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tv   Headline News  RT  July 21, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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a seventeen year old boy has reportedly been killed in fresh clashes that erupted between palestinian protesters and israeli police. along bells in the west over the first of a joint russia china drills in european waters just a day after the u.s. and twenty other states complete massive more games in that region. and the baltimore police officer accidentally filling in sal drugs at a crime scene just the latest security incident to a fact that troubled u.s. city.
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you're watching altie international live from studio with me in a day or two to welcome to the program the seventeen year old boy has reportedly been killed in fresh clashes that erupted between israeli police and muslim protesters on a so-called day of rage. i . think the palestinian spiritual leader had warned the israeli government of the potential for an explosive situation. well time will mount.
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as it's known to muslims as one of the most contested religious sites in the world for jews it's believed to have been the site of two biblical temples and the axon mosque which is located on the hill is islam's third holiest site the temple mount is administered by a jordan based islamic religious authority we've got the views of people on both sides of the debate to find out what they think about the current tensions i don't understand why you're preventing and protecting the holy place the temple mount. should be any reasoning for any kind of terror and violence if some people want to exploit that that situation and incite terror and the only one to blame for the terror will be those insiders and those who are acting by it because the israeli security system will do everything it can to make sure to preserve public order the state of israel is instigating violence it's prohibiting people from practicing
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freedom of worship something that the state of israel claims the opposite of the state of israel wants to add a fake jewish feature to the identity of jerusalem to their claim actually we answer one thing jerusalem is as israeli as moscow is american i'm very sorry that we reached this point i would have expected the leaders of the muslim community to condemn last week's terror attack and to try to calm down the crowd but instead what we've been seeing in the past week we've been seeing the islamic leadership calling upon the people to come today to the temple mount and through an organized riot and this is something we cannot allow we're not going to allow to druce them the city which is holy for so many billions of people around the world jews muslims christians all believers of the viable we cannot allow this place to turn in to its center of riots of stone throwing of endangering the peace of the
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public order and therefore we had no choice the state of israel created this myth about security this nuclear state is claiming that is in its attacking people's rights for its own security these people are on even the incident that took place that stored this whole process didn't take place i could see sharif it took place outside the mosque and israel retaliated inside the mosque to create that the two to the world that the incident. happened actually in the mosque and by that it took advantage of the incident only to promote its journey to change a status quo inside a locks almost i think it's the interest of the one that the temple mount remains quiet and therefore they should be helping out with the israeli police and not in fighting against the israeli police they should be working hand by hand because
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those three muslims who last week are in the temple mount inside this place which is so saying the fight for the past millennium for muslims but many for two million for christians and for three million for jews is a place which we want to preserve things to fight and we don't want killing to be open there and therefore once it happened once we know that can happen against israeli soldiers are blocking the ways to do so in the state of israel instigates and try to touch upon something that is very sacred to the palestinian people whether was from a religious point of view or national one view and what do they expect and this that the violence that we're talking about it's based it's not using weapons it's just protest treated by violently by the state of israel and its soldiers and people react to that but no weapons. the first have a joint russia china drills and european war to start today in the baltic sea the military exercises between the two countries will last for about a week however even before it takes place the event is sparking
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a strong reaction. western media is in a spin over the joint the twenty seven thousand naval drills starting today between russia and china headlines have been lifted with words like invasion and war warning of a challenge to nato so what sparks the panic well first of all it's the location in the baltic sea right in the heart of northern europe and next to nato bases secondly chinese warships are making their debut tour in this part of the world.
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and if that wasn't threatening enough they're teaming up with russia but jointly drills are nothing new they've been held annually since twenty twelve but this first stage of the baltic coast has already caused a frenzy as a trio of chinese vessels made their way there leaving the british danish navy's scrambling to shatter them out of their water is much to the amusement of the russian ambassador to china the baltic states repeat their usual incantations but at the same time they take for granted the fact that nato is deploying large forces on their territory but then wasn't this response predictable in october last year a russian fleet sailing around europe spotted headlines like the leading some european states to even consider sending vessels to intercept the group and this fear of the russian ships has been around for some time already you can just ask
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sweden a country that spent twenty years insisting that russian submarines were sneaking around its coastline until they realized that the only thing lurking that minx now we can confirm that as of this moment no makes all scheduled to take part in joint see twenty seventy. meanwhile the u.s. and allied countries have just finished their own massive exercise in the region saber guardian took place in eastern europe on the territory of three countries aimed at deterring so-called russian aggression some twenty five thousand personnel from more than twenty states participated in the biggest drills of their kind in five years we spoke to writing political commentator john white he says the media is creating excessive hype over the china russia drills probable known good propaganda campaign is being conducted in the western media to try and paint brush . came of evil empire. of call the warden or strums to try and demonize both
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countries we're only about eating by the rate to see what international waters are doing nothing wrong nothing illegal. western media has decided to try and free in the situation is a serious part of this ongoing cold war part of the scene who watched few years. a police officer in the u.s. state of baltimore has mistakenly caught himself on camera staging a drug bust the video shot in john wray shows the officer planting drugs in a food can in the back yard of a house alongside two of his colleagues who are seen in the footage the officer then leaves the area to turn his body camera on getting the unit to set up to record the last thirty seconds before manual activation he then returns to the scene where the birds were earlier perry to discover the internal investigations now underway and the people arrested for drug possession have been released.
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baltimore state's attorney defended the judicial system and her office saying they weren't aware of the video is existence while the police department says this could have been an attempt to replace the drives that had already been discovered critics of question why the officers would choose to fake a crime when the city is already struggling with law and order as it is. your cities your body american urban decay a more depressing lead in the city of baltimore baltimore struggles with a record high murder rate. murder. in full. yes baltimore there is a robust active crime strategy. a lot of shooting women say. this week we have two suspects that we need your
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help to buy. more than. one. will suspect a full policeman who believes the real issue is with more than just individual. well i don't think cops out a problem in baltimore there's a miscommunication among police officers in the community all over the united
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states of america i think one think that needs to happen is that we as long foresman we ought to get out and really really work with the community there was an officer who planted some drugs in the community and dead since a negative signal not just two of the police else's but the community as a whole it moves us all the. well we're back in a couple of minutes and then go away. one else seemed wrong. but all wrong just don't call. me all the things you have to say proud to stay active. and engaged with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look
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for common ground. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporate corporations from washington to washington controls the media. the media. and voters elected to run this country business equals power. must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. welcome back to the program back to us top story this hour
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a seventeen year old palestinian boy has been killed in the fresh clashes that erupted between israeli police and muslim protesters on the so-called day of rage. while we're trying trying get more details now from our middle east correspondent paula paula can you confirm the reported death of the palestinian. because we were hearing all sorts of reports about that and others and what's the situation right there at the moment well the search well as you can imagine the situation is unfolding every second we are receiving reports from palestinian sources that now also just that as many as two palestinians might have been killed in today's clashes now we've been trying to get confirmation from the israeli side the only confirmation we have so far is an israeli hospital in jerusalem that has confirmed that one palestinian died in hospital after being born there and having been injured from live fire that was from israeli soldiers in today's clashes now we receiving reports about the teenager you mentioned he is
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a seventeen year old who died in an easter recently mabel who had. a wide now it's not clear how he died we receiving some reports that he was shot by sickness somebody died in clashes with the israeli soldiers will also receiving reports of a child who died of smoke inhalation but as i say these reports are really preliminary and it is possible that some of them might be overlapping each other it comes as a week of protests over the israeli increased security measures around taking place if you remember last friday there were two israeli security officers who were killed and these were responded by closing all many of the entrances to iraq so today they stopped named until the age of fifty from entering to pray they also stopped buses that were making their way from across israel with these radio ads we're hoping to go to all access and show the defiance not wasn't just. a day of prayer today friday is also the main day of rage it was called for by the spiritual leader of the al aqsa mosque and he said that it should be
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a day of hate and protest that people should abandon their regular mosques and come and pray at the al aqsa mosque but not actually go into the must instead stand outside with a metal detectors that israel has put into place in the last few days to try and beef up security on not present he said to quote otherwise the situation would explode and second what we've witnessed in the last few always is the situation exploding i was caught in some of those clashes and they were neighborhoods in east jerusalem mecca looked almost like a war zone you have israeli security officers charging forward with rubber bullets and tear gas and also a machine that sprays liquid duty liquid on people the protesters surge in the opposite direction and they have huge rocks and stones that they've been throwing at the security forces now all of this comes as the israeli cabinet hold an emergency meeting and they decided to keep these metal detectors in place they believe it's for security but of course the muslim worshippers believe that it is a way for israel to change the status quo of the temple mount which is
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a huge the volatile and important religious site that comment he has custodianship by jordan the clashes are ongoing and we do expect the situation to remain extremely tense. things paula from day to extremely volatile situation the middle east correspondent. while its name is begging the e.u. for help in dealing with the record influx of refugees austria's foreign minister has room not to allow the newcomers to make it to the mainland he declared that even if they are plucked from the sea they shouldn't get quote a ticket to central europe that's as a matter of palermo said the indifference of some states in the block to the crisis equates to fascism. they were all over it up which is south of europe will be on trial for genocide this will be the second nuremberg trial maybe not in the courts but in the history books because of this ongoing genocide in the mediterranean and it's all because the indifference of certain states in the european union the e.u.
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has to recognize the freedom of movement as a human right this is very serious and i think the european union should can i say feel ashamed. almost nineteen thousand migrants have arrived in italy by sea this year alone and more than two hundred twenty thousand are expected by the end of the year the matter of polemic has also condemned an anti islam movement of the so-called identity tarion saying that they should be ashamed. meanwhile a group of identity ariens has launched a mission to defend europe in the mediterranean sea they say the mission is to expose humanitarian groups working with people smugglers who provide what they call a taxi service for african migrants into europe over what the engineer was listening for diligent costarred about there doing anything you would trust the military will see when you get the password signal to the west or to people in distress and make sure that they would be brought back to the libyan coast.
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the mission is being carried out on a four hundred twenty two ton vessel carrying twenty five crew members it's already crowded funded over one hundred twenty five thousand dollars here on the map you can see the route the ship is following it's set sail from the east african nation of djibouti and is heading towards the italian city of cantina from where they're going to patrol the waters atienza. i spoke with tim a spokesperson for the german branch of defend europe he's going to join the mission soon let's listen to what he had to say. i've spoken to many people here in italy locals and officials and even if they have issues you know the migrants there tell me that the ngos are doing
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a good job and in some cases perfect and you are here to do something that is that seems to me as blocking what they're doing but there's. a wrong or wrong conception about our mission main ambition is not to block off migrants illegal migrants coming to europe on main ambition is to document how the n.g.o.s are working because there are quite some indicators showing that they actually cooperate with the human traffickers in often africa and there is of course something that people should know about if this is taking place because a lot of people are spending their money on the nation's there how are you going to act when you find these n.g.o.s that as you are saying are potentially. people who violate the law we will just document the way they work if they also need like a helping hand when they have when there are so many people at the risk of drowning
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we will of course also come to help them. but we will make sure that we are not also bringing people to europe we will try our best to bring the people back to where they came from how do you faced any problems with the officials how much under pressure from the media have you been you know well obviously in terms of media we are very much under pressure. pretty much every news outlet in europe reporting about us in a very one sided and negative way and as you've seen to false accusations i was shocked ship has been stopped in. the. gyptian territory but we are still optimistic and i think a lot of people will be surprised by the end of the result of our campaign. back to lock you in a session in stunting with. the russians brightest young minds the president is
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fielding questions on a wide range of topics and children between ten and seventeen thousand and eight some. well unified currency for the whole world is it is it good or bad is it feasible you know. it's a good idea. but it's quite improbable to implement something like that today or would you have bitcoins on the other cryptocurrency but currently we are looking at this very attentively but we have seen it we can see that there is no regulation in this area so. if you're interested in this you must have seen that. currently just recently there have been great changes in the markets of the script occurrences and this can lead to great losses for various agencies of people organizations who invest into this car and says so
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today it's a very difficult project to implement but in the future this could be possible and if we think about the future wanted to start thinking today. what you can so i think. we need to start thinking mother today so good luck shruti so it's good to be at home but question number three maybe it's about international policy and affairs but i like to ask about colonizing mars do you plan to have that kind of project up until it so you think this is an international issue international question it's ok colin. getting the point marcy is a generic planets they call it the red planet. since it is colored this way. possibly and it was believed and basically it's actually
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a fact that most here the the planets had an atmosphere at some point in the past due to some reasons it's lost its its atmosphere it's still has an atmosphere but it is cannot become pared you to one that earth has but basically it doesn't have an atmosphere today it seems to have had oceans at some point in the past. which are currently not there as well. but later this search has shown that there is methane in the atmosphere of mars and methane cannot be stored for a long time and the guys in here who study chemistry know this very well be that methane dissipates very quickly and if it is found in the atmosphere of mars it means that there are certain pro surfaces going on in on mars.
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and that show that points to the fact that there must be some kind of water there maybe underground which and this is all extremely interesting extremely important to understand how the processes on the planets of the solar system are going to include in our planet as well i mean there's a different planet a very interesting planet as well. in europe called venus. and on venus must there were a different kind of event taking place in the past because the atmosphere there became more dense. and. if we take mars it has one environment venus has a different environment it has blas seven hundred degrees celsius easily.
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and there are very interesting process is taking place right now what we can see there is the greenhouse gas a fact. and this is something that has happened on venus and the type and not due to. some. people's activities it happened naturally positional it happened because of changes and events in the solar systems and so we it's very important to understand what has been happening there is this science and we are going to cooperate with our european colleagues to make research to the research on mars on the show we are already cooperating with them quite recently our colleagues. from europe and was tried to lend a craft on mars unfortunately the mission failed i don't remember correctly but i
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think in the votes of them by twenty twenty twenty twenty we are going to cooperate with the europeans as well. but this time. we are going to be responsible for the landing system. doing that whole show and i hope that this time we will be able to be successful at dance and the next thing you're able to. put your course. the satellites and how they move. and. how we're going to land crafts because there are so there are specific kinds of work that is bland to be done. for example and it must you know she'll be approaching you due to the good will to do the kind of atmosphere mars has the craft that it wants needs to land
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there will have to orbit around the planet for quite some time and we're continuing to work with the after so we hope that the also the question is satisfied with the answer will are you satisfied. as you put it as a secretary well yeah thank you so much for your review of this not interesting area of exhibit is. when my have an academic institution working in this field and i back out to help break.
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when lawmakers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the fight. we can all middle of the room sit.


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