're seeing is is that japan is piling on along with the united states japan may say that its plan is to secure peace but critics argue any military expansion would lead to more tensions in washington i'm going to check on our team . prime minister shinzo up as moves to militarize japan has been met with some pretty massive public opposition japan's international broadcaster has been gauging public opinion let's show you some numbers here on r.t. international because of cording to the latest polls just over thirty percent of those interviewed back at the idea of japan's militarization of whereas forty one percent at least are against tokyo's plans for a constitutional reversion allowing the use of war and international disputes well
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we talked to one expert on asia who believes actually behind the closed doors it would be known that the u.s. has direct interest in seeing a stronger japanese military. very formidable military. trash. nuclear technology and has room. for technology so decisions that. then very quickly become. the very. real. and really strong. china and to a lesser extent russia. into the arctic we go to start with the chilean capital
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santiago where riot police fired tear gas on thousands of students and teachers they were packing the streets demanding education reform the protesters are fighting back the rocks and other devices that squads of dozens injured arrests were made now improving the education system that's been the campaign pledge of president michelle bachelet she took power in march of this year. and to haiti where security forces fired live protesters voicing anger over the cost of living and government corruption and again demanding the president resignation witnesses say three people a lapse that made the tear gas as police try to break up the crowds it is the second mass rally in the capital port au prince in less than a week. at least one student has died in a high school shooting near portland oregon. with a rifle was found dead at the scene there in ten fatal school shootings in america
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since the beginning of this year. to nigeria now with twenty women who have been abducted by gunmen thought to be the most militants this settlement of the country's northeast. the women were reportedly ordered into vehicles at gunpoint and driven away it's the latest in a series of attacks in the country including mass kidnaps slayings and bombings and still the fate of two hundred seventy two schoolgirls abducted two months ago still and. now there's just a day to go before the world's eyes focus in on brazil for the launch of the world cup the country's been getting an awful lot of bad press during the build up we asked journalist graham phillips who's in rio de janeiro right now how fair the press has been. there's a little but it's a purposeful kind of a de up of this negativity of this sentiment is kind of along the lines that it's bad it's obviously you know we've written extensive coverage of strikes. there have
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been you know. there's been a cost overruns of in this world cup is now going to be the most expensive in history it's costing eleven and a half billion dollars we do have a strike going on in sao paulo are mostly in rio at the moment we were protests we've got things like the clear the bellows which is the slum areas that millions of brazilians live in and in the last year we've really seen a salt steep escalation of the stories that we've been getting up about brazil is not going to be ready for the mood with the survey saying that you know seventy two percent of people are against the wall carpet i have to say that now it starts to belong because that would industry here is that there was a time to process that was a time to make things valid points ok this money could have been of caution elsewhere but there is a feeling now that it's here this is a true once in a lifetime is the first time that the world cup is going to brazil the sixty four years this is right in the first of the world cup has been in south america for thirty six years and this is a football country and now we the western media almost just don't want to let it go
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they're almost like a dog with a road you can't let it go the kind of a do mongering and the mood in the streets is that look that's passed and really people want to have the opportunity to host what is a magical a truly you know remarkable a truly outstanding celebration of the international community of world football here in brazil you know let's make the most of this as well as a sporting extravaganza the world cup there was also become a political battleground this between the israelis and palestinians israel's sports minister has been forced to defend her country's highly controversial ban on all palestinians including athletes from traveling abroad this all amid calls for israel to be expelled from fee for a full story on our web site right now. also at r.t. dot com perhaps a perfect spot. if it wasn't teeming with dorsal fins. on the gulf shores of alabama advised to stay away from the beach if they don't want to become a shock. to.
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please. please. look at. the people.
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international thanks for joining us when news reporters can get to the heart of political intrigues that perhaps it's time to turn to the caught to nests part of all of our now reporting from germany all the time on how to ridicule being called on lawmakers and you're a. little titian's they've always be good for a giggle on t.v. poking fun at self political elites is a read on a fine tradition. hundreds of years but what goes into making a great political caricature. you can often find that you can exaggerate the part of their physical appearance with the policies they stand for the finish drawing may not look exactly like this object but it will be instantly recognizable as those in the top jobs in europe especially into their new term they too have found themselves the subject already meet the bat as he leaves his home in the woods in the hague self with the intention of doing good in brussels he ends up working as
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a lobbyist for a bank alongside rocky the chimp has been often do you call me i was inspired to use the chimpanzee after a test in london to see who could pick the best stock chimps or professional traders the chimps once i thought if our only option in germany is to listen to i'm going to medical when i give the chimp a chance to. in this tale the nefarious rockey leads broom all into a murky world of behind closed door deals and political intrigue that bears a resemblance to what many opposed to lobbyists in brussels stand for. you but those days regime with the e.u. commission is to centralized this people were not elected but they have sway over policies many of which aren't endorsed by people in the commission in turn are swayed by the law but it's citizens have no voice so you're all very complicated issues that many in europe can find difficult to grasp that's where the cartoon can
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become a useful tool to fill people in what's going on with their politics you know not in the mind. you can draw people in this way and get them looking at a real issue we consult with an economist while writing the script to make sure it's correct i see this as a gateway to understanding others laughing and learning political satire isn't going anywhere even if some of the lump figures may not be best pleased with the way the cartoonists views them piece or all of the arty. and up next on the program martin finding out what the world's biggest but not on their company had to do with nine eleven that's a break in the set unless you're joining us from the u.k. it will be boom or bust for you. told me my language is what i will only react to situations i have read the reports
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of. the pollution and no i will leave it to the state department to comment on your latter point of the month to say. mr kerry is on the job. no. thank you no more weasel words. when you need a direct question be prepared for a change when you punch be ready for a. critique of a speech a little down to fit into question. place . to place to try to. plug a political. nightmare to destroy the teaching everybody to play. the law now well.
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a lot like the players think the six. players kids are such. subjects for nothing. this season and it's still. it's not just you still can still be just if you see the state they took each absolutely but speech on the sat in the. lead. in the. the the. the the. what's happened in folks and i'm a martin and this is breaking the set but once again there's terrifying news to report out of iraq earlier today as extremist group called the islamic state or
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iraq and start of iraq and syria or isis seize control of nearly the entire city of mosul iraq's second largest city for the last four days the group has been advancing upon the city and today iraqi military members reportedly fled their outposts handing over control of mosul to the fundamentalists forces this major development comes on the heels of isis taking over two other major iraqi cities fallujah and ramadi keep in mind that this is an organization that regularly engages in beheadings and crucifixions and is so extreme that al qaeda. even denounce the group iraqi officials believe that about six thousand members of isis are currently in the country demonstrating just how weak the iraqi army has become in repealing that faction furthermore there are also reports that isis was also able to capture a military airbase south of mosul in the organizations now in control of army helicopters and planes iraq's speaker of parliament osama. said what would happen
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is a disaster by any standard the presence of these terrorist groups in a vast province threatens not just the security and unity of iraq but the entire middle east in deed and this new wave of violence is only the latest to hit the country as last month marked more than four thousand killings in just the last five months and that two thousand and fourteen is on pace to be by far the deadliest year in the country since the us occupation and that in a matter how many mission accomplished banner ads were hung up it doesn't change the fact that the so-called liberation of the country has resulted and hell on earth. please. please take that leap very hard to take that leap. well you better act with the great there will be.
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so when you're picking out your bananas at the grocery store terrorism is probably the last thing on your mind. but apparently banana giant chiquita has a bone to pick with the victims of nine eleven as the corporation has spent upwards of seven hundred eighty thousand dollars just over the last year to lobby against a piece of legislation aimed to help nine eleven victims and their families now i know what you're thinking what the hell does the world's premier banana company have to do with nine eleven here's the thing the bill in question is called the justice against sponsors of terrorism act and goes after and d's that have aided
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and abetted anyone designated a terrorist group by the us and once you dig into your kiddos sort of past these seemingly unrelated dots begin to connect to the banana company has maintained a political and commercial presence in colombia for over one hundred years newsmax reports that quote the company pled guilty to making over one hundred payments totaling one point seven million dollars in one thousand nine hundred seventy to the right wing paramilitary group the united self-defense forces of colombia a terrorist organization that's responsible for the deaths of thousands of people now as a result the company was fined twenty five million dollars by the justice department back in two thousand and seven but still maintain that the cash contributions or extortion payments are made to protect the company's employees from the group now even if this were true it doesn't change the fact the company has now made it a high priority to influence congress and is striking down a bill that nine eleven victims have pushed for only because it can make to keep us subject to civil liability. however to keep his influence in washington as well as
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in developing countries should come as no surprise keep in mind that thanks to a recent merger with another banana conglomerate kid has once again become a global leader and banana sales amend in its grip over agricultural policy and historically has been involved in d.c. stabilizing latin america for over a century most notably under its previous name united fruit and honduras the company was responsible for co-opting political campaigns manipulating government officials and even financing girl role of fire. hater's neighboring guatemala chiquita provided support for the overthrow of the arbenz government and one nine hundred fifty four and was rewarded with huge amounts of rich agricultural land to grow its bananas for crying out loud dole and chiquita is the reason that puppet nations across latin america were dubbed banana republics and the early twentieth century but it's not just the fact that you kiddos turn entire countries into
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commercial enterprises it's also its effort to squash the unions and exploit labor's on their farms it's the monopoly over the market as they hide behind local fruit producers which they also own but on top of chiquita's to run a coal fire radical business practices the company uses pesticides all over central america that have been banned for decades in the u.s. canada and the e.u. and get this one of the chemicals banned in the u.s. for good reason was used across chiquita's plantations and directly linked to the masterless asian of forty thousand workers and if all of this isn't enough it's also worth mentioning that seven chiquita banana ships were found smuggling one ton of cocaine back in one thousand nine hundred seven so look am i telling you to stop eating bananas no i just want you to keep in mind that that dancing fruit basket queen stuck to your fruit is really a drug smuggling slave labor supporting pesticide peddling land grabbing monster.
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anyone with the nine eleven knows how different the world is now a never ending war on terror the rise of the security state and the expansion of mass surveillance are all changes we've been forced to adapt to but for younger generations this is just the way things have always been and privacy almost seems like an archaic concept my next guest however is only sixteen years old yet he's an extra. namely outspoken activists calling to halt the surveillance state here is confronting congresswoman nancy pelosi about just that. why do you support be a necessary evil when you could what is going to do to the lecture. when i i do not hide questions and that the medical data collection that they were collecting unless they have reason to do so you did vote for a bill to continue funding for the n.s.a.
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that. of course i don't think we should not on national security. in the us in their communities by at least in the fourth amendment now some of what they should but they do should be subjected to scrutiny and some of them. i was and you're demeter sixteen year old reporter and filmmaker earlier he joined me on the show to discuss his conversation with full of c. so i was in washington d.c. because i had won a competition a documentary competition that c.-span annually host calls it's called student cam and so c.-span flew in the top five winners of that competition myself included and then one of the events on the itinerary for being in d.c. was meeting with palosi so that's it i was kind of the climax of the of the of the trip amazing and you're obviously caught or guard with your questions what do you think about what she said about the n.s.a. should be scrutinized but that they do a lot of great things to andrew yeah i was kind of confused on that abby because
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she said the n.s.a. does all these great things but she couldn't really seem to elaborate on what those things were so i found that kind of kind of troubling and i also found it funny how she diffused the responsibility from the obama administration to the bush administration although the bush administration has been you know out of office for six years now and i'm not a supporter of the bush administration on the libertarian but for her to diffuse responsibility like that when the patriot act the bush side was essentially the precursor to the n.s.a. now and she said she didn't support the bush administration but now she supports the n.s.a. it's completely hypocritical you know you're growing up in kind of the post nine eleven era where privacy is already gone andrew why do you care about it. right that was even one of the talking points on the builder berg agenda in copenhagen it was should privacy exist and i think what benjamin franklin said a while ago you know a man willing to trade liberty for security is deserving of neither so i think it's something that we really need to focus on not only as the youth but also you know
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humanity as a whole why do people put pass codes on their smartphones why do they put curtains on their windows why do they put up no trespassing signs privacy is just something that humanity should have whether you have anything nefarious to hide or not you should be able to you know be comfortable in the privacy of your own home or in the privacy of your own thoughts i like you just said that because we wouldn't just relinquish our pass codes and keys to a stranger on the street so why are we doing it to an entire government agency you're also filmmaker your reporter you just mentioned you're in d.c. for the film we the people genetically modified mazing tell us a lot more about the film and how you became interested in g.m.o. this in the first place. yeah i became interested in primarily because of food inc a great documentary on netflix and that really woke me up to not only genetic modification but also the food supply as a whole the horrors that is the meat industry really but i created we the people
4:39 am
genetically modified like i said before for a c.-span documentary competition and why i got really interested well i just think food's so so vital to choose humanity as a whole that you know everybody relies on food it transcends all boundaries everybody requires food no matter what religion culture you're a part of so i mean it's seems like this elephant in the room really it's right under our noses but people are completely unaware of what they're eating on a daily basis is the shame and you have a you tube channel called teen take you cover the type of stories that you're not going to see on the corporate press idel you're hearing about those that schools so where are you learning about them. you know i really don't know i mean it's just i mean at large it's been part of part of the advent of the internet really i mean ten twenty years ago this this wouldn't be viral viable by any stretch of the imagination but now with the advent of the internet the advent of technology you know having the power of information in the palm of your hand literally and being
4:40 am
able to stream video live on the internet and get good information as it's happening i think that's been really helpful and influential in my awakening as as many call it a lot of people out there are frustrated about many issues what advice would you give to young people to get involved and working people find out more about your work. i'd say you know just just nose dive right into it there's really nothing to it just pick up your cell phone that you'd otherwise be using abbi to look at pictures on the internet and use that go out on the street just talk to some people one of my favorite ways to communicate and make videos is to do man on the street interviews it's one thing to do the armchair activism that i myself do as well but it's an it's another thing to get up get off your feet or get on your feet rather and look people in the eye open up the dialogue and get them thinking really and for me personally people can find out more about me you can go to youtube dot com slash team take and you can also go to www dot com matter is d e e t e r it
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really is going to take us getting active going out there and finally meeting people face to face and find out how we can get our thoughts on the same page and fight them together andrew damage or filmmaker reporter with team take amazing have you on shanks for having me on abby. coming up on talk about an amazing new technology that could revolutionize our infrastructure of states and. history of yugoslavia formation was a prosperous and peaceful country whose kids. so be a success story of market socialism and in many regards it was the moment of development on. whom was this teacher of democracy and market economy if any republican yugoslavia wanted for the us a it would have to break away from yugoslavia and declared its independence ok it's not
4:42 am
a conspiracy theory it's not my speculation it's not my analysis it's a public place to live. and punish it harshly for every slightly less some unlearnt the serbs start a business war the serbs really original cause of the war they are look i'm pleased aggressors and wrongdoers place a bomb. on that. bomb small. bomb all its top two kitchens six of the new explosions and so back to go assist and the multi-ethnic society to live in harmony and show not. what was forgotten to be told feel about yugoslavia the weight of chains on our.
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economic pressure. for. america. to find. a and the template office now like. parts. of what if the. signs were. your friend posts a photo from a vacation you can't afford. different. the boss repeats the same old joke of course. your ex-girlfriend still tends to rejection poetry keep. ignoring. the post only what really matters. to your facebook news feed.
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is. every so often a technology comes around that has the ability to radically transform the day to day life of humanity i'm talking about inventions like the printing press antibiotics internet and now solar roads if you haven't yet heard about the invention that could utterly change transportation as we know it and listen up so over the past few months a company called solar roadways has burst on the green energy scene promoting a product that could turn america's streets and highways into a solar powered grid system that helps solve every problem from traffic accidents to carbon emissions and what first seemed like a purely fantastical ideas caught on in a huge way the company just surpassed two million dollars in its crowd funded inigo campaign over
4:45 am
a million dollars more than it originally sought and it's no wonder why over forty five thousand backers and counting believe that solar roadways may be the start of a very real and legitimate infrastructure revolution and it's not just individual backers the government is paying attention as well since two thousand and nine the u.s. department of transportation has issued two rounds of funding to assist with the company's efforts to build a prototype parking lot made up of one hundred eight hexagonal solar panels and according to inventor scott brew saw these same solar panels can replace all paved rolled roads they withstand two hundred fifty thousand pounds of weight four times the legal limit of a semi truck i'm sorry the legal weight of a semi truck and as the traction to stop a vehicle moving at eighty miles an hour now corner the energy information administration solar energy was only responsible for point eleven percent of all u.s. energy generation in two thousand and twelve meaning that there's an enormous energy avoided at these roadways can fill. even one as as far. same with over twenty
4:46 am
thousand square miles of paved services in the us alone we crunch numbers and there would be three times more electricity than the nation uses if they all switched to solar roadways wow but the contribution that solar roadways could make to the renewable energy sector is just the beginning of the potential applications check this out the panels are also better but leave the lights which would allow programmers to mark roads and signage however they wished this means warning signs concerning upcoming obstacles could be flashed directly onto the street not to mention that of paneling was installed in parks basketball courts be turn of the tennis courts or any other recreational facility at the flick the switch the panels are also heated in that snow and ice would automatically be melted away drastically reducing the risk of car accidents and traffic fatalities now unfortunately as exciting as this technology is there still a long way to go before it's viable on
4:47 am
a large scale level primarily the cost of an endeavor the size could be in the trillions of dollars although since the product is still in the midst of transitioning from the prototype to manufacturing stage and matter what any media outlet says no one including the company can currently give an accurate assessment of the project's true costs then there are the technological barriers to overcome putting everything on how to keep the roadways clean to hooking up remote roads of electricity grid but with more research and development these factors can hopefully be solved but despite whatever obstacles exist this is an idea that has limitless potential if society determines that our future is worth the investment. amidst all the talk of revolution and resistance there's perhaps one group that can teach us more than any other is that the taste as it's now the true. here of the
4:48 am
zapatista civil resistance movement which is made up primarily of indigenous mexicans and led by the zapatista army of national liberation and while the movement is characterized by leftist philosophies and members reject any political classification seeking only indigenous autonomy over their land and resources what recently the mexican government sanctioned murder of teacher jose luis solis lopez better known as company. and the decision by zapatista leader subcomandante marcos to step down from his role has sent shock waves to the movement and once again has brought attention to the continued struggle for indigenous rights in mexico and how they go over the story in a larger context of the zapatista movement i was joined earlier by boss carson carra founding editor of the magazine jacobin i first asked him about how the zapatista movement got on the same. exact accuses first really emerged with the decline of the. initial ruling party and mexico that it p.r.i.
4:49 am
which ruled mexico for mexican revolution and really emerged in the context of the decline of this institution of course here i mean also the institution of nafta and other free trade agreements that really have an impact on the role or small farmers are other pennies proprietors and shoppers than i was were in mexico what is it about nafta that have driven such a strong revolt particularly from the indigenous community. well not only is. regulated free trade something going to carry out her weakness and those men are going to society in the us we didn't even have real free trade if we had some but you worse were u.s. farmers and other people receive subsidies from their government same time imposing a regime on mexican farmers and other indigenous farmers and i and other people that forced to relinquish subsidies so not only were they now can. heating with an
4:50 am
even wider world market they were doing so on a very i mean you can train so beyond that you can have it again but it meant in the capital that u.s. farmers had they were given no support or having to support sprint the way it was overnight so i was really really i've dislocating i think there's been a lot of disinformation about the zapatistas here in the u.s. and i wanted to get just a sense from you on the the definition of the ideology that the group has i mean we know that there counterforce neoliberalism the how would you just define their ideology. right so i would call the zappa used as autonomy as marxist at some point i don't marxists is a word that would scare a lot of people but essentially they're not hierarchical or the very least they question and resists higher views they're structured in such a way where they do have a an organizational structure but they strive to make their interactions within the movement and also the directions where the community as open and transparent as
4:51 am
nonhierarchical as possible. they aim for the collectivization of basic social goods they fought for the recognition of indigenous rights and passenger to suffer but also just very basic bread and butter thing is they want to literacy they want proper sanitation and water they want the government a tension of them so i you know logically have it's put them in an ad or a marxist cab for one address live or close to an it because i'm in that you know these people weren't trying to seize the mexican state and employers were sort of sorts of us dictatorship they were really more narrow the focus on these local concerns and they really were were. attempting to make sure that their demands were rooted in the needs of the indigenous larger indigenous communities in which they were the movement initially emphasise the necessary of armed struggle it's changed quite a bit sense and i was one if you can outline how that's evolved i would say to their rejection of armed. tactics is more
4:52 am
a tactical thing rather than some sort of moral or ethical rejection of it you know they weren't going around bombing buildings these are urban terrorists going that far from you know the shining path in and and through or other forces in the region i've been in the past in the seventies and eighties and the right often used to carry them with you without marriage. really eat their initial arms stagers more of a sudden balik thing they were they were seizing local building as they were making a big display of themselves they made sure of the army and as a result mexican society and large paid attention of their demands now and conditions today it makes sense for them but i don't think there's been a major major shift in order i think that much guys for their initial early years they weren't going around killing people and something else notable about the movement is its inclusion of women i was going to talk about the zap it seems to
4:53 am
you on women's rights and the role that one play in the group. wrote something about the pieces which is very interesting is that even though some common downtime marker was his mask and many others at the teesta is where the striking male figure is and figure out markers is that it was often commented on how can the why he was wearing a mask maybe was a strong job or something but despite this romanticism which really was similar to remap the citizens around chicago who are either live the american flag or as america is they really place the big emphasis on being diverse and. not only rhetorically advocating for the needs of local indigenous radio and then in favor of you know things like access to reproductive rights and so on but also for outlining many. members of this epic used as and i think that's something that
4:54 am
they're below. the american left needs to do more of and this app uses are really a good example of a generational shift in the right direction let's talk about these antonymous municipalities this is amazing they built thirty two autonomy as a polity is not recognized by the government give us a sense of how they were able to do this second speaking of occupy look at what happened here how did this happen in mexico and how do they currently operate i do think of one group is that if you see as did very well which is the example of this is they slowly built support in their communities like ms they were embedded in many of them are missions that used to leadership or at least some prominent members were actually from chapters they were masked is through came out of movements around mexico city in the sixty's and seventy's and slowly made their way to chapters doing various organizing and other work where they made sure that they were building consensus and majority support for their actions and building a popular base so that means
4:55 am
a paladin's we kind of see them as something can just happen overnight or sometimes even interpret it occupy that way and encamp its route out overnight nobody really stops and reflects on this love glorious work building long term organizations building structures propagating and supporting really educating people about radical views so the old old line and i twentieth century socialism was educate organize educate i feel like it to some extent the last day has kind of looked at her and it's become agitated and you can't i've example to used as a very gentle remember the first two parts of that equation chris hedges recently wrote an article entitled we must all become zappa t. says i want to read you a quote now where he said the zapatistas from the most foreign excuse me the most important resistance movement of the last two decades they understand that corporate capitalism has launched a war against us they showed us how to fight back do you agree. he would have his
4:56 am
assessment here and what can it is that the t. says teach the rest of the world. well this might be a bit ironic coming from a strong supporter of his app uses but i actually completely disagree with chris and is that i think that they're all going to his attitude is they being tapped into local conditions they're rooted in their communities they adapted their tactics to the situation they were in so i think where you draw inspiration from is that if you still have some some vague sense in the same way you get drives aeration from the chicago teachers union or from other. forces but even to say we should be zapped accused is i think bats actually getting into i behind us is a nation of that near the aesthetics of persona that sometime come and have a marker i was talking about so i actually think that one of the most important things from the left in america to the left of the rest of the developed world is to consider the unique situation that we're dealing with and das kapital countries
4:57 am
in the figure out how to route our critiques in that the material needs of working class people and how to take them from where they are now to a direction where they recognize that the problem isn't just. a. capitalism it isn't just going sachs the problem is deeper and more structural it's a system that a private people autonomy and forces them to exploit themselves in the workplace for other people's profits so obviously it is that this is going to agree with that side but tactically i think we have solidarity dopy them we have we have things we can do to help them in their struggles and there's things they can do to help us in our struggles but i wouldn't say that there's any more relevant started today organizing thank you is so much cars and car a really really appreciate your insight. thank you. so that's our show you guys before i go make sure to follow me on twitter abby martin thanks for watching and
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join me again tomorrow when i break the set oh the word at. the for. plenty. plenty. plenty. of the tried to. play polo going to. get much more of the story changing every minute. the lead. somehow made the law oh well.
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life became. close friends think it's safe. place jesus leads one to blame sometimes for nothing which led this season and it's important to look just keep up still we can still be jobst if you see a stage eight will be slightly but the jungle of the silent. play. cut.
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