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was a shameful part of american history they've as the leader of the executive branch of the nation he could do a lot to punish those who did the torture then and prevent it from happening again in the future but if i do obama this is all just a bunch of sweet talk but that's just my opinion. clean more zero casualties war this is the great fantasy of warmongering politicians. capturing people is messy what do you do if they're innocent killing them easy we were serve the right to kill any person anywhere any time. they can do the looting but they can be trained to not smoke makes these things certain politicians get a new kind of power via this technology sad is very tempting.
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welcome to the kaiser report on max kaiser as if scott fitzgerald might have said free trade agreements are a racket like the movies and the brokerage business you cannot be honest without admitting that it's constructed contribution to humanity is exactly minus zero stacey yes and the reason why it's a racket i might add is because it's there all about. enforcing a racket a global mafia racket of these corporations who take take take and give nothing back now the racket is evident in this first headline central america crisis.
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after empty promises so first i'm going to read you a quote from july twenty seventh two thousand and five one day before congress passed and this is by representative tom davis he said quote the central america free trade agreement is the best immigration anti gang and anti drug policy at our disposal right that's completely nonsense so these trade deals you know going back to nafta remember nafta was going to somehow in rich mexico. do great things for trade all it did was increase the drug trade and increase the amount of guns going into mexico turns mexico into a narco state and increased violence exponentially casta same thing social america it's a complete boondoggle all it does is increase a lopsided this in the global economy all these big trade deals are meant to
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increase lopsidedness t. to another global trade deal all it will do is increase wealth and income gap like capitalism is great if there's competition but these trade deals dissuade competition. they're eliminating competition there and competition and free market there pro cartel pro wealth concentration pro all pro monopoly pro do up all yes and the reason why they they actually did not mention nafta during the passage of caf to during nafta they said it would add jobs and fact because it lost jobs for americans and a lost jobs for mexicans to. lost their jobs after nafta because of subsidized subsidized i know free trade subsidized agricultural goods flooded in to mexico so what they did for calif is they said it would stop immigration because many americans were worried about immigration so by their own merits their
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own judgment of what would happen is it's failed because we have thousands upon thousands of children lining up at the borders with america because of the vacuum created when thousands of well millions of people lost their jobs because of calf and on top of that of course you had things like con douras the america overthrew is a lie and post military sort of beginning to remember some of the sketchy details of nafta now the idea that it would increase jobs that that was done before caf and that's always the canard that use that to pass any kind of boondoggle legislation is that it's going to increase jobs of course in a limited jobs and the subsidized corn flooding into mexico i remember the tortilla crisis remember the mexicans were unable to sew the locally sourced tortillas because of the cheap ones coming in from the us because of the corn industry in america because subsidize is another reason why i have starvation in africa is that
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africans can sell corn in the states because they can't compete with the subsidisation as of corn in america so america without the subsidies in able in able to compete around the world so if it had been a free trade deal as it even says in the nafta north american free trade agreement if it had been free trade there would have been no subsidies it wouldn't be a subsidized agricultural products being dumped on to the rest of the world just like by the way the natural gas in america is essentially subsidized and that's why it's like a fraction of the cost of the rest of the world now again going back to the fact that this guy representative davis had said that it would stem violence and immigration. and the reason why it didn't is it actually increased economic instability in the region and that's according to a new report reached by the sixty seven members of congress progressive caucus who included kaftan their recent summary of the root causes of the refugee crisis occurring along the us mexico border quote free trade agreements including the
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north american free trade agreement and the central america free trade agreement have led to the displacement of workers and subsequent migration from these countries are the proof is in this huge wave of migration caught coming up from south america into mexico this is the result of trade deals that have gone horribly wrong and because the people putting them together are looking at only one side of the capitalist system the people benefiting from dodgy trade deals they don't seem to care a fig about anybody else and it's causing enormous global economic stress so the three countries that they mention in this article are hundreds of salvador and guatemala that's where moose the children on the border with the us mexico border are coming from honduras el salvador guatemala now they saw a seventy eight percent increase in imports of agricultural goods from america but also notice that they leave out nicaragua which was part of the agreement but they have the one president in central america that the u.s. would like to overthrow daniel ortega and they have not been able to impose
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basically their narco state in nicaragua based because they have not allowed the american military trained you know that and the school of the americas sort of training to be in their country while the history of us and during the one nine hundred seventy s. the u.s. was very active in these countries and gave rise to this term the banana republic where the u.s. would go down into these countries they go over throw the install dictators they get friendly trade deals and then this was all put on the back burner while america invaded iraq and did a lot of damage in libya and now that those countries have gone up in flames and they've become run by isis and other. jihad ists thanks to america's interference america is time now to go back into these lad american south american countries to resume even that a republican is ation of these countries in a way that is completely detrimental to anyone living in these countries and detrimental to the us because it eventually leads to blowback whether it's
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a nine eleven blowback or any other example of blowback the us is just inviting disaster i might add as well again if it hadn't better racket and in fact had been free trade people might have been wealthier down there and there wouldn't be so much violence imported by the mafia racket as well and on top of that you mention the banana republics who was that company but chiquita chiquita banana is to keep has left america they've done the tax inversion so those they don't even want to pay for the chaos that they have created this is remarkable it's that really before that it was a national fruit i believe and they were really the market leader in terms of creating banana republics in that area then they got the reputation is so bad they had to change their name to chiquita and this is remarkable now that they're doing a tax on the version deals and they don't have to pay taxes in america essentially so they like pfizer and other companies are saying there's no upside to being part of america so there's nobody there defending america on the corporate side except some mercenaries who will go wherever you pay him so marcus right now is
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defenseless i think it was united fruit instead of national fruit but then we're going to go on to another free trade deal you mentioned tip that's the trans atlantic trade and investment partnership with europe well germany you turned torpedoes corporate sovereignty charter in trade agreements with the u.s. and canada resistance grows so there was an article that was overlooked against amongst all the chaos around the rest of the world on july twenty eighth in the german daily. try to pronounce just sued deutsche which they said that the german government will not accept seat at c e t a the canadian european trade agreement if it contains. corporate sovereignty chapter in its present form so germany you diplomats confirmed in brussels on friday that the german federal government could not sign the agreement with canada it is as it is now negotiated germany is in principle ready to initial the agreement in september but the chapter on the legal protection of investors is problematic and currently not acceptable now of course
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this is the investor state dispute settlements so this is the thing that they're against now they're suddenly against it even though germany was the first one to ever introduce these concepts decades ago they are now starting to be guessed it because they've been sued twice by the same swedish company based on their own domestic policy so when germany first they got rid of coal and a giant swedish firm an energy firm was had a coal plant there they sued the government for one point something billion and now because of the fukushima disaster germany has cut shut down their nuclear power plants this germ the swedish from also has that and they're suing them for three and a half billion euro is so germany no longer wants these because germany can't compete they can compete on their own merits they have a great workforce they pay him a lot of money they do world class engineering work they sell it abroad and they make a great trade balance create great work they don't need the subsidies they don't need the militarization of their chambers of commerce around the world bombing
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people into accepting their products they're just good cop they're good workers they have make good products they don't need that kind of support this is quite important because the german corporations are very hugely powerful around the world but now here germany's merkel is saying that we don't want these corporations perhaps overruling our sovereignty it's ok when it was just happening to the third world and developing nations but now that it's coming home to roost in their own developed nations that we're being sued that angela merkel have no power over this swedish firm about my own domestic policy that my own population who elected me and voted me in they have no say what happens to our own domestic policy and they. also note that not only is that with this canadian free to trade deal but cyprus a parliamentary state secretary at the ministry for economic affairs and energy said that berlin is determined to exclude arbitration rights from the e.u. u.s. trade deal t. tep as well quote from the perspective of the german federal government u.s.
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investors and the european union have sufficient legal protection and the national courts so this could be the the end of these two tips and t p p deals that people are starting to see the actual results whether it's in argentina or this russian deal about you know you close that these corporations have rights above and beyond the sovereign right and the u.k. of course it's an ongoing debate and i know it's a lot more politicians here are actively proposing that the u.k. get out of europe for a stance and yes boris johnson is actually i have a headline here boris johnson said to indorse report back in britain's exit from the e.u. i think. actually this may be more of a response of the likes of merkel saying no we don't want corporations to have rights above and beyond the state but i think he wants more of that that the corporations should have more power than merkel well the franchise value of having these but opposite positions is breaking up which again is going to contribute to the d. dollars ation of the global economy away from the us dollar and the country what
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the the weakest hand here at the poker table is the us anyway stakes are going to go thanks so much i think humans don't sort of free trade oh thanks for that. all right well stay tuned for the second half a whole lot more. right . a poem is more. like. the sort of thing everybody. plays the i play the law oh well. my a lot like the take. place plus the
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same old time place cases most elite club slaves sometimes for nothing which lead to sleaze and it still looks like just keep up the still we can still be just if you see a stage eight look to be slightly but the taliban was still plenty. plenty. of places. to live. the lead
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live. live. cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. live. welcome back to the kaiser report imax hazzards i'm at a sort of simon rose he's got a new gig as campaign manager for get britain out across party group fighting to get britain out of europe simon welcome back what do you do not on the european union of you. write europe i love but the european union that sort of crony asst polling. corrupt organization that's what we want to get out of this is a recurring theme in british politics i see that boris johnson has the same kind of theme now right where he's wants to get out of the e.u.
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yes certainly surprising he was he'd be in favor but it's always with a conservative it's always oh let's renegotiate and if we can't we negotiate when will that we get out well. i think it's ninety six b. fifty five policies neoprene we've objected to not one of them we managed to stop that any law does it have to do with these corporate trade deals where corporations are suing countries around the world for infringement on their copyright or in french rent on some spurious lawsuit in the corporations have taken over the global legal system as a part of it i don't know what boris is objecting this is or it certainly while i object to it and brussels everything to the european union is a corporate dream if you're a massive corporation there are thirty two thirty one thousand people who work for the european commission you'd like to guess how many lobbyists there are in brussels who do the guardian thirty thousand almost almost parity one for one now i was just reading them then what nigel fries is talking about over there you can't
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because he's the last couple of years he's been making these speeches and brussels i get picked up on you tube and get millions of views and he talks of the every one of there and says you know mr speaker the e.u. is a corrupt is it are you on the same pages as nigel yeah absolutely it's just one or both of you you could party we want members from every single party and people who can't care about politics whatsoever. like it's like some sort of take we're just sapping nutrients and life from everything else appalling the appalling corruption of course one of the things for us is going to threaten the recently is the election all those. hours the president of the european commission a man let's not forget who only a year ago was forced to resign as prime minister of luxembourg. promise of eighteen years of recent scandal despite least of his that all right and he does straight back right and david cameron was against says as well correct yeah absolutely and then of course doing that very awkward sort of high five was the moment he got in realised he's going to have to deal with this guy what's the
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counter-argument why what are the people say other side of this argument why are they for it well i would imagine almost nobody would vote to go into the you now if we went out. and the only favors parties i think it's a lot to do with the status quo the fact that we are that people seem to think it is a free trade union it's not as you would know it's a customs union and it's a very bureaucratic and difficult one one of the main arguments is people say well three million jobs are associated with the e.u. therefore we will lose three million jobs if we get out of the e.u. well three million jobs all right to be trading with the countries in the european union but we would try and point out we actually run a trade deficit with european union we buy eighty five eighty six billion pounds more of their goods every year and they buy from us so we are the most important customer if we did get out i can't believe they would want to turn their back on us they so want to pump us with their cars and it seems that the biggest loser if the if the u.k. were to drop out of ego would be the city of london because they right now are the
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depending on what year the global financial center sometimes its new york sometimes as london if the u.k. or drop out of the e.u. then frankfurt germany would emerge as a big player and potentially eclipse. the city of london because they would be over there with the euro and you over here would be more just with the pound well it's interesting i suspect that isn't really the case the problem is of course that the the other countries in the european unity clee germany and france are terribly envious of how successful the city city is so there are talks now that once appoint a new e.u. commissioner one for financial markets only and you can be absolutely certain that if that happens the city is going to be incredibly scared because what we're going to want to do is make sure they introduce rules that affect the city of london only and start shifting the axis of financial but frankfurt they're going to shift the axis over to frank with them this is why you have things like greece going bankrupt
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is that the german economy the financier is done remarkably well during this crisis that's kept the euro relatively cheap for their export market and now they're going to. all eyes on the entire continent in the banking system with these euro bonds probably what you of course will go through frankfurt frankfurt was to make a play on the city of london i think by getting out of the e.u. it's going to make it easier for frankfurt to do that so are you walking into. into a buzz saw here by getting out of the e.u. in terms of city of london now i would posit that that's a good thing because the u.k. is overly reliant on the shysters and crowds in the city of london that they should get into some other businesses aside from speculation you know the city is an important part of of u.k. economy and you would argue and i probably would agree that it's too big of a portion of the economy but at the same time everything in the e.u. mitigates against the city actually succeeding. the financial transaction tax that
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will impact on the city if we get this new commissioner for financial markets that impact on the city but as you say germany has benefited fantastically from the e.u. since its inception some of that not related to well yeah well i mean the whole idea of the euro was put forward by germany as a way to stealthily reunify you know germany is the split remember what i don't really remember you know then he didn't want to bring it back together and i think it was that's or who said you know no you never want to put these two together again that's a terrible idea so they brought around the euro so they then snuck in reunification affectively now they won the world cup and angle and couldn't even know what way wayne rooney got you know he wanted to hold you can actually be you i'm not sure on the instagram he's not on the move up leather us an update got it all together but there are key to successful because they do have rules you know rules with the euro rules with budget deficit rules with government debt one of the rules is you can't have more than a six percent. chance of us well germany's coming up to about eight and
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a quarter the highest ever in its history in proportional terms well so they should actually be applying sanctions against germany at the moment they know of course not. i mean you in theory now should be implementing sanctions going to me telling it to be less successful because unsettling the whole lot because but given that merkel actually helped him get the job i can't imagine the be very much chance to do that just of course as he probably is going to help very much when the e.u. is actually investigating tax agents within the e.u. because the biggest is luxembourg by far it's got something like a three trillion euro financial sector and the reason for that is because when industry collapsed. ok let's become a tax haven and who was the person who was in charge of that for eighteen years well that was. the prime minister he. was assessable so now the european commission that he has just been elected by secret ballot of m.v.p.'s on the cabinet you are
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just one he's now been elected head of the european commission that is the body that's now investigating tax havens so whereas the netherlands and all and about it cooperating with this luxembourg has to leave european commission or you can have to go to court to get any documents that you want on this so again no conflict of interest the amount of service in luxembourg can tax saving is now in charge of the investigation into tax savings which luxembourg is the biggest. where all the pounds i am definition attacks in other words here in the u.k. in the city of london it has the biggest example of potus. games for example where banks are reselling the same bonds one hundred times two hundred times five hundred times padding corporate balance sheets accordingly and hiding billions and hundreds of billions of dollars of the laundered money i mean h.s.b.c. was involved in a huge money laundering scandal barclays caught rigging markets lloyd's just caught mess selling another huge scandal royal bank of scotland of course involved in
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massive scandals you don't find these scandals over there in germany and france as as much seems like these foreign banks are in the. even more so than wall street or the four horsemen of the banking apocalypse so maybe germany the rest of europe would like to get their hands as far away from the shysters in the city as possible because they are the really the scum of the skull you think it's not being envious that they have had enough of the action well yankee if you have less money but they germany's got an export business i mean they actually neck stuff they do and there are social welfare programs are in surplus here in the u.k. the social well for programs are in deficit and they don't make much they don't export much it's all financial services assault based on ponzi schemes impairments games in the city of london you know when cameron says oh you know we want to harmonize and get rules to protect the city of london with the e.u. i mean he's talking about protecting the racket that is the city of london and i think germany and these other countries are saying we don't want you anymore i
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don't think germany wants the u.k. clearly what you're saying here is that they've got a great thing going on over there and with the u.k. out of the picture it's only going to be better for germany they can be more competitive frankfurt's going to challenge the city of london for economic banking supremacy i don't see what the benefit is to the u.k. i mean the u.k. is going to lose out on this and rightfully so because they've been a very bad actor as in the last fifteen years and contributing enormous later the global banking scandals of germany doesn't want the u.k. to stay in the you because we tend to be that long to them paula and it was traditionally jimmy in france but france is really more allied to the the country's move mediterranean outlook than actually doing russia's to be poorly but now germany is actually siding more with russia because and russia is becoming a much more a much stronger economy thanks to all the deals that they're doing around the world in their deep dollar rising they're getting out of the u.s. dollar and so germany is like you know let's go with russia they've got the huge
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gas deals they've got a lot happening in natural resources so they can rethink and swap out u.k. for russia they're both about a truly. and i have two trillion dollar economy is roughly the same in size so just swap out the tommies over there you can do individual trade with three can it's great you remember you know playing cricket is a crime so you still play cricket yes i play cricket in germany only very few people and they'll be experts from other countries as the united kingdom have a competitive global cricket team are they lose out to places like india they tend to lose out we have just won the first test such as the u.k. have any sports that they excel at at the moment. i'm not an expert on sport for them to be solved but. ok so we've established that they can play football they're not terribly good at cricket which is a remarkable this guy murray just lost wimbledon again he didn't win a second and now they're leaving to the conclave to trade you've someone you know
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you saw a grave impression marmite what do you got those projects that rain might be going to go to the rain rain rain drops i could be the one thing but it's good acting but only getting rained on the one good thing we are good at is being the underdog we like being the underdog and support them when we occasionally when it's not much more satisfying let's get back to the straight deal because i mean obviously it looked also about lord david cameron's recent appointee we've got about a minute left as this one sounds ok so every country has before the commissioner. a last one has been a stash of of the time she's been pretty ineffectual the new one is lord hill who has been a little beast for quite a long time you had to google him when he was announcing that he was whereas everybody else have to google you want to run a few months ago so kaveh he says this being a now he's appointed a lobbyist and this is what he said it will be and it's the next big scandal waiting to happen we all know how it works the lunches the hospitality the quiet word in your ear the ex ministers an ex of boss as well helping big business find the right way to get its way and that is our new commissioner to brussels so this
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is this is pointing to the idea that cameron is what i don't get it he's appointed . he's appointing somebody knows how brussels works i suppose but at the same time he's going to pray that he gets a reasonable department of course is up to you. he may get so he may get something like roads or something like that was common always he would like to have something involved with money for obvious reasons right and so this is. kind of a bad mark all david number again. nobody has heard of for an incredibly important position i mean while british parliamentarians would like to think that terribly important well over half of all our laws now are not to do in brussels it's more important in our own parliament is now well all right well we'll have to keep track of this as the story develops and thanks again for coming on the
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cause report thank you much all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me back geyser and stacey herbert i'd like to thank our guest simon rose get britain out if he lets get in touch tweet us a kaiser report the next time i offer. clean. zero casualties war this is the great fantasy of warmongering politicians. capturing people. telling them. we were served the right to kill any person anywhere any time. they can. makes these things are.
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new kind of power. that is very. both when the unit being union promise to met ukraine become part of it it clearly contributed to the exacerbation of tensions within ukraine ukraine will not become part of the european union floats tell tales ukraine absolutely doesn't have the economic level to become part of the e.u. or in. the. dramas the trying to be ignored. stories others the few posts the notes. say since changing the world right now. to picture all today's
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events. from around the globe. dropped to. the ukrainian army to take back rest of cities on the east just street by street to break a by brick is on the border trying to get into ukraine by the bombing and finding is making such a trip trash. and a ukraine threatens to stop russian gas from running through it's a transit pipeline when i get why the statement comes as a warning signal for you road plots. as the u.s. unleashes a new round of aid strikes in northern iraq in an effort to stop the advance of the jihad as we report on how the.


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