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i'm. not. coming up on our team new information after isis claims to have killed another american journalist a new video appears to show the beheading of stephen soft just weeks after the death of james foley. and protests in east jerusalem continue sparked by the july murder of a palestinian teen and the aftermath many in that same family have been be in or arrested so is this family being targeted the discussion with them coming up. and tensions between nato and russia as delayed as fighting in the east of ukraine continues thousands of civilians remain under bund barden and without food water or
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electricity more on that later in the show. it's september second four pm in washington d.c. i mean you're a david and you're watching r.t. america. we begin today with the tragic news out of syria the islamic militant group isis has beheaded stephen sought lawford american freelance journalist who was abducted a year ago a video was made public today that shows the brutal murder the video titled a second message to america opens with a clip of president obama talking about isis after the death of james foley another american journalist who fell victim to the same fate just two weeks ago speaking to the camera soft questions u.s. intervention in the middle east and blames president obama for marching us the american people into a blazing fire the videos released comes just after the u.s.
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struck isis interests in iraq over the weekend meanwhile we're learning that the u.s. is targeting another terrorist group in somalia today a u.s. drone struck the leader of the al qaeda linked al-shabaab group to discuss the very latest i want to bring in our tease alexy our chef ski alexy who was this steven salatin and how did he end up being a captive of isis. well stephen saw was a freelance journalist a us freelance journalist working for some prominent media outlets such as time magazine he even if you know c.n.n. and fox that sometimes he used to work at the middle east for very long spell of time until in last year in august twenty third he was captured in syria in the town of aleppo during the time when he was covering the fighting between the government and the rebel forces there as we understand although this video is still to be very
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fired by the officials he has become the second american journalist to be decapitated by the isis militants in the course of the last several weeks and as we remember last time when james foley another american freelance journalist who was who had been captured before by the isis militants was decapitated two weeks ago stephen sokoloff was brought into that video and there was a warning coming to the u.s. authorities that unless they stop their military actions in the middle east and iraq in particular against the isis militants stephen sokoloff would be executed so this was the story today although again the white house officials are saying that they still very flying this video although they have already condemned it as an absolutely sickening video you just mentioned the white house reaction but have we heard anything else from the obama administration on this recent video. not really
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i believe we're expecting more reactions to come during the day because as we remember the last time with james foley the authenticity of the video was proved quite quite quickly took them just literally three or four hours to verify that video so we heard from the white house spokesman that the video will be very fired but there is little doubt that given the authenticity of james foley video that this video be authentic as well as the white house spokesperson already expressed condolences to the family of thought love also described this video as an absolutely gruesome and sickening and alexi over the weekend the u.s. delivered more airstrikes against isis in iraq the u.s. also hit militants of another terrorist group al-shabaab in somalia what do we know about that operation well there's not much known about that operation in somalia we do know that according to sources in washington the al shabaab militant group operating in somalia in kenya and many other countries was indeed hit by a u.s.
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strike targeting the leader of the organization done a but there's still no certainty as to whether this person this leader infamous al-qaeda franchise leader has actually been killed in that strike we do know that earlier in january this year he's one of his close assistants was killed during the u.s. drone strike but this time it's just vague information whether the person was actually killed but. that was indeed a strike performed in somalia over the weekend targeting that leader of al shabaab the militant group details are certainly forthcoming all right artie's alexy chatzky thanks so much for that reporting. and now to israel where numerous neighborhoods in east jerusalem east jerusalem were gold in violence saturday night
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hundreds of palestinians clashed with pool police and jewish residents according to israeli officials the violence was abruptly quelled by riot police equipped with stun grenades tear gas and spawned bullets there were no serious injuries or arrests made the palestinians in east jerusalem are no stranger to a rests over the past several weeks police have arrested over five hundred fifty arabs for rioting in protest sparked by the heinous murder of sixteen year old mohammed adair mohammed was burnt to death by israeli settlers and what was seen as a revenge killing for the earlier murder of three israeli teens interesting lee many of those who have been arrested in the aftermath of his death are part of his own family you may remember this video going viral showing the brutal beating of another boy fifteen year olds hark of a could their same last name same family park is a u.s.
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citizen after spending two days in jail with no charges he was released and returned home to tampa florida but others in his family haven't been so lucky one of his cousins in one thousand year old also named mohammed al had there is still being detained despite the fact that he too is a u.s. citizen many more in the family have also been arrested for reasons unknown to talk about their experience i want to bring in target self along with his mother son and kara florida chief executive director hussen shibley thank you all for joining me today thank you it's a pleasure for having so talk i want to start with you israel has maintained that the reason you were arrested was because you were participating in protests allegedly throwing molotov cocktails what were you actually doing at the time that you were arrested. well i was actually on the side of the street watching the protest and i heard soldiers come from behind me and
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a bunch of people were screaming sawed panicked and then i began to run up the alley i was in an hour and i began to only so annoyed to go and i was panic. and there was a fence next to me in my jump that fence to get like out of the way and i realized that they were coming after me and then i fell all over the fence and i ran a little bit farther and that's when they slammed into the fore and began to beat me and i'm absolutely nothing could justify that kind of treatment is very telling and as you was trying to justify brutally beating a child whose hands are restrained that's a lot about israel's policies right well i mean if the police what they did does not of course explain why you know target would have been be and now the pictures in the immediate aftermath of that are truly disturbing. i want to ask you what happened after you were taken in did you receive any immediate medical attention.
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well i was. unconscious and then when i was unconscious they took me straight after the beating to jail and i was actually i will cope in jail blindfolded instance zip tied and leg coughed so i couldn't make any movements and i will call. and i went back into contact. and when conscious again. it kept going on conscious because of how how much pain i was going through and then i remember i stayed in for six hours in the jail and then i went then they finally took me to the doctor for maybe two or three hours and then i came back to the jail the same night wow what point did they realize you were a u.s. citizen. i don't know which time that the realized but it didn't look like they cared because of how they reacted to to beating me in caring
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at all. and so has a mother this must have been very difficult for you at that point you had already lost one relative a young sixteen year old not too far in age from your son's how concerned were you in those early stages that your son could have been killed. i was very concerned i mean especially the fact like you said we were grieving i was grieving the home of mohamed a bouquet dear and then all of a sudden i hear this so it's like double trauma for me you know. we didn't get that time that we should have had to finish grieving grieving. and then all of a sudden i find out about my son and and it's like you know it was the most horrifying shocking moment of my life you know i thought he was dead you know until i actually saw him in court you know up in alive and speaking. it
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was a horrible horrible experience. you know we're still grieving today over. that absolutely and our condolences to you for his death. as i understand it just hours after dark left to return to tampa your family's home in east jerusalem was also ransacked by police just before two of your relatives were arrested as far as you know what happened in that instance well. we believe it was an act of retaliation by the israeli police. we got onto the airplane and then when we got back to the u.s. as soon as we got back that's when we found out that they had gone in fact the houses the house that we were staying in first and then that's when they took all the males to jail. in that house and you know automatically our thoughts
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were you know it was an act of retaliation you know and has and they started yes go has very. no i just wanted to say and then they went from one family house to the next you know continuing taking all the males in the households with no charges of course we've been staying in touch with the families and. you know couple of family members have got now but a lot of them are still in and has another arrest which is getting more attention here in the u.s. is that of nineteen year old mohammed al had their life current he's also a u.s. citizen he was born in baltimore however he is yet to be released from your perspective why has his release been much more difficult to secure than tarik the reason really has been much more difficult to secure or is because of the lack of the media pressure i think the reason we were able to get tariq out so quickly is
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because there was a video that exposed to the world the absolute brutal treatment tariq received at the hands of the police and that was able to generate a lot of media pressure that really helped us leaders in the u.s. politicians take action to pressure israel to release tarek so quickly and unfortunately or you know we don't have that same sort of evidence available right now with. how much could there although we know he was mistreated we know he's being held wrongfully without any charges but because that video isn't there and that high level of pressure isn't there you know there's really covers moving a lot less fast in the case and has been in response israel has denied an allegation completely that this family is being targeted despite the fact that so many people have been arrested so many are still detained what do you make of the argument that they make which is that this is all just a coincidence that you know this is a large family in east jerusalem and it's pure coincidence this is a family that happens to be protesting and getting into the trouble. you know the
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facts speak for themselves the state department has gone on record expressing its concern that it's very clear that as your government is taking retaliation against the could your family it wasn't enough that israeli extremists murdered mohammed could be there and then that is where the police subsequently tied the hands of target there and brutally beat him but the night toric and his parents left israel the israeli police just ran into the homes where they were staying rounded up a lot of family members about forty fifty relatives of the people that they were staying with they ransacked the home and many of these people are still being held without charges you know if they have any just arrest them that there should be charges that should be transparency there should be a court process and right now that's completely lacking i think it's very clear that your government is taking will tell you shit against them what's also very clear is that the israeli government is mistreating the family simply because they sure are different ethnic origin and religion than that which the israeli government supports it's because they're palestinians because there are a because they're muslim that they're going through what they're going and i think the u.s. government needs to make it very clear to the israeli government that it cannot
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keep treating an entire people differently simply because they share different race or religion and that really government cannot use u.s. funds to indefinitely detain you with them children and even beat them and hold them without charges and due process i'm tired i want to leave it with you i mean how does it feel knowing that you were released back here to the united states while many of your relatives who aren't u.s. citizens you still identify with of course as being palestinian are still being detained back home well it makes me think and makes me think how they're feeling and i actually when i was going to when i was. in prison in jerusalem i felt i felt really like i couldn't believe what was happening to me and i can't i couldn't believe what was going to happen next and know now that i'm home and i'm safe. i still feel like i have i have my family members that are suffering over there and they're being kept in jail with no
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charges like it's like the they don't deserve to be in jail we certainly do wish the best to you and your family unfortunately we run out of time but tarka because there along with his mother son and care of florida a chief executive director of house and shibley thanks so much for your time thank you for having me. tensions between russia and nato countries heightened even further over the weekend the north atlantic alliance announced the plans of form a rapid response force capable of deploying in eastern europe within forty eight hours in response moscow said that it will revise its military doctrine because of the new challenges to the national security of the country this heavyweight verbal exchange comes ahead of the upcoming nato summit to be held in the u.k. later this week the situation in ukraine is among the issues on the top of that agenda president obama is now in the baltic country of
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a stone yeah is scheduled to attend the summit meanwhile european officials proposed sweeping new sanctions on russia today as punishment for what they say is moscow's intervention in ukraine however not every european country is on board the prime minister of the czech republic has expressed concern that tightened e.u. sanctions could cause disproportionately high economic losses. also fierce fighting between pro and anti-government forces in eastern ukraine has intensified causing more casualties among civilians who haunts is one of those cities subject to intense of fighting artie's maria for notion i spoke to the residents of that devastated city what many feared could happen happening. the constant bombardment of the guns has destroyed buildings empty street and populated basements every time with visit we find more people
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sheltering underground a cold and humid room three meters down is the only place these people feel safe and don't feel like you or that you even heard from the pointer tell anything like the indian what that was to. follow you here in the world would we need to have. you stay tuned. this is a soviet era bomb shelter built during the cold war but until now it hadn't been used. because of those. clashes a rossa intensifying around the guns kiev goal is to surround the city and cut off the anti-government forces from their bases people from the embattled areas surrounding the guns are among those seeking refuge from the fierce fighting which
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has overwhelmed their homes by the offending the front. lines good luck. did you get a studio to ship the ocean last march accession of radius of the moon within the confidence when. up on a mission when the call family celebrate the birthday one of the younger members of the also a good thing is that they have finally found some kind of safety and it will not. give me a good us today though it is too worth putting that on one with both of the equipment and a lot of people i said thank you. and how it's done. in the you know to shake it up andrey used to love playing war like old boys of his age questionable a lot but not anymore. andries shows me what he found in the back yard after another shelling these tiny little metal guards are sprayed from
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so-called fla shut shelves which are internationally banned he is large scale military operation here in eastern ukraine has lost almost five months so far as more destruction of schools and the casualties rise people's pain feeds the endor and many fear when the guns fall silent ukraine will not be able to overcome the consequences of what has happened here recently in eastern ukraine how a burton has agreed to pay one point one billion dollars in legal settlements over the devastating spill in the gulf of mexico in two thousand and ten this amount will cover most of the lawsuits brought against the oil giant court's role in the disaster on the b.p. platform that killed eleven people and caused catastrophic damage to the environment the settlement for approved by the federal court will allow individuals and businesses to collect punitive damages through a special fund that will be set up the oil spill is in the gulf of mexico has
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brought hundreds of lawsuits against several companies resulting in b.p. paying twenty eight billion dollars to date more payments might be ahead if he has recognized the cost of forty three billion dollars for the cleanup of the spill but the damage done to the environment cannot be as to made it and hard currency and some ecologists say that the impact of the catastrophe will be felt for dozens of years. the controversial practices used to. prison in iraq may be returning to the spotlight a federal judge signaled last week that he may order the u.s. government to release as many as two thousand photographs showing the torture of detainees in u.s. custody at a. u.s. district judge alvin heller stein ruled that the department of defense had failed to show how releasing these photos could endanger the lives of americans abroad to
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hash this ruling out a little bit more i want to bring in our tease lindsey france who's been carefully following this story lindsey first of all tell us more about these photos what are they purported to show. well america based on what we've already seen that first sort of batch of photos that was leaked back in the early two thousand and two thousand and four. two thousand now that are under threat of being released to the public would depict torturous images detainees in that prison being humiliated with bags over their heads being stacked on top of one another some of them being made to stand on boxes with wires dangling from their fingertips this is all based on the photographs we've already seen so one can only assume that they would be showing similar images and of course with the guards holding those those captives in place and giving them orders to do various other humiliating things now
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it's also been reported from the international the american civil liberties union and many other organizations that many of the narratives coming out of that prison were ones of torture and abuse practices that caused a prisoner deaths so if we're talking about two thousand images coming from abu ghraib it's probably some very graphic material that's being shown and i can imagine as i understand it there's been a huge struggle to get these images released over the years these images were said to be released back in two thousand and nine why were they ultimately held back. well back in two thousand nine the then iraqi president nuri al maliki had urged the us government for caution had just said listen there's a lot of dissent in this country about america's presence here and you need to keep these images back because it's inflaming the population and at that time it was
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understood ok but the judge in this case judge heller stein did has said that when is it ever going to be a good time to disseminate information of this nature now this is something the american civil liberties union has spearheaded really from the beginning when these narratives of detainee abuse were coming out of various presidents that america was operating in that area at the time and then in two thousand and four when that handful of images was leaked and it hit the media and hit you know the world consciousness that's when a huge debate over waterboarding torture practices and what the u.s. military was conducting in these prisons really just inflamed the public so since then there has been a push to release these images in two thousand and nine the government said fine we'll put a hold on it and at that time the u.s. government passed a law stating that only the secretary of defense had the power to if if his
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decision was to put a stop to those images that because they would be endangering the lives of american military personnel or even workers abroad that he could then get certification for that for a three year period that was done for a number of years and then when it came to renew that certification this judge said you know what we're going to revisit this case because there's going to come a time when we need to be seeing this and of course you can forget when those images were first released lynndie england will go down in american history as being a very well documented presence in some of those images she was one of the personnel in. helping to perpetrate in those images some of the tortures practices going on so this is something that there's there's just been a huge tug of war on and it looks like it could come to a head to a head and that the secretary of defense and his staff have got to prove that they have done due diligence in proving that the american military is in danger if these
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photos are released was sure is interesting timing considering everything that's going on right now in iraq is their concern that they're releasing these photos could do even more damage today than they could have done in two thousand and nine well yes exactly especially today on the heels of this second beheading of the american journalists over in iraq that is a huge argument. isis has has said that many of the actions it takes towards its detainees are sort of an eye for an eye philosophy stemming from practices carried out in prison such as obvious grave now is this isis propaganda would it do you know torture is practices either way or is this a legitimate claim they're making that it is copycatting a u.s. practices in some some of the ways it tortures that that's all up for debate
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however the u.s. military has a strong argument stating that especially right now in this hot bed overseas that it's best not to release doc documents documentation such as this rather and the other half of it the a.c.l.u. argument for example is that we need to prove that this this happened not due to a couple of bad apples in the bunch. so that these were order stemming from the highest officials this is an argument that that people want to have however this judge is saying the secretary of defense and his staff have got to prove that these two thousand images are worth holding back and they will get a hearing to do the chance to do that at a hearing coming up on september eighth all right r t v france out of our latest studio thanks so much does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america check out our web site r t dot com she will say
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don't forget to follow me on twitter at a mirror david feel free to let me know what you think we should cover and stay tuned when buses next. laugh and play and as you saw after world war i won a bunch of european countries a jump in the middle east the dalai and all over the map and say oh he's a new countries we don't care about the history culture well last august twenty fourth and you end up with islamic state or isis.
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