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most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand out on the lose business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. questions there.
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hello i'm tom hartman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture is donald trump's kleptocratic approach to government the logical conclusion of reaganomics last richard wolffe in just a moment and bloomberg is reporting that the koch brothers are now running p.r.
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for the trumpet ministrations plan to cut billionaires taxes is this the kind of outright collusion between white house the white house and the come country's most powerful oligarchy really come out of all with our democracy lost brian darling and sam sachs and its politics and. a former top government watchdog thinks the donald trump is turning our democracy into something that looks less like a democracy and more like a kleptocracy in a new interview with the guardian walter shaab who resigned earlier this month as the head of the office of government ethics so the trump. business ties are created a cloud of suspicion surrounding his entire administration we can't know whether his decisions are motivated by his policy aims or his financial interests shaab says and that uncertainty alone undermines the faith in governmental decision
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making and puts a cloud over everything the government does end of quote so is this crony capitalism or something even worse that's richard wolffe a visiting press professor at the new school co-founder of democracy at work and author of numerous books including capitalism is crisis deepens essays on the global economic meltdown professor richard wolfe welcome back. thank you tom glad to be here great having you with us how do you explain what we're seeing with trump and this slide into kleptocracy does a say more about trump or the current state of american capitalism and for our viewers who are not familiar with the term kleptocracy perhaps you could define that for us. yes basically it comes from the same kind of word informs kleptomania it's compulsive stealing basically is the idea in a kleptocracy would be a government whose major activity is stealing whatever isn't nailed down more or
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less yes it's clear that mr trump being a billionaire in the first place and being very explicit about not divest himself putting his wealth in the hands of family members whom he sees and interacts with literally every day is opening up the obvious to everybody's view but i tend more to your other a perspective that you articulated this is a symptomatic situation there's a deeper problem of which mr trump as as his election showed is a sign basically here's what i think has been going on for thirty to forty years the establishments the wealthy business elite at the top of our society in cahoots with the leaders of the two major parties ran a pretty good show they they exchanged governments between republicans and
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democrats they all knew each other they all understood each other and they had the mass of the american people pretty much under control or it seemed that way both at home and abroad but over the last thirty or forty years unfortunately those very people used their control of the government to gather more and more wealth into their hands to become bigger and bigger and richer and richer. powerful capitalists like the koch brothers but many others and sold they lost their hold on the mass of people that's why the old folks turned against the establishment of the republican and democratic parties and gave mr trump the surprise of everybody that he won the election and now he is living out the non-establishment the non polite it's not that he necessarily steals more than others but he's not going to hide it he's actually going to wear it as a badge of his difference and i think it's a sign of
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a system in very serious trouble and able to come up with a solution masses of people voted for mr trump out of the notion that the establishment wasn't their friend anymore and wasn't something to rely on and as mr trump proves that he isn't either you're going to see a mass of americans looking elsewhere for how to deal with the deterioration they feel and see around them all the time you know that makes perfect sense is trumps kleptocracy a continuation of neo liberalism and or reaganomics or is a something new and along the same lines as the last question i'd love to hear your definitions of neo liberalism and reaganomics. ok reaganomics has always been a mystery to me. if you listen closely to mr reagan at any point in his life i'm going to try to be polite now his grasp of economics was not his strong suit so i
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really don't understand it what it seems to mean is that when he became president he set about deregulating the economy having the government play of smaller role in regulating and turning over government activities to private enterprises for their private profit beyond the deregulation and privatization i have no idea what reaganomics is supposed to mean neo liberalism is a little different media liberalism is the idea that deep down philosophically we should go back to what used to be called less a fair that is the government should play an absolutely minimum role it's really a kind of religion government and economics is bad private enterprise is good it is the literal counterpoint to some kinds of socialism which run it the other way what the government does is good and what private folks do isn't this is childish
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extreme logical kind of strange debate of people who boxed themselves into extreme corners most societies if you look at them certainly ours are a complex mixture of private and public and that has been validated and verified by generations back to your first question i do think and i go out a bit on a limb here but i do think that we are in a stage of capitalism where we at least have to ask the question is this system imploding on itself have we had three hundred years of a good run of a capitalism that did achieve a number of goals that did. cheve a number of advances for the human community much as earlier systems did but like those systems it has run its course it is now functioning for such a small slice of folks at the top that it is creating its own internal enemies and
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building them up with anger and resentment to the point where the president you know makes money off of his job and has the same kind of added to that is attributed to one of the louise before the french revolution i'm having a good time after me the day lou will come and that mr trump is sort of playing that kind of role remarkable back in one nine hundred forty four vice president henry wallace warned about the rise of people he called american fascists he described them in a new york times as people who quote claim to be super patriots but they would destroy every liberty guaranteed by the constitution they demand free enterprise or the spokesman for monopoly invested interest their final objective toward which all their deceit is directed is to capture political power so that using the power of the state and the power of the market simultaneously they may keep the common man
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in internal subjection end of quote do you think that's an accurate description of what trump is up to here. absolutely but i wouldn't limit it to mr trump i think henry wallace had a very clear vision he was a visionary as we know basically looking back on him and he understood especially in a capitalism that has reduced the number of wealth and power holders to a relatively small number the richard the minority gets the more urgent it has to control politics less the majority recognizing that it's a majority do what majorities can do and in order to prevent that you have to buy and control the political apparatus that's what the two parties allowed themselves the republicans with enthusiasms the democrats with perhaps some hesitation but in the end they've become beholden to the big box and so they've behaved in a corresponding way and we are now at the end result of that behavior when the mass
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of people basically said no we're going to vote for the guy you make fun of mr trump it's like the british working class saying to their establishment we're voting to leave your up basically because you tell us not to and we don't trust you and we don't like you and we're on the way to a country that's going to be split between the minority that controls everything and the majority that feels fundamentally taken advantage of you know the financial times has a piece about factors in today's paper maybe it was first published yesterday but the rise of collateralized loan obligation c.l.o. which are basically the new version of the collateralized debt obligations or c.d.o. that caused the two thousand and eight financial crisis they're bundles of junk wonts that end up getting rated as aaa what is it about our financial system that has lied us to make the same mistakes over and over again. it's basically what i
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just said if you if you give private banks who are major creators and dealers in collateralized debt obligations and collateralized loan obligations in the whole world that we call derivatives and so on if you allow them the political power that is the right to use their enormous concentrated wealth to buy and shape politics then you really can't be surprised if they either prevent something like the dodd frank bill from ever achieving what it was set out to do or if they can't prevent it from being passed then prevented from being executed from being really administered which they've been very successful at getting exemptions from the securities and exchange commission and all the other maneuvers then you're going to get what we have now namely a profit opportunity exploited by people who have no internal limits in this process and will blow it up in the future the way they did in two thousand and
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eight and the financial times at least has the courage to see it to point to it and to say look before it's too late recognize that the same forces we know are capable of destroying the global capitalist system are doing it again but even if you see it even if the financial times makes it clear as long as the political power that has the decision making is beholden to the big bucks that have concentrated all that wealth we will see it but like people on the train rushing into a stone wall will stare and look at our own doom coming down the road toward us you know it's not an encouraging and all areas sign and and the financial times said you know we're right back in two thousand it's remarkable professor richard roth thanks so much for being with us tonight thank you coming up as donald trump modes to cut his ties with the institutional recall. again party is impeachment
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finally on the table all eyes brian darling and sam sachs and tonight's politics panel right after the break. the mission of news with it is to go to the people tell their side of the story our stories are well sourced we don't hide anything from the public and i don't think the mainstream media in this country can say that i think an average viewer knows that r.t. america has a different perspective so that we're not hearing one echo chamber that mainstream media is constantly spewing. we're not beholden to any corporate sponsor no one tells us what to cover how long the coverage or how to say it that's the beauty of
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archie america. we give both sides we hear from both sides and we question more that journalists are not getting anything get in your way to bring it home to the american people. i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents that tell the story about the ugly side of. corporate media really uses to talk about these car news coming i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing how cold blood corporate conduct is becoming a mom these are stories that you know no uncertainty on my pepto you posed to the american. question.
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we may finally have reached the point in donald trump's presidency where impeachment is more than just a liberal pipe dream. but has become a real live possibility for more on that let's turn things over to tonight's politics panel. with a for tonight's politics panel our brian darling contributor to the conservative review and sam sex co-founder of the district's sentinel thanks guys for being here thank you both of you so the washington post has revealed that donald trump himself personally dictated his son donald trump jr's false statement about trump jr's meeting with a russian lawyer during the presidential campaign that statement famously claimed
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that the trump tower meeting was just about adoption policy something donald trump jr himself later proved was a lie when he made public an e-mail exchange showing that he went to the meeting expecting russian government source dirt on hillary clinton this revelation comes right after trump broke with the institutional republican party by firing spicer and priebus he's also really ticked off with the senate and the house right now and republicans with his tweets he's ticked them off to have we now reached the point where republican dissatisfaction with trump makes impeachment a real possibility it seems to me i mean it seems like his writing down junior's letter to the new york times was obstruction of justice and there's several people out there saying that you know whether it rises to the level of bill clinton lying about sex with monica lewinsky is up to the house of representatives in the senate but you know there's that in there i mean it seems like there's at least at least a couple of impeachable offense and on the table added to the list i mean you're.
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the firing of james komi which looks a lot a lot like obstruction of justice added to the constitutional violations of all humans clause that he's violating that he's keeping operation of his business in his business comes back and says oh we're not going to isolate any foreign customers that we get those foreign profits that's in direct violation of the constitution so there's any number of things that you could pursue impeachment on republicans are going to do it for obvious reasons and one of one of those reasons is there's not enough democrats calling for impeachment and you have the speaker of the house or the former speaker of the house the house minority leader nancy pelosi chiding her members whenever they bring it up so you have a very overly cautious democratic leadership and not wanting to pursue this issue plus you also have a sort of cynical left flank and i include myself partially in this in this flank that doesn't trust the democratic party to impeach donald trump they want the democratic party to come up with a message that's appealing to workers and they're afraid that hey they're just going to ride we're not like donald trump on the intelligent clinton number one
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raised his popularity you know the diminishing it and and just nuked the republican party for a while there brian your thoughts on i actually don't think don't trump did anything wrong i really don't i think that when you look at this done junior meeting he was promised information he was told that he was going to get information that proved treason on the part of hillary clinton if i was a staff from the trump campaign i would have taken the meeting too so the existence of the meeting is not proof of collusion between russia and the trump campaign and ultimately that's what congress is supposed to be unless i'm not suggesting it is what i'm saying is that there is a perjury straps that are being set up to try and entrap all of these trump administration officials it has nothing to do with what congress is supposed to be investigating has nothing to do what muller supposed to be investigating all they're trying to do is entrap them just like they did bill clinton probably going to lie under oath with regard to impeachment on this whole thing it you know. the two signals that i'm looking for. are republicans coming out and saying enough
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and fox news abandoning trump and several of the fox news hosts have already started that process and on the republican side you've got jeff flake coming out with his new book that's just you know taken the bark off trump and there in the republican party it seems because impeachment is really a political not a legal process it's purely political and. it seems to me that from the republican point of view the the calculus the math on this would be at what point does trump become an impediment to us it achieving our goals and you know trump totally blew it with health care from a republican point of view he didn't lobby anybody he didn't use the bully pulpit you know all he did was complain and threaten and you know which is generally not a way to get things done and i don't think he realizes the power that congress has and then you know looking at it as a democrat i i'm like ok i'm in favor of impeaching him now because he has
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demonstrated that he's incompetent in a world year old with nuclear weapons and a few crazy people out there like kim jong un who actually i don't think is crazy i think he's crazy like a fox but but he's very very dangerous and he's not the only one but you were probably in favor of impeaching him before you got sworn in i think no actually i was more afraid of mike pence than donald trump and i have changed my thinking on that just in the last month i think that you know it's my pencil do a lot of stuff that i consider really destructive to the united states but i don't think you'll start a nuclear war it wouldn't surprise me at all if we end up at war with with north korea with china you know god forbid with russia you know i mean there are serious nuclear powers out there that he's provoking look the reason why the reason why impeachment is the to me the morally correct option right now is because that's what it's there for is there for a scenario like this where you have a president that operates in complete disregard of the constitution and is violating laws like i don't. this meeting we don't know much about it on the
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surface that doesn't concern me firing james komi as he's investigating your associates is it reeks of obstruction of justice and the i'm all human stuff does as well well they haven't made it was this structure of justice he told lester holt i did it because of that because of the rush and i think when i do. tomorrow that still would not be against a lot like he's allowed to do that he's not actually but you don't impeach people necessarily for breaking the law i mean it's it would be nice rubric they didn't impeach clinton for lying about a you know about sex with they would be a teacher because they want to get him out of office as you said it would be a purely political move republicans would have to make a calculation that they can't get there trying to cross anymore i don't think they're at that point they came one or two i think the vote shot i think there was in the health care within a month of it maybe but there is going to be a much easier for them to pass a tax reform bill than it was for health care bill probably a infrastructure problems they did that on that i would bet even if it's not the problem if you have ph trump you don't get mike pence mike pence gets wounded in an
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impeachment proceeding it doesn't help republicans in twenty eighteen so if anything republicans want to ride it out and hopefully get someone to replace i'll bring this in and paul ryan as his v.p. and paul ryan becomes the spokesperson for the you know i think it's so great to see you guys want to overturn d'amato democratically elected president by using impeachment to get somebody out not because they did anything illegal on board with what is well beyond that of brian impeachment is part of the democratic process it's in their constitution it's there for a reason sam i mean you have not this is not anti-democratic i mean i would point out and i asked this of my friends on the left who are afraid of mike pence and say oh we should impeach him then what would trump have to do that would make him worthy of impeachment i mean if anybody a lot of people can answer that question they can't come up with something he's already done plenty you know that's worth impeachment in my book. the koch brothers are all in on donald trump's push for so-called tax reform as bloomberg reports the influential oligarchy are planning to spend millions in support of the president's plan to slash the corporate tax rate their plan includes outright collusion with
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the trumpet ministration monday the koch's two biggest americans the two biggest groups americans for prosperity and freedom partners hosted treasury secretary steve notion and white house director of legislative affairs mark short at a pro tax cut event here in washington d.c. is this what a healthy democracy looks like oligarchy colluding with a corrupt president to ensure that they get even wealthier. well there are just tax cuts would be great for the economy well it's always worked out so well haven't got us in dollars in tax cuts nothing like a twenty three million dollars national debt right as a result of that of reagan and bush's tax cuts how do you offset the tax cuts you cut spending we need to cut spending and so let's let's get rid of social security let's get rid of medicare and i'm going to reform those programs don't get rid of them i understand reform means you know throw people off them we're familiar with the republican lexicon now days i don't i just don't think that the old reagan playbook is going to well this is one of these issues where trump looks more like
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the republican party that we're used to before trump and that is working with the koch brothers to pass massive tax cuts for their rich bodhi buddies and rich donors is something that republicans have been that the koch brothers have been invested in for a while we saw them emerge onto the scene most prominently under obama and they've been agitating for these tax cuts for several years now they have a republican congress a republican. in the white house and the call in their chips exactly that they're calling in their chips ok the future of the planet looks increasingly grim according to a new study published in nature we the nations of the world have just a five percent chance of keeping global warming under two degrees celsius the limit agreed on in the paris climate accords if this is true how is anything less than a world war two style investment in clean energy and renewable infrastructure acceptable. it's not and i would advise democrats to borrow a page from joel stein this will probably make their heads explode but joel stein
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has been running for president the last two cycles on a green new deal and i think that's a winning message it takes the issue of climate change which is an issue animating lots of people on the left it's one of the most important the most important issue we face combines that with guaranteed jobs program that people need wages that people need the infrastructure that our country needs it's all encompassing and i think that that's a message that democrats need to run. on and it addresses this issue but i haven't seen him quite adopt yet right now don't tell me the world is flattery you know but i am going to tell you that most americans care about jobs and having a job and what i'm talking about government provided job through social engineering you know do you care where your paycheck comes from i don't want a company government employee you really don't if they have never ever made food inspectors should they be ashamed of their no i mean i look if somebody is a government employee more power to them but i don't think we should go to a commie based on more government i think we should go to with me based on less cover this is not about government this is about whether those well know you could
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you could you can and so far as the private sector in fact that's absolutely what is going on with carbon taxes and doing things that punish the areas of the economy of the cap and trade program that george herbert walker bush put into place to stop sulfur dioxide created jobs work ended the acid rain problem and made a lot of money for the baxter's i mean you know what's a republican not to love but i think donald trump made a good good decision to get out of the climate accords of paris climate accords i think it was a good decision because ultimately it would have hamstrung earth caught him in a way there's nothing binding about the paris clinic that's true you're right but we had we had bided by it had congress we are abiding by we can't pull out of it for another three years well i think that you will probably see congress in you do say it's non-binding about this true but it was it should have been considered by the senate is a treaty anyway so it is completely non-binding and congress should ignore it well that's you know in this ryan zinke the. scott pruitt world i think that's well
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whether the climate is changing or not it is changing according to ninety nine percent of scientists but my friend brought on hundred percent of scientists who don't go to a fossil you are going to take money from fossil fuel companies but my friend brian one except that but he should accept the fact that a small relatively small compared to the size of our economy one time investment into revolutionizing our energy grid in rebuilding our infrastructure based on clean. energy will make us more efficient and will reduce medical costs from asthma and all the externalities caused by fossil fuel burning in the long run we would be so much better off just by making this investment right now and the great example of that is nasa you know john kennedy said we're going to send a man to the moon and bring him back within a decade we get tangled out of it we did it we have a lot more than ten we got to internet out of a brand arleen sam sachs thank you guys and that's the way it is tonight and don't forget democracy is not a spectator sport get out there get active tag your. most
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people think just stand out in this is this you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice so the biggest raid in truth to stand the news business is just the dance the right questions and the right answers . question. it's called the feeling of being redone. everyone in the world should experience to lead to lead and you'll get it on the old the old. the old according to
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just. look at the modern world come along for the. global war hawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles but still. the new socks credit tell you that it's not because of the public by files of the most important day. of advertising telling you are not cool enough and that's why their products. are the hawks that we along with our loved ones.
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on the news tonight vice president mike pence tells allies in eastern europe president trump is willing to sign sanctions against russia into law and senator lindsey graham says war with north korea is an option as the united states military tests the bad system in south korea. and the opioid epidemic reaches epic proportions in the united states as the report indicates americans are too drugged to work i'm ed schultz reporting tonight from washington d.c. you're watching our team america. good evening friends we start tonight with.


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