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tv   Headline News  RT  August 2, 2014 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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foreigners. in. israel steps up to gaza fences killing more than one hundred palestinians overnight while hunting for a soldier it says was captured by hamas. civilian death toll mounts as the ukrainian army tightens the noose around the self-proclaimed republics in the east of the country as a second party affiliated journalist gets deported. coming clean. tortured some folks. we did some things that were contrary to our values iraq obama confesses ahead of a report on cia interrogation techniques as analysts anticipate more revelations.
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eleven am in moscow good to have you with us our top story seven hundred forty palestinians killed by israeli attacks since the collapse of a friday ceasefire this israeli defense forces push deeper into gaza searching for a soldier they say was captured by hamas in the west bank israeli soldiers fired smoke raids at a protest rally killing two wounding about seventy others are you fear reports from the west bank given the very heavy toll felt by palestinian civilians in gaza hamas movements across the palestinian territories had cooled for a day of rage of protests here in the west bank over the period of yesterday across the west bank ninety palestinians what injured in various caches with israeli forces it and some of those clashes live fire was used to palestinian youths were killed by israeli live fire that was shot. chest and just yesterday evening
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palestinian medical sources also report that a palestinian ambulance was hit directly with israeli life lightly and moderately injuring six civilians this is all in the context of around three thousand palestinians coming to demonstrate yesterday across the west bank in outrage at israel's ongoing operation in gaza three day un us sponsored cease fire which had much significance to it given the context in gaza many people on the ground believe that this ceasefire could hold we saw within two hours of the cease fire coming into place by a directional fire the chronology of who shot who broke the cease fire first is not clear but for sure there was mortar and rocket fire from gaza and from the israeli position there are reports of sniper fire at palestinian civilians and also severe tank shelling of southern areas of the gaza strip within moments of those developments we saw this israeli soldier apparently kidnapped that's now said by
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the israeli military that this soldier was captured by palestinian fighters now in the last while we've heard from israeli sources that they're saying. that they're going to heavily increase their operations to find this soldier meanwhile in the hamas military wing be able to sound brigades to said that they believe that the israeli soldier has already being killed alongside the palestinian fighters that captured him after israel heavily shelled south and now if the soldier is still alive or even if he's not alive it's almost certain that israel will escalate and expand its operations certainly in southern gaza in retaliation and in effect all of this alleged kidnapping and capture protective edge offensive has become israel's bloodiest operation in recent years with more than six hundred palestinians killed as well as sixty six israelis killed by hamas rockets that number exceeds the casualties from the from the cast. led operation in two thousand
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and eight israeli offensive in gaza has led to a lot of large scale protests around the world. and group projected projected the territories and national flag on the house of parliament in line and called for the u.k. government to impose sanctions on israel crowds gathered to protest the killing of civilians in gaza outside the israeli embassy in london our correspondent ali boyko has been. was such a vocal crowd here outside the israeli embassy and learned if you take a look behind me you can thank god different ethnicities and can see a great come out to support the palestinian foolish lot of chon winning their free palestine and see israeli slogans being shouted very loud have you to see the proof palestinian community here but nothing also has a very big jewish population and there have been procedure and strategies take place in london as well as at the beginning of the from phoenix we had much more of it to base and they were not moving through israeli commentators willing to defend
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israelis and israel stones however now that with the move kids we've seen come out from gaza when they shelled children and say many civilian civilian casualties you get the sense that that debases somewhat died down and perhaps people find it more difficult to support the israeli side so suddenly a lot of polarized opinions tensions raised very high despite the fact that when several thousand miles away from where the violence is taking place elsewhere in europe people gathered in berlin to voice anger at the israeli operation protesters waving palestinian flags and banners denouncing civilian deaths also looking at pictures from lisbon where protesters marched in the city to the israeli embassy they're also calling for an end to the military action that's been underway for almost a month across the atlantic washington and he came a scene of demonstrations against the ongoing bloodshed that video though is. from
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new york city and across the street from them a counter protest taking place with activists supporting the israeli operation. washington pledged more than two hundred million dollars to bolster a real as iron dome defense system against hamas rockets learn more about that and other updates on our team. ukrainian army pressing on with his advance on the capitals of two self-proclaimed republics in the east of the country towns and villages in the region are the scenes of constant shelling and battles marie if you know she now has the latest well what we can see in this new brain could definitely be described as a very dramatic state to school children in clashes they continued with the death toll including among civilian population also continuing to climb as residential areas often gets called to a deadly crossfire when ukrainian army ninety government little sister. the gaza city itself has claimed that at least five residents were killed in the last twenty four hours and receive images of a destroyed kindergarten off the it was hit by
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a shell it is in the city center humanitarian situation to see to remains a very tense electricity there has been cut off for several days already there are also problems with the running walter and the officials of the self-proclaimed republic of lygon school and that could lead to a real humanitarian catastrophe and of course in this situation people continue to flee what they call the war zone where no next to the russian ukrainian border every day tens and sometimes even hundreds of people try to cross and the cross in itself very often becomes a very dangerous journey but you know you have the you do you feel you should. move those who are pro move or a few of the other blue which would move. to believe do you do you listen you person. the person who wasn't you good. here's one local mayor who was among those organizing the recreation at the time of
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the intense fire taint. the whole city is destroyed apartment buildings and private houses along like it's been going on for about eight days there was a pause in the shelling when we managed to take two buses full of refugees out of town then it stopped again we've got no transport fuel water we're trying to bring bread into town on the. situation on the ground remains dramatic and so far unfortunately the phrase no any indication that it's could become any better any time so. nato confirms ukraine's army has been using short range ballistic missiles against anti-government forces this according to a report by the german news channel deutsche of ela is echoes earlier reports on c.n.n. that referred to sources in the pentagon kiev though denies the claims charles sure bridger former british army officer thinks the use of such weapons could constitute a war crime it's more likely that if. such as this exploded that you would get very substantial damage. how streets being destroyed how there is not down it's
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equivalent to a very large as you know it would bomb when we look at the kind of problems that israel's been delivered in gaza but using very pinpoint accuracy methods notwithstanding the high civilian casualty rate that we've seen in gaza and then apply that city's weapons with a lesser degree of accuracy you look at the kind of chaos the kind of devastation and college that would occur in a residential area if they used against targets placed at misawa such large warheads with them with either some degree of accuracy very easy to make a mistake in yemen if these devices if they used against areas that are predominantly civilian or even against civilian targets that would clearly constitute a war crime and american journalist for our media agency has been forced to leave ukraine detained while filming in the west of the country after her ukrainian colleagues tipped off security services. journalist with a camera you know just there was
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a rug please sticker on my tripod and straightaway said you russia today first of all they question me themselves about seven of them i gave them all the details that could give them i gave them my press cards i had nothing to hide and they're my colleagues of history i have i wanted to give them all the information they needed and you know fifteen minutes later three policemen came and three officials came from national security so it's in ukraine and they were asking me so many questions taking all my details and then when they didn't they didn't believe that my american passport was real showed them a picture of it so they followed me to the hotel until they could see the actual passport they asked me that i absolutely had to give my footage away and they had to raise it. first of all they put it on their computers so someone out of the officials has it right now they have all the footage that it took of myself being questioned and also at the protest. and they gave it back to me it was blank. still
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to come in the bowen is a jihadist power in syria and iraq gains ground they tighten the screws on local media aiming to make the group look more slick and professional details still to us . a report on our reza future a way from the romanian capital had to wait years for the government to reinforce their houses and other structures. told them a language of what i will only react to situations i have read the reports from. the pollution the no i will lead them to the state department to comment on your monoplane of the month to say please to carry out a car is on the docket no. thank you no more weasel words. when you need a direct question the prepared for
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a change when you should be ready for a. freedom of speech and let down the freedom to cast. dramas the truth be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. places change the world. so picture of today's. from around the globe. to. thirteen minutes past the hour president barack obama has admitted the u.s. did torture people after the nine eleven attacks confession following a highly anticipated report on the cia's so-called expansive methods of
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interrogation and takes a look. the final declassified version of the senate intelligence committee's report on the cia's torture practices has been handed back to congress intelligence committee chairwoman dianne feinstein said the report shows abuse that is chilling and far more systematic and widespread than we thought she said the six hundred page document is said to reveal new and shocking details about the cia's detention and rendition and interrogation program in the years following the nine eleven attacks those who reviewed it say it shows that the use of the techniques was not effective in collecting unique intelligence or thwarting plots president obama speaking ahead of the public release of the report reminded that when he became president he signed an executive order to stop. we torture. we did some things that were contrary to our values. although it was not his administration that was
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responsible for the program the cia under john brennan did their best to preserve secrecy around the deeds of the previous administration the cia even tempered with the investigation this thursday the cia inspector general concluded that the agency personnel hacked into senate investigators computers and removed documents from their system back in march john brennan vigorously denied that the agency had done that this week he was forced to admit that the cia officers did pack into investigators computers after many lies and scandals the report is finally being declassified however it stops short of using the word torture to describe the practices lawmakers say it's because such an accusation could have political diplomatic legal and even criminal implications. former f.b.i. agent colleen rowley thinks the upcoming report could tarnish the image of the u.s. government in the eyes of the public. for starters the cia was afraid of this report they didn't want the american public to know what they had done in terms of
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the black sites and the authorizing waterboarding etc that's obvious because they destroyed the tapes from before i mean there's been all kinds of cover ups on this unfortunately it's going to be kind of a tolerance of the executive branch lying to congress and all of our democratic system well we'll be hurt because of this if congress cannot oversee this well we were looking at a really different form of government than what we call ourselves a democracy on our website the fad of the land a group of russian and he's warning people shopping into unhealthy food by putting disturbing images on the packages similar to those on cigarette ads also online. how far would you go to get a drink dr in the u.k. allegedly exchanging human body parts for a bottle of whiskey. danish anti fracking activists are preparing to block a drilling site big by french energy giant totalis for development those opposing
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the gas extraction technique are setting up a tent camp and plan to stay as long as necessary they say to stop the company artie's peter all over as more when friends bombed the exploration for shale gas through fracking in twenty eleven it meant that french company total had to search for new locations in order to base their operations they set up in the u.s. the u.k. poland algeria and at the sites in northern jutland in denmark this particular site could be up and running by the end of this year or early twenty fifteen now fracking involves the pumping of high pressured water into the ground to create tiny cracks in the rock which allows access to the shale gas however what we have seen though is a group of activists in this area who are raising concerns over the project they say they fear could cause damage to the environment and the health. we are very concerned about the environmental pact on the ground groundwater because we have
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seen that lots of incidents in the space the united states and also in poland and in argentina so why not here this protest camp near to the fracking site is just getting set up right now but eventually organizers hope as many as six hundred people will become to get the message to total that the people of denmark say no to fracking on this mark on this map you can see the european countries that have banned the controversial gas technique some u.k. citizens trying to get their country on the list last week a court in west sussex turned down a shell company exploration bed and i fracking activist nathan stright explained why he joined the camp in the process of fracking where we've been in the u.k. initially we've heard one well fronts in lancaster and it's cause a moratorium frights a month to stop any fracking and so further research was carried out so the problem that we have a story from our experience even though you want to answer. it's one hundred
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percent failure right. who upon our government from a people still beats down or seems to fall on deaf ears. jenny jones from the u.k. green party says there are things there are no economic reasons for fracking obvious how these plans are benefiting because they're going to make huge profits out of the gas but in fact it's not going to benefit the economy in any way second you know going to be good for ordinary people who will not see their gas prices come down at all we're not going to european pricing round four for the price of gas so our gas prices will not go down and of course we've got the problems of of the fracking process which can be extremely polluting if you look at it from an economical point of view this is not good for britain. so you look at why people say they're so afraid of fracking shale gas extraction involves thousands of liters of chemicals some of which are said to be carcinogens in the course of drilling
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some of it ends up in the soil contaminating local water tables up to seventy percent of the chemicals pumped in the ground stay there potentially causing a long term environmental damage some vaporized with time releasing greenhouse gases and polluting the air. we speak your language. programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you. a little too in the. story. that the spanish. visit. home. as job as militants known as the islamic state secure control of huge parts of syria and iraq they're also imposing take media restrictions on the occupied territories reports from they are now to be reviewed by the group's so-called information office this photo of it as law mixtape fighter made the rounds online
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last month the group believed to have one of the most sophisticated social media campaigns with the number of online videos popularized in the movement edmund ghareeb an expert on middle east affairs thinks the media has proved to be an effective tool in promoting the group's beliefs. if we take a look at some of the things that they have done and said in terms of the media they have shown some sophistication in dealing with the media to clearly try to control the message of use the various social media outlets to get the message across some of it use brutality in fact to send a message of those. to show how effective. in terms of fighting and part of it also using it to recruit fighters by trying to explain and putting the best image of what their ideological beliefs into to recruit followers some experts say islamic state is gaining all the attributes of
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a real country with its own legislation who are a strict brand of sharia law its budget an estimated two billion dollars including cash stolen from iraq's central bank in mosul and donations from gulf sponsors even as natural resources after seizing control of vast oil fields in syria and iraq and also as an army that's now more than seven thousand strong and an expanding arsenal let's take a look now meanwhile at some other stories making headlines at least sixty five people have been killed dozens wounded in a powerful explosion in a factory in the east of china the accident blamed on carelessness when handling flammable materials industrial accidents happen often in china because of low safety standards a fire at a poultry plant last year for example killed one hundred nineteen people. two american aid workers have been infected or infected with the deadly a bowl of virus sweeping through west africa they're due to be evacuated to the u.s. for treatment the highly contagious virus has killed more than seven hundred twenty
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people and more than a thousand a bit in fact it one hundred million dollar campaign is planned to be launched by the world health organization as part of efforts to curb the outbreak. in a gas explosion at a power station in say in argentina's central cordoba province has left at least one dead and seven wounded the victims mostly with burns appeared to be motorists as part of the facilities pipeline runs near a road fire is now said to be under control and power has been restored to the area . the manias capital bucharest said to be one of the most earthquake prone spots in europe but if suffering from tremors from time to time wasn't bad enough for the residents the government seems in no rush to help them protect their homes and other structures are here workers going off reports. lumen piano has been living in this building most of her life first working as a manager and leader getting a flat of her own on one of the top floors and even though it's officially been determined that it may collapse true fuses to move anywhere else that that.
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this house a strong nothing happened before and can withstand an earthquake it was designed by a famous well architect. out of all the e.u. capitals booker us has the highest risk of an earthquake small tremors occur every year but in the twentieth century there were two major quakes as well the one in nine hundred seventy seven left more than fifteen hundred people dead and injured up to eleven thousand but all of this is often even nord when the residents. the government's ready to give loans to owners to reinforce their buildings but they refuse is because the people who agreed and moved out were promised that it wouldn't be for long and then in some cases it took up to ten years most people simply do not trust the government now throughout the years only twenty six houses have been reinforced using this program. well around four thousand buildings in bucharest are believed to be in danger in the case of
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a strong earthquake they're marked with special warning signs but even if they weren't often you don't have to be an expert to figure out their hazard it's not only about the risk to those living inside these buildings many especially the taller once have been falling apart even without any major earthquakes and often pieces of plaster fall down right on the heads of the pedestrians yes those this is been here since one nine hundred seventy seven built in the main nine hundred twenty s. this building is also in danger of collapsing previous earthquakes left scars all over the structure would due to the low rent this also doesn't scare off neither its tenants or the owners despite the obvious. if a major earthquake strikes it will go down up leave me. experts say a major tremor shakes bucharest every thirty to forty years which means the next one me not be too far off you go to school north artie look rest.
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after the break travel back in time talking about the so-called attack of the dead man one of the first world war as bloodiest battles. you know where you. play there.
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waters they had the bomb to me because. i saw it spread all over norway is the most toxic food you have in the whole will profit drowns out on the social inquiry furthermore restriction.
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really knows what's inside the. clean more zero casualties war this is the great fantasy of warmongering politicians. capturing people is this what he did if they're innocent killing them easy we reserve the right to kill any person anywhere any time. they could listen but they can do tremendous amounts of makes these things certain politicians get a new kind of power via this technology that is very tempting.
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we speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you breaking news a little tentative angles hidden stories. you hear. that all teach spanish find out more visit. june nineteenth fifteen. this is simon's needs to frustrate is more terrifying than i could have imagined. weeks of travelling i finally made it to the eastern front
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where pitched battles seem an almost daily occurrence for months now the russian army has been pushed backwards by the german and austrian garion forces but they make them work for every inch the finds he is fierce noise deafening and the bravery of the soldiers difficult to have a state. that's for myself i'm already taking pictures i never thought possible. i just need to make sure i don't run out of slow ends and that i keep my head down. pat. on a hot summer's day and. it's time to bring the past to life.


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