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liberties with lives at sea and who's offering a stalled prime minister a rather softer breck said landing all this is all coming up with today's going underground but first as if it seem like weekly atrocities continue in britain from the grenfell tower inferno in kensington to a terror attack against muslims in london isn't bad enough relations between nuclear armed moscow and washington have sharply deteriorated in the past seventy two hours britain along with the united states you'll remember of switched sides no longer de facto supporting isis and al-qaeda linked groups to overthrow the secular government of president assad in syria but while u.s. and british warplanes have been aiding the russian led syria iran onslaught on isis one of donald trump's planes appeared to aid isis on sunday we begin tonight with breaking news overseas for the first time a u.s. fighter jet has shot down a syrian warplane the details are just coming in within hours moscow introduced a red lines even before the u.s. downing of another syrian aircraft over syria russia says it will target any u.s.
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coalition warplane or drone currently invading syrian airspace west of the euphrates river to raise i'm a said there's not going to be any change in u.k. policy unlike this response by a u.k. ally within the past twenty four hours as reported by c g t n of china the people's republic supports russia's line on respecting the sovereignty of syria australia has suspended its air strikes in syria following the delany of the syrian aircraft australia's department of defense said in a statement that the decision was made as a precautionary measure one is left to assume that australia does not want one of its warplanes shot down by the russian or syrian air force that alone in the rain and missile iran like russia is in syria at the invitation of the syrian government to fight previously u.k. u.s. backed moderate rebels this is how tech ran responded to alleged isis days attacks in the iranian capital the first since israeli assassinations of scientists.
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meanwhile the british government which previously defacto supported isis and al-qaeda in syria told us it will continue to put british troops into harm's way and invade syrian air space i'm joined now from florida by calling us assistant secretary of the treasury for economic policy and former associate editor of the wall street journal dr paul craig roberts paul thanks for coming back on going underground you believe the pentagon even understood what it was doing when it ordered the u.s. warplane to shoot down a syrian jet of a syrian as base well over there is the likelihood that this was a military security complex out of channel operation
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to may or certainly. not normalize relations with russia what's really at stake here for the military security complex is an annual budget of one trillion or one hundred billion dollars and that tighten the bloods and the power that goes with it desperately needs a dangerous enemy and russia has been chosen for that role and what we're saying is a military complex is able to operate independently of the president and actually has more power. so most likely this was an out of channels operation suboxone and further of the president of the united states however we cannot rule out that that it was.
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some hotshot. play acting in the movie top gun of it's but it would hare wouldn't it would have had to be an american go believe in prayer sure an australian or any other word there and taken responsibility or risking this book anclote with russia those two alternative alice is equally horrifying arguably what did you make of the fact that australia which presumably you think does have a power at the top of it political process is pulled out of the u.s. coalition and britain says r f jets will continue to invade syrian airspace of course led by well you're not saying don't trump now you're saying the deep state well i would say that the british government is more firm and washed its pocket
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than the australian government. and so the australian government was able to exercise good judgment and remove itself from the situation but you say lately the british player how tough they are now saying they might lose nuclear weapons lovemaking aggressive statements against russia and so i suppose the british prime minister feels that she has to stand tough with their parents how far does this deep state policy go could the shooting down of a syrian plane of a syrian air space signal again the resurgence of american therefore british defector support for isis day ash on the ground in syria and al-qaeda linked groups it's. the only reason there is an arsonist is that. president obama and hillary clinton set isis there to or will throw
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a sop. you have to remember when it president obama was leading up to an invasion of syria with a trumped up charge that assad had used chemical weapons against his own people and had crossed the red line on to member the law that obama drawled he kept saying if assad uses chemical weapons we were really bad and then the british parliament said well we're not going to split. and the russians said no we won't either and so what they do it bomber couldn't send american troops and they sent isis and to do the job so of general slept actually testified who actually said this on television he said that it was a willful decision of the obama. presidency over my objection and this director of the defense intelligence agency or to send in isis
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to syria he says he had recommended against that so we know that the americans have a hybrid office surely the russians the syrians the radiance that nowness from the gap but the american excuse for being as syria is that expired in terrorist. you see all alive the russians and ukrainians the americans are not invited they're just to go to this subject of what moscow how moscow has retaliated by saying it doesn't target anything west of the euphrates because china equally against that shooting of the syrian plane over syria has made admonishing the international community including russia including iran which was fired missiles at isis in syria at the invitation if the syrian government. serious to think they are taking on the kind of nato powers that you're alleging have been helping isis station syria. well i figure in syria the russians clearly hair spear
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are. both loose their clients specially with their all or ground to air missile attacks so are the russians temporary legal. a no fly zone which is a fact quickly claire and so the question areas are well if you explore sure to challenge this and unless washington can very quickly pressure the australians to get back in there. there are strange australian press affairs other. coalition partners call. and you could see this same coalition breaking up. if the american strategists this and the russians know it flew the dog a fact they don't blow played out ska. that the russians will have
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lost their influence their face and their americans will increase or their interests in syria but i don't terms as i know trump is ratcheting up the economic warfare against cuba the way you just describing that sounds like the cuban missile crisis i think again you have to understand that the military security tom clocks are very threatened by a drop that goes the question no toes purpose twenty five years after the collapse of the union and he said even normalize relations with russia will this is a major threat to their power and profit and so they've put their answers ahead of any other interests so the what we're faced with. there americans said isis overthrow assad when they themselves were blocked from
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doing the wreckage and so in my own in my view the russian government itself is responsible for inviting this pilot of the intervention. because the russian government has always see it on flipped in syria against isis as an opportunity to reach an agreement with the americans to fight terrorism together so every time the war was practically won the russians would pull back hoping to hold on to the war long enough to get the americans to agree with them to combat terrorism together this has been a russian government strategy to overcome the hostility in washington toward russia by involving the americans and the russians in a joint effort against terrorism well what of what this strategy of the russian government over the look is that terrorism is washington it's licensed weapon
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against russia and therefore it's impossible to get an ally x. with russia with the americans to buy isis what isis is a total of ten americans and so by you know this war could have been over except every time they're on the verge of that isn't it up to stop trying to get an agreement with them arms so it's this sort of miscalculation in moscow at that has made the situation possible they were every bit as interested and get into an agreement with russia as they were and winning the war in syria and that has made it possible for the americans to inject themselves directly in to the war. ok paul craig roberts will try and get the view of the russian government on this program in due course thank you so watch after the break u.k.
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foreign policy catalyze domestic extremism on the streets of london we speak to jeremy corbyn shadow foreign minister walid mahmood who happens to be england's first muslim m.p. about monday's london terror attack on muslims. from the headlines hawg told about infiltration of action groups in britain on soft atoll about british breck sets in germany. coming up in part two of going underground.
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turn. themselves into. their own stand on the us from that equaled its own citizens only those who are still small the managing don't. don't we don't see only the will move up to those wooden missiles assume. here's what people have been saying about rejected and i say it's the law in austin the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch. yeah it is the. all over a party americans do the same. apparently better than. to see
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a herd of. the world bank. welcome back in the wake of the fourth terror attack in three months on british soil and he's surprised that mainstream outlets such as the murdoch owned times have been accused of double standards for labeling monday morning's attack in finn's republic north london the act of a lone wolf and not an act of terrorism well joining me now is german corbin's shadow foreign affairs minister england's first muslim m.p. mahmud for perry barr thanks for being on the show again before we get to tara just quickly we want to be hearing i mean you're also minister shadow minister for europe what are we hearing from these brussels negotiations which raise amazed people well i think this lot in shock and i think having gone through the election
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that they've gone through there now having to admit to some realities they were coming on this this notion of their becoming and having a very hard and telling europe what to do all the way to do it immigration i think about time going to the business case and that is something very different and then not to look at some sort of customs union to be able to deal with that why do you think mainstream media is so reluctant to call the. terror attacks resume said the police said it was terrorism within eight minutes. i think it took so long for the b.b.c. and other outlets well i think they're going to examine their conscience when people are down this way automatically it's an attack of terror to raise the specter of their religion expected of them. they are a terrorist that is what it has to be and i'm it's about time they got themselves into gear on this. not apply to somebody who's a mood. commits this sort of act anybody who commits a barbaric act of this nature callously moving down people in the street coming out
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of prayers or walking along the bridge when they do that they are terrorists and that is exactly what they have to do and they have to accept and come come to terms with this term terminology that we don't want to prejudice any trial we don't talk specifically about the terror but what do you think are all agog media are responsible for radicalizing christian fundamentalists or white supremacists when the same way that we say that people from the muslim community are radicalized perhaps by foreign policy in the same way that some of the stuff they put out in the way that they put it out i think does give you know that i'm the only reason and i would always say that can't be the only reason doing it where they are people who are groomed into this as it is with the forms of terrorism these people are brought together these people are groomed by people these people are continues he told these are the things and most of them don't you believe a lot of this is hate bridges make bridges we're hear people use this is propaganda when the media actually plays to that you would those radicalized in those instances would use that media would use that propaganda to further substantiate
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their story a narrative that they want to put forward even foreign policy you voted for bombing libya destroying africa's richest country we know that libya is related to the manchester tackett area on the ground because of what did you feel like knowing that you voted to destabilize libya and as far as we're aware it was already is in one of the three libyan government saying they had a surveilled they knew who he was what should have happened and this is the big criticism of what cameron and the french didn't do afterwards is that we sometimes go in as we've done in iraq we go in for the first initial disruption but we get over put in the piece and that's what jeremy corbin's talking about is that your use of all when it was to all you know it was what would you talk about now in the leader of the labor party we're talking about now is talking about rather than having these actions or not having the closure to these. action in the follow through is a reasonable corben believes the problem of the iraq war the libya war the afghanistan war is more troops weren't sent in the were they saying what he's
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saying first of all. continues and says all the time is that what we've got to be able to do is that we don't negotiate negotiate negotiate and that must always thing rather than looking to do to run the war in the first instance his position in iraq was that is that we shouldn't run to war it should have gone through the united nations to be able to get some sort of settlement he continued to say this but what we've done in power is people took those decisions and i in terms of libya you're right i did that but i assume that there will be some sort of support in follow through and government when people are oppressing their own people when they are murdering their own people and killing their own people still believe there has to be a an intervention or there has to be in intervention but if there's a last day but what has to be is a peace afterwards and we've failed business of that so any time anywhere you should look at the iraq war was wrong no i didn't vote for the iraq war i wasn't there at the no i was there i was in parliament i didn't vote i did a journal i know i was ahead and i abstained i abstained deliberately because i think probably all of england's first muslim and british foreign policy has been
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arguably responsible for the killing maiming or wounding of tens of millions of muslims around the world far more than any suspect i'll tell you what intelligence responsible for the killing of muslims is the ongoing terrorist attacks by isis by al-qaeda after those interventions there were far more killing of muslims ever since that and i think that is what we could resolve that's what the muslim community across the world is going to result is the pandering to those sort of ideologies ok the prevent program you support the prevent progress of the program for a program i think they need to be changes to it but i think we need to look at training and i've spoken to number ten about one of the things way i think it should be changed you know believe you're confused by race religion and immigration. because that's what you're going over and as people lose of oh no i was not i think what will you do is you have to have some sort of mechanism which has become the base if you look at what's happening in terms of the duty and the. cation establishment in order to prevent i agree with that we have a duty of care in terms of social services in terms of buse to children and this
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can be to see the beauty in a particular is what don't support your recall bins no i just i think prevent is that we should be looking at far way of dealing with the wider community and you know and i mean that i would prevent that we had similar but from experience not a not a great program can you not see that involving a five and then units in muslim communities in britain telling people to inform on each other within muslim communities may not be the best way of what could be all of us have responsibility for all of us have responsibility for and this one of my commute is what offices in my constituency does is that he speaks to people he's able to listen to people and people tell him what their concerns up this is really for me this is about their own children this is about what's going to beat this is better than that in the community young woman that we want to be we want nothing to do i mean this we shall i believe mass surveillance in terms of a surveillance which has to be looked through which has to be checked with judicial oversight to be able to allow skilled services to get that to call great with the
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mass media companies like. like what's up like in terms of facebook and all those sort of things is to see what's going on to be able to support it but with this with the judicial oversight it is no carte blanche for anybody in this day and age people have to prove their case to be able to do that what i support is that they must be judicial oversight over those those instances labor's supporting these jokes fun for the tragedy murdered m.p. some of that money goes into the white helmets which are lighter al-qaeda in syria and the problems with the labor front like that is helping to support them we have to be really careful what charities we support and there's a huge amount of disparity of some of the charities that work here some of the charities they go to syria and what they do and i have some concerns about those so i personally have concerns about which are to support and what they do across there because the first casualty from the terrible. tower tragedy in north kansas in london. was a syrian refugee. what do you think about the fact that you supported foreign policies that have created so many more refugees around the world what in terms of
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what i do what i didn't support the iraq war so i don't know how supportive you were against you voted against an investigation into why britain supported the war in iraq in the inquiry i voted against that what do you call it is do we have an inquiry now what does that i mean the problem is it's not what we carry on digging in the past what we have to do when feeling sorry is going to grovel to our inquiry well i think there's one being initiated already and i think that that will go i actually move to more that i think there has to be an issue of months of corporate months or months for the charges to be looked at in terms of what is done and the barbaric way the horrific way that this is all been done without any any attention to be whether it's over the judges there for people who voted for. british was that it created the can really this is a parliament we work for this is a corporate action that we talk about corporate actions very different and i think you have to look at that and you have to look at the corporate action that has been taken if people have taken corners if people abuse the privilege of their part in terms of doing the work they did and we have to look at that and that's what the prime minister said and that certainly is what david rather and in what way exactly
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than a razor may inquiry report into downing look i think what we've got to do is to deal with this very quickly i want to know why there was in the civil contingency plan brought into action as quickly as should have been who is responsible for that those are the question is the answer i think david lammy leading in that is doing the right thing and we should support it i mean take it. well with me now to go through some of the week stories is a bit opaque the broadcaster a former liberal democratic member of parliament lembit the register political durations report should quite a lot of suspicious stuff the off call rupert murdoch report given to the culture secretary in the past twenty four hours very interesting again media power and of course today's queen's speech what you think of all of those paragraphs eight of the queen's speech. that's important than the fact that we're not to have any paragraphs next year and the reason may's desperate effort to stay afloat. she's now decided to have bought might she might as well be because the queen doesn't get a visit next year because this queen's speech going to last two years military
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reason may does or not will probably come back to happen when you were an m.p. no not once there was a longer session once or twice when just the business of iran but not for these reasons this is because she doesn't want to be pulled down next year when for all we know she'll be right into a minority government maybe lost a few by elections with corbin and his chums biting at her feet for downing street will return to britain in a second let's go straight to the morning star and your first paper yes the first headline is this as you say from the morning star did undercover police target grandpa residents who raised fears about safety undercover police well yes now this is a speculation but it's based on previous evidence from similar situations turns out that corporate spy this rob moore posed as a journalist to infiltrate various anti especially as groups and spying campaigners including relatives of those that actually died because of the fibers now the morning star is asking if the same thing has happened with the grand felt our residents the ones who've been protesting and have been protesting for years about
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the conditions there a lot of hearsay about the fact that the the warning signs were there the residents the action group kept saying we are in danger of the fire and nothing happened so the morning stars making a bit of a jump it doesn't seem to have evidence for it yet is true it is a bit inquiry goes into all these guys of allegations but the reporter had to turn on the inquiry will report directly to downing street where the chief of staff is the former housing minister kevin bowen there are certain conflicts of interest that's really denied agitated to different people i could be their god and bible will be completely objective but what the residents want is transparency their whole problem is to reason with me would listen is that they don't feel listened to the process is going to frustrate them further they're already angry this could make it worse another own goal potentially gloats over the long growth and and there be an inquest coroner's inquest at some point let's go. the telegraph and and what resumes probably be more worried about regenerating because you do and i think she's right about everything at the moment and one of the reasons is summarized by
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the telegraph germany hence that soft bricks that compromise amid fears the reason may could be ousted during talks this is beautiful reason may call the general election to get a big mandate for hardbacks it c. loses for a majority suddenly a softer exit looks on the cards so what do the germans do they say their worries that well help you out here will give you a soft back set that is the very last thing that she can turn around and offer a hard line backbenchers many of whom wanted a nice work by germany possibly quite a sensible package to pragmatist like philip hammond the chancellor who doesn't seem to be losing any sleep about to resume his woes but a massive problem for the reason makers on the one side the germans look helpful in this shard and throwing type of way on the other hand you can't really accept this one because it's poison fruit it's more likely to oust her from her position some believe that the tory backbenchers are having a civil war about when just start a civil war over the over the leadership i should just add though after the meeting
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with david davis. the use of european council president meeting robert as vega of the w.t. who directed the w t o's director general so maybe britain will be out of the head of the european union i think there's a certain amount of ganging up against the u.k. people can smell a wounded animal she said she wanted to get a fever on fox hunting she's the hunted now and i think she'll get quite nervous about these backroom chats between people she has to negotiate with in both directions at once. it is world refugee day in the first twenty four of us go to this from human rights watch yes human rights watch highlights this story shifting rescue to libya risks lives it's certainly has handed over the responsibility for at least some of the overcrowded boat apprehensions in the in the there's a massive refugee crisis this is his journey for six. people i mean risk rescued from drowning off the coast of libya twelve thousand dead. in the first well it's
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heavily involved in this and they said we want you in libya to deal with some of this but there's a lot wrong with this as far as human rights watch is concerned one thing apparently the libyan officials the libyan libyan government. the western backed libyan government i think britain gave ten million to keep them in camps in libya as well which was probably partly right that part of the libyan administration or that fiefdom was cruising around a part of the shooting into the water near one of these overcrowded boats causing some to panic and fall into the sea i wonder if this is a way of playing out something which has been discussed quite a lot make it much less attractive to cross that piece of water into europe and the european union just because it's dangerous. thank you and that's it for the show we're back on saturday with director of the new film dispossession the great social housing swindle by social media will see on saturday two hundred twenty four years to the day the french constitution promising democracy and the will free
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distribution designed by robes. was ratified by. the u.k. in crisis after a series of deadly terrorist attacks a hung parliament and the horrific human tragedy of the towers as well as the burning issue of breaks and many are asking if the ruling elite are. right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is syria was exceptionally. well under its confidential. sist says the years old industrial giants reaps the benefits. by chemical production. you know as if these
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people are. just experimental animals decades later the toxic environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels ever in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed will lead investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. disrespect of. the earth or. of the life of the earth. or you know what it will be what will cause the awful.
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russia's foreign minister demands explanation from the u.s. over the recent downing of a syrian fighter jet as concerns grow over whether washington has its own agenda in syria. europe remains in gold and tara as another attack hits the belgian capital after amend that to meet an explosive device at a brussels train station. scandal in the u.k. after an opposition m.p. claimed survivors of the ground fire are being forced to sleep rough pass as a day of rage in london plans to bring down the government.


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