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quite easily. to keep in mind though as if i'm into a place and to watch cars or board. what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more some want to. have to go on to be cross with the white woman for free in the morning can't be good for the ball i'm interested always in the waters of our. first city.
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the money affair feels responsible that three of her sons got hooked on drugs. one is in rehab while another is in juvenile detention after being caught for sure because. she says joel is the most violent and blames him for her miscarriage and his younger sisters. have you know my mustache meaning will we have told me you know this is it possible to have you back. you know i'm just not thinking. you know. she.
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told. me. that it is i have been my baby it's a sobering statistics. to see joe in september i think. it will be because i don't like. the same scene have become one of the things. you need to buzz bissinger only. one of those we busted permission. to use but i'm very. sure i'm going to grow postings on those old or very short. shows
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because of. these people. the people who fled who are they lose what little. they have husbands and was the most efficient because it was ok someone who she is not a coach she didn't. just. choose from the subject of real. life so. i. used. to be. the police are always accompanied by a local official and the pastor in these operations to make sure there are witnesses sadly not everyone follows the rules and we've been told that some cops
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plant evidence either to incriminates a particular person or to avoid embarrassments when they get it wrong. because she is when will know if you've been distributed on what basis would you be she's doing . what shows that they were trying to sell good. so you can say. so this person sitting there is a big trouble here trying to say staff. interview but the real world here is every. little. illegal drugs. for example what kind of things to me the drugs like shovel marijuana last year i fully really she thought i'll go more than one hundred bucks . but the sheer alone michiru of more than two thousand wow or
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so you know about which is set at the plate and the police always use appropriate force but to say every all follows the law no. for me. we get that on the world of mental both of these so. whatever they do in the a little bit. we had no on the road over that but they investigate the police officers behavior as well. and the net of it is said to be obese they gave policemen of the media the ratio below so on the. one that all the drugs they speak to police present i. don't know where they have the or even more in this in using drugs and on that it never will but that goes and your experience having seen many police officers that are involved are now yes because they want to leave
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in a study and that is why. the only way to get treats in. in a mystery all of a political with so many rogue police officers people no longer know who to trust whether it's worth cooperating with the keeping silence. that's what the woman in this detention facility told me. most are here because of drugs if. you. like that's the. first we don't. have very. nice or very beginning. phase that it's not like. i. was hearing something because my child getting things. wrong and if you go. you will you clean up the back of our memory is
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an honest belief. we don't know is that even though this woman admits to being the user like most of her fellow inmates she doesn't understand how or why her name was prominent on the drugs watch list. best. if you have to. see. if. we know our life. would be good if it. was only six. because some women here were relationships with drug dealers it was only a matter of time before they ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. many were pregnant when they were arrested like this girl. so you know what got us in made only english then that there was no one without good books to.
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say you know because then you are made that messy and the saying it was simple enough is has a. bunch of the things that are mentioned in the telling us that. we are at the spinning up all of us this is where shall we be for our own kind of morning which of us has to have a better idea than that lying and we have less about her not. being. able to incur. the lovely country anchor now that stuff in us economy will grow at a false not because my leyland didn't you know sas on. a samurai only enough watch i have been selling our. playable out all few sassenach which i have enough of the all even for it's not been a long void. all i see minus hanging chad and call i only know moneywise that i get
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to see it every exhibit. with so many drug related cases in the country the justice system is struggling to cope so these women will be here for a long time before they're even sentenced. they say the campaign against drugs has endangered their lives given them no way i know. exactly the same let. me. talk. to you exist you see i. know you are a little little that he gave. me shouting was she going to think this is shocking. shocking or excuse.
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it was finally time to meet the president. bush followed him around for fifteen hours during which he visited fighters wounded in anti terror operations. at two in the morning he was finally ready to see us. just roll believe me i'm. like this it's a retouch play look. i was all day i was on the jets following the other jets and then the helicopters military couple yes. really really storybook before. when mr flights but it's a favor that's a little. know about it. was hillary playing oh what a fly and outs and a few hours i'm not even a few hours to find out what i said four thirty am facts in the middle of. the
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evil course not. really do you think lee iacocca are still playing yes. you know on the first few days there were a lot of the killings and there were already a bit to do my administration will lessen my profile a bit and you have to give the order to let that be all too. real for you so i had to fight a little. seven least ten of those for involvement get out preferred of corrupt government officials corrupt police up because only there is more than seven how do . we have a good long rest the congress took over and be conducted their own.
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investigation on. it. something like this even beset with justice believed he was the one. who was severely doing drugs with the person as the insight it's a being. given by people in sight. and the reasons that this is in the state. it contains about three thousand policemen including general to. get amends and a lot of policemen on the ground. we've discovered along the way a lot of. may your voice and go over notice didn't do it so i had to issue a warning stop. because you want you would. think
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you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around quite recent operations washington washington the media the media the. voters elected business to run this country business because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before . one almost shows seem wrong. but old roles just don't call. any old yet to shake out disdain because that adjective and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. she still look for common ground.
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about her sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. you're out caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry but only i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest thanks that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different speech because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker.
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as more is revealed about some government officials and the police protecting drug dealers it's not only runners who are afraid of being silenced but some officials too. they say their opponents are abusing the campaign to eliminates political competition. who i needed to president of the association of what i'm very own should know is really surprised. that there was a link with the drugs i'm on bail no. amounting to best source. for. illegal firearms and illegal i mean a sure but why do you think you're on the list. i think it was
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a political will to be sure. i'll be political. in my but we. allow bunk and me for the therms that they they did not do in. certain certain local officials they can do what they were do what if they were not found something it within three billy goats to do the search. we are police officers have motivation to get someone who is higher rank because they either get a better view of war or promotion that's way. over being the. policemen so you are a big accomplishment to get like a big fish yet we've heard reports that some police officers are lots of a pseud get bad so or drug lords and sometimes they get it wrong odds and we heard
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that they they want to get as many people as possible because it looks good that there are fresh that maybe they could get a promotion or. the higher ranks someone as they get more money so sometimes innocent people get caught in the meadow how are you modifying the system so that it works we have not been in the suit over be born. and so so there has to be some only have to do with doris the why do you love to kill people if the surrender peacefully both of their hands up in be a load of to kill them because they can build a case against them some time not so was a point. just glued to your invite big piece of what murder when you out to do is to watch images to sell drugs and then when he does not. want to be arrested. if this if i kill him can we address the less of it reports of the
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vigilant saves and the secret death squads connected to the police is there any truth to those claims of. i don't have to kill don't belittle to be vigilant even if they want to kill them they would not have the time to do it. so i thought some of the leaders of. some program would be said to wonder says the inquiry. them to be ridiculous do need. to do with. the notice and the police on the other being heard only three four or five. years and you are up there so do the libya with himself. and the jails are silva crowd that's suffering enough just all and that is censors. it's not just detention facilities that are overcrowded in the philippines now but
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rehab centers to do. human rights organizations say the government should have been better prepared to accommodate the files of people who surrendered voluntarily. this is one of just twenty official rehab centers in the whole country this is a rehab center to cater to drug addicts most of them are addicted to methamphetamine or was an osha believed to have a capability of admitting one thousand patients but presently we have one thousand three hundred patients it is a bit overcrowded. this is a counseling session and the person i was talking about is this guy. who. was rationalizing this was. we could tell them what happened to the bomb underneath the sea. wall one hundred forty four we. are seeing is. a scene of where you are no no one
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i mean team are some of the mommy. your stuff all the money if you surrender because he was afraid that he would kill me now before when. neither one was ever the wildlife. this guy started using shampoo and other drugs in his or in this movie he says he couldn't get over his parents' divorce and wasn't strong enough to say no to friends. family bowling gardening may now a martini on. the market also my style began falling believing in the people. who are people that only been going to. buy that i would. love a couple. unless i said i was stalling. this is the third time in. rehan and his
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wife hopes that will be the last defense against in sixth grade when she found out about his drug use when she got pregnant and moved in with him that's when she saw him staying awake for days on end and steal the money from friends and loved ones. that are there have been done that was about what it. was a lot of care. down. there . that was. not. that old. that's one aspect of recovery in the philippines. in other cases local authorities find new and the times controversial ways to keep
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addicts busy off the streets and under control. the mayor said the bill will not be of the b.b. ask it that you are making you may be the one using it i think yes i go. with this kind of maybe but that they have or says they are for the sunday and they make that they are from this price goes down a cliff that is absolutely lethal is one of the end of days. gave all this. way up leaving no one the bait in the way that it could to help his family and himself when did you see right two months what happened because.
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good because. this complaints that. they do this without the. third. city mail. is a program to. that end it is so i don't want to go to make you offered to put the me there for a. very few months that's quick. scared because people kidding about it are and can we talk a little bit about why shareable in particular are so popular if you will in the philippines shabu in itself is relatively easy to produce and it's cheap so it's available almost everywhere now one thing they like which is just a stimulant it keeps them awake it also builds up their self-esteem they have feelings of grandiosity they feel good about themselves and they don't care about
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anything else and likewise there's a high incidence of something called substance into psychosis or drug induced psychosis they can lose control of their minds. too much methamphetamine and. it's this psychosis that people are scared off and the criminal behavior that goes with it which is why many people support and the paul do that does and see drugs campaign in spite of the killing spree it unleashed. filipinos agree that at this point the drastic measures are needed but worry that anyone could end up dead as both corrupt officials and criminals are using their campaign to cover their tracks. the current issue right now has resulted divisiveness in the country a lot of people do a b. because of the fear that they have with a card scream anality it is only their man. that's the way they cried all the child
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petrol tanks thank you levels but i should say yes that was the trouble my biggest you were. checking. my d.d. . we're. gonna do all. we will. you know be a good mother got the bumblebees so did. bill and you know you know where you believe that. that wasn't the sound of us up being not how much i asked for you know i'm a bob bob i don't mean i want the job you don't choose your own i learned the numbers are obvious i want to go with no matter who don't want to be so i'm going to be you know i'm a guy joe if i was afraid of obama that your father i don't know why devote our
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goal. by knowing that in the slow by a bubble a diet is so broad that it will not lay it out by now and let me know a. lot of the ok. ok i think the little thing when you think that. the obama. side. they could get that was a good. idea is that not enough as it. was good was that they needed. no. discipline down on this a little nothing that was out there you need. not take this ground they did. not or they would letting someone now laugh among the background around and say my
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. until he was in there in the oven the idea. was for every woman in the for any length of it and then for anything that no one needs in the end of. the.
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economic development is all about numbers really important this quarter we are one hundred six more than. that. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about that that our c.e.o. mike du made over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart a says. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right i. just know a free market would. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society. the part of the government tried to do both at nestle maybe. it might be making
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things worse. i think this is not how complex and work this is our comparable islam goes hopelessly dishonest recently room. chair mexico the stock market has doubled and seek us companies don't need employees companies don't need wage earners the government doesn't need tax cuts the government can find this so by having the central bank print money for itself the top one tenth of one percent has access to the central bank who prints money for them at zero percent interest rates and their unlimited supply of money they call it interest rate apartheid. chad value of the tiger had to be at you know. i mean let him. her own soner told him time is allowed to be recreated tomorrow so it's all good
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good balls are going to be thrown away. ya go televise. it with. the dead to get a. girl is the dog everybody wants school and the people you're living your creator does like your book.
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ah. trouble for to raise the british prime minister get short shrift over a billion pound deal now with minor party to prop up a government as well as from brussels post planning for you citizens right. this morning coming up to the white house against the assad government after claiming damascus is preparing to use chemical weapons in syria. and. the german foreign ministry. presidential security guards not to turn up to next month's g twenty summit after they were involved in a violent incident in washington recently.


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