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fifty years ago the american naval vessel u.s.s. liberty was brutally attacked by israeli forces on the liberty was one of the worst . since the unprovoked attack. for.
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if. i'm just tired. of that i'd be on top. of it. by the observed events of the past few years and asked myself several times what's going on in my native germany. millions of refugees u.s. intelligence agencies indiscriminately listening in on german citizens on the government and once again german tanks heading east. from various political parties and various independent experts and journalists in an effort to understand just how independent germany really is when it comes to decision making whether it acts on its own national interests or is out someone
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else's will. i think. i'm going to. i've just told one of the most influential organizations in germany i'm not talking about the government or german intelligence. it's a nonprofit government american of. the atlantic bridge.
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this is the bill in office a seemingly nondescript building with no signage on the outside but it's got it by the german police from whom. by the way just thirty paces away is the private apartment below germany's. somehow i can't help feeling that this is crucial decisions about german life and. that's what i brushed off sounds like in germany. i knew i had to look to the past if i wanted to find dunces know. it all goes back
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to the time went off to world war two the victims was shaping the future of europe and germany. the one remaining witness to those historic events that i was able to make contact with. now lives in moscow is going to. school and you can. tell me to write you need new stuff with explosive arrest called your money you don't need to be in the movie his cage never mind the. violence and found one of the ideologists behind the to strike up and jump a great unification. he was still a young diplomat after world war two when he and a group of colleagues prepared and a little reports on germany for stalin's successes. we're going to news groups.
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who should your musky better restore you to. your most group or any producer most it's pretty silly thing to do a pretty nice to go water near whom it was a b. c. you could do with the shoe you know who had to be seen through you when you saw him do this. if you didn't scream. it was in march nineteen fifty two that stalin drew up his famous note. good morning but if you're sure it's me since there are to be a pretty immediate attention to your money who shared start with you because the need for secrecy garth is a boon to study in the world to those of us on the board torch of high school in this because of the. light test of this community of goodness. and she's what they call social supports bombs that. were both can go to
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a member of the bundestag. know of it when they're pretty sure if it's big and the bit of how did it go it's as i get tired of this thought of my torso on have these on the board scoffs with the. the reason it's fine it was years. ago. that she. but why well members of the un to hitler so opposed to the unification of germany with a neutral and nonaligned status just like its neighbor austria. and because opinion might be needed here may have contributed more to be a very good thing for you with three. view your money put it. more with. the thirty year money we're in ukraine even within you would argue with various things.
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it comes time. to. this map of germany clearly shows all foreign military bases spread across the entire country by the made nine hundred fifty s. germany had once again been turned into a military stronghold and the most militarized country in europe. american nuclear bomb also recently being delivered here in rhine and france to the beach and base. this is ramstein the largest american military base outside the united states this is where nato is european air force command post is based. in. afghanistan. and had. a lot of pressure and pleasure of war as all of its own and.
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built sites and newspaper as a freelance journalist no but fleischer has conducted an independent investigation into the legitimacy of operations carried out to graham's. an airbase on german soil he even made a film about it. i'm not a kano. of war dusty. he says the park it. starts from the. toilet because i'm not sure. that's the i'm not a comma in the name. of the. all see is a line and in. some lines it's being couldn't. possibly
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because she could not jewish. columnist move on and if you can get outside. of pressure it's mines i. know but was told by german police officers that the german government had also trends for the road that leads to the base directly to american sovereignty. because somebody on the ship was the officer and it was the rule. during the investigation no big metal. before my teacher who lives near the ramstein base. as an antiwar activist young has been working to have the base shut down he realized of course the protest wouldn't help so he took the fight to the court. and he sued the government. this.
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is an instance and they didn't is to ask us for funds on board and all of us thirty . two of them going because it's. but the case was dismissed it sounds out of a german citizen and is not entitle to file such an action list because proof that the military base presents a threat to him doesn't. left wing bundestag alexandra noya is certain that the government knows very well what the americans are up to at the ramstein base in my nephew. who don't find the peak of the folks who want the on the stock to do us all a con on just a few mr. idiot goddess to get worse one hundred just so
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it's a few industries off washington was not so every person doesn't get on board. who is expanding to the east american generals a drinking buddy. into knew. they could talk to exercises close to russia's borders you need to provocation like that. when it comes to national defense there is no consensus in german society. from. your posts from you since it was so and so knock on so many coniston bos'n on them to constantly have often office important i do feel. shameful to want to be the most clear this is the essence of most of the meetings will dog shit as the two fives on those lights in school does not cool remembers one conditions and the wall of fire lots of awful
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titles boots because of and if so what is good is that the money is what we just used to ride over here used. for the stuff that you shoot about doc you're just so lukewarm on the cause it's you or me. that's who. not to call those who fought the motion. we spoke to members of the alternative for germany parliamentary group. we talked about rome as america's instrument of influence of the german politics. most of those jobs for this young musicians is almost on the spin off was dozens it was but i do this to list dozens to nobble divide within the us to not do so devil scene. with. the fundamentals of i suppose i know what seeds just. doesn't cut off the medieval the most clueless most of what is from t.m.
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indeed but not to. believe this for the longest most of them gave us for when he was on with the incessant you know that we don't know what it was that isn't. it seems most of. the reason been despised but it's a. present growing backlash against social media and magically the smog the most independent the most interesting people to take to young people are actually giving up social media and i think over the next few years we're going to see is that only losers will be left on social media with. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the second it's full on awesome well the only show i go out of my way to punch you know what it is that
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really packs a punch oh please yeah mr john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than food. and see if anybody had ever heard of love redacted tonight president of the world bank though pate. right. seriously send us an e-mail. we. got. in one hundred ninety the usa u.k. france and the us as ashleigh signed the final settlement treaty on germany it was reunified and regain full sovereignty. that's when germany could have demanded the withdrawal of all foreign troops it could even have quit nato will together but germany didn't take that shot only the russians withdrew. beyond the shans of a purpose so that all thoughts of civil war to cool me. boiling
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. christian velma philosopher and columnist. with all their interest. in food in the two thought us all some fear to cook the food citrine it. was meant to be sneezed. those tickets were so. he becomes a nice looking out loudly through. everyone i've spoken to agrees. despite the federal republic of germany always being the u.s.a.'s most loyal ally after reunification it came under even tougher control. in much nine hundred ninety nine germany invaded another country for the first time since the right. was no un sanction and in violation of its own
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constitution it took part in nato as war against yugoslavia. in loathing. involved. in this goes those him with order to go play from it was not from stuff with it and with lots of it when buffy all throughout. believe x. bundestag member form a german secretary of state for defense vice president of the o.e.c.d. they was lobbying clique just moved pushed him out flaws and all those doesn't look quite good see one also it's. gone in the money and i'm like honestly it was a binge when. it was lobbying creek been out in clumps a bit time to go to because he was always good to me but this law.
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is so they know it will come simple some just. need to make decent. interest at the least forty but he does it week to. be in my mental image with you for this nice and he was on the fly is still chum and run pretty to try to. take no hold on him only guns from the emphasis to the creek the local throughout the whole debacle on the whole paul and. does for fun cregan in on no good you can go on send him i want to go. and didn't get rid of this country from. good it's good if from turkey then you know yeah from get on iraq yeah. simple enough gonna. do just. d.v.m.
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it creaks pretty kinds of people to squeeze your. food off. their fruits whatever that doesn't. change anything. i think. that. these end up. on my orders coalition forces began striking select our military. in two thousand and two when the bush administration was only planning its military incursion into iraq chancellor schroeder said germany will not be part of this war which means that nato forces cannot be used.
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as position was supported by france's president chirac he was joined by a russian president those have a veto in the un security council bush was furious spiegel magazine quoted the us ambassador to jump. the christian democratic group and puts pressure on schroeder. germany support the military incursion into iraq. still leading the opposition flies to the us. in the washington post. bush defiantly severed all ties with schroeder washington considered introducing sanctions against france and germany that was the greatest concern at washington
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was an alliance between france germany and russia. to frequent meetings between the three leaders along with plans to create a consolidated eurasian space stretching from the to the pacific oceans. i've come for you with the wish and hope and the hope of the sale for those months for free and even of us who was good and that's a vote. on this is will smith for herself the will smith. does he but he could have he didn't if if he'd never had it invokes and then she didn't get on the end of this those europeans who lived through the twentieth century a few years ago dirties former director of the stratford private intelligence and little working for the u.s. intelligence and the department of state george friedman made a stunning admission for the united states to primordial fears of german technology cermak capital russian natural resources russian as the only combination that
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has for centuries skit how the united states. that revelation should have provoked discussion in both german political circles and the mass media however. no one seemed to notice. when given to one of i get on with is how does. giving this money does often exist but if. the how mine is that what's your own does money not all and a few all would fall under the bush team of. to most germans america is their savior protect and best friend it's the pillar of freedom and democracy several generations of f.l.g. citizens have clung to that view for some time. was only a connaught soft power sucking from. russia and that's old world often
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not in doubt but some form of quit under boredom because the boredom this all stems from to beat up will come on so a lot on the floor indeed don't you both suffer and you don't see any dots media not shuffling once of oh you would soon i just was the daughter simply from priests you know can you. media. influence including atlantic bridge and military bases spread throughout all of germany. and it's pretty. useful. to you calling for your.
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network. some of the studies at the free university of. the. think tank. in twenty fourteen. a former editor of the franks. one of germany's
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biggest newspapers leveled a terrible accusation against the german and european press speak. for him. it was. suddenly became clear that the nation believed to be the pillar of democracy and the best friend. meanwhile germany's national intelligence agency. working for america's national security agency.
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the. journalists. the methods used to control. journalists write about foreign policy.
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hundreds of journalists and other organizations that all intelligence agencies. he was found dead in january twenty seventh officially he died of a heart attack but it has yet to be specified. we entrust the politicians and the press. citizens whether they were willing to sponsor. nuclear weapons.
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or. the national weather service in sterling virginia has issued a special memory warning for chesapeake bay from drum point narrow and distant point virginia chesapeake bay from north beach to drum point maryland chunk and river to cambridge maryland and the little chunk and river tactics and river to boom island maryland tanger sound and the inland waters surrounding bloodsworth island until two thirty am at twelve fifty three am strong thunderstorms were located along a line extending from eleven article much more the east of rex one point eight not a call miles east of you sound three zero one nice memorial bridge moving east at
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fifty knots. hazard wind gusts thirty four knots or greater and small hail source radar indicated impact boaters and small craft could be overboard by spotting higher winds and waves capsizing their vessel locations and pack that include cooper island light nanticoke river mouth solomons island coupled down creek taylors island drum point fishing the ongoing river james island flag harbor calvert cliffs bivalve richling point the targets and deal klyn. if you want international aviation and space on twenty seven to. see position. and control you are different on march twenty seventh this is innovative technology. and crafts and the greatest achievements of the air space
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industry during racks will be offered simple. and true mission along with this stunning in our advantage. to not switch off your tonic devices used to share your experiences on social media real issue doesn't. do colon is still exist. ricos treat it as one. hundred forty three cool as you can i knew a lot of. the island is controlled by the us government and some puerto ricans crave independence jello it was the only. thing about our local good at either was it that i'm going to sort of randomly go over that again again weighing
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in pointlessly arias. still many do wish to join the us hundreds more leave every day. with the country at a crossroads anger of the island is on the rise. fifty years ago the american naval vessel u.s.s. liberty was brutally attacked by israeli forces the attack on the liberty was one of the worst assaults community by an allied country since then the survivors of this unprovoked attack have been seeking justice. seems wrong. to me. to stay active. engagement equals betrayal.
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when. we choose to look for common ground. the u.s. forces are now operating inside. syria on what's being described.


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