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unfortunately he doesn't give a darn about anything james mission to teach creation and why you should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. breaking news russia's president asks parliament to withdraw permission for the use of force in ukraine seeking to deescalate tension in the country's east. poland a foreign minister is left red faced after he's caught on tape using vulgar language to describe his country's relations with the u.s. . dozens of women have been illegally sterilized and for prisons in california a new report reveals say even more cases could have gone unnoticed. watching
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our senior national coming to you live from moscow i'm maria. president putin has asked russian lawmakers to cancel permission for military intervention in ukraine it came into force in march ahead of the referendum in crimea and was aimed at providing security for the russian population in the region let's get now more from . britain to tell us how soon could the permission be withdrawn well the russian parliament is expected to look at this provision and at the suggestion beginning on wednesday's session so it could be just within literally a matter of one day that we could see that provision revoked and now this is happening this decision by the president is coming a head to all of the three party talks which are due to begin concerning the situation in south east of ukraine if if if the talks do go through of course it is
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expected that the members of the opposition to kiev are expected to lay down their arms by the end of this week so we could be one of the first and very important one of the one of the main important steps in this. in the situation in attempts to bring about the peace in ukraine. i mean thanks so much for the subject of english there. now and say government forces in eastern ukraine say a woman has been killed in the army shelling of the town of preval near the defined region of lugansk both sides agreed to observe a cease fire until friday morning but are accusing each other of breaking it local militia also reported renewed gunfire in the outskirts of slovyansk the city which has seen some of the worst military attacks in recent weeks and also sell first the worst humanitarian situation out of all the cities and towns besieged by the ukrainian army local say water supplies have been seriously disrupted that the
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answer which is the main city of the region is also hit by severe water shortages local officials say they have just twelve days of water left and they are hoping to repair a local pumping station damaged by army shelling during the truce but it has proven to be very fragile. it brings president petro poroshenko earlier said he had a plan b. if his peace initiative doesn't work although some doubt he's in full control of forces carrying out military operations in the east as international affairs expert alexander macoris told r.t. if we look at organizations like that which are apparently present in the east room minutes you'll be. direct control of the ukrainian government frankly i doubt that the ukrainian government has much control even over groups like the national guard which are present in force in the ukraine in the eastern ukraine and which of
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course are recruited specifically from regions which are known to be host to the aspirations of the eastern ukrainians so i actually i don't with the government or mr poroshenko has really much control over them poland's foreign minister has been left red faced after a leaked conversation allegedly heard him use vulgar language to describe his country's relations with the us and it's not the first time a leaked tapes of the u. officials have revealed the dark side of brussels love of washington. has more. anding love affair america and its atlantic partners consistently proclaim their rock solid loyalty and mutual admiration as friends and allies we stand united together. warsaw has reciprocated the affinity always leaving the door open for a u.s. footprint within its borders. very glad to be able to say the american friendship and alliance is
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a strong behind the camera friendly facade of solidarity western partners are singing a much different tune the same polish officials seen here reportedly calls his nation's alliance with the u.s. worthless insisting it creates a false sense of security in a secretly recorded conversation up by w magazine foreign minister wratislaw sikorsky is purportedly heard comparing warsaw and washington's relationship to that of someone who's always performing sexual favors and receiving nothing in return preceding poland's vulgar tone one of america's top diplomats has exhibited her penchant for profanity dropping the f. bomb when referencing european partners so that would be great i think to help blew this thing and have the u.n. help glue it and you know the e.u. washington refused to confirm the authenticity of mr nuland leaked comments instead the last thing a not to miss leakers for hacking a private conversation that's all part of america's rocky behind the scenes
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relationship with many of its allies german chancellor angela merkel for example had stinging words over the u.s. approach to privacy after she was targeted in washington's global surveillance operation this is in the interest of german citizens it is not about me specifically but a bottle citizens we need trust among and this trust needs to be restored critics say mounting frustration on both sides of the atlantic is making it harder for the western alliance to camouflage a steady erosion. of loyalty and cooperation they don't want to publicly acknowledge that there is a rest but i think. this strong alliance there is a right every country should ultimately be thinking of itself there is the e.u. . and the united states but this time around it's really very serious marina r.t. washington despite the tough language the polish foreign minister has actually said
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out loud what man in poland they're thinking at least that's according to political alister. with kind of obscene and somewhat racist words it was articulated what i think a great deal of the polish people probably feel poland supported the united states when during the attack on iraq being what george w. bush called the new europe but yet they've gotten nothing out of it the polish people are suffering under extreme measures of austerity and now there are u.s. troops piling in their country using it as a place to threaten russia and i think that this phone call that was leaked to kind of reveal revealed that i think that some of the anger was is widespread it's also interesting to point out that you know that in light of this in the recent victoria nuland tapes that in a lot of instances you know the the public officials you know while they may speak to the public in very clear and articulate words behind closed doors and their
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personal interactions they can be quite obscene and and it's a very different personality than what we see as the public. staff on the gas austria's looking for ways to speed up the construction of a pipeline which would deliver a russian gas bypassing ukraine moscow and brothels have been at odds over the project which has recently been frozen by the e.u. more on that just ahead for you. france's largest bank b.m.p. party by is close to paying up to nine billion dollars to the u.s. for violating washington sanctions and that's more than the bank earned last year and the find has been called unfair and disproportionate by the french president are all over has the details. french banking giant. in the u.s. regulators seem to be closing in on the deal which could see france's largest bank having to pay up to nine billion dollars in fines for directly violating u.s. sanctions now this relates back to around thirty billion dollars worth of trades
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that were done with countries such as iran cuba most of all that all appear on the sanctions list it's being discussed at the highest levels french president francois hollande is warned of the potential fallout for the french and even the wider european economy if this company faces such a stiff fine barack obama has said well he isn't going to poke his nose into an ongoing investigation by the attorney general so he's not provided going to try and interfere in this case but with the french economy well still very wobbly at best the pessimists are suggesting that this type of fine meted out on to france's biggest bank could be potentially catastrophic so we're waiting to see what deal is met between the french bank and the u.s. banking regulators we're expecting that decision at the beginning of july the end president of the size of the fine has left some wondering why the party has to pay
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so much the biggest such pouty paid by any bank so far was that two billion dollar fine handed out to britain's eight has b.c. the french bank is now looking at almost five times that amount we asked herbalist robert harneys why france is facing such tough measures he believes washington is punishing paris for its stubbornness over the sale of mr all warships to russia. my only conclusion i have no proof but my own conclusion is to do with the sale of warships to russia this is a sharp rap over the knuckles of the french government for insisting on continuing of the sale of the warships to russia i look at the sequence it is. hence my draw that conclusion it just goes to show that it's a very expensive defying call sam the bank has accepted it because they want to go on doing business in america but i think when people have time to think they're not
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going to be very impressed by this behavior by the american government which is a sort of blackmail because basically the the system is you say well if you don't plead guilty they'll be a trial if you plead guilty you give us a load of money and that seat seems that european politicians are capable of swallowing any humiliation from the americans the us shows how would justify the killing of an american citizen without due process along later this hour a week for how the newly released drone memo recognize the long running conover see on how legal america's counterterrorism program really is.
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a. very hard to take i. want to get. a lot of that back with that right there.
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welcome back you're watching our t.v. national a damning report has revealed dozens of american women have been illegally sterilized in prisons and the u.s. state of california prison officials claim it helps save the state money while human rights groups say the method is cruel and reminiscent of nazi methods of population control one hundred forty four of female prisoners underwent a surgical procedure with former inmates saying they were forced to do so in more than a third of them were sterilized unlawfully was that out their consent as many as twenty seven cases remain undocumented was doctors never signing the necessary papers court to hear it from the justice now campaign discussed the issue with r.t. . for sure legislators and prison officials alike at the sterilizations were happening and then from that i received. information that were happening
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and being offered at women's prisons in california a couple of years later so we made it very clear that they were illegal but received claims that people weren't aware or that he didn't know that the surgeries were happening across the board there is a sense of sadness of. having a human rights fully respected not being treated like a human feeling bush feeling taken advantage of doing to. a sadness around. to give place to a child in the future if that's something that individuals are wanting and also discussing the after effects of some of these surgeries. the california prison system has long been the target of criticism thousands of inmates are being jailed for decades and what u.s. officials prefer to call security housing units they are kept in concrete a windowless cramped cells for nearly twenty three hours a day their food is slipped through a door slot one hour of recreation is often limited to pacing in handcuffs and
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shackles in another solitary area telephone calls and contact visits are generally prohibited more than three thousand inmates endure this treatment according to reports one hundred six have spanned fifteen years and cells while twenty three have been locked up for a quarter of a century. and you can find more coverage of the n.g. main treatment of u.s. prisoners in reports by correspondent on our you tube channel or website r.t. dot com also online today the u.k. army may be getting too fat to fight country's defense ministry has revealed shocking figures of those failing basic sickness tests and being at risk of great health problems more details in the report are just a click away. also there a slide of fancy a piece syria and one of russian city turns to drones to get its deliveries out on time find out how it's being carried out and watch the video on our web site.
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right to see. first street. and i think the true. on our reporters would. be in the. know c.n.n. the most. news in some slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be. something. that was funny but it's closer to the truth and might think. it's because one whole attention and the mainstream media works side by side the
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joke is actually on here the cover up. and our teen years we have a different press. the show because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not like damnit i'm not. a. you guys talk to the jokes will handle the stuff that i've got to. treasury meucci once said that the best weapon against an enemy is another enemy but when your enemy is expensive oil well welcome to america's middle east policy where everyone is either an enemy or a friend and me. oh
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. welcome back you're watching r t international a us court has released a long secret memo in which the obama administration lays out its legal reasoning for killing an american citizen without due process of law the document of course has left questions unanswered abby martin raises them in breaking. so you may remember that back in two thousand and eleven u.s. citizen and we're all lucky when the bin laden of the internet was killed by a u.s. drone strike in yemen for his association with al qaeda now a lock is just one of four u.s. nationals that have been killed by their own country's predator drones and for nearly three years the a.c.l.u. has demanded to know the justification behind his killing and today the organization got its wish to federal court released in two thousand and ten a memo by ben acting assistant attorney general david baron but outlined the legal case for the strike that killed a lock on surprisingly the obama administration memo relies almost entirely on the
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authorization for use of military force a broadly worded law passed in the immediate wake of september eleventh that allows the president to use force against members of al-qaeda but even the memo notes that quote there is no precedent directly addressing the question in circumstances such as those present here but hey laws are meant to be broken even if it means completely dismantling over three hundred years of habeas corpus. now if you look at some other stories from around the world a suicide car bomb has hit a crowded area in the southern suburbs of beirut in lebanon wounding at least nineteen people the blast occurred in a mainly shiite muslim district moyle to the militant movement has the group has been fighting alongside president bush forces in syria against mainly sunni muslim rebels last friday another suicide attack near the syrian border left one person dad and almost forty people injured. supporters of
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a prominent anti-government cleric have clashed with police in the pakistani city of lahore leaving more than forty people injured the preacher of right from canada work he currently lives to spirit had a peaceful revolution against the country's prime minister police used tear gas to disperse the crowds last week eight of his followers working. in clashes with authorities. a landslide sparked by having rain has hit the brazilian city of many houses have been destroyed one of them completely swallowed by a sinkhole along with several cars flooded areas only four kilometers from the stadium where italy will play europe why in the world cup on tuesday. austria is pushing to speed up the south stream pipeline project aimed at securing russian gas deliveries to europe bypassing ukraine it was earlier frozen by
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brussels citing possible violations of the blocks regulations but as austria is urging to make exceptions for gasper and the contract may be sealed on tuesday as reports from the. well there's hope all round that the agreement will be signed it later on cheese day the signing of the agreement to be overseen by russian president vladimir putin would mean that on the south stream on austrian territory canopic in the south stream is going to transport gas from russia to europe. crain is seen as a more stable on a more reliable route with tensions between russia and ukraine increase austria do you want the agreements we signed on to walk on the pipeline. despite deep divisions within the european union divisions that have seen in the pipeline in bulgaria suspended this month the prime minister decided to suspend welcome the pipeline following a meeting with three u.s. senators including john mccain now the official reason being given the full being
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suspended is that what was suspended in order to iron out concerns of the competition rules had been breached however there are many within russia who feel that the decision was politically motivated areas decision to suspend the work on the pipeline is not a knock on effect for example might have to do likewise and put the plans on the back however they all came for the work to be completed their president has been quoted as saying that the south stream will guarantee the long term energy security of serbia and create conditions for the domestic economy while italian officials are also kaine as well saying it's he will continue to support the south which is among the strategically important infrastructure projects the south will further strengthen the existing gas supply despite the fact that some countries all wavering on the in washington are trying to delay construction on the south strain the fact that the agreement could be signed by later on tuesday in vienna with austria means that the south stream is one step closer to becoming reality. if the
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deal was done south stream could start operating in twenty fifteen and would start pumping it off natural gas to keep a third of homes warm for a year by twenty twenty supplies would be increased by thirty percent and added ten years from now they could be a whopping one hundred forty billion cubic meters per year that would meet a quarter of europe's needs austria's politicians say they are chain for close cooperation with moscow but i think the time this. let's put it to a little bit difficult it's very important to build creatures and. so are. all certain. ways. relationships to cultural say. six simply all are cheap and also come on the correlations and so.
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powerful groups should. try to improve his success stories. and after the break as promised the full story of america justifying its overseas drone attacks and also several of the weirdest ways cartels are smuggling drugs into the u.s. they will ask for a break and said. some people say freedom isn't free and they're right in fact freedom may only cost the price of a bottle of water or an old t. shirt fans celebrating the recent victory of the l.a. kings noticed that they were not alone what was believed to be a police drone was flying over them filming them i thought of moral contempt for drones or just for the hell of it the crowd began to throw random objects until it was brought down i think this event makes two very big points firstly
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a lot of the surveillance state is not that hard to stop i mean there are satellite photos being taken of us all the time and it's a spying on a communications but any camera or other device been throwing distance of a brick is at the mercy of us the ninety nine percent and secondly generally if a crowd of people does something few ever get punished i mean if this drone was actually a police drone would they try to lock up the entire crowd for breaking it no they wouldn't and they couldn't for some reason if one person commits an act of civil disobedience they are in ford but if a crowd does that they generally get away with it so if you're going to defend your right to privacy from drones bring fifty guys with you and everything will work out just fine but that's just my opinion.
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crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want.
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was a go and everyone of a martin and this is breaking this set so you may remember that back in two thousand and eleven u.s. citizen and we're all lucky the bin laden of the internet was killed by us drone strike in yemen for his association with al qaeda now a lock is one of four u.s. nationals that have been killed by their own country's predator drones and for nearly three years the a.c.l.u. has demanded to know the justification behind his killing and today the organization got its wish to see a federal court released a two thousand and ten memo by then acting assistant attorney general david baron
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that outlined the legal case for the strike that killed a lockheed unsurprisingly the obama administration memo relies almost entirely on the authorization for use of military force a broadly worded law passed in the immediate wake of september eleventh that allows the president to use force against members of al-qaeda but even the memo notes that quote there is no precedent directly addressing the question in circumstances such as those present here so basically there is no legal precedent to act as judge jury and executioner for american citizens and as far as that pesky due process thing. get this the memo cites a supreme court case from the seventy's in order to justify invading the right to trial for a lockie it's a case called matthews v.l. drish allowing the government to terminate social security payments without due process yet because that's not a stretch to apply to government sanctioned murder as padres curb cadre an attorney
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for the center of constitutional rights no it's the government's drone killing program is built on the gross distortions of law this force transparency comes years late long after the memo was drafted and used to justify the premeditated killing of a us citizen without trial and far from any battlefield but hey laws are meant to be broken even if it means completely dismantling over three hundred years of hate because corpus and let's break the law. it was a. very hard to take kindly. to. that . with that hurt their little. league.


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