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tv   News with Ed  RT  June 22, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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these are stories that you know no. more hold. on the news tonight brags that negotiations are underway in brussels as the u.k. looks to decide its fate outside of the european union and the battle over health care is back on capitol hill after senate republicans unveiled their plan to change the affordable care act and over in yemen the new report is looking to shed some light on u.s. involvement in secret prisons used to torture and interrogate victims of the country's civil war a military and thing in for ed schultz reporting tonight from washington d.c. you're watching artsy america. good evening a major milestone is approaching in the u.k.
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tomorrow marks one year since britain voted to exit the european union and talks to shape the impending separation began this week just a year ago british voters cast their ballots and determine the future of the u.k. in a major surprise to many the results revealed a divide in kingdom one that would leave the twenty eight member states known as the european union experts say the most pressing issue will be the post brecht that trade deal as a number of european national and regional parliaments may want to hold referendums for more we spoke to our very own edge scholtz who is in london right now. there's a tremendous amount of curiosity about what's going to happen next amongst the citizens here that i've talked to and also apprehension they're not quite confident that this is going to be smooth and and work itself out but i should point out that about three hours from london in bristol there is going to be
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a big party in celebration tomorrow night by those who have advocated for a brac set and they're pretty sure that the country is headed in the right direction they're not sure about the future of theresa may and that is really one of the big questions at this first year anniversary of bracks that there's no question that terrorism is viewed much differently today than what it was vs how it was viewed a year ago when the bricks of vote took place i believe from the reporting that we've done on the ground here over the last year that the real crux of this vote was immigration and labor and austerity those things made the perfect storm for them to come up with the brics a vote and get it the way they got it a year ago now it plays even further into those dynamics now because of the most recent terror attacks that have taken place here in the united kingdom theresa may has a credibility gap right now with what the public she cut law enforcement some twenty
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thousand personnel she said enough is enough. the measures security measures that have taken place are somewhat visible they put barricades up on the bridges crossing the tames river there is more of a security presence but they need more personnel and that is the general consensus of the folks here but security does play a role they want someone that's going to come out and be very strong or knit and i do believe that that's a political factor and staying in london where victims of last week's deadly high rise and for now may have been exposed to not only smoke and flames but also highly toxic gas that's according to the latest analysis of the tragedy at crandall tower artist polly blank out there with more. fire night is one of the deadliest poisons there is and apparently the insulation boards on the building on ground felt how it could have been letting off cyanide as the building was burning and we know this
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because the hospitals treating some of the victims of the fire one of the hospitals as said that they have treated three people for cyanide poisoning bear in mind the building's management we're telling people will stay in their apartments until help arrived the other part of this scandal that rackety growing is the cladding so the material used on the outside of the building which turned out to be extremely flammable the government's been checking to see whether it's been used anywhere else in buildings in the u.k. that cheap and very combustible material which according to the chancellor here in the u.k. philip hammond is actually illegal to use take a lesson the clothing that was used to run just like a rocket is but across most european countries is burned to the united states my understanding is that the clotting in question this flammable plant which is banned in europe in the u.s. is also banned here just after
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a week after the tragedy the first official head has rolled the c.e.o. of kensington and chelsea council nicholas holgate he's the highest or he was the highest on the elected official at the council and he's been forced to resign by the government and to even may said that's a good thing that he's lost his job to reason may has already apologized for the way that the government handled the aftermath of the fire and also the failings that brought it about but a lot of people here is been calling on treason made to resign the support on the ground for families in the initial hours was not good enough people were left without belongings without roofs over their heads without even basic information about what had happened what they should do that was a failure of the state. local and national to help people when they needed it most as prime minister i apologize for that. do you write that terrible that she comes out here maybe. you've got to listen. to you.
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when they lie and tell me for my life when they. see. i make choices but it was a little thing off to this massacre that i could just by people and everyone's going to shout serious say you know this is me justice and he knows me to be trying and why it has so getting away with this sort of. back to to reason to blame for these. people in the house of parliament. a good part to play for. our team america will bring you a special report live from london hosted by our own ed schultz larry king and lindsey france you know want to miss that that's tomorrow from four to six pm eastern time. the long awaited secret senate health care bill was finally released this morning it was
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a clandestine drafting that left most senators in the dark until it was publicly released today the g.o.p.'s one hundred forty two page proposal would repeal and replace the ca better known as obamacare and is being pitched as the better care reconciliation act of twenty seventeen senate majority leader mitch mcconnell made its introduction to the senate and the world in a republican mad dash to repeal obamacare he called for a vote on this bill as early as next week ahead of the fourth of july holiday where congress will be in a recess for one week there's a bomb maker isn't working by nearly any measure it has failed and no amount of eleventh hour reality denying or but democrats is going to change the that more americans are going to get hurt. alas we do something. i regret that our democratic friends made clear early on that they did not want to work with us on the surest bipartisan way to address the obamacare
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a status quo. but republicans believe we have a responsibility to act and we are but minority leader chuck schumer fired back with his own criticism of the bill calling it meaner than the one proposed from the house it's every bit as bad as the house bill in some ways it's even worse the president said the senate bill needed a heart the way this bill cuts health care is heartless the president said the house bill was mean the senate bill may be mean or. the senate republican health care bill is a wolf in sheep's clothing only this wolf has even sharper teeth than the house bill and we're potentially voting on it in a week no committee hearings no man wants in committee. no debate on the floor say for ten. hours on one of the most
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important bills we're dealing with in decades. that bring shame on this body for senate democrats the vote is expected to go straight down party lines with zero support from the left changes from the a c. a would include eliminating the individual mandate getting rid of the cost sharing subsidies that will affect america's poorest and effectively taking away funding from planned parenthood tweaks to obamacare include preexisting conditions mandates but would weaken those protections rollbacks of medicaid expansion and would also include funding to fight the opioid epidemic but republicans can't afford to lose more than two g.o.p. senate votes and already four senators have spoken out against it vowing not to vote for it in its current form effectively making it dead on arrival president trump though already placing blame squarely on the democrats we have a thing called health care that you may hear is particularly thing on the outside
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as we discuss and i think it's going to come out obamacare is a disaster it's dead totally dead and we're putting in a play and today that's going to be negotiated i would love to have some democrats support but there obstruction is they'll never support we will get one no matter how good it is but we will hopefully get something done and it will be something with heart and very leading for. joining me now to hash this all out i've got a rock star panel for you tonight we've got ed martin president of the eagle forum a radio personality ben kissel and president of smart power brian that claim gentlemen thanks for being here tonight let's get this out of the way first of foremost before we get into the nuts and bolts of the better care recontact going to put you in the hot seat first many critics of this bill are calling i mean you you heard you were chuck schumer. they're calling it meaner because of these drastic cuts to medicaid although i think personally less drastic than the house
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proposal but first we got to find out do you believe health care is a right or a privilege. oh look i think health care is a right the question is whether it's a right that the government has to provide i mean i think people have a right in their families i have four young kids certainly i want to i believe they need to go get that the question is whether government should guarantee every right and look i was i was just going to come out on the air with you it's so refreshing because you get to talk about the real news you know the fake news is hidden i was on gateway pundit just a few minutes ago obama promised america that his plan would drop family rates by twenty five hundred dollars a year he said that twenty two times and he lied to us so obamacare is a failure the question is what are we going to have after that and i think trump is right we're going to get something better it's going to be ugly hard and difficult but it's going to be better than what we have now because what we have now is failing families failing individuals and that's why today is pretty exciting brian your thoughts on that well i think you go back to it and actually ask them to
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define what if something is a right then in fact it's not seen as taken care of by insurance companies or just by you know the private sector that in fact the government has to secure that right life liberty the pursuit of happiness so if somebody doesn't have to secure own well that's that let's answer the question again is it right and that's really what you know the government doesn't have its course i already said i have been already said that when we come out of the way i'm going to go there and you can secure your children. someone else's children life and by the way you know how this is. why wait a second i mean something what is this what is the reason lifelong energy infrastructure times we have seen not just hold on as a resident of alessa that's right and there there's i remember an answer that reason why this was kept in secret and the reason is what donald trump said because this is mean this is a mean bill it doesn't help the american people it doesn't make it right and so it's a bad bill you say that let's get this table this is bad for america and it's bad
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for your kids period. now i want to do this of brian this is classic this is wait this is us last night demagoguery and this is what i do what am i what do you want to have when you're going to know it is better than that you know this way that i don't know where it's going you know this is a bad bill no it is not a bad you know a bad bill it was a man your answer is you know what's up but what is a bad bill is going to care i'm going to medicare to our health care as a bill for him and the fact is that period health care is failing because of obamacare health care he will not let me let me go and the family had to enter into this challenge wrote the facts are let me get let me get let me get ben's thoughts on this the bill ben proposes and i cade work requirements granting the stager power to states rather states can require that people maintain some level of employment for x. amount of time in order to receive medicaid barring older disabled or pregnant pregnant women this seems like
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a pretty reasonable tweak to the medicaid section of the bill don't think. well the medicaid situation is going to be very controversial specifically to a lot of core constituents that voted for donald trump they will see this as the rug being pulled out from underneath them despite the fact that they invested in the program throughout their entire lives i also want to point out premiums we all agree that obamacare failed and no doubt it hurt hillary clinton when october two thousand and sixteen everyone found out their premiums were going up you know twice as much three times as much as ted cruz said i find myself in a strange situation today agreed with the texas senator this bill does not do enough to lower premiums and that's what we have to have in this country because access to health care is one thing but it's got to be affordable so then i think i think what ben is saying and what i think i just heard ed say is that in fact we need health care for all that's that's fascinating because we're actually looking
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at now in lebanon. we have a panel to get what is needed on national health care for all and i think that's an incredible piece of journalism we just got here that i think we should be able to really i think what you think as you go ahead lipos said the idea is in our really head right and we could have just stopped with what his principled ideas were let's go medicare we need medicare for everybody that's what we want and go ahead. you know listen this is this is typical obama double talk i don't hold on but as you know roy health care obamacare is hurting. care is hurting families and it's cutting down again it's wisconsin law and i had i guess the answer you're going to talk have is the triumphal ryan mcconnell plan that was released today and let's talk about that mean plan that trump discussed that dream said was mean i mean by the way not my it's a said i was going to bring our president in two years out i said this so-called president said it was you guys are all here because you're all across the political spectrum my question was what you guys thought of the medicaid work requirement is
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that a fair requirement to have able bodied people to have to put in some level of work i mean it they didn't say you know forty hours a week or are you have to do a certain kind of job but you've got to you've got to get into the labor force and and able in order to be able to to get the medicaid is that fair. i mean i think it's not going to of this bill that's that's for sure i mean i think at the end of the day it's not about this bill being mean it's about this bill be impractical this notion that younger people will buy in to insurance it's not right because it's not going to happen the premiums for the individual sixty five years old maybe they make a perhaps they're paying one thousand dollars a month or you know you really now that's going to sixteen thousand and less young people invest in health care and i just don't see how they're going to do it unless there is a government mandate but at the same time there's massive constitutional issues with the government it. but look at what i would say on this is that what. we had
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was we had was a failing system and what we're attempting to do now with this bill is put in place forces that will allow more options and better care we had insurance companies in charge before under obamacare we have bureaucrats look the death panels still exist and the care is getting worse so what the start was and by the way i think donald trump doesn't get credit for doing this he should he could have let the obamacare system totally fail and instead he's pushed for them to take this up and again medicaid waivers getting people to go out of waivers will create these incubators where states will figure out ways to do better with what they're trying to do but again i love that brian and others are sitting here saying this is so bad the system we have now is killing people by bureaucrats and by spending so let's try to get to something else and it seems like a good start with lots of things we've got to do to add let's toned down language on the system is killing people that your bill is putting twenty four and that is the only peter bryan the ryan obamacare is killing people on the left on the day i
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am telling people you have been over a lot better and erbil you're going to want to hear is illing people your ryan mcconnell trump health obamacare is killing people who are million americans off health your your bill that's not true it's just not true that's the cvo not assume that it's not true oh well you know i know that's not what you're saying that i just look to see the face and say they don't exist but they still exist they're still facts and that is going to do this all over again to go to one morning operate and says he has but he lied about that too yes it was you know we'll have to go to one more todd on this matter i've run out of time here guys make up twenty four million ryan ryan ryan while you're while you're there i've got to hear this that proposal would take away the individual mandate no matter what side of the aisle that you're on there's no way i think anybody can deny that this mandate put a lot of people in a financial bind sometimes they can't afford the plans on the marketplace and others can't afford to pay the tax penalty so is taking the individual mandate away
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. going to prove to be a good thing brian so is there really what you're asking is isn't there a way that we can make health care for all better and absolutely is doing it in secret and kicking twenty four million americans off health care the way to do it absolutely not answer the question a little enough so that so that's the answer real quickly. well look businesses were saying they were dropping insurance insurance companies were leaving it was a failed model obamacare so we got to try to do better i think the better way to do it is more choices more career and as you said people on all sides realize the individual mandate was a failure so on we go to the next possibility of take up making health care but and guess what you've got the last word my problem with this bill is it doesn't do enough it doesn't lower premiums enough and at the end of the day if you don't get health insurance and you are young that you will be fined thirty percent you will pay extra thirty extra thirty percent so there are fines this is really just a wolf in sheep's clothing. right thank you so much gentlemen ad martin ben kissel
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and brian cain thanks so much you think the. russian foreign minister stargate met in moscow with the leaders of an opposition group called syria's tomorrow move but the meeting took place ahead of the next round of astonished talks scheduled for the first week of july among the issues discussed was the maintaining the of the cease fire agreement with the government forces and russia's role in resolving the conflict lavrov pointed out that the importance of a joint effort in defeating terrorist groups operating in the country. so it is of yours that it will be the launch of an interest syrian dialogue to ensure the truce and the creation of deescalation areas as it was suggested within the framework of the it's done a process steps to promote a peaceful life it will help to switch from the confrontation between the government pro-government forces and the armed opposition to cooperation including cooperation in the fight against terrorism. according to the associated press the
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american forces in yemen have reportedly been involved in the interrogation of detainees in prisons where torture allegations are rife argues middle east correspondent policy lear has the story the united arab emirates and allied yemen i forces have allegedly been running a network of some seventeen secret prisons across southern yemen and one in eritrea now the locations include military bases at least one a port even private villas and a nightclub they are reports of regular abuse and extreme torture now u.s. forces are reportedly also involved in these interrogations and one of the methods of torture is reportedly one that includes a grill in inverted commas now this is when the victim is tied to a suspect like a roast and spun in a circle of fire here is what two former detainees had to say. and i go to the way
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stayed there for around one hundred seventy seven days without proper investigation the question me after ten days of detention and that was it but during those one hundred seventy seven days there were beatings insults humiliation and asked for broke to sing torture there is a man they called the doctor and morality was a specialist in torture. then it was here we heard that there are american investigators and lebanese translators they were questioning some people. it's unclear how come. they were interrogating me and they would tell me they didn't know for ward i asked them what are the charges and they'd say they don't know about oscar and they say they don't know they would go ask the head of the prison and he would say i was involved al-qaeda and another would say i had confessed to being a drug dealer they'd say anything another one was say al qaeda everyone would just say anything that i went to iran was trained in iran and i'm a rainy an intelligence interrogator would say he doesn't know i never got charged
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. now inside water on lawyers and families say that nearly two thousand men have disappeared into the candor stein presence this number is so high that it has triggered nearly weekly protests among families that are seeking information about their missing sons brothers and fathers the united states and the united arab emirates are cooperating in yemen the u.a.e. is part of the u.s. backed saudi led coalition that is backing the ousted government in the country's civil war now the u.a.e. is government has denied the allegations and issued a statement in which it said and i'm quoting that there are no secret detention centers and no torture of prisoners is done during interrogations the same kind of comments coming out of the united states where the chief spokesperson for the u.s. defense department said and again i'm quoting we always said here to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct we would not turn a blind eye big. off you go to a port any violations of human rights. it's being called america's most toxic place
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a top energy department official is sounding the alarm at the hand for a nuclear site and warns of future accidental leaks if immediate action isn't taken now the hanford site considered the largest u.s. nuclear weapons production of waste dumps is located in washington state not far from populated cities like seattle portland and spokane alexy has the update on that. the hanford nuclear facility in washington state is often described as america's most toxic place and now it's crumbling and more dangerous incidents are likely such as the damaging conclusion of a top energy department official working on the site speaking to associated press last week said that the infrastructure was not going to last long enough for the clean up and joking about the deadline for the completion of two hundred sixty he said some facilities were not going to withstand that time he continued by saying we're sending people into environments no one was expected to go to is there
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a potential for more alarms absolutely end of quote now they had for nuclear side produced up to seventy percent of plutonium for the u.s. nuclear arsenal including material for the bomb dropped on japan in one thousand forty five but after the cold war was over the facility became irrelevant and the cleanup operation of all the toxic waste kicked off in one thousand eight hundred nine currently the five hundred eighty square mile area houses one hundred seventy seven underground shelter tanks which store fifty four million gallons of highly radioactive waste the annual budget for the clean up was two point three billion dollars but the energy department estimates that the overall budget for the cleanup would hit one hundred billion dollars mark the estimated completion is again the year twenty sixteen that's of course and this is something admitted by sure if the facility last this long we extensively reported on a string of incidents in april and may last year when at least forty two hanford workers were exposed to toxic fumes and sought medical attention i'm
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a nine this year hundreds of them were evacuated when the roof of the one nine hundred fifty stunnel storing contaminated waste collapsed and a month later on june eighth radiation was released during a demolition work at a plutonium plant and three hundred fifty workers were told to take cover all the levels of radiation detected later were deemed safe enough if that doesn't show clear enough that the facility is becoming a serious problem nothing probably will and unlike a year ago when we reported on hanford amid relative silence for. in the media and officials now with at least it's sparking concerns and making some noise starting with measures to protect for the workers from exposure to a call from a number of lawmakers to review how the cleanup work is being conducted but it still remains unclear as to how exactly the vicious cycle of america's most toxic place could be fixed and where they're throwing even more money at it could provide any results but for the time being though president proposed budget for next year includes one hundred and twenty million dollars cut from hanford's budget.
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reporting from washington d.c. the opioid epidemic is ravaging communities across the nation especially areas in the midwest and appalachia on the west coast there is a new measure to save lives patrol deputies in los angeles will now be given the opioid blocker nor can it can be given quickly and can save lives in an emergency santos has more from los angeles under this pilot program all of the sheriffs in the department three thousand of them i'm sorry deputies they will be equipped with the lax on which is also known by its name brand can now this will be a nasal spray and it's a fast acting anti opiate that reverses or blocks the effects of opioids in just minutes and these were first a person purchased by the department thirteen hundred units earlier this year but they now have gotten five thousand additional doses which will allow the entire
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department to use these now deputies will have this available throughout l.a. county which includes the crist center valley east los angeles in santa clarita valley areas as well as the bureaus that serve community colleges and parks now i spoke earlier with tom jones a medico a lieutenant with the department who also serves as a swat paramedic he says they're taking proactive measures here they want to make sure that they can get ahead of this. they're preparing for the worst just based on what's going on throughout the country and they do see overdoses every single day and in fact they say that they respond often to entire groups of people who are overdosing so this will really allow them to save as many lives as possible because they're often the ones who get to the scene first before additional paramedics can get there so those crucial minutes are very important for saving lives again they say that this is not going to help solve the crisis but it will help save people and hopefully bring more awareness to the fact that this anti opiate exists and
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hopefully get it in the hands of other departments in los angeles and in california . and that is the news tonight follow me on twitter admin electrons i am in english and sitting in for ed schultz reporting tonight from washington have a great night remember question one. i.


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