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tv   Going Underground  RT  June 21, 2017 9:29am-10:01am EDT

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by the king and he put in the hippie put his son in its way i was a white while away the old way out here it is now that i was cited and then in addition to that excuse me if i if you would allow me to continue this saudi regime supported saddam hussein after the revolution which invaded iran i think. your guest should look at history and then i think if we have a discussion that would go better we would move forward more easily because the facts are there for everyone to see we had eight years of war with saddam hussein he initiated the war the saudi regime provided him with up to two hundred billion dollars to help them obtain chemical weapons from western governments and that's a stated fact so in with regards to pilgrimage of course the saudis have a history of killing iranians just a year or two years ago the saudis killed six hundred iranian pilgrims and never even expressed remorse or regret but most importantly is the saudi regime being
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inherently weak is completely reliant on the united states and this without this so really the biggest blame goes to the united states what happened in libya couldn't have happened without the the united states what happened in syria the extremism that the saudis said that is in the others explored it couldn't have happened without the united states but now we see in yemen this so did the head of al-qaeda in yemen says our forces are fighting alongside the got the so the saudi backed forces in yemen so we know that al qaeda is itself saying that we're working alongside them in yemen in syria we all know the story we know the defense intelligence agency document of two thousand and twelve with the united states admitted that the saudis and others were supporting the extremists and then the united states and for them we know in iraq the saudi supported isis but now we see that the so does not only did a lot yemen and forced people in yemen to die of hunger. but there even doing it to
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qatar qatar which until a few days ago was working alongside saudi arabia now they've blockaded qatar they prevent food from getting into the country this is how bizarre this saudi regime behaves we know that ice is where its ideology comes from we know where the ideology come from comes from we know the books that they teach come from saudi arabia we know that the bomb attacks in europe across europe in asia in africa why does ice is an attack so did a period of years and the target of these are linked to wahhabism. all of them are linked and the attack in yemen what way why in the why we don't attack in tehran the al-qaeda the isis attack in iran was carried out with this support according to the for the iranian intelligence was carried out with the support of the saudi regime and i think the new crown prince mohammed bin should take care because saudi arabia is
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a country that is running out of money like there's no tomorrow it has lost the war in yemen it cannot even defeat doha coming in that after that so i think that's because there's a lot of isolation saylor abdellatif want to some of those states if the accusation of the dark humanitarian situation in yemen the military campaign there i mean after the campaign justified was iran wrong when he opposed the meet how do you respond to his comments. first of all regarding his talk about saudi arabia saudi arabia as not as a saluted and being. you know technically isolated by the whole world because a so technically they acted as an outlaw state when when they acted in for example in libya what does. doing in libya and being supported by iran and being a country or a government and a military force with an ability to force in lebanon and their interference and about how do you know which they still consider part of iran let's look at the second thing is there a over to over over over taking over ticking over over taking.
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over to iraq i mean they are technically all in iraq right now and they're into theaters in syria as wrong as far as an emerging war wrong so did a lot of the urine stream of the. i'm not going to i'm not i'm not finished i'm going to finish by the way al qaeda and i says never attacked iran can you explain why doesn't i says attack doesn't attack iran but they have attacked. attacks saudi arabia and many to many terrorist acts many times now we come to it to yemen saudi arabia and yemen shared hundreds and or a thousand miles of borders and the which is supported by iran and being supplied by very disable lethal weapons like like the scud missiles support and supported by iran and given to the many to the horses by iran and the out of thirty that war doesn't just like they did like fields ago and when they attacked so did a b.
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at that time we actually. get into such weapons be sent to you no no no you didn't do it is going to saudi saudi so you're not allowed on the if you added to the no no certainly no matter what they are you know you do and you do it and you wouldn't know audacity you don't know if the iraqi ran when he just. knew that he and it's me ought i would tell the country ok now i'm just going to let it alone until i see how your answer. now you know when when when this to do it at the start of this by the way we wanted the war in yemen we would never want to be in a conflict with a neighboring believe it or not saudi arabia for that for many decades have supported yemen and their monies with tens of thousands and tens of billions of dollars of direct aid and infrastructure building roads and hospitals now from the day of from the from the day we started the war we want to stop the war immediately
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and we have given them a lot of fun michel it's even there was a war going on with him and we want to do a war but we noted that is a threat to saudi arabia from the south and we cannot keep silent at a time when the who with these are ordered positional or for scud missiles which had been fired. you know are saudi saudi arabia intel is even deep inside the. probability of he has that i problem. the problem is they are going to have a problem with it and if you notice i'm still here and you know we had in yemen this so do you not ask a lot how do. you know that because you don't use glass cause whether they were no i mean saudi or goes by by the british the canadians the americans you've been correct coming in i was against humanity against the people of yemen for two and a half years i mean i'm just a minority but if you and yemen a diagonal there of hunger only know of hate and you have. to have eyes
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a lot of the yemeni people. are not going are going to say oh yeah you know i just got me there a second because you've been defeated side let me just country that i mean you can see we're going in circles here effectively let's look at it you're rocking a bunch of cells but do you think that there could be compromise between the two countries if there weren't any out of sight influences if they went to the outside countries do you think you could compromise and do you think that there are these outside influences and which countries are they which countries are interfering in this particular relationship so. everything. was as i said before the saudi regime is not a very powerful regime it's basically in alliance with the united states it's in line in alliance with a number of smaller countries in the region and with israel the regime and the mistakes that the saudis are making one after another in syria and iraq and yemen and qatar these are mistakes that are that when one looks at it it seems as if this country is out of control that the people in charge simply don't know what they're
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doing if the saudi regime is willing to be more sensible is willing to come to some sort of. agreement with iran or with it with its other neighborhoods obviously the iranians would would would welcome that when the saudi king went to china the chinese offered to mediate in the iranians said fine and then the saudis said under no circumstances but let's let's look at qatar the pataudi government is a government that has been is it is also the old there are only two were happy governments in the world regimes in the world qatar and the saudi regime these are the two hobby governments they work together in different parts of the world in the both promoted extremism but now the saudis won't even tolerate that are so when the saudis don't tolerate that when they impose hunger on the army when they destroy syria with extremists like al qaida in isis we know from the weekly leaks documents
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that hillary clinton knew that the saudis and the batteries up to two thousand and fourteen were both funding isis we know what the saudis did in libya so when the saudis behave as such it's great difficult to find a solution but at the end of the day the saudis will have to come to an agreement with iran and other regional countries because it is running out of money because the saudis are have failed in yemen and they are calle designers are afraid that if i can just as you can just abdullah to respond to that how do you respond to that. yes. so did so did a bit over the g twenty countries and has one of the most stable economy and one of the stable governments and not only in the region and in the whole war and there is a solid. you need to between there are a lot of the old and saudi arabia this is why you see the saudis. at a time you see the name elite living outside our side and on the ne as.
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you know they are leaving from that all country so by the idea we only get other bodies of the iranians have a military and do it immediately because without getting at me then why do you want to have the argument i'm going to try to get i have to leave it there so you'd mohammad marandi from tehran and. we were taught commodore from the royal saudi maybe we could talk all day but we have to leave it there thank you very much indeed thank you thank you. and a special twenty seventeen confederations cup coverage is right with us after the short break.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around core. corporation washington washington. the media control over voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. is the u.k. in crisis after a series of deadly terrorist attacks a hung parliament and the horrific human tragedy of the grenfell tower as well as
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the burning issue of breaks that many are asking if the ruling elite or. the fact that prompted get elected with a series of bodies and distortions is a reflection of fact that the voting public could be convinced by that and what we really need to do when one of the reasons as a scientist i'm interested in this is we really need to get people to apply the same standards of politics that applied to science skeptical inquiry empirical testing demand evidence for what your politicians tell you. welcome back russians defense ministers had a close encounter with a nato chess were flying over the neutral waters of the baltic sea this video was
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filmed from suffocation claimed by journalists you can see a nato f. sixteen jet flying just me to the wing and a russian's to twenty seven and squeezed between them to ward off pluto. well let's get a little bit more detail on this now and speak to our correspondent medina question of so medina what exactly happened over the baltic sea well as you can see from of the video a nader out sixteen fighter jet has tried to approach a russian defense ministry is plane flying about in neutral waters off the baltic sea now russian as you twenty seven which was a scoring of the minister's aircraft godam its way and titled it swings apparently showing that it is armed. well right after the that the sixteenth we will we now as the minister was on route to the russian city of kaliningrad on the politics for a scheduled working meeting and this incident was first reported by the jordan
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those who were onboard of the plane now incidents of apparently become more frequent lately just this a monday a u.s. spy plane flying toward the russian border made a provocative turn toward the baltic. twenty seven which had been scrambled for an interception mission and encounters of such sort also took place right at the beginning of this to. medina question of life in moscow meanwhile the twenty seventeen confederations cup is in full swing let's get all the latest from the tournament and handover to neil harvey and stan collymore who are now special.
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welcome to our continuing coverage of the twenty seventeen confederations cup alongside me stan collymore. is it fair to say that the game that we're building up to in a couple of hours time is the biggest of the tournament so far russia against portugal it is the reason why they. don't have any qualification going to the last tour but they played in the european championships drew against england eleven project lost against slovakia last heavily against wire so this is a real opportunity to test themselves against the winners about european champions and of course. overall i was going to say who are the key players to look for obviously rinaldo for political. players what auto silver that mum just the city just bought for forty four million pounds cannot get into the stadium so it's very strong it's got some old. galvanized cristiana would all go off to remove the champions. in greece will be a trophy that portugal world won't sway and of course there's a subtext when the guy qualified for the next round did you feel the bump you feel will lift around the nation if they lose but of course the drawing board for
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a church itself. perhaps the qualifier against mexico one would think that home advantage will play you know some kind of role in this is going to be a capacity crowd at the spa tax they do which is only what three years old is the new home of spartak moscow they would want to championship there so it's been a good new venue for them stan and i because we're quite knows we've got to poke around we have a look around the stadium and we keep pulling on things until things fall off generally but nothing did but most important we had a chance to speak to one of what a great name but the one with all. the children hero both of us he was a soviet legend went on to be a russian legend and a famous spot goalkeeper but not that side of. the case so this is the spot hank stadium is going to be hosting federations cup
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games will kill games amazing thing about spacek it seems to be like kind of hobos used to play the people stage a long time did of their own ground now they've got it in the living going to avoid years confederations cup no five why to celebrate when i think spartacus was thinking it's the people's republic call it i think of. just saying they pretty much is in time to really catch the count know the you'd like him on the huge we're going to speak. that's my inspiration to play football for england was to know in tonight's we will call him special was that to him and. when i. see it in the us in one of the in the video where you are the origins of our show it goes with the employee wise because he's so. the same thing is for the first of all i want to take you back to ninety eighty eight when england my friends and i would go to the pod like most kids apply football now my friends would pretend to be the great english plays of
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the time i would be. did you know that there were a lot of people in the west it was looking at people like you for their inspiration pretending to be. truthful. why you see. them or you were. so small knew about. some the least deal so why your so i was good with their stories like. the role which i will mark over the role of the movie for that is how exciting is it's the confederation school and then next year the fifa world cup is going to be in russia. but in the water and steam will. they should go full bore least on money you can but if you have them the one used to mean is that i was sure as the three notes would you please only to sign at will bowl.
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not much else to see but nationally given the skewed really pushing for you know you always have to see this is my stand for me the price of getting that signature on the ball absolutely right we've got the also a football wasn't only famous footballers it was all tourists and might be somebody else a little bit more special yeah politicians in particular want the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov we asked him to sign it be obliged when we caught up with him last month we also chatted about expectations around the confederations cup. relations. so you know only blooms will we see would you assume that it was
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a lose lose for the pulitzer or your. conscience is going to start the tradition goes on the. show. when she was very serious. this was. not just looking over a shoulder nail we wondered what red square was a little bit quotes about as a military pariah to think it might be some of the youngsters there for a full nights and go on to bigger and better things but it looks very small yet it closed off but it upright someone is always on standby for a relative going to release it now if a train goes near to the spot i stated a million going to get a chance to chat to the fans on the way to the game what's the mood like that. guys hi it is great to talk to you once again right now we're both in my hometown
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the capital russia moscow it is great to be here it is exactly one hour ten minutes before kickoff and it may seem to you that it's not so crowded behind my back well i can tell you that moscow still working it's wednesday so maybe the schedule is a bit dodgy but i'll tell you what my prediction still is that we are going to see a packed arena today no matter what there are several reasons for it of course as you were saying perhaps rochelle portugal is the biggest game of group that's of course the hosts taking on the favorites portugal the european champions maybe the mexicans will have a few words to say about bats and. after that draw maybe they absolutely have the right to do that but i still think because of that name christiana rinaldo portugal's still other favorite here now be moscow is at least two and
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a half times bigger than st petersburg and it is home to the four premier league clubs in russia that is of course sparked tack the title holders c.s.k. a locomotive and now moan and finally see the spar tech arena is actually smaller than the one in st petersburg that has forty five thousand seats versus sixty eight thousand seats and st petersburg. it's not only going to be a stadium of cool in the confederations cup but there are going to be for you guys for the world started here next year maybe when i got there you know the cheer was a very good metro station across the road so the facilities look at. these. and looking great you can look out the architecture you can see the diamond shape status because of the spar tag emblem it's actually a little diamond red and white with a little s.
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there now speaking of the arena itself it's the only confederations cup arena that was specifically built for football in the first place because the one in cars on that was initially for the university a twenty third teeing then the fish stadium and saw that was built initially for the winter olympic games in two thousand and fourteen while the one in st petersburg it saw the first official matches just a couple of months ago but this is a read on behind my shoulder it's been hosting the home games of f.c. spartak moscow for at least two and a half seasons right now and spar tak you know what's been going on with the club is really fascinating in the ninety's they were winning one title. another a total of nine russian championships premier league titles in the ninety's but then it was a blackout for sixteen years and only when this beautiful stadium was built the
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finally clenched their first title in the last sixteen years that was the season bad just. concluded the title for spark back bosco so i can tell you that this stadium is a lucky one for the club and all the fans and more and more of them are gathering around me will be hoping that it will become a lucky one for russia because of course the encounter against portugal for the hosts will perhaps be the toughest in group a as we were saying guys. yeah i know you said it is a working day you know down people now making famous excuses to get how to sneak up to the game i'm feeling a little bit of a boss i'm just going to go to anything silly particularly into the spot thanks to you and mary pat famously said many years ago it wasn't going to be wayne if. we're going to win the world. is the way round it was going to be.
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if not when all went to madrid we. need to ask him why africa has failed to produce a winner in the world cup so for. achieve many good then great players. never win there is for example the world champion african teams never go into. so i don't give them the standard thing this is something in africa we have to work. there is a lot of potential there's a very good place. for the african players it's a very important too and. this is a little bit to the level where they can show how good there. i'm not leave before we speak about the great russian plays evelyn's rinaldo this fernald a lot for knowledge when i know i don't care russia got great players and i think we're going to get a result today so tell me how great small fellows and well great so i'm going to
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reserve judgment a great want to see how they're going to develop over the next year because that what lots of friendlies to fly poles in particular you would all like small. call for the goal. off the mileage you chose yourself would be with a draw against the european champions but if i play in the mother that i did against new zealand it will be a huge scalp to take portugal european champions tonight so i'm going to go for one one. ok i'll stick with that we're both going for the for the drawled and we will be bringing you the goal say without cease coverage goal action coming your way very shortly. thank you neil and stan i will be back with that lines at the top of the hour. about your sudden passing i phone lee just learned you were
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a south and taken your last wrong turn. to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each other. but then my feelings start to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never like it said one does not need a funeral the same as one enters mind it's consumed with death this would like to. speak to us that we know what they're takers. same that mainstream media has met its make.
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such. tough. shit all over. her. hand and was going on and james olmos does she don't consume just been talking to her the whole joking there on the stand on the whole song in that article going to jones is a song and only fools are still seeing a lot going on in jindo as she goes well don't we don't sell him go. to those on putting in a song as it does hold us at all to the sitting on. here's
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what people have been saying about rejected and i would still say that it's full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than blue best that i see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight not the president of the world bank will take time to write me seriously he sent us an e-mail. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporations corporations from washington washington control the media the media. the voters elected a businessman to run this country business equals power who must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before.
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what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or some want to. have to be right to be first that's what before three of them or can't be good. interested always in the waters and. there should be. people with stories to tell. mom to those who deserve to be. it's still going to. be seen first and this is. they're here to speak are you there to hear.
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russia's foreign minister demands an explanation from the u.s. over the recent shooting down of a syrian fighter jet its concerns grow over whether washington has its own agenda in syria. but. hundreds are gathering in central london urging to reason made to step down following the grenfell tower to sell stuff. and legendary filmmaker all of a sudden who's just released the putin interviews documentary says his film gives a unique few of the west russia and. the west is very divided as you know they would hate me i'm just a messenger i don't.


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