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tv   Headline News  RT  June 25, 2014 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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libya heads to the polls to choose a new parliament against a backdrop of bloodshed and chaos three years since the overthrow of the gadhafi regime promised to bring peace and democracy. moscow and europe's curity watchdog call for the truce in eastern ukraine to be extended for a new battle between the army and local militias rattle the temporary cease fire. and is all the thing junk threatens to cut us off from vital communication satellites we speak to the man on a mission to save the day. and
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i welcome you watching r.t. international back libyans are voting to elect a new parliament amid the worst violence since the revolution there three years ago a million and a half people are registered for the poll and that's just a quarter of the country's population well since the toppling of moammar gadhafi libya has been on a leadership round about swapping one head of state for another in fact whoever is chosen the head of the new parliament is going to be the country's six leader in the last two and a half years and aside from the politicians this popular support for a leaf or have to hear a road general who launched a war on militias last month his artie's poll asli. it was a time when david cameron and his allies paraded the libyan revolution as a win for western democracy there and salute your courage and while we are proud of the role that we played out we know this was your revolution from your bravery
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a time when tony blair's handshake with colonel gadhafi was conveniently forgotten and maybe now the british prime minister might want to forget that the libyan democratic project did not turn out quite as planned because the method libya is. op and violence state was out political stability nation which is our internal security for its people always out in security in its border the point of entry election is underway but the hand of the rule seems very far away two months ago parliament was overrun by gunmen jihadists militias and gangsters have taken over the streets as the climate of fear intensifies a growing number of libyans look to jennifer lee for have tar as they say via his supporters see him as the only man capable of crushing radical armed groups and building a national army the us excel has promised to rid the country of foreign fighters
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and with strong links to egypt's new president washington considers him a cia asset but not content with meddling from afar the united states has sparked outrage by seizing a libyan citizen from benghazi but i think that america came in and kidnapped a person and we might have different opinions about him but of this is silly dan citizen no matter who pays they came in and kidnap someone from benghazi. but america's saying nothing america is not responsible for what happened in libya nor is it responsible for what's happening in iraq today western powers were quick to praise themselves for they were initially if it's in libya and just as fast to disavow all this. once ability in being gone see the bombed out ruins from general have towers last offensive are still smoldering libyans office treated but feel powerless even with voting slips in the hands the last time they had a revolution that did not turn out so well. on t. v twenty eleven
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two more did bring economic instability to libya oil production has dropped sharply in the so far failed to reach pre uprising levels the g.d.p. bounce back a little following the revolution but started falling again as public debt steadily rose the election is now being hailed by many as a way out of the crisis but the director of libya's first policy think tank believes there are still many challenges ahead. the difficulty is whether or not those that are chosen through the elections are respected by the collective will of the people whether militias or the wrong groups you know respect the outcomes of an actual electoral process very different symptoms in libya that could. mean a result in civil conflict and conflict among stroy been called for the works various militias in iraq and i experience didn't. you know i would say that's a very very when you want to just conclude that while it's mainly conflict
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financial assets i wouldn't say it's a people versus people retiring versus town all out onslaught but i would say that there are some dangerous storms of the moment. so to come in the program playing with al qaida the cia once considered using asama bin ladin dolls with the pale of face disappearing kids in pakistan and afghanistan we've got the story coming up shortly. the temporary truce in eastern ukraine should be extended daddies the call coming from russia supported by the european security watchdog the current cease fire ends on friday morning it's proving to be very fragile say far it was broken again are in need fighting in the city of savannah with kiev accusing local militia of shooting down an army helicopter artie's their own cause is in eastern ukraine. months of deadly violence have taken their toll on the citizens in the east of ukraine but there are signs
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a political solution could be in the offing at times it's cease fire is now in place and moscow's also taking steps to defuse the situation with president putin calling for russian troops to be disallowed from potentially going in to get crazy but this could all be for nothing if the truth fails to hold. shouldn't demand disarmament especially in eastern ukraine while radical groups like the right sector are still carrying weapons although it's often been promised that these basically illegal units will lay down their arms they did not do that they haven't even left my done yet i believe there's no sense in demanding anti-government activists lay down arms under such circumstances anger continues to simmer in the east and west of the country as fighters from both sides continue to die. our goal is the complete withdrawal fighters and their place and five people from the general south and i mean to understand that down and as well as general
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for let them fight now you know the good it's a real mess it's those in power who have to foist not the ordinary people. what's going to build it when you have deputies there all their children all people from the general staff and ministry of defense then it will all come to an end very quickly. shellshocked slug scans good without electricity food and water supplies for weeks with most of the residents forced to seek shelter in russia where dozens of refugees camps have sprung up those who chose to stay behind however still holds out hope for a political settlement. that is june still it has to be solved by political means not guns. the most important thing is live on would give life to our children and what they see now is a war i don't want my kids to leave like this to cut the world we need to have hope we need to have before this friday the last day of the ceasefire may prove it
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turning point showing whether the shaky truth will hold or simply break down from our culture of art see donetsk ukraine. meanwhile the u.s. and the u.k. are still threatening russia with the sanctions to head to r.t. dot com to find out why and to follow a live update on the crisis in ukraine. now there is an increased danger of this happening in space satellites colliding with the growing amount of space junk. resists aleutian to this problem one for now we spoke to believes this start up company can bring sweeping changes to space. our daily lives depend totally dependent on the satellite on a satellite technology like communications with or broadcasting g.p.s. so we should keep it that's this us it to be very sustainable we let you be moved
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top two hundred space debris the largest degree so that we guess to be lies but they're still in a space object space and to do that we're now designing the catch a satellite which sticks to the they were in a big them down to their atmosphere and then in also the mother ship which paints. just like the lights the other for example if your satellite he's lost by hitting by the agree it would have taken more than five years to precede it more than one hundred millions to cover it so that's huge. so to come how green is green paste an executive from the organization has been caught flying back and forth to work despite their anti air campaign would bring the story plus a few others just off the. bill
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told them a language of war but i will only react to situations i have read the reports for unlike the pollution i know i will leave them to stay current to comment on your latter point i come on to say. these are carryin a car is on a donkey no god. they do no more weasel words. when you they need a direct question do you prepared for a change when you draw a plunge be ready for a bad freedom of speech moved a little down to freedom to question. economic threat. for. peace in our. hearts. what if the
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public. likes to feel. as if trains satellites and tracking devices to thwart al qaida and pakistan were not enough the cia was also once considering using children's toys that's according to reports in american media that have now been confirmed by the spy agency. has got at the times the toy market is a lucrative industry generating a reported eighty four billion dollars in global revenue and it makes sense everywhere around the world toys generally make kids happy except when the cia gets involved according to the washington post the spy agency concocted a plan in two thousand and five to develop osama bin ladin demon dolls aimed at
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scaring children and their parents the goal is to instill fear in families that would cause them to turn away from the real terrorist the twelve inch figurines were painted with feet dissolving material designed to peel off and reveal a red faced demon like creature with piercing green eyes and a black facial markings the code name for the project was devil eyes the plan was to distribute the toys to children in afghanistan and pakistan where the cia was trying to win hearts and minds the cia claims only three prototypes were developed before the project was. however a source tells the washington post that hundreds of bin ladin demon action figures were developed and sent to karate in two thousand and six although the cia did not move forward with the covert operation one of the creepy demon figures reportedly remains at the agency's headquarters reporting from washington d.c.
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marina point r t. well middle east analyst thinks there must be better ways to spend money on fighting terrorism than scaring children with toys. psychological war or fear is. a weapon in any struggle in modern day war where but it's not the only. factor that defines these kinds of. measures that the usually the secret service or intelligence community takes in fighting terrorism however since these action figure those words that if the children would try to create. such a conscious bin laden is a devil or mana devil or what he represents and suffer i believe maybe a different approach like investing in education of these children would yield much
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higher results. the bad luck of the spanish national football team didn't end with them being booted out of the world cup their trip home was illuminated when lightning struck their plane on their way back to madrid you can read about that at r.t. dot com along with their check at hand british doctors are trying to shield the younger generation from smoking by not allowing them to buy cigarettes ever the details of the controversial initiative a just a click away. right from the scene to. search for you and i think you're. on a reformer's twitter. instagram. d m m. m.
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we are not talking about language at all but i will only react to situations i have read the reports for like. you know i will leave that to the state department to comment on your latter point. to carry out a car as i'm going to talk you know god. you know. when you need a direct question are you prepared for a change when you know you should be ready for a. pretty upscale age and. now the freedom to watch. the interview.
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again greenpeace may be campaigning for us to cut down on travel because of carbon emissions but when it comes to their chiefs they seem to have a different attitude one of the group's top executives has flown from luxembourg to amsterdam and back on a daily basis at the charity's expense since twenty twelve and not counting the huge cost the organization his travel has amounted to over seven tons of carbon dioxide emissions that is the equivalent to three tons of recycled waste or one hundred holds annual electricity consumption and it's the same carbon footprint as
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seventeen barrels of oil ryan holiday wrote a book about green paces policies and he says he believes often that would match their actions. most observers would probably say it's hypocritical is especially when you hear executives defending it as as a compromise between you know the needs of a business and impacting the environment which is basically exactly what greenpeace asked others not to do but i assume that what people are upset about is greenpeace is very public about condemning other people for their decisions and their you know sort of environmental impact and then in private or behind closed doors is sort of doing whatever they personally think is best or personally benefits them and that's where you see charges obviously of hypocrisy you know greenpeace because it has a noble mission or because they think they have a noble mission they are somehow. you know above the rules or can do whatever they
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think is right and that kind of relativity creates the problems like we're talking about now. let's have a quick look at some other world news now starting with a series of bomb attacks on cairo metro stations at least four people have been injured the explosions occurred within minutes of each other during the morning rush some metro lines and now closed egypt has seen a wave of violence since the army acted the country's first democratically elected president almost a year ago and authorities launched a crackdown on his supporters. in paris police have cracked down on striking rail workers over five hundred people gathered in the center of the capital angry plans for a form the national rail service scuffles erupted when riot police tried to push protesters off the main road well that is imperative been on strike for over two weeks now continuing from a national shrine. and in the northern pakistan city of peshawar gunmen have opened
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fire on a passenger plane while it was landing a woman was killed in two crewmembers wounded pakistani authorities are still looking for the attack is no group says it carried out the assault but militants are currently active in the tribal northwest regions of the country. and at least thirty two people have been killed as iraqi security forces try to regain control of the country's largest oil refinery and the town of baiji officials say many of the dead and wounded were civilians the islamist group isis had earlier claimed to have captured the refinery the escalating crisis in the country is prompting fears of instability in the global oil markets aaron eighty and finance analyst edward heron edward harrison tackled this subject in boom bust a bit later today. if i think that the politics affect the economy and not the politics and the political games that will need to be played here in iraq will affect the economy more than just the oil situation the reality is that you know politics do impact economics and vice
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a versa so what happens in it potentially could have negative implications on economics just because of the politics i think the interesting bit is that is oil basically i mean is iraq not that big a country economically speaking on the global stage but it has a lot of oil and because it has oil that means that it can have a disruptive impact on oil markets. a little late and i take a look at these pictures thick clouds of smoke and covered parts of the russian city of novice a beer after half constructed shopping center caught fire at least two people have been taken to hospital with burns several nearby buildings have been evacuated because of the heavy smoke because of the fire which damaged several stories of the building is still not know. politicians in the u.k.
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have been sounding the alarm over the influx of immigrants from a mania garia after brussels lifted employment restrictions for them this year is estimated britain could see a rise of fifty thousand people a year coming from the to eastern european countries meanwhile some brits are choosing to reverse the trend and settle down in remaining instead as r.t. of reports. michael is british but spent most of his life outside the u.k. his father worked in the military and the family has done its fair share of globetrotting but it's a real medium where mike decided to settle down on a board he's been running for five years now i love the opportunity of my life here my best still the nightlife you know i like to party and it's one of the reasons why i went into this business of the people climates the country itself you know and the media you see more than welcoming since the beginning of this year they've
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been able to travel and work all over the some british deputies were immigrants could start flooding in even suggested running a scare campaign to put them off coming to the u.k. the remaining dress saw the letter sort of the situation and started campaigning for british citizens to move here and work instead since romania's accession to the e.u. was a thousand and seven brits no longer have to register when they move here so it's hard to see the exact number of them living here but according to the british embassy it's somewhere between three and four thousand and so have you and me in a business out of helping other newcomers to get started in this current. like i mean edgar another british ex-pat who left the u.k. eight years ago after his id company went bankrupt he makes a living here by helping other ex-pats register firms find staff by property and offers other help of foreign businessmen may need when setting up shop romania has a long long way to go before it could be perceived as let's say a western european type country but for
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a guy like myself yes i would recommend anyone to come here romania is far from the wealthiest of the e.u. states in fact with the average salary of less than four hundred euros per month it's one of the poorest but to the surprise of many word of a mass exodus of romanians to the rest of the e.u. this country has actually given thousands of westerners opportunities they couldn't find at home you got this going off r g e book arrest. that makes a nazi international it is breaking the set but host abby martin if you're watching us from the u.k. it's being biased. to try to. people are going to take you to what you like
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or that's your teaching everybody. i. know our law now well. my a lot like that. it's like saying all. these cases. sometimes for nothing. it's not just still it's. jobst if you see the stage. to be. but speech was. played clinton. played well groomed to try to show thirty five can just bend over fifteen
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billion euros on culture that says to be one hundred fifty million degrees with. no to sell from st petersburg to france the trouble in search of the song. we've got the future covered. his name was joseph he was nazi germany's minister of propaganda in the midst that he created exist to this day. it was google's propaganda it was posing actually trying to denigrate other nations while at the same time raising ordinary german so students would. keep its use of go bill sniff precisely what the masses needed to hear in order to make them follow him he was like the pipe caper from the fairy tale that made rats follow that you know despite. the myths created by the chief nazi ideologist bound for
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town saw in the west we have to fight these myths today in memory of those who was in the second world war. two needs to be told language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks about six of the yard p. interviews intriguing story or you. just been trying. to find out more visit are a big all t.v. dog called. to keep right on the scene. of the first trip to a not a gripping picture. on our reporters twitter. and instagram.
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to be in the moment on. the no c.n.n. and. some you see fox news have taken some slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close and for the truth from i think. it's because when full attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on here. and our teen years we have a different thread. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not hi. i'm.
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sure you got a sense of the jokes well handled that i'm. what's up everyone i might be martin and this is breaking up the set today the fastest growing criminal enterprise worldwide sadly revolves around human trafficking and in fact international profits from labor and sexual exploitation of individuals make up an estimated thirty two billion dollar industry when we hear the term human trafficking we might not immediately think of the u.s. but the truth is that tens of thousands of people many of them children are bought and sold as sex slaves all across the country according to government records the f.b.i. is innocent the last program has recovered some thirty six hundred children from sexual exploitation over the last ten years and just yesterday after
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a week long operation spanning more than one hundred american cities the agency reported that the rescue of one hundred sixty eight children were subjected to sex trafficking is nationwide sting also resulted in the arrests of two hundred eighty one alleged pimps with the help of local law enforcement now while the rescue of these children is certainly great news it's worth pointing out that the covert nature of human trafficking means the vast majority of these crimes go unpunished especially considering that government officials often turn a blind eye or even help the silicate the trafficking but if you want to help get involved in the fight visit the website for the national human trafficking resource center or pol the human trafficking hotline because until every one of values life the same the most innocent and hope helpless among us will continue to be swept into the dragnet of this sickening practice.


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