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thank. you. but more it seems possible you. use this regime's three. figures over facts a producer for america's c.n.n. news is apparently caught on camera saying most of the channel's rush related coverage is unsubstantiated but appeals to viewers also to come this hour a huge cyber attack hits firms around the globe with russia and ukraine bearing the brunt and russia the latest u.s. threat to use military force against the saying it is unacceptable becomes after the white house claims damascus is preparing to chemical weapons in syria.
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hello there comes you live from moscow you're watching r.t. international. now a producer for america's c.n.n. news channel has apparently been caught saying the network's russia coverage is more about the ratings than offering solid facts investigative journalism group project very tass released a secretly filmed video conversation here's a clip. the morning c.n.n. constantly like russia the structure of. this ratings this rating razor credible right now but honestly. it's just like. it's mostly right now we don't have any. giant. proof i was feeling they don't really have that they they want to keep doing. and so i think the president is probably right to say. look who are we trying to to the c.e.o.
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of c.n.n. said in our internal meeting he said good job everybody covering the climate accords. but we're done with that let's get back to russia where we have contacted c.n.n. for comment although we are still waiting for a response kind of has more on the story. we have to be careful because as of now the video is not yet verified but it would appear that the person shown in the video is jon bon afield who actually has a page on c.n.n. as well besides now according to project veritas russia was mentioned by c.n.n. over sixteen thousand times since the election and almost every time c.n.n. has been mentioned they have called it breaking news even if the reports are unverified they've reported out of rumors speculation unverified sources and an attempt to say that trump has improper ties with russia now not surprisingly this
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has caused a bit of a falling out with the white house can you give us a question don't be rude you know you know if you're not going to give you a question you speak out or you are sure you could use your network i just want to ask you sir i'm changing from fake news no doesn't that under very fake i know but aren't you. project veritas founder james o'keefe has become famous for hidden camera videos in which he gets people to open up in ways that they usually wouldn't do now this has gotten him in trouble in the past he's currently facing a one million dollar lawsuit for a video in which he pretended to be someone else posed as someone else and interviewed people working for a for a contracting firm that was allegedly working for the democratic party now o'keefe says this lawsuit is simply intimidation now if things are as they appear in this video it seems that the fake news label will be on c.n.n. back for quite a long time but we spoke with the communications director of the group responsible
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for the video and he told us that the produces would still carry a lot of weight as he's at the heart of the decision making process at c.n.n. . he's sitting in those meetings he's part of the decision making process or privy to the decision making process we're not sure which what they air and what they don't air his own pieces were dry so they could carry russian pieces so he's right in the middle of that myth of what they are and what they don't care yes certainly qualified to speak to the issue the only way to get to the truth sometimes is with undercover video which has a very rich and long and proud tradition undercover investigations of obtaining the truth and other mechanisms fail people are not going to sit up there and brag on the podium that were corrupt we weren't specifically looking for this angle but we know i mean this is a general area we were going we didn't know exactly what would catch we caught it i'm not expecting a backlash from this particular video because we followed the law we followed what the letter and the intent of the law with how we have tens of a.t.f.
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we heard that c.n.n. said that they are going to put out any sort of statement however they're sort of tweeting out some stuff and we're tweeting back at i'm donald trump's tweet we're right in the mix with them right now on twitter obviously we're not going to tell you what's coming up or who it is that targets are but we have many targets in the mainstream media that we're actively working on and we'll have more on c n n coming sometime very soon. and in another development three c.n.n. journalists who were on a ny we're trying to russia related story have had to resign the network says they didn't follow standard editorial process is president from persuaded into once again accusing c.n.n. of publishing fake nice rates go down like he's a human right and offer to when he joins us now to discuss all this a bit further down what did you make of this video then this being released by various house. well i think it's quite fascinating i think it confirms what a lot of us believe that
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a lot of this so-called russia gate scandal is ginned up that it is being done for many reasons for ratings as you mentioned being done for political expediency for the democrats to give cover to a loss to trump that seemed impossible and now you know it's being verified that a lot of this is exaggerated or in some cases just made up. as you mentioned i'm an author of wrote the book the plot to scapegoat rush and i talk about the various ways in which the media manipulates truth to justify in particular war in a number of cases and that's what we're seeing here with c.n.n. and it's this type of fake news so-called is true across the board. in the media in this country. he what sort of ramifications do you think there will
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be to c.n.n. here because i mean i spoken to other people today and they weren't entirely surprised by the findings of this video and it made me think you know will actually people turn off c.n.n. or is this just a ratings winner regardless. well i think what i'm hoping the repercussions will be not just for c.n.n. but for the other networks and the print media that they're going to be a lot more careful i hope with their journalism or anti journalism is john pilger would say. and in particular when it comes to russia this russia hysteria has got to stop. it is twenty four seven in the news you know one would have the view if you just came down from outer space and watched our news that russia was the greatest threat to world peace which it's not in fact a recent survey says that in fact the united states is which i think is closer to the truth. we need to get
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a hold on what is happening in the world and this constant vilification of russia is just dangerous russia is a nuclear power you know we are being pushed into a confrontation with russia that no one should want in their right minds why does it do you think damn when when there are a lot of stories like this i mean we heard it in that the man himself in the video admit you know this is done to boost ratings but why a people so in thrall would buy stories concerning russia true or not. well i think what they're in thrall to with is the possibility of the idea that somehow the latter may or putin picked the president of the united states which is an absurdity i mean it's about as likely as people encounter him sasquatch or space aliens and that's interesting to people because it's so. unbelievable and now
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we're realizing it's unbelievable because it didn't really happen but you know well i think that's what interests people the absurd. things that seem far fetched that might be true in this case it's not true ok nice until she unfortunately we've run out of time there would have to wrap it up but it was done violate human rights lawyer and author thank you. t.j. cyber attack has hit firms in at least ten different countries from india to the united states who was first reported in ukraine and russia which have been the worst hit countries france to santiago has more details several major companies all across the europe have come under attack major firm in the u.k. w p p a major logistics company in denmark major companies in the netherlands we're getting reports from spain and france the most countries affected have been ukraine and russia in ukraine. airport as well as the met shows subway
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systems major ukrainian banks even the ukrainian government computers all have come under attack by another ransomware virus now as far as russia the building behind me eros never teach you a major oil giant came under attack their servers suffered a massive onslaught but were able to revert to reserve systems keeping most of their oil production of. on line now the way this ransomware works is it locks the computer down and asked for a few hundred to five hundred dollars ransom to be paid in order for the computer to be accessible again and just to sort of understand the magnitude of this malware going across the world just a little over a month ago major attack took place of this. same type of virus called want to
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cry hitting more than seventy thousand computers worldwide affected major hospitals in the u.s. and the u.k. not having access to their computers business is one down you know causing major havoc all across and it's funny of that attack in particular russia happened to be the main target suffering the most attacks and taking in most attempts some very successful now as far as this attack that just happened today spares experts confirmed that this malware has spread all over the world and it's really hard to predict when and where it might hit next this is all we know so far we will keep you updated. let's get the thoughts of. a cyber security expert and joins us at the saving nice to have you on what you make of what's been happening today because it sounds surprising perhaps to some people that such large companies and institutions that targeted they don't seem to be very vulnerable.
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basically what is happening to we have to go through the day i think to read through or is this seem over the want to cry attacks. because a. lot of companies like oh security is not possible that just a few weeks after the. same problems. again ukraine or russia were targeted. it's quite difficult in these moments the mission that we use that we have a lot of. in fact. crane also russia probably the infection started over there but anyway to say that by the expert that these kinds of attacks be easier moving the everywhere and can be started the nary time so it's very hard
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to predict which would be diffusion of the infection and what can be done to protect companies against this or is this just becoming a new way of life. has it to do before if you see these cool theorem of the attack effect or is this seen that was you see the no want to cry out doctor is necessary the update of the system probably all the systems that have been infected there should be well not up to date and this is absolutely in my opinion so you'd expect law perhaps attacks in the future would you. see an increase over the number of cyber attacks are. normal because we are launching our surveys are dark so we use e we are using a greater number of devices that these connected to the nec talks to so it's normal the number of parks so we'll increase them and the probably the extortion so rahm's way of business that will increase to ok pier luigi look we'll leave it there nice
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to have you on tape tonight that's pier luigi paganini a cyber security expert now russia has called the united states threat of force against the syrian government unacceptable the white house claim that the assad leadership is preparing a chemical weapons attack president trumps press secretary says the u.s. will take action if that happens. the united states is identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the side regime the united states is in syria to eliminate the slum extrude of iraq and syria if however mr assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons he and his military will pay a heavy price with our middle east correspondent paula slick gauge the international reaction to those claims the kremlin has responded saying that it is familiar with the statement but it is not aware of its basis a criminal spokesperson said that they categorically disagree with the wording and
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now the attack stressing that damascus cannot be held liable for the last attack because despite all of russia's demands an unbiased international investigation has still not been carried out moscow also says that it considers any threats to the legitimate leadership of syria unacceptable. we consider such threats to the legitimate government of the syrian arab republic unacceptable but at the same time it's important to point out that we also consider unacceptable the use of chemical weapons the potential danger of repeated provocation with chemical weapons in syria still exists while the white house a statement on the threat of a new chemical attack is interesting indeed let's first look at the wording this statement says that they have detected potential preparations that would likely result in mass civilian casualties particularly innocent children are that's quite emotive language obviously used to garner support for such a statement the statement also talks about a potential preparations but what exactly does this mean there are no details given
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other than that it is similar or seemingly similar to what the u.s. detected before the last chemical attack back in april the statement also says any chemical attack in syria in the immediate future will be blamed on assad and his allies now there is no investigation no due process just punishment now as far as the damascus government goes they've denied the white house allegations that they may be preparing for a new. chemical attack they insist again that they have never used such arms at the same time we're hearing from several state department officials who are typically involved in coordinating such announcements and they say that they were caught completely off guard by the warning which didn't appear to be discussed in advance with any other kind of national security agencies and then the united kingdom is weighing in it says that it will back u.s. action against syria despite seeing no evidence of this alleged attack even being prepared i want to leave your nodo we think it's absolutely right if we try to
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prevent the use of chemical weapons and we will fully support any u.s. search or display reporting while the u.s. allegations do come despite moscow's latest call for washington to avoid any provocations in syria russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov made the request in a phone conversation with his u.s. counterpart and the call was initiated by washington and was the first time the diplomats have spoken since the downing of a syrian military jet by the u.s. just over a week ago the to discuss the need to consolidate a cease fire in syria as well as suppress attempts to use chemical weapons by any party to the conflict and this mentioned mr lavrov stress the u.s. must not carry out hostile actions against government forces we discuss the latest with jim he's a professor of history and international relations at the lebanese university in beirut and he believes the u.s. is looking for an excuse to attack the syrian government. so i believe that this is
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mainly. not done by the united states to have a pretext because i believe that it's planning to. have an attack on the syrian army at the time when this army is achieving major success in the field. was able to reach the. spite of. all obstacles set by the united states and against all odds it was able to reach our. city on the freighters and at the same time it's heading towards a data which will be a tenth of the united states to have. influence in syria and the north eastern part of. the u.s. state department has released its annual report into countries with the worst human trafficking human trafficking record the report has broken down into different categories two countries that have improved on last year's report in terms of
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eradicating children being used to soldiers in mind and iraq can as despite numerous violations being reported by human rights groups in those countries we're joining us live now to discuss all of this is joe baca he's a children's rights advocacy director for human rights watch and it's good to have you on joe. eve said before judge just reading here you said that this list is subject to back green political calculations to think that that has happened this time. it's definitely happened this year by leaving out burma and iraq the state department is denying facts on the ground the government of iraq sorry the government of burma released over sixty children from its ranks just last friday and there are continued new reports of children being recruited by the national armed forces and human rights watch has documented recruitment of children by militia units in iraq throughout two thousand and sixteen and the united nations has said itself that children fighting in these military units have been killed
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while fighting against isis so the new list is unfortunately a lie it's saying that burma and iraq have no child soldiers when in fact we know that it's a continuing problem a continuing problem why are they trying to brush it under the carpet and she think . it's hard to say political calculations are probably at play here and we're emerging congress to ask questions about what the process is that state department used to come up with the list this year reports are that secretary chiller son actually over his own diplomats and his own staff to take burma and iraq off the list this year. joe you able to do the job is just going to be you able to exert any pressure then on who goes on this list i mean what's the process of determining what are the checks and balances in determining who pays on this list. so the state department is responsible to develop this list every year they always reach out to non-governmental organizations like human rights watch so that
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we can provide what documentation we have that's relevant we did provide evidence of child recruitment by iraqi military units last year and they are the state department also has access to comprehensive reporting by the united nations and so these kinds of facts are supposed to determine which countries appear on the list and this year burma and iraq are big omissions afghanistan so it was also removed from the child soldier trafficking this last year is a similar is there a similar situation there. we also have an issue with afghanistan unlike burma and iraq afghanistan has never been on the list there are forces called the afghan local police that have been using and recruiting child soldiers but state department says that they aren't subject to the law that creates the list we differ with their opinion and believe that in fact afghanistan is responsible for child
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recruitment and also belongs on the list the significance of this list is that any country that's on it can be subject to u.s. military sanctions and in fact the withholding of military financing and military training has influenced countries in the past to make real progress on ending the use of child soldiers the democratic republic of congo is a perfect example when the u.s. said that it was going to cut back on military assistance the government really started making progress to end its recruitment of child soldiers and there's been no new cases reported for several years now but by leaving burma afghanistan and iraq off the list altogether the u.s. is losing its leverage and these countries have no incentive to address this problem. to avoid is being listened to joe in any way would you feel a bit powerless when they come out. well until you know in the past with felt that the listing was pretty good so we are very disappointed this year at these big
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missions and we hope that secretary taylor soon in the state department will pay attention we have also been in communication with members of congress to raise questions about the listing this year and i hope that in the future these our missions will not occur and that the u.s. will use all of its leverage to influence governments and their recruitment and use of children in war ok joe thanks for your time tonight we'll leave it there that joe baca who is the children's rights advocacy director of human rights watch thank you. cathles foreign minister is meeting with the u.s. secretary of state later on cheese day as part of efforts to resolve the diplomatic crisis on the arabian peninsula is currently facing a blockade following accusations from saudi arabia and a number of other arab states that it is backing and financing terrorism they all say demand that it distances itself from tehran when iran's top diplomat met with his german counterpart here peter oliver has the details on that. the diplomatic
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snafu that's taking place in the arabian gulf spreading over to europe in some senses we had heard from. the german foreign minister saying that he felt that some of the demands being made from the saudi led group that includes saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain in egypt been placed on guitar that they were far too harsh now he's been discussing this and other issues with the iranian foreign minister mr gabriele had said that some of the points that have been put forward by the saudi side were negotiable however some of them went too far now what was included in this list of demands were things like the closure of an air base. a turkish air base that was located in cuts are also the shutting down of the al jazeera news network and all of its affiliates mr gabriele saying that in the eyes
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of his government well this just goes too far in the list of points some of them of course. able to negotiate some other this would. be a. challenge to the national sovereignty of qatar the day of the list is more or less a very provocative list it's difficult to answer has been suggested that the whole idea of this blockade backed by saudi arabia was to try and isolate iran in the region but also bring qatar under control bring it to heel well what it seems to have done is that it's well brought. together and it's also you see from what we've just heard from the german foreign minister there it's involved to europe or european nations on the side of guitar against these demands that have been placed . reporting that will be more for me in about half an hour's time next day we've
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got watching the hawks and they talk to superstar wrestling about how americans can bring about positive changes in the country. our own. school.
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welcome to another week in the swamp watchers when it comes to the divide between rural and urban america nothing could spin the mind quite so much the perspective
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from each side is that one doesn't know what life is like for the other and the truth is they don't according to a washington post kaiser family foundation survey of seven hundred americans in rural areas and small towns they found was that sixty seven percent of rural residents rated the job opportunities in their communities as fair or poor while urban residents were split fifty fifty between fair and excellent were american see so little hope for their communities that fifty nine percent of those surveyed said that young people should move away from their home towns and cities only forty one percent think young people should move away and much of that may be the fault of perceptions city folk don't understand the struggle of country folk and country folk think everyone else has a better but we're american see the divide as cultural ryan loss in a wisconsin native told with the washington post quote being from a rural area everyone looks out for each other people in my experience in cities
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are not as compassionate toward their neighbor as people in rural parts the poll also found that about four in ten that's forty two percent of rural residents say that immigrants are a burden on the country nearly three times the share of urban residents sixteen percent who say so so this find the facts many are suffering in rural communities with bad economies oppressive police tactics and federal policies that feed the rich and starve the poor rural communities have lots of complaints but very little solutions partly because of a lack of candidates on the local and state level that are invested in the future of those communities but the age of the new. the republican administration has let sawyer's in municipal politics and today we're going to meet a man who went from international fame to a mayoral candidate in tennessee with a bag full of solutions for what ails them so let's take it to the local level and start watching the hawks.


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