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must acknowledge the reality of the social humiliation directed against girls and women especially since in times of social disintegration they are the ones along with children and the elderly who usually suffer most thank you for watching you can find us on our t. dot com slash on contact until next week. europe as the capacity to integrates. the refugees at the same time we cannot accept everybody that comes to or come from countries it's true
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i mean all countries have the control of their borders books all come through so beautiful so as the rights to control its borders. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporates corporations run washington washington controls the media the media and the. voters elect a businessman to run this country business because power. must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. it is an interesting. seals should be
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a bit keep. in all this. at the end of the sixty's leo does jones was a prisoner here in holmesburg a suburb of philadelphia in the united states. a prisoner but also a guinea pig for industry like thousands of other inmates. face but this is will the bit of woods as in the human experimentation was going on many times have you taken that or is that about. maybe twenty is that it's a. little bit was different is that they was one in some sounds a whole lot like to suggest that you know ok. this practice was confidential at the time because multinational chemical companies came here to test the risks of their products. to earn a few dollars the prisoners participated in several tasks but none of them knew
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what they were being given. when they would do they would create the tape. and stick implements to the police to get them pull it and then put in troponin the substance would have been was that was in it for in that area and what up enough to . all movement body musk investment station. in certain areas all along it last. in many school around in the areas you sign in a paper as they mean that it was informed consent for the was just in pain between them from being the law book. if anything go wrong. one company did everything they could to keep this a secret they even paid leo this jones for his silence. dow chemical.
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the leading manufacturer of plastics in the world and the third largest manufacturer of pesticides dow chemical has an annual turnover of forty eight billion dollars and fifty thousand employees around the globe. in the wake of this chemical giant there's an industry of staggering profitability and industry in a frantic race to innovate each year their new toxic products reach the market these multinationals all have one thing in common a culture of secrecy. following us. polluting lands rivers and groundwater. behind the fumes of these factories we have discovered tens of thousands of victims. in india children are born with severe disabilities. in the us those who have dedicated their lives to this
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industry everybody will get it because it and the money and the benefits it was secure are now paying the price those guys are all dead and i should have been. faced with these tragedies the chemical giants have adopted a specific course of action. lack of transparency cynicism tonight. in the meantime they continue to reap the profits. in holmes bird prison. now experimented on the inmates with one of the most carcinogenic products in the world dioxin. it's one of the molecules in agent orange the powerful herbicide that doll produced
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for the american army during the vietnam war. the air force dumped on the vietcong for a decade at the same time. the tests were being performed at holmesburg. from that time on da was already aware of the dangers of dioxin the company put it in writing in this confidential note from june one thousand nine hundred sixty five . dioxin is exceptionally toxic. some months later dow would study its side effects on the prisoners. and can i say. in this the way you know one. thing when in the. good we would contest something. with. fish an incumbent. he went away and.
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we found one of the doctors that perform the tests at holmesburg in the one nine hundred sixty s. . today he's an oncologist at northwestern hospital in chicago. sigmund vitamin is preparing to retire. he is one of the few witnesses still alive every day i had a over all of twenty. they were coming in all day. all day long people were all absolutely will it was. a machine. in one nine hundred sixty seven sigmund weitzman was only twenty one years old he was an intern at holmesburg the senior physician overseeing the tests never told him the names of the products used on the prisoners. only realized later that he administered down
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action to human beings we show him what dow knew back then about the chemical. this cereal is exceptionally sick. no wonder it's. years old yeah. very upset. this is the first time you you read this yes. i mean. i'm appalled just very. agile i also. guilty that i was. you don't give me hope it's just simple. it's. you know as if these people aren't just experimental animals and nowadays it would be criminal.
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was never prosecuted when prisoners tried to take action against the company the statute of limitations had expired. this multinational would not only poison inmates with dioxin but also tens of thousands of people in midland michigan in the north of the us. middle of. the birthplace of. here at the dol chemical company in midland michigan revolutionary chemical killer. this is where agent orange was manufactured. its production created waste extremely high in dioxin. tao secretly dumped this waste into the river that flows through the city.
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in one thousand nine hundred ninety one man would discover the truth we had a conclusion there that it was a major source of not the only source to the river and certainly to the community and that people were at risk. at the time milton clark was a toxicologist for the e.p.a. the government agency responsible for environmental protection. with his colleagues he wrote a report condemning dallas practices. just blood right before the reports publication of the corporation would succeed in pressuring the acting chief of the e.p.a. in washington. we went into shock we had never heard of such a thing ever but the company that we were regulating they would have the right to review a report comment on it before it's released and where did they ask you about that
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and it was critically important to say that people were at risk but they did not want it just basically want to squash the report ok and eventually the final report they prevailed and so they truncated it down and removed critical sections and all the conclusions were taken away. pressured by his superiors milton clarke was forced to censor the report. the result pollution in midland michigan would continue for thirty years with impunity. and the executives that would continue denying the dangers. there is no health problem and there is absolutely no evidence in doing any damage to humans. in two thousand and six one woman would attack the multinational again and. at the time mary gave over saw
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all the offices at the environmental agency in the middle in regional she had leverage she'd been nominated by the president of the united states george w. bush. newly appointed she demands that more testing be done in the city and we found these astronomically high levels of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels ever in the united states one of things that was astonishing to me when this came to my attention was that for almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed on. these high level. and yards alongside the river system parks were chilled. play where people launch their boats were fishermen put their boats in the water this is where people live so i immediately called dow senior officials and said we're very concerned about these levels we need you to take action as that unfolded the company was not happy it's extremely expensive to clean up this much contamination hundreds of millions
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of dollars if not more. to lodge a complaint a dow goes directly to the white house. i was asked. may first of two thousand and eight to either resign or quit by the end of the day. ok were you surprised yes very much so in my thirty some years of working in environmental protection and much of that spend in the government i would have never expected that that was acting in its own interests the guy was trying to make sure that it saved as much money as possible. as a result of these maneuvers for decades thousands of people have lived surrounded by dioxin without knowing the risks. we wanted to meet these victims. but it's hard to loosen tones. has supported the city for one hundred twenty years and reminders are at every
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corner. of the bank the stadium the library the public park the high school. the shadow of the company is everywhere. that this is the time for the financial sation bubble to two and close to collapse i don't think it's time yet. these banks have another fifteen trillion dollars to create the european central bank but of the five trillion dollars easily bank of japan is a never ending fountain of free cash at zero percent interest rate so this is a ways to go. social environment.
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chemical discoveries over the last century made everyday life easier but at what cost this is cereal is exceptionally sick. no wonder it's confidential. exists as the years old industrial giants reap the benefit. caused by chemical production. you know as if these people aren't people just experimental animals. the toxic environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels ever found in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed.
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this despicable. there's. only one person agreed to break the code of silence. that spends most of her life here near the river this is where she raised her family. oh this is where we have the zip line way back here. we used to have all trails that wind down through here i don't even know if you can see any of them over here . but eighteen years in. that land is very fertile. and it was used for motor cross trails and hiking trails and dune buggy trails and. just you know recreation in the woods where kids it was like
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a wonderland it was you know an adventure they could explore and they could build forts and they do all those things no one advised you that there was. no. we just that we found on magical us for us to play in place of family. for nearly forty years the but kilter family would live here blissfully unaware of their toxic surroundings. every spring the river floods their garden bringing in a fresh wave of dioxin. not discover the true extent of the contamination until two thousand and seven. when tests were conducted in her garden by the local environmental agency. the levels of dioxin were up to seventeen times higher than the legal limit for toxicity bars. i have my oldest daughter has.
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five kids. i would say all of them. a lesser degree and some to a more severe degree and my husband had a very. answer. real quick. her late husband herbert brook elder was a doctor a few days before he passed away breast the last which was brave enough to. when he was dying to have his blood drawn when he didn't have very much blood left dioxin levels were to. take in the thursday before he died on a sunday he was willing to do it. to ascertain that there was a connection. and. the results of my husband's business has one of. these actually. spoke elders husband had sixty four
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point five nanograms of dioxin per liter of blood three times the us average. we married forty six years. they have treasured ten more years yet. and. you know that it's been a major impact on my life. the american environmental agency has finally forced down to clean the river. but the process has only just begun it could take decades and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. however no date is set for decontaminating neighboring yards like alice book elders. refused all our requests for an interview. in the multinational merely sent us an
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email stating that we seek science to be solutions that protect human health while also contributing to the wellbeing of the local community. on the other side of the world another contamination is wreaking havoc as a result of one of the worst industrial catastrophes in history thousands of children have been affected. but dow has never dealt with. it happened in india in bhopal. in one thousand nine hundred four the local chemical plant exploded. killing twenty thousand people and releasing tons of toxic products. at the time the factory belonged to union carbide
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a pesticide giant that would buy up in two thousand and one. the site of the bhopal explosion is still saturated with chemical pollution. over the years these products have spread into the city's groundwater systems. for fifteen years the inhabitants have demanded a full decontamination. in vain. refuses to act. the decaying steel site is still excessive today. here we meet mr shoe on a former engineer at the time he was in charge of the storage of the chemicals in this laboratory. just both. this when it came close to them winning and discarded and. writing from.
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a present but top of the. squire going to pull up and goes around to do this. is that dangerous you know it is dangerous because there's no proper. but he says. among the products stored in the factory there was lindane an extremely toxic insecticide. today it is forbidden all over the world according to our guide the soil surrounding the factory is full of it. this whole area as i look on it and there's in the local effect. that. they are dumping water drops aggressed over then on the ground. and i. made up the band in x. i'll ride. on this as fuck and i did then just. along thinking it's just. benzene hexa chloride is the scientific name for
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lindane. we go down to the area of the spill to take some samples. the smell is unbearable. we'll have the soil analyzed just before leaving mr swan shows us where the pesticides were made. here beads of mercury fly exposed in the open air. according to the world health organization this is one of the top ten most dangerous chemical products in the world we take some more samples. as well and you know it's enough to get. the results of our two tests are astonishing. inside the factory the level of mercury is five million times higher than the
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environmental standard. at this level of concentration the risks of developing liver skin or lung cancers are considerable. the levels of lindane are just as alarming exceeding one hundred thousand times the standard level. this can provoke severe cases of cerebral degeneration. yet only twenty metres away we see children playing cricket on the contaminated ground. fights well you know i mean i do you often come to play cricket here. do you know that's a chemical blend that is then. everything. back to your year to hire another. look at these children come here every day to play on the land near the factory they don't seem to realize the risk that they are exposed to. why do they get inside the country and not all outside and out and yeah but how can we
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give back to get out of the gentleness of that adequate billions of dollars in the top. down the. american values going over into games that it's not the image of god that. these kids are not the only ones in danger in both. the chemical contamination stretches far beyond the walls of the factory. that. toxic waste has penetrated the land and has polluted the water of many neighborhoods up to three kilometers from the factory fifty thousand people live there. we went to take water samples to identify the molecules present in their
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wells. like in shock as family home. they've lived in this house for almost thirty years. with water they consume contains one point nine micrograms of mercury per liter. two times the standard level of toxicity. in. the. field and it. was good for you it was defeated. the problem is even. boiled water mercury is still carcinogenic. for you. because even
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if. in other areas of bhopal it's not mercury but lindane that wreaks havoc on human lives. this is a problem in preventing our neighborhood situated one kilometer away from the factory. the municipality has had drink above water since two thousand and eleven but for many years the inhabitants have been drinking severely polluted water. that's the case for ruth money and her thirteen year old daughter ruch now since her birth she's suffered from limited mental development and muscular dystrophy she can neither talk nor stand up by herself. money her mother drank contaminated water every day during her pregnancy. that. most people.
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a few months after rush nose birth a governmental study was conducted in the area the levels of lindane were extremely high in the water seventeen times the world health organization limit. did you know of that don't want to drink you when you were pregnant was full of this is side farm to factory then why didn't we want to get in and there's some live there why do you think this is what's going into wash now no. it isn't it is. they are funded even to leave the. due to her disability rush has never been able to go to school every day she comes to the rehabilitation center. without these daily exercises she would be completely paralyzed today.
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is the founder of the center she has watched all these children grow up. that if anybody even funny. if anybody you know human kindness that you can find it pretty. funny see if you think about that back and how did all that get by the big bang but. let's talk about black and blue being black. and always well in
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a big house down at least that's what i've been told but it was simply did we and remains as such because we simply. seem we've allowed them to rearrange outplaying you've told us the sickness of trusting our enemy we came to face. that's what i call the lack of blackness or understanding the blues of being black. she blues of being black should mandate that we attack knowing how when and what to do to come to simple in his national is simply to the feeling is black and blue. the. the he.
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was. a disturbing video emerges online of a white helmets rescue allegedly disposing of the bodies of the headed syrian soldiers. an american professor received death threats over a facebook post to a campus lockdown in the latest example of boiling racial tensions in the u.s. . with fewer than one hundred days to go before she fights a general election chancellor angela merkel publishes her personal agency of all things german. and russia continues to host this year's football confederations cup in cities across the country the third round of the competition is now under way. we'll see you back in next.


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