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tv   Headline News  RT  June 22, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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new evidence suggests victims of the london towering inferno could have died due to cyanide poisoning the hundreds attend a day of rage and long and demanding justice for those affected by the five. point is the soul getting away with. people in the parliament it's no good to people to please. me while austria's foreign minister has said muslim kindergartens should be closed down. and american forces in yemen have reportedly been involved in the interrogation of detainees in prisons where torture allegations are rife.
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thank you for watching r.t. international coming to you live from the russian capital i'm kate partridge. victims of last week's question felt how a blaze may have been exposed not only to smoke and fire but also to highly toxic gas that's according to the latest expert analysis on the tragedy in the british capital artie's probably boyko has more. cyanide is one of the deadliest poisons there is and apparently the insulation boards on the building on ground felt how it could have been letting off cyanide as the building was burning and we know this because the hospitals treating some of the victims of the fire one of the hospitals as said that they have treated three people for cyanide poisoning bear in mind the building's management but telling people will stay in their apartments until help arrived the other part of this scandal that rapidly growing is that cladding so the
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material used on the outside of the building which turned out to be extremely flammable the government's been checking to see whether it's been used anywhere else in buildings in the u.k. that cheap and very combustible material which according to the chancellor here in the u.k. philip hammond is actually illegal to use take a lesson the cloud that was used to run just like a rocket is across most european countries is burned to the united states my understanding is that the clothing in question this flammable plan which is banned in europe in the u.s. is also banned here just after a week after the tragedy the first official head has rolled the c.e.o. of kensington and chelsea council nicholas holgate he's the highest or he was the highest on the elected official at the council and he's been forced to resign by the government and to even may said that's a good thing that he's lost his job to reason may has already apologized for the
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way that the government handled the aftermath of the fire and also the failings that brought it about but a lot of people here it's been calling on trees in may to resign the support on the ground for families in the initial hours was not good enough people were left without belongings with. we don't even basic information about what happened what they should do that was a failure of the state. local and national to help people when they needed it most as prime minister i apologize for that. do you think that. if she comes out here maybe. i think. they put. the engines a little bit i miss my lady when they. make. thing after this massacre they could just buy people and everyone's going to shout
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seriously you know this is mean justice and lois needs to be trying. to have so getting away with this sort of. thing to. blame for this we all introduce the most. people in the house of parliament. to part to play. well the deadliest fire in britain for more than one hundred years broke out last wednesday and was only extinguished over twenty four hours later the death toll currently stands at seventy nine people and that number is expected to rise to resume a anti-government have been widely criticized for not doing enough while the course of the fire is still unknown earlier we spoke to alistair hay professor of environmental toxicology at the university of leeds he believes the claims about cyanide are too serious to be ignored many different fabrics because of their composition when they break down give rise to a range of different gases cyanide can kill really in
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a matter of seconds what it essentially does is block oxygen use in your cells in the body and the cells are where the energy is produced and somebody just would be immobile and would die from a heart attack very quickly the concentration is probably going to be very very high indeed in fires carbon monoxide and so our knowledge of the. sort of gases that you're really concerned about most often it's the gases that kill people rall the all certainly before people are exposed to flames or anything like that i have read that the residents being concerned about the research. there were concerned about gas pipes in the stairwells not being sufficiently protected and they've raised a whole variety of issues that were worried about the lack of sprinklers for example just looking at the fire it was almost impossible for the firemen to do anything
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above a certain height of people and the top stories of that building were completely trapped and there was nothing anybody could do for them. now austria's foreign minister has made another headline grabbing statement sebastian kurtz says that muslim kindergarten should be closed down with more details on this is peter oliver well sebastian kurtz is an outspoken figure in the austrian government only thirty years old of course and he has caused quite a stir with what he's come out with in relation to islamic kindergartens he says that they should be shut down because they culturally and linguistically isolate children in the gazans should prepare children for school because of their can speak german but muslim to go is a difference in terms of their language principles we don't need them at all so busting curt's has caused controversy in the past back in twenty fifteen he proposed what was called the islam law that he put forward before the the austrian
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parliament this proposed that all mosques got their funding only from within australia and also that there was an austrian approved version of the qur'an that was used in mosques within australia now a watered down version of that law was passed it didn't have the official verified qur'an in it but in october of this year from the first of october it will be illegal in austria so where are the that ban was signed into law just last week in the austrian chancellor christie incur and his grand coalition government has just fallen apart. but october of this year in snapple actions or actions of the far right freedom party who supported a lot of the. legislation well there their polling current your own thirty percent in the polls there they've seen a big boost in support. well to discuss this issue further are now
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joined live by the chairman of the austrian muslim initiative. thank you very much indeed for joining us i mean let's have a look at some of these criticisms then from sebastian kurtz he says austrian he says the he's criticized the islamic free schools for isolating children linguistically and culturally as well as for using taxpayers' money he says so what's your view. this is a great problem with our minister now of these till now we had the three of them party the right wing party who are taking islamophobia and suspicion against muslim . political program the problem is that cause is throwing this all source in two or three years and this would be a great problem for australia because he is the presenting the christian democracy that means we have the christian values and we miss them in his policy today we hope that as if he is going to be the first person in this party maybe it's called
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to change but this was also. another shock again to have such. a themes against the muslims because he was he was he was speaking about the criteria not what he is against criteria we the muslim say that we need for our children the best kindergarten and the best school but if you are just for reading for religious money unity the muslims and let the others this would be a great problem and this is a very clear institutional discrimination of religious communities and this would be a shame actually for my beautiful country austria let's also look at some of the other policies as well i mean austria they've been tightening the migrant policies generally they claim it's tootie the criminal incidents that migrants have been involved in i mean do you think that the country therefore looking at it that way
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has a right to defend itself. nobody is against defending yourself we are the hiney are safe we must live also we are part of this country the criminal attacks being against anything because against also bad schools or terrible methods everybody is against that we also that these we should differ between speaking generally and we have a very good kindergarten with muslims and they are very good and there is another kindergarten for our muslims are none muslims and they are not sought good and this should be better that means we should be very clear we are for criteria we are whole no we are for security in the country but we are also for the social cohesion he is the integration of the minister of integration and we see we need not just integration we need
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a social cohesion and the question is not anymore who is going to integrate whom but the question is how we can be together the majority and also money unity in a country with a peaceful atmosphere and such a political actions from our minister. disturbing this peaceful atmosphere in austria he gave happily be betteroff about jesse the austrian muslim initiative chairman thank you very much indeed for joining me this evening thank you. welcome. meanwhile in syria the u.s. led coalition is conducting a major offensive on the city of raka its islamic states de facto capital in the country however u.n. secretary general antonio taro's has expressed concerns over the loss of civilian life during the operation he said he remained alarmed at the human suffering
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throughout the country he warned that civilians are being killed injured and display at a terrifying rage. at the state. particularly with people in. and facing threats from every direction the secretary general is particularly concerned about the perilous situation for civilians in naca who are trapped and face threats from every direction the united nations and he managed and partners are doing all they can to step the suffering in and across syria often a great for personal risk the secretary general made an urgent appeal to all those conducting military operations in syria to do everything in their power to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure the fighting continues in iraq and elsewhere . well according. to. have been killed as a result of the strikes however the coalition claims it's caused fewer than five hundred deaths. its military. coalition.
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says. in casualties there an increase from two earlier this year. kind of open went on the streets of new york people about the plight of subpoenas in russia . and. syria. by playing. the u.s. led coalition. government jet because it was moving it. escalation. this syrian jets opposing a threat. what you heard about. died as you. probably haven't even heard. about. it. and now. i had to have heard something about that we have a video someone talking about it here as if they had
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a little when the planes come they strike just very building where the terrorists are there also civilians in that house how can the plane strike then more severe than terrorists so the civilians who are there either helping him till or be in you as hostages or as protection against u.s. time forces so that they wouldn't attack that house in order to get to a base of how are we supposed to take care of the out and. kill innocent civilians if indeed there but secretary of defense maddest he says that a billion cattle are a fact of life in this short of a situation degree with that. all of this precious now and nobody dies really a but that's the line they use is and it's reality there will always be some civilian casualty bit. it shouldn't be and.
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washington state that it's very difficult. you know i think it's a very delicate political situation some of the reports that have come out stay that more civilians have been killed than i still fighters but it surprised me at all especially because there is no they're wearing a badge says i'm isis fighters right and they were there were dressed like civilians so how can you always tell me who's who's who and it's been a big thing of the friends in the military told me like you have no idea who it is until like they're shooting at you now that this is a prize they say that as many as three hundred civilians according to the u.n. have died since march. oh yeah i mean if it's if there's ten and strikes a day that's treaty expected but again because i think they're making in effect of lies so it's become normal it has become part of life and once again like i said all life is precious and civilian life shouldn't have to perish for whatever. the reasons we have
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a reason to be by the hands of our government based on our conversations here in manhattan it seems that average americans aren't really aware of what the pentagon is up to now as u.s. coalition forces are moving in on the city of raka civilians are dying bombs are exploding but their plight remains largely under the radar cable mopp and aren't seeing new york. american forces in yemen have reportedly been involved in the interrogation of detainees and prisons where torture allegations are rife that's according to an investigation released by the associated press a middle east correspondent point to sneer. the united arab emirates and allied yemen i forces have allegedly been running a network of some seventeen secret prisons across southern yemen and one in eritrea now the locations include military bases at least one a port even private villas and a nightclub they are reports of. regular abuse and extreme torture now u.s.
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forces are reportedly also involved in these interrogations and one of the methods of torture is reportedly one that includes a grill in inverted commas now this is when the victim is tied to a suspect like a roast and spun in a circle of fire here is what two former detainees had to say. and i go to hawaii stayed there for around one hundred seventy seven days without proper investigation the question me after ten days of the tension and that was it but during those one hundred seventy seven days there were beatings insults humiliation and asked for broke to sing torture there is a man they called the doctor and morality was a specialist in torture a lot of us do and it was here we heard that there are american investigators and lebanese translators they were questioning some people. they were interrogating me and they would tell me they didn't know for wat i asked them what are the charges and they'd say they don't know about oscar and they say
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they don't know they would go ask the head of the prison and he would say i was involved al-qaeda and another would say i had confessed to being a drug dealer but say anything another one was say al qaeda everyone would just say anything that i went to iran was trained in iran and i'm a rainy an intelligence interrogator would say he doesn't know i never got charged . now inside water lawyers and family say that nearly two thousand men have disappeared into the can discover in prisons this number is so high that it has triggered nearly weekly protests among families that are seeking information about their missing sons brothers and fathers the united states and the united arab emirates are cooperating in yemen the u.a.e. is part of the u.s. backed saudi led coalition that is backing the ousted government in the country's civil war now the u.a.e. is government has denied the allegations and issued a statement in which it said and i'm quoting that there are no secret detention
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centers and no torture of prisoners is done during interrogations the same kind of comments coming out of the united states where the chief spokesperson for the u.s. defense department said and again i'm quoting we always said here to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct we would not turn a blind eye because we are obligated to report any violations of human rights. professor a specialist in human rights and humanitarian law believes a simple denial is difficult to believe based on previous experience i think we've seen in the past. these are very serious things that they're not just credible they cannot be waved away by by mere denials and. you know unfortunately we've seen this kind of things happening in iraq and also it seems in afghanistan if you want legitimacy at the international stage any country has to really make sure they're going to conduct interrogations it has to be fully in line with international human
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rights law and the geneva conventions and not to not to go beyond that because otherwise it's. not only questionable in terms of the actionable intelligence that you get but it completely helps radicalize. you know would be terrorists. meanwhile human rights watch has released its own report on the secret torture prisons in yemen the organizations demanding the u.a.e. grants access to detention science we spoke to after i'd been chancy from human rights watch about the report. but we just documented is that. this is likely not ever and supports yemeni forces the bridge really to enforce this has been tortured and abused dozens of people during security orations. which is. finances arms and trains these forces even though there are stand simply meant to fight yemeni branches given the british i see this hour that is
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just not acceptable. french president a man you mackinaw says he doesn't want to see a repeat in syria of the mistakes made in libya the intervention there which france was part of is widely regarded as having field global terrorism r.t. shallot do bensky reports from paris. almost gave a suggestion that they could be uncomfortable times ahead for the two countries the u.s. and france which have been historically very strong allies the historical conflicts that the u.s. and france have been involved in together particularly in libya where he actually said that the intervention of nato allies france and the u.s. alongside other nato allies in two thousand and eleven which eventually helped lead to the removal of colonel gadhafi was actually wrong a mistake and he said that he doesn't want to make the same mistake in syria.
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france did not participate in the war in iraq and this was right but it was a mistake to enter the war in libya what are the result of these two invasions destroyed states in which terrorist groups thrive i do not want this to happen again in syria president marcos has said that he now believes the removal of bashar al assad which has been called for by france in the past by his plea to sesar. is now not an absolute priority he basically said that he's been given no evidence that there is a viable successor to ensure that syria doesn't become as what he describes a failed state as libya and he also said that the key now is to ensure that terrorism is the top priority and he's called again for this issue to be dealt with by a coalition of countries coming together and he said dealing with terrorism because that he says is the most pressing issue in today's world. while the french president has also lashed out at donald trump branding his policymaking as
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unpredictable it comes as the u.s. state department has made a public new turn on trump's anti cattle rhetoric with a spokes person now questioning the gulf states blockade of doha the policy shifts are becoming something of a trend for the organization a shocking fogo found out trying to hold the trumpet ministrations every move can literally leave your head spinning take for example the crisis the state department stands as of tuesday is a demand that the saudis back their claims qatar supporting terrorists now that it's been more than two weeks since the embargo started we are mystified that the gulf states have not released to the public nor to the qataris the details about the claims that they are making toward qatar but late two weeks ago trump didn't seem to be mystified when he said qatar does sponsor terrorism the time it come to car or get to our due and it's funding. they have to end that fund. and it's extremist. ideology and the
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tweet trump even credited his trip to the middle east for spring on the decision to split with qatar struggling to follow the logic so my but maybe that's just how the trump team works everyone gets to do what they want for one the defense secretary can make decisions about sending more troops to afghanistan without asking the president to understand it's my responsibility we're not winning in afghanistan right now the biggest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat is dropped in afghanistan no need for presidential approval we are so proud of our military and it was rather successful at that if you walk around. everybody knows exactly what happened the u.n. ambassador the secretary of state am going to show advisor can say different things about key international issues within the span of just a few days getting assad out is not the only priority and so what we're trying to do was obvious obviously defeat isis there has to be a degree of of simultaneous activity is so i think we have to learn the lessons of
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of the past and learn the lessons of what went wrong in libya when you choose that pathway of regime change for we don't see a peaceful syria with assad in their government planes in syria are being shot down without any permission from the commander in chief what i do is i authorized by military we have the greatest military in the world terms famous beautiful armada is heading not in the direction he thinks it is we said that it was heading there it was heading there it is heading there but maybe all this confusion is exactly the plan i don't want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is and let me tell you but recently everyone is left guessing allies i mean and his own administration. r.t. washington d.c. . a group of british football fans have been arrested in the russian city of cazan after they were found carrying a backpack to sixty one fleda's the group claim they were trying to test security arrangements at the confederations cup currently underway in the country auntie's medina question of a possible group of men were around. asked at near
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a hotel in after they were spotted acting suspiciously now security guards asked to see inside their bags and discovered sixty flares which are banned during sporting events now the man said that they bought the players just several days ago in moscow to check the security arena which is hosting confederation cup matches the group clean two local police that they were representative so if the media company a big balls and were planning to film security problems at the stadium now r.t. contacted big bowls media and the company's representative denied any connection with the group now they were a serious of reports and western media had of the confederations cup warning fans not to go to russia because it was too dangerous. coming off an aussie international well it's
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a part looks at the polarization of american society following donald trump's election victory. the market is expanding hundred billion. and growing growing by leaps and bounds. as we've been talking about for years now this lot going on here. mutating it morphing and things are happening the buzzword of the week was one of the mob as i see initial offering. global warming sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken or forcing you to fight the battle. to do socks for the tell you that that
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we gossip to the public let's go to court to get. all the off the bad guys and tell you things you are not cool enough and let's go buy their product. in. the oval office that we along the border will watch. their. own welcome to all the part of the election of donald trump has polarized american society in many ways including in its attitudes towards clever and what's
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appropriate trial supporters still see him as a shrewd smart deal breaker the salt of the earth while his critics describe him as the ultimate in there and most worthy of nothing but contempt is there any middle ground between that you want to discuss that i'm now joined by lawrence krauss as theoretical physicists and cosmologists as well as a merciless critic of donald trump mr krauss it's great to talk to you thank you very much it's true it's great to be here i think i'm a merciful where to go from but the numbers lead to what i do know far too kind to him but let's talk about that but. a short while a little bit later because i want to ask you first about russia i know that many people in the united states believe that russia and the them don't trump are just two sides of the same coin but i beg to differ so i want to bring what brings you here to this country i came here for this amazing geek festival that to to talk to thousands of people about saudi it's been an amazing experience like i'm just overwhelmed with the reaction and the response and the fact that the.


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