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tv   Keiser Report  RT  June 30, 2017 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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the prime minister of iraq declares victory over islamic state which has now been driven out of the city of mosul. russia's foreign ministry rejects america's chemical weapons claim against syria calling it a pretext for military action. the us defense intelligence agency issued a report on russia piloting r t and also sporting news agency as friends. for the latest on these stories go to r.t. dot com next the kaiser report is in mexico mexico finding out why americans are heading across the border seeking medical care don't go away.
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box cars are of this is the car i was a report in mexico city of this year but of course the next kaiser we're still in mexico city were here for the next week and a half so you'll see several more episodes here you'll see that evolution of our journey through mexico city where trying to keep it all together we're ordering all or you know ski days and i don't is or would something like that we had some pretty crazy food here and walkable with press offers for example so i haven't had before now i'm addicted to just start my day without it also that escalates i think that's what the and where only a little obvious joke at the mall there's also like to spread it all over and just look buy stuff claim there's nothing called whoever. or whatever it's like heuvel mixed with whatever i call the whole way over you know when we're here in mexico they're very welcoming to americans we're very welcomed wherever we go of course
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you can't say the same certainly on the political agenda in america trump has called the mexicans many bad words and he's warned americans about them crossing the border but what many americans don't understand is actually there are currently six thousand american refugees per day crossing the border from america to mexico no it doesn't go the other way it's not mexico to america there are those that are fleeing the drug violence but here we have people fleeing the health insurance market violence and that is the headline a mexican town is giving americans something donald trump can't affordable dental care chunks anti mexican rhetoric doesn't worry the six hundred dentists in. algo donis or the u.s. dental refugees they treat many of whom voted for trump we're helping the united
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states take care of the people they are not able to says one of the dentists there oh it's silent they're not able to go is that they're not willing to they don't care this is a really against the poor it's like genocide against the poor americans go to just just ask the sioux or the cherokee but you know what i look at america now i see in essence isn't towns across the nation that will trying to string around muller's or varies by couples and then time it to a car and having their friend excel rater to get that to them i mean it's a chip an easy way to get it to extraction but it's probably not the healthiest that's how they used to do in the old days you might hear some of the noise in the background that will be like people beeping their hands this is the traffic going on in mexico city this is classic mexico city traffic beeping beeping beeping beeping beeping beeping so however los adlib don't know it's a town of only six thousand i'm sure there are no honking horns because the
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american refugees the dental refugees come over on buses so there are just probably just a few buses coming in maybe there honking to each other i like the opening line to this article on buzz feed because they journalists arrives and they're immediately approached by a man named pablo who says hello my friends are you looking for a dentist so he is somebody hired to draw in you know they were refugees to his particular clinic that he's at and. they quote the killer quote is this line that he says to the journalist buddy it's a mine for us the failing of the american state the american markets to provide dental care at a reasonable cost to the american citizen oh you know well there's a black market for i understand a dental crowns you know for two handguns you get a nice job because of colonial crown. is that what eric holder claimed that's what eric holder claimed when he authorized fast and furious by sending all these guns
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to mexico is going to help somehow people get better to care you know while we've been down here to teach care. and diligence arms are my specialty i mean it's often . yeah you know while we've been down here there's been a debate going on in america regarding trump care versus obamacare now they have this trunk care version from the senate we already saw the congressional one the house of representatives version well the senate version is apparently even worse so however the fact is that by it's a bipartisan event that neither party neither the democrats or nor the republicans wish to provide dental care to anybody and the article points out it's also a necessity to have this town call most of the done is while donald trump and congress have made repealing replacing the affordable care act one of their top legislative priorities what's rarely mentioned is that the u.s. is in the midst of a dental care crisis according to the national association of dental plans one
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hundred fourteen million americans don't have dental insurance including forty six point three million people age sixty five or older and for those who do the costs of dental work can still be out of reach so enter moeller city as it is known down near yuma arizona. go to moaners right here in mexico sit next fantastic well it shows you the power of the lobbyists in washington who represent the dental association and the pharmaceutical companies that not only do you have an opiate crisis in america killing of thousands of people every month or so you've got people want to know tooth no teeth to those trying to go around them go. around armor america are. going to die. it's quite shocking but it saves the pharmaceutical companies one of the executives get to pay the bill. bonuses executive bonuses are what matter not people's health get that money in mexico
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there's a slightly different approach to people's well being they think health care is maybe part of a package of human rights and of course they're right about that but the culture is richer it's deeper well actually you know and dental health care is something that a lot of western governments including the u.k. and much of europe the united states it's often not even covered in the public health care systems even though it's so crucial to our health and this is something that you know many scientists doctors are figuring out now that it's actually very important to our health but in terms of the americans that are fleeing america the american health care system to be treated down here most of the americans i spoke with him or their city voted for trump the president's dark warnings of mexican rapists and gangsters coming into the u.s. haven't deterred his supporters from coming to mexico for dental care so they're pouring in the mayor of this town is actually who said that quote at the top i mis
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represented his position he is not a dentist he is a mayor he could be a dentist but he's also the mayor. go down as mayors christian camacho and he says we're helping the united states take care of the people they are not able to know how to fix it really because they pushed these dentists anywhere they pushed on a lot of the brothels though working on that side of the border but some of them have stayed you know that them work both orifices for the price of one great deal come on down the motor city yet in fact it is considered one of the safest of the border cities it's the border cities that are the most violent and when the american press will talk about how violent mexico is what they fail to mention is that it's mostly the border towns and the reason why the border towns are so violent is because well americans demand a lot of drugs and those drugs are coming from latin america from mexico through the border into america where the demand is for the drugs there also there's a lot of my. and there because eric holder is down there with his guns bringing weapons in to mexico so there's no it's not
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a coincidence that all the violence that we see is along the border with the united states but in terms of these again these american voters who are saying like mexicans are rapists well david gill the manager of t.l.c. dental says he's become facebook friends with many of his patients and everything is trump trump trump but so far he hasn't seen a drop off in customers who support the president and he hasn't had it many problems with visiting americans i think when it comes to racism people hide it well why else would you vote for him i think is a little bit odd but we can't judge them by how they voted so we just try to respect them said margot korea who works as a translator for a dentist in town that's another interesting thing actually the translators that they have are mexicans who are deported from america from america so there's a whole industry developing for translators there well you know this should add to this. cosmetic surgery because this is becoming huge and the trump administration
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women are going to cosmetic surgeons and asking for the millennia they want to be cut to look like millennium you know way yeah and i know the plastic surgery business is big in areas like the philippines i believe in other places where they can go to sell brazil you can get a cut rate plastic surgery so if the money is really that big i think mexico should expand that dental practices to also have dental i'm sorry facial surgery and we'll have a bunch of baloney as all over mexico in american around the world so again to see you know the latest data out shows that america is now a second tier country compared to europe is far below the living standards of europe this is now a second tier country and here is a demonstration of a very vivid gory sort of dickensian presentation of what it actually looks like on the ground because when you need to find a source for which dentist to go visit and lives out the donate as you go to you. arizona and you visit the casino to find out from the are the enthusiasm the
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article says the last through is one of the most popular and sure fire ways to position yourself for the best possible care patients say thousands of our fee and the easiest are avid visitors to moeller city so much so that the nearby casino has football fields worth of r.v. parking and an hourly shuttle bus to ferry visitors between their dental visits and the slot machines visited by one point seven million guests each year the one hundred sixty six room casino has become a perfect destination for dental refugees quote you see people with gods in their mouth drooling at the slot machine and you know why they're here said jeff pleasure director of the cake kwan drooling at the slot machine that is such a perfect description of the american dream was becoming a casino galactic there's a perfect example of a deer in the casino and you're on the go at the same time you're bleeding out of every orifice and you're trying to make ten dollars with fifty dollars worth of
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borrowed nickels and buy at the same time have a few muller's extracted and go down the local brothel and. lose some more money so this is pretty much whereat economically speaking of course countries around the world are rejecting that model and their right to do so but the us has such a dollar hedge of monic power that they keep sucking folks into this walking zombie apocalypse lifestyle with that cheap dollar debt you know if you want to get out of the major x. you got to put down the dollar adopt your local currency and crypto currency so one of these guys drooling at the slot machine they talked to is a guy named bernard burke c sixty seventies from california and he's down there in his r.v. going to get some dental treatment and this is down to the local level how what a guy is like how much savings he's making and he says the price it was going to cost me twelve thousand seven hundred dollars at home for three in. plants and then they found two root canals i needed which would have been sixteen hundred dollars
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for each root canal at home plus the crowns i got it all here for four thousand two hundred dollars so again if you can get it here for four thousand two hundred dollars you should be able to get it in america for four thousand two hundred dollars all that mark up is your choice the people drooling at the slot machine feel like well if i drool at the slot machine one enough that i too will be some avon connecticut or farmington connecticut dwelling owner of a health insurance company if you want to pay those guys thirty five forty million bucks it's your choice but you know it's amazing you get drugs from canada and your dental work in mexico pharmaceutical drugs yes why not just have those in america why start arbitrage for drugs and dental services you gotta leave the country i say i'll stop drooling at the slot machine stuff drooling at the slot machine station orbitals they say two of us like you have a lot more coming your way. the
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economic development is all about numbers really pleased to report this quarter we've heard one hundred six point. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o. mike du made over twenty million dollars last year. more than one thousand times the average wal-mart a says c.n.n.
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with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. is that just l a free market would. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are the just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society. the whatever the government tried to do it was at best leave. it might be making things worse. by saying this is not how capitalism works this is our capitalism goes hopelessly disastrously wrong. welcome back to the guy's report on my return to i was a robbery guess is the v.p. of payments at that hour right here in mexico city as
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a welcome back thank you very much for now of course it's not all about trip down there's other factors out there in the world like mass compassion for example what's happening to pay so well after having one of the worst performers the last years against the u.s. dollar which is a main party though we get compared to because it's or maybe business partner it's suddenly started having a pullback and now they're saying it was very funny because in bloomberg for simple the less weak the publisher that was the strongest currency for the week after being one of the worst currencies in the last years moves many of this has to do for example with the elections of the us press in which brought a lot of volatility and uncertainty. after that after the elections the water go a little bit calm but the exchange she didn't go down but then in january when he could actually into action he made a big threat to ford for them to go out of mexico with their plants and get back to
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the u.s. which once again hit back the mexican bissell and. they had already done the investment and they were expecting the people to come out there so there was this dispute of ford was going to come back of it when those going to come back and then the mexican press when actually also when the big going in made a movement a ludd and a little bit of the lead but right now the because of the waters are more calm the though the best of us has started going back and now we seeing it at levels that we haven't seen like for example about a year ago i now force that effects on a huge market there remittance market ok this is money that is actually mostly being sent from the u.s. back to mexico an exchange rates matter he usually in this case and this is of course a market that's being challenged by crypto can you talk about. this aspect yes actually many people say was one of the proposals that he had was taxing remittances. the newly elected president from an attacker meant he wanted to tax remittances in order to this incentive aid money to go out of the united states and
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for people to take of the money and send it back over to mexico there's no many poor families what they do is a emigrate legally or illegally any of those ways to work in the u.s. and send money back to their families so a way to trap that money and don't let them come back or if they do try to do with legally was taxed a remittance which would only make the exchange rate go up and the costs go up there with they will continue doing it the spite what happens so people sort of saying what if they use bitcoin instead would that be a way well it might be a way to go round it but it's not guaranteed that you could do it because what he could do in the other in the other way is start looking into big green exchanges which i think anyways if you try to do it with because a remittance isn't in this it will be a huge job to get a little percentage of the tax of he's proposing so i think the reward won't be as big as he thinks for the amount of baroque you see in the amount of people that
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have have to be added to make this work and make this text understood that the economics of it is a trip down this case for him and says this fantastic the there's no fees attached it's virtually without figure sending money while it's a wallet essentially without any enter intervening or intermediary and picking up some good spread their terms of what would be charged by an intermediary like western union or others but you're saying that the administration and the u.s. could attack the exchanges and of course you're an exchange so you have to be sensitive to that ok i'm not an exchange i'm assessing i you know i think that there should be a lot more talk about this and to all sides of the zero. or because what's being done is that the us is vilifying mexico by constantly focusing on the drug violence that the us supports by the usage of the gun running into mexico and they're not really paying attention to the entrepreneur class that's really on par with the
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american entrepreneur class there's tens of millions of folks on both sides of the border who are in the same boat they're being attacked by oleg uplift and kleptocracy and they need to get together and create their own parallel economy what better way to do that other than cryptocurrency because i like going max coitus on the search of course i see smiling i know you have a buyer maybe it is not true that yes you would actually see that what we need to happen is for people to collaborate a make if they want to make a condom be great and if they want to make create do what they have to do is call the average not build walls not not separate people i haven't thought about joining that big wall between mexico and america into a big point mining facility run by solar power that was already our generating thing quite biting i haven't known anyone from the us mexico that isn't happy here so why build that will everyone is all the us citizens go over here are happy people who come here from mexico to the us to live on the side of cockerels they
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don't want people working together now what about the bank of mexico how do they treat the fonzie share mexico well these they started to in two thousand and fourteen saying. replicating the posture of many central banks and saying what are the risk of this group the currencies. since then they have very they have spoken publicly about the technology might have some advantages and that they're exploring there was a very interesting news that came out in the many headlines that. the head of the mexican and central bank started saying that when they were experiment thing with technology would go to a lot of people excited about what they're looking into that this could actually be rehabilitation is all they're starting probably to be sure. what they are though what were the good things that they could get out of this technology to build better systems so their bit curious yes they could be at the pride parade that the central bankers of mexico their big curiosity is john to them to
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a happier lifestyle let's hope so let's hope the there as the wall between mexico and us could go down as hoped that the wall between grip the wonder regular economy could go down and everyone to come into this great party oh baking the komi as a romanist solar power pride parade that went from one country to another over a border i think that's something that we can fight if you think those are light going or big cawing max call it of course that i was struck by the we did it together at this in a to nala where was the senate and seen it done and in the done no less drama which is a cinema war movies take place and also stand up comedy and we had the end of very interesting event besides the one that we had we had a meet up last week there it seen it done and with all your mexican fans that were very happy to see you but they all we also had the event we had the movie banking
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a bit so when the movie came out i saw that no movie theaters were having it here in mexico soit directly come think that the producers and make of that that they wrecked rental inmate would be interesting and screened in mexico and seen it done unless it we would be interested in having this event so we made a big into two dates with this big bitcoin and event to meet up and also the movie and it was it was very exciting because the rector also did a personalized message to all the mexican fans about why they should know about the curse as a what were the advantage of what they would see about the movie and afterwards we had great hoster and seen it all now that they even had this will cut those for everyone in attendance you could pay for everything in because you could tip in bitcoin so it was this huge. the party over there but we're going to have another event there yes another maybe five six weeks i'm going to jump into mine crypt as on a laptop as part of the revolution here but when we were there at the event i was struck by how many people and there were you know huge crowds there happy with the economy
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here in mexico the data suggest that inflation is rising rapidly which is not a good thing but there is a sense though that the economy is pretty robust and least amongst a certain group and maybe to calm the millennial is perhaps what do you think yeah well most of them haven't lived what was. a crisis we have in the ninety four for example like that with the last big mexican crisis was this particular effect that we had and then. there are chrissy when the. u.s. the versus the mexican vessel went up three hundred percent which is trade is so you can go live within a coming of that so most of them haven't lived what happened there there's always a risk no one no no country and no economy. can be safe from their risk so what what has been happening since those lessons they have been trying to bring inflation down and also to mother rate more how the banking system and the
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financial system works to be told this new regulations try to avoid this situation hopefully this will continue big in place the inflation will get out get out of hands like it has been below ten percent for the last two years so it's very good after having this great inflation every six years that we used to have this crisis this stop since two thousand which is great for the mexican men and they bring some certainty about businesses and how well you can develop you or your economy but there's two types of inflation in our in our modern era there's the inflation where all boats are rising including wages and then there's a in a flash and that's run by a car pocker see in a clump dr see. which is basically price gouging how would you say they had a place in here in mexico qualifies one or two. they try to be very moderate about how they are wages i will not know exactly because
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a lot now when i was out the event. say there were a lot of folks in the audience a lot of people on else there who actually you know they were not badmouthing trump you know there's a lot of folks there that you know either they're indifferent or ambivalent about trump or there are there are supporting up trump what what are they doing why are they why are they who are these people why they support trial i don't believe that they support them but these there are no longer against them or no longer bashing him used to be individual because they say that he has been more mother rated about his speech about mexico although he less we talked again against the wall but let's say that in practice like he wouldn't have the budget deal and to make that wall so when there are so raw misses there the those are there those are promises that look very good when you do it to the people and probably will win you bury votes well but with the like with bullet to one thing is what you said the other was if you
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propose the other thing is what you actually get approved and let's see at the end of the u.s. we have a budget and i think there are more important things in the american agenda that actually build in that wall like like they'll be let through. the big. fish in a straight yeah like she treated once to review the trade i mean there could be some things that could have changed that trade agreement has been doing since ninety ninety four and he probably wants to have some advantage about that we could have also more fair conditions for for the mexican side if i'm after you know and so i get around that o'reilly already migration dumped dumped after i mean. it has been going on for many years you could go and have another version and also for immigration like. at the end of the day he started saying that most people though when there were bad people from mexico no most people would go there are hard working people who are interested in building up on the billing of their family having a better wage having a better life that's what they're interesting really not committing crimes you see
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this in the incidents that happened so for him to be a more moderate and actually see the reality through this over hardworking people that go through a lot of risk and a lot of work to get there and do jobs just have a better life and i'm thinking about how much nice congo a mean a million other americans living in red trump a stand all right jose thanks man the guys are frankly very much max right with that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stays here would like to thank our guest jose rodriguez he's the v.p. of payments over a bit so if you want to catch us on twitter it's guys reports and i stand by you know. we never learn something in the muslim world you either have to thank the ship and therefore i don't think there's any interest in the movie and he won't be taking.
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those issues with another post recently dropped in. the i pad that's the new law i. told. you only go so well if you do. you. just. have to leave the last that you've been really. good barbecue or not that i. was i don't know that might. be something with a subtle but oh. but do you investigate the police officers behavior as well. i'll take drugs anyway and.


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