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because a report i'm max kaiser in the words of the great philosopher zoners chopra's who was of course an inspiration for the french revolution in truth the laws are always useful to those with possessions and harmful to those who have nothing from which it follows that the social state is advantageous to men only when all possess something and none has too much and quote today we're going to look at some of the headlines from a very unsocial state can revolution be far behind and we mentioned revolution stacey i think you've got include russell brand russell brand is the revolutionary he's a man of the revolution russell welcome because a report very grateful that you have me here on the cars report a program thank you very much absolutely say see what is actually happening well we
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will respond accordingly so after five years of a financial crisis and there rising wealth and income gap as a result we're going to look at some of the headlines that we see happening around the world regarding austerity britain pushed one hundred twenty nine billion pounds deeper into the red this is now eighty three percent of g.d.p. so despite all of the austerity we're more in debt. sensibly all this austerity was going to reduce debt as you know it's gone up so the question is really what's the stereo about the can recall austerity because the debt is increasing and seem to be more of a wealth transfer the national debt has increased because they now the government has to include all the r.b.s. and lloyd's debt the deficit has gone up surprisingly because wages have declined so income tax has gone down by one point four percent we're seeing the fact that
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the. top elite the corporations the corporation tax is only one point five billion pounds a year there they just don't contribute as much as i do and as it is fostering revolution and fostering also brands revolution well you see i had a thing the other day i'm trying to do you know like if you go into a financial program like i'm currently on a much on say seven financial to join me and said he's that thing now i heard the g.d.p. they study clued in drug sales and sex try to make the t.v. people is that true you might have heard it on the kaiser where i think that doesn't seem right does it well it's about ten billion pounds worth of activity so they include it they include heroin addiction or whatever this is often supposed to be when i was one i was operating at a loss really it was my i'll go in so much but then when i was in the heroin addict face nice it was shoddy well it was it a little more the sun organize the heroin trade and the prostitution is going to
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include the g.d.p. so just as i go out of the guy and the guy still bats an. exactly right your timing on this could have been worse much my consent he states only things like when i look at a t.v. says things like nasdaq g d p. c i would and i looked if my innocent child like minded said this is meaningless this is a meaningless solution then i grew up you would know this is going to love meaning you just understand it don't understand it and then now is going to be able to steal it was just meaningless trickery and skullduggery and they even if by their own terminology oval still a t. in g.d.p. they still call make the situation any better then what value does it have what mary did it have as easy as you just said about the transference of wealth to it and all the terminology all the language is meant to obfuscate it's meant to confuse the underlying economy by itself is quite confusing but that's the irony because it's meant to be in it for usenet so if you think i wish being so confuse and drove across men. bastardy george osborne and david cameron could not be more
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egregious but that's very controversial i know but i know it's real is the austerity the impact on people the money they're taking from the very poorest that disabled the pensioners you're seeing money taken from them and now the mayor has ordered three water cannons because the police chief asked him in the event of an austerity riot is that what his full story were it so they're anticipating that we have a royal and they think the free will commons is going to be enough that's right they get any more kind and they're going to need a big account in florida so that's what we're doing over there over there buying commons to. make us really really pull to make sure is that we've. already practicing in towns across the u.k. they set up dummy towns of the go to water cannons and they're preparing for the riot they're preparing for us to riot right because they're chiefs there's
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a bind called it was a chase and i tried to write a riot that's right yes that's true i am predicting a riot they ought they're anticipating when they're causing one they're there i'm saying it exactly exactly so i think. their prediction will be other percent accurate because they're causing the riot and there we are a crowd funding a people's water cannon so we want to buy our own water cannon that's a good start doing which is a crowd funding client the most ideal was a good coming soon we were operating on it does raising thirty thousand pounds to buy the people's water cannon whatever boris uses this can and we're going to drench boris. would it be a collective voice and can we each have a. phone or to go it's actually five hundred pounds she has it on offer whoever gets five hundred pounds first gets to do the first yeah now we've protected by the same rules if we shoot people who are kind of moving ok in trouble well this is a revelation i can you know i'll tell you i did obviously round if you're going to
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. you know our job is not going to be rewriting new law it's not part of a revolution we're going to sit in it with the who through chanel just quiet to me to make her feel like a little bit scared of dying under a door. that you. are speaking of water this is where all heading towards detroit now in this is a shocking story in detroit is did you know that three thousand people per week are being cut off from the water supply because of inability to pay their water bills water bills went up by nine percent last year you know there's mass unemployment there so they're shutting off the water the un response and detroit disconnected water from people who cannot pay an affront to human rights as u.n. experts so they're saying that disconnection for nonpayment is only legitimate if the person can truly pay but these people are unemployed poor and the rates have gone up and they're just disconnect on them from the water supply which is a human right seems to be
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a reasonable and an inch from their female and this. just i mean they're pinned to the united nations other words the detroit people have the water cut off so here again is an example of austerity and detroit leading to this humanitarian crisis and i would imagine this is going to be seen in other places around the world but in the u.s. you don't associate this and here in the u.k. people are saying the u.s. is being not always but they have a certain idea about it as being full of flour you know children whatever they have the democracy you know very well as a tourist they're cutting off the water i mean your pain as a bird person and as i think you. have spent some time in america and i understand that there are many different americas i think all of the country that use the word you know eight in precisely the opposite and i was why would you need to join such attention to it and why i have noticed is that there is that economic a pod of sand you speak about overall across america and i benefit we have it was a shame is america to create these one. flood deals these beautiful cultural
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operate as by seems obvious now to be at the forefront of a dead idea do you feel up to mystic max and stacey that we can bring about change thanks every time we hear one of those stories kind of pull off a bit of detroit. people we've already learned all comers give the wall over we shouldn't be poor london. is going to solution. despondency in despair or do you feel a vibrant sense that this is a time for incredible change we're joining a revolution so that's why i thought about it one of the things i think is that i have to even though i am quite driven and self-involved as a product of my time i recognize that collectivized and lateral process of empowerment for all people would lead to less revolution even though i would like at some point to be on a post. i'm quite optimistic i think cryptocurrency is and the fact that we don't put society basically on a block chain and do it ourselves this is something that has erupted by the people
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without any sort of permission from authorities they've just created alternative economic systems banking systems beyond the scope of the said levy stacey's an alternative source of information is low i would become disenchanted with the mainstream schools information create our own information like your program in my little program the troops i mean because then similarly we create different economic systems dish different social structures so if thing on our travels around the world crypto currency these are really all over the world and it gives people access to a fair system their own mining the mining of crypto currencies they're creating their own economy around the strip their currencies and this is now challenging the old world order cryptocurrency excesses beautiful little phrases like it's basically based on current cryptographers i mean it's code decisively that is mean occasion cryptically don't need trust to you it was originally designed by basically the n.s.a. and cia and stuff to communicate with somebody in agent in the field way across the world and they didn't know for sure if it was their l.h. and so it's it's. it's all mistrust in the cia and n.s.a.
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well yeah what this is but this if you are our attorney you're probably not. going to trust anyone. cryptography isn't credit card transactions for example so some very bright fellow named soto should not go moto or people posing as a toshiba automotive figured out that you could use that technology to create a currency in effect and reward people to put up their their computers to solve these cryptology problems and that this could in fact be a currency on it in its own right and the way finally announced this was in response specifically to the u.k. bailing out the banks so here we have a system whereby the elites don't get to reengineer the laws shockley so what is it based on a result of space script is there like you know because i think the resources the is the computer power users thousands of computers harnessed simultaneously solving these these very difficult math equations so and how does that generate and i mean
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what is biased on boolean or is a promise to pay the mayor i understood it back in in days and the abstract money becomes the more after these resources become the more confused i am right well it is similar to gold in that there is a limited number that will ever be created twenty one million in the case of bitcoin which is the primary crypto currency and they use these vast arrays of computers to solve these what i call precious numbers so there is these very difficult numbers and need to be discovered using the the software essentially and then it's held on the ledger or the public ledger of everyone who's involved in this as a copy of every single transaction so it's completely transparent no one can rip anybody off because everything is on the what's called the public ledger is completely transparent unlike the bank of england which will print a trillion pounds and really put into the what's called the shadow banking system and nobody really knows where it should be about a shadow banking system though i wouldn't say it is they suggest. why did you guys that were doing the job. laidback cash card scheme that sounds evil
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already dark pulls a shadow banking system for us but i do think a lot of these peer to peer in the crypto currencies and the peer to peer online stuff and the independent media this is a response to the social contract has been broken bringing and all that you see what i'm doing bringing it back to the top of the show said when the social contract is broken the people must revolt these are forms of revolt and we're more peaceful manner max has a more you know beheading sort of. mantra i don't want us we're out of the past and i go the tried and true but we've got it was. cut now to the commercial and then come back in the second half so stay right there don't go away will you and i would move to ok you know fit.
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into the. city full of billion euro zone has to be one hundred people to keep them talking mike newell to sell something peter spoke to from the chumbley such as the sun. we've got the future of coverage. right. first for you and i think you're. on our reporters. in. the in the. did you know the prize is the only industry specifically mentioned in the
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constitution and. that's because a free and open prize is critical to our democracy which albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across a cynical we've been hijacked why a handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one school class i'm tom are going to get on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trying to fix rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing america to find a job ready to join the movement then walk a little bit take. your friend post a photo from a vacation you can't afford. the difference to. your boss
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repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still pens tear jerking poetry keep jobs ignore it. we post only what really matters at r.t. to your facebook news feed. all right guys are welcome back to the kaiser poor i'm here with comedian writer actor activist russell brand russell nice to see you again mate. russell you were recently speaking to a group of fifty thousand right here in central london and it didn't seem to really get the big media attention that one would think an event like that would get a lot of people were complaining about on twitter like b.b.c. you're not covering this not covering this do you agree that they weren't covering it are they not covering it what effect it could be that people don't want to
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popularize i movement that is. anti establishment and subversive and representative of the majority of people who are currently maligned and neglected it could be that or it could be in a way that perhaps march is now an outmoded piece of protest activist grama that's a good question billy joe because you're saying because i've been saying this was marches and holding placards and things like that seem to be not really effective as they as they once were and there are other ways that people are organizing themselves obviously was social media social networking these types of things so is that there's a huge push back from the organizers of those of those systems you know in the copyright industry for example is trying to push back and it is that where the battleground is going to be going forward we always want to see people streets where we because it's exciting and it's about making a social space who streets and get people to raise exciting by i think to actually
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make a difference to actually make an impact we have to look at the kind of narratives that are and he see if in the contemporary media and use those narratives well the kind of things that are effective for the stories that i like telling is difficult really because in a way they set the lexicon and they decide what language works they decide which symbols and ideas to promote and i suppose if we're going to be truly revolutionary if we're truly trying to create a different system. then we should perhaps reject even the most basic language but i think perhaps sometimes at least the left feels like it is an entrenched idea. to opposition and actually isn't riddy to become powerful to. talk about symbols or your recent show messiah complex it's a show you've been traveling the world with you in the promo of the show in the posters etc you have all the major symbols from all these various major real legends and i guess the idea there is to try to put them all the same poster and just say you know it's time to kind of move on from all of these symbols move on
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from all of this old way of thinking is that a fair statement it's really good that you said that because it enables me to say these things i want to say believe that all of those symbols are after choose to a different dimension of perception that really however you worship gold or however you choose to acknowledge your unique view of a people the symbolism what's important will see as important is the concept and i don't think that we at this point in his shoe should be focusing on our own on our differences but on our similarities and i think the way that we're distracted from our common unity by zero immigrants or matters of a sexual nature is very divisive and it's unnecessary i was talking to a cab driver yesterday about surfing politicians and bustle into a plumber there today because i'm a normal man with normal things and doing normal stuff into my home or wife and he goes to meet his cab driver he said you know about it in a lot of these local immigrants it's just the ones that come over use our resources and don't give nothing back to our country i guess what you describe in him
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a is how every corporation in the world behaves they come here to our country they use our resources our systems that we have built through our common work then they don't pay no tax will give nothing back they use out of the education of our people they use our roads so i say for awhile it for a few years this focus our energy on so on some relevant opponent opponents the of the top of the pyramid and alike. those of us that are on the ball on this will stay to give a people an echo but you know paul the one percent are so funny because i managed to get some money from tricking you now i need it forever and as you said the first african is now being awarded g.d.p. status if you are into sex and drugs are actually adding to the economy you're not surprised me economically useful if you are a heroin addict and prostitute we have discovered it's really amazing though there might be some negative side effects to that because sex work i think is difficult for people psychologically and heroin addiction does have some negative side if i want to actually stick on this perception or the doors of perception or moving through a portal of perception for a second because this is actually
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a common theme in literature like huxley or even the doors you know from the sixty's the group the doors of perception it was really where that name of that group came from and through or through spiritual ecstasy there's always this idea of entering into you know going beyond a portal into a. kind of a state of of ecstasy and we've as a society we've been through different periods i mean going back to the sixty's people took drugs obviously there was the rock n roll the social movement the use of that time was getting to a place of a higher consciousness here we are in the twenty first century and it seems as we lost all ritual we've lost all ability to come together and seek spiritual commonality. your show and what you do seems to attempt to bring that back into into our lives is that message resonating is it growing is the message growing the spiritual message which is that historically the message that
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has been talked about since the beginning of the dawn of man is it is a growing or do you find it very difficult to bring that across in this day of artificial the and and people on their own you know the phones all day long with being conveniently atomized by technology and social structures i feel like it isn't my message by message as you said a preference message that is being perennially. present wafa you made is that even the idea of revolution itself is a secular people trying to achieve the idea of transcendence ways revolution i flash a blinding why i pay for any of togetherness really i feel that there is as much as we have an activist pang for fairness like you to let you know they do tests on primates and i see unfair behavior the primates in the lab they kick off a pretty than life being in that lap i must realize that's not fair well we have this instinct we all have an instinct for it to given us and tribalism and when we
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are prevented from fulfilling back when we were at the moment it's not even that we live in a zoo we live in a farm our consciousness is formed we have been turned into slew consumer units but somewhere in our memory we remember what we're supposed to be and we're recognizing the system doesn't work for us as the brilliant quote outlined earlier and i think when actually returning to that that is going to require a form of revolution for me a revolution doesn't infer violence it just sort of just means neglect of the current system don't use the system here is designed to maintain itself to try to create revolution that is impossible that's like trying to use a shoe to make a pancake when people are on the spiritual journey there's a saying the path grows narrow or yes there's no other words as you get deeper into your spiritual journey you find yourself really more with yourself more alone if you go with it with your spiritual goal or spiritual ideals is this for you russell brand obviously someone who can at the drop of a step on
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a stage and be incredibly entertaining a gifted performer you're now on a path that is extra very different in many ways personally is do you feel are you comfortable in this at the moment or are use a little bit unnerved by the spiritual genie that you've opened up the bottle bit well i think max is that we're going to die. so i've now seen what happened if you make money in nollywood scene what happens if you take loads of drugs see what happens if you indulge nocturnal activities. i've tried all of them all that remains is to piss you truth and there it really that much like regardless of what happens in between for in fifty years i will be dead so i'm just going to use that to do the most interesting thing i can to try to participate in the construction of a new ideology and not a new ideal just the realisation these things are already here each religion talks of a divine realm that needs to be manifest on the material realm everyone is trying to
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do it and people there are addicted to individual ism and materialism trying to prevent it occurring so you just now pick a side pick a side on the get it's coming and we've talked about the major media maybe not covering what you're doing. closely as they should perhaps so you're becoming your own media outlet with truce which is another theme song. which is very snappy lyttleton yes and so i the rubber band is an irish pop rap hip hop duo rick if it's very infectious and so it works i mean it's getting a lot of huge play i mean it's just more abuse if you can look at that as the guidelines to popular something as it gets more than the other media alate i see out there i think is this house or how the how was the truth going and what it just decided to do it one day and it started out of the side of the story see my friend there garrett he stays behind the camera he's filming me now for the troops care of
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save face do the news every day you like doing that i said all right then but don't make it be hard for me because if something's hard you know i'll give up so we made it very effortless just a spontaneous response to the news and what in a way max is like a you know because you know less about money markets and that your education plus your intuition is going to be more valuable than the main flow of. information so the same with me. because i've looked at him papers all my life because now if spend some time waking up different bits of the old brain books every time i look at the news or listen to it i see a subset it see i see a subset is take sorry for me haron be funny the whole concept i'm a visitor in this country so i get to observe a little bit the culture city english person could be doing that where a nice comeback would be an english person being similarly to slowly i have developed a taste for marmite it means arise and it means a lot of the. very really hooked. there on the border lines of
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becoming and then trench and british angle file so i've been you know observing the english character as such it seems that it's tough for people maybe this is a gross mischaracterization but when somebody has a big success it seems the public. kind of like reach out and try to pull them back in a bit you know i know that this is been come play with a pleased. is this an unfair characterization but it seems like a nice people that the english media people rule right they won't let you get too mouthy mock shouts eat that that's all right by everyone in england english people english people are cool this is a cool country these people who. you know like but we don't people that like you can see flash and maybe go a bit too flash people bring you down again if you stay in touch your normal mice also that success that i think people are very suspicious about color and of materialistic flashy affluence will tell you what since a few months that's the defining english sense of humor who would want to take the place in law for each of us if you stop taking it so seriously you're in trouble in
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this country when you have met it's going to break through to a global audience which is got to be keith hauser she is is the show still playing messiah complex is a slow start doing that now i'm writing a book i'm writing a book about revolution it's code really should i switch some of the words around like a bit of graffiti to soar and it's about how can you change yourself personally and will that change be reflected in. social change spiritual principles relevant to social change is there a way we can still. taste and some see it can we just have a loft can we collectivize can we put power back to where it should be with the people i don't suppose preston says yes all right we have a thirty seconds left in the closing seconds. you know i recent you recently saw on the jeremy paxman show on newsnight the word revolution is kind of a hot button but yours is sticking really to the spiritual lust of love pretty much just off from their better ones by will cummins went up by water cannons we're not
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the ones being aggressive we're not the ones by rubber bullets. revolution is coming it's coming. thanks must be on the cause report i like it here and any time the americans want to buy that bridge just none of it i can say we have purchased mine to me about those rebuilding the garden going yes we do i think. our us is if this other guys are part of the next guys or if they serve or are they just russell brand if you want to contact us tweet us on twitter so i stand by i want to. this is what we do we kill people and break things. we can see something as simple as people playing soccer you can see individual players and you can see that. you
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can only see a spatial expression you can see is. maybe cursed. or maybe he asked. for forgiveness for. there must be near certainty but no civilians will be killed or in. right from the scene. sir straight to you and i think pictures. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. to be in the no. one. thing in
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the united states mind for ousting in a college neither did russia i think five for taking control of our crimea and he had every have a major crisis on our hands. likely to be resolved in some sort of constructive way now if. this is the last it's changing borders that happens this way that i'm not saying will be forgotten but you know people are calling that them selves and the reality is if it turns out though the system first step in that this is going to go on indefinitely. and threats of very existence between the state and we're kind of in a different. city good lumber tourny to mccurry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give
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a dollar amount anything to nj mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans in the world this is why you should care only on the. washington launches its drones in the skies over baghdad as western diplomats try to persuade kurds trim in parts of iraq and. a truce is extended in eastern ukraine with both the military and self-defense fighters to cease fire for the next three days. u.s. city of detroit close to a humanitarian crisis with the u.n. accusing local authorities of human rights violations for cutting off water supplies for the. nato secretary general. to leave his post we report on the shady deals which.


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