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tv   Sophie Co  RT  June 30, 2017 2:29am-3:01am EDT

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seem wrong. to shape. and in. the trailer. worlds apart. to look for common ground. in a revealing video c.n.n. has shown as many critics of claim the network is more interested in the bottom line and a political agenda rather than reporting on. evidence for the war against donald trump is really at the expense of real journalists.
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who will come to sophie and co i'm so not say they were a scam this syrian conflict escalating is getting higher as other stand offs around the world between major players become more complex can leaders avoid confrontation where interests collide well we talked to military strategist and adviser to presidents ole over the world edward. what's next in the civil war in syria is such a resource straining relations and threatening to escalate the conflict broke meanwhile in the asia pacific no shots are being fired but the guns are ready. threat of another world war continued to trigger happy decision. pramanik pacifists global powers resolve conflicts without getting into one themselves and will peace
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last in the twenty first century. military strategists advisor to presidents and ministers all over the world edward lu it's great to have you back on our show again welcome back so mr loopback i'm going to start with the united states and syria the u.s. is finding itself deeper and deeper in a syrian conflict sending more troops warning of more attacks shooting non-government jets bombing it's forcing successor in the new american is to new american strategy going to get the country into a war with the other powers involved in syria what do you think. which are the powers when they're in iran there are there is iran there is russia there is terry king there are saudi arabia there are all this you know the arab states and iran. right the saudi so these are very interested in the conflict but there are no saudi troops or so in the aircraft the turks
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have only sent in some troops of the border area to prevent the kurds the kurds. basically to try and stop the kurds a limit the russian involvement is primarily air power. and. the iranians are present by sending militia it's mainly of shit from afghanistan and pakistan even some in india even shia militias they command now of these players saudi is absent the iranians even when drunk when they're drunk they remember that they are no military power they run the iranians have only ever fought one enemy which is iraq and they lost so these revolutionary guards are good for parades they're not fighters they cannot
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survive any kind of combat with american forces. of any sort even very small combat so what we have here is russian air power. and russian support for and sent now then i'm a americans don't share the russian test for us at russians obviously find the russian government finds our side delicious the americans don't think he smells very good are they going to give all the conference or not do you think there's a chance that this well ours could actually clash first of all. they are present in support of the kurds what the americans are doing in syria is actually not to. directly attack assad's regime. but they're there to support the kurds and they're supporting the kurds primarily it against turkey actually
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which is a nato ally for the time being and still is a major ally so the american action is rather limited is to support kurds who are only active in a small part of syria you know the white house actually says it has evidence that assad regime is preparing for another a chemical attack it hasn't been really approved yet that us out was behind the previous attack is this a prelude to another tomahawk missile strike. well the previous attack was not an attack downed with. you know bird jummy mineral water it was an attack down with chemical weapons every single element present there you know the un whatever they they identified the use of nerve gas rather traditional nerve gas nostalgic nerve gas from the second world war sadly in
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the us actually. that was confirmed now there is obviously a only some internal. rumor or intelligence somebody saying to somebody oh oh let's use some more obviously there is no on drawing action there is no evidence of chemical action however the american warning is issued because in this very confused situation the americans have taken a kind of minimal position which is if the as a regime uses gas they intervene they have a prejudice against gas they don't intervene when the us and regime drops normal high expose the bombs or cheap barrel bombs they don't intervene when they do other things but they have a prejudice against gas for some reason really they don't like gas well the us has
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tried all kinds of approaches in syria saying that assad must go than saying his removal isn't a priority arming rebels they're not arming them then arming them again no boats on the ground for sanaa but on the ground does washington have a clear idea what it wants to achieve in syria. neither the tramp's and ministration or its enemies want to send an american army to syria. the american involvement in the muslim world is already too large. too much is being done in afghanistan in iraq there is no appetite for sending an army to syria that's very clear very clear in the russian policy appears to be to try and preserve the acid regime as long as possible and the you know the able to do it to a degree the americans do not have a policy of sending an army to remove the answer the same so this thing can
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continue for god knows how long. you know it's it's not it's a crisis that in a way is simply a very violent expression of a more general crisis which is present for out of the muslim world then no country in the muslim world is in a state of political equality or tell us something in your opinion does america really care that much about assad and the fate of his government and therefore syria as a whole or is it really all about iran and iran's presence in syria for them i mean the white house of course says it's all about this law mixtape but which one of the two do you think is the most important thing for us the u.s. as for iran's the obama administration. the goal sate of the nuclear agreement and was very optimistic to be able to proceed from the nuclear agreement to improve
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relations with iran the iranians then want that and that's why immediately after signing the nuclear agreement they sent little boats in the present of two stratton big american ships of course nothing happens the iranians are talkers they're not do as if they tried to do they of course would fail so the americans are not exactly obsessed with iranian military power in syria and the country that is interested in that is israel and every time the iranians send some iranian general within fifty kilometers of these early border to try outs a missile the israelis kill him and they are perfectly able and willing and capable of killing them or if they approach again as they've done several times in specific incidents. but the americans do not have a policy of fighting a war with iran they don't have
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a policy of becoming friends with iran which was the previous obama administration but there is no war plan. you know isis is shrinking under pressure from all sides in syria and iraq but at the same time it's popping up in other places like philippines and indonesia and afghanistan as a go to leave beyond the syrian operation is it even possible to eradicate it the dot of the slimy had the territorial existence in iraq and which was course the ancient capital of jihadism going back to be a century that. they captured mosul their territory but they are not primarily a territory or movement there are global boom wherever muslims are they some of them here they call must muslims of course go about their business them up
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particularly peaceful but they are busy there taxi drivers or whatever they are but the ones who are listening to these on the call will hear a dialogue there was somebody who is doctrine by the way is identical to a deduction which is the state religion of god tad and saudi arabia the islam of given time via and it is identical to the doctrine of al qaida and a dentist called to the doctor and a book koran in all the rest with so yes you will not see the end of violence just because they lose that we're going to take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking to u.s. military strategist and government advisor. about u.s. foreign policy in the pacific and other parts of the world stage.
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armstrong call evil and i'm neal hoping. we're going to be your hopes for the tree thousand and seventy confederations cup brought here in russia we're going to be visiting the host cities or sochi has own secrets in moscow going to great been told in full pool sociopolitical i think pretty much covering every topic the fans need to know about the head of the match so don't forget to tune in to some field it's going to be full and let me know. yes there is
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a saying. there on the cheap bus and then through and through all the countries let's ideas that right just go to us companies he said if we give them everything slipped into fast. in this country because this is what we don't understand how we are poor in such a country. that is until the ones at the same time. noticing fundamentally. the soon to run up and similar similar jolly good one one leg at the back of the us if you feel if the minutes of kong were not there god can we believe again with the fall of the cup with with the plane. would come back to the place story you do have to see. the best.
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presence here. let me keep cool as you. welcome back we're discussing u.s. foreign policy in different parts of the world with military strategist and foreign policy advisor at look bruce lee you have the best strategy for the u.s. in syria is not to take sides but instead bolster weber's losing so that nobody wins but how is a long war in syria and washington's interests i mean their war is causing instability in the region
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a lot of right of their mind i don't prize this how is that beneficial to america. my recommendation related to the beginning of the story and not to what happened later the beginning of the story is that there was a fight between the us and regime strategically aligned with iran therefore not enemy not allies of friends or even neutral in gardena states but then enemy entity and out qaeda. the fight starts between assad regime and al qaeda as it was namely. whatever you want to call him wahhabi is the followers of even tummy tuck firies any name you want to give them but the five was between violent extremists and you meric and muslims and the anti american iranian assad regime so therefore the united states had only enemies
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in syria at the beginning in that fight united states had to be neutral american policy is syria has been a rather minimalist policy it is remains a minimalist policy so i think russian policy is more interesting because russian policy appears to want to secure a kind of many terrain and guard them a letter from musketeer down to. doctors that along this coast where there is russian naval base are russian air bases and the idea of russia having a mediterranean garden there is not something intolerable to the world unfortunately it involves supporting us out and as it is really bad yeah i think russia doesn't support assad personally i think russia supports the fischel
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damascus and if it came down to it who knows maybe russia could trade us out for someone else from official damascus. a thing for russia having a libya as an example of someone who was overthrown and having that disarray in a country and having said i was sane was also a dictator but after he got shot he got hanged everything went downhill from there i think those two examples were very vivid for russia because russia is much closer to those countries that united states it prefers to support the official damascus rather than undefined rebels. who we don't really know what they grantley the country to the idea i was right listen the the idea that overthrowing dictators is is a mistake is a very sensible idea doesn't surprise i mean i'm not particularly. you know bothered by this i testified before the u.s. senate against the war in iraq or in two thousand and three i did say that
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if you remove saddam hussein you get and their key civil war and not democracy i was. not only ali by the way but the second should be friends mr gates was against the attack on the daffy in libya believing the americans actually listened to the talents and the talents said that if you remove gadhafi you don't get democracy you get a hundred tribes fighting each other for ever and that's what we have in libya so in other words where we have discovered between moscow and washington we have learned something in the muslim world you either have the faith to ship or anarchy therefore i don't think there is any interest in the movie any more dictators the problem is syria is that makes it hard hard to be critical
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you told me back in two thousand and eleven that real politics is in the pacific and not in the middle east and it's now twenty seventeen and it's been six years since the war in syria broke out question u.s. led coalition of more than a dozen countries are fighting isis there to still stick to their opinion that the middle east is not that significant. listen we have a total of we have a few thousand troops which are doing mainly training and support a few thousand troops we have an air base in the tower ironically with aircraft but nothing compared to what we have in a pacific in the pacific we have the gauge mint of the u.s. navy. the u.s. army is not engaged in these wars they have a few thousand soldiers but that's all. they u.s. air force is not engaged in these wars they have a few aircraft but the u.s.
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navy is very largely engaged in the pacific there they're active moving both in the north pacific between japan and korea and in the south in the in the western pacific south china sea all the way through and so the if you look at where american action is it's about ninety percent nine zero percent in the pacific but the difference in the percentage is that there is a question of pushing pushing and counter pushing as opposed to shooting it is true that the small american presence in the middle east involves shooting but it is very small indeed right now the the chairman of joint chiefs is actually in afghanistan and they're planning to send four thousand more troops there were many more dead than there reduced and they want to send four thousand in
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a probably hopeless effort but four thousand troops and four thousand is fewer than there are americans aboard a single aircraft carrier i get your point so in the pacific with no signs of the crisis or on the south china sea resolving how serious can it get says both china and the u.s. are dependent on each other for a trade a military standoff can be serious so can either party for two years force no there's no question of force it's called pushing pushing and counter pushing at the present moment as we speak the chinese government is still in the chorus of putting pressure on north korea. when she just plain came to florida trump said to him no more talk no more negotiations no more sick spout talk eighty dogs or other diplomatic nonsense you know squeeze the north koreans until
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they really do change a thing and as you know at that time when they met the north koreans were getting ready for a nuclear test number five they stopped they didn't do and then you put that at the present moment china is putting an effort to squeeze north korea i was there last week actually at the border down down that the border between china and north korea and every businessman in down down is complaining bitterly that suddenly everything stopped so at this moment therefore the church as the champion massaging made a very clear saying we are holding on so we are waiting on the south china sea issue because you are making a real effort in north korea if they don't succeed in north korea then it will be.
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this out china sea will be prominent but this is a long time in gauge bent of two countries that have complicated relations between them in regard to salvage and a lot of other relations which have nothing to do is turn the cheek and also there are other things going on in china which are of great interest to the united states and one of them is a very definite increase in the rule of law very definite increase in the room on these days when the chinese police arrest you they take in front of a judge judges don't just say ok five years go away they now ask questions and sun doesn't shine it chinese society is changing so took soon after the election of donald trump you wrote an article in foreign policy that you don't see the president's foreign policy as reckless or radical how do you see it now is it full of balance and common sense well a other hand. that i was hoping you would raise that because in that
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article i wrote that trump really wanted to make an agreement with with putin the russian government really want to make an agreement and the agreement was to resolve the ongoing ukraine issue to come to a joint policy on syria joint policy on syria arizona listen the ukraine removal sanctions and then with the else what happened unfortunately. trump offered this in public in public he made that declaration in public saying i want to do this. and there was no answer from moscow i myself went to moscow and i went and talked to kremlin the bisons and i said how come you're not answering here is a present state sends. a letter saying let's be friends and there's no answer actually
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there was some escalation going on technical as collation the syrians on this love of for this love letter never goes to nance that's so strange because we here in russia get got the feeling when he was getting elected that they love story was from both sides because i don't know which advisors they spoke to me. but by then here out of the public officials made it clear that they were very much pro trump in the beginning but anyways trungpa had a lot of your road bed. he had a very simple idea. when i wrote the article the simple idea was let's be friends let's sit down let's work it out and they got nothing from the russians saw nothing at all there was no response and there was no offer of any comment and when they went and asked me about doing it. we don't want to do it or they don't want to do it and i'll take your word for it although it's very hard to believe in that mr
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lew thank you very much for this interesting insight pleasure talking to you as usual were talking to edward luck. we were talking about america's military strategy in the context of numerous challenges facing with edward look military and foreign policy adviser to presidents and ministers all over the world that's it for this edition of.
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our own so no. longer. the one school and the people. you're living creature does leg. economic development is all about numbers we're really pleased to report this quarter we are earning one hundred six point. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o.
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mike du made over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart a says c.n.n. . with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. is that just how a free market would. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society that phone the whatever the government tried to do both at nestle maybe. it might be making things worse. by saying this is not how capitalism works this is all capitalism goes hopelessly designer strictly rome basile in the dubrovnik in venice
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are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live or is it. crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life hopefully for us on the celestial that are going to all such as the traditional story son us comes by him sometime soon as we as my money into a school most days and i'm on my feet while the cities try desperately not to collapse all powerful corporations collect the profit of you. it was a little probably a coffee cup of. the supposed to mean a. lot. is it will feel identity.
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as the iraqi prime minister the defeat of islamic state in mosul. threatens to shut off the. rescue ships and backing for it to the country still struggles to cope with the continued. outrage by saying he wants to put. school. he says he's from both sides of the divide just. some people who are. people trying to.


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