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tv   Headline News  RT  June 23, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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let me. ask you. one year on from the political earthquake that was briggs' it instability and uncertainty loom larger than ever over the u.k.'s future. the depths of my family and almost to the moment i don't want to. assure you that much like the will of the dutch there is one that has not yet done as a civilian suffering intensifies amid the campaign to oust islamic state from the syrian city of raka down so raised over america's opposed to liberation plan. the german government wins the right to read encrypted to want some messages on suspects phones after parliament approved that new snooping powers. this
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dry riverbed is actually in for much being born of drug addicts this is where they come to feed their addiction as he looks at how afghanistan's opium production is destroying lives both at home and on the other side of the world. alone you're watching r.t. international broadcasting to you live from moscow and the karen good to have you with us. well it's been exactly one year since the u.k. voted to leave the european union though the actual divorce talks have only just got underway the referendum result created a political earthquake whose aftershocks are still being felt today. we want our borders but we want our country by. negotiation will need to begin under a new prime minister.
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pass on my thanks to his mom for the result i suppose. that is the full moment this next it means the global recession is not apply. doesn't have a clue how to i really like to. know what the community left behind. thank. prime minister to resign may gambled and lost her parliamentary majority over the break to issue our chief party boyko takes us through the twists and turns now of britain's rocky road to break up. it was a very it changed the course of history the forty eight percent who voted to stay
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were outraged although the others they were delighted the show has risen. to become a national bank holiday we will call it a. night of firearms may have been jumping the gun his so-called independence day is still a distant prospect the referendum result killed the political career of david cameron and allowed home secretary to resume aid to step up to the plate in the run up to the vote she had been a quiet remain but the desire to lead post brags that britain forced her to reconsider her position. bricks it means bricks it wrecks it means bricks it and we're going to make a success of it a year down the line that sounds like something from an alternate universe
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considering that the reason may called an election in order to strengthen her hand in the braggs it talks but ended up freefall in the polls and losing her parliamentary majority her atrocious result meant that politically her weakened government limped into negotiations with brussels earlier this week and bear in mind these talks were never going to be a walk in the park chum created. what. can be concluded quickly. threats against a question that's been issued by european politicians commission was trying to bully the british people arguments over whether the u.k. would pave the e.u.'s one hundred billion gregg's it bill guaranteeing the rights of he uses isn't. as in the u.k. and who would get custody of gibraltar what thorny issues but there is aroused took
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a back seat when britain was hit by a wave of terror for terror attacks in the space of just three months to be precise and many britons held to resume a direct plea responsible because she'd been head of the home office for six years before becoming prime minister. and with all the security and political chaos few people even notice earlier this week brings it negotiations officially kicked off but not in the way that london would have hoped the british government already been accused of caving in to brussels over the brags that schedule and opinion polls now show that if the country got to votes again it would reject leaving you so just like two reason may the plan for braggs it went from strong and stable to weak and wildly within the space of just one year.
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while british politicians are bickering over brags that some of the e.u. counterparts on giving up hope that the divorce won't actually happened. some of my british friends have asked me where the great ship could be reversed you may say. dreamer but still breaks it is not a walk in support among the file paperwork shows every angle if your governor decides to organize a bridge city i will be pretty tough and naturally it will never be the same it will never be outside the union better. inside some in britain still have that illusion which is a waste of time. the us led coalition leading the anti ice a lot of offensive in the syrian city of raka is quote bombing everyone but what locals are told r.t. is ripley video wait and see what despite the coalition's insistence that it takes
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every civilian casualties seriously the grim situation on the ground suggests otherwise but only a little but i knew that if this one what they are you had the guts of much of the end almost a bit of model as well as sure you have a rational you may get a medal but that is not as well it has made clear and has met but should warn you the images that actually you anybody can do better than have a trace of what else has been and the dome that has if you had not told her and then she would have moved on and had little to. put in the player when in has it one as well i want her to be a warrior. and has used little blue. digits jim she. must to get. a. little kid. the u.s. led coalition doesn't deny using phosphorus which was just mentioned in that report
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it's an extremely toxic substance that is banned from being used as a weapon and the coalition says it only uses phosphorus in permitted ways during battle for example to create a smoke screen however human rights watch has voiced concerns saying the substance poses a high risk to civilians. the leading force fighting islamic states on the ground is the kurds who are being armed by the americans however washington support for the kurdish fighters irritate this long term ally turkey kellett more pain reports on how the u.s. has tried to get round this problem. turkey was furious when it found out that the united states their longtime ally in nato partner was going into rock without them . we do not need terrorist organizations like the p y d n y p g in the rock operation let us work together to wipe out.
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america the coalition and turkey can join hands and turn rocket into a graveyard for. as the united states is aligned with two bitter enemies in syria the turkish government and the kurdish fighters it's got a tricky bit of maneuvering to do secretary of defense mattis says that the united states will eventually take back the weapons it's now supplying to the kurds after the defeat of isis and this is turning into no small matter at this point the united states is shipping in heavy machine guns mortars other small arms and even some armored vehicles it's totaling over one hundred million dollars worth of war toys a large portion of which are going to the kurds when it's all finished some five hundred u.s. military personnel will have the task of collecting it all in an area that's almost the size of pennsylvania maybe they'll knock on doors and say hey you know those weapons we let you yeah you're finished with them right and who knows what answer they might get the united states has promised to monitor the area and send out
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a monthly report that will include photographs this sounds like a great idea as the usa has already lost track of billions of dollars worth of weapons they sent to iraq and some of those weapons have ended up in the hands of terrorists there i think mattis made in a new letter which presumably was going but. knowing very well that it probably would not be believed and very well would not be carried out but he made it trying to locate the target the u.s. is supplying the weapons for that it is there the u.s. is old and. goals which seems to be to break a part of syria to load the u.s. to dominate a separate part of syria basically they want to go to syria. and in violation of syrian stubborn integrity a country is torn apart by civil war with different factions vying for power as civilians flee in chaos the pentagon has a brilliant idea send in more weapons just so long as they promise to give them
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back caleb mop and r.t. new york. russia's defense ministry has released a video showing missiles being launched from watched hips and affect moving in the mediterranean targeting islamic state positions in syria. with the latest on this new development i'm now joined by a theme in the studio emily good to see you what more can you tell of well nikki according to this latest a member leased by the russian military sorry ministry of defense the russian intelligence happened tracking eisel terrorist that's been trying to escape their stronghold of rock. through the sole cost southern corridor as you can see in the map here here's rocket their stronghold and as you know the u.s. coalition forces have been surround the city for quite some time now so the
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southern quarter is pretty much their only way out of the city and from what we understand the fighters have been trying to go from rocka to. the hamas province to destroy it and that's where the latest series of air strikes targeting them to i still positions and of course as i said continue to lose ground and roc-a is not the first time that we heard i saw terrorist managed to escape the city in fact just last month there's been several reports of the kurds who's really been one of the main forces fighting i sold well they've reportedly opened up a corridor for the terrorists to escape rocca of course they've denied that but the russian ministry of defense they've confirmed seeing large eyes soul convoys going form. but going back to what happened today while we see the missiles being fired from two warships and one submarine currently located in the mediterranean and these latest airstrikes managed to destroy one i still command center as well as. weapons stockpiles in the area and turkish an israeli forces operating in the
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region happen informed but we haven't heard about the u.s. forces being informed as because on monday russia has already hold to that this agreement of military cooperation with the u.s. in syrian air space after the u.s. has shot down a syrian government jet back on sunday and will be interesting to see what the u.s. is response will be to this latest development but thanks for the update the saudis only say. to germany now where the parliament has approved a law allowing the country's secret services to monitor medicine messaging platforms like what critics say that this plan infringes civil liberties artie's peter oliver has more german parliament has adopted this law that would allow what's up messages or any other messaging service that using crippin to be loved those messages that are sent to be read by the authorities what they do is they intercepted before it sent from one device to another where the encryption takes
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place. now this is a move that it's been referred to by the interior minister here in germany thomas de amaziah is essential when it comes to the fight against terror we've also heard similar things coming from the. european union summit that's ongoing in brussels at the moment from the e.u. council president donald he said that authorities need access to this type of information if they're to try and stop future terrorist attacks. have also agreed on the need to cooperate close loose on loan industry. we are calling on social media companies to do whatever is necessary to prevent the firth of terrorist material on the internet and practice this means developing clear tools to detect and three move such materials automatically but we have heard this in the past if we look back to the united kingdom and the recent horrific terrorist attacks that
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took place in in manchester and in london heard from the home secretary rhodes in the new tape from prime minister to reason may say. this to this information if they were to try in foil potential future attacks we want companies to develop tools to identify and remove harmful materials automatically i want to see them. reports this file content to the or storage is and block the users who spread it there should be no place for terrorists to hide we need to make sure that organizations like whatsapp and there are plenty of others like that don't provide a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each other we need to make sure that our intelligence services have the ability to get into situations like encrypted whatsapp but critics of this move well many what we're seeing here in germany is the green party in particular mounting a resistance to this they want to see held up in the constitutional court for as
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long as possible they say that it gives far too much power to goes that hold the keys to allow them the potential for abuses. money is there was to come after this short break stay with us. it's. twenty to the twenty seven. candidates so you prime ministers of all of the european partners left to move a little majority of the pulse of coalition governments the prime minister was held in holland just a few months ago the prime minister won with some be a twenty two percent of the vote and he's still trying to push coalition government together say it's all hypocritical of the europeans to say may doesn't have enough to the majority in most cases they do in the.
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same wrong. but also just don't call. me. yet to seep out the still to come attitude and indeed from an equal betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. hello welcome back now almost thirty million people around the world are suffering from drug addiction according to an annual u.n. report opioid surnamed is the most harmful drug type the document says that the market increasing global opium production is primarily due to rising poppy fields in afghanistan artie's my gas the ever ports from kabul. ten years ago it was
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a problem five years ago it was a catastrophe now it is a global epidemic the war did this most people's addiction comes from the fighting the conflict ninety percent of the world's heroin originates in afghanistan only a fraction of that amount is used domestically but the effects a devastating. the pit of despair right in the middle of the afghan capital this dry riverbed is actually infamous for being a horn of drug addicts this is where they come to feed their addiction impoverished the homeless the desperate and the hopeless actually many more in the shade under the bridge where wrong but we then not get out the car much less go down there we would be attacked many of these people have unfortunately lost all touch with
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reality. we spent only minutes there yet in just that short time we filmed this. an addict picks up a rock and assaults a bodyguard escorting medics locals say it's getting worse and worse. this footage was filmed for us by a former drug. guiding light who used to be a regular here he too was eventually assaulted and forced to flee every day it is getting worse not better i run into rehab centers one for men and one for women many of the women are mothers with children i wants treated a four year old addict sad but far away you might think not so most of the heroin you'll find in canada for example comes from afghanistan the
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war and lawlessness here a killing people as far away as the americas it's not only the of one problem the of one government that is unable to fight. narcotics but it's also the international community that is actually failing miserably to fight the products or the act in production their counter measures or to find. drugs were clearly ineffective afghan opioids trafficked everywhere via well oiled smuggling routes north to russia and europe east to asia west to the middle east africa and the americas the e.u. industry about gallus dogs is killing tens of thousands worldwide every year this war is being felt in every corner of the world i've seen
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afghans general police generals with my own eyes that they were colluding in the south with drug smugglers so it is a business of men the jillions in the ins dollars that that is that reaches to the pockets of the taliban but also to corrupt afghan officials the millions of afghans there's not much of a choice work is scarce other crops are riskier and less profitable heroin could. both kill and feed when you go there in the season you see school is empty and you see universities even in. leaving schools and the worst thing for fifteen to twenty days to work in the fields and find one in ten afghans is directly involved in the opium industry now consider the families children that they feed and the sheer size of the problem becomes evident
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where do you even begin since the nato invasion it has exploded this year's opium harvest could well be the largest yet where george bush tried to at least limit its under obama drug control programs in afghanistan were cut by ninety percent of its politics the ministers the politicians authorities want poppy cultivation to continue if they're americans wanted to they could stop it in a day but they don't. officially reason is that if coalition forces started eradicating the poppy fields angry farmers would flock to the taliban. doesn't make much sense given that washington also says that the taliban profits most from poppy cultivation regardless one thing is clear for now
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america intends to do nothing about it. from kabul afghanistan. millions of new migrants could set foot on european soil next year unless steps are taken immediately this is a warning from a top official ahead of an east summit is being held in brussels. is important. in africa. for africa because. the solution in africa more and more. in the next year coming from. these. well libya is the country from which most african migrants set out for europe and the city of sound is one of the key human trafficking hopes according to reports people there are being bought and sold on local slave markets video agency ripley money to get a firsthand account of what life is really like in the migrant. that. is
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the. people who go to kidnapping people they believe you may be more new why do you many people do so well. here i believe how money the harder the more poorly you. go to ali well as you can see on the map right here most human trafficking routes across africa are leading to libya meeting in this city of sample right here those hoping to make it to europe and pay drivers to get them to the capital tripoli and from there migrants are transported by sea packs by the hundreds on board inflatable boat and other vessels mostly unfit for the perilous journey across the mediterranean now some of these people get roped kidnapped and sometimes even murdered in the process meanwhile in europe there are voices questioning whether those making that trip across the mediterranean on mass are actually
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fleeing war and famine or just seeking better job opportunities some of the ngos rescuing migrants in the mediterranean are being accused of encouraging human traffickers well earlier my colleague daniel hawkins asked jole millman a senior press office at the international organization for migration about the reasons fueling migration on the roles that n.g.o.s play in the crisis. there's been a certain argument rising especially from the sort of center rights political spectrum about the difference between moderates and asylum seekers in particular they're saying that many of these people coming economic migrants rather than people who are victims of war does not all going to hold any moves at c.u. it's all. well certainly true and we're not we're not going to be we were at a critical about this two years ago the vast majority of migrants on this particular route through tripoli were or were distressed markets where they were people fleeing war the largest two countries two years ago were syria and eritrea
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syria the syrian track it moved almost entirely in turkey and into greece so the numbers are extremely small i mean forty thousand two years ago in this year are just over a thousand so we know those migrants are coming much through this writing more eritrea has also fallen off tremendously so as somalia and sudan there is a train of thought saying that the volunteers that are doing this that are risking these people and moving them on would say that they're actually supporting trafficking by encouraging people to make this journey to to play into the hands of traffickers all these people the n.g.o.s perhaps partly to blame for a vicious cycle of traffickers and smugglers making profit from people suffering by discount that argument completely i was a reporter covering migration for almost thirty years and i've heard that argument lie d.c.l. you lawyers and church people i think the vicious cycle is the hunger of the war the conditions of some of these countries and also the demand for their labor in the in the in the rich countries i mean there is no question that you can you could
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just as easily ask is the housewife part of that chain or is the employer part of watching the answer is yes of course they are so they're no more part of a vicious cycle than than the rest of us who profit from this what are. coming up next the nazi internationally being.
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does she don't consume bill you've been talking to a little jellyfish dealing with the stand up on that will soon in that equal distance as muslims are what equals this tells me. as well don't. tell me i'm to live. with that devotional putting in as a sign this is a downside to us at all to the sitting on.
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i'm simone del rosario filling in for lindsey prince you're watching boom bust broadcasting over around the world from right here in washington d.c. ok coming up tonight we've got a mixed bag in america americans filing for unemployment slightly higher than the week before but the job market is resilient as ever and companies are struggling to find experience workers and trump takes center stage the senate finally reveals its secret health care bill but as it stands the g.o.p. doesn't have the numbers to pass it will tell you which republicans are saying no go and we'll take the show to london where boom bust host lindsey france joins us she's got an interview with economist stephen keen on the bricks that break down that in a whole lot more a boom bust and it all starts right now.


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