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i've observed events of the past few years and asked myself several times what's going on in my native germany. millions of refugees u.s. intelligence agencies indiscriminately listening in on german citizens and the government and once again german tanks are heading east. from various political parties and various independent experts and journalists in an effort to understand just how independent germany really is when it comes to decision making whether it acts on its own national interests ok or is out someone else's will.
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this quote. i'm going to. i've just told one of the most influential organizations in germany i'm not talking about the government or german intelligence. it's a nonprofit government american of. the atlantic bridge. this is the bill in office
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a seemingly nondescript building with no signage on the outside but it's got it by the german police from whom. by the way just thirty paces away is the private apartment below germany's. somehow i can't help feeling that this is where crucial decisions about german life i'm a. that's what i brushed off sounds like in germany. i knew i had to look to the past if i wanted to find answers no. it all goes back to the time when off to world war two the victims was shaping the future of europe and germany.
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the one remaining witness to those historic events that i was able to make contact with. now lives in moscow visit with. this. and you. want me to i do need you to explore the rest called your money you don't need everything in the movement the birth of his mind yeah. valentyn father was one of the ideologists behind the to strike up and jump a great unification. he was still a young diplomat after world war two when he and a group of colleagues prepared analytical reports on germany for stalin's successes . we're going to news groups. who. are most capable or restore you to. your most who could only presume or to specific thing that the police to unscrew the water near whom it was appreciate. to shoot you know who had
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to be seen through the years when you suddenly scrap because you couldn't scream. it was in march nineteen fifty two that stalin drew up his famous note. in learning the british and it's made since there are to be a pretty major invention your money only shared stuck with you because the need for secrecy garth is a boon to study in the world to those of us on the board torture for the whole of this because of the. blight that's what this committee of goodness. and she's what they call social supports by. vote can go to a member of the bundestag. no other man they're pretty sure if if a big city bit of how did it go it's as i get tired of this thought of my torso on have these on the board scoffs with good reason it's fine it was you know and bush
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in chicago it is does it said that she. but why would the members of the un to hitler coalition so opposed to the unification. germany with a neutral and nonaligned status just like its neighbor austria. and because opinion might be here may have contributed more to be very. very good overview your many people on the. world more than with. the theory of your money we're in ukraine even within you. think. this map of germany clearly shows old foreign military bases spread across the entire country by the mid nine hundred fifty s. germany had once again been turned into
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a military stronghold and the most militarized country in europe. american nuclear balls have recently been delivered here in ryan and in the base. this is ramstein the largest american military base outside the united states this is where nato is european air force command post is based. in. afghanistan it. had. a lot of. pleasure for. its own and. built sites and newspaper as a freelance journalist no but fleischer has conducted an independent investigation into the legitimacy of operations carried out to graham's dyna base on german soil he even made
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a film about. the national weather service in virginia has issued a special memory warning for chesapeake bay from pools island to sandy point maryland chesapeake bay from sandy point to north beach maryland chester rivers of queenstown maryland eastern bay intel knew that eleven thirty three am a severe thunderstorm producing waterspouts was located near love point on can island moving south at ten knots hazard waterspouts and wind gusts thirty four knots or greater source radar indicated impact water spouts can easily overturn boats and create locally hazardous seas voters and small craft could be thrown overboard by suddenly higher winds and waves capsizing their vessel locations and pack that include parsons island point pine chester river sandy point state park
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summer light gives an island chesapeake bay bridge and not a peak thunderstorms can produce sudden waterspouts waters bounce can easily overturn boats and create locally hazardous seas seek safe harbor immediately. as an antiwar activist young has been working to have the base shut down. he realized of course the protest wouldn't help so he took the fight to the court. and he sued the government.
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but the case was dismissed. the german citizen is not entitled to file such an action list because proof that the military base presents a threat to him doesn't. lift wing. noise so the government knows very well the americans are up to the base. on the folks who want. it was. expanding to the east american generals or drinking. into knew.
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they could talk to exercises close to russia's borders you need provocation like that. when it comes to national defense there is no consensus in german society. your boss is from you so you are not so many constant. wasn't on them to kind of push more than i do feel what would i be shameful not to want to be the most clear this is the we do this with most of the meetings will dog shit of us the two fives i'm those lights in school just not cool as one communications team and that will inspire lots of awful titles to speak of and give a shit what is what it is that money is what we need to use to get over here use the. fall of the us to death just so lou come of it because it's you or you. that's who need not in the coal dust you fogged emotions.
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in potsdam we spoke to members of the alternative for germany public interest group . we talked about rome as america's instrument of influence of the german politics . the most just thought if and see and this is just as it was done this do not go as dozens of us but i do this to list dozens to nobble divide within the us to nobble the devil even. in the dust in the fundamentals of i suppose the nest with seeds that just. doesn't cut off the leash midian would honestly with most of what is from t.m. in view but not too soon but you should believe this for the longest and most of them the tests for on the west on would come with incessant does that mean i'm not it wasn't was that isn't. it seems by the end of the soon you will be home but he nodded and the reason this might put a stop was. the
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grannies are all gentlemen actually round here if you want the internationally to be insured and i sat on her next twenty second to look. at your seat to be your current position. and steer your remote control you weren't really do current. marching bands twenty second team is a great group innovator technologies crofts and the greatest achievements of the aerospace industry during max the reason will be offered simple. and really true mission along with the stunning arafat it sure. seems to not switch a few of our tonic devices used to share your experiences on social media we wish you cousin appearing.
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with make this manufacture consent to stick to of public wells. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the final larry go round be the one percent. in the whole middle of the room six. million real new. orleans made he's not even gold there are plenty of oil the goals of the nuclear technology means new energy still says so how can you invest into the new scientific knowledge is a very board and seen for the governments to do so should do.
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in one nine hundred ninety the usa u.k. france and the us as ashleigh signed the final settlement treaty on germany it was reunified and regain full sovereignty. dance when germany could have demanded the withdrawal of all foreign troops it could even have quit nato will together but germany didn't take that shot only the russians withdrew. be on the hands of a purpose so that all thoughts of civil war to cool needs proof deflect boiling. christian velma philosopher and columnist. with all their interest.
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in the two thought us all some fear to cook the food citrine it. was meant to be sneezed. this is and yet so it seemed to go through. the because it is you know in atlanta. everyone i've spoken to agrees. despite the federal republic of germany always being the u.s.a.'s most loyal ally after reunification it came under even tougher control. in much nine hundred ninety nine germany invaded another country for the first time since the right. was no un sanction and in violation of its own constitution it took part in nato as war against islam.
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in. involved by the us down by one. goes those him with orders to go davy it was not from stuff with it and with lots of it when buffy all throughout. believe x. bundestag member form a german secretary of state for defense vice president of the o.e.c.d. they was lobbying clique this move pushed them out flaws and all those dozen dogs in the quoted zone also. did so with a gun in the money and i'm like honestly it was a binge when. it was lobbying creek been out in clumps a bit odd because to me healthy was always good to me but this. is so they know it will come simple some just. need to make pizza and listen.
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interested this least for the it does it take to. be in my mental image with you for this nice indeed was on the fly the stalled front and run pretty to try to. take no hold while i'm only guns from the emphasis to the creek the local throughout the whole debacle and the whole poem. does have fun cregan in on no good and im only. been doing it to get rid of this country from. good its good dish from turkey. yeah from good on iraq yeah. simple enough gonna. do just. d.v.m. it creaks pretty kinds of people to squeeze your. food off.
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their fruits whatever that doesn't. change anything. either. these are the end up. with. this. on my orders coalition forces began striking selective parts. in two thousand and two when the bush administration was only planning its military incursion into iraq chancellor schroeder said germany will not be part of this war which means that nato forces cannot be used. as position was supported by france's president chirac he was joined by russian president putin those have a veto in the un security council bush was furious spiegel magazine quoted the us
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ambassador to germany. and. the christian democratic group in the bluntest on puts pressure on schroeder among germany support the military incursion into iraq. and still leading the opposition flies to the us. in the washington post. bush defiantly severed all ties with schroeder washington considered introducing sanctions against france and germany but what caused the greatest concern at washington was an alliance between france germany and russia. to frequent meetings between the three leaders along with plans to create
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a consolidated eurasian space stretching from the actual to the pacific oceans. as i've come for you with. those. this month sophie and didn't of us who was good and that's a vote. on this is will smith for herself has a will smith. does he but he could have he didn't if if he didn't have it in votes and then she didn't get on there this goes europeans who lived through the twentieth century a few years ago thirties former director of the stratford private intelligence and little working for the u.s. intelligence and the department of state george friedman made a stunning admission for the united states to primordial fears for german technology cermak capital russian natural resources russian as the only combination that has for centuries skit how the united states. that revelation should have provoked discussion in both german political circles and the mass media
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however no one seemed to notice. when given to one of i get on with is how does. giving this money does often exist but if. the how mine is that what's your own does money not all and a few all would fall under the bush team of. the most germans america is their savior protect and best friend it's the pillar of freedom and democracy several generations of f.l.g. citizens have clung to that view for some time. was only a connaught soft power sucking from. russia and that's old world often not in doubt but some form of quit under boredom because of boredom this all stalls to beat up on common ones a lot on the floor indeed don't you both suffer and you don't see
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a pretty media not shuffling and so vocal you would see not just on salon it was the daughter somebody from was squished you know you were pretty costly for us you know the time. political media. influence including atlantic bridge and military bases spread throughout all of germany. pretty. useful. to you calling for your. network. some of the studies at the free university of.
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the. think tank. will be different. in twenty fourteen. a former editor of the franks. one of germany's biggest newspapers leveled a terrible accusation against the german and european press speak.
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up. for. it was. suddenly became clear that the nation believed to be the pillar of democracy and best friend. germany's national intelligence agency. working for america's national security agency.
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the methods used to. journalists write about foreign policy.
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hundreds of journalists and other organizations. he was found dead in january twenty seventh officially he died of a heart attack but it has to be specified. we entrusted if the politicians and the press no one else german citizens whether they will be willing to sponsor millions of immigrants and refugees. whether they were willing to host nuclear weapons on their let. us go into the. open the
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file. for. this and. all that. it's also. nice to. know your. mists of what. they see. in the. germany has a wonderful culture and a rich history but after world war two we still find it incredibly hard to talk
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about on national pride. i suppose that all germans really want is peace unity justice and freedom. oh. in the us a child can choose a school. with a retired officers as teachers we don't. recruit will says to you if the cadet is interested in going in the military but we don't recruit ourselves. the pentagon is funding a program to boost interest in the military among teenagers. to step up to an
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apollo so that comfortable with yourself. things you can't go wrong with the military it's a great stepping stone for whatever career you want to do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me call of duty is a very popular first sure video game. it's play and that's because the military like call of duty to turn off call of duty oh yeah well you can't turn off more of these kids just don't hear. the darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told or does it just need more recruits. it is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did it i took the whole gist i came and met that the day i came to go and it was. many lives have been broken my exits to the banks.
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i didn't think of the. creditors people see you know the future. you know you become ill your job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is a life long. away. from to a bit. more secure more.
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iraqi officials investigate reports of islamic state finances being executed after human rights watch called for a probe into a series of disturbing videos emerging online. and a recent poll reveals americans now see north korea as the biggest threat to u.s. security we look at how much blame can be attribute to the media. and the german interior minister proposes tagging potential rioters following the violent scene at the. protest in hamburg last week. he was.


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