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tv   Headline News  RT  June 28, 2014 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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iraqi kurds take advantage of those ongoing chaos to capture economically volatile energy science funding a referendum on finally getting their own independent state. ukraine's president a sense of the truce with anti-government forces for three more days and both sides of twelve told a ceasefire the stray shells from sporadic fighting keep hitting the russian border . that are bullies and brutally put down another world cup workers protest against labor conditions that rights groups describe as nothing short of full referring. to the un is calling a mass of water contacts in the u.s. to the detroit violation of human rights and the authorities are still trying to
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bring up money from the poorest residents. just gone past some midnight here in the russian capital you live with us on r.t. international with me to say. they rocky army has lost twenty of its many in a vicious shoot on tour with radical fighters and it to drive them back from baghdad the battle to pave some fifty kilometers from the capital of comes as the u.s. secretary of state john kerry urged the kurds to reinforce the defenses of the capital but it seems to me as new group has other priorities known after capturing the all ridged. kurdish authorities are planning to hold an independence referendum caffein up the prospects of a vote. less than two kilometers away
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a stronghold of islamic state in iraq and syria fighters from isis or as they're called in arabic have taken over the neighboring village these kurdish soldiers known as the peshmerga are are the only defense that's keeping the insurgents from marching north. so this whole area. isis fighters with snipers in the militant offensive sweeping across a rock is redrawing the country's borders but so too are the kurds as a rocky forces crumbled in the wake of that the harvest onslaught kurdish soldiers moved in to fill the void nearly doubling their territory in the process in just a matter of hours the kurds seized militarily what they failed to secure politically for decades the oil rich province of cure cook and its main city it's part of the core. of the fishmongers controlling the. wall and
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because groups in the other side there's no other groups but of course the peshmerga which three a year ago i couldn't really walk around here without the help of an armed escort it was just too dangerous there are suicide bombings frequent clashes between rival groups but controlling here cool the kurds hope to prove that they can do a better job than the central government maybe safer so far but what neighbors like isis. it's unclear for how long. it didn't take long that evening we witnessed a cure cook's temporary or spike from violence shattered a suicide bomber tried to enter a market in a kurdish part of town at least six people killed dozens wounded the kurds may seem as the winners in this. and some of them are living in the euphoria of getting more total tree. but more tentative and more people means
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more problems if it wasn't planned for already divisions are emerging minority arab and turkmen residents are worried about their rights in the new kirkuk kurdish authorities promised a referendum but in a warning sign of what could be ahead these shiite turkmen are taking matters into their own hands threaten them are we don't trust any government or any group to protect us so we're taking all means to defend ourselves lucy caffein of cure kuku iraq from the pentagon analyst michael maloof the kurds are going to use the instability in iraq to snatch as much authority as they can. see a golden opportunity to basically declare their independence they've already announced that they're going to have a referendum they do have a choice they can either do that or. do what. kerry wants and
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work with the government in baghdad i think that while they listen politely to to secretary kerry i think they have their own interests in mind and unless something miraculous happens in the parliament with a molecule stand on board i think this split enough iraq is going to be inevitable the only thing that is working in anybody's favor is that isis has the has a military capability but the question is will they be able to govern all that territory they're taking over and already they're fighting from within some of the units and some of the other islamist groups and even x. about this that they that join them temporarily to take the territory over but now there's actually been gunfire and and opposition to each which will want their own little chunk in each little piece it's a mess they need to react with a stony silence on the weekend makes documents that detail what nato is all going
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chief traded to learn the job in the first place coming up live court the then prime minister of denmark which would lead to turkey up on an offer to back his kind of deceit or turn all media back down. do you not see a tad prompts of protests just north of london a little to the ads of is willing to take to the extremes in this stand against radical. they say keep troops in east ukraine has been extended with both the army and anti government fighters promising to recognize it sees file which has been in place for a week as part of attempts to bring peace to the region people they say they exhausted by constant fighting and have fled in their tens of thousands. before the fall of. do you think you're going to lose. if you shoot your very few miles in the bush do you. really are you with the borg
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know today in the shade get new shirts with the kids that notion is a national procedures regarding the nobody in the can use them wish they hadn't said that i'm still the other way or that i was ready to start was that just do it so that you would always do like you more here will to survive see if the two posts if i get to. then i'd alter the truth was extended appeared mostly calm however the were reports of the reading fire in the region with russia's border control service stating one of its checkpoints had been hit shells continue to fall in russian territory one here the checkpoint building exploded inside there were no injuries two more shells landed in nearby villages. ride the end to government forces in ukraine have meanwhile release four always c.e.o. observers who were detained a month ago the russian foreign minister says moscow's calls for peace may have prompted that move but again of rob believes russia's influence with those
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anti-government activists is very limited he added that certain powers could be undermining kids' own plans for peaceful resolution. ukraine's president poroshenko would like to ease the tension and prolong the ceasefire but there are other forces within the ukrainian authorities radicals who still control or have close contact with the nationalists there's the right sector the battalions of the tycoon and other powerful groups that don't obey ukraine central command or the commander in chief there are also partners overseas our american colleagues who judging by multiple evidence still prefer to push the ukrainian authorities along a path to confrontation. that is worry for national soul firth chanda what the mood in the area is like amid the cease fire. the truce remains in place here in eastern ukraine but so just attention in the weeks since the ceasefire came into effect
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sporadic clashes between the army and local defense forces have carried on regardless sometimes resulted in fatalities including civilians on friday and woman and her son very pointedly killed in the army shalyn in the town of slovyansk in donetsk region which is the epicenter of what key of calls its anti terror operation and here in the guns overnight there was little sign of calm either on the return from filming at the ukrainian russian border at a checkpoint we heard a conversation between local fighters why we're talking in which they described shooting happening right then next to a nearby railway bridge as well as wrong the local hospital at this checkpoint had recently been taken by self-defense forces and the ukrainian military was trying to regain control of this strategic location we were forced to take another turn a tube route along a wild path through the forest all the time we had to coordinate we saw the french soldiers patrolling that area but even then we were told that it was still very
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dangerous. work. just. to stand on. the floor. of the province of the rush to the quantitative for one hour ready still for the others to go to the top the cards were dropped it was also the battle for local sop that says that the road so obvious that the tree is full of surprises. as the clock. stopped. extended say supposed to pave the way to prolong. peace in the country but so far we can see a lack of trust between both sides and it's fair to say whatever peace the reason
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now in this part of the country remains fragile at best rich nationality from lugansk in ukraine and these are reinforcements for the national guard right after taking their oath in western ukraine the right sector members decided to pay a visit to a local police station and surveillance footage shows a crowd of mosques men breaking in some with molotov cocktails the gang demanded the deputy police chief resigned within twenty four hours or they would burn down the building they are angry with officials for prosecuting activists involved in february screwing keir ukraine's interior ministry says one officer was severely beaten civilians are fleeing a beard tillery attacks in eastern ukraine the un says the number has hit one hundred thousand but for the us falls doesn't seem credible enough. since the start of two thousand and fourteen one hundred and ten thousand ukrainians have
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arrived in russia we just have seen no evidence to support that we don't believe they're credible we're watching we just don't think that the hundreds of thousands numbers credible we don't have anything to collaborate or if this is the u.n. this isn't the russians say no not there's this is an agency saying you guys give millions and millions of dollars to and they're now little credible we don't have anything to back up that number. website denied brigs food and even water migrant workers in qatar say they treatment has reached a new name and the latest episode at a cult tell complex construction crews clash with guards on the site these are rare pictures coming out of qatar showing the situation tens of thousands of my people working here is not only welcomed venusian infrastructure laboring under what are described as a portable condition a german filmmaker who was arrested by qatari police for exposing the country's poor working conditions believes this case is just a drop in the ocean it was initiated by the workers not being allowed to take
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proper lunch break bear in mind we are in the middle of ramadan and ramadan obviously has four islamic workers and there are quite a few of them right. you know high reading and i think it's really right now as these things come up more and more you know with higher frequency i think it's time to really face a possible rerun of the vote for the world cup in qatar that's something that you know comes into reality with all human rights issues with all the corruption issues coming up on a daily basis right now i think this is what we're heading for possibly. rights groups worldwide have condemned the treatment of migrant workers and qatada time and time again citizen please say activist one worker dies every day as a country prepares to host the twenty twenty two world cup and conditions work as they left without pay for months with their documents taken away by the companies
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that hire them what is coming your way just up to the show a break here on our team to national. there's a media leader so we need to be. part of the same motions sure. that your party years ago. for shoes that no one is that stood with to get that you deserve answers from. politics.
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speak your language. programs in documentaries in arabic in school here on all t.v. reporting for the world to feel repeat interview treat story tell you. the arabic to find out more visit arabic don't teach don't call. you back with us here on r t international an annual family festival in britain this week turned into an all out smelly after a gang of neo nazis attacked party go a step being one man one thought though is that the mob wasn't even made up of britons but rather it was polish immigrant witnesses say this aliens shouted profanities and forth and threw bottles at the crowds before police arrived since
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then have been nearly daily protest against new nazi activity such as are for it was at today's march. where here just looking out of mostly a park at the moment in north london that was where nancy fascist demonstration had taken place i know you've got some of the demonstrators have left the park and the marching out onto the streets of london peaceful demonstration today. there would be no peace is that the best way to fight new naziism violently rather sure that was the only way to far north is to fight and not to stand there and say we don't like you know we don't like you that you know we don't like this you know thing that's the danger of provoking move. provoking more violent for you to be violent and office about time the discourse interaction with just a reaction to an action we could point out the peace nazis last month we were there you know we've got a british nazis polish northeast of the john you nazis we don't it was it's a nationalist and no racist and no fascist then just of course because look what
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happens when he gets out. or destroy the bullet or destroy and say that's what today's protest is about the not technically allowed to be on the streets here marching like this police say at this point it's actually going to be more hassle see break them up essentially there have been a number of arrests that have taken place today already the demonstration itself incredibly well police those a strong police presence there you can still see the police are monitoring closely what's going on as the greek take to the streets of london. british race relations activists me jesper believes a euro kratz and politicians are partly to blame for the rise of nationalism in europe one always has to be vigilant and concerned and particularly when one looks across the european union after the european elections and the drift to extreme want right i mean some cases openly neo nazi party i think what's
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happening is that austerity exacting as a magnifying glass when people get anxious and concerned for their future the future of their children of course they get angry the issue is that at the moment politicians are directing their anger not to the bankers and the rich institutions of europe lead to the economic crisis but to the vulnerable in society those on welfare those unemployed those who are migrants those who are elderly and other minority communities and this is an extraordinarily dangerous fine. anders fogh rasmussen term as need to achieve may be almost up but now questions are being asked about how he got the job in the first place and freshly in the spotlight we could be stuck humans suggests rasmussen's abused his powers as prime minister to guarantee himself for his future job specifically denmark reportedly agreed to start legal action against
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a kurdish separatist channel that was broadcasting from copenhagen in two thousand and nine in return turkey said it would back rest miss them as a future need to achieve so why has turkey been worried about these broadcasts well ankara's long claimed garage t.v. was a mouthpiece for the kurdistan workers party which fights for the rights of a kurdish minority and is considered a terrorist organization in turkey as well as in the west now the channel has started broadcasting in two thousand and four in two thousand and ten or was officially accused in denmark of promoting terrorist activities and this year the channels the license was finally revoked and we spoke to the lawyer take a listen we have a special it depicted committee or service should be dead bark which would issue the certificate to the turks the turkish government had at three different occasions complained to this committee each charge they concluded that
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the coverage was just like the coverage you would fired at the big day the stews television stations so we thought that also the courts. would respect the freedom of expression the freedom of press the freedom of information but it did occur. we asked nato to comment on the leaks about the deal to appoint dress mithun that they press office told us she talked to the danish judicial authorities insisting that the courts were fully independent however journalist lawyer and former m.p. beyond. question that plane there were some conflicts of political character between the bar and turkey. states intervened because a light very broad stroke they describe it is to become the six and zero there was a big pressure from the u.s.
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forces for instance to think. of a creative bag or how to a diet and how to prove that rusts elevation was promoting terrorism until they died but what there was there within hours after that a dyke with it was announced that there was agreement between the turkish government and the other day to congress to decide the previous stage privatised as a second surgery. and online now at our tea dot com christian orthodox activists threw eggs and holywood to members of melbourne benson's a broad band ahead of their concert in moscow to give never play soever due to a bomb threat so all the details of the story available for you online. poses a life changing developments as technology is approved in the u.s. to help those paralyzed take
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a huge step towards walking again find out all the details about the new robotics and much more on our call. the bankrupt us city of detroit is on the brink of a water crisis thousands of people they have been left with no surprise at all the authorities say they only protecting the city's budget from unpaid bills situation for several activist group to demand the united nations step in and how well the u.n. experts are looked into the match and said the shutoff saw a violation of human rights and close inspection revealed it's not just the hot abdulla not paying the bills from corporations not tens of millions of dollars in the red as well but there's little pressure being put on them artes make an opus has the story. it is one of the most essential elements of life. americans enjoy some of the cleanest and most abundant water in the world
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but what happens when the pipes are turned off and the tap runs dry how am i supposed to wash my child heilman i supposed to shower must fill in the largest american city to ever file for bankruptcy residents are falling behind on their water bills now facing five billion dollars in bad debt the water department is taking drastic measures to plug holes and that means cutting water this is one of those houses that has had its water shut off and you can tell that because the detroit water and sewer department went ahead and painted on the porch that water cut time now they've been doing this more and more frequently to abandoned houses and they are they say going after abandoned houses first in order to kind of avoid it wasting water for houses that people simply don't live in however more often these days the houses facing shut off have residents living inside this is did detroit water brigade headquarters groups like the way fun in the detroit water brigade are working with residents to get them the water they need in the short
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term and the funding in the long term to sustain themselves we have donations the water that people have say we also have water filtration devices as well as aqua tablets so that people could you know access to clean drinking water these groups are now calling for help from the federal government and even the united nations to address what they describe as a humanitarian crisis nikita rally is one detroit resident who is afraid of the consequences of missing even a single payment if you tell someone i don't have water in my home that's the first strike you can get your children moved to you go to the war department if they help get my children back they don't care don't just think it's me and she isn't alone no being you're shutting out all the water on the most vulnerable. first which now raises a human rights question it raises a moral question what if people do was to water scuttle out of the take their medicine if you're seeing
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a shot of they make the formula for the babies however the water department argues we have the the burden of being heavy to be realistic in a lot of folks the activists for example don't have that they have what they feel are simple solutions. which really don't really hold water if anybody can come up with a way that we can make the detroit drinking water is good as it is right now for pennies on the dollar we're going to listen unfortunately this is not the case leaving some residents salivating for a solution to this water crisis and others just plain thirsty reporting in detroit michigan meghan lopez r.t. and the plight of thousands of detroit residents is discussed in every mottos breaking the set next hour here on r.t. . death row inmates in oklahoma are protesting against the use of lethal injections
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to execute them they say is akin to experimenting on humans now their lawsuit filed against the state follows the bungled the execution of oklahoma in made clayton lockett in april he died of a heart attack forty three minutes after being injected doctors had burst a vein in his body while administrating a controversial cocktail of drugs then there was a similar incident back in january in ohio where an inmate was reportedly in convulsions for about twenty six minutes in both cases concerns were raised that doctors use previously untested drugs. now it's on our team to national technology update explores the future of family nuclear energy but if you're in the u.k. find out whether a new revolution is brewing from then russell brand he's a special guest on the kaiser report coming up next.
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some people say freedom isn't free and they're right in fact freedom it only costs the price of a bottle of water or an old t. shirt fans celebrating the recent victory of the l.a. kings noticed that they were not alone what was believed to be a police drone was flying over them filming them i thought of moral contempt for drones or just for the hell of it the crowd began to throw random objects until it was brought down i think this event makes two very big points firstly a lot of the surveillance state is not that hard to stop i mean there are satellite photos being taken of us all the time and n.s.a. spying on the communications but any camera or other device than throwing distance of a brick is at the mercy of us tonight you know one percent and secondly generally if a crowd of people does something few ever get punished i mean if this drone was actually a police drone would they try to lock up the entire crowd for breaking it no they wouldn't and they couldn't for some reason if one person commits an act of civil
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disobedience they are in ford but if a crowd does that they generally get away with it so if you're going to defend your right to privacy from drones bring fifty guys with you and everything will work out just fine but that's just my opinion. hello welcome said old dates is the end of all it's all but not so closing in moscow but luckily for us the someone hasn't finished everywhere so we thought we
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pop called bikes i'm going to search for a song winter's knocking at moscow's door which we normally sedona long johns just yet so we travel to europe to soak up some rays imbibes a culture and see what's going on in the world of technology fronts was europe's largest exporter of electricity last year but despite this abundance in power the country is still looking for new energy sources and even has to bring the power that drives the song. there's a lot of energy in france i'm not just talking about the street dunces the country ranks second in the world in terms of nuclear power stations but with a growing environmental and safety concerns the sun may be setting on nuclear energy as we know it's so many says from around the world have come to discourse a possible shift away from nuclear fission. there are currently one hundred eighty five nuclear power plants in europe and another seventeen on the way sun says almost a third of the total with fifty eight plants producing seventy eight percent of the country's energy.


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