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tv   Headline News  RT  July 10, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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our top stories this hour donald trump's willingness to work with russia following positive talks at the g. twenty is met with deep skepticism in washington. in energy companies slamming u.s. threats of new sanctions against russia saying the measure puts the continent's energy security at risk. and the turkish economy minister from entering the country to attend a rally marking the first anniversary of the failed coup in turkey the latest move to enrage.
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live from our international news center in moscow this is our team my names you know neal hello and welcome to our top story this hour reflecting on the g. twenty summit the u.s. president tweeted that after a significant deal on syria it's time to move forward and work with russia but he may even be facing opposition to that from his own aides and officials the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley claimed that everybody knows russian meddled in the u.s. presidential election appearing to contradict donald trump's views but no one is sure. i think it was russia but i think it was probably other people and or countries and i see nothing wrong with that statement nobody really knows nobody really knows for sure everybody knows that russia meddled in our elections everybody knows that they're not just meddling in the united states elections they're doing that's across multiple continents and they're doing this in
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a way that they're trying to cause chaos within the country we're following the g twenty summit trump also tweeted that he and the russian president discuss the creation of a special working group on cyber security the idea however was run criticized on the basis of russia's alleged hacking activities former u.s. defense minister russian carter even thought he could see an old soviet ruse in the leader's proposal because the russians pulled out the old playbook i've seen all this going back to russia and so you do this when confronted with something they've done wrong ask for us intelligence trick or we us the following of the bull group thing telling to ben horace quiney how long the hacking allegations will persist in the absence of any solid evidence. well i think sooner or later there will need to be some solid evidence for these hacking claims if no evidence of merges then i would imagine it would it would pass into the into history is
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a month substantiated claim what we do know however is the trump of ministration is is certainly concerned about the allegations that have been made and it has cause some drag on the early days of the administration but we also know that many of the accusations have been disproved major media networks like c.n.n. and the times of their accusations proven to be false. so i think in till there is clear evidence it is it is very difficult for anyone to act or anyone to form an opinion in the words of behavior that we heard there i think everyone's very interested to learn what information that she has to back up those comments. some of the largest energy companies in europe have slammed emerick and threats to impose new sanctions on russia with more in this charlotte dubinsky. well this is
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about a pipe that's due to be built from russia right the way through to europe ending in germany and supplying a lot of the energy needs to be you countries and what's happened is that some of the c.e.o.'s of some of the energy companies in europe have slammed these new threats of sanctions against this pipeline project by the american u.s. senate saying that it's unacceptable that they should be trying to meddle in you e.u. policy the principle of american sanctions on a project that is not in us does not involve us that it's not in dollars it is an interference in the fears of european countries in that it's an acceptable the proposed sanctions not only affect russia but also europe and germany i appeal to all parties involved not to turn the project into a pawn of global politics and to leave the problem of europe's energy supply to europeans. it is unacceptable that european energy policy is now being made in the
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us well a number of e.u. companies and countries that agreed to support this project it's called the nord stream two project and this is a pipeline that's due to be operational by the end of two thousand and nineteen and it's due to start in russia to be built underneath the baltic sea and the project is expected to cost around nine point five billion euros so this is a huge project indeed and it's under some uncertainty now with the potential of these threats by the u.s. senate now those threats of sanctions against moscow in this particular project still have to be passed by the house of representatives in the u.s. but if that is passed it really will put a big question over this project and whether it can deliver that energy to europe and supporters of this project say that it is absolutely needed to secure the future of energy in countries what levy done is gone as far as accusing essentially
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the u.s. senate of protectionism and suggesting that by threatening sanctions against the project america would essentially be pushing its own gas supplies on e.u. member states and then protecting american workers so this is much more than a war of words this is an energy war that e.u. companies say that america just shouldn't be involved in a tool. austria has prevented turkey's economy minister from entering the country to attend a rally the march marks the first anniversary of the field attempt to overthrow a president or to one's government officials said the ministers presidents of the gathering would have represented a threat to security the turkish minister would be welcome for bilateral talks but since he is holding public events i won't let this happen it puts public order and security in danger. well this is just the latest development in an ongoing spot
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between turkey and the e.u. germany recently denied or to one per machine to rally their address turkish citizens during the g. twenty summit in earlier germany and then also blocked turkish officials from trying to drum up support for a vote expanding the turkish president's powers that prompted a furious backlash. you know london than. the decision that the netherlands took scandalous and unacceptable of course we will have to respond. germany you have no notion of democracy your practices are no different from the knocks you practices of the past does my comment that the nazi comparisons in turkey sparked must and is valid without ifs or buts and fortunately we see that this comparison is haven't stopped and we are not going to allow it to do for we cannot accept that our citizens are incited against each other that's a comparison this is the case for all countries in europe that's why we should say with close words to mr erdogan that he cannot continue like this. let's
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get the take of a member of turkey's ruling a k party how to ruin our two probably very welcome and are you in agreement with a lot of german officials that this spot between the european union and turkey is getting worse. well you know let me let me give you. both the minister's visit. the minister and this book. made it clear that there was no record made from turkey's side for a visit. but we have seen similar practices before. the referendum campaigns in the europe and obviously they don't conflict they don't match of it devalues of europe and they are conflict in conflict with freedom of assembly of course yeah that's that's an aspect i was going to come on to there have been conflicting reactions here because some do say elstree is not sincere in its
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democratic values not allowing the president or indeed the the economy minister to take part in a rally your thoughts on the democratic values in austria are locking up the moment . well we have we have seen. our relationship with europe since one thousand eight hundred fifty eight and i think this is what this is one of the unfortunate moments for the relationship we have seen that the relationship between turkey and the e.u. have been made a matter of chief political. gain info cheap political points and you don't want that you want to you want to improve our relationship with you countries because we have been long partner i mean our partner in many areas at the e.u. countries should should check their relationship should check their behavior it's especially in last one year regards turkish relationship because i had allowed to tell you one other thing and you can respond to it recently claimed that talks over
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turkey's a session to the bloc have been suspended in your view how damaging could that be for turkey. well look he's a strong country and of course we are willing to improve and fix our relationship even but do we have seen clearly is that there is there is a misunderstanding and miscommunication from european union side because let's say when we talk about the last year the fifteenth of july he was so late to condemn the coup attempt. to show support and solidarity if people. are effecting the relationship of turkey in the e.u. and also they are affecting the people of turkey and with their mind of the. mentality in their mentality the reception of the e.u. many people many people who agreed to join the european union many years ago and
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then now the polls are showing that turkish people are not as reeling as they were as they were in the past but nonetheless there is a sense here that there is a gap widening for instance we're talking about austria and germany has also started withdrawing troops from the base in turkey do you see any repercussions or or what do you what's your thoughts on germany doing doubt. well we have we have partnered with germany for a long time and then we will have economic and military ties again. and then we'll continue to work together and living in chile. he has to respect that this isn't. something they have made the decisions for we have to tolerate with. ok the thoughts of holdren are michael kay party member the ruling party in turkey we thank you for taking the time to speak to r.t.
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this hour thank you. germany's chancellor angela merkel has been facing criticism for choosing helberg as the g twenty three consecutive nights of riots and on precentor violence rocked several districts as world leaders gathered for the talks last week and into the weekend the country's president also sees germany hasn't witnessed such brutality in yours. because we have most violence of such magnitude demonstrations in germany in recent years. there were apparently some who acted ruthlessly and destructively against police forces and also against the property of ordinary citizens. well german police were out in force but over twenty eight thousand of them struggle to contain protesters with hundreds of officers left injured security forces in hamburg faced criticism for failing to cope with the chaos of the rallies this video shows violent protesters in black.
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shirts a fireworks show with a party no sign of any police officers to contain the mark. well images of burning cars on the streets a wash with debris still left local shocked international media outlets echoed some thoughts these are the headlines that they came up with chancellor merkel condemned the violence while many german politicians stressed that the left wing radical protests had simply been underestimated. the insensitive i don't want him to eat. a indecent talking to skits funds if it's him if you don't get tough in this fall tell each shelfs that let's keep the shootings the banks had you can the woman. i needed for the. i.
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well as the dust finally settles in hamburg volunteers have. in helping to clean up the streets and restore a shop. unless we spoke to say violent leftist groups on the beat in the area for years but nothing has been done about. left wing commits much more physical violence than the right wing this is something we know overhears of we see it for
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many years and nothing has changed yet definitely there has been much more weiland on behalf of the left wing. extremists but. also a certain a difference in the targets of course that the choose it is. why a lens now that we have seen in hamburg which is really like a senseless meaningless it just looks for a media. appearance it just wants to shock. well inside at the summit the u.s. administration was left red faced on a few occasions due to some geographical difficulties.
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so. as i said.
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to syria yes syria. in another big development the iraqi city of mosul has been liberated from. a huge human cost. thank you for new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media both voters elected to businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before . the wealthy areas of the
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italy going bust and we should save them because they're going. well. they have already printed fifteen sixteen trillion dollars to bail out their friends their oligarch friends since two thousand and eight. to the marketplace that we've got another fifteen sixteen seventeen trillion dollars. to make as many . borrowing money at zero percent interest rate. paintings. international the iraqi prime minister travel to the city of mosul to the victory over islamic state the terror group's former stronghold has been recaptured the
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p.m.'s convoy travel through mosul were only a small pocket of militants. there are expected to be. celebrations springing up nationwide to mark the victory. well the mosul operation success has also been widely celebrated across the media. the show the good news about iraq but today is one of those days the country's prime minister arrived in mosul today to declare a great victory as he joined his troops to celebrate in the city. but today the iraqi security forces were. claiming victory. well the iraqi military along with. launched
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a campaign to liberate mosul from i saw last october since then human rights groups have repeatedly raised serious concerns about the said billion casualties being caused by coalition forces. we're. going to be. relieved you're. the. we. the. the we. we. we.
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we. we. need. me astonishing imaging their human rights watch they told us more about the price paid by civilians for mosul's liberation. operation to retake mosul particular the belief that a west of the city that isn't that's been raging february has come at an incredibly high cost we've seen much of the west of the city completely destroyed by ground fire and by airstrikes and we've seen a mass nast bike in civilian casualties thousands of civilians being wounded and being killed in the fighting so still that the city has really paid a price for this operation. we were calling particularly on the u.s. led coalition to take more care in the way that it is conducting its bombing campaign and clear sticky. you leave the types and sizes of choosing to drop
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because of these large balls that are being dropped more and more frequently we've seen a massive increase in civilian casualties on the ground. unfortunately the general feeling among the coalition and the iraqi government is that because the meant to finish the operation has been on their side they've wanted to use all means to get it done as quickly as possible and as a result we haven't seen them willing to for example take certain types of weapons completely off the table so as to better protect civilians. and cern's are that with these civilian casualties we don't see accountability we don't see american commanders taking responsibility and we don't see compensation for the victims. but over the last number of hours the high court in britain has ruled that u.k. arms sales to saudi arabia are completely legal the campaign group that brought the
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case claim british weapons have been used in the conflict in yemen and the location the saudis strongly denied and today the high court rejected suspending export licenses for the sale or transfer of military equipment since the conflict in yemen began so he really has spent more than three billion pounds on arms most about going on warplanes helicopters and drones the gulf no has twice as many british made warplanes than the u.k.'s own royal air force the trade deals have been condemned several times in the british parliament. mr speaker thousands of civilians have been killed in yemen including a large number by the air force actually done not using british built planes the pilots who were trained by british instructors we have to put political pressure on the saudis this is being presented against saudi arabia against the people of yemen what an absolute garbage no wonder the countries in poverty
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other who are allowing these people to get away with it so far we do not believe the has been a clear risk of breach of international humanitarian law what matters is the strength of our relationship with saudi arabia on issues like dealing with terrorism on counterterrorism issues. according to amnesty international and more than thirteen thousand civilians have been killed and injured since the beginning of the conflict the group called the court's decision a potentially quote deadly blow to yemeni civilians are poly boy who spoke to one of the activists behind the legal challenge what's your response to the voting and also what's the next step now however they were very disappointed very disappointed on the behalf of the people of yemen where you know saudi the saudi forces appear fly in you came a plane every job and you came and that's led to a country where seven million people on the edge of starvation where there's a lot of out how right now the saudis beat. project for forty people killed them
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are stepping up bomb in austin so they've been declaring this. city's a military target so we're very disappointed with very angry will be appealing the opinion the judgment and you know i've been for the arizona star for the law says is by clear is as if there's a clear risk of serious violations of international humanitarian law and those are . country and you know from what i can see him for what the vast majority of the british public can see as it very clear is that these violations that these weapons have been used to violate international humanitarian law you know the. industry has as a big being budget and use it very effectively there's also the revolving door between the government and the arms industry and i go to top civil servants in the end i say go tell them bassett is go talk because in the military the ministers of defense will get into the arms industry once they retire and that kind of prior you arms industry whole idea of in the government is what we're fighting against the
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world one needs to and if we had a good job after policy. a severe summer storms have. lurked with flash flooding causing metro stations to close. i. call the heavy thunder storm began late on sunday evening in the french capital with a record forty nine millimeters of rain falling in just sixty minutes the coal is still over a dozen metro stations two shirts and off a lot of coals two were made overnight to the fire and rescue service about seven hundred or so the worst of the weather is now a pos but more storms are forecasts for parlous later on monday. do you take your umbrella if you're in paris a look at the growing discord among member states next year and going underground.
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dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they don't. believe in you stop spreading tell you that they'll be gossiping public but most importantly they. tell me you are not cool enough to buy their product. along. with one.
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i'm actually returns here we're going on the ground thirty two years to the day france bombed and destroyed the green peace rainbow warrior killing photographer fernando pereira coming up in the show the worst refugee crisis since the second world war italy's ambassador to britain tells us his country is being treated unfairly by the european union and the nature of campaign on libya was fatally flawed and i don't think that you. know too much about coral reefs or cares about them particular i don't think that's his driving motivation i would love for him to see the film and maybe it affects them emotionally maybe he recognizes you know there is this beautiful life force on the planet as donald trump left the g twenty summit could watching a new film by emmy award winning director jeff orlowski on air force one that changed his mind on manmade environmental catastrophe twenty four hours before one of the biggest strikes in n.h.s. history cuts to the national health service and the heart breaks it could kill off
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science innovation and put lives at risk all the civil coming up in today's going underground but first with every fire alarm or suspicious package in british cities raising fears of a terror attack this summer today might be a good time to reflect on u.k. ambulances today marks one hundred forty years since the formation of the st john's ambulance charity in the days before socialized ambulances paid by taxes in one thousand nine hundred seventy. decided to put more to help and so they formed the st john ambulance but the job of the brigade was to provide first aid ambulance. for the general public but in one nine hundred forty eight the u.k. labor government decided to compete with private charities explicitly telling the british people that a new universal health care system would not be a charity it would in effect be socialism what do we owe to socialism in this country. every single one of you in this room at some point his benefit.


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