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maybe they'll think twice before they act so criminally in the future or would mix it with them it was a possibility of them driving if you remember the right only did impeach but he would have had to be impeached this is the problem under the law then and right because the way that it works is that under american law barack obama could literally strangle somebody on camera today and he would have to be impeached and then he would have to be tried in the senate and convicted and only then could you actually bring a criminal indictment against a president you can't bring a criminal indictment against sitting president so you appoint of the booster my good statement rather than to bring a case where your case is to be filed i would be shocked if there were cases to be found there have to be actual alterations to law which i suggest that would make such things possible briggs and. what's the crime in benghazi the crime in benghazi there are two crimes in benghazi the first is probably the violation of the arms export control act the shipping of guns into libya in the first place right that is actually illegal under the arms export control act any time the president of the united states or anybody in the executive branch if i were to ship weapons into libya to a terrorist group i'd be prosecuted the president of the united states has the
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ability to waive the arms export control act in order to ship weapons or money to terrorist groups he didn't do that in the arms export control act he didn't do that in libya and he shipped the weapons in anyway and with regard to benghazi the solid information is that the annex in benghazi the cia annex in benghazi was actually a weapons being used as a as a shipping point for weapons into turkey and then into syria that's number one in terms of hillary clinton's culpability in benghazi involuntary manslaughter be a pretty easy charge to bring involuntary manslaughter requires three basic elements the first element is that someone is killed the second is that something reckless resulted in the death and the third is that somebody should have known that it was reckless that could have been that could have resulted in death in this case you have chris stevens and you have the entire staff in benghazi repeatedly letting the state department over and over and over we need security anybody who read the newspapers knew they needed security in benghazi it was not provided that's the real crime in that of course there are issues of obstruction of justice afterward it which witnesses in benghazi or talked to by the state department and basically were leverage not. speak openly if this is not just political we could
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make a case on nine eleven against congolese or writers who got a warning from the f.b.i. and shelved it while the warning from connally's the rice on before nine eleven was certainly less specific then please provide security in benghazi at this particular embassy right with a question is going to be on the third element of your dry connally's arrest for example the third element would be was something reckless done that they should have known about right i'm not sure that the same case exist with nine eleven there's certainly plenty that we could talk about nine eleven but i don't think the same case exist for involuntary manslaughter in benghazi as as with nine eleven with a large super of arms ministry should have israel any of that a crime that is not a crime because there is no terrorist groups in israel that are being supplied with the weapons we are currently however providing four hundred million dollars in funding to unity government that includes hamas right which is a state department terrorist group that mean just this week the president of the united states did nothing is as hamas kidnapped three people including an american citizen and the state department continues to say that we will continue funding
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that unity government which it is in and of itself a crime that's a crime if i wish if our ship weapons hamas has fifteen years in prison the ira scandal what was the crime of the crime they arrest analysts violation of law anybody who leverage is i.r.s. officials in order to politically target anybody that's a crime under i.r.s. law that comes with penalties obviously that happened with regard to the i.r.s. itself which was according to its own statements violating the law and targeting particular political groups and like any other scandal this one became phony according to the president shortly after he said this is the most important thing ever and he was going to get to the bottom of it within weeks it had become phony it was no big deal and now it's all those of course are you a right winger making a statement against the love feeling that administration or your lawyer making a criminal charge that you would be making year against george bush or ronald reagan or any of the other previous presidents of washington both i mean i think that there's no question i'm a conservative and i'm open about that i mean. anybody who's watched my career
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would be hard pressed to call me anything but by the same token the case that i'm making is really want to get rid of overages we have a choice as a country here and the choice of the country is pretty simple the executive branch is broad. the un security council has just finished the session focus on the ukrainian crisis we can now cross that live to the russian ambassador at the u.n. speaking about the music rock a list of some of the things which were said by most of us he said gave but also at the mr bush when she was a drawing he was trying to deliver. he described some elements of what he said was going to be a present but a shame because a peace initiative and while he was doing that he repeatedly said that not only sort of the entire world has embraced this initiative but also president putin on foreign minister lavrov supported it i doublechecked i must rise to say that this
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is not true it is pretty much your to talk about support for president bush and his initiative. at least put for the reason that we haven't seen it yet. this initiative was discussed was outlined by the passion of the president put them in their phone conversation yesterday and the president of putin made some comments particularly in for sizing the need to stop crying immediately and making some other comments i would regard to this initiative in the discussion which are in the phone conversation which one of minister lavrov had today with the new foreign minister of ukraine that initiative was not the one sort of discussed in any detail and i'd like to. go your donation to the remarks which were made made on the subject by foreign minister lavrov. at his press conference in by cool the day before yesterday where he emphasized that whatever initiative comes out of it should not be an ultimatum and it should not resemble ethnic cleansing. now i'm
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this of some personal comments on what. sergey have said i meant if he outlined what will be coming as present position goes initiative correctly then i'm afraid that that may mean a lot of trouble because things like don't go on the buffer zone along the border quarter door through which people who want to leave eastern ukraine would be able to go into russia disarmament in eastern ukraine all those things by well. may well mean more bloodshed and an intensification of bloodshed rather than abuse initiative but we'll see we have not seen as i say the final product yet when it comes out of there not moscow will form its attitude but it is very premature to. not to talk about russian support as a matter of fact. we have a little bit surprised that some of all foreign colleagues are rushing to support something which has not been presented yet it is
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a serious subject which requires serious attempts of rather them sort of propaganda support of everything which might be coming out of. the. now some other things which you have to respond to which. gave say today in this room first a startling and from came the ukrainian forces had orders not to use heavy weapons how come i've ation jet fighters were used in the in the attack missile attack on lugansk and those that have building a couple of weeks ago jet fighter fired missiles of the building that deliver have been shelling the cities in eastern ukraine to claim that the weapons were not involved is the is really mind boggling eleven in there were more mind boggled modeling clay. was illegal groups are fighting civilians with ground systems in eastern ukraine there's not
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a day of that. how civilians died because of the local armed group local resistance groups are fighting of their own dollars. is really something which stretches i think or even the ukrainian propaganda now he went on even further and i think. maybe the most troubling part of the press conference. when he described the situation. to russian. t.v. correspondents were captured by ukrainian authorities brought to kiev beat them up bruises all over the body and then paraded before t.v. screens. he said that they apologized to the ukrainian people i mean this kind of of treatment is even unacceptable for prisoners of war let alone journalists when you hold people captive be demobbed and put them in front of television cameras in fact the part i bought of the buildings i saw showed that they displayed a lot of garbage one busy young fellow was asked will bruises were on his face he
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responded by a famous line from a very famous soviet movie i fell when i came to my hand was a in plaster of paris unfortunately or fortunately for us unfortunately for the ukrainians they did not see the contempt which here displayed because gap there is in those words and now a final maybe think of commenting specifically on what the bus had a sea of gave this is something he has been repeating again and again throughout various security council meetings and also he repeated that today that because x. some of them may have found themselves in eastern ukraine somehow of a part of the russian armed forces this is simply not true there is a law on the cause acts and there is nothing about law which makes for a formation of the cause acts let alone individual cause ex members of the of the russian armed force so this and there was some other things which i'm not going to going into the. they do scores which ambassador here gave went through on his study
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after the coup. in february somehow my old calling started developing a new line of history is starting with startling the world by claiming on the fourth of march that actually. nazi you could a nazi collaborators have not killed anybody that all that was an invention of the soviet union so in his history of syria of history i'm not even even going now another thing which was addressed. by a bus at a sort of gave and which i'd like to inform you about is this request which we as a presence of the security council received from the delegation of ukraine to conduct a security council meeting on the report of the office of commissioner for human rights in ukraine zero sum one of which another report. actually stated that it was going to run parallel situation in history that
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a meeting was not called that of course is not true. we request which come from various delegations are not acted on automatically by members of the security council the presidency and other matters members of the security council have to decide whether to. how to respond to those requests especially if it's not an emergency meeting request which was not the case in this request by the ukrainian delegation but also in our view and that's why we're reluctant to call that meeting not that we don't want to discuss ukraine as you know where you had eighteen. i think meetings on ukraine in various formats in the past three months some of them convened on the initiative of the russian federation the last one last monday when we presented our draft resolution on ukraine but the there were dogs sort of questions of principle one it is a report which was not commissioned by the security council and it is a report of a report on human rights and we do have a the group was invited by the key of authorities so they were if they want to
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discuss it they can discuss it in kiev maybe they could go to human rights council security council is not about human rights even don't have experts on human rights here we are discussing matters of international peace and security so in my mind as someone who has been trying to sort of work called the integrity of the security council it's very different to start discussing human rights reports because it will overshadow the human rights council and maybe doing the human rights council in fact already. of the security council have been frayed because we're going to communitarian that as we go into this we go into that this is too much for for the security council and this is one thing the second thing is that. it did seem to us that while it was an up down to take. away from the actual drama of the situation in eastern ukraine you have fighting you have a crisis you have a crisis to which some members of the security council refused to respond in my
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view abrogating very sponsibility as numbers of the security council because if there is fighting a crisis which has national that mention of them and which is. which is on the agenda of the security council then the security council must try to take steps to stop this crisis the fighting us quickly as possible unfortunately our western colleagues west of members of the security council a bit into decided to let it go to let the military scenario play out so in the context of the fighting and bloodshed in eastern ukraine to start discussing like human rights report. which is not appropriate of of the security council to do. in our view is wrong. but anyway today in consultations as a way of a discussion with. members of the security council so i wouldn't rule out of quite soon we'll have a meeting of the security council on ukraine but of course it will not cover just
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this report but been dramatic situation there unfortunately have no illusions about the ability of the security council to act because the russian delegation tried a number of times with pride by trying to deliver a short statement calling on the end of violence in support of the geneva communique of april seventeenth and the border in support of always the old map would ride in the more more elaborate ways introducing to draft resolutions of the security council merging them into why. and having a discussion with of members of the security council about it unfortunately our initial impression that maybe there is a way for us to agree on that is illusion which will then have an impact on the situation not in ukraine that assessment that turned out to be inaccurate that the next meeting showed that you know western members of the security council were engaged in this old exercise of stonewalling. but anyway it may well be that.
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very shortly we will have that meeting but certainly it will have to deal with. the entire spectrum of the situation in ukraine now on the on this report itself i'm best at a set of gear for the north card his pleasure above the content of the report and i understand why because i must say very frankly it completely repeats the narrative of the kiev authorities and one models and defensemen ship of those who are writing this report in order to suit their own political inclinations there is no hint of objectivity in that report and to understand that one only has to read the first page from the first page i'll give you maybe two or three quotes. my but i go five there's been all sorts of there has also been more regular and intense fighting as the government has been trying to restore peace and security
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over the eastern regions of money is going to grounds through security operations involving its armed forces no reference to fighting nor reference to shelling involving security operations involving its armed forces and they are trying to restore peace and security i mean you could apply this kind of description to a new situation you could say they could say in their next report on syria about the government of syria damascus is trying to restore peace and security in their country isn't it true they are trying to restore peace and security of their country so this kind of bullet is sized a statement reading directly into the narrative of a key of authorities to me is something really worthy of high commissioner for human rights and their office now of the people in your interest in ukraine they are increasingly being caught in the crossfire between their crania military and armed groups crossfire so i mean it's just they are sitting somewhere in between
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the normans land on their shelling from by fighting from both that it was not true it was the ukrainian military women shelling a slight danske another down the lugansk. involving also the use of or will force the next statement in the same paragraph the government must further use restraint further use restraint and then they could not even force themselves to try that so they have a don't do food no referring to human rights watch credible reports regarding your cutting of horses use of mortars and other weapons in and out on populated areas and that you sometimes are typically asian of crystal it is so going on when you exercise and you know i could go on and on if some of you are interested i maybe could spend some more minutes discussing this. helicopters are using us on the markings which instead of looking at those going to go up those they started big try to justify the actions of ukrainians fantasizing
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about all those things being you know technically fabricated why didn't you just go and look at those helicopters you couldn't as we're paid forty bring to go circular got those and after they left. peacekeeping operations in africa where this money go for gold will be actually repainted it was not difficult to double check on that so instead of doing that out then all those human rights people simply dry to find ways to justify the use of human symbols on the killer coppers in the military medical to beaches so if we do have a discussion in the security council also involving this report please rest assured the russian delegation is going to add some other things to those which i mentioned to you in my in my opening remarks so that's it i think for an opening statement. please mom who is who is our yes of course.
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thank you ambassador on behalf of the u.n. correspondents association thank you for this briefing my question is today at the u.s. . added seven individuals to sanctions list and said that russia is moving troops back to the border with ukraine and said that you know the u.s. has always had it impose more sanctions and following vallier a most as close briefing to the council about the situation in ukraine she said there is no humanitarian crisis yet seen sort of piers that. russia's position on how dire the situation is is not being agreed it's not it's not a view that shared by anyone our world and so why do you what's your response to that and what do you say about him is. that conflict or the situation
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regarding ukraine has it now reached another new phase where there are tensions mounting again about more sanctions against russia well i don't want to know of sanctions as they're saying if they want to go down that road it's up to them aware of so it's completely wrong it's not serving any useful purpose now i was. have their way when they discuss humanitarian issues i was it was embarrassing to me to be there on the room when they were asking but it's not really committed in catastrophes if it's not a human at that and catastrophe according to the un. human rights person who did a briefing in two days ago they said two hundred fifty seven civilians killed as of june eighteenth is that what catastrophe it's not no problem. going to counsel them go later on should refuse that you said that but here i and some others couldn't quite. clearly said i mean it's not such a big deal for the security council to deal with of course more people have been
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killed themselves or done more insults are done in mali probably one central african republic more people have been killed but doesn't mean that when you do disregard it does a problem i think one. good thing useful thing which we have done where we're able to attract the. international humanitarian agencies or to the situation on the international red cross is there sort of a dire situation one of tens of thousands of people. marching across the border then you have to confront this and it's not the usual situation for any country and especially i mean i'm sort of for a european country where you have a. artillery. shelling civilian the. shelling dolls what a bomb so churches and. hospitals the kindergartens will it's all it's all on the television of course a so this is a give claim today one that was child was killed at the hughes
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a bit on so we're acting because they were paid by russian television you know i don't even want to it's. sinking to a new low if this is going to be the only explanation of the situation one can produce mount. thank you mr ambassador. as i'm sure you know the secretary general gave a major speech this morning at the asia society on syria and he called for the security council to adopt an arms embargo on syria. i wonder what your reaction is to that given your government's close ties to the syrian government and in this speech on the issue of accountability the secretary general also asked. the countries that
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oppose preferring syria to the international criminal court which or russia and china to come up with. how other ways to ensure accountability for the perpetrators of crimes in syria first of all i haven't got the chance you know the statement by the secretary general so i'd rather not go into what the circus general said but your description of what you said well first of all an arms embargo our position has been all there for for a long time but it's not change as i said in my previous appearance here if they explain to us how. the arms embargo will be in force the. various armed groups then we could consider that. for many a long time ago but we would receive no response to that and of course we have the experience of libya when there was an arms embargo and weapons were flowing freely
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to various a position groups i'm still floating all over africa so we do not want to go in does direction accountability we made our position clear when we had to vote on this i.c.c. to photo is allusion accountability to conciliation all those things must be dealt with by by the syrians as the. as they try to settle this conflict and that we saw it as a move which was not really motivated by any considerations of justice or accountability it was another attempt to to sort of inject another element in this very difficult crisis situation to put more pressure on the syrian government because certainly you cannot realistically expect. that the i.c.c. will go off the opposition leaders and going after terrorist leaders it does not make much sense because they couldn't care less. police no go comes.
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near what iraq near to two weeks in a terrorist group or its own city north of iraq and it's a critical no need for the mission or use it if you're going to consultation of what. muti what happened if it what they are well this point nothing much is happening in the security council because we all agree that this is a very dangerous situation we'll all agree that. we must have the government will agree that there must be a stronger effort that sort of national unity and various political groups in iraq must come together in order to defend the country against this onslaught. we also i think agree that. we have a common understanding that this is sort of a major challenge coming from i c's or i seal the way they call it sometimes differently which is also which is challenging not just iraq but the city as well
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and that when you turn allies very carefully and i hope we'll be able to do that to stop this analysis on monday when when i have our discussion of the middle east settlement in addition to or about syria we also invited the secretary of a to give us a briefing on the understanding of the cities that are a situation in the middle east because what we have been doing we've been discussing country to country and that there is a bit of i mean they don't recognize borders they have their vision of geography so now we have this ice is fighting both in syria and iraq what kind of conclusions we are going to draw from this actually annoy i i saw a very interesting statement the other day i think mr jutta was speaking at the conference of the probably slummy conferences somewhere and here you look at up which is not going to be an exact quote. it's. we cannot procrastinate any longer there is this terrorist threat and therefore both iraq and syria are putting them
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together so in those terms actually i've been wondering you know how western colleagues have criticized a lot the position of the syrian government of the geneva talks because as they agreed both the government and opposition that the first two items on the agenda of the discussions should be first fighting is terrorism second or this transitional body so the syrian government was insisting that first they agree on something. with regard to fighting terrorists and the opposition was saying no when you're also to agree on something i think that from the point of view of the recent developments with isis the position of the syrian government does make a lot of sense because had they agreed agreed on some practical steps to fight terrorism. well first of all that could have been a very important element of the situation trying to suppress the start of service in syria but then also this unity of purpose and action could have been created between the syrian government and the opposition so maybe that would have. laid the
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path towards this transitional body etc etc because it's of course quite difficult to discuss like would join what is syria to call it just give us a list portfolio that portfolio but if you have a unity of purpose which is fighting against i see is a could be and i hope still is. it. could have made things different. mr president would have of i'm sorry i'll come to you please you know ok just really quickly on your ukraine jeff you said earlier this week that it was on the level of the p.r.'s and i was wondering if and if then baster level yet a discussion well unfortunately after the of the last of the discussions a discussion of the level of the p r as we came to the conclusion that our western callers were stonewalling that they were not interested in the draft in our revised it off to accommodate a lot of the concerns and proposals including the reference to sovereignty and territorial integrity integrity of ukraine but you know they came back coming back
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with killer amendments and we came to the conclusion that there was no prospect for the draft to develop this mr president that the person in going to get here sent a letter to the security council and to the secretary general regarding he wasn't in the occupied territories of course israel is arresting people who wanted the. killing people wanted the as well under the pretext that with that has been abduction of the israelis this has not been verified in any way and there are skepticism even in the israeli meat get that this action has happened was the position of the security council because we are going to discuss this among the unsure where we're going to have a special meeting on monday matthew. on behalf of the u.n. calls for access thanks for the briefing i asked investor sergei of about the journalists that were killed not just the ones that were beaten and and he seemed to say that they should have had their helmets on that they hadn't registered i just wanted to know he's also said that the stakeout if you what is what you think
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after the press taping of that and also just now the spokesman for the secretary general said that the i don't know i guess the secretary general while he was giving a speech that they welcome the plan and that they find it encouraging these were powers use what are you think of that i have to look at. the general's comments. you know i think and you see that suit is senior official would want to look at the plan before welcoming them all the services might just be a bit above the journalist again very unpleasant part of what the ambassador said gave has been saying this has surprised already of the media as they go the nile debate he seems to go to considerable details in his description of what actually could have happened and sometimes the some details are changed but here he is talking as if a huge you or you could you know sort of is where they are in fact to me this is another indication of the claim which is made in no media that the little journalists had been full of the thought of that for a number of days before they would actually get that done killed by the more the file. police or their order yes you please yes i can go to you often without the
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syrian ambassador bashar jafari when he was speaking on wednesday evening he suggested that there was a pattern of mistreatment of the syrian mission by u.n. bodies by you know that his webcast you flew a web was cut which was the quote we broke off technically of course that should not happen i hope the knowledge works well please thank you investor. has the security council to discuss then screw discuss the new crisis brewing in the uk on this on following the by carter knows why presidential candidates the election process and as. the what do you do you have done the comments on that well we're going to have a big discussion on i'm going to stop on so this ignorance as this so will cover all those subjects i'm sure.


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