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tv   Headline News  RT  June 27, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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luke. figures over a five producer for america's c.n.n. . caught on camera saying most of the channel's russia related coverage is. also head news are you crazy mr went into chaos as a massive cyber attack its government infrastructure several russian companies are also affected including the.
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latest u.s. threat to use military force against the assad government saying. the white house claims the muskets is preparing to use chemical weapons in syria. myself you know no neal welcome to the program our top story. a producer for america's in and partly film staying the network's russia coverage is more about ratings than offering solid fact investigative journalism group project for us released a hidden camera video conversation where but to show you the clip although not yet
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been able to verify its authenticity. the point c.n.n. constantly like russia the structure of. this ratings those ratings razor battle right now but honestly. it's just like. it's mostly right now but we don't have any. time. proof they don't have that they want to keep the. president probably right to say. look who are which to the c.e.o. of c.n.n. said in our internal meeting he said good job everybody covering the climate accords. but we're down to the it's get back to russia where we have contacted c.n.n. on the people who released the video to get their comments we will let you know as soon as we hear back right because they have experience more now but what's in the video on the group. well we should be cautious here careful even
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we've you know been trying to verify what we what we can that there really is a stuff a called john boehner field a c.n.n. producer listed on their web site visually he certainly looks like the guy in the video ratings trump all that is what this video says according to him c.n.n. has now mentioned russia sixteen thousand times just since trump was elected c.n.n. has really beat at the forefront of all these russian shenanigans they've gone to breaking news that the mere mention of russia you know one of the reports near rumors that unverified sources good enough to talk about russia they've been trying to tie trump and russia as hard as they can for a very long time now you know the results well that the people judge it is also salad c.n.n.'s relationship with the white house can you give us
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a question. if you're not going to give you a question you speak out if you are shake do. our network i just want to ask you sir i'm changing from fake news though doesn't that under very fake arch you. project there it ass and the guy behind it james o'keefe he's made a name for himself he shoots these candid recordings usually under cover where people are much more on this than they would be in front of the camera and he said you know front of the democratic party in the united states he's targeted them a number of times and that has landed him in trouble because one company has sued him and now faces a million dollars lawsuit after infiltrating in alleged democratic consulting for posing as someone else and secretly secretly recording them he says that that is an intimidation tactic that they're trying to intimidate him and we've again we've contacted them trying to. verify the story but this as i said if this is true it
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certainly you know would certainly huge let's see how c.n.n. wriggles out of this one because if it doesn't than that very very think new moniker that deserved itself is going to stick meanwhile in another development three c.n.n. journalists who worked on another truck did russia related story to resign the network saying they didn't follow its standard editorial processes donald trump reacted to the out once again accusing c.n.n. of publishing fake news let's dig a little deeper in this political commentator david bunce for more david could not be on the program i can just put out to you how significant is this if the video footage is authentic and i suppose should we be surprised. i don't think we should be surprised but i do think it's very significant i mean you played
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a clip of president trump referring to c.n.n. as very fake news i think he needs. further to extremely fake news because what you know if the information that we've been able to say and the video clip is correct then it's absolutely clear that trump has been correct all along to categorize c.n.n. as being all avoid pursuing. a witch hunt against him i'm not reporting news so c.n.n. appeared to be hoist on their own petard which is great news in the in the video this supposed c.n.n. producer sees the channel's russia coverage is mostly about ratings what does that actually say about the editorial culture in some big ai clits. yeah i mean it's a really good question and what it says to me is that c.n.n. have realized that if they run stories which are hostile to trump under russia then
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that will get them ratings from i guess all those democrats who are still hurting from the fact that hillary clinton lost last year so so they use these stories to pursue real things but many of us would think that the role of a broadcaster is to actually try and pursue establishing facts and what's clear is the facts don't matter to c.n.n. what matters is doing its best to demonize don't trump and russia what do you think about the way the information was obtained was it at all because we heard from both sides side saying that well it was the only way we're going to get such a comment by getting this information by videotaping it without the person knowing the other side saying that well you know we would have said that if we had known this this was the case and it leads to other issues what's your what's your thoughts on it. yeah i bet they would say that within that i mean the fact is
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that sometimes to get this kind of truth then methods have to be used which are probably not you know by the book but at the end of the day here we have in the world this noir bill to see it on you tube we can see a clear insight into the thinking of a c.n.n. producer who's been there i understand for fifteen years so this isn't the see this is an experienced seasoned guy coming up with things which i'm sure he wouldn't want to say if he thought he was being recorded but that doesn't stop them being true does it unfortunately he's blown the whistle on c.n.n. we have to see what the consequences are for c.n.n. just on the point of view of moscow do you think we might start seeing more caution when it comes to russia related stories in the media because as you might just heard i'm sure you've seen the resignation of three c.n.n. journalists this week over a false russia related story does this herald maybe some more fact checking being
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involved in stories you think. well you would like to think that because clearly the whole sort of trump russian narrative which the likes of c.n.n. but the new york times and a.b.c. and others have been running with us i mean it doesn't appear to have any legs or any substance and i think it's just probably hit the buffers because we've had this confirmation that it's mostly made up or words to that effect so you know if there's nothing behind it high on earth can they reasonably expect to keep pumping it out there and do the media expect that the reputation for honesty and integrity is going to be maintained live from belfast david vance political commentator thank you. thank you. three other headlines stories this hour ukraine has been hit by a. targeting government infrastructure companies several russian firms including oil giant. reporting not their servers have been targeted with more here's my
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girlfriend says something. just a few hours ago several russian and ukrainian companies having come under a ransom where attacks in russia that was the oil giant grossness that in ukraine the ukrainian bristol airport as well as government computers have come under attack now brosnan after the attack was quite massive but the company managed to switch to its reserve systems keeping the oil extraction as well as other production on line. the way the smell works as a locks the computer asking for a thirty to five hundred dollar ransom in order for the user to be able to use the machine again for the press feel a little longer now and just a little bit more money for go over ninety nine countries have come under attack by this malware ransomware virus called i want to cry major hospitals couldn't use their computers business is one down doesn't have
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a word brief period of time the biggest target however was russia during that particular attack experiencing the most attempts by the actors to penetrate major companies now this most recent attack seem to pass by eastern europe again targeting russia and this time ukraine one of the conspiracy lab experts has confirmed that this malware this point in time has spread all over the planet and just you never know when and where it might hit again we go francis and go r.t. . russia has called the united states threat to use force against the syrian government only acceptable the white house earlier claim that the assad leadership is preparing a chemical weapons attack president trumps press secretary says the u.s. will take action if that happens the united states has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the saudi regime the united states is in syria to eliminate the slum extent of iraq and syria if however mr
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assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons he and his military will pay a heavy price. well or maybe east correspondent paul asleep or not gauges the international reaction to those claims. the kremlin has responded saying that it is familiar with the statement but it is not aware of its basis a criminal spokesperson said that they categorically disagree with the wording and now the attack stressing that damascus cannot be held liable for the last attack because despite all of russia's demands an unbiased international investigation has still not been carried out moscow also says that it considers any threats to the legitimate leadership of syria unacceptable. we consider such threats to the legitimate government of the syrian arab republic unacceptable but at the same time it's important to point out that we consider unacceptable the use of chemical weapons the potential danger of repeated provocation with chemical
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weapons in syria still exists well the white house a statement on the threat of a new chemical attack is interesting indeed let's first look at the wording the statement says that they have detected potential preparations that would likely result in mass civilian casualties particularly innocent children are that's quite emotive language obviously used to garner support for such a statement the statement also talks about potential preparations but what exactly does this mean there are no details given other than that it is similar or seemingly similar to what the u.s. detected before the last chemical attack back in april the statement also says any chemical attack in syria in the immediate future will be blamed on assad and his allies now there is no investigation no due process just punishment now as far as the damascus government goes they've denied the white house allegations that they may be preparing for a new chemical attack they insist again that they've never used such arms at the same time we're hearing from several state department officials who are typically involved in coordinating such announcements and they say that they were caught
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completely off guard by the warning which didn't appear to be discussed in advance with any other kind of national security agencies and then the united kingdom is weighing in it's a. said it will back u.s. action against syria despite seeing no evidence of this and made to attack even being prepared i want to leave you with no doubt we think it's absolutely right if we can to prevent the use of chemical weapons and we will fully support any u.s. action the u.s. allegations come despite moscow's latest call for washington to avoid any provocations in syria and i rushed as foreign minister sergey lavrov made the request in a phone conversation with his u.s. counterpart the cole was initiated by washington and was the first time that diplomats have spoken since the dawning of a syrian military chaired by the us just over one week ago the to discuss the need to consolidate a cease fire in syria as well as suppress attempts to use chemical weapons by any
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party to the conflict and as mentioned mr lavrov stressed the u.s. must not carry out hostile actions against government forces we discuss the latest with jamal wakim a professor of history and international relations at the lebanese university in beirut he believes the u.s. is looking for an excuse to attack the syrian government. so i believe that this is mainly. not done by the united states to have a pretext because i believe that it's planning to. have an attack on the syrian army at the time when this army is achieving major success in the field. it was able to reach the. spite of. all obstacles set by the united states and against all odds it was able to reach up the. city on the operators and of the same time it's heading towards
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a date which will be at the end of the united states to have. influence in syria and the north part of the country. guitar's top diplomat is in washington for talks us the clock ticks down on an ultimatum set off by its neighbors in the middle east we've got more in ninety seconds. seems wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out. comes out ahead and in. the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around. corporations from washington to washington. voters elected businessman to run this country business. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. seventy minutes into the program welcome back qatar's foreign minister is meeting with the u.s. secretary of state later on choose the as part of efforts to resolve the diplomatic
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crisis on the rebin peninsula qatar is currently facing a blockade following accusations from saudi arabia and a number of other are states that it's backing and financing terrorism they also demand that it distances itself from around the top diplomat in tehran met with his german counterpart earlier to peter all of her explain to me what it's all a parts last hour. the diplomatic snafu this taking place in the arabian gulf spreading over to europe in some senses we had heard from gabriele the german foreign minister saying that he felt that some of the demands being made from the saudi led group that includes saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt been placed on that they were far too harsh now he's been discussing they send other issues with the iranian foreign minister mr gabriele had said that so much of the points that have been put forward by the saudi side were negotiable
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however some of them went too far now what was included in this list of demands with things like the closure of an air base. a turkish air base that was located in kits are also the shutting down of the al jazeera news network and all of its affiliates mr gabriele saying that in the eyes of his government well this just goes too far in the list of. some of them of course. able to negotiate some other this would. the. challenge to the national sovereignty of the day of the list is more or less a very provocative this is difficult for us to answer has been suggested that the whole idea of this blockade backed by saudi arabia was to try and isolate iran in the region but also bring qatar under control bring it to heel well what it seems
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to have done is that it's well brought. together and it's also you see from what we've just heard from the german foreign minister there it's involved europe or european nations on the side of against these demands that have been placed. switching gears now this summer's festival of football is entering the knockout stages in russia we're covering all the action both on and off the pitch the twenty seventeen confederations cup with neil harvey and stan collymore. yes the world comes to you because and here on sunday stan collymore as we continue our tease confederation cup coverage now stan we promised abuser that we were going to look honestly and frankly into issues of racism claims of violence has been no
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nothing to report until now now sadly we can report the first serious crime we witnessed as a band playing on the front here by default who have just absolutely murdered at least four beatles songs you know rose called the police they killed love me do. a lot it's been fantastic to be playing by the water so i. could be a little bit better. anyway hopefully the formal will be better we should go ahead to talk about let's talk semifinals here germany mexico and we've got bored school chile do you think is going to go through i think germany will be mexico mexico the only winners out of the remaining four to have won the confederations cup germany we've said in our coverage of the last couple of weeks very young left the big names that we but for the near for the world cup they start next year but a very good team team over julian draxler as captain same very well i'm going for two nil victory for germany and the other game is spectacular because of the reader
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just over my right hand over across the water originally i was going to go fertility with the whole tournament but after saying the old they've been largely on spectacular plays well lexi sanchez still two of adult world class players have been a little bit below paul as opposed to portugal three games played three man of the match awards for cristiana rinaldo two goals could it be he's tournament on the back of a sensational year you change your prediction got nothing to do with rails and voting for dinner obviously let's listen now to what our correspondent in patrol found. he was going through a little early for right next to the arena. the full fall action confit aeration cup semi final is coming up on wednesday although choose day was the time for some microphone heat that is of course first of all the chilean press conference where we heard that the team is hungry for the final they're hungry for the cup itself of course but the most important message that was coming from the
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manager a lot on tonio p.j. is that all twenty three footballers are fit for the game on wednesday now portugal is a completely different story we got kep a suspended for yellow cards and two injuries bernardo silvano and rafael guerrero that is of course a massive headache for the manager and he's very happy that chris shanower naldo is not on that list we all remember what happened at the final stage of the european champions but who knows what if this time doctors work their magic that may turn things around that's something that we might find out at the portugal press conference so let's hear what the european champions have to say before they take on the holders of copa america chile here and because on. more than forty thousand fans will be packed into the cars on a reading tomorrow to see your prince charles portugal i'm christiane over naldo of
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course five copa america winners chile so we decided to not to go and reform the page before they go turns to. have a look around the stadium and you can plan the page. for you to find fantasy football stadiums for so many more things besides this is what they want time to go home swimming pool amazing to believe times three main system does liverpool play t.f. i'm doing the richmond. concerts the different spalls fans who will challenge you basically this is how modern stadiums have to be need to survive you have to adapt . as the country absolutely retreat commentry an area where if you want to cool it's so name of even thought about giving country compound you're always fancied going on to. new york. of going on to. so into the final few seconds here this final exam the reader stan collymore is
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going to shake. pointing to the skull standing. penalty for me and the space for the other cut to the reaction of the fans to supposed to happen today we still referee stanko must be going to take it in self sanction so as to keep police action the coffee produced while he's trying to move across this law in trying to distract the kid which finally go usually goes on to write something people will have you know that it's ready to go. don't say. anything to keep. being told the story here exclusively. manages things no you don't see that i really. think the picture standpoint is going to absolutely crazy.
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get caught up in the voting it's been great fun but we really have to go really to be in a. brawl custom in russia. as a base souls tribute band playing back in the u.s.s.r. all this is cool you know it this must be paul nasty anti british kind of propaganda trying to scare the english fans away with bad bagels. that must be what it is the only thing that makes sense listen to the western media anyway and all by that's all going to be two great games coming up we're going to bring you more coverage we've got lots of little gems to bring you in the next few hours and stay with us you know the season.
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the other couple. of a lot of. our own so nerd golden families with. today or tomorrow so it's all good balls are going to be trauma. ya go. there with. all of the new. girl is the dog everybody wants school and the people you're living your creator does lego book.
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called the future we don't need something. every in the room should you do you really believe that you'll get it on the open. the old according to josh. not. come along for the wrong.
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i am as kaiser this is the kaiser report by me you can see the festivities yes this is the gay pride parade in mexico city to honor this event i'm wearing fuchsia colored underwear right now and i've been told i can't show that to you on camera sadly i was hoping i could do a little dance make a little love get down tonight but that's not going to happen i guess not stacey yes we are in mexico city in case you weren't aware that because there is an angel over max's shoulder that is the famous angel in the past say oh they love reform if so where in mexico city so we're going to talk about mexico we're going to talk about the mexican economy we've been countered many people here we've had our public events meet ups we've met hundreds of people and we're going to talk about mexico without say regarding the russia gay stuff i have had at least a dozen people.


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