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hello and welcome to our tease newsroom i am i need to now i great to have you with us tonight people don't believe in news and politicians that's according to a new gallup choosing to browse cat videos and buzz feed click great instead and what is a billion dollar project a u.s. corporation and a former american ambassador have in common a road to nowhere in kosovo plus a desert of death thousands of people are being killed in cyanide but no one talks about it we will in the now.
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public confidence in the police television news and business is are at historic lows in the united states no this is not my russian propaganda but the result of a new gallup poll and guess what the least amount of confidence the american people have is in the government. now congress seven percent confident trading that's significant that's the lowest rating of confidence in any institution that we have ever measured in gallup's history of using this index seven percent of people have faith in the american government and it doesn't stop their numbers have plunged in other institutions the public has more confidence in big business than news on the internet but still pretty low at twenty one percent and television news is something only eighteen percent of the american people believe in joining us in the now tonight is ben swann he's an independent journalist and media analyst thanks
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for being with us ben what does this gallup actually mean about the public and what could the consequences be for the government well a couple of the very important issues here you mentioned about the government's the simply about congress if you take a look at those numbers this is as we heard in that sound bite the lowest the congress has ever polled in the history of gallup poll seven percent is an embarrassingly know low number remember we were just at nine or ten percent what was it a year ago and people were talking about it couldn't get new lower than this it actually has as got lower i think a lot of that comes back to the cronyism that people see you mention about having more trust in big business i would say there's probably more trust in the market is more trust in the ideas of free market even though we can argue about whether that you can exists and you or there's probably more trust in the free market than there is just corporations i think people say i just don't trust government to take care of me because they're in the way they're standing in the way of progress just to put this in perspective i believe numbers were somewhere around forty percent after
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watergate so just seven and forty percent this is a low number are politicians in washington going to notice these figures. i don't think the politicians in washington care they see the numbers they saw the numbers when they were at twelve percent ten percent nine percent and though it's seven percent but here's the thing what actually changes we have just gone through an incredible primary system here in the united states where most of the grassroots challengers were taken down not by the establishment but by establishment super pacs that are spending more money in the primary than they are in the general election because they're trying to stave off challenges from grassroots challengers where they're take for instance what just happened in mississippi you had thanked cochran calling out for democrats to support him and which is fine i don't have a problem with him asking democrats or them but his opponent was being challenged on the fact that he said if i go to washington i'm not going to give people a thing he says instead i will let you take care of yourselves and he came just one percentage point away from being culprit in
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a run off so incredible experience their establishment spends a lot of money in order to preserve our of course other numbers showed low confidence levels in both television news and internet news hang on there a sec ben because i want to talk about another phenomenon in american news it's all the buzz. but the military. buzz feed huff post web news it doesn't look like news doesn't sound like news but it is news hidden in this puppy lots of that there's cats and they're crazy about them too because it's cute and it gets clicks you know you take the bait buzz feed even has several sections dedicated to russia and some are pretty funny.
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lots of our t.v. videos make it into those segments but in between all of the laughs when news site shoot down strong accusations and report on serious political issues they slip the news as they see it in between the animals and sexy lipstick goals and it's usually the same story you hear on corporate media especially when it comes to russia and other geo political foes i think their call you'll never see russia in a positive light on buzz feed and the like some months saying that's what's needed but can this all be a coincidence let's bring ben back into this discussion ben how powerful are these sites in terms of getting the corporate message across. well there they're very powerful i would argue though that they're they do not have the influence over the
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public that some people think that they have now again look i'm really excited that we're talking about this because this is something that i've been talking about for a long time which is that corporate media in the united states especially national broadcast media just doesn't have any confidence in the public anymore and that's and that's a fact but beyond that we have the issue of take for instance what happened just a year ago with the war in syria that didn't happen the united states covertly i know funding rebels in syria but overtly the american people eighty nine percent rejected it right now when the u.s. is talking about sending troops back into iraq the american people want no part of it and it's not because the corporate media including sites like you know having to post a buzz feed or out there you know combat it is because there are serious independent journalists who are out there and news sites that are out there and people are gathering information from while also watching the cat video every now but obviously investigative journalists are out there we can find them on the internet
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how do they compete with sites like buzz feed i mean they're really successful at getting people to click oh they are they have salut we are it's very very difficult i'll tell you that's obviously what we do here and have been salon dot com right we do nothing but news we don't put up the fluff stuff but at the same time it's very difficult and part of that is because of the way our rhythms work it's because of the way that traffic works and the relationship between internet service providers and those websites you know the the best location in terms of search results is a very very difficult area to navigate it takes time to break through and i think it's a challenge and i think a lot of independent especially investigative journalist for having to learn that process i'll be honest with you when we figure it out i'll let you know but it's not entirely figured out yet i think it's still up for us as the lot of independent journalists have to figure out i spent spawn independent journalist and media analyst with us in the now tonight thanks so much thank you. i.
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they run away to find a better life in a better place but instead maimed if lucky or dead if not armies of african refugees are seeking asylum in israel but become targets of human traffickers who set up their torture camps in science more than three thousand migrants per month are coming from eritrea alone many of them are being kidnapped for ransom and tortured until their families pay up if they don't the traffickers kill the hostages more than four thousand people have already been killed since two thousand and eight around a thousand are thought to be in captivity right now shocking but no one's talking about this foreign governments are not interested israel doesn't want these migrants so it's turning a blind eye the u.n. is also silent thousands of people killed in the last six years are african migrants any less people than say americans russians or french there are those
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though who care. it was. only. there were melting plastic bags and dropping it in there max this is the burns. so deal with. that with the actual membership. stuff almos you've just seen her in that clip and she joins us live in the now tonight you've been in contact with some of the people who are lucky enough to escape these torture camps what do they say about what has happened to them there. well everybody having a very unique story so. i have seen kids children that are two years old being tortured. there were some kids that have to watch their mother
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being burned the life they survived so decide what kind of people that i talk to the torture is it's not any as or tortured like we see a horror movie or something it's where people are tortured twenty four hours a day deprived deprived and food deprived they don't get to drink water they get hanged they get burned was melted most in the plastic bags this is a kind of torture and a lot of gang rape as will the fun of their families have to listen to this is happening who are these people taking these migrants captive i understand the human traffickers tell us more about them and what exactly they want. well what they want is. it's all started to you know it's is to me it's all started when european union made
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a deal with gadhafi that to stop the refugees flooding into europe so african refugees did not have anywhere to go so they had to go to israel so they started depending on the tribe called rushlight us from sudan who would take these people into egypt and then from egypt they used to be to be smuggled in into style but when israel changed their policy so these people nobody wants to go to israel anymore but. then the people that were making the traffickers that were making a lot of money smuggling people decided well if we can if we don't have any business we should kidnap these people and bring them here and torture them and make a lot of money out of these people so that's how it started. up to to this day over six hundred million dollars has been paid a minimum of six hundred million dollars has been paid we believe almost ten thousand people have died over forty thousand chance of virus are in the world right now with no help whether the end up in egypt or if they end up in this trial
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these people are prosecuted wherever they go even after released just outrageous what you're saying now tell us more about what you do to help these people. well what i do is i talk to them i try to be their moral support i call them on a daily basis. you know nobody wants to talk to these people because the story they tell is so. full of horrors that nobody wants to listen not even their families so i try to be a friend i tried to be a sister were i told them to hang on i told them not to give up my times you know when children are involved with people we collect money and pay the ransom money for them. how is there not more international weirdness about what's happening in finite the amount of deaths the type of torture and the millions of dollars that
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have been made by these hostage takers. well it's also have to do with race you know we we have seen americans getting kidnapped in the sinai. it took only twenty four hours to release them last year norwegian woman was kidnapped in the same area and it took about a week for her to be released. we've seen last year also an israeli man being kidnapped and also it took a few days for him to be released so this happens all quite often to westerners as well but they're out with them days and they don't get to experience the torture as a free country so it has to do with was race. is it only in fy in mind because we've been hearing about thermal or camps in yemen can you tell us anything about that. i just same thing african not if it is also being kidnapped and tortured in yemen as well the difference is that sinai is a demilitarized zone where they have built houses torture her. i call them
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torture houses of trial because the houses are built just for the purpose of torturing people so in yemen it's a situation is i could say the same it has been going on for many years it's quite you hardly hear about this issue of now kidnapping have started in libya as well we are following it where i have interviewed myself many of people that were kidnapped at the border of libya that tell the same kind of story some of actually what's weird is some of the sinai survivors after paying thirty eight thousand dollars forty thousand dollars they would be released and then the egyptian government would done imprison them for interim into the country illegally even though they had no intention into coming to egypt to begin with they would then deport them to the same country that they fled from these people who would escape again try. or into libya but on the way they would get kidnapped so these are the sinai survivors . reliving the same kind of torture again in libya some of them died in the boat
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tragedy in love produce are actually i know some people that were there survived and i survived libya ended up dying. omarion follows thank you so much very much respect to you for your work in trying to bring awareness to this horrific thing that is happening in sinai thanks so much for being in the know my pleasure and i thank you for having. me we'll be right back after a short break stay in the now. the interview.
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dramas that trying to be ignored. in the. stories others to houston noticing. places change the world lights and. so picture. from around the globe. look to.
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i. have you ever heard of the bechtel corporation it's america's biggest construction firm and these are some of its oil projects well kuwait was one of them it helped to restore oil fields back in one thousand nine hundred one following the gulf war between the u.s. and iraq we all know how washington is passionate about oil bechtel corporation pushed for the invasion of iraq and was then i was going to construct a motorway in kosovo which by some estimates will cost the breakaway republic almost a quarter of its own budget a million euros and this is the man who pushed for the project his name is christopher dell and he's america's former ambassador to kosovo dell now has a new job according to the guardian he's been appointed project manager at the construction firm somehow i'm not surprised that he ended up joining back to well he's definitely done some good things for the company raked in loads of cash but
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did he do any good for the coast of ours let's ask jack davies is that on line manager editor of kosovo two point zero a pristine a base magazine thanks so much for being with us there's no economic rationale for this at least according to reports it's been dubbed the patriotic highway it connects pristina to albania as far as i understand how do the people of kosovo feel about it. most people are very happy that they can now get suits are on a quick but in many ways. it's a joke because it doesn't really bring much for the city but i think the assumption that it brings no economic benefit whatsoever that that's a simple question of the issues again today albania is the second largest fire across those at. times and of course most accessible and so in the future of course there's going to be used to grow it is going to need this highway but at the moment sixty percent of course economy is based on service industry and i mean twenty
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percent is based on actual production and so when number rises this highway doesn't have much function so the question isn't so much how do. is it well the question is did it come in the right time overdone when you've been some better off and i just want to correct myself i said a million euros it's actually priced at a billion euros the back to and deal was signed in april two thousand and ten despite concerns from the i.m.f. the world bank diplomats even cos it was on legal advisor that again as according to the guardian dow advise this deal it went through and now he works for the company what does that say about his interest in the country clearly cost of us economy at least now. is perhaps not a top priority. i think the thing to remember is that an embassy sanction in a country isn't to represent the best interests of the country accents represent the best interest income country comes from now on a moral level we hope to have made its moral obligation by coming in as an extension in one thousand nine hundred nine. the next states would have some moral
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interests further because however. american companies are back so such an incredibly profitable enterprise. in a very crude first told it a very good joke at cygnus a way to instruct all this company all right thanks so much jack's davies he's an online managing editor of kosovo two point zero which is a pristine a base magazine thanks again for joining us in the now i want to keep this discussion going nick a lot more coverts joins us who is the author of the martyr of kosovo thanks for being in the now with us again how do you think that ambassador adel convinced the republic that this road was necessary our previous guest said he did a great job of building it. do people there think the price was right. well know people don't think the price is right you just must you must know that this motorway is actually the most expensive motor weight in europe today per kilometer and this isn't a country where the average wage is the lowest in europe if there is
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a success story behind this is that you have pete best to help. lobby through a christopher delicate this motorway this is not a priority to trade without a new today's very low and not a lot of the people who are out in the streets and the poor people the thirty percent of extreme poor people we can thirteen eighteen percent are not getting any money there's a lot of issues to be covered today kosovo and this highway was the definitely not a priority just showing that there's an interest for american corporations to get the benefit out of the political situation to get the money back into that into their back bank accounts and it's not the first case that we see in kosovo today madeleine albright who was secretary of state with bill clinton has invested invested in kosovo telephones with my general michael jackson who was a k. for the head of k. for in kosovo as is working today going for a company called cake which is the kosovo energy corporation which of course it was biggest energy distributor the biggest employer and he's already put them for
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a company called p. consulting so we're seeing that all these protests i mean it's all these people who are encouraged to work are now reaping the benefits economically and with cynical is that the doing it for themselves it's not even the americans the british the germans who's taxpayers might be funded all this or getting the money it's the protagonist those who one of the war goes for talking about genocide genocide which we've never seen so far which doesn't exist but what does exist is that they're using this situation to get richer and that's a fact i just to be clear we did try to get some comments from christopher adult himself who were sent to the state department and then denied any kind of access to him tell us just briefly how powerful is the cost of all lobbying in washington oh it's extremely powerful i mean even the war on. the war started off once the us decided to transform the charolais which was considered by washington at the time but as a terrorist organization once the us saw that there was a jew political interest into the balcones over there there was
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a lot of funding going through these x. terrorists going through the kalayaan through albania and jasper up especially in washington which is extremely strong which is very close ties to both republicans and democrats within washington and which explains also the strong ties between christina and washington because kosovo today is a non state it's a caucus state and i mean this is probably the only state in the world to have a bill clinton boulevard and bill clinton stature and in such a country so these ties are extremely strong and the u.s. needs them for these investments and for their job political really. strong advocate who get off the hook but won't ever speak of a military base outside of the u.s. is last year which is a good bill to buy a chiar which is that how impertinent subsidiary and who is in charge of coburn at that time was george bush's vice president so they're all thinks it's an economic just richard schickel at a military complex working together and reaping the benefits of
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a war which cost of the lives of thousands the thais i agree are incredibly transparent anybody can go online and put them together connect the dots nicola markov its author and co-founder of solidarity for kosovo thanks so much for being in the navy very much. i. was doing in switzerland has intentionally killed a healthy bear cub that not only killed the cob but handed him over to a taxidermist to be stuffed all because the cubs father was acting aggressively towards him and all the stuffed baby bear will teach children that nature is cruel nature did nature kill marius the giraffe because it was a surplus to requirements now it was another european zoo in denmark the same zoo also killed a family of four lions to make way for a new male lion i don't get it but what do you do when
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a flight crew asks you to get seated and fasten your seatbelt while landing or taking off of course you do it unless you're a russian lawmaker. ladies and gentlemen i don't think you could have been seated to the seat it's not a part of something that you know perfectly well who becomes or become. a muslim when the duma deputy was accused of violating airline safety rules this case is under investigation here in russia although political immunity may help him get away with it but it's no different when russian lawmakers get down to earth. just in case you didn't understand what that was it was a politician who switched seats with his driver so that road police couldn't find
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him for breaking traffic rules he's immune officer and there's also some lawmakers here's how they talk to journalist. your producer what he'd like you guys you mentioned i was listening to the stuff that steve and i used to do was to get this last question he's. got to have you need to win one that you better believe you would do so would you believe these cars you have to say. that young journalist was pregnant by the way seriously there are lots of sensible voices in russia's political circles but if some of these people take part in lawmaking without caring to a bagel laws that's a real problem can't ask people to follow the laws if you can't yourself. but we have come to the end of our first season it's also my father's birthday so i don't wish him a happy birthday in the now will be off for the summer it's been fun. yet the main
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problem with hosting the world cup and caps are in twenty twenty two is look heat why do you think this is a wrong thing to do taking a step back perhaps helping to deescalate the situation what's wrong with it. and we're going to get an army of people armed with the water weaponry no comments we have now bomb maker. john is not happy concerned very concerned that you know it was snowing but you know what the phone shut down those displays we have going to existence for a certain number of days. at the protests. if you no longer want to watch. again you spear until sort of the museum i think and the school ok.
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we'll be back in september monday through thursday right here live from our to use newsroom stay in touch with us we're looking forward to hearing your ideas of what we should cover in the now next season till then remember it's now or never. will go to the. city for countries spend over eight million euros and says to each one just to keep some token much fuel to sell something peacefully to france the trouble is such as the sun. we've got the future covered. his name was joseph he was nazi germany's minister of propaganda the myths that he
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created exist to this day. hubris group propaganda was actually trying to denigrate other nations while at the same time raising ordinary german soldier steams to. keep its use of goebbels knew precisely what the masses need to hear in order to make them follow him he was like the pipe paper from the fairy tale that made rats follow the chain of this by . the myths created by the chief nazi ideologist bound for tal saw in the west we have to fight these myths today in memory of those who was in the second world war .


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