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this is going underground. in the u.k. by banging one hundred million pounds of taxpayers' money each to ten. yes that's one billion pounds or one point three billion dollars coming up on the show. in the u.k. about one the tories of. negotiations in brussels this week from shutting down the freedom of the press to. look at how. government funding. which is building a bridge into troubled water. fever pitch. well the civil war
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coming up in today's going underground but first. corporate media were quick to downplay the weekend's demonstrations in east london protesting the death of a young black father known as that sent off to detention by british police allegations of institutional racism in britain's media let alone law enforcement agencies continue arguably to be hushed up the u.k. police regulator the independent police complaints commission said at the er doc costa known as it soon became unwell during a police operation the i.p.c.c. even before they've investigated the death is concerned about what they call the very dangerous consequences of what they say has been a rapid spread of false and potentially inflammatory information on social media rioting broke out on sunday night that being said he has direct campbell one of the police regulators commissioners thing to do in the past of not being really good. we've make some mistakes and people remember those things and they hold on to those
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things go this went wrong in the past but what we try to what we try to do now in the way that we're moving forward is to say we recognize that what the i.p.c.c. is critics might ask is whether they recognize the don't one u.k. police officer has been convicted for any of the thousands of deaths in british police custody since the late one nine hundred sixty s. unlike in the us a way us police have actually been convicted and where awareness of institutional racism in law enforcement is growing not least because of events like the acquittal of a police officer who did this to an innocent man a warning the next step is graphic and disturbing that you can footage. that. the person. having had a black president appears to have changed a little something the president donald trump touched on in his campaign for the
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white house look i am not african american communities or suffered under democratic control to those are. the following. what do you have to lose by trying something new like from well one early visit of president trump after his victory in the united states and our next guest political strategist gerry gunther together there in banks and you keeps nigel farage has to trump before he moved into the white house they are of course better known here as instrumental in the referendum on britain leaving the european union jerry gunther c.e.o. of public affairs and advocacy firm. joins us now via skype from washington d.c. kerry gunstar welcome to going underground again so do you see a week british government now watering down only will of the british people when it comes to u.k. policy being independent of neoliberal brussels and strasburg yeah well first off
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thank you very much for having me back on your show obviously the general election of two thousand and seventeen that i think theresa may had thought maybe early on a couple of months ago was going to give her that mandate that she needed to walk into brussels and begin negotiations from a position of strength have changed and i think that it pretty clear that the fact is that she does not have that mandate anymore and there's a lot of fear from the folks that i worked with on the leave side that they're not going to get the harbor exit and that it's going to get watered down into some khana soft drugs it and i think that's just the reality of the situation that. prime minister may has created as a result of the two thousand and seventeen election aaron banks's book of the bad boys a brick said you feature in that book he expressed his disappointment about there not being a left wing movement jeremy corbyn of course being against the e.u.
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for his political life from the better part of the party could he help stop the watering down of a brick set in the mandate of by a given by the. people sure i don't these are any question about it i mean if corgan was able to take a slightly different position on where he is with bribes and bring some of these left and right people together it certainly would be helpful and look i mean right after again the general election of two thousand and seventeen corin looked very strong coming out of that there are even you know a lot of talk about whether or not he should be the prime minister or should or should be some short shared power between him and the tory parties but you know fast forward to where we are today you see what's happening teresa mayes cutting a deal with the g.o.p. so clearly that puts theresa may a little bit more back into the driver see economy put corben in the passenger seat once again i'm sure there's a lot more negotiating
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a lot more discussion is going to happen with respect to that had quite a few eyebrows lifted on that one you obviously iran a great help to run a great campaign against elite media air in britain any danger that he has a keeping their eye off the ball because a pretty obvious to anyone in this country arguably that the elite media certainly television media is is for britain remaining in the european union yeah that that has always been the disadvantage that we had the you know as we call here and states the mainstream media has was always in a position where they would like to remain in united kingdom and they continue to push that narrative but i can tell you you know having spent a lot of time with nigel farage an arab banks in the team of the levy you and richard tice and those folks these guys aren't going away they're not going away and they believe that the right thing to do is to get out of this relationship with
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the e.u. to move forward and you know the truth is the quicker they can do this the better everybody's going to be off the european union the united kingdom they need to get this done so that people can move on there are a lot of issues. the e.u. needs to work out a lot of things that are happening in united kingdom and it's time to get on with it right well how do you explain that polling organizations the ones that tended to get things more right than wrong care or have a general election they say that overwhelmingly the young in britain support membership of the european union similar taney asli of course by a landslide they support jeremy corbyn who is against the european union right i mean look i find it fascinating that this seems to be new information to folks that are polling and new information to folks in the media we have known from the very beginning that the people that we're not going to move into will leave position or the millenniums and the young people this is not new information even though i have
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a facebook as a tool well because facebook you know i use facebook and i'm a fifty year old man i mean the truth is that my my younger children look at facebook and say well that's what my parents use now facebook is great but it is it is truly not the exact meaning that my nails are using metal ions of different things that they're viewing and getting their information from in these days in today's you know world of technology from the very beginning we knew that the millennium goals were going to be in the remaining. and our job was to understand that demographic and geographic where they were located and talk to the other people in the united kingdom who we needed to secure their base and get this thing over the top so it is not a surprise that money will continue to be in a position where they'd like to remain they've always been when we ran our campaign we went to the people that were most affected by this issue outside of that
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demographic and outside of that geographic base what about immigration and how that helped the brics at the campaign do you think nato wars in libya and syria creating the massive refugee crisis actually helped the british. well look you know the first thing is that any kind of war any kind of things that's that are happening that are outside of our control are horrific events and i'm certainly not going to try to tie one of those things to two to the other i mean nobody wants war nobody wants the things that are happening in syria libya. you know i don't believe that it's that it is a thing that you can say how to it's a horrible situation but if you look at the single market you are looking at a there are fundamental things that a single market has one of them is movement of people one of them is the movement of consumer goods there is movement of money there's a lot of things that go into
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a single market now it is not being racist as not being seen a fall here to understand that five hundred sixty thousand people coming into the united kingdom on a yearly basis is a problem it is a strain on the system there are sixty million people in there if this happened in a single united states meaning a state where five hundred thousand people are coming into that state on a yearly basis we would have a crisis it is unsustainable or be in heaven. airbags book that i just mentioned it was a conscious decision the into the political strategy they use immigration rather than feeling any. economic argument surety outlook immigration means a lot of things but it is the movement of people. now but that is that is clearly these probably the single biggest issue that is going to be a part of the negotiations in a very difficult and contentious manner that is the one piece or they're going to
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have to have to figure out how to sort it out and there could be some banging of heads on stopping and just finally what about the calyx campaign you've been working on you've got less than a month to get them has it number of signatures how possible do you think it's going to be to get california separating from the united states of america right what we you know we have we have been working on it and not a it's not how accidents cow fix it calyx it means that you actually want to have state of california leave saddam working with our par more interested in a solution that partitions the state in a way that gives everybody proper representation you know california is a big state those forty million people in the state of california there are six to seven million children who sit under one department of education now that is a lot of kids to sit under one department and and the folks that are more who would like to see a state where people are having better representation from their elected officials
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or their kids have an education system that is working better because it's smaller so it isn't talent it is cow for example we have a long way to go if the rules in california are such that we actually have until i believe january february to submit the signatures by should we move or i'm absolutely confident that we would get this thing about but there are still some questions about whether or not we're going to do it when we're going to do it but it is it is an interesting idea that's being floated by some people who would just prefer to see california. the way that it used to be a better state for the kids a better state for the economy more jobs those kinds of things and looking forward by the way does that mean that eventually it's the supremes court that has to decide on california independent yes so that so yes the the initiative a referendum is is an essentially a way to say to the united states government to congress the people of california have spoken the next step would have to be the united states congress would have to
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look at this and decide whether or not they wish to have another state in in our country show that is this is a long term process but again there's a lot of people california that just feel like they're just affected by what's happening in state capital sacramento much like what happened with rags where people were were concerned about what's happening in brussels much like the trumpet jury or people concerned about what was happening in washington and we're looking for a change carry guns to thank you after the break blood the oil is u.s. support to saudi waivers of a qatari to months we look at the world's largest source of unaccountable power and from the headlines well reveal the firefights in the streets of london and the war of words over the firestorm graham bell tower told us it will come to a going on the ground.
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while the liberal mainstream media serve up an endless menu of trump bashing in russia gave the democratic party in the so-called resistance continue to lose elections are the attempts to destroy trump at all costs destroying the democrats and undermining the credibility of the liberal mainstream media. welcome back the richest per capita country in the world. which hosts the u.s. fifth fleet has reportedly just five days to shut down al-jazeera and links to iran if it wants to end economic warfare from saudi arabia egypt the u.a.e. and bahrain as nato nation turkey continues to pour troops into gaza which is now importing supplies from iran even donald trump's secretary of state rex tillerson is calling the demands difficult to meet me meanwhile support saudi policy including our collaboration on the bombing of yemen with three hundred thousand now
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face color blood oil tyrants violence in the rules that run the world examines nato nations support for repressive regimes its author reza when our chair philosophy and lord king's college london joins me now live welcome to going underground you're being riggin your book with supply chains how we may wake up in egypt time spain there are no waste of energy way or another feat and then you single out one particular country the country which is chosen by don't trump as his first foreign visitors present the united states why saudi arabia saudi arabia as you know is the biggest oil state in the world and the oil that comes through from saudi arabia through the world supply trains not only gives us petroleum but a lot of the ordinary products we buy every day so essentially if it's plastic it's oil if it's synthetic it's likely made from oil committee oil in your glasses that might be in your waistband you might have smeared it on your face this morning or oil is everywhere and a lot of it comes from saudi arabia you do however blame not so much the financial
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institutions in this books and or banking system as much as african dictators and people in the developing nations rather than us as consumers or is that too. there's a lot of blame to go around as we know western countries have been very violent and we're producing countries for many decades western oil companies have often exploited oil exporting countries for many decades as a lot of blame to go around with the book is about is about a rule that force. as consumers around the world to fund some of the most ruthless and dangerous men in the world when they buy oil or when they buy anything that's made from oil were transported by oil which is almost everything we buy but if our entire infrastructure is designed by politicians who could be a lot we devoted big fossil fuel government you cannot blame us as consumers in the west for propping up. dictates is from saddam hussein to the gulf but.
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no i don't blame consumers of course we don't want to send our money to ruthless autocrats and violent civil warriors and oil producing states the problem is deep the problem is an old archaic law left over from the days of the atlantic slave trade that forces us to send our money essentially to whoever can control by force in foreign countries this old law in every country says that for the oil of other countries might makes right so for example years ago when gadhafi took over libya in a coup british law said it was legal to buy libya's oil from get off the and then years later when rebels took over some of those same wells british law every country's laws that it was legal to buy libya's oil from the rebels that's the law that puts us into business essential with whoever has the most guns overseas we are an educator why is it you think every time british servicemen and women or indeed
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all nature's others whether women i mean us to fight for against terrorism which is usually the reason that's being given or fight for international law they're not fully explained there's been full explanation in the media that allude to the troops that oil could be part of it yeah i think people know that oil has something to do with the threat or even mentions by politicians libya was never mentioned about the oil this we just crude oil in the world sometimes you get stories about oil but the real story about oil is this very deep one that we all take for granted that we will buy oil from whoever can seize the wells by force now that law makes no sense from an ordinary standpoint i mean if an armed gang takes over the shell station down the street no one thinks that british law should give the gang the right to sell off the petrol and keep the money but when saddam's hunta to go over iraq in a coup many years ago every country's law said it was legal to buy your. well from britain's intelligence that i would say you did good and then but let me just say
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when isis took over some of those same wells it became legal to buy iraq's oil from isis that's the law that incentivizes authoritarians and civil war years to take control of the oil over seas and that's what gives them an accountable power oil is the largest source of countable power in the world if you can keep controls over those holes in the ground you get a huge funnel of money from the world and that money comes in with no strings attached it never has to be paid back and of course the money comes in completely unaccountable to the people of the country who have to watch from behind fences as the natural resources of their country are sold off ok but the british government which wanted to bomb syria the syrian government in effect all the mist in syria the moderate rebels so-called there's no oil in that war was there is it was worth syria in fact an interesting fact about the popular uprisings that we've seen in the last ten years in the green revolution in iran to the arab spring revolutions
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of two thousand and eleven is the authoritarians that didn't have much oil felt a popular revolt while the authoritarian that had a lot of oil survived the only exception to that was get off it you had a lot of oil of course the rebels had nato as their air force syria is the interesting intermediate case syria is running out of oil it's just at the level between the authoritarians that fell and tora bora terry and that survived and you think that the age of all the big it didn't understand the correlation when they were going for this one will go over that would look in the big picture the key message is the west has tried. for forty years to control the power of oil from outside the country three main strategies and ask yourself how is it working so sometimes the west has tried to make alliances with authoritarian regimes the shah of iran saddam gadhafi the saudis sometimes the west has tried military action go for a walk or for to cover the region and drones sometimes the west tries sanctions iran
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iraq syria sudan russia how's it working this is what western leaders need to ask themselves how are their strategies working simply in terms of stability of the middle east well last year the director of the cia stood up in front of congress and said the middle east is the worst it's been in fifty years and the region faces precedented bloodshed the west no one can control the power of oil from outside these countries our government should state change their laws change our laws to say we believe that the resources of every country belong to the people of that country and we're not going to buy oil or any other resources from anyone who is not accountable to their own people that's what president obama was saying it was an extent and they were funding as they've done so often in the buzz opposition groups in iran opposition groups or venezuela the country with the largest oil assets in the world known as it. that's often what we hear from federal security
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service agencies of nato funded groups below to overthrow populous leaders like. that is not what i'm suggesting the strategy here is much more principled. peacefully gradually responsibly countries in the west will taper off all imports from authoritarian regimes who are not accountable to their people the west doesn't need that well anymore we shouldn't be buying from those men who are attacking and oppressed because we're going to renewable is that we could go as all that oil is going to be exported somewhere else that is really asia the fastest growing economies we should have a autocrats two alternatives plan that will get us off fossil fuels as fast as is feasible and on top of sources of energy and that's one way to get us out of business with a metaplot abroad but as a live one i thank you thanks very much. but you go through some weeks stories now is opec the broadcaster and former liberal democrat member of parliament but
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you said the. us for a lot of cash to prop up tourism is governed one hundred million pounds per m p drama dollar ready saying it's a political bribe or a good deal there it's a fantastic deal if you're the d.p. or if you are north mart and bear in mind almost two thirds of the northern ireland economy is propped up by state funding all the parties are pretty much socialist they've got these elections coming up that people forget about for the north mind assembly great politics by then maybe not so popular over here because it's bound to be for evocative and destabilizing to the peace process in northern ireland by the way just before we get to the next headline which is about a socialist irish group the electoral commission fact sheet that i go before the general elections and it's an offense of bribery even to bribery includes where someone directly or indirectly gives any money to induce any voter to vote or not vote it's just not counted in the palace of westminster absolutely doesn't count at all not in westminster if i was to give you fifty pounds to vote for me and you
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could prove it that's a really big no no big big offense but if i give you a billion pounds or hundred million pounds to stick with my side because i haven't quite got a majority. because i screwed up the general election that's completely allowed you explain it to me after and imperiously jr immediately said my friend my close friend or something in parliament but there is precedent for this because you're afraid i'll be laughing as well because they get the cash too but not this group in your first piece from the daily record it's all connected up yesterday recalled from scotland says militant irish republican group plans scottish rally to recruit new supporters it doesn't say this is explicitly because of the deal with the u.p.a. but there's gotta be a connection as a chap called david jordan he's the party's chairman and he was accused of attempting to murder a police officer but the charges were dropped so he wasn't found guilty of anything anyway they're up in scotland arming up to do whatever they are going to do there's no secret about their agenda they want to united ireland and they are pretty
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militant as opposed to the republican. side most of the parties on the north of ireland want a socialist socialist north of where they want to raise i'm a stale socialism that's relative states of that's right but it does work you get the money well this to this will the news in the mainstream media the grubby deal will go by a lot of people daily stir talking about a subject that hasn't been on t.v. as much as go to the strangely yes it hasn't been reported daily star says the london riots six cops amid flaming violent clashes on our streets now what on earth could have caused this it said a chap has died of a violent incident in custody his name was adair frederico de coster as he died in hospital six days after being in custody now the police and i say quote at the met police has categorically denied that this happened obviously they're not just denying it they're categorically denying it so obviously it is and i have easy inquiry because he was in custody and the i.p.c.c.
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is releasing information about the case before they've done the investigation and heard of that before i have to verify their mass rioting in london they look like i have heard of that before but it does provide any. answer having an objective assessment for or against the case ok well we had terror attacks we had this tragedy of dread fell which caused a long shadow let's go straight to the daily mail's version and this is more nerve the things that increase in the political heat of the moment in the country daily mail says fury as labor calls tower fire murder it's actually john mcdonald who's called it that he's not the only person a lot of people say that there should be criminal charges that somebody has to be found guilty i've been there myself and there is such an anger in the streets they say it's not where we live it's who we are that means that we haven't been listened to john simply expressing that point of view but of course the daily mail is outraged by this i should be afraid or ashamed gols eight hundred forty five in the make it a condition of the working class called deaths of working class is murder as much
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death where violence as the baseball or bullet pretty standard of the shadow chancellor those on the record for the chancellor marx and engels would say this the chance that lily allen jeremy corbyn and people have been living amongst this with homeless people and they make a very interesting point they say we think hundreds of people have died there why not rather than counting the missing count the ones who are present and correct and then work out what's happened to everybody else a lot of hatred of mainstream media reporting of events like that and also. for your next story because it's a story we've been covering iran going underground but not the way the statement is b.b.c. covers here we've talked about this a lot and still it doesn't raise its head above the parapet very often b.b.c. says yemen faces world's worst cholera outbreak and that's when the united nations specifically the world health organization hundreds of thousands of people suffering from cholera and that compares to thousands upon thousands probably over ten thousand civilians who've been killed by the war itself it's
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a natural disaster if you think that pestilence necessarily follows the natural act of war others say this is a completely complete preventable cause. aster fate if the west wasn't sponsoring saudi arabia by selling them to put this in perspective if the u.k. had the same proportion of people suffering color would be three quarters of a million human beings that would be a scandal b. would never accept that but this place is far away and repeatedly saying in paloma before the general election britain will continue to saudi arabia to bomb yemen and this was even after agencies talked about also being won't let it over. that type of a show we're back on saturday with by the questions since calling a snap election in april this year jill thank you that's right social media we'll see on saturday forty is still a day native american activist eleven percent of the two life terms in prison in what amnesty international called.
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i'm stunned calling more than. we're going to be your hopes for the treat thousand and seventy confederations cup here in russia we're going to be visiting the host cities are sochi. moscow going to be great but i'm talking full of course also politics i think pretty much covering every topic the fans need to know about the head of the match so don't forget to join us on field it's going to be full and let me know.
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what do you think's going to happen this week with all russia. c n n presenter van jones apparently calls the network's coverage of russia stories a big nothing on the hidden camera it is the latest scandal with hit the channel in recent days. russia's foreign minister warns that rebel groups in syria could try to make the assad government of pig guilty of carrying out chemical attack comes after the u.s. said it would retaliate against damascus should it carry out any such. also. try to expose. the u.k. prime minister faces some tough.


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