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tv   Venture Capital  RT  June 29, 2014 4:14pm-4:30pm EDT

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credible since the start of two thousand and fourteen one hundred and ten thousand ukrainians have arrived in russia we just have seen no evidence to support that we don't believe they're credible we're watching we just don't think that the hundreds of thousands numbers credible we don't have anything to cooperate or if this is the russians saying you know not being there is this is an agency saying you guys get millions and millions are going through in their game we don't have anything to back up that number. coming up a look at the deal that's a firmly realigned ukraine towards europe this so low end of the song for the conference in the east one which washington accuses rochelle finding but as we report later america's sanctioned plans are letting us lag at home. poland's foreign minister has been secretly taped comparing his country's relations with the us to a sexual act according to a lead to buy
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a polish online magazine. sikorsky believes his country is essentially pleasing america was little in return which according to him makes warsaw a subservient popping up in fact he says it gets worse not only is alliance with america worthless but it has alienated poland's biggest neighbors russia and germany moscow was somewhat sympathetic to his comments though saying the cross language was most likely a response to similar hurtful comments made by the u.s. deputy secretary of state so that would be great i think to help glue this thing and have the u.n. help glue it and you know the e.u. . but it's not just so the us the polish foreign minister is less than satisfied with sokolsky pulled no punches when talking about the u.k. prime minister's dealings with the us skeptics a suggestion david cameron bowed to pressure and went soft when he should have stayed strong as of that wasn't enough sokolowski went on to remember other times
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he believes cameron was fired politically saying he's not likely to change needless to say be embarrassingly frank diplomatic conversation has caused quite a stir is what some of the commentators we talked to say that mr it's just obvious far for everyone here in poland for most of the analysts has just voiced the opinion which is shared by most of the population here actually it raises other troubling questions about the judgment of america who is after all his country's chief diplomatic representative who aspires to be the chief diplomatic representative of the entire european union and the governments he has been so scathing about the governments of britain and the united states are the very countries which have supported him throughout his career is what you feel so much i think it shows that there is a real awareness among the circles of power in poland as to what the relationship with the united states has really brought them which is nothing one from ukraine
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coming up off the shelf break. the media leave us so we leave the media. pushes secure. your party there's a good. news that no one is asking with again that you deserve answers from. politics. on marinating in the financial world. that doctors use to comment cannot stop exactly taking from the demand for credit not going to get any economic benefit in life there are good and there are but. i cannot correct take. a look i think.
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it's not like. i. want to get. out of the banks to. thank you watching our cheese or the weekly ukraine a fine you signed a trade agreement with the e.u. this week the failure of the country's previous leader to do so as well spot the ukrainian crisis leading to the current civil conflict over the new leader and says this is just the first step of closer ties with europe we see that. ukraine as a european country under the forty nine article will have an opportunity cost for the membership perspective this is
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a very important character for ukraine to wake up. well a financially challenged europe is still doesn't appear to be quite ready for ukraine these commissioner for enlargement has said here first still needs to prove its european credentials and reforms the blocks energy commission has wanted the bailout for greece is peanuts compared to what will be needed to safety of the economy the president of the european commission says the e.u. is simply not ready to welcome you queen right now that sentiment is also echoed by the foreign minister of europe's powerhouse germany which comes as no surprise to financial experts patrick. ukraine which last year was in a catastrophic position how it's signed a free trade association this year is going to associate with the european union out the point when it's on the brink already of economic disaster this is a catastrophic move for the ukrainian economy the only winners either this or a few sadly deluded egos whether they're in brussels whether they're in washington
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who believe some horror of that they've achieved a great geopolitical victory for the people of ukraine there are no jobs to be hard here there's only going to be job losses. from the onset washington has been blaming russia awful fanning the conflict in ukraine and threatening sanctions unless it stops what america's plans are facing staunch opposition from us and businesses and here's why russia is being an emerging market with a growing income has been quite attractive for u.s. companies than the possibility of being cut off from that market is making american business bosses nervous but just who is involved in russia well boeing buys nearly a third of its titanium here the country's also one of the fastest growing markets for pepsi u.s. common effect was also have a huge interest in the russian market with general motors and ford saying tens of thousands of vehicles here last year the chamber of commerce and the national
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association of manufacturers have launched an ad campaign to explain just what new sanctions will backfire they say it will leave u.s. companies a scrambling to keep up with firms from other countries earlier we spoke to the president of the frankel russian chamber of commerce and industry it should have been because actually. the political system you. know. leaders are talking about economical sanctions so we need to raise our voice but tell them that they should not do it to the again they should use diplomacy to do so the ukrainian authorities using and taking into her studies companies whether they are us and our french companies there is something which isn't acceptable for us what the sanctions are doing is isolating the united states' economy instead of isolating russia they were meant to isolate russia but given the trend of world trade for all
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of the exports that russia has and for diplomacy. they're actually running a trade in the united states it's a very strange business logic it doesn't make sense logically has to be a political. sure to doesn't seem to be all that enthusiastic about more sanctions vienna and moscow this week struck a major gas pipeline deal with president vladimir putin in attendance and the issue of ukraine came up during a light hearted exchange don't want to know that future president putin what. else. does sure haitian. does to be hard to hold. a lot cold. fire but the south
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stream gas pipeline deal between austria and russia isn't sitting all that well with washington find out why on a website. thousands of israel bound refugees from africa the search for a better life and up in torture camps they fall into the hands of ruthless smuggling gangs who demand money for their hostages the migrant flow through sinai is very intense two three thousand people per month coming from the east african state every tree alone the human traffickers reportedly apply torture and even mutilation rape and psychological pressure against their captors if the families refuse to pay the ransom says its claim to the hostages or than executed more than four thousand people estimated to have been killed since two thousand and eight and around a thousand thought to be in captivity right now. despite of the retreat and president
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calling for an investigation the local authorities have turned a blind eye to the kidnappings israel's prime minister once even described the refugees as quote infiltrators and quote ironic as upon the swedish every plan journalists and activists trying to raise awareness about the victims of torture by putting their plight on the big screen. shot ordeal. shot up with the actual moment she. was. lying. there were melting plastic bags and dropping it in their backs this is the burns. where an estefan is so stressed in the interview to r.t. that she believes there's
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a big difference in the way captives are treated depending on their nationality i have seen kids children that are two years old being tortured the torture is it's not any as or tortured like you see the horror movie or something it's where people are tortured twenty four hours a day last year and more of a gentleman was kidnapped in the same area and it took about a week for her to be released americans getting kidnapped in the sinai. it took only twenty four hours to release them so this happens all quite often to westerners as well but they're out with a base and they don't get to experience the torture as a free country. it has to do with was race. you can watch the full interview recorded for in the now with an isa now on our website r.t.e. dot com. skinny jeans being towed bags and nazi slogans meet the latest recruits of the extreme right in germany the media has
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even come up with a word to describe the movement. from selfies on instagram and a blogger on tumblr to neo nazi hip hop extreme right is keeping up with the times as even a vegan nazi cooking show in each episode to chatty man wearing balaclavas explain to viewers how to make an area of dishes journalist john weisberg from berlin shared his thoughts on the next a trend. trend. colorful sunglasses are these funny looking congress shoes with stars and piercings kind of for the beards like as long as no answers have been around the always been trying to copy youth subcultures you know skinheads were originally kind of a poor culture you have in germany. a way to start not in the same way like any other not. one of the privately or more
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out on the street blockading not is actively sitting down preventing them from going on the route. just like all the other notice of fashion trends come and go the secretary of unite against fascism the ones that this trend is making the unacceptable acceptable. seventy's and eighty's in the ninety's was seen the fastest movements of all try to do this in terms of plugging into youth culture the real danger is at the moment sadly the high votes of lots of organizations of thought for the first time since the war not so organization has been elected to the european parliament and this means that the hipsters and the people trying to shape fashion trying to make that sceptical that sceptical and that's the reason why i believe that they should be blocked they should be excluded and they should be no part of. society because what they want to reintroduce is the
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holocaust and actually we should never forget the nazi war that came with it and i think we should stand against it there's nothing you could be the nazi. venture capital counting the money behind the world cup followed by the truth seeker getting to the bottom of the ukrainian crisis but you gave us taking a look behind the scenes that i. have never heard the expression pleasantly surprised or that is how i felt when i heard that the supreme court of the united states had ruled that digital information on cell phones of rest of people care about p.c.'s without a warrant finally the american people catch a break in a court decision this ruling is linked to the two cases in which the police used information on a suspect telephone to press for further charges against them i think this is the
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most important aspect of this decision is the person that sets the court said that just because a cell phone is in a suspect hand it does not make the information on it any less worthy of protection for which the founding fathers fought so could we extend this to say something like just because i have a telephone or computer that doesn't make the information on them unworthy of protection from the air. say or the privacy invaders the thing is that the supreme court decision is a good start but the police using your cell phone against you upon arrest is just the tip of the privacy destruction iceberg if the members of the highest court in land really do feel that the founding fathers fought to protect our privacy then they have a lot of paperwork and court decisions ahead of them for stuart but that's just my pain.


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