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forgotten but you know people can that themselves and the reality is if it turns out though this is the first step in that this is going to go on indefinitely. threaten the very existence between the state and we're kind of in a different game. for ever knew should to go straight from being a violent side of the existing order to being a well run from a christie is impossible it just won't happen because the fact of the revolution is so bob that there are off the show a so great that there is a period of chaos. on america in the financial world. to see these developments have not stopped the terrorists only taken the demand to credit is not going to get any economic benefit
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in life there are absolutely and there are folks. hello and welcome said old europe dates is the end of all it's all but not supposing it must go but luckily for us the sun hasn't finished everywhere so it's more pop culture going to the song winter is knocking at moscow's door but we're not ready to die alone jones just yet so we travel to europe to soak up some rays imbibes a culture and see what's going on in the world of technology fronts with europe's largest exporter of electricity last year but despite its opponents in power the country is still looking for new energy sources and even has to bring the power that drives the song down so. there's
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a lot of energy in france and i'm not just talking about the street dunces the country ranks second in the world in terms of nuclear power stations but with growing environmental and safety concerns the sun may be setting on nuclear energy as we know it so ministers from around the world have come to discourse of possible shift away from nuclear fission. there are currently one hundred eighty five nuclear power plants in europe and another seventeen on the way sunsets almost a third of the total with fifty eight plants producing seventy eight percent of the country's energy needs only stations have produced well over one million cubic meters of radioactive waste ninety percent of which is stored in three facilities this is where nuclear fusion commission almost the difference. nuclear fission isn't normally found in nature is the process by which heavy elements split to form lighter elements and has been created by mankind to make poa stations and nuclear bombs. do typical reaction
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a neutron hits isotope which caused it to be stabilized and splits into small elements and neutrons giving off energy. unfortunately it's also uses a large amounts of radioactive waste which is incredibly hard to dispose of safely nuclear fusion on the other hand is nature's atomic power just have to look at the some of the stars to see it in action in this reaction hydrogen isotopes in this district here you combine to form a heavy isotope helium a single neutron and lots of energy because most importantly fusion gives off hardly any radioactive waste. a slow the idea of eater was first discussed at an international forum in washington in one nine hundred seventy five together with the leader of the us thermo nuclear program we gave a report on things we could do together and on ways to do them back in one nine hundred seventy five we said we should work on what is known today as a technological platform this was it or this is what we said back in one nine
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hundred seventy five and all the work after that basically followed this plan which you. suggest that general secretary got about twelve bring it up at the geneva superpower summit one thousand nine hundred eighty five he discussed it with president reagan and the international thermonuclear experimental react to project was born in europe france in particular was already looking to diversify its energy sources and joined the project along with japan in two thousand and six the agreement to build run and decommission was signed and dramas finally broken in two thousand and seven construction is now in full swing and gathering momentum every day. he says is also latin for the way symbolizing the way that she locating cataracts in the south of france is one of the most ambitious international scientific collaboration is ever undertaken the e.u.
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india japan and china russia south korea and the u.s. representing over one half of the world's population all taking part. in a project to make the holy grail of energy production a reality. but nuclear fusion won't come easy given the ground work for the project is a feat in itself that each test site is the size of sixty football pitches making it one of the largest manmade level surfaces in the world the access roads from the poles have all been reinforced to support the weight of the deliveries and five thousand people are expected to be working on the site during the peak of construction as the host country france is responsible for a lot of the infrastructure but the sheer size of the projects is too much for one country alone. since this is an international project it's very important to make sure we're all on the same page different countries will be providing different components and it's important that all the components is supplied at the right time compatibility issues need to be taken care of. nature has none of these problems
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and creates fusion a long time ago the temperature at the sun's call is fifteen million degrees centigrade this combined with these huge mass and density create the perfect conditions for fusion so perfect in fights that infuses six hundred twenty million tons of hydrogen every second construction is complete the real fun starts at the heart of the entire complex is this fusion reactor which will recreate the conditions in the sense of the sun. equally charged so to overcome and not to repulsion which happen so easily in the sun they need to be heated to over one hundred fifty million degrees in a vacuum temperature they form a positive which is confined to detroit all four donut shaped magnetic field an electric current through the plasma to help heat it on the walls of the chamber have to be built to withstand the intense heat and vacuum conditions and this magical device that can create stars. but is not a new invention. is
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a russian acronym for toroidal chamber with magnetic coils and it was created in russia overseas. sixty years ago many of the people i'd spoken to mention the young red army soldiers when i asked them about the history of nuclear fusion so i went to the state library in moscow to find out more i was intrigued by this mysterious figure who despite having received very little formal education before the outbreak of the second world war i developed a passion and the talent for nuclear physics. a little princess was the first person proposed from fun past in an electrostatic field in one hundred fifty wrote his ideas in a letter to stalin but never received a reply but the second letter addressed to the central committee caused quite a stir and he's invited to moscow to discuss his ideas with soviet physicists andre sucker of an ego to tom and they were impressed by his originality and boldness some could have recommended that will continue cliff fusion get started straight away but to find eleven inches i did using a circular magnetic field instead physicist eagle chris shots of gave
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a talk in england where he revealed the soviet union's novel approach in progress the world was impressed by the u.k. declassified its nuclear fusion research and international cooperation began in earnest the first magnetic plasma containment device the t one was created in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven the t. three which will sucker of and tom had been working on was completed in one nine hundred sixty eight it's a huge record temperature levels and plasma confinement times and the talk about to become the dominant concept in fusion research after this talk of marks began to spring up all over the world. some of the most notable include the joints european taurus or jets in the u.k. which if the first controlled release of fusion power and holds the record for the most power produced this talk amount is currently being used to test a wall lining for. japan's j c sixty which holds the record for the highest plasma time density and temperature ratio on the c.s.t.
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on america which managed to heat the plasma to a mindblowing five hundred ten million degrees c. this. by these advances no talking mike has ever achieved a long salt breakeven point where device releases the same amount of energy as it used to start a reaction. at the to is not a film or a nuclear power plant it's an experimental reactor at its purpose is to show everyone that all the major technological and physical problems have been solved and that thermo nuclear energy is now available as a source of electricity for industrial needs it's a problem with. the alternatives to talk of mark the stellar rate it was in one thousand nine hundred fifty in the us and doesn't run a current through the plasma making it easy to operate any deviation from the complex geometric form results in a significant reduction in plasma containment characteristics was a lot of progress has been made in germany in recent years with a fine seventy six inertial confinement fusion uses dozens of high powered lasers
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to heat a compressed hydrogen fuel pellets and ignite a fusion reaction although exciting from a theoretical point of view it can be tricky to extract power from this method. there's also the talk a lot turned out to be the most practical plasma confinement system and the fact that these days every decent university or laboratory has its own talk a market proves it. the first ever talk a mock the team one was built right ahead of the code chess disk institute in moscow. the institution is named after eagle of course shots of the russian domestic agencies also based here managing all aspects of the country's participation in the heats have projects. holmes says he wants distant dissent in the t ten which was built almost forty years ago and is the largest talk among currently operating in russia that c. ten has generated around ninety thousand positive pulses which is way over its
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original designation despite its age old faithful still has a place in today's research and plays an important part in testing how plasma interacts with electromagnetic waves for the tap. firstly it will use this tocome up to test out new technologies like once that does that we can apply them in a big scale secondly that we also use it to develop new diagnostic methods for me this is not an easy task because in actual fact many of these diagnostic tools do not yet exist and millions are eager to develop them and some of these diagnostic tools will be developed here at the office and it's. is located just behind these walls and take it from me it's quite something to see the possibility of naked eye but if you want to be able to control it you have to be able to monitor it and this is where the hope is being generator that generates a sense of being of neutral particles through the plaza which cause it's on the go a series of spectral changes the beam and comes out of the plasma censorious fiber
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optic cable the constant being is given a frame rate of about two hundred fifty per second with this filter to be in the go through this box and through a series of lenses and it's finally picked up by the spectrometer to see. the spectrometer that send all this information to a computer which does the number crunching to calculate the spectral properties of the beam and these these pulses that you calculate the heat and the concentration of the. the electric field strength and rotation speed of the. measurements these are the most important. but one diagnostic system is far from enough. be monitored closely. there are different types of diagnostics. sickle diagnostics. technological
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diagnostics safe diagnostics that give us a clear picture of the things happening inside the reactor. given the experimental nature if. you will have around forty five diagnostic systems nine of which have been developed here in russia. institute three in the institute and three in the institute. the diagnostic systems range from lasers x. rays a neutron cameras to impurity monitors particle spectrometers and radiation. unfortunately we can't cover them all but check out a few. institutes is also working on these high fields side reflect system. and use the extent to which they are reflected to gauge the density and therefore the stability of the plasma a wide range of frequencies are used which allows them to take a cross-section and see the density distribution within this is to be tested using
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this full. wave. but the main challenge different way frequencies down the same guide without distorting them this diagnostic technology the way it is meant to be applied editor has never been used with the talk of mark. so we decided to start by installing diagnostics sensors inside the t ten and now we have collected a full. re-image results. this is a full scale replica of the. device would be located just one point five meters away from the. business and only a two centimeter. helps maintain the purity of the place an important role in ensuring the safety operation of the. gamma radiation produced during the reaction this information used to measure the
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confinements of the alpha particles generated during fusion. a crucial role in producing a plasma which is a self-sustaining reaction. if any power. to institute is also building this neutral particle. concentrations. energy. isotopes deviation from. this information allows a few levels to be adjusted accordingly. has been put in charge of supplying this dog gnostic system basically that's because we've been leaders in the application of these diagnostics nuclear installations for a number of decades now. we've dozens of instruments operating on this principle
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and supplied them to our foreign partners. and is heavily involved. so i went down. to see what they were up to. clearly make mission systems for that. generate the huge electrical currents required to. protect the super control. from overheating if this happens a small explosive charge in the pyre break could detonate causing a small of a million brings to expunge and completed by prosecutes which discharges the excess current in less than twenty microseconds kind of like a giant fuse. or we have a range of key technologies being developed for each other that must be supplied on time some of the needed to ensure the experiment safety. among them the technologies related to the magnetic system the vacuum chamber the palaces the
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chamber elements. this panel is part of the inside wall of the is made up of lots of little tiles like this one is tough consists of a layer of tungsten copper bronze and the inside wall have over one million of them and six hundred thousand we made here in russia europe and japan also made these panels and the sun them hits recessed in this chamber the chamber can hear them to three thousand degrees c. but still its essence fifty hundred which is the exact same temperature as inside the talk of. the inside wall of the reactor represents an immense engineering challenge the heat is subjected to the sequence of one hundred thousand light bulbs shining on one square meter the force exerted by the magnets could be compared to the way to fifty lorries and if this weren't enough the. story degrades the structural integrity of the wall this testing chamber contains an electron beam which imitates the heat load on the wall to ensure it's capable of dissipating all
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this heat over a relatively small area without fracturing so how can two stand with a melting point to three and a half thousand degrees based on temperatures of over one hundred million. most of the pond sickles are held in the plasma only a few of them can escape the magnetic field and reach the first hole the talk of the density of the particles drops significantly which means that the if the wall is subjected to these also lowered the water cooling the juicing steam. which drives a turbine to produce electricity. this is a complicated task because we have to combine different materials into a single structure which should be able to operate for a decade or so being exposed to aggressive plasma which we draw from soviet and russian researchers experience with modern materials for example high energy laser mirrors rocket nozzles. vehicle fairing and thermal protection high
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energy radars. and this is why russia was able to achieve excellent results in this area. with. a lot of the money. to be a duck to dispense. this laser welding machine is used to create seamless joints and. traditional welding techniques there are no impurities in the weld of molten metal. after the break. his name was joseph copas he was nazi germany's minister of propaganda the myths that he created exist to this day.
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hubris gerbils propaganda was supposed to actually trying to denigrate other nations while at the same time raising ordinary german soldier steams who. keep its complete use of go bill sniff precisely what the masses need to hear in order to make them follow him he was like the pied piper from the fairy tale who made rats follow the chain of his plight. the myths created by the chief nazi ideologist bound for tal saw in the west we have to fight these myths today in memory of those who walked in the second world war. dramas that come to be ignored to the. stories of others to refuse to notice. food since changing the world lights no.
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food picture of today's. politicians from around the globe. brokenly. a lot of the work for eats as we count out here in st petersburg and what better place to come in the institute which is the birthplace of nuclear physics in russia it is also home to the country's newest talk the global. church of himself which is a senior research at the ofer institute before moving to moscow to head his own lab as well as developing many diagnostic systems for you to the institute has also built a talk a mark of its own it uses
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a device to study plasma behavior as well as tests repeating systems place not like any talk we've seen before. the global sam is a spherical talk he's also the newest in russia i was built entirely in st petersburg is more compartment traditional talk much so the money so located much closer to the plasma which greatly reduces the amount of energy required to confine it the shape of the chamber also makes the past mean currently more stable and an increase in efficiency is achieved by holding the puzzler much more centrally. despite the magnetic fields being generally we can this type of talk mark making it harder to reach required positive density is certainly not without its uses. as far as the energy industry is concerned research is a currently designing a hybrid reactor that's a token mark or a spherical talkalakh in our case it's used as a source of false neutrons much like say there's no self-sustaining reaction and
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those false neutrons say used to irradiate spent unspent nuclear fuel with the blood clots normally used in just six fission reactors. isn't just providing a lot of technology a lot of the money of production is being tried out here as well one of the country's speciality specific so that's why it's joined forces with five other countries. and systems bush will provide a total of seventy three spools of soup to my next a cable from each for the length of eight hundred meters. we have very. much. takes. from sample to sample. is stable. and there are many stages to the money for it to process the same superconducting
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produce so that you pisk mechanical fire chief and then send seven hundred fifty miles hates it but where they are cleaned and. the why is it then wont to produce strong winds which in turn around five times to produce a cable for sentences that. is then about in a steel jackets and compressed the cable is loaded onto an eight and a half ton school for transportation. to the money it will be assembled in the test giant money to simply facilitate a pub which will be money for russia all in all eighteen superconducting to oil field and six political field calls essential solenoid on the sets of correction calls that can find shape and control the placement inside the box and vessel. is an ancient russian city not only known for its key beauty and rich history but its reputation for science the research and manufacturers is known far outside
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russia's borders. production facility. is responsible. producing nine out of the twenty four. were invented in russia in one thousand nine hundred sixty four now called a nice north institute for pride physics. know used in the vast majority of talk of marx throughout the world as heating the puzzle without them being next to impossible. he says twenty four joe johns will be located in a separate building one hundred fifty meters away from the reactor the electromagnetic waves the producer he sends by a long way for guys into the reactor helping keep the cosmic to the temperature necessary for fusion. we see each as a regular customer since we've agreed to supply it with knowing. the year two thousand and twenty there are
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a regular customer but we also hope to be able to sell to all three. under other contracts in the same period. gyro is latin for circle untrimmed is taken from electron so it's a pretty good name for a device that's based on the rotates emotional electrons image. beams of elections are accelerating towards a covered c where strong when they see field is applied the interaction between the rotating motion of the electrons and the most basic field generates high frequency radio waves to travel in a straight line or strike an optical beam the high frequency waves excite the electrons in the customer causing it to talk a bit like a microwave heats water the judge also has a stabilizing effect on the puzzler helping prolong the length of the reaction and therefore the energy produced so that all these benefits demand for joe johns is pretty high at the moment. of orders from germany china and japan but in the meantime it looks like we have another satisfied customer. review
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for. the project therefore. i hope i have the confidence to share. this courtroom. it's a project. there is a living member of the project for the south rich. folks over at the perfect before returning to france jima visited the applied physics where the artificial diamond windows for the. highly conductive results in very little power and they don't. they don't come cheap the latest estimates place the final cost of the project at thirteen billion euros or so may say that the countries have simply blown the money away so the will see the benefits of the project for the next couple of decades the money put into it now represents a huge investment in the future energy security of the entire world. example of
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international cooperation at its best and the peaceful use of nuclear power for the advancement of mankind and protection of the environment most of the money invested in the project has already been through the technologies and materials developed which have countless uses already. known there's no doubt there's a long way to go for. progress so far i'm sure fusion has a bright future but until then enjoy the right. as a new physician i swear to abide by the hippocratic oath. to the best of my ability and judgment. i will prescribe for the good of
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my patients. i will not give deadly doses to anybody. or advise of those to do so. i will never do harm to any. doctors of the dogs on. this is what we do we kill people and break things. we can see something is simple as people playing soccer games you can see individual players and you can see the ball. you can only see is facial expression you can see is now open crying out. maybe cursed us or maybe he asked. for forgiveness for. there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed
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or injured. i know c.n.n. a mess n.b.c. and fox news have taken some lots lately but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's closer to the truth and might take. off. goods. because one full attention in the mainstream media works side by side with you actually on the you. know. we have a different brain. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not.
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you guys stick to the jokes well handled in the sense that. headlines from r.j. international a ceasefire in eastern ukraine has been extended until monday night kiev and the anti-government forces both say that they are observing the truce but shells fired from ukraine fall on the russian territory. as isis insurgents continue their deadly advance across iraq the kurdish minority push ahead with plans for an autonomous state in the oil rich north saying that they are ready to hold a referendum. plus police in qatar brutally crushed another rally of migrant workers bearing the nation for the twenty twenty two world cup they are protesting against conditions that rights groups describe as a rift. it is the kaiser report right here on our show international stay with us.
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well when the kaiser report imax kaiser in the words of the great philosopher jones dr was who was of course an inspiration for the french revolution in truth the laws are always a useful to those with possessions and harmful to those who have nothing from which it follows that the social state is advantageous to men only when all possess something and none has too much and quote today we're going to look at some of the headlines from a very unsocial state can revolution be far behind and we mentioned revolution stacey i think you've got include russell brant russell brand is the revolutionary he's a man of the revolution russell welcome to the kaiser.


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