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tv   Headline News  RT  July 30, 2014 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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really. around fifteen people reportedly killed after israeli tanks opened fire on a united nations school in. washington europe another round of sanctions against russia over the ukraine conflict getting key players in the financial. the civilian casualty count climbs as the ukrainian army intensifies its offensive in the east of the country moving closer to the russian border. struggling to get the children out of the combat zone .
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from the rule receive a crew welcome to the program palestinian health officials say a un school in northern gaza has been attacked by israeli tanks. brings us the very latest. well this incident follows another heavy night of bombardment in gaza this incident of the united nations school being used as a shelter hit by israeli tank shells we understand more than one shell hit first the courtyard and also secondly part of the school which is primarily used by the female to go pupils we understand that civilians were of course sheltering in these areas this shelling of united nations school constitutes the second act of violence against a un school in less than a week last thursday the united nations school in the north of the state in beit
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hanoun was struck in similar circumstances of course. under contention with regard to israel and hamas both obviously giving different explanations for the violence but certainly on the ground we're seeing again continued hostilities of course and this is another significant incident now over five united nations schools have been course up in the fighting which is now of course beginning. to move now into its twenty day well yesterday we saw another significant incident which was the targeting of the fuel tanks belonging to gaza sole power station gaza has been suffering from fuel and electricity crises on and off for several years since the israeli and egyptian imposed siege began this now is obviously only going to worsen the electricity crisis for civilians here in the strip well we've been catching up with some of those hit most horrendously with awful injuries in gaza's main hospital the hospital. it's hard to fathom how such
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a boss devastation can occur in three weeks of fighting. thousands of homes damaged or destroyed tens of thousands internally displaced and well over a thousand killed inside gaza's main hospital in its burns unit are a small fraction of the surviving in. this year three years old. this raid is demolished the house of this family. so we deceived the girl her mother two brothers with severe bells this morning this woman is a very severe condition she is she presented to us about five days ago with her son and her husband her son and husband died with severe burns and she's still surviving with
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a very critical condition the doctors and nurses here look as stunned as the civilians who've survived in heavily bombarded areas it's hard to imagine how the medical staff can cope with these truly horrendous cases a human being if i see whole families the killed under the rubble of their house the house. and these people and all the families killed. in one of the instances i have a child here he was all the time claim kids he lost all his families he lost his father his mother his brother is a grandfather and all the time he's crying he wants his father his mother so i closed the door of my office and i sat crying those that survived this war will have to the physical and psychological scars for years to come. as for what weaponry is causing these injuries it's not entirely clear. it's very severe
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the magnitude of destruction of the of the human beings those ones are intended to kill mass casualties of people the bodies and faces. on the ground it feels as if during this war israel is fixed on stopping harasses rockets once and for all regardless of the incredible civilian toll. in. gaza. the television channel has broadcast a video showing hamas fighters infiltrating israeli territory to attack a guard post five israeli soldiers and one how most militant died in the shooting israeli troops responded by destroying the tunnel meanwhile the i.d.f. says its iron dome defense system intercepted two hamas rockets over tel aviv you lean over a former israeli air force officer she believes her country's tactics are actually very hard to conduct. i think that. to make a phone call or send a message or drop
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a tiny bomb minutes before you. destroy an entire house and to think that the fact that we noticed them five or ten minutes before. you know after sentence five or ten or twenty five there is something. i don't think that even in times of war we can do whatever we want. now when somebody speaks out against the actions of their government like you have there always be some people who consider you in some way to be betraying your native country what is the public reaction to what you've had to say and do you worry about any of the repercussions the reaction as you probably know in here. are not very gentle but i'm not sure it's only the public we see when our officials you know the government needs to. hold. a. lot
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to all neighborhoods because. this is why we. have to. be going down to the people since. it's hard to make any criticism these days in the israel but they do believe that this is our obligation as israelis who care about our future to make those statements and to speak out loud. and in new york demonstrators blocked a road in anger at israel's attacks against gaza the protest was next to the building which hosts the israeli mission to the un around one hundred people gathered to chant for an end to the violence twenty six protesters were arrested after they refused to leave and anger over the israeli offensive also took hundreds to the streets in mexico's capital people were shouting slogans and carrying banners in full support of the pallium palestinians there as well.
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it's r.t. international the us and e.u. have targeted russia's economy with a new set of sanctions washington accuses moscow of being reluctant to help to end the violence in ukraine is ati's gynae church account the previous round of u.s. sanctions targeted certain russian banks more were added to that list their punishment is that they will not be able to borrow from the u.s. longer than ninety days today and building on the measures we announced two weeks ago the united states is imposing new sanctions and key sectors of the russian economy energy arms and finance were blocking the exports of specific goods and technologies to the russian energy sector we're expanding our sanctions to more russian banks and defense companies that were formally suspending credit that encourages exports to russia and financing for economic development projects in russia. and because we're closely coordinating our actions with europe
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the sanctions we're now seeing today will have an even bigger bite president obama was asked if this tension could effectively mean the beginning of a new cold war he disagreed he said he does not see another coming but that's not the way many people see it there was a hearing in the u.s. congress several hours before the president's announcement or you could hear the usual voices calling for increasing tensions and pressure on russia and then there was this one congressman the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee who offered different perspective you know. there was a tremendous potential to making russia our friend tremendous potential they withdraw their troops from eastern europe. the russians. were open to all kinds of interacting and being coming part of the world community and. a tremendous opportunity i should say was squandered in the last few weeks we've
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seen. one after another not even related to the way the u.s. has just announced its conclusion that russia violated an arms control treaty from nine hundred eighty seven american official say russia tested cruise missiles as early as two thousand and eight there was a. united states agreed upon and therefore we have to lisa christian the u.s. president why is he blaming always sees things so this accusation has been years in the making but u.s. officials chose to formally announce this accusation now tension between moscow and washington is already high on the other side of the atlantic the u.k. government announced an inquiry into the death. he was poisoned in two thousand and six in london whether or not that case will ever be close to russia will be the headlines for weeks related to a murder case. has ruled in favor. of the shareholders of the defunct
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yukos oil company and ordered russia to pay about fifty billion dollars in damages that lawsuit was ten years old now officials in all these countries say that this issue has had nothing to do with the current tense political environment but the events did raise a lot of questions about timing let's look at the companies hit by the latest round of the u.s. sanctions. for example is russia's financial behemoth that's the country's second largest bank it operates in the e.u. asia and africa its subsidiary the bank of moscow here was also included in washington's penalties another target russia's agricultural bank which is completely government and these financial institutions will be cut off from seeking medium and long term loans from u.s. capital markets also affected the united it ship building corporation the manufacturers both military and civilian vessels exporting to twenty countries but economist maxwells he says u.s. own funds may have a tough time having to obey the brand new penalties it's
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a little bit hard to nail down exactly what there will be serious potential public relations as well as regulatory fallout so i do think you're going to see folks making a good faith effort to first understand what exactly this means and then to very quickly especially given again the really short timeframe here quickly be compliant with what they think exactly this means as it becomes hopefully more clear in the days ahead this time the e.u. backed up the american sanctions european leaders agreed to target several sectors of russia's economy including finance and energy is ati's peter all of you leaders have put forward sweeping sanctions against russia in a joint statement the president of the european council home and. the head of the european commission or is it manuel but also said that these sanctions were intended to send a strong warning to russia where is previously sanctions imposed by the e.u. would talk to individual. one particular company these are targeting huge sectors
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of the russian economy so what they are looking at is energy where russia will have restricted access to technologies in the financial sector would be blocking russian access to e.u. funds that are available and in defense a arms embargo banning both the imports and exports of weapons into or out of russia however any previously existing contracts won't be affected by that now the united kingdom has announced that it wants to push ahead with even further stronger sanctions against russia what we are expecting is later all western states are here the full wording of the sanctions agreed on by all the e.u. heads of government and these sides are expected to come into effect on the first of all this will be reviewed after three months whereby they can be scrapped all continue depending on what european leaders decide and analysts predict that bubblin will lose up to six billion euros worth of exports to russia trade between
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the two countries reached seventy six billion euros last year at around six thousand german firms are doing business with russia right now what is i mean it means that hundreds of thousands of jobs up or tension dependent on economic ties between the nations economist michael morales told us that many in germany are wary of the damage the sanctions will. when you talk to the people on the street when you talk to people who haven't run a business. executives in a big company they're not for the sanctions i can tell this to you because sanctions never a one way street always action to a sanction and when it comes to this imposed sanctions all the sanctions will be imposed on russia then of course the germans are the ones who are suffering most it's easy for united states to shout for sanctions but the ones who are suffering
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all the germans all those countries who are close to russia because they naturally have the biggest business implications you can read more about the previous rounds of european and american sanctions against russia dot com we've assembled all the details and a lot of analysis there as well still to come here on the program i thought you international we're talking about a full charm offensive for african leaders in washington we look at the chinese elephant in the room which is driving president obama's attempts to win the hearts and minds and influence all across africa. iran like syria has been george very harshly on the leaves under the constant. isn't it justified the in if not pursuing the flea a weapon down you know raising the spectrum of person remember the. same
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time you said he was developing nuclear weapons. explicitly did they want to see these are being. made in form. we would be stupid not to take it. choose your language. actually we can we know if you're going to stay still so much excited about your choice of a successor to choose the consensus get to. choose the opinions that you think rate to. choose the stories that impact your life choose me access to your office or. they would like to know that you know the price is the only industry specifically
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mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy trek albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked why a handful of powerful transnational corporations will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once will just i'm job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world if we go beyond identifying the problem you're trying to fix a rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america to find ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture.
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thanks for spending some of your wednesday with us here on r.t. international the ukrainian army is intensifying its offensive on two breakaway eastern regions it's reportedly added short range ballistic missiles to its arsenal in this area at least eight civilian deaths have been reported throughout the overnight including five residents of an elderly cat. i mean you got when you said leave. or you still got upset you go when you get that you can morning you. you give it to you go get the clue. this is a different one but then the. world will. be praised you know i leave that up more i will you didn't go but you still do thought. to live here again will you go be a desert go or what you are you know is that i will start to look.
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this is. this is a part of you believe me listen to. your future. first muto you meet in the streets there was some of the you know the truth was literally i just threw up slow and in the donetsk region nine children reportedly severely wounded when a mortar shell they found exploded and interior ministry officials blaming anti government forces now the incident highlights the ongoing struggle to get children out of the combat zones and they were not international we spoke to the russian commissioner for human rights she said opticals are being deliberately put up to stop the children being taken to safety. we have made requests to the ukrainian authorities and always see representatives who are present there and to the red cross we ask all warring parties to grant us
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a humanitarian corridor to rescue children severe illnesses it's proving very difficult to negotiate this with the ukrainian authorities. and the ukrainian conflict is now very close to the russian border a number of times shells have crossed the frontier already resulting in at least one death by international monitors urged by moscow to look into the situation have now arrived in the area. not reporting from our russian village where people were forced to run and hide in the violence full or at war with anyone and yet it's their homes that are being shelled. the residents of this russian village say artillery and gunfire usually start when it gets dark forcing them to flee their homes for safety the ongoing conflict in nearby ukraine has now moved into their own backyard the residents here are able to see the fighters of the national guard without any special equipment this particular house is located right on the russia
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ukraine border right beyond that river. local deputy that's yon i was born and raised here just like most of her neighbors she has relatives across the border in ukraine there are now coming to her side as refugees that's what civilization is still look at that a little difficult all the villages here are close to each other and some of them on here korean territory who have relatives there and when the bull dishes separated us we come true see them and they can see us as the. locals have a chance to find shelter elsewhere in the region far from the area of combat but not everyone can just up and leave all gays and nurses at a psychiatric hospital and says it's hard to comfort her patients while the area gets shelled by the mail which in boats have the patients are scared it's hard to explain it all to mentally ill people would tell them it's founder we hide under blankets and dive under the beds. it's hard for children as well to understand why
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their homes are being targeted but they already know what to do when hearing the sound of a rocket or gunfire out of the we went to the town to hide to escape from here there are huge bomb attacks here much of this in a way but in a chapel actually still very scared especially at night their window panes are shaking and i'm crying these youngsters seem to take the threat of shelling quite bravely but that's not the case in all the families on the other person. my daughter is so scared she doesn't even leave the house she cries and i even don't know how to help her russian border crossings with ukraine in nearby villages have been shelled numerous times over the last month one civilian have been killed and several houses destroyed as these people are dragged into someone else's battle remonde costs are of artsy russian ukrainian border. but apparently ukraine's authorities are ready for
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a ceasefire and dialogue with anti government forces we say that it is more appropriate to try to resolve the underlying issues or to go shooting table than to continue a tit for tat of violence measures coming from the american secretary of state then met with the ukrainian foreign minister a geo political analyst eric draitser things kiev will use any pause in hostilities just to make territorial gains. there's the question of strategic and tactical necessity for having such a ceasefire now we've seen countless times in the in recent weeks that the iranian military is attempted to retake territory that they have mounted offensives and that they intend there are held or in other ways unsuccessful feel this made a tactical decision along with its features in washington that if they cannot retake territory militarily then they will use diplomatic and political cover in order to achieve that goal this is
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a means of allowing terry run by to assert itself through the back door of diplomacy through the back door of a cease fire line if you're right now without a thought call me a p.r. horror in iraq islamic extremists released a video showing the mass executions they've carried out in the area they've declared their own palace. and a top ebola doctor and sierra leone's only specialist in the virus has died in a rough at least spreading outbreak of the disease those details also on our web site this hour. now in less than a week and a storage u.s. africa summit in washington will focus on strengthening america's ties with africa but many believe the real reason for the event is to target china's ever growing economic influence than by only as a kiwi from the pan african newswire he believes china is well ahead in the battle for the hearts and minds of the. many african opinion makers and analysts have said
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that the relationship between china and africa as opposed to the relationship between africa and the united states has many advantages for the african people the chinese interventions have resulted in infrastructural developments where there is extensive history of exploitation of relations between the united states and other western european countries these are pediatric charges i believe that the obama administration is late taking this initiative but i think it's very important for him to somehow or to hand the image of the united states on the after continent. the main special forces base in the libyan city of benghazi has been seized by by lister's off the days of heavy fighting that's after a battle involving rockets and warplanes killed at least thirty people also in
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libya italy has now offered help to put out a blaze raging in the biggest oil depot in the capital tripoli huge fire started during control of the international airport heavy gunfire prevented firefighters from actually battling. to china heavy facility excuse me i should say fatalities have been reported in a pre-planned knife attack in a predominantly muslim province a large guying stormed a police building and several government offices with knives and axes the police did fight back shooting dead dozens of militants in a resting over sixty thirteen officers as well as several members of the public were killed in the attack. well thank you for joining us here on aussie international i rory sushi in moscow up next it'll be breaking the set with abby martin discussing the latest u.s. losses in afghanistan and less around the u.k. air and aid coming your way.
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the world. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. you surely know where you. think.
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what's happened. guys i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set so earlier this month i reported that a system in iraq seized over fifty american made artillery weapons from the iraqi army would cost half a million dollars each and with this disaster out of the pentagon's belt you would
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think it would make sure it doesn't lose any more of its arms in the middle east except a new report by the special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction or seeger shows it's done exactly that according to the report the pentagon has lost track of more than forty percent of the firearms it's delivered to afghan security forces that's right of the more than seven hundred thousand arms provided the afghan army a full four hundred seventy four thousand of them have gone missing or have duplicate serial numbers amazing the inability of the pentagon to track these weapons means that some of the arms are probably on the black market already ripe for purchase by militant groups and afghan warlords not only is this development and decade of of what happens when unaccountable weapons exports become par for the course but also illustrates the incredible amount of taxpayer waste spent on rebuilding week in military institutions in afghanistan consider that over the course of the thirteen year occupation of the country congress has shelled out over hundred a.


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