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live. russia's president asks parliament to withdraw permission for the use of force in ukraine the move is praised by the ukrainian president as a step towards deescalating tension in the country's east. solve the fans forces in east ukraine report mounting casualties and renewed artillery fire raising doubts over caves commitment just stopping the violence. poland's foreign minister is caught on tape using vulgar language to describe his country's are aligned with washington will look at how such leaks are causing cracks in transatlantic ties. getting gas to europe with the trouble some detours austria and russia strike a deal on
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a new branch of the south stream pipeline despite pressure from brussels to freeze the project. and british the hottest are reportedly faking death to return to the u.k. undetected as fears grow of potential new terror attacks at home. six pm a mosque you're watching on t.v. national we were in a josh president putin has asked russian lawmakers to withdraw permission to use the military in ukraine it was granted you know animal slain march ahead of the referendum in crimea to provide security for russian citizens and the fleet stationed in the region but it sparked outrage in the west which suspected russia of planning an intervention. explains it's expected to be discussed at the next step of the session which is to take place on wednesday so we literally could be
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less than one day away from actually seeing those certain measures being canceled now it was adopted in the beginning of march in order to protect russian nationals particularly. course the concern was about the contingent of the russian navy who are stationed a naval base on crimea against possible provocations and knew of the situation in ukraine but now russian president has asked for that matter to be withdrawn because he believes that it could contribute to stipulation in the south east of ukraine and of course it is right ahead of the three party talks on that very subject matter which are to take place in very short a short period of time now there has already been a response from the korean officials that is the president poroshenko has already said that this is the first practical step towards actually. to the southeast of ukraine anti-government forces in eastern ukraine say continued army shelling of the town of preval near restive lugansk region has left one woman dad and another
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wounded both sides agreed to observe a cease fire until friday morning but are already accusing each other of breaking it are just of has more. here on the ground there is no letup in the fighting reports of civilian casualties are mounting and the renewed has said it sees calm on the heels of the ukrainian president split over a cease fire now the mission of was so also supported by the n.c. government forces who promised to stick to the deal but said they're now claiming that the ukrainian army violated the peace plan by opening fire in the gun screeching ends we know that at least one woman was killed there in youth fighting clearly shows that the president's plan is failing and he seemingly has little control over what's happening here on the ground you know while just a couple of days ago an explosion derailed a russian cargo train in the mets region and all of this adds to the situation here a lawless that's that ukraine is currently living in. now one of the devastating
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consequences of kipps nonstop offensive is that it's creating a shortage of basic supplies including drinking water long queues have been seen in the worst hit areas such as the cities of slovyansk and crime a tourist desperate locals are trying to find a lifeline a line requests have been posted on social networks for those who have private wealth to make them available to the wider public. online we have more details about the shaky cease fire in the volatile eastern regions at a full timeline of the crisis is also just a click away at r.t. dot com. relations between american and polish top brass have always appeared to be in rude health at least for the cameras but a leaked conversation involving poland's foreign minister has revealed some rudeness of another kind of ordinary reports on how that's left the establishment in a war so red faced. anding love affair america and its atlantic partners consistently
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proclaim their rock solid loyalty and mutual admiration as friends and allies we stand united together forever warsaw has reciprocated the affinity always leaving the door open for a u.s. footprint within its borders are very glad to be able to say that the polish american friendship and alliance is a strong behind the camera friendly facade of solidarity western partners are singing a much different tune the same polish officials seen here reportedly calls his nation's alliance with the u.s. worthless insisting it creates a false sense of security in a secretly recorded conversation up tamed by w magazine foreign minister wratislaw sikorsky is purportedly heard comparing warsaw and washington's relationship to that of someone who's always performing sexual favors and receiving nothing in return preceding poland's vulgar tone one of america's top diplomats has exhibited
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her penchant for profanity dropping the f. bomb when referencing european partners so that would be great i think to help glue this thing and have the u.n. help glue it and you know the e.u. washington refused to confirm the authenticity of miss nuland leaked comments instead the last thing i not to miss leakers are hocking a private conversation that's all part of america's rocky behind the scenes relationship with many of its allies german chancellor angela merkel for example had stinging words over the u.s. approach to privacy after she was targeted in washington's global surveillance operation this is in the interest of german citizens it is not about me specifically but a bottle citizens we need trust among for instance and this trust needs to be restored critics say mounting frustration on both sides of the atlantic is making it harder for the western alliance to camouflage a steady erosion. of loyalty and cooperation they don't want to publicly
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acknowledge that there is a risk but i think the lying this strong alliance there is a rift every country should automatically be thinking about itself if there is a drift between the e.u. and. the united states but this time around is really very serious marina port r.t. washington now political analyst colum martin believes the foreign minister actually put into words what manning poland have wanted to say for a while now. poland supported the united states when during the attack on iraq george w. bush called the new europe but yet they've gotten nothing out of it the polish people are suffering under extreme measures of austerity and now there are u.s. troops piling in their country using it as a place to threaten russia and i think that this phone call that was leaked to kind of reveal revealed that i think that some of the anger was is widespread it's also interesting to point out that you know that in light of this in the recent victoria
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nuland tapes that in a lot of instances you know the public officials you know while they may speak to the public in very clear and articulate words behind closed doors in their personal interactions they can be quite obscene in and it's a very different personality than what we see as the public america's also made another european allies blood boil this time frustrating the french it's trying to find france is biggest bank a record amount of president along the calls the punishment unfair later we'll look at what's gone in washington all worked out. also find out how dozens of women who were illegally serialized in the california prisons according to a new report that claims the practice is systemic. there's a step forward in getting russian gas directly into europe and agreements in place for an austrian branch of the south stream pipeline now it would mean fuel supplies
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bypassing ukraine the project was earlier partly frozen by brussels for possibly violating the blocks regulations scott is in vienna with more. austria cane for the work to go ahead despite deep divisions within the european union divisions that have halted construction work on the pipeline in bulk area earlier this month the boat carrying prime minister decided to suspend work on the pipeline on the right after a meeting with three u.s. senators including john mckay who was quoted off the woods as saying that the project should have as little russian involvement as possible now the official reason given for a bulgarian deciding to suspend the walk was in order to iron out concerns are that e.u. competition rules had been breached however many within russia feel that the decision was politically motivated gary's decision to do that has had a knock on effect serbia for example might have to do likewise and put plans on the
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bun bun however they are cane for the project to go ahead the president has been quoted as saying that the south stream will guarantee the long term energy security and create conditions for boosting the domestic economy while in italy officials are also kaine for the project to go ahead. one official saying that it will continue to support the south stream which is among the most strategically important infrastructure projects for the continent so there are clear divisions between western powers but the signing of the agreement here in austria brings the idea of the south stream one step closer to reality now the first branch of the pipeline could be operational as soon as twenty fifteen caring enough energy to fuel thirty eight million europeans households a year by two thousand and twenty supplies are to be increased by thirty per sand and in another decade they could reach a whopping one hundred forty billion cubic meters per year that will meet a quieter of europe's needs we're going to talk to
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a senior research fellow at the oxford institute for anarchy studies kind of thanks so much for joining us here on r.t. international in your opinion how much of a step forward is this agreement. hello well in my view the easiest step forward it's a shareholder agreement and in a way it was not really a big surprise that it was signed today and it does bring the project a step closer as you've sat in my view it inflects a growing understanding that has been and remains a very important gas to europe and it's important to diversify not on the supplies but also routes of gas is delivered to europe because supply security consists not only off source security which is in that case russia but it also consists of route security and there are at the moment not that many of. the russian gas can come
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into europe particularly into the south and eastern part which sells through it's supposed to address all kinds you know what's interesting to note of the spoil it is that. is brussels is pressuring bulgaria which is the first country to build a segment of this pipeline it but it has to put its work on hold now what is the point of the agreement. while it's that country which is a member of the european union and it's the country it. is supposed to be lent at the black sea coast and the pin committee state to late last year that the intergovernmental agreements which so far have been the only legal friend of the international public lol friend on which sells stream is namely the intergovernmental agreements between the russian federation and the respective governments all countries along that road of pipeline include in bulgaria that is
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so i thought the friend uk the commission suggested that syndrome and so on not compatible with us. all would have to be. to all denounce all together so why do you think brussels was trying to stall the project. brasil's didn't say it's trying to stall that it's all that sad it's sad that agreements on the which south stream is currently based on in violation of the package that's what that set well there is a bit of a difference between. brussels does that mean you can say one thing but do something else i mean putting for example pressure on bulgaria not to carry on the work etc so you know. and also as we. go to these yes. i take it that. is the member
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of the european union and it would have to be in line with the package at the same time currently it's very important i thought package thousand have the rules developed for new pipeline capacity in europe it only has the rules for existing capacity and if not. for new capacity is developed in europe as part of the package than south stream would have to fall on that is you. provided by the current thought on the regulates existing passage to that old the issue itself to access regulate tariffs and impossibilities to the pipeline and provide gas food how about intergovernmental agreements they define in those respects and in my view some sort of negotiated solution would have to be found how night sounds dreamed possible to develop and use capacity within the threat within the package whether
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it might require development of additional parts of the package which currently is on the development new friend up for new slash incremental capacity but that's not supposed to become available until twenty seven deal which is two years late. and is supposed to deliver us to to europe in my view as some sort of compromise solution would have to be found because europe increasingly it realizes that it's us in case of any transit interference in ukraine just would be insecure. in my view that's the important condition which suggests that sooner or later a compromise solution would have to be found on this or i can see if you are a senior research fellow at the office where is the good for energy studies thanks so much for your views. and we'll be bringing you all the developments in the progress and political hurdles surrounding the south stream pipeline on air online at or t. dot com. i i. i
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. now the u.k. is on alert after the government warned its expecting terror attacks at home by british radicals returning from fighting in syria and iraq officials say it's extremely difficult to track and monitor every single islamist who comes back one former top m i six chief claims it's completely impossible to look at every suspect in doubt and it's been reported that british jihad is have found ways to slip back into the u.k. under the radar or as more in a cost of explains. some of the fighters have been put on alert by authorities and find their british intelligence services have actually blacklisted some of the fighters that they believe pose a threat and believe in them no other option but to play dead and this is one of the fears that was exacerbated the specially after the case of a twenty six year old british this who was reported that in syria where the various groups expressing their condolences online and this very same man of those later
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arrested trying to reenter the country from a dover and also now we know that he's been charged with attending a terror training camp as well as all the terrorism offenses and this is one of the main concerns right now because authorities here have no idea who is the only one taking in fact when they return from a country like syria and we know about the sunday times has recently posts or an article where they're quoting the one such allegedly who says that he wants to see the british prime minister as well as the home secretary taken hostage and beheaded david cameron himself has already warned that. this would be islamic state in iraq and isis are planning attacks on british soil and considering the fact that there are various reports estimating that there are from two hundred fifty to five hundred persons in countries like syria experts say not only is the threats that larger than they think but also a good number all of those people saying that it's really down to british intelligence not only to figure out who has returned but also who's playing the
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dead perhaps and what threat they pose moscow has condemned last week's raid by the israeli defense forces in our office in the west bank the russian foreign ministry says such actions against journalists are unacceptable whatever they are motivated by and it's also called on the israeli army to give back property it confiscated during the raid was part of a crackdown on local media centers in a broader campaign against the palestinian authorities who are being blamed for the kidnapping of three israeli teenagers soldiers forced their way into a building used by broadcasting service. i had a pound media and by our team they damaged furniture and technical equipment completely destroyed computer hardware and also complicated our cut materials. after the break details of the illegal sterilization of women inmates in america that in plenty more stories shortly.
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i think that takes. place now a. lot but if the public decides to. speak our language. programs are documentaries in arabic it's what you hear on. the teams in the world talks to feel like p. interview intriguing story for you to. see arabic to find out more visit our big. dog called.
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welcome back you're watching our to international a damning report on prisons in california has revealed scores of female inmates are victims of illegal sterilization one hundred forty four women underwent the procedure between two thousand and five and two thousand and eleven and all except one were conducted with some kind of violation in fact in the thirty nine cases the surgery was carried out without the woman skin sand and dozens more instances necessary documentation of doctors signatures were missing human rights groups are calling for a ban on what they say is a cruel practice and they want those behind it to be named publicly.
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for sure legislators and prison officials alike that sterilisations were happening and then found out from that i received. information that were happening and being offered at women's prisons in california a couple of years later so we made it very clear that they were illegal but received claims that people want to wear or that they didn't know that the surgeries were happening across the board there's a sense of sadness around having a human rights respected not being treated like a human feeling feeling taken advantage of doing to. a sadness around. you to get them to give life to a child in the future that's something that individuals are wanting and also discussing the after effects of some of these surgeries. in the beginning was the word but calling got a lot has god malaysia's courts in
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a spin as muslims they are furious that other religions dare to use their deedes name explain what's so waxing about the cavalry on our website also online details of the f.b.i.'s latest success in curbing sex trafficking in america which saved nearly one hundred seventy children from prostitution and landed nearly three hundred pimps in jail. around the world was more of this hour's headlines now a suicide bombing in the lebanese capital beirut has reportedly killed a security officer and injured nineteen people the attack was carried out near a checkpoint and a busy cafe where people had gathered to watch world cup games last friday another suicide attack near the syrian border left one person dad and injured almost forty . the trials began of the crew of the south korean ferry which sank in april killing nearly three hundred people most of the victims were teenagers manning more passengers are still missing evidence includes. video
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showing the crew abandoning the ship while the youngsters were told to stay and wait for instructions the captain and three senior crew members are charged with murder eleven others with negligence. british prime minister david cameron's former spin doctor has been found guilty of phone hacking while he was the editor of news of the world and colson now faces a jail sentence his predecessor in the job rebecca brooks was acquitted of the same charges both denied the accusations throughout the eight month trial this was initiated the middle barrage of allegations that the newspaper had been illegally listening in to the phone calls of large of a large number of celebrities and politicians. france's largest bank. could end up paying nine billion dollars to the u.s. for covering up transactions that violate american sanctions it will be a record settlement one the french president has already called unfair and
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disproportionate are just peed all over of reports. french banking giant. in the u.s. regulators seem to be closing in on the deal which could see france's largest bank having to pay up to nine billion dollars in fines for directly violating u.s. sanctions now this relates back to around thirty billion dollars worth of trades that were done with countries such as iran cuba most of all sit down that all appear on the sanctions list it's being discussed at the highest levels french president francois hollande is warned of the potential fallout for the french and even the wider european economy if this company faces such a stiff fine bomber's said well he isn't going to poke his nose into an ongoing investigation by the attorney general so he's not provided going to try and interfere in this case but with the french economy still very wobbly at best
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the pessimists are suggesting that this type of fine meted out on to france's biggest bank could be potentially catastrophic so we're waiting to see what deal is met between the french bank and the u.s. banking regulators we're expecting that decision at the beginning of july the unprecedented size of the fine is left some wondering why b.m.p. part of should have to pay so much the biggest ever pal to be paid by a bank so far was a fine of almost two billion dollars handed out to britain's h.s.b.c. but the french giant could eclipse that amount paying almost five times as much we as journalists robert harding is why france is facing such tough measures he thinks washington is actually punishing paris for refusing to cancel its contract to sell mistral warships to russia. my own conclusion i have no proof of this but my own conclusion is it's to do with the sale of warships to russia this is a shot rap over the knuckles for the french government for insisting on continuing
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of the sale of the beast of all ships to russia i look at the sequence of events might draw that conclusion it just goes to show that it's a very expensive defying uncle sam the bank has accepted it because they want to go on doing business in america but i think when people have time to think they're not going to be very impressed by this behavior by the american government which is a sort of blackmail because basically the the system is you say well if you plead guilty they'll be a trial if you plead guilty and give us a load of money and that's it seems that european politicians are capable of swallowing any humiliation from the americans. and i'm next to one of nazi germany's key figures and he's single handed manipulation of the media.
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some people say freedom isn't free and they're right in fact freedom may only cost the price of a bottle of water or an old t. shirt fans celebrating the recent victory of the l.a. kings noticed that they were not alone what was believed to be a police drone was flying over them filming them either out of moral contempt for drones or just for the hell of it the crowd began to throw random objects out until it was brought down i think this event makes two very big points firstly a lot of the surveillance state is not that hard to stop i mean there are satellite photos being taken of us all the time n.s.a. spying on a communications but any camera or other device than throwing distance of a brick is at the mercy of us ninety nine percent and second. generally if a crowd of people does something few ever get punished i mean if this drug was actually a police troll would they try to lock up the entire crowd for breaking it no they wouldn't and they could and for some reason if one person commits an act of civil
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disobedience they are in for it but if a crowd does it they generally get away with it so if you're going to defend your right to privacy from drones bring fifty guys with you and everything will work out just fine but that's just my opinion. but i'll talk to my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports but i'm not pushing the no i will leave them to the state to comment on your latter point to say. ok because are you talking no. thank you no more weasel or. what you need a direct question be prepared for a change when you know you should be ready for a. pretty skinny little town to fit into.
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alive repeated a thousand times becomes the truth the man who said that even proved it the light became part of himself and the system he served his name was use of copus he was nazi germany's minister of propaganda the myths that he created exist to this day. about. these are the children of joseph good business.


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